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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Alexa Bliss or Nikki Cross or any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Alexa Bliss is not a bottom! Well, not anymore. She couldn't deny that in NXT she'd been passed around like a paid for anal whore, her poor little bubble butt hammered so hard and often that her ass hole was constantly gaping wide open. But that was like a lifetime ago, so it didn't count. Especially as ever since coming up to the main roster she had been a true top. The Alpha female of Smackdown, and then more impressively RAW. And sure, she'd had setbacks, like losing to Rhonda Rousey, and even that total bottom Bayley, and being forced to submit to them, but she refused to be broken ever again, had a career worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame, and most importantly, had turned the tables on all of her NXT tormentors. Well, most of them. And once again she was a champion. Not the one she had been aiming for, but it would do. There was just one problem...

"Oh God yes, mmmmmmmm, eat me Nikki! Eat that ass good!" Alexa moaned, wiggling her butt in the face of Nikki Cross.

Which shouldn't have been a problem. Hell, if anyone saw this, at first glance it wouldn't look like one. Tops made their bottoms eat their asses all the time, and Alexa certainly wasn't an exception to that rule. But thank God they were doing this in Alexa's hotel room, because if anyone looked closer they would see there was a giant strap-on secured around Nikki's waist, not Alexa's, making it clear that this wasn't a sign of dominance on the part of the blonde, but the brunette making a butt hole nice and wet for her to fuck. Thankfully so far every time they had done this it'd been a hotel room, because Nikki 'like to keep Alexa all to herself', which somehow didn't piss Alexa off. No, if anything it made her stupid heart flutter.

She couldn't believe that. Couldn't believe that she was letting this happen to her, again. But she just couldn't help it. She thought Nikki would be so easy, but she had been wrong, the Scottish woman effortlessly turning the tables on her during their first time together, and then stopping her from turning the tables back to what they should be. That first time she'd just eaten Alexa's pussy and then ass so enthusiastically, making the poor Goddess so overwhelmed with pleasure that she just didn't have the strength to protest when Nikki started violating her butt. And she just made it so good that Alexa didn't even want her to stop, and actually had her begging for more, which had been pretty much happening every night since, and this time seemed like no exception.

Outside of sex Nikki was so loving and attentive, especially after the sex, and that affection had become as addictive as the ecstasy she could give. It was something no one else had given her, and Alexa was terrified of what it was doing to her. Fucking girls was just about the power for her. She wasn't gay. She couldn't be gay. And yet, falling in love with a girl was pretty gay. But she wasn't, no matter what her stupid heart seemed to be telling her, because Nikki Cross was just a means to an end. She'd just been a way to get a championship. Ideally one of the single titles back, but the tag-team titles were a nice addition to her collection, and now that she had them she should simply put Nikki in her place. Any second now. Any second.

Nikki loved Alexa Bliss's big bubble butt! Well, she loved everything about her, but this was by far her best feature. God, it seemed insane that a woman so tiny would have such a big round ass, but Alexa did, and it was heavenly. Perfect for munching and fucking, and even spanking. It was nothing short of a crime that this ass had ever gone to waste. Hell, it should be a law that Alexa Bliss's big bubble butt was licked, spanked, and most importantly fucked on an hourly basis. Which was a little law Nikki tried her best to enforce as much as possible, like right now when she had her face buried in that big bubble butt and lapping happily at Alexa's most private hole.

Of course whenever Nikki got the privilege of eating Alexa's ass she tended to get a little carried away, but she just couldn't help it. Alexa had the tastiest little butt hole Nikki had ever licked, and she spent literally hours just licking this back door. Tonight was certainly no exception, but Nikki made sure to actually build up her pace, and started swirling her tongue around that forbidden hole, and even pushing her tongue inside it. Now Alexa was being a good girl and wearing a butt-plug whenever her ass hole wasn't too gaping to take them Nikki was able to push her tongue as deep as could it go and twirl her tongue around inside Alexa's backside. God, Nikki was still horrified that Alexa's ass hole had been close when she first got her hands on it, when it was clearly meant to always be loose and ready to be used. Another crime which Nikki had thankfully dealt with.

That butt-plug had already been thoroughly cleaned by Alexa, who had spat it out in favour of moaning in encouragement, and then eventually whimpering, "More Nikki! Ohhhhhhhhh please, please give me more! I, I want more. I, I... oh yes, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssss! Ooooooooooh Gooooooooodddddddddd yessssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, more!"

Briefly Nikki considered pushing her luck and getting Alexa to be more specific, but ultimately she decided it would be best to save that for later in favour of just pushing a lube covered finger straight into Alexa's sweet little ass hole. After a few months of non-stop anal sex Nikki's finger could have probably slid into Alexa's butt hole like a hot knife through butter, but Nikki wanted to be good to her girl, and make sure the self-proclaimed top enjoyed getting anally violated as much as possible. This time was certainly no exception, Alexa crying out with pure pleasure as a finger was pushed as deep as it could go into her backside, and then pumped in and out of her. Which continued to be the case when Nikki added the second finger.

It was probably more than enough preparation, but Nikki really loved savouring the few precious moments before taking what was rightfully hers. Especially as she got to enjoy the feeling of Alexa Bliss's back passage wrapped around her fingers. Oh yes, she loved that soft, warm and tight heat, and knowing it was Alexa's most intimate hole. Which was almost enough to make her fist Alexa, again. But no, as much as she loved that, nothing in this world compared to the joy of strap-on fucking another woman's ass. Especially a female wrestler, and that went double for when they actually begged for it, like Nikki was confident she could make Alexa do, again.

Sure enough after a few moments of this Alexa whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Nikki pushed with a wicked grin.

"Fuck me!" Alexa moaned deliriously, "Fuck my ass! Mmmmmmm, please Nikki fuck my slutty little ass! Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, ass fuck me! I wanna be ass fucked! Oh please, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk fuck me in the ass Nikki. Fuck me good. AH!"

"Say it properly!" Nikki demanded, slapping Alexa's ass to emphasize her words.

"Please, don't make me say it..." Alexa whimpered pathetically, then when there was no reply she forced herself to add, "Please fuck me... Bubbles wants to be fucked. Oh God, I'm Bubbles, ohhhhhhhhh, a butt slut with a big bubble butt, who wants to be butt fucked."

"Ooooooooh, good girl." Nikki beamed, before pushing her luck, "Now spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, show me just how bad bubbles wants to get her big bubble butt fucked!"

Alexa blushed furiously, and had a very vivid flashback to when she was in NXT. That was the last time she had spread her cheeks for another woman, and while it was such a small thing, it was Alexa presenting her most private hole to be fucked. So even though she'd given up her juicy little ass to Nikki countless times now this actually caused her to hesitate. The worst part of it being, that she wanted too. Oh God, she actually wanted to spread her cheeks in submission, not despite of her memories, but because of them. Oh yes, in that moment Alexa wanted to relive the last time she was sodomized by Sasha Banks. Or anyone in NXT, but Sasha had butt fucked her the most, and as much as she hated to admit it, she had been the best. At least until this little 'sex pot' had come into her life.

"Or not, you're call." Nikki said softly, gently rubbing Alexa's back soothingly, and even adding, "And we don't have to, you know? I just... I know how hard getting your sexy little arse fucked makes you cum. And I just..."

"Just do it Nikki!" Alexa whined, before taking a deep breath and slowly pulling her ass cheeks apart to reveal her butt hole, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass, oh God! Oh Nikki, please, fuck my tight little ass hole! Make it yours! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, stretch it out, oh fuck yeah, stretch my fucking aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Thankfully Nikki didn't waste too much time by allowing Alexa to continuously hold herself open like this before giving her what she wanted, namely the feeling of the head of that cock being pressed against her back door and then pushed forwards. She then went nice and slowly, making the pain very manageable, and if Alexa was being honest with herself, gave both of them a chance to savour the perverted moment. Then her anal ring was stretching wide enough to allow the head of Nikki's cock to slide through it and into her butt, causing both girls to cry out loudly. The difference being Nikki cried out in pure delight, while Alexa cried out with pain, and of course, humiliation.

Which only got worse when Nikki cackled in delight, "OH BUBBLES! Mmmmmmm, your ass hole looks sooooooooooo CUTE! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, so cute stretching for my big strap-on cock. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, the best sight in the entire world is my Bubbles the butt slut's shit hole stretching for my cock! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmm, stretch for me Bubbles, stretch for me!"

Which of course had Alexa whimpering pathetically, and certainly not for the last time during this ass stuffing. No, Alexa started constantly whimpering, gasping and crying out as her rectum was slowly stretched and filled with strap-on cock, although unsurprisingly those sounds were a mixture of pain and pleasure. In fact, after months of getting fucked in the ass by her eager to please lover, it was mostly pleasure, Alexa becoming lost in the blissful pleasure she could only truly get from giving up her most private hole, and allowing it to be used for another woman's pleasure. Or in this case, their mutual pleasure, if Alexa was being honest with herself. Which might be the worst part of it.

Ever since the days of Lita and Trish Stratus the women of the WWE fiercely battled for dominance with each other, the strong proving that dominance by sodomizing the weak and getting off on the power of it. That had certainly been the case for Alexa on the main roster, just as in NXT she had enjoyed submitting to the blissful surrender that giving up her ass could bring. It would be a lie to say she wasn't experiencing that now, but it would also be a lie if Alexa tried to claim that was the only reason she wasn't enjoying it. No, everything she did with Nikki was so much more intense, it meant something on a completely different level which again, was extremely scary for a girl who considered herself straight.

One possible saving grace was that at least Nikki felt the same way, something the other girl made clear once the butt stuffing was complete, "Oh God, oh God, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Best in the world! Now this, this really is the best sight in the world! Your big fat ass full of my dick! Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, your fat ass is sooooooooo full, mmmmmmmm, full to bursting with dick, you little anal whore! Oh Bubbles, you really are the cutest little butt slut in the entire world! Fuck, I love this big bubble butt so much! Soooooooo much, mmmmmmm, now take it Bubbles! Take it up your big bubbly butt. Prove that you really are the perfect little anal bitch. My anal bitch! My Bubbles! Oh fuck!"

Nikki had been practically drooling ever since Alexa's heavenly bubble butt had been revealed to her, although of course the only thing sexier than Alexa Bliss's naked butt was Alexa Bliss's butt hole stretching for her cock. Which admittedly was the main reason she stuffed that shit-pipe so slowly. She felt guilty about that fact, because the last thing she wanted to do was hurt Alexa, so of course, she was also going slowly for her girlfriend's benefit. It just wasn't the main reason. Although Nikki was sure that not even Alexa could blame her for that, because there were only a few things that could compare to the sight of inch after inch of her cock disappearing into Alexa Bliss's back door.

One of those things was the moment her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of her dildo was buried deep within Alexa's perfect ass. Something which Nikki allowed them both to savour for a few long seconds, as she allowed her excitement to get the better of her and she babbled again. Which she continued to do as Nikki slowly pulled her hips back, causing inch after inch of strap-on to slide out of that forbidden hole, before she pushed it right back in. Nikki then repeated the process over and over again, officially starting to sodomize the beautiful and perfect Alexa Bliss, once again causing them both to cry out, this time with pure pleasure, which put a wicked smile on Nikki's face.

That smile was on her face the entire time, but that was hardly anything new, as that was always how she felt around Alexa Bliss. She certainly wouldn't have guessed it, but this pretty stereotypical mean girl had turned out to be her perfect match, at least when she got her 'Bubbles' to admit she preferred taking it up the ass over dishing out the butt fuckings. And again, it was nothing short of a crime that Alexa's perfect bubble butt had gone so long without being fucked. Something which would never happen again, Nikki promised herself that. Oh yes, she would personally make sure that sweet little Bubbles was given all the love she needed. That her big, juicy bubble butt was filled and fucked, and better yet, harder and deeper than ever before.

While Nikki loved the sight of Alexa further proving her submission to her by spreading her cheeks, and never wanting it to end, but she just couldn't resist pushing those hands away so she could grab a firm hold of that round little butt herself and even to give it a squeeze, and then more importantly a good hard slap. Oh yes, Nikki slapped that fat ass as hard as she could so the cheeks could jiggle beautifully for her, as she got an extra loud cry out of her lover. Not that she needed to. No, she got both those things just from her thighs bouncing off the juicy cheeks. Something she got to enjoy a lot more of as she slowly picked up the pace of the butt banging, which would inevitably force her precious Bubbles to beg for more.

Alexa was grateful for the increased pace, but she knew by now if she was going to get to cum, and more importantly if she was being honest, the truly hard rectum wrecking she craved, she was going to have to beg for it. Something she would put off as long as possible, and to her shame, it wasn't to try and hold onto a shred of her dignity. No, that ship had sailed, at least when she was with Nikki. Instead Alexa was trying to hold back so she could savour the joy of being sodomized by someone she truly cared about, the fact that Nikki meant more to her making her enjoy the submission like never before. Which was really saying something, considering the incredibly skilled butt busters that had taken her ass before.

It was hard for her not to imagine some of them now. Not necessarily fucking her ass, but gathered around them, and mocking her for giving up her ass. God knows some of them already thought her relationship with Nikki was suspicious, considering Alexa had gone from gleefully butt fucking her defeated opponents in the middle of the locker room, to sharing them, to she and Nikki dashing back to the hotel room for incredible sex like this. And what if they saw Alexa willingly spreading her cheeks for Nikki? Fuck, that idea should have been terrifying, and yet somehow it made her want to cum. Or cum even more, as the case may be. it also made her want to spread her cheeks again, or at least provide some evidence of her submission, so she could intensify the pleasure for both of them.

Suddenly with a wicked smile Alexa thought of the perfect thing, and while it made her former self cringe at her own shameless sluttyness she just couldn't help but follow through. Oh yes, Alexa just couldn't help lift her body up from the bed sheets so she was on all fours, and then start gently pushing back against the anal invading dildo. Then not so gently, trying to get away with increasing the pleasure, only to receive a firm sign that she should stop in the form of a few hard spanks. There may have been words too, but honestly, Alexa was too far gone to hear them. Or to obey them for that matter. In fact she just continued ravaging her own ass hole, even as Nikki stopped completely, causing her to whimper with need and start to shamelessly beg for what she was craving in that moment.


While it took longer than she would've liked Alexa did eventually get what she wanted, Nikki tightening the grip on her hips and starting to jack-hammer her own hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slam in and out of Alexa's ass hole. This in turn caused the pleasure Alexa was feeling to skyrocket, something she ought to savour for a few blissful moments before she went crashing over the edge of a powerful climax. It was then followed by another, and another, and another, which of course only inspired Alexa to truly try and ruin her own rectum on the giant cock rearranging her bowels. God, she'd never known anything so blissful, her last coherent thought of being that in that moment she was truly happy to be Bubbles the butt slut, with a big bubble butt which was meant to be fucked, something she repeated even when she became hysterical.

Nikki tried to hold back from cumming too, but unlike some of her peers who liked to brag about how long they could last Nikki just couldn't do it, not while she was fucking Alexa Bliss's perfect little bubble butt. She tried her best, and maybe she could have done it if Alexa wasn't slamming herself back against her like this. But she did, even if she wasn't instantly aware of it at the time Alexa got so into anal sex that she literally tried to destroy her own butt hole by slamming it back against Nikki's dildo hard and deep whenever she started cumming like crazy. And this time Alexa did it even before she started cumming, and without being asked, and shortly after spreading her cheeks, providing the submission for them both to enjoy, making this moment perfect. Oh God, it was just perfect.

It got even better when Alexa's slutty actions, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of sodomizing a truly perfect little butt slut like Alexa Bliss caught up with her and Nikki went crashing over the edge of the kind of incredible orgasm she could only have while doing exactly this. While anally dominating her perfect little butt slut. The perfect woman. Her Alexa Bliss. Her Bubbles. Oh yes, no matter what the mean girls might say, or whisper behind their backs, Nikki knew the truth. Alexa Bliss, and that perfect little bubble butt, was hers. She was her Bubbles. And that was never ever going to change. Oh yes, Alexa was going to be hers forever, something at this stage Nikki always became desperate to prove.

Which allowed her to push herself through that climax, and the ones that followed, so she made sure she wasn't the only one having multiple climaxes. Oh yes, she was giving her perfect girlfriend multiple climaxes! And perhaps more importantly, they were cumming together. God, what could be more intimate than cumming together? To achieve the pinnacle of pleasure at the same time? Hell, in that moment it was like they were literally fucking each other, given how hard Alexa was fucking herself back against her. Of course, this only inspired Nikki to make it clear that she was in charge here, and that Alexa was her little butt slut, with the perfect little bubble butt that was made to be fucked. And more importantly, who that perfect little bubble butt belonged too.



The addition of those words made Alexa cum so hard that the poor girl actually collapsed face down with exhaustion. Which probably should have been Nikki's cue to stop, but she just couldn't. Not when she could sense that Alexa was still awake, and therefore capable of receiving more orgasms. So she continued on, which really turned the once mighty Alexa Bliss into nothing but her anal fuck toy, a.k.a. what she was always meant to be, as far as she was concerned. Then sadly Nikki had to stop, just to avoid passing out herself, and thus ruining what had been a perfect topping session. In doing so she gave one final thrust, burying the full length of the dildo deep within Alexa's ass, and then extremely slowly pulled out, grinning widely as inch after inch of her cock slowly slid out of her girlfriend's widely stretched back door.

"Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, oh Bubbles, you really do have the cutest little butt hole. Mmmmmmmm, especially when it's gaping wide open!" Nikki moaned excitedly when her dildo finally came out of that cute little back door and showed the scot her handiwork, "Oh yes, soooooooo cute, ohhhhhhhhh, now spread your cheeks! Show you're proud of your cute little gaping hole."

Alexa had been whimpering pathetically as she lost more an more of the wonderful cock from her rectum, when in that moment all she wanted was every single inch of it buried in her bowels. Every inch of Nikki Cross deep inside of her most intimate orifice, claiming her as her girlfriend's butt bitch. She was so delirious with that desire that she barely heard what Nikki said, but the sharp double smack to her little bubble butt, and the fact that her ass hole felt like it was stretched as wide as the Grand Canyon was all she needed to know. And in her delirious state, she didn't even think about it. No, she just reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, even doing it slowly and then holding that position like a total anal bitch.

She continued doing that even as Nikki cackled in delight, slapped her hands together with glee, and quickly retrieved her phone so she could take a little trophy of this latest butt fuck. Alexa could remember showing Nikki her trophies. Pictures of Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Bayley and even Sasha Banks face down and spreading their cheeks, displaying their freshly fucked ass holes to their Alpha female Alexa Bliss. Now once again Alexa was the one who's gaping butt hole was a trophy, but at least in that moment she wasn't filled with shame and self-hatred. That was totally there, but mostly she was happy for making Nikki so happy, and even grateful to Nikki for giving her the type of overwhelming pleasure she could only get from having her ass fucked.

"Oh God Alexa, your gaping butt hole is the cutest thing ever!" Nikki exclaimed excitedly after taking a half dozen shots, before proving it to her girl by frantically shoving the phone in her face, "Here, take a look!"

Alexa blushed as she saw deep into her bowels thanks to that picture, before reluctantly replying, "That's great Nikki. You did an amazing job at stretching my butt. Now can I taste it? Please, ohhhhhhhhhh please, you know I love the taste of my own ass after you fuck me back there. So please, give it to me. Please? Let, let me be your ATM whore Nikki, as well as your little anal slut."

"I will." Nikki promised with an evil grin, "If you ask for it properly."

Again Alexa blushed furiously, but forced herself to comply, "Please Nikki, let me suck your cock. I want to suck it so bad. I... Bubbles the butt slut wants to suck your cock. Bubbles is a total slut for butt sex and ass to mouth, mmmmmmm, so please give her the only thing she needs right now. You banged my big bubble butt soooooooo goooooooodddddd, now please let me taste it all over your big dick. Please? I'm Bubbles the ATM whore, and I need to taste my butt!"

"Great job Bubbles." Nikki beamed, "And of course you can taste your own butt. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, good girl, get every fucking drop. Ooooooooh yessssssss, mmmmmmm, good butt slut."

The second she was given that permission Alexa whirled around and shoved the cock which had just plundered the deepest part of her bowels deep into her mouth, and moaned like the happy little ATM whore she'd always been. Hell, even back when she had been the Alpha female she couldn't resist tonguing butt hole, and even cleaned her own strap-on sometimes. Mostly when she'd knocked a bitch out from making them cum so hard, but sometimes she claimed she was teasing them, when really she was just addicted to the taste of ass. Although there was something weirdly extra satisfying about tasting her own, especially off of Nikki Cross's nice big girl cock, Alexa opening her eyes so she could stare up lovingly at her woman.

Which of course caused Nikki to start encouraging her, "Ooooooooh yesssssssss, good girl Bubbles! You see? You see what being good gets you? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, it gets you your favorite thing in the whole wide world, getting fucked nice and hard up that cute little bubble butt of yours, mmmmmmm, and now it's got you sucking the butt cream off the dick that was just deep inside your shit-pipe. That's what you want, isn't it Bubbles? Yessssssss, this is what you want, mmmmmmmm, which is why you're sucking my dick so passionately, like a good girl. Like a good little butt slut. Because that's what Alexa Bliss is, ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, my good little butt slut! Bubbles the good little butt slut! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, suck it, suck it good, oh yeahhhhhhhhh!"

Only too happy to oblige Alexa began rapidly bobbing her head on the dick, going lower each time until she was taking the whole thing down her throat like it was nothing. Because it was nothing to her well-trained mouth and throat, especially when it meant putting every drop of that precious liquid she craved so much. Then Alexa just continued sucking the cock while staring up at her lover dreamily. Okay, so she hadn't reclaimed her role as a top, and it was beginning to look like she never would. That Alexa Bliss would truly be nothing but Bubbles the good little butt slut. But as Nikki stroked her hair lovingly, and grinned with such psychotic happiness down at her, Alexa wasn't so sure that would be so bad.

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