Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass

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Mickie James took a deep breath and then skipped up to her long-time idol Trish Stratus. She had just saved Trish from an attack by the evil Victoria and she was really hoping they would be friends.

"Hi, hi! I'm Mickie James. I'm RAW's newest diva. I just signed my contract last week. I'm so happy to be here, so nice to meet you." Mickie claimed, barely pausing for breath as she excitedly shook the hands of Ashley and most importantly Trish.

"Thanks a lot." Trish said.

"Yeah, you're welcome, you're welcome, oh my Gosh." Mickie said, so excited she couldn't contain herself.

"Mickie James... why do I know that name? Mickie James?" Trish frowned.

"Yeah, I'm like your biggest fan. I've written you like a gazillion times... I know you don't have time to write me back, it's ok, you're very busy, I mean you're the women's champion, I mean, you know, it's super nice to meet you, I idolise you, I love you Trish, I mean... I, I want to be just like you." Mickie blurted out almost in one breath, feeling embarrassed when she stopped.

She was about to leave when Trish asked, "Just like me huh?"

"Yeah, yes, absolutely." Mickie stammered, desperately trying to calm herself down, "And you know, maybe I could, I don't know, help you. I mean, Victoria has Candice and Torrie and you only have Ashley, so maybe together we could be like, Trish's Angels. You, you know... to fight Vince's Devils?"

There was a pause and then Trish said, "Walk with me?"

Mickie was a little confused on this, but did as she was told, following Trish and Ashley into the locker room. It was a pretty big arena but still Mickie was impressed that Trish had her own locker room. Then again Trish was a pretty big star and a champion to boot. So kind of made sense.

Once inside Trish turned Mickie and said, "You were in OVW, weren't you Mickie? And the independence before that?"

"Yes." Mickie nodded.

"Right, I remember now. I actually requested you. Well, not specifically you, but someone like you to be called up to the main roster. There are way too many models around here who think they can wrestle." Trish said, sounding a little critical considering her roots, "We need more real wrestlers around here. Alpha females who can keep the bitches in line, if you know what I mean."

"Yes Trish." Mickie smiled.

There was a pause and then Trish frowned, "You do know what I mean, don't you Mickie?"

"Yes." Mickie said again, before clarifying lustfully looking at Ashley, "I can't wait to butt fuck my first WWE eye candy diva."

"Good." Trish grinned, "But you can't have Ashley. She's my bitch. If you want to fuck her, you have to earn it."

"No problem, I'll totally earn it, whatever you say Trish, I'm your girl." Mickie blurted out, somewhat cringing at her last statement.

Trish seemed a little taken aback, but then she shrugged it off and turned to a locker, opened it up and took out the biggest dildo Mickie had ever seen. It was easily 12 inches long and almost 3 inches thick, Mickie's body practically quivering as she tried to imagine how anyone could take that monster up their ass.

"You see this? I want every inch of it stuffed into Candice Michelle's ass hole. That bitch has been mouthing off since she got traded to RAW and..." Trish closed her eyes and gritted her teeth momentarily, like she was trying to repress a memory, "You do that. You butt fuck that bitch with this dick and you can join us. We can hang out, talk about the business, ass fuck Ashley, and if I think you've got what it takes maybe I'll help you out with all the bull-shit which goes on around here. Maybe help you become champion one day. Would you like that?"

"YES, yes Trish." Mickie said excitedly as she took the scary looking strap-on from her idol, "I won't let you down."

"We'll see. Although to be fair I see no reason you should have a problem. Candice is still pretty new, and she's stupid, and clueless, and full of shit, and... you shouldn't have any problem with her. Just put her in her place right from the start. Make it clear you're the top and she's the bottom and you should be fine. Oh, and you should find her in the main divas locker room. She takes ages in the shower so her friends should already be gone but if anyone else other than them is there I expect you to follow through." Trish said, Mickie nodding along with her. Then there was a lot of silence and Trish added, "Go!"

"Oh, right, absolutely... erm, bye" Mickie stammered, rushing out and heading towards the main women's locker room.

As she passed random backstage personnel and superstars she wished she had brought her bag or asked Trish if she could hide the strap-on in something but amazingly nobody gave her a second look. Apparently the WWE was just like all the other promotions she'd been in, which kind of surprised her even though she had sort of been expecting it. Honestly though she was more worrying about psyching herself up to ass fuck another woman.

It wasn't like she didn't enjoy it, she did. Mickie had always loved women. They were so sexy and fun, way more so than men in her experience, hence why she pretty much considered herself to be a lesbian. But anal sex was kind of... weird and awkward. But as much as she loved women Mickie first love would always be wrestling, and seeing as how you have to be a top to be champ Mickie was willing to pound as much ass as she had too to reach the top. Besides, it wasn't like she wouldn't get a nice pussy licking out of it. And all the models she'd ass fuck seem to love it, and there was part of Mickie which loved to please.

So when she reached the women's locker room Mickie took a deep breath, told herself she was a strong dominant top, and walked in with as much swagger as she can muster. Mickie's heart skipped a beat when she was confronted with a completely naked Candice Michelle. The other woman was clearly debating what to wear, Mickie standing there are quickly staring at the brief moments before Candice turned and smiled at her.

"Hey here cutie... what's your name?" Candice asked cheerily, clearly not fazed by the dildo in Mickie's hand.

"M, Mickie. Mickie James." Mickie stammered, "I'm RAW's newest diva."

"Really?" Candice smiled, eyeing the strap-on, "And what do you want?"

"To fuck your ass." Mickie mumbled softly, honestly having to force the words out as she was nervous. That nervousness was quickly replaced by anger when Candice laughed, Mickie marching up to the model and sticking the dildo in her face just like Trish had done with her, "You see this? Every single inch of this dick is going right up your ass."

Candice just giggled again, "You are just the cutest little thing. Really. You're just adorable."

"I'm serious!" Mickie huffed.

"No, you're not." Candice said in a soft yet firm voice, "Not really. Believe me honey, I know your type... and I know exactly what you want."

Mickie frowned, "And what's that?"

Candice smirked, stepped forward so that the two divas were practically nose to nose and huskily told Mickie, "It's real simple... you want to get your big, fat ass fucked."

For a few seconds Mickie stared at Candice in disbelief and then she stammered, "N, no, I don't."

"Yes you do." Candice said, reaching round to grab two big handfuls of Mickie's meaty cheeks, "You want to get this big, fat ass crammed full of dick! Mmmmm, and it is a FAT little ass isn't it. Oh fuck, it looked big when I saw you spoil Victoria's fun, but these cheeks feel gigantic. Mmmmm God, they're going to feel so good jiggling against my thighs while I'm pounding that tight little virgin ass hole of yours. And it is virgin, isn't it Mickie? Of course it is. I can see it in your eyes. You're totally a closet bottom just begging for real top to butt fuck you."

"Hey!" Mickie exclaimed as her ass was grabbed, the curvy brunette just standing there in stunned silence for a few seconds as Candice fondled her butt before she finally took a swing at her.

Unfortunately Candice ducked and used Mickie's momentum against her, the wrestler not only finding herself being slammed face first against the lockers but having this model wrap herself around her from behind.

"Stay still!" Candice growled into Mickie's ear, her firm tone making the other brunette freeze, "Good girl. Now, here is what's going to happen. In a second I'm going to take that dildo you brought with you, strap it around my gorgeous waist and stuff every inch of it up your big fat ass. Don't worry, I'll go slow and use lots of lube. Maybe give your ass a little licking first. But I will fill your ass with cock so much you'll think you'll burst, then I'll slowly begin fucking you, nice and slowly, make sure I really stretch out this big, juicy butt. And then, when you're whimpering and begging for more I'm going to slam your fat ass so hard you won't be able to sit for a week! Mmmmm, your ass is going to be so sore Mickie that you'll be walking funny for days and you won't care because every step will remind you of the mind-numbing orgasms I gave you. Oh that's right Mickie, I'm going to make you cum and cum and cum from butt sex. From me butt fucking you. From a puny model pounding your big fat wrestler's ass! Because the truth is Mickie all you wrestlers are just bottoms waiting to be butt fucked by models!"

That last comment woke Mickie up from her dumbfounded daze. Sort of.

She had become lost in imagining everything Candice was describing and to her shame Mickie was finding it incredibly arousing. In fact she had never been so horny, her pussy burning hot and yet soaking wet at the same time, her entire body lost to the fantasy of being butt fucked. It went against everything she had been taught but at that moment... Mickie really, really wanted to be fucked in the ass by another girl. And not just any girl, but a model, someone she was supposed to ass fuck and dominate.

Then Candice made her little comment and Mickie frowned in thought how that had to be wrong. That most of the wrestlers she knew where pure tops and would never even consider being ass fucked.

By the time Mickie realised Candice just said that to distract her the model had taken off her hands and panties, strapped on the dildo and was pulling down Mickie's short skirt and panties.

With the first two things Candice had done them quickly so she could move on to the real fun but with the last thing it was actually the opposite. She wanted to savour seeing Mickie's naked butt for the first time and she wasn't disappointed, Candice practically drooling as she slowly pulled down those skirt and panties to reveal one of the most glorious bubble butts she had ever seen. Maybe THE most glorious bubble butt she had ever seen, Candice feeling like it was love at first sight. Oh fuck, she had to destroy this juicy ass and leave Mickie's virgin hole a gaping crater.

After a few long moments of staring Candice grabbed onto those luscious cheeks, spread them wide and then fell in love with Mickie James's ass hole. It was just so tiny and tight, that oh so fuck-able little hole looking like it couldn't possibly open up for anyone or anything. However it would open for Candice. Candice would make sure of that.

First though she lent forward to give it a little kiss. Then a long lick, followed by another, and another, and another, Candice moaning softly as she became lost in lust for one of the best asses she had ever seen. Over and over again she licked the tiny hole, grinning widely as the little wrestler remain standing where she was, just allowing Candice to give her a thorough rim job. Of course models giving wrestlers rim jobs were a common humiliation. Or at least the wrestlers considered them humiliating.

For her part Candice loved the taste of ass and couldn't understand why some would be against licking an ass hole, especially if you're about to violate that ass hole with a strap-on dick. And really it was only her desire to stuff this big fat ass with strap-on dick which caused Candice to stop, otherwise she could have happily eaten out Mickie's big bottom all night long.

Mickie couldn't believe how good it felt. Sure, it wasn't quite as good as getting her pussy eaten, but considering the context it was the most perverted and exciting thing she'd ever felt. Of course she could never allow another woman to ass fuck her, especially not a puny model, but Mickie had to admit the idea of getting butt fucked on her first official day in the WWE was tempting and something she would be masturbating to for years to come. But if she wanted to be the WWE women's champion and earn the respect of her fellow wrestlers she couldn't allow such a humiliation as having her anal cherry taken by an eye candy diva.

The problem was Mickie just couldn't bring herself to put a stop to this. It felt too good. So she stayed where she was, her skirt and panties pooled around her ankles as another woman gave her an incredibly enthusiastic ass licking, Mickie moaned like a shameless whore the entire time. She even pushed her big booty back against the other brunette, effectively pushinh Candice's face deeper in between her meaty cheeks, a moan from the former diva search contestant telling Mickie that Candice approved of this action.

Candice also seemed to redouble her efforts rimming Mickie, both women completely lost any action until Candice pulled away slightly, stuck a finger in her mouth for a brief sucking and then slowly slipped it into Mickie's virgin ass hole. It was a tight squeeze, but Candice was determined, Mickie moaning joyfully as she felt something enter that tight orifice for the first time in her life. She wanted to protest, she really did, but it just felt so good.

"Wow Mickie, your ass is heaven." Candice moaned once her finger was up to the knuckle inside Mickie's butt, "I'm going to have soooooo much fun fucking it."

Naturally those words made Mickie flush with embarrassment, but all she could seemed to do was continue moaning in pleasure as Candice started thrusting in and out, officially beginning to give Mickie her first butt fucking. Or did it need to be some kind of cock? According to diva law it didn't count if it was just a finger, but Candice's finger felt far from insignificant as it was making Mickie feel a type of overwhelming pleasure she could have never imagined. It was like what she had felt with the rim job, but so much stronger, Mickie thinking she was going to literally lose her mind when Candice forced a second finger up her butt in continuing the rigourous anal stretching.

Once Mickie's virgin butt was nice and loosened Candice straightened up, sucked her fingers clean, and then covered her dildo thoroughly in the lubricant she had previously got out, grinning wickedly at the fact that Mickie stayed where she was throughout the process, eventually announcing to the other girl, "Now I'm going to bust your little anal cherry and make your big fat ass all mine!"

"Please don't." Mickie whimpered.

"So stop me." Candice challenged, grinning widely and advancing on her prey when Mickie said nothing.

Gripping her strap-on by the base with her right hand and spreading one of Mickie's ass cheeks with her left Candice couldn't resist sliding her cock up and down the other woman's butt crack, the model giggling with delight as the wrestler whimpered in response. Sensing she had all the time in the world Candice didn't rush, pressing her strap-on against Mickie's virgin ass hole several times only to go back to sliding the fake dick up and down the new diva's butt crack again. The first few times she did this Mickie tensed, expecting the worst. When it didn't happen Mickie started not reacting to it which was of course when Candice chose to strike, the model pressing her dildo against the other brunette's virgin butt hole with the same gentleness only then slamming forwards, taking the wrestler's anal cherry with one hard thrust.

As expected Mickie let out a loud scream of pain as she was robbed of her back door virginity, Candice allowing herself a moment to enjoy the thrill of anally violating someone who could easily kick her ass. Then Candice forced herself into concentrating on the present, fully expecting Mickie to wake up from the haze she had been under and lash out. Candice expected Mickie to try and hit her, try and get away, scream at her, something, but to her amazement Mickie just whimpered and lowered her head in surrender... the women's wrestler surrendering her ass hole to the 'eye candy' diva.

For a few seconds Candice just stood there with her mouth open in shock. Then she grinned wickedly. She'd never met a wrestler this submissive before, and she kind of liked it. In fact, looking down at her dick buried in between those big, meaty cheeks Candice thought she might be in love, if not with Mickie then with her perfect bubble butt.

Candice wasn't sure how long she spent just staring at Mickie's ass. She knew at some point she spread those juicy cheeks so she could get a better look at Mickie's formally virgin ass hole wrapped around her cock, Candice keeping those big fat cheeks spread when she finally started pushing inch after inch of dildo into the wrestler's bottom. Mickie whined, whimpered and made guttural noises but nothing coherent, the supposedly tough woman offering up no real resistance as Candice stuffed her rectum full of strap-on. Which made Candice briefly wonder whether Mickie had been lying about being a wrestler to try and save her own ass hole from being fucked. Then her thighs crashed against Mickie's ass cheeks, announcing she had buried every inch of her dick in the female wrestler's bowels, and it no longer really mattered. All that mattered was Candice had fully penetrated another woman's butt and now she was going to fuck it.

Mickie felt like she'd been impaled on a 18 foot telephone pole instead of an 8 inch strap-on. Not that the pain was as agonising as she had imagined it, just really, really weird and uncomfortable. Like she desperately needed to take a shit. At the same time it felt almost... right somehow. Like Candice's dick belonged in her ass, which was the weirdest feeling of all.

Then Candice started thrusting in and out of her formally virgin ass hole, officially beginning to fuck Mickie up the butt. She officially began ass fucking her. She began to sodomise her. Mickie was being sodomised by another woman. Her back hole was being used as a fuck hole for another woman's pleasure. And not just any woman, but a eye candy diva who was only employed to look pretty. She could easily kick her ass but here Mickie was bent over and taking this model's dick in her ass. And it felt good. Amazingly good.

From the very first thrust Mickie let out a long, loud moan of pleasure which caused her to blush furiously. It was bad enough she was taking it in the ass for a model, and now she was enjoying it? Mickie tried not to, tried to remind herself why this was wrong, why she should stop this, why it was so important that she be a top, but she kept getting distracted by the pleasure coming from her ass. Then what little pain remained was wiped out, Candice rearranging Mickie's bowels into the perfect fuck passage which gave both women overwhelming pleasure with every thrust.

At first Mickie desperately tried to grit her teeth, bite her lip, and grip onto the lockers in front of her until it was painful but it was no use. She'd never felt pleasure like this, the sodomy literally redefining Mickie's understanding of ecstasy. Finally she could take it no more and started thrusting back against Candice, timing it perfectly so that when the model thrust towards her she thrust back, Mickie impaling her own ass hole as deep and as hard as she could on Candice's cock.

Just as Mickie thought she was about to cum Candice pulled her strap-on completely out of her ass hole, smacked one of her meaty cheeks hard enough to make it jiggle and ordered, "On your knees Mickie."

Still feeling dazed Mickie turned around to look at Candice, immediately regretting it as while she was blushing already from the slap and the command she went a deeper shade of red from the stern look on the other diva's face. And if possible Mickie went even redder than that as her eyes travelled down Candice's sweat covered body to that big dildo sticking out from between the model's legs. That big dildo which had just been inside her fat ass, rearranging her rectum and making Mickie feel so good.

"I said get on your knees bitch!" Candice yelled.

Unsure what came over her Mickie did as she was told, dropping to her knees so she could get a close-up look at her butt juices glistening on the cock, Mickie shuddering in revulsion at the thought of just how deep the dildo had been inside her bowels. It also made her loose ass hole quiver with fear and anticipation of that huge toy being shoved back inside her guts, Mickie unable to believe how much she wanted that dick back in her ass. She also wanted to suck it. Suck the cock which had just been inside her butt. Go ass to mouth like a submissive little ATM whore.

Candice enjoyed Mickie staring at her strap-on with a look of wonder and terror for a few moments, then she giggled, "No Mickie, I meant on all fours. I want to take you like a bitch."

Again Mickie blushed, the wrestler looking nervously at the model whose face slowly changed from delight to a look of stern dominance which made Mickie think she was going to cum on the spot. Instead she turned around, rested her hands/elbows on the ground and pushed her ass up into the air. Mickie even wiggled her butt in hopes of enticing Candice to fuck her some more and make her cum.

Apparently it was not enough as after a bit of wiggling Candice softly ordered, "Spread your cheeks."

This not only had Mickie blushing but whimpering and briefly considering begging Candice for mercy. Then she considered doing what she should have done in the first place and ass fuck the no talent model like any normal wrestler should. But it was no use, Mickie wanted to feel that cock back in her ass more desperately than she'd ever wanted something before. So even though she knew she would regret it for the rest of her life Mickie pressed her face down to the floor, reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could in the ultimate sign of submission.

In the WWE women's locker room there was no act more shameful than spreading once ass cheeks because it meant you were literally giving up your most private hole to be used as a fuck hole, Mickie forced to stew in this humiliation for several long seconds. Then all of a sudden her ass was full of cock again, Candice wasting no time slamming every inch of her strap-on through Mickie's gaping ass hole and into the deepest depths of her loosened bowels. Candice then gave Mickie what she so desperately wanted, the wrestler's eyes rolling in the back of her head as her ass was slammed to heaven.

"Woo hoo!" Candice cried out triumphantly as she began fucking Mickie's fat ass again, "That's it Mickie, take it like a bitch!"

Mickie let out this adorable little whimper but kept spreading her ass cheeks and taking it like a bitch, her now formally virgin ass hole taking the entire length of Candice's cock with every thrust. This made Candice once again grin widely. Mickie really was a submissive little thing. The definition of a bottom which was just waiting to be put in her place, and Candice was just the girl to do it.

Wanting to make sure Mickie got the message that she was a bottom Candice took her time giving the other brunette a real pooper pounding. Sure, she quickly increase the pace so that she was fucking Mickie's fat ass harder than before but Candice made sure she was holding back just enough so that Mickie wouldn't cum. That way she could really show Mickie the joy of submission. Show her the exquisite pleasure that came from taking a dick up her ass. The surreal humiliation from bending over for another woman and giving up her most private of holes. Introduce the wrestler to the shameful heaven that was spreading her cheeks for a model.

All the wrestlers Candice had met acted so tough and dominant but deep down she knew they were all just dying for a dick up their ass, Mickie being the most obvious about her true desires it was so delicious Candice could practically taste it. Almost as delicious as Mickie spreading her cheeks, Candice becoming lost in the sight of her dildo pumping in and out of the stronger woman's ass hole while the supposedly dominant wrestler helped expose that hole by spreading her cheeks. It was a sight Candice could have watched forever, but there was a limit to how much she could fuck an ass without wanting to give it a truly hard pounding.

Once she reached that point Candice pushed Mickie's hands away from her cheeks, grabbed her hair, pulled her head up and growled, "Take it! Take it take it take it take it take it! Take it like a bitch! Take it up your butt like a little butt slut! Take it in your ass like a little ass whore! Take it in your tight little anal fuck hole like a good little anal fuck toy! Ohhhhhhhh Mickie, your ass is so fat and lovely mmmmmmmm oooooooooh your big fat cheeks feel like heaven jiggling against my thighs. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh you're the biggest bottom I've ever met, mmmmmmm with the biggest, most fuck-able bottom I've ever pounded. Ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, I could never get enough of this fat ass!"

With that Candice picked up the pace until she had Mickie squealing in orgasm, the model not letting up until she had pounded the wrestler's ass through multiple orgasms. As in multiple orgasms for them both, although it took Candice a little longer to get there because she was desperately trying to hold back and enjoy the feeling of totally dominating a wrestler. Of course ultimately that feeling, the other brunette's screams of pleasure and having Mickie's fat ass jiggling gelatinously against her thighs with every pounding thrust all combined to send Candice over the edge time and time again until she felt as if she was about to collapse.

Then and only then did Candice pull her dick out of Mickie's butt hole and survey the damage she had done. After that brutal assault it was no surprise that Mickie's ass hole remained stretched wide open, Candice grinning widely as she was able to stare deep into the wrestler's rectum thanks to that gaping crater which used to be virgin tight.

She continues staring at the glorious sight even as the new, exhausted diva crumbling to the floor in a sweaty heap in front of her, Mickie and her ass hole clearly trying and failing to recover from the sodomy right away. Candice knew from experience that it may take several hours for Mickie's butt hole to fully recover, a fact which made the 'eye candy' diva incredibly proud of herself, but after a lot of gasping for breath Mickie was able to lift herself up again and look round at the woman who had just taken her anal virginity with disbelief.

Which was the perfect opportunity for Candice to solidify her dominance of the newbie, "Suck my dick Mickie! Mmmmmm, clean it of all your yummy anal juices you nasty little butt slut. Oh yeah, suck my cock and truly accept your role as a bottom."

Mickie eyed the strap-on, and Candice, warily for a few long moments. Then she turned around, kneeled in front of Candice and without a word of protest slid her lips over the head of the dildo which had just broken her fat ass in, Mickie even letting out a long guttural moan as she tasted the deepest part of her bowels on that weapon of ass destruction. Which of course caused a huge grin to cross Candice's face.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuck yes Mickie, suck that dick!" Candice beamed happily as she reached down to gently stroke Mickie's pretty brown hair, "Suck it you little cock sucker. Oh yes, that's what you are now Mickie mmmmmmm a little cock sucker. Actually I'm sure you always were, but now you're my little cock sucker, my little butt slut, my little ass whore, my little anal bitch. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you're my bitch now Mickie, mmmmmmm, and I own that big fat ass of yours."

Instead of being put off by her words Mickie sucked and slurped her own ass juice with more enthusiasm, even taking inch after inch of dildo down her gullet until she was deep throating the entire length. This proved Candice was right again, Mickie had experience sucking cock. A lot of it, given the way she was now bobbing her head on every single inch of Candice's cock. Which pretty much sealed it, Candice was going to have a lot of fun with Mickie James. Lots and lots of fun.

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