Camren Bicondova's first deepthroat

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Disclaimer: This story involves Camren Bicondova. The author does not know Camren Bicondove. This is a fictional story. No money was made from this story.

            Camren Bicondova had come a long way in the many years I had known her. As her workout partner, we had spent a lot of time together. Recently, however, I couldn’t help but notice how well she had grown into her body. While fairly stout, standing at only 5’2”, Camren had one of the best asses in Hollywood, complementing her thick thighs and beautiful face. She loved to show it off too, in how she danced so seductively.

            Knowing Camren as well as I did, I had known that she was still a virgin. She was just so scared of how it may hurt or that she might mess up somehow. For her eighteenth birthday, I really wanted to show her that she had nothing to be afraid of. After a couple of weeks of planning, I finally had a plan for how her special birthday present would happen. It would start off with her spending the night at my place, like she had so many times before.

            I arrived at 8:00 p.m. at her friend parent’s house as planned to pick her up. “See you later!” she yelled behind her as she had opened the door, already knowing that it was me. “Hey Mike.”  she said happily to me as she closed the door behind her, dressed in a crop top and short shorts that really showed off her body. After taking about how her big day went and so on through the short car ride back to my place. When we got there, my plan could finally get underway.

            We started off, uneventfully, by channel surfing on the couch together. I sat especially close to her this time though, positioning myself with a perfect view down her shirt. This is when I really started feeling myself get hard for her, with her perfect little boobs and thick ass complementing her short body so well. Now, being a grower, my dick was pretty small flaccid, but once I’m fully hard, I’m what many girls have described as monstrous. This is the main reason she had never seen my bulge, as whenever I had started to get hard at the sight of her body, I simply excused myself to the restroom until I got soft again.

            This time, however, I wouldn’t be excusing myself. When Camren reached over to grab some popcorn, I intentionally moved the bag at the last second, and her hand brushed against my hardening member running down my leg. She froze for a couple of seconds, quickly realizing what she had just felt. Then, she slowly grabbed the bag of popcorn, set it on the counter next to us, turned off the tv, and turned to me with a slight smile on her face. “Mike,”, she whispered excitedly, “how the hell did you manage to keep that beast a secret?”. I simply replied with “Well, you didn’t really make it easy, did you?”, almost already fully hard at this point. “Well, stand up! I’m too curious now to let this go!” she said almost giddily as she started to take her clothes off.

            We both stood up, me towering above the 5’2” Camren Bicondova at 6’1”. She quickly undressed, magnificent body the sexiest I’ve ever seen. She was gleaming up at me as she undid my belt, excited to finally being able to get to see a real dick. Right as she slid my pants and underwear off in one motion with my help, I could immediately see a little fear creep into her eyes, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. My now fully hard 8 inch and very thick dick slapped the side of her face, just as long as it. “Um what the hell am I supposed to do with this this thing!?” she exclaimed, half serious and half joking. “Well, we don’t have to do everything up front. We could take it slow.” I responded understandingly.

            “Well, how about tonight, we just see if I could take on this beast with just my mouth? We could try moving up tomorrow if I feel up to it.” Camren suggested. “Of course!” I said without hesitating as she already started to jerk me off, her fingers not even being able to fully wrap around me. I was being offered a blowjob by one of the beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and I was not going to turn something like that down. “My mom gave me some tips today, so I hope I won’t make too much of a fool of myself.” She said as she sat down on the couch in front of me, starting to spit on my cock a little.

She then quickly began to jerk me off and to try to take my large balls into her little mouth. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she fit both of my swollen balls in her mouth with a bit of effort. I was careful to avoid jerking off or having sex for about a week before this, so they would be completely full for her. While sucking on them as best she could, she tried to jerk me off as best she could, her small hands making my huge shaft look especially long and thick. Watching this naked, young Hollywood beauty sucking on my balls and try to jerk me off while looking up for me for approval was possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen up to that point and was more than enough to have me start leaking precum.

            “Ooh! I heard about this! Its supposed to taste nice.” Camren said excitedly, once she had realized my precum oozing already. “Why don’t you give it a taste?” I asked her happily. Without missing a beat, she came out from under my balls out to the tip of my dick, her warm breath on my cock exciting me to no end. She gave me a quick lick, instantly giving me a naughty smile as she loved the taste. “I’m ready’” Camren whispered before giving my cock a long lick from the base to the tip, indicating that she was finally ready to take my dick in her mouth.

            Once her tongue reached the tip of my dick, she wrapped her little lips around the head. Opening her mouth wide to take it in slowly, she managed to take in about 3 inches down before starting to gag and pulling her head back to gag. “Hey, go ahead and take it slow if you want. This is your first time, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard.” I said patiently down to her, She just looked up at me defiantly and tried again, again stopping at about 3 inches again, but this time not gagging to much.

            Camren soon had a rhythm going, her curly hair bouncing back & forth as her head did along the first 3 inches or so of my dick. “Hey, you’re a natural at this,” I said to her after a few minutes, “many girls rub their teeth a lot because of how thick my dick is.”. “Yeah, but I can’t even take you half way!” Camren said. Then, she grabbed my hips and tried to pull herself further down my dick. She tried this a couple of times, managing to even get 4 inches down.

“I could use a little help” Camren said, and I quickly obliged. I grabbed her head and pushed her a little further at 5 inches. Even with her mouth completely filled, she was smiling up at as much as she could. It was the most beautiful sight, Camren Bicondova completely nude and desperately trying to deepthroat on my massive cock. Then, I had an idea. Before she could protest or question it, I picked her up and laid her down on the couch on her back. As I approached her face, she quickly knew what I had in mind. “This should really make it easier to take me a little deeper.” I said to her as she began to kiss and lick my tip.

Grabbing my hips much like before, Camren slowly guided me into her tight little throat. Little by little, inch by inch, she began to relax and got more into it. Watching her tiny body, I soon lost control and really started to go to town on her amazingly tight throat while she licked my shaft. I had one hand fingering her wet pussy and groped her little tits with her other, I was finally managed to ram all 8 inches of my thick cock balls deep into her tiny throat. She didn’t fight it, guiding my thrusts deep into her tiny teen throat as I watched my cock bulge in her throat.

We spent at least 10 more minutes in this position, me fucking Camren’s tight teen throat harder and harder. She was loving my fingers in her pussy and guiding to go faster and deeper, and she came and squirted twice. I was getting close too, getting ready to unload my cum for this Hollywood starlet. “I’m about to cum!” I told her as I pulled out, and she quickly dropped to her knees. Fingering herself with 1 hand and jerking me off furiously with the other, Camren wrapped her lips about my balls, all while staring up at me. This pushed me over the edge, and I pushed her head back, and I exploded all over Camren Bicondoca’s waiting face. I came so much onto her pretty face as she waited with her mouth open, and I even got some directly in her mouth and some on her tits.

Camren came again as I finally finished cumning onto her. She gave me a few more sucks and said “That was so much fun! I didn’t this I would be able to take it, let alone that well.”. “Well, you where amazing. We should do this again.” I said to her as she started lick up all of my cum. “This tastes pretty good.” Camren said. We both then laid the couch together, quickly falling asleep nude together.

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