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Rhea Ripley called herself The Nightmare, but right now she was living her dream. And oh, was it the sweetest dream. She had recently dethroned one of the most dominant NXT women's champions of all time, and not with a fluke victory, but with a definitive win. Hell, people even filled the ring afterwards, and lifted her onto their shoulders in celebration. It was easily one of the greatest moments of her life, but this one was pretty sweet too. That being her successful title defence against the undefeated Bianca Belair, who she had just pinned clean in the centre of the ring. Meaning that she was about to take another anal cherry, and with it, get herself a new anal bitch. Just like she would do at Wrestlemania.

Sure, Charlotte Flair had attacked her after the match, and left her laying, in order to send a message. However, that message was that The Queen was clearly afraid of The Nightmare, and just like the last Queen Rhea went up against, she would be defeated and butt fucked. Which in this case, meant taking what had become the Holy Grail in the WWE. Namely, Charlotte Flair's virgin arse. Oh yes, Rhea was going to plant her flag in that unspoiled land, and with it, steak her claim over the entire women's division of the WWE. Afterwards there would probably be chaos, but that just meant it would be easier to take over, as one by one delusional bottoms would step up to her, and in doing so, offer up their arses on a silver platter. And speaking of delusional bottoms...

"Bianca Belair, welcome to your nightmare." Rhea grinned wickedly, as her defeated opponent finally stepped through the door of the locker room.

"God, you're so lame." Bianca grumbled, before puffing up her chest, and insisting, "You know what, that was a fluke. We both know next time we meet, I'll beat you, so why don't you do yourself a favour, and save this victory as a 'get out of anal' card? If how tonight ended is any indication, you're going to need it, when Charlotte is done with your fat ass."

There was a brief pause, then Rhea burst out laughing, although she quickly got herself under control, so she could question mockingly, "Oh my God, that's adorable. Did you really think that would work?"

"I'm serious." Bianca huffed, "We both know you don't have what it takes to beat her, but maybe I could find a way to get into the match, beat her for you, and then we could team up on her?"

"Please, I don't need a delusional bottom's help." Rhea scoffed dismissively.

"I'm not-" Bianca began, before being startled by Rhea closing the distance between them, grabbing onto her ass and giving it a squeeze.

"Bianca. This, is mine now." Rhea said firmly, squeezing that fat booty to emphasize her words. Then before the bitch could protest, she quickly added, "At least for tonight. You can burn off as much energy as you want arguing about it, but you're losing your anal cherry tonight. Nothing you say will change that. Unless you want to forfeit the chance for revenge."

There was a very, very long pause, and then Bianca lowered her head and grumbled, "You'll pay for this, bitch."

"Sure I will." Rhea laughed dismissively, before ordering, "But first, you will. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you'll pay for being a loser, by stripping off your clothes and showing me that pretty body of yours. Oh yeah, show me my prize. Ooooooooooh fuck yeah, especially that fat arse of yours. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, show me that big black booty, which I'm going to destroy. Inside, and out. Oh yeah, come on. Strip!"

As she spoke Rhea continued to greedily grope that big booty, emphasizing that last word with a hard slap to those meaty cheeks, which made them jiggle and a very satisfying sound to echo throughout the room. Maybe best of all, Bianca looked up, and glared at her, before blushing adorably, knowing that she had no choice but to let it go. More importantly, she had no choice but to do as she was told. Oh yeah, this trash talking bitch had no choice but to slowly strip off her clothes, and show Rhea her prize. Admittedly, she could have done it with more enthusiasm. But that was okay, as The Nightmare very much enjoyed herself. Just as she enjoyed taking off her clothes, and then sitting back down on the chair in the centre of the room, where she had been waiting for her prize.

"Good girl. Now, bend over my knee. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, we're going to start this off right, with a nice hard spanking." Rhea said gleefully, before quickly adding, "And reply properly! Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, I want to hear my proper title, otherwise you'll just end up making it worse on yourself. Understand?"

"Yes... Mistress Rhea." Bianca reluctantly replied, the words feeling physically painful on her lips.

"Oh yeah, that's what I like to hear." Rhea beamed, before pushing, "Now do as you're told."

"Yes, Mistress Rhea." Bianca forced out again, before getting into position.

This of course meant that Rhea was given the best possible view of what was by far the best feature of Bianca Belair. What made her perfect to be in the WWE. Which definitely made her the perfect bottom. Namely, that big fat booty of hers. Fuck, it was just so round and full, wobbling just as it got into position, and practically making Rhea drool in the process. God, this was going to be so sweet. Especially as she fully intended to savour every moment of it. Including the initial stage, where she just went back to groping that fat arse. Only this time, she could actually see it. Sadly, this meant she didn't get to see the humiliation on Bianca's face, but she could hear them in the pathetic whimper she let out, and later in the even more pathetic cries.

Bianca was furious with Rhea for forcing this indignity upon her. Didn't she realize that she was so much better than her? And far, far too good for this? In fact, The Nightmare should just hand over her title, then beg the superior woman to top her, and turn her into the anal loving lesbian bitch she was always meant to be. Sadly, Rhea was still clinging to the delusion that she was some kind of top, and admittedly in that moment, it didn't feel like a delusion. No, it felt like Bianca had lost to a pure top, and now she was going to pay dearly for it. Which was why as much as she hated the other woman, mostly The EST was furious with herself. After all, she wasn't supposed to be in this position, and yet she was.

It was a position Bianca was forced to stay in for a few long minutes, as she received brutal strike after brutal strike to her poor booty. God, she really didn't want to give Rhea the satisfaction of making those sounds, let alone allowing something as pathetic as a whimper escape her lips, but who could blame her under these circumstances? After all, it wasn't just the physical pain she was dealing with. Hell, compared to what she received in the ring, or just pushing herself during training, it really wasn't that bad at all. But the indignity of having her ass smacked like a naughty child was truly unbearable. And yet, somehow, it was only getting worse from there.

Having her big ass groped like a piece of meat, was humiliating, but in a way, Bianca was grateful for it, given that it soothed some of the pain away. But then gradually this gentle caressing was phased out in favour of continuous blows, which somehow got even stronger. Which admittedly, was nothing that Bianca hadn't done countless times to others. But again, she was supposed to be above taking this kind of treatment. And this wasn't even what she was truly afraid of. No, she was afraid when it came time for the inside of her butt to be abused, as she wasn't sure she could take that. So in a way, she hoped that this would never end. Of course, she wouldn't be that lucky.

Although it reached the point where she would've gladly kissed Rhea's big butt, or done just about anything for this to stop. Especially when she realized that she had lost complete control over her own body, and was now writhing against Rhea's knee, and letting out truly pathetic sounds in the process, which was a mix of whimpers, whines, and just literally crying. God, it was so humiliating. Honestly, Bianca hope that she would pass out with embarrassment. Sadly she was hyperaware of her own actions towards the end of the spanking, and especially when it was finally over, and she had to wallow in what had happened to her. And again, what was about to happen to her.

Rhea was practically salivating at the thought of what she was eventually going to get to do to her defeated rival, given it was her favourite thing ever. However, there was definitely something to be said for this. Maybe especially when she just cut loose, and gave it everything she had. Because sure, there was definitely something to be said for the playful spanking, especially as it gave her plenty of time to grope that big black booty. However, there was nothing quite like seeing a big fat arse jiggling under the force of Rhea's physical strength. Admittedly Bianca's skin wasn't quite as easy to turn red as the likes of her beloved Toni Storm, but in a way that just made it feel more like an achievement when there was a noticeable difference.

Which was of course something that Rhea did for a few long minutes when she abruptly stopped the spanking, first with her eyes, and then with her hands. God, it took about a full minute for those meaty globes to stop jiggling for her, and the so-called strong-EST and tough-EST female wrestler on the roster to let out some truly pathetic whimpers. Which admittedly, she had been doing before, but now Rhea really got to savour them. Especially as she intended to enjoy them, as once again the NXT women's champion grabbed on to those meaty cheeks, and fondle them to her heart's content. Then, when those sounds got gradually softer, The Nightmare moved them onto the next stage of their fun.

"Get on all fours, bitch!" Rhea ordered gleefully, "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, it's time for Bianca Belair to get ass fucked."

"Please..." Bianca whimpered pathetically, closing her eyes and swallowing, before she forced herself to continue, "I'll kiss your ass every day for a week, never challenge you for a title again, whatever you want. Just please, please don't do this. I'm The EST, not that dumb anal ho Toni Storm. You can't do this to me."

"Actually, I can." Rhea reminded her defeated opponent with a glare, "You lost clean in the centre of the ring, with your ass on the line. And I'm guessing you wouldn't have offered me a deal like that, if I had lost. Besides, the only thing I really want from you is this sweet, sweet arse. So quit your whining, and do as you're told! And reply properly, otherwise I'll give you another spanking first."

There was a brief pause, then Bianca lowered her head and whimpeed pathetically, "Yes, Mistress Rhea."

This had Rhea chuckling wickedly, as her defeated opponent did as she was told, looking completely, and utterly defeated in the process. It was almost as delicious as the sight of that big fat bottom in the perfect position for the type of deep, hard anal pounding The Nightmare loved to dish out. Which of course, had Rhea again staring at it for a few long seconds. Hell, she didn't even stop when she retrieved her strap-on, and some lube. No, at this point, that was just natural to her, and she was able to equip herself with a cock and cover it with that slippery liquid, without taking her eyes off of her prize. Then of course, she closed the distance between them, dropped down to her knees, and devoured that tasty prize, moaning happily as she did so.

Unsurprisingly, she wasn't the only one. No, Bianca cried out loudly and happily, followed by a very long moan. And then that continued to be the case as Rhea Ripley forced her own face so deep in between the cheeks of Bianca Belair's gigantic arse, that she was literally suffocating herself with booty. And she had never been happier. Oh yes, Rhea delighted in preparing a bitch hole this way. Even if there were moments that it felt more like a submissive thing. Hell, sometime she forgot about the rim job entirely, in favour of simply rubbing her face in that big bottom. Motor-boating it, like it was a big pair of titties. Although to be fair, she was the winner here, right? So why shouldn't she indulge? Especially when they both clearly loved it. At least, for now.

Bianca loved having her big ass worshiped by inferior bitches, who had the audacity of thinking they could hang with her. Well, she pretty much loved it when anyone did it, but it was of course extra special when it was one of her defeated opponents. And considering Rhea had been her opponent tonight, this provided her a moment where she could imagine things were going wonderfully right. That the world was as it should be. That she had her first championship within the WWE, and was about to take some ho's anal cherry. Especially when Rhea was suffocating herself in booty, as that was one of Bianca's favourite moves. Hell, The EST got pretty close to reaching back, and pushing that pretty face even deeper into her big butt, while providing the so-called Nightmare with some verbal encouragement.

However, just as Bianca was opening her mouth to do so, pale hands pulled those dark chocolate cheeks as wide apart as possible, so that Rhea Ripley could spit directly onto Bianca Belair's ass hole, and then rub that saliva in with her tongue. Which was a process she repeated over and over again, and something which was a little too aggressive to be a bottom move. And just like that, the reality of the situation hit The EST like a freight train. Oh God, she really was about to lose her anal virginity. And there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing but whimper pathetically, especially when Rhea settled into simply licking her back door again, this time while holding those meaty cheeks back, so she could have all the access she needed to make that forbidden hole as wet as possible for what was to come.

To her shame, Bianca still found herself enjoying it on some level, and there was some satisfaction to be had for the fact that tongue didn't get very far. Oh yeah, no matter how hard Rhea tried buy giving the forbidden hole up and down licks, or moving side to side, or even swirling it around, she couldn't push her tongue into Bianca's booty. Which The EST wanted to point out was because she wasn't one of these anal whores running around the WWE. And she certainly wasn't Rhea's favourite butt slut, Toni Storm. No, she was a real woman. Although maybe not for much longer. Because she was about to lose her ass cherry, and the only question was, could she maintain her sanity while doing it?

Unfortunately, it wasn't looking good, given she was unable to hide her moans of pleasure while being rimmed, or even when Rhea replaced her tongue with a finger. Oh God, Bianca even cried out in mostly pleasure as that finger was slowly pushed through her virgin back door, and then as deep as it could go into her back passage. Rhea then left it there for a few long seconds, before starting to pump it in and out, swirling it around inside her ass. Whatever it took to make this as easy as possible on both of them. Something which Bianca had done a lot to the already broken butt sluts of NXT, but it was truly overwhelming to experience it herself. Especially when she inevitably taunted her about it.

"Fucking hell Bianca, you weren't lying, were ya?" Rhea moaned happily, quickly adding with a dreamy smile, "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, you really are an anal virgin. Fuck, this is going to be so sweet. I haven't had a virgin since Toni. And that was like a million years ago now, when we were both on the Indies. And well, you know what happened to her, right? Mmmmmmmmm fuck, she's like the biggest arse slut on the planet. Yeah, I know she's got a lot of competition on the main roster, and she was a natural anal whore, oooooooooooh, but I reckon I helped her realize her true purpose. Just like I reckon I can help you realize yours. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, just you wait, bitch. Because I'm going to make you the bigg-EST anal addict of NXT."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Bianca snapped, unable to take it anymore, "Just shut up and do it. We both know you can't, but go ahead and try. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, you're gonna fail to break me, and then the next time we fight, I'm going to knock you the fuck out, bitch. Then we'll see who's making who their bitch. That is, if Charlotte doesn't get there first."

"Oh please." Rhea laughed dismissively, "That bitch's arse is mine, and she knows it. Why do you think she attacked me tonight? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I've got her running scared, and soon it will be her shit hole I'm stretching out, not yours. Although who knows, mmmmmmmmm, maybe I'll bend you over side by side, and take you both? Make you my little hand puppets? You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"No way." Bianca protested, although the fact that it was followed by a loud moan, like many of her other comments, undermined her words, "Never, oh fuck, that's never going to happen."

"No? Then why are you moaning already, just from getting your arse fingered?" Rhea questioned, before laughing as she added a second finger, "Yeahhhhhhhhh, you like that, huh? Mmmmmmmmmm yeah, face it, Bianca. You're mine! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, you're already my anal bitch, and I haven't even got my cock into you yet. But when I do, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, you're going to break for sure."

"Then get it over with, bitch." Bianca demanded, "Fail to break me, so I can start preparing to return the favour, and do the job right."

"See, you're already asking to be bummed." Rhea chuckled wickedly, slowly pulling her fingers out of Bianca's arse, sucking them clean, and then ordering, "Yeahhhhhhhhhh, don't worry, Bianca. I'll bum you. Mmmmmmmmm fuck yeah, I'll bum you so good, you'll be my anal bitch forever. But first, you know what you're gonna do, right? Oh yeah, spread those cheeks, like a good little anal ho. And use my proper title."

"Fine..." Bianca grumbled, doing as she was told and then grumbling softly through gritted teeth, although those words sounded deafening in the otherwise silent room, "Yes... Mistress Rhea."

That meant pressing her face against the bed sheets, reaching back, grabbing two handfuls of meaty cheeks and presenting the other woman with her prize. Oh God, this was really it. The moment that Bianca had been dreading, long before she entered the WWE. She had thought she might give it up someday for the man of her dreams, or because of some stupid bet, but she never truly believed it would be because she was defeated, in front of a huge crowd, no less. Which pretty much made this the worst case scenario for The EST. and it only got worse, when instead of getting it over with right away, that bitch Rhea seemed content to admire her prize for a few long minutes.

Whether this was simply to tease her, or just because Rhea couldn't help it, Bianca didn't know, and she didn't care. She just wanted this over with, so much so, she almost begged for it. Thankfully before that could happen, and thus embarrass The EST even further, the tip of that dildo was pressed against her virgin butt hole, and then slowly began pushing forwards. At which point Bianca forgot all about being grateful, and instead cried out in a mixture of pain and humiliation, as her most private hole began to stretch for an invading object for the first time ever. What was even worse, was it just kept stretching, and stretching, and stretching, until the head slipped through her back door, and into her booty. And of course, Rhea just had to brag about that.

"And... that's your anal cherry!" Rhea gleefully gloated, "Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I just popped your anal cherry, bitch! It's mine now! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Bianca Belair's anal cherry is mine! Just like that bitch Charlotte Flair's arse cherry will be mine at Wrestlemania! Then all of the arses of the WWE will be mine! But tonight? You get to be first. Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, before I start collecting main roster bitches, you get to be my new favourite bitch. At least until Toni gets here. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, and you know what that means, right? Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah, it means lots, and lots, and lots of hard bumming for The EST!"

Before the poor EST could offer up another come back, Rhea began pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of that big dick to slide through Bianca's back door and deep into the bowels of the now formally undefeated woman. Which was truly unbearable. Oh God, it was like no time at all since the initial anal penetration and the beginning the butt stuffing. And yet, it also felt like Rhea had bombarded her with humiliation for eternity. Which maximized the physical and mental humiliation that poor Bianca was feeling, with the only saving grace being that at least this proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wasn't a butt slut, like 99% of the other so-called women around here. Not that she should need it, as it was obvious that The EST wasn't a disgrace to her gender, like all the rest.

It was also a good thing that at least she was suffering this indignity at the hands of someone worthy, and like all those other anal whores. Whether that was the case after the match with Charlotte was another story, although in that moment, Bianca was desperately hoping for a Rhea victory, if only so she could be the one to take this bitch's butt cherry. But either way, Bianca silently promised herself that she would get revenge on Rhea for this. This was something she very much focused on for the next few long minutes, until she realized her thoughts had an unintended consequence. One which cost her dearly. And it might be even worse than she originally thought, if she wasn't careful. Which was really saying something.

Rhea could feel herself virtually drooling as she watched inch after inch of her big dick disappearing into Bianca's tailpipe. That was always a treat, especially when it was perfectly presented to her by the other woman spreading her cheeks in submission to her. And when she was doing this to another female wrestler that she had just defeated in the ring. But this was extra special, as it was the first time Bianca was getting it up the arse. The first of many, Rhea promised herself that. Oh yes, with a big fat booty like this, The EST would likely be one of the most popular anal sluts in NXT, if not the entire WWE. Oh yes, the other tops would no doubt smell blood in the water, and devour this little wannabe top, and teacher what her back door was truly for.

While Rhea promised to be one of those tops training Bianca to be a good little anal whore, she would soon have her hands full with a much, much bigger fish. So maybe she should give Bianca to her old friend, Raquel González? Her old friend would probably appreciate that very much, for sure, especially given that her favourite lesbo bitch was currently that used up fuck hole Dakota Kai. Then again, Rhea couldn't really judge, as even after all these years, her favourite fuck hole was the one in between Toni Storm's gigantic arse cheeks, which was probably the most well used hole in the business. Which was why this tight little virgin hole, and the one that she would soon be acquiring, were such a treat. One that she wanted to savour for as long as possible, which was why she went so slowly. That, and simple courtesy.

Eventually though, thighs came to rest against arse cheeks, and Rhea gleefully announced, "Every inch! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, that's every single inch of my big dick in your fat black arse! Yeah it is, ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Congratulations, Bianca. You really are an anal bitch now. MY anal loving little bitch! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's what you are, and that's what you always will be. I promise you that. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, feel that shit! Feel my big cock as deep as it can go into your big black booty. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, you know what happens now, don't you? You get fucked! Fucked in the bum. Bummed! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, take it, Bianca. Take the bumming you and your fat bottom deserve! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, take it! Ah fuck!"

After the first sentence or so, Rhea leaned down so the rest of her talking was directly into Bianca's ear. This way, she was able to feel their more of their bodies pressed together, and more clearly be able to hear the sweet cries and whimpers her defeated opponent was making as she just rested there, with every inch of that dildo buried in her bowels. Then a few long minutes later, she started twirling her hips, and thus churning the insides of The EST, who seemed to be on the verge of begging for mercy, before The Nightmare finally stopped, and showed her that mercy. Sort of. Because that mercy was of course to officially start the ass fucking, Rhea forcing more pleasant sounds out of Bianca in the process.

The humiliation and shame were currently radiating off of Bianca, and it was maybe even the sweetest thing Rhea had ever tasted. But it wasn't her favourite part of this whole process. No, that was the moment that that shame and humiliation was overwhelmed by pleasure. Or simply added to it. Either way, the result was the same. Namely, another defeated opponent embracing her inner anal whore. For some it was easy, for others it wasn't, but sooner or later, they all became her anal bitches. And then the high and mighty Bianca Belair would become just another notch on Rhea Ripley's belt. Something the blonde proved, by straightening up, and really going to town on the brunette's bum hole.

Bianca was horrified when she suddenly found herself crying out in pleasure. It was probably her own fault, given that she had been distracting herself with thoughts of revenge, which had not only relaxed her, but turned her on. As a result, she didn't notice, as Rhea's slow and gentle thrusting caused her back door and back passage to relax, and accept what they were being used for now. Accept becoming a fuck hole. Oh God, to her shame, Bianca's body betrayed her, and in what felt like the blink of an eye, she started feeling nothing but pure pleasure. And it only got worse when Rhea straightened up, and started increasing her pace. So much so, the once proud top cried out in pure pleasure because of it.

For better or for worse, this was the moment that Rhea chose to push Bianca's hands away from her cheeks. Which meant of course, she didn't have to be face down anymore and present her most private hole being obscenely stretched. But Rhea just spread those cheeks herself, or worse, smacked and groped them as if they were nothing but meat. As if she was nothing but meat. And it only confirmed what she knew to be true, that being that The EST of NXT was about to cum while being fucked up the ass. Something she tried to get out of the way with herself, by starting to back that ass up, but of course, the appropriately named Nightmare wanted far more from her than that.

"Want something, Bianca?" Rhea teased with a wicked grin, after effortlessly stopping her defeated opponent in her tracks, from just tightening her grip on her hips and holding her in place.

"Fuck you!" Bianca whimpered pathetically, wishing she could come up with a better response, but unable to do so in that moment, which cost her dearly.

"Fuck me? No bitch, fuck you!" Rhea growled, suddenly locking on a full nelson, and then effortlessly lifting Bianca upwards and off the bed, "Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm the one fucking you. Fucking your big fat arse. Making you my anal bitch. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, and you know what that means? Oh fuck yeah, you really are fucked now!"

"I'm sorry, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I'M SORRY!" Bianca screamed hysterically, as her legs dangled in the air uselessly, her butt now fully impaled and held in place by the sheer strength of this Amazon.

"Sorry's not good enough." Rhea huffed, before she finally started to move, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's time to teach you some manners, mmmmmmmmmm, and put you in your place once and for all. Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, after this, you're going to be The Weak-EST, The Slutty-EST, The Loos-EST anal whore in the entire WWE! First you, then Charlotte, then everyone! You'll all be mine! All mine!"

Poor Bianca was reduced to a mindless husk on the verge of cumming, just from those words, the humiliation of being put in this position, and enjoying all of it. Especially as she was effortlessly carried around the room like deadweight, Rhea even bouncing her up and down a little to further prove her point. Although that was nothing compared what she did when the Alpha female of NXT came to stand in front of the hotel room's full length mirror, at which point Bianca truly got to see just how pathetic she looked. Which was somehow even worse than she thought. Oh God, she was light-years away from the strong Alpha female she normally saw in the mirror. Now all she saw was a shameless anal whore, desperate to get her shit hole completely destroyed.


Thankfully, she was far too mindless at that point to care about the things she was saying. Especially when Rhea began increasing the pace, until she was bouncing Bianca's booty up and down that big weapon of ass destruction with what had to be every ounce of her incredible strength. Oh yes, mercifully the whole world melted away, and there became nothing but ecstasy. So much so, Bianca wouldn't be surprised if her brain was literally leaking from her ears. But at least then, she could receive this kind of ecstasy without feeling shame anymore. Which seemed all but guaranteed at that point. She couldn't really think about the future, or anything else, as she truly became nothing but an anal fuck toy for the superior woman to use for her pleasure.

Rhea loved breaking in a new fuck toy, and she now had an entire month to wear out Bianca's booty, before getting another new one. Then again, even when she received that Holy Grail, she might just have to keep Bianca around is one of her favourite anal bitches. After all, this big black booty could even rival that of her precious Toni Storm's infamously gigantic bottom. Except it was far tighter than that loose whore hole. But not for long. No, Rhea promised herself she would be destroying this big fat arse on a daily basis, for at least the next month, making sure that this delusional bottom accepted her place as nothing but an anal whore, put on this Earth to be bummed by superior women.

She certainly looked the part now, as The EST was nothing but a ragdoll, limp and useless in the strong grip of The Nightmare, who was gleefully using that fat arse for her own pleasure. Something which was making the now formally undefeated Bianca Belair's girl cum violently squirt out of her cunt, and all over the bottom of the mirror, and the floor. And she had such a blissful look of defeat on her face, and maybe even acceptance. Oh yes, Rhea was confident that she had broken another wannabe top, and turned her back door into her personal fuck hole. Hers to use whenever, wherever and however she wanted. Which was something she sometimes bellowed into her beaten opponent's ear, but it seemed unnecessary at this point. Besides, she was more than happy to just concentrate on wrecking Bianca's rectum.

More importantly, Rhea held back her need to cum for as long as she possibly could, even though it was painful at that point. It was the best kind of pain, and Rhea had made a living from pushing herself to her limits, and beyond. Hell, it was one of her favourite things in the whole world. Especially when she was doing it while sodomizing another female wrestler. That really was her favourite thing in the whole world. However, for better or for worse she was fighting the inevitable, and eventually, everything caught up with her. All the build-up, the other end of the dildo relentlessly hitting her clit, the joy of anally dominating another woman, and most of all, being able to remained on her feet, as her strong arms bounced Bianca up and down, while using her hips to hammer her strap-on upwards, truly making sure this was a rectum wrecking, just all caught up with her.

It was the kind of overwhelming orgasm she could only receive while sodomizing another female wrestler, and it was even more satisfying than usual, given she was breaking in a new bitch, who had previously been an anal virgin. Which was more than enough to make her knees go weak, but to her credit, Rhea was able to push herself passed whatever weakness she was feeling, in order to continue the brutal bum fucking. Which in turn, meant pushing them both through several more orgasms each, before she was finally forced to stop. God, it was tempting to use every ounce of her strength in that moment, but it might lead to something embarrassing, like her collapsing. No, Rhea had a reputation too uphold. Besides, she should save something for that bitch, Charlotte. Also, she had a better idea.

Namely, to drop Bianca Belair like a bad habit. Unsurprisingly, without those arms holding her up, the self-proclaimed EST went straight down flat on her front, with a pathetic thud, and then an equally pathetic whimper. That poor little broken bitch then laid there whimpering for a few long seconds, maybe even a full minute, while Rhea scrunched up her nose in disgust, like Bianca was nothing but garbage. God, she couldn't imagine ever being so broken and pathetic. Although the expression on her face improved greatly when she focused on the hole she had thoroughly ruined. Fuck, that gape looked like it could be seen from space, it was that wide and deep. Not that it stopped Rhea from wanting a better view. Especially when it was an unwritten rule that she deserved one. And she would get it.

"Spread your cheeks, you pathetic bitch!" Rhea spat angrily, reminding the worthless fuck hole, "You're my bitch tonight, that means you should already be spreading your arse cheeks."

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress." Bianca whimpered pathetically, and quickly did as she was told.

Unlike before there wasn't a hint of mockery in those words, something which caused Rhea to smirked wickedly. That, and the fact that Bianca was quick to obey. Admittedly, the wannabe top should have known better than to spread her cheeks quickly. Oh yes, she should have quickly grabbed them, and then slowly spread them, to maximize the enjoyment of her new top. However, given that Bianca was probably still cum drunk, and this was right after her first bumming, Rhea was willing to cut her new anal bitch some slack. Especially given she was in a great mood, now she was getting to stared deep into another female wrestler's bowels, via the widely gaping crater which was her bitch hole, a clear testament to the power of the Alpha female of NXT.

"Not bad..." Rhea said dismissively, after a few long minutes of staring at her handiwork, and even taking a few pictures of it. Then, after almost another minute of staring, she ordered, "Now get over here, and suck my cock! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, taste your arse, Bianca. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, taste the deepest part of your bowels, and accept the fact that you're now my bitch. My nasty little ATM slut! My arse to mouth loving whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, that's it, mmmmmmmmmm, suck it! Suck it real good! Be the great-EST ATM loving little cock sucker you can be! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, that's a good girl. Suck it!"

"Yes, Mistress Rhea." Bianca whimpered pathetically, when she got the chance.

This time, there was annoyance within those words, suggesting that Bianca wasn't 100% broken. But honestly, Rhea was glad of that. Yes, It was incredibly thrilling to break a girl from just one little bum fuck. Especially when the girl was an incredibly full of herself female wrestler, who had been so sure they would be the one to take down Rhea. But, what was even more satisfying was having to work for it. Of bumming a bitch over and over again, until she finally broke, and accepted her place. It would be very interesting to find out which Charlotte was, although for now, The Nightmare was very much focused on the so-called EST wrapping her lips around the head of the dick which had just taken her anal cherry. Especially given the reaction she was expecting to get from Bianca, and indeed, got it.

Which was of course, the proud Bianca Belair moaning loudly and happily at the taste of her own arse. Admittedly, that wasn't a huge deal, given that every female wrestler in the WWE loved the taste of arse. But there was a big difference from rimming a bitch in preparation for anal sex, or even tasting one's own handiwork, and tasting your own bottom on a dildo. Bianca was learning that first-hand, and while the realization of exactly what she was doing had her adorably whimpering, she didn't stop. No, instead the wannabe top began sucking loudly on that toy, suggesting their fun was far from over with. Which was more than good with Rhea, as she was eager to do a lot more with that beautiful black body. Especially that big booty.

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