Plans Vs. Instinct

BY : jaceni
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I don't know the DBSK members or profit from this story.

Title:  Plans vs. Instinct

Author: Jaceni

Genre: Humor, Smut, Romance, Fluff

Pairings:  Minjae

Warnings: yaoi, kink: public sex, toys, fingering

Summary:  Planning can improve sex for virgins, but instincts always win.

A/N: Wrote this in Lj and decided to post it here.  Inspired by two Lj friends and edited by another Lj friend.  If you guys like it I can post other works on this site, but I'd need for someone to tell me so.  I think this site needs more Jaemin. :)


They’d been going out for two years already and felt it was time to take their relationship to another level.  Both were inexperienced (come on, they’re barely 18!) and were friends their whole lives before they’d even gotten together.  They went through all their ‘firsts’ together;  their first love, first kiss, first second base, first intense make out with second base… the point is they wanted to go all the way together.  In order to do that they did research and planned the day it would happen.


“Okay, so we have everything right?”  Jae asked Min, blushing furiously at the things spread out on his bed.  They’d even made a checklist.

“Yup.  Let me check the list again to make sure.  Lunch for after to re-energize us… check.  Raspberry scented lube… check.  Small green gem butt plug… check.  Condoms… check.  Damp towelettes for the mess… check,” Min cheerfully replied.  He’d been waiting for what felt like a long time to completely consummate their relationship.  Even though he was just as inexperience as Jae, he didn’t get embarrassed that easily. 

“Oh, we forgot blankets!  Do you know how uncomfortable grass could be?” Min said as he proceeded to collect said item while humming a tune to himself.

Rubbing his already burning cheeks in the hopes to get the blood to circulate elsewhere, Jae replied in a shaky voice, “O-okay, okay.   So how do we…um…decided who’s on t-t-top?”

Both of them were blushing, Jae more than Min, until Min’s face brightens with an idea already forming. 

“I know!  Let’s paper, rock, scissor it!”  Min said excitedly.

Jae made a face to show his displeasure and whined in reply, “But you always win paper, rock, scissors!”

Min’s face fell, but then brightened up again, “I know! Let’s flip a coin!  And no, there’s no way to cheat in that one and I don’t always win.”  Min interrupted Jae before he objected to his idea again. ‘Not that I cheat at rock, paper, scissors,’ Min added in his thoughts.

Jae pouted his rosy lips and crossed his arms as Min searched his pockets for spare change.  Once he found it he said, “Head or tail?  Loser is bottom.”

“Head,” Jae hesitantly replied.

Min flipped the coin and let it drop to the ground.  Both held their breaths at what fate had decided and finally were brave enough to bend down to see what the results were.


Min jumped up and whooped for joy while Jae’s face paled slightly.  Upon seeing Jae’s reaction Min stopped his happy dance and frowned. 

“Jae, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.  We could wait you know,” Min said with an expression full of concern and love.

“N-no.  We both decided this and you got top fair and square.”  Jae said with a nod of his head, the color in his cheeks returning tenfold.

“Okay then.  Um… should we… I mean should I start to prepare you before we go?”  Min asked as he willed his cheeks to not show his nervousness and embarrassment.  He needed to be the confident one, since Jae seemed even more inexperience than him (hey, those porn videos were very educational okay!)

“Prepare me... oh, OH.  I… uh… here I guess,” Jae said, cheeks back to flaming red.

Min got all the checklist materials into a bag except for the tube of lube and the butt plug.  They were standing near the bed when he proceeded to slowly remove Jae’s pants and boxers. 

Jae shivered slightly when he felt air hit his lower region.  He could feel his heart pumping madly within his chest both from fear and excitement.  Min looked up and saw that Jae’s pupils had already dilated slightly and that his cock was semi-hard.  He gulped down hard and pushed Jae lightly so that he would sit down on the bed. 

“I-I’m going to need you to lie back on the bed...  Now pick up your feet on the bed and spread your legs…” Min trailed off as he saw Jae follow instructions.  His pants felt a little tighter and he was panting lightly.

“Now move a little higher so that I can sit between your legs,” Min whispered, already a little breathless.  He was losing control fast, but he couldn’t.  They had their day planned and he wasn’t going to ruin it.

Min observed Jae as Jae waited nervously for his next move.  Jae’s cheeks were flushed and his rosy plump lips were parted slightly while he panted lightly.  Min kneeled down between Jae’s feet and grabbed the lube that was near his right knee.  He squeezed a generous amount of it onto his fingers and started to rub his fingers together to warm up the lube. 

Min looked down at the tight pink hole between Jae’s legs and let out a breath to expel his remaining nervousness.  He thought of the research they’d made and decided the slow approach was best for this situation.

Lightly, he began to circle the entrance with his lubed finger.  He heard Jae gasp and looked up to see that Jae had tensed up and was about to close his legs before he stopped him with his other hand.

He kept staring directly at Jae’s face, his finger not stopping their circular motion.  He kept increasing the pressure inward when he felt Jae start to relax and would withdraw lightly when he felt him tense up.  He kept that up until Jae’s panting, and his own, echoed in the small room.  By this point Jae was writhing lightly on the bed, silently begging for something more to happen.

Min decided it was time to get this over with and slowly inserted his forefinger.  He didn’t stop until he was inside and waited as Jae adjusted to his finger.  Jae squirmed slightly at the uncomfortable feeling of being penetrated for the first time.  Min started a slow in/out motion with his fingers, lightly teasing.  Jae was moving against said finger by this point and wanted more, but didn’t know how to voice it.  Min swirled his single digit once, pulling a moan from Jae, and started adding the second finger.  He again waited for Jae to adjust, since he knew that the second finger stung more than the uncomfortable feeling of the first. 

“Jae, remember that you have to take deep breaths in order to relax.  That’ll take some of the sting away.”  Min said breathlessly.  He was breaking out in sweat as he felt the tightness encasing his finger.  He could only image what it’d feel like around him.

“O-okay,” Jae replied, just as breathless as Min.

As Jae took deep breaths he started to relax, and the clenching of his hole loosened.  Min took the opportunity to slowly thrust in and out.  Slowly Jae’s panting increased again and he grabbed the sheets to hold on as Min increased his speed.  Indescribable pleasure was coursing through Jae and he thought his heart would explode any second.  He had to close his eyes to keep control or the image of Min, eyes full of lust and face concentrated, would break him apart.

“Ah!”  Jae moaned loudly as Min hit his prostate with more accuracy than before.  Min stopped his ministrations to look at Jae.  Sweat covered Jae’s forehead, his cheeks were flushed, and his mouth was opened as he inhaled and exhaled deeply.  His eyes were dilated and full of want.  Just the look from his eyes alone made Min want to forget about their plans for today.

Don’t stop…” Jae whispered, breathless and desperate.

Min was brought back to reality and started to thrust his finger in again, Jae threw his head back and released another loud moan.

Since this was only a warm up, Min decided Jae was stretched enough for the butt plug and removed his fingers.  Jae whimpered at the loss and inhaled deeply as Min inserted the cold, lubed plug.

Min cleared his throat.  “There.  You’re half ready.  We need to leave already since this took a bit longer than expected,” Min said with a blush and a bulge in his pants.

Jae was speechless as Min got off the bed and started to put the lube into the bag.  He had forgotten they had somewhere to go.


The young couple wondered around looking for the perfect spot, one of them shifting slightly from time to time.  They found the perfect place for their first time, now they just needed to find the right spot.  There was a slight breeze that made the tree leaves rustle lightly.  It calmed them both and they enjoyed the beautiful scenery of wildflowers dancing with the wind on a downward slope and tall trees moving to and fro.  They were alone in this section of the park.  They made sure of that when they wondered around looking for a private spot.       

“How about over there?” Min asked, pointing to a spot near the pond. 

“There are too many bugs there,” Jae said with a disgusted look on his face.

“But there are bugs EVERYWHERE!  There are going to be bugs in a place that has flowers, a pond, and many trees,” Min was getting frustrated.  Maybe they didn’t plan it as well as they thought.  They were going for romantic, figures reality would burst that bubble.

“I know,” Jae whispered and released a sigh.  He was getting frustrated too, although his frustration stemmed from the fact that he still had a butt plug in his ass, and every move seemed to send tingles directly to his prostate.

“Okay then, you pick a spot.  I’ll agree to anything at this point,” Min said and he released a sigh of his own.

They walked further down the path and found a willow tree with branches that touched the ground.  The great part was that when they got closer they noticed that the branches created a type of curtain to the open space directly below the tree itself. 

“There!” Jae said enthusiastically with a bright smile on his face.

Min had a matching smile.

They practically raced towards it, Jae a little more slower than Min.  When they reached the spot Min unfolded the blanket and arranged it on the grass.  He placed the bag on the floor and sat himself on the blanket, inhaling the fresh air within their little private nature room.

Jae carefully lowered himself, already panting slightly.

Min looked at Jae’s flushed cheeks and didn’t know how to start this again.  Why wouldn’t these nerves leave him?  He’d already seen Jae naked, so he shouldn’t be this nervous.

Jae couldn’t take it anymore.  If Min didn’t do something soon, he would.

Min was barely going to ask Jae if they should start when Jae pounce on him, knocking the wind out of him and propelling him backward. 

Plump hot lips were kissing his with desperation.  The kiss was sloppy and uncoordinated, as though Jae was trying to be everywhere at once.  His need was greater than the embarrassment he went through earlier.  Lips separated with a loud smack and heavy breathing was the only thing heard. 

Pupils dilated to nearly black and red lips swollen from their kiss, Jae whispered in a deep husky voice, “Min, if you don’t fuck me NOW I’m going to be the one fucking you.”

Min took the treat very seriously and proceeded to flip their positions, with him on top of Jae.

Their lips met again, Min taking control of the kiss and Jae withering underneath him, rubbing their hard arousal's together and creating electrical impulses that traveled around both their bodies.

Jae moaned when Min slowly licked his bottom lip, and allowed Min’s tongue to slip in.  Jae’s hands traveled down Min’s back, up his sides, and finally curved around Min’s neck to pull him closer.  Min whimpered slightly when Jae pulled on his hair to separate their mouths. 

“Don’t we have too many clothes on?” Jae said in a husky voice with a slight smirk on his lips.    

All Min could do was groan as he detached himself from Jae and hurriedly took his clothes off. 

Jae stared, mouth dry, as he looked at Min in all his naked glory.  His eyes traveled from his long, long, legs to his erect cock.  He swallowed when he noticed the size, the tip already leaking fluid and red, and his eyes went higher… to well defined abs, lightly toned pecks, strong arms, and finally to Min’s face.  Min’s eyes were dark, darker than usual.  His gaze sent shivers down his spine.

“Aren’t you going to undress?  Or would you rather I do it?” Min asked in a lower pitch than what Jae was use to hearing from him.  Min decided that Jae was taking too long, so he took his silence to mean yes to the second question.    

He kneeled in front of a dazed Jae.  Slowly lifting his shirt up, in the process grazing Jae’s left nipple.  Jae released a low moan in the back of his throat.  Min kept eye contact as he slid his fingers from Jae’s collarbone to his left peck and hesitated slightly near that nipple.  Jae became impatient and arched his back slightly to encourage Min to move.  Min took the hint and slowly circled Jae’s pink nipple, just as he had his pink hole.  Jae seemed to remember because he shivered and moaned, thrusting his chest out further while his arms flexed as he held his upper body in a sitting position, hands clenching the blanket underneath.

Min tilted Jae’s head to right and slowly kissed the base of Jae’s neck.  Jae’s grip on the blankets got stronger, and his knuckles became white as his mouth dropped open while Min trailed open mouth kisses along his neck.  Min pinched Jae’s nipple lightly and Jae voiced his approval with a moan and a thrust of his hips. 

“Why are you going so slow?” Jae asked breathlessly.  He was slowly going insane.

“You should’ve taken your clothes off yourself then,” Min said as he pushed Jae to lie down and kissed him deeply.  Jae was back to withering underneath Min in seconds and Min was struggling to get Jae out of his pants, his fingers trembling from too much sensual overload. 

“Here, let me do it.” Jae said, impatient with the slow progress they were making.

Jae took off his pants while still sitting down and chucked them to the side.  He pulled Min on top of him, wrapped his legs around Min’s waist, and resumed their kissing.  Min moaned aloud when he felt their naked arousal's touch and pressed harder against the man beneath him.  They panted between kisses that mimicked their hip movements, sweat building in their bodies as they rubbed against each other, enjoying the exposed skin, until it became too much and with a loud groan they came, cum coating both their stomachs.

“Well, that didn’t last,” Min said, exhausted and trying to catch his breath at the crook of Jae’s neck.

“Of course it didn’t, it’s the first time we ever do this- I’m surprised we lasted that long.” Jae said, equally exhausted.  They stayed in that position a couple of minutes before Jae heard Min’s response, their breaths evened out by this point.

“At least now I can last longer when I’m in you,” Min said, lifting his face to look at Jae with a smirk as he watched Jae flush at the comment.

He lifted himself off of Jae and they both shivered as the wind cooled the sweat on their bodies.  He grabbed Jae’s legs that were still wrapped around his waist and guided them to the same position he previously had on the bed earlier.  Min stared at the green little gem visible between Jae’s cheeks and experimentally twisted it. 

Jae gasped and arched off the ground.  He looked at Min.

Min loved that reaction, so he twisted it again in the opposite direction.  The reaction was different this time… stronger… Jae moaned loudly and moved his body towards the source of the stimulus.

Min started to push and pull the plug, imitating what he was going to do very soon.  Jae was hard again within seconds of this stimulus and was groaning and moaning, biting his lower lip to control the leave of noise that escaped him.

Soon Min grew tired of using the toy and coated his fingers with lube again.  Jae bit his lower lip harder, white teeth displayed slightly, as he prepared himself for the feel of Min’s fingers.

This time Min didn’t bother with going slow, lubed his fingers, inserted one finger first, thrusting two times before he inserted the second finger in the puckered pink entrance. 

“UH!” Jae exclaimed, not fully prepared for that move.

Min wiggled his two fingers in a scissoring motion to stretch Jae.  Soon the slight discomfort Jae felt turned into pleasure and he began moving against the fingers that were preparing him.

When Jae was bucking back he inserted a third finger.  Jae seemed to hold his breath and his face was scrunched up in pain.  Min waited before he started to move his three fingers, Jae was trying to concentrate on breathing deeply in order to relax.  Min curved his fingers and Jae cried out in pleasure as his prostate was hit, the pain receding slightly.

Min was already hard again without touching himself.  It was easy to be since he had a withering flushed Jae under his control.  When he felt Jae was stretched enough he withdrew his fingers and lubed up his cock.  He positioned himself between Jae’s legs and aligned himself at his entrance.  Jae whimpered impatiently, moving underneath him and making it harder for Min to maintain his aim.

“Jae, don’t move so much or this will take longer.” Min told him.

 Jae stopped moving and waited impatiently.  Min pushed himself past the first ring of muscles and waited for Jae to adjust.  Sweat drops were sliding down his back as he forced himself not to thrust all at once.  Jae had tightened around the head of his cock as soon as he made it past the first ring of muscles.

“Breathe Jae, breathe,” Min said around clenched teeth.

Jae followed his instructions and Min found it easier to slide in shallowly. 

Min shallowly moved his hips a few times before he grabbed a hold of Jae’s hips for the final thrust.  With a firm grip on Jae’s hips he pushed past the second ring of muscles within Jae, semi-slowly. 

“AAHH!” Jae yelled, a single tear sliding down his cheek as he grabbed Min’s back, hands clenching tight.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Min said as he kissed the tear away and then softly kissed Jae’s mouth.

He waited for Jae to get use to his size.  He could feel the nail marks in his back burn, caused when he’d slid in all the way.  Min had to hold his weight up by his elbows on either side of Jae.  Slowly the death grip on his back loosened and Min did an experiment thrust. 

Jae’s breath hitched at the tingles he got shooting up his spine that were fighting with the burn Min’s cock had created.  He wrapped his legs around Min’s waist again and rolled his hips lightly as a response.

Min began a slow pace.  The pleasure around his cock was making it difficult to keep control and he was slowly loosing himself in the pleasure.  Heavy panting near his ear could be heard and the occasional moan as Jae couldn’t keep quiet whenever his prostate was attacked. 

Jae was keeping in time with the thrusts Min gave, also trying his best to not cum early, while holding on tightly to Min’s back.  Sweat drenched both their bodies and the friction it created between them sent indescribably pleasure through both of them. 

Min found Jae’s prostrate again and Jae let out a loud moan and tightened around him.  Again he stopped to observe Jae and to try to control himself.

“Don’t you DARE stop,” Jae’s husky and desperate tone made him move again, faster this time.  Jae pulled Min down for a kiss, imitating what Min was doing to him with his tongue.

“AH…” Jae moaned as he broke the kiss and met Min thrust for thrust.  Min kept hitting his prostate over and over, causing white dots to collect behind his eyelids. 

“I’m going to-” Jae couldn’t finish.  His eyes rolled to the back of his head, back arched, finger nails imbedded into Min’s back, and a soundless moan formed on plump red lips.

Min couldn’t hold on either, and after only two thrusts joined Jae with a long groan delivered to Jae’s neck, making the post orgasmic man shiver as the warm breath hit his neck and the warm fluid traveled inside him.

Both trembled for a couple of seconds, but Min couldn’t hold his weight up anymore and eventually slumped over Jae trying to catch his breath.  Jae hugged him closer and kissed the top of his sweaty head.

“That was… wow,” Jae said, still a little breathless.

“Yeah,” Min panted back.

“Love you Min,” Jae said as he titled Min’s head up and softly pecked his lips.

“Love you too Jae,” he responded, a soft smile on his face.

Soon the cold breeze brought them back from their high, making their bodies shiver from the cold this time.

“We should have brought two blankets,” Min commented, a huge smile forming on his mouth.

“Hey!  We didn’t even use the condoms!”  Jae exclaimed, barely realizing that he could feel the cooling-down sticky fluid escaping his hole around Min’s limp cock. 

Min laughed at Jae’s comment and proceeded to withdraw from him.  They both winced as Min  withdrew and Jae could feel even more of the fluid escape him.  He sat up to look at it and noticed small traces of blood escape with cum.

Min had already gotten the towelettes out, glad that they were the damp kind, and proceeded to clean Jae and himself up.

Once clean they put on their clothes, Jae wincing when he put his pants and underwear on, and sat down to enjoy their lunch.

“Being bottom sucks,” Jae said with a pout and continued, “sure it’s great in the beginning, but it’s afterward that you regret it.”

“You knew that already.  Both of us researched it, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise,” Min said with a smile on his face.  He couldn’t stop grinning.

“Yeah, well theory and practice are two different things.  Next time you’re bottom,” Jae said with a smirk on his face.

Min gulped hard and avoided eye contact for the rest of their date.

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