Unexpected Expectations

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Chapter 11

The doctor took her off strict bed rest with the provision that she would have periodic rest periods during the day. Yunho gave his word that he would personally see to it. He had also said that they could resume their ‘activities’ as long as they were careful. Yunho took her home with the promise that they would call if they needed anything.

On the ride home she asked, “When do you want to get married?”

“Is today too soon,” he laughed looking at her with a devilish smile.

“Not for me, we could go to the Justice of the Peace on the way home,” she said smiling back.

“You’re serious?” he asked.

“Completely, I’ve already talked to the girls and Junsu they agreed that there is no need for an elaborate ceremony, that is unless you want one,” she said looking at him.

He pulled the car over to the side of the road, he sat there not saying a word then he turned to her. “Are you sure?”

“I am, are you?” she asked watching his face for a reaction.

“Hell yes,” he leaned over and kissed her quickly, then he threw the car in gear and headed towards the courthouse.

It was not romantic nor was it elaborate, but it was legal and they were just as married. He promised her a proper ceremony when she was ready, she didn’t care she was his wife and he was her husband and that was all that mattered to her.


He carried her across the threshold and up the stairs to their room, he put her on her feet next to the bed as he started to kiss her, he was undressing her and she was pulling at his shirt. When they had removed most of their clothes they lay down on the bed he was touching her body and trailing kisses across her jaw and down her neck. She ran her fingers through his hair and down his back with feather light touches he groaned and took her mouth running his tongue across her lips. She opened her mouth and her tongue fought with his for control, she gave in and let him take over.

“I love you husband,” she said with a giggle as she wrapped her legs around his waist, he accepted the invitation and entered her gently, she groaned his name.

He started to move trying to be gentle, but she called his name and his thrusts became more forceful, “Oh God, I love you…” he moaned. She tightened her legs around him and pulled his head down for a kiss, he attacked her mouth and she tangled her hands in his hair, he rolled on to his back pulling her with him. She sat up and started to move he grasped her hips and helped her to move faster, “Oh baby, you feel so damn good…” he cried as she raked her nails across his chest he convulsed and arched his back when his orgasm hit him like a train, she soon followed calling his name and collapsing on his chest.

They lay that way for a few minutes her expanding stomach not allowing her to stay that way long, she moved to lay next to him and he pulled her close. “If I had known that being married to you was like this, I would have married you the first time that I saw you,” he said laughing.

“No, you wouldn’t have, you weren’t ready then,” she answered.

He laid there quiet then realization hit him, “You mean that all this time you’ve been waiting for me to be ready for marriage?” he asked incredulously.

“Something like that, I just had to be sure,” she replied.

“You are amazing!!” he said as he brushed her hair out of her face and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“And you sir had better not forget that,” she laughed snuggling closer and laying her head on his chest.

“Never baby, never,” he said as he drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 12

It was late November, it was cold and dreary outside, he had opted to stay home, Rina was close to her due date and he didn’t want to leave her alone. She had become increasingly miserable as her ever expanding stomach made it hard for her to be comfortable in any position that she tried whether standing, sitting or lying down. He would tease her about having her where he wanted her when she would ask him to help her stand up, he loved the way that she would pout and then laugh at him when he would do as she asked.

The last night of November a terrible snow storm hit, Rina and Yunho were snowed in at home and the girls were caught at the bar. They called to let her know that they couldn’t get home so they were going to stay in the apartment upstairs at the bar. JaeJoong and Micky were going to stay with them so that they wouldn’t be alone Rina felt better knowing that.


On the other side of Seoul, on the worst night of the season a prison transfer was taking place, Lee Sun was being moved to a psychiatric facility as had been ordered earlier in the day by the judge. He had become increasingly aggressive and was being moved not only for his safety, but for all of those that came into contact with him.

The officers transporting him were complaining about having to do so in such terrible weather, it was not a long drive, but the heavily falling snow and icy road conditions made it a slow process. As they were approaching an intersection a car coming from the left lost control and crashed into them, the officers were rendered unconscious, but Lee Sun had only been thrown to the other side of the back seat. The force of the crash had popped one of the back doors open and seeing his chance he jumped out he opened the front door and took the keys from the officer’s belt and undid his handcuffs. Once free of them and as people started to stop and offer assistance he managed to slip through and escape, he knew where he was going he just had to get there.


Chapter 13

Yunho was trying to get the top decoration on the tree as Rina sat on the chaise laughing at the faces he was making. She knew that he was trying to keep her mind occupied so that she wouldn’t worry about the girls, but it was okay she loved him all the more for it. She had only three more weeks until her due date and she had been miserable and at times unpleasant to everyone around her tonight she felt better than she had in several days. It was their first Christmas together, in fact the first one that he had ever decorated for himself and they intended to make the most of it.

She had been talking to the girls earlier when the phone lines went out, and with the weather the cell phones weren’t working either. They were pretty much isolated from everything and everyone for the moment, but they were trying to enjoy the solitude. They hadn’t bothered to turn on the television or the radio, so they had no idea about the other storm that was headed their way oblivious to the coming danger they were having a wonderful time decorating the house.


Lee Sun had finally reached his destination, he considered himself lucky that he had found the snow ski and had been able to get it cranked it made his trip much quicker. He watched from the outside as they laughed while decorating a tree, “Laugh with your whore you bastard, tonight will be your last.” He said to himself as he worked his way around to the back of the house and found the back door unlocked, he let himself in finding a place that he could hide while he warmed up.

He wanted to be in top form for what was to come, he had not only taken the officers keys he had also relieved him of his gun. He had taken his money and he had almost taken his family, now he would take his life. He settled down and waited, his time for final revenge was getting closer and he tried hard not to laugh aloud, he wanted to surprise them. And what a surprise it would be.


“Hey baby are you getting hungry,” she asked him laughing, he had as much decorations on himself as he had on the tree.

“Yeah as a matter of fact I am, what do you want I’ll get it,” he asked going to sit next to her. She leaned up and kissed him.

“I don’t know, why don’t I go see what’s in the kitchen and you come as soon as you get yourself undecorated and meet me there,” she said giggling.

“What you don’t like me all decorated up?” he asked giving her one of his best pouts.

“I like you decorated just fine, but I prefer you with nothing, and I do mean nothing on,” she said winking at him.

“Oh, you are so bad,” he laughed and helped her to stand up, “go ahead, I’ll be there in just a minute, I love you.”

“I love you more,” she said kissing him.

“Never,” he kissed her back.

When she got into the kitchen she opened the refrigerator and was looking inside when she noticed that the back door was not completely closed, she went to close it when a hand closed over her mouth. He whispered in her ear, “We can finish what we started so long ago, but first we must take care of your lover,” noticing the rings on her left hand he laughed wryly, “Oh I’m sorry I suppose that congratulations are in order, tonight you become widow!!”

She tried to scream, he lifted his other hand and pointed the gun at her head, “Now you are going to call for your Mr. Wonderful and get him in here, and as soon as he is taken care of you and I are going to celebrate his demise. Now I’m going to move my hand away from your mouth, don’t scream or my finger might just slip on this trigger.”

He moved his hand, “Yunho, can you come to the kitchen please,” she called crying, when she heard his footsteps getting closer she screamed, “It’s a trap baby, don’t….”

As he rounded the corner, Lee Sun pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, as Yunho fell to the ground she screamed and Lee Sun threw her to the ground. She looked in Yunho’s direction, he lay unmoving on the floor then she lost consciousness.


Chapter 14

Kate and Serra were frantic, they had heard on the news about Lee Sun’s escape and the city wide manhunt. The detectives in charge of the case had already been by to talk to them and tried to assure them they would find him. JaeJoong and Micky were trying desperately to find a way to get to Rina and Yunho, Junsu came in to see if they had heard from Rina. They told him the entire situation, he panicked, but he knew how to get them to the house and to Rina and Yunho.

“Hey, I am calling in that favor that you said you owed me don’t you own a snow tracker?” Junsu said into the phone.

Everybody else breathed a sigh of relief when he turned to them and gave them the thumbs up sign. Soon they would be on their way to the house and they would all be together. “He’s on his way to pick us up, everybody needs to dress as warmly as possible. I’m going to try to get through to the house again,” the girls hugged him and went to get their coats.


She came to and realized that he had her tied to the chair she was close enough to Yunho that she could see the wound on his head and the blood on the floor. She started to cry, she thought he was dead. There was a sudden rush of water and she realized that her water had broken then the first pain hit her causing her to cry out. He came from behind her, and run his hand down the side of her face and across one breast she tried to pull away from him.

“It’s okay we have all the time in the world the phones are out and no one can get to you any time soon, I promise I will make you like it and sooner or later you’ll be begging for it,” he laughed maniacally.

“Don’t touch me you bastard, you’ll have to kill me first,” she screamed.

“That can be arranged,” he screamed back. He began pacing back and forth across the kitchen talking to himself.

She looked down at Yunho, “I’m so sorry baby, I love you,” she cried, but through her tears she saw Yunho open his eyes. He motioned for her to keep quiet, she nodded her understanding. Another pain hit her and she screamed, he knew then that whatever he was going to do he had to do quickly.

Lee Sun rushed across the kitchen to where she sat he bent down and put his face right in hers he noticed the water around the chair, “Wonderful, before long the Jung heir will join us and I can destroy him while his mother watches,” he started laughing again.

Yunho went into action, he lifted his leg and swept it across knocking Lee Suns feet out from under him, the chair that Rina was sitting in got knocked over causing her to cry out with pain. When he hit the floor the gun was knocked out of his hand and slid across the floor, Yunho was on him before he had the chance to recover.

He grabbed Lee Sun’s collar shaking him roughly up and down beating his head on the floor, when he was near losing consciousness Yunho landed the final blow and then grabbed what he could to tie him up with. When that was done he turned his full attention to his wife, he untied her from the chair and carried her to the den laying her on the chaise.

“Yunho,” she moaned, “the baby’s coming, help me!!”

“Baby, I’m here but I don’t know what to do!!!” he told her.

He got a blanket to cover her with and helped her to remove her bottoms, she screamed when another pain hit, he tried to comfort her. “I’ve got to push,” she said.

“Okay,” he said as he positioned himself between her legs, “I think that I see something,” trying to remember the film from their birthing class, “it’s her head, can you give me a hard push?” he asked.

“I’ll try,” she answered as she pushed herself up on her elbows she took a deep breath and pushed with everything that she had in her. Then she collapsed back onto the chaise.

“That’s good baby, her head’s out. Baby I need you to push really hard one more time should do it, can you do that?” he asked.

“I think so,” she said raising herself up again. She took a deep breath and pushed, she screamed in pain, then she heard the most beautiful sound in the world, her baby girl crying. She was exhausted Yunho used cord from the Christmas decorations to tie off the umbilical cord and then handed her to Rina. He sat in the floor next to her, she held the baby with one hand and pulled him close with the other.

She was crying, “I thought that you were dead, I wanted to die too,” he lifted his head and looked into her eyes.

“I promised you that I would never leave you and I intend to keep that promise, I love you,” he kissed her. Looking at his newborn daughter sleeping in her mother’s arms he said “She is the second most beautiful thing that I have ever seen, our little JiYool.” He smiled and laid his head on her shoulder.

That was the scene that the others found when they finally got to the house, the little family holding on to each other.


Chapter 15

The police went in first, Yunho looked up and said, “He’s in the kitchen tied up and bleeding on my floor!”

The girls came in right behind them and ran to them, they were hugging and kissing their mother and Yunho glad that they were okay. Kate took the baby sitting in the chair next to her mother, Junsu went to Rina and Yunho then turned to Micky, “Tell those paramedics to get in here now they need medical attention,” he had tears on his face when he turned back to Rina, “Are you guys okay?”

“A little worse for wear, but I never thought that I would be so glad to see you,” Yunho laughed and then grabbed his head.

“Rina, Rina answer me!” Junsu was calling her but she wouldn’t answer. Yunho sat up fear on his face.

“What’s wrong with her?!?” he said his voice loud, “Oh God, Junsu do something!!”

The paramedics came in, after examining her he turned to them while the other one got on the radio, “She’s hemorrhaging, we’ve got to stop the bleeding or she’s not going to make it.” He called out to the police, “We’ve got to get her to the hospital, now!”

“Rina, don’t you leave me after everything that we’ve been through I need you to fight, please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you!!!” Yunho was sobbing the paramedics had already taken the baby she was crying and so were her sisters.

She was placed on the stretcher and an IV was started, “I’ve got to be with her,” Yunho cried.

The paramedic placed a blanket around his shoulders and was trying to put a temporary bandage on his head, but Yunho wouldn’t hold still. “You’ll be in the ambulance with her, but you need to calm down.”

They loaded all three patients in the ambulance, as the police were loading Lee Sun into the back of an armored police van. He smiled at Yunho and Yunho knew at that time that his mind was completely gone.


Yunho was again pacing, she had been in surgery for over an hour, she woke up briefly in the ambulance, “I love you,” she told him weakly. She was smiling, “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

He was holding her hand, “Yes baby, she gets that from you. I love you baby, please hang on we’re almost there,” a single tear ran down the side of her face and she closed her eyes. He was sobbing when they pulled up to the emergency room doors, there were nurses and doctors waiting for the patients, they were separated and he had not seen her since.

Changmin had met them at the hospital, “Yunho you’ve got to sit down let them check you out, please!!”

“I can’t think of anything but her, I’ve got to know that she’s okay,” He looked into his friend’s eyes, “If she doesn’t make it, nothing matters anyway.” Tears were rolling down his face, in all the years they had known each other Changmin had never seen Yunho cry, not even when his parents died.


Chapter 16

After two hours the doctor finally came out, they all rushed to him, “She’s going to be okay,” was the first thing out of his mouth. There was a very audible sigh of relief from all of them. “There was a small tear in the wall of the uterus where the placenta pulled loose prematurely. Probably from the fall when the assailant threw her to the floor, this also brought on the premature labor and birth. Yunho you did a wonderful job helping to bring the baby in to the world, she’s beautiful and very healthy, you’ve taken wonderful care of them both.”

“When can we see her,” Yunho asked fresh tears slipping down his face as he held Serra on one side and Kate on the other.

“She should be in her room in about another hour, then you can all see her. Congratulations on a beautiful baby,” the doctor then turned and went back down the hall. “Oh and Yunho, let her know that she can still have children, she was worried about that and you above everything else, now go let them see to your wounds.”

Yunho did as the doctor asked and sat still while his head wound was cleaned and bandaged. Then the nurse came to let them know that she was in her room and they could all go to see her.


A few hours later she woke up, looking around the room she saw all of her loved ones asleep in very uncomfortable looking chairs, all but one and he was watching her very intently. “Hey baby, are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m fine, what about you?” he said moving his chair closer to the bed and taking her hand, she went to turn towards him and gasped in pain. “Take it easy, you’ve just had surgery, you had a tear where the placenta pulled loose too early,” he told her standing next to the bed and helping her turn over.

“Did they do a….” tears were in her eyes.

“No, the doctor said that you could still have babies if you want. We’ll talk about it later, we came too close to losing you this time I don’t even want to think about that right now, okay?” he pleaded smiling at her.

“Okay, I’ll do whatever you want,” she told him smiling through her tears.

“Well, that’s a switch usually you want to fight me on everything.” He started laughing everybody started to stir waking up to find that she was awake and okay.

They all crowded around the bed to let her know how worried they had been and how much she was loved. She hadn’t noticed that Yunho had slipped out the door, but when he came back he brought their daughter with him. She barely remembered seeing her the night before, he handed her to her mother. “She looks just like her daddy, she’s beautiful,” Rina said, “hello JiYool, I’m you mommy and I love you very much,” She leaned down and kissed her daughter’s head then she looked at her husband, “I love you too,” he leaned down and kissed her then he too kissed his daughter’s head.

For the first time in his life Jung Yunho knew what it was to love and to be loved and to have a real family.


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