Scarlett the Blacked Starlet

BY : Beurretta
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Scarlett Johansson or her likeness. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Blonde, white, busty, and rich—there could've hardly been a more misplaced person in Detroit's inner city streets than Scarlett Johansson. Wearing a tight red tanktop that clung to her cleavage and blue capris that showed off her delectable ass, Scarlett could've strolled onto a Hollywood red carpet at the moment and not looked out of place. Completing her getup were four-inch red stilletos and bands of pearls around her neck and wrists. Her short blonde hair was done up in an upbraid. While normally such an extravagant ensemble would send the media flying after her, in this part of town, she was much more likely to bait robbers and rapists than papparazzi.

Cursing her idiot producer for getting her in this situation, Scarlett scanned her surroundings. Her latest movie--entitled "Hood Dreams"-- starred her opposite 50 Cent as an rich entitled heirress who stumbles upon a impoverished black gangster and falls in love with him. Of course, Scarlett was only doing the film for the brownie points she would get with the media for being so "open-minded." In reality, she couldn't care less for hood rats like 50 who made his fortune rapping crude things about women and white people. Hell, she couldn't count the number of times he or his posse had made distateful comments about her body or outright propositioned her. "The nerve on those animals!" she thought.

Unfortunately for Scarlett, her harebrained producer had gotten the bright idea for her and 50 to promote the film by driving around various inner cities and stopping to do quick promotional interviews with residents. 50 being 50, he had his posse installed as drivers for the film and did no work himself. Her driver Damian was one of 50's oldest friends and a former street thug. 6'4'', heavily tattooed, and missing one of his front teeth, Scarlett thought he looked more like a retired football player than a driver. But he was competent enough and unlike most of 50's posse, was tactful enough not to hit on her while driving for her. That made him one of the "better ones" in Scarlett's mind.

"Alright we're on 5th. Let's go find ourselves a dice game." Damian said.

Scarlett looked at him with disgust. Her latest promotion was supposed to involve her interviewing a bunch of black men at a dice game about their experiences to promote her film. "And talk to a bunch of drunk and coked out idiots? Fine let's go" Scarlett said, seething.

Damian walked in front with a slow and deliberate gait. A holsered .45 on his hip offered some assurances to Scarlett that they wouldn't just be jumped by the first hood brave enough to try their luck. A cameraman followed behind to conduct the interview.

Scarlett stared straight ahead while walking and avoided looking at her decrepit surroundings. Row upon row of deteriorating brick houses lined both sides of the street. A couple of homeless looking men drinking from brown bags leaned against a corner store on one side. Teenage hoppers flitted about selling drugs on another. Cat calls came regularly as they walked by. "Wooooo look at the ass on that bitch. Nice bitch you got my nigga! How much you selling that sweet putang for?" Scarlett shook her head and ignored the comments. She had never gotten used to the catcalls but knew she would only stir up more trouble if she responded.

This being Detroit in midsummer, it took them less than two minutes to find a dice game. A group of eight black men whooped and hollered as they threw dice against an alley wall. Some clutched dirty fistfuls of cash while others drank from 40's of malt liquor. "Animals" Scarlett thought. "What the hell are we even going to get from these."

"Ayyyy, my niggas" Damian shouted as he approached. "Who winning?"

"This game closed nigga" one of the men started to say before he noticed Scarlett. His jaw immediately dropped as he took her in. The rest of the men turned and were similarly shellshocked. Women like Scarlett were not a regular sight in the hood, or anywhere really.

"Who this bitch here? You got yourself a fine ho!" One of the men shouted. "Dayummmm what I would give to stick a dick in that booty." Plenty of more insulting comments followed.

Damian raised his hands to calm the men down and told them the deal. They would be given $50 if they would just answer a few simple questions. "$50 and a blowjob from the bitch" one guy joked. Damian bantered a bit more with the men before they all agreed. $50 was a lot more booze and dice of course.

Struggling to hide her disgust, Scarlett approached one of the men. He was so smelly she stepped backwards out of reflex. Completing his distateful image was a dirty, unkempt afro and yellowing teeth. She looked down at her disgusting producer's list of questions and read off a random one off the list. "Have you ever fantasized about a relationship with a white woman?" She immediately regretted asking that.

"Hell yeah" the man yelled and moved closer to grab her.

"Back off, that was not an offer!" Scarlett yelled, as she stumbed backwards. One of her heels clicked off the uneven ground and sent her sprawling backwards onto her shapely behind. "Wooooo, down goes the white ho" the men cheered at her mistake. "She looking na-tu-ral down there" another guy went. "Woah! another guy exclaimed. Ain't this the white bitch in all them super hero movies? The Black Widow or something?" Hooting and hollering louder now, the black men started shouting more obscenities at her, all revolving around how they were going to "Black the Black Widow."

Damian offered her a hand which she gladly took. Embarassed now, Scarlett shrieked at her cameraman to cut the clip and rerecord. Brushing dirt out of her hair, She cursed herself for taking this stupid job and working with this stupid producer and all these stupid black men she had to deal with.

"Yes I am Scarlett Johansson and I'm here to do a promotion. I have a simpler question for you all" she said, recollecting her senses. She needed to stay away from any questions that might rile them up. She could see many of the drunk men leering at her lustfully and knew she had to get out of there as soon as possible. "If you were rich, what would be the first thing you would buy?"

"A fine white celebrity ho like yourself to suck my dick" one guy shouted to the laughter of all. "I'd teach her some manners too, not to be going around and interrupting no dice games."

"Ok this is hopeless" she said to Damian. "Let's get out of here."

"Woah, woah, woah" one of the guys said in a surprised and menacing tone. "We ain't done yet."

"Yeah I need my money bitch. Where that money you promised us?"

"She ain't needa give money I know something better she can give."

Scarlett froze as she realized that they were not in a good predicament. "Ok ok, thanks for the interview, we'll give you guys some cash and you can continue with your game."

A black man who had not spoken previously stepped forward. "Nah that ain't gonna be good enough bitch" he said. Scarlett looked at him up and down and realized he didn't look like the rest of the guys. As tall as Damian, the man was wearing a black tanktop that accentuated his strong toned form. Mammoth calves peeked out from his overlong black basketball trunks. Long, black and gold dreadlocks framed a fierce looking face. On his shoulder was a massive B embellished to include a gun. "This bitch disrespecting our neighborhood and needs to be taught a lesson."

Scared now, Scarlett looked desperately to Damian to see his response. To her surprise and horror, Damian put his hands up. "Alright, a peace offering my brotha. We teach some manners to the bitch and I get to film a little something for the boys back home."

"Deal, brotha" boomed the gangster. They exchanged what Scarlett could only assume was a gang handshake that involved a few crisscrosses and handlocks.

"No, what the fuck are you doing!!!" Scarlett screamed at Damian. "I knew you were a dumb fucking traitor animal!" Wait until the producer hears about this!" She stepped up to slap Damian but her pathetic attempt was caught by the strong black man's hand. "You really thought you could disrespect 50 and all his boys and it wouldn't come back on you?" He said. "My Black Mafia Family friends here gonna take a real piece outta your fine white be-hind" He cooned. With a contemptful glare at Scarlett, he backhanded her across the face.

"Owwww" Scarlett exclaimed involuntarily as she once again hit the concrete floor of the alley. She could feel her face stinging but her pride stung worse. She was about to get ravaged by a gang of black hoodlums and there was nothing she could do about it.

Excitedly, the black men gathered about and looked to the gangster and Damian. "Yo, Tyrone," one of them said, addressing the dreadlocked gangster. "We gon do her here or back at the camp?"

"Take the bitch back" he grunted in a booming deep voice. Looking over at the camera man, who was standing in stunned silence, he said "knock white boy here out and relieve him of his possessions."

Cheering and hollering, the gang of drunk black men moved quickly to fulfill Tyrone's orders. With one punch, one of them knocked out cold the cameraman and took his camera. Two more grabbed Scarlett and unceremoniously dragged her to her feet. Of course, they took the time to feel her up as they dragged her towards a black van in the corner of the alley.

Screaming and shouting obscenities now, Scarlett struggled but was no match for the black men who were grabbing her. She could feel their coarse hands cupping her tits and ass through her clothes. She tried to bite at one of their hands but was rewarded with another slap that almost sent her unconscious. This was going to be a long day for her.

The two men made their way to the van and shoved her inside. Close behind followed Damian, who was filming their exploits now. "You gon be a home movie for all the brothers around America" he said, chuckling.

Fear had replaced most of Scarlett anger and she was now crying and shaking uncontrollably inside the van. "You--you'r'-you're not going to get aw-away with this!" she made out in between sobs. Laughing, the black men inside the van leered at their new catch. More and more men packed the vehicle until she was sandwiched between several guys who wasted no time feeling up their fine new possession. Black hands roamed up her waist, gripped her thighs, kneaded her breasts, and slapped her ass.

"Oy oy oy we got ourselves our finest bitch yet. Big ups for Tyrone and Dame! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Damian put the camera in Scarlett's face now. "Any message for all your fans back home?"

"Fuck you, you nasty dirtbag NIGGER" Scarlett shrieked.

Damian promptly delivered another slap to Scarlett's beautiful face at hearing the N word from her. "She asked for it boys. When we get back, you brutalize this bitch. No fucking mercy."

The black men gripped, slapped, pinched, and felt up Scarlett's body with wild abandon now. One guy tore off part of her top to reveal her braless breast underneath. He grabbed a handful of her large breasts and squeezed, relishing how big and soft she was. More men tried to in on the action and cop a feel. Scarlett was squeezed so tight to them she couldn't even stop them if she wanted to. She felt another hand reach down into her pants and start rubbing her pussy. Several men pulled their cocks out and started jerking them. All of them were bigger and thicker than any of the men she had been with, with the smallest being at least 7" of black schlong. At this point she just closed her eyes and prayed that it would stop soon. Unfortunately, she could still feel the black men violating her all over. A wet sensation on her breasts forced her to open her eyes and see one of the revolting men sucking on her tit. Another leaned over and forced her into a kiss. Try as she might, Scarlett felt herself pulled into the kiss and forced to accommodate her would-be rapist's tongue. Unable to control herself, Scarlett felt her body heating up to the abuse and her pussy lubricating. How could she possibly be feeling arousal from this abuse she thought?

After what felt like an eternity, the van finally stopped and she heard the doors open. Strong hands shoved her forward out of the van and she fell and landed on what felt like a  mattress. Opening her eyes, Scarlett saw what appeared to be the inside of a warehouse. Harsh, flourescent lights illuminated walls of metal siding, many of which were covered with pornographic posters. On one side were a group of men sitting around in lawn chairs playing cards. To her horror, she saw one of them appear to be getting a blowjob from a black girl with big hair. Numerous black men were engaging in various recreational activities around the warehouse. There was a boxing ring, some television sets, a few couches, and quite a few beds or mattresses literred about. She also saw several women scattered around the warehouse, usually in some state of undress or performing a sexual act. Her eyes fixated on a buxom white girl with wavy red hair that was getting hammered from behind by a big and fat black guy. Even from afar, Scarlett could see her face had bruises from the abuse she was no doubt receiving on the daily. To her horror, the woman appeared to be pregnant and sported an engorged belly that was bouncing from each thrust. The smell of marijuana permeated the air and she even saw a few people in the corner lighting up a glass pipe she could only assume contained crack.

"Welcome to The Camp" Tyrone said, bringing Scarlett back to her senses. "This where we keep all of our "entertainment".

Scarlett realized now that she had landed on a huge dirty mattress. The bed stretched at least twenty feet across and could probably fit at least twenty people. Everyone in the warehoues seemed to have taken notice of her now and started looking over with interest. She gazed around at the sea of black men and realized she was in for a long long day.

"Everyone!" Tyrone shouted. "We have found our latest bitch. Fresh off the movie sets and onto the mattresses, we got one fine and barely used Scarlett "Black Widow" Johansson. Come get your first celebrity pussy boys!!"

Cheers and hollering sounded all over the warehouse as the black men ran in from every side. The men who were sharing the van started clambering out to get to her. Men started pushing and struggling to get to their white prize first. Even the women around wanted to get in closer to see the celebrity up close.

"No fighting boys, there's gonna be plenty for everyone!" Tyrone shouted. "You", he pointed at a petite asian girl nearby. "Warm me up. I'm gonna just enjoy the show for now." Dejected, the girl took off her shirt and started working at Tyrone's belt. She was no doubt used to her duties.

It only took a few seconds for Scarlett to be surrounded by horny black gangsters. Pants, shirts, belts, and other clothing were thrown off with wild abandon to reveal dozens of long and thick black cocks. She didn't watch interracial porn because it disgusted her to see white women sink that low but she had heard tale from some of her more sordid Hollywood friends about how hung black men were and she saw prime examples of them in every direction. As scared and helpless as she was, she couldn't help but feel just a little excited as well.

Rough black hands grabbed her from every direction and started tearing at her clothes. Her shirt was not as much taken off but ripped apart in a dozen places. She felt similarly strong hands around her waist tearing off her capris and panties. She looked up to see a shiny black cock erect in front of her face. Attached to it was the yellow-toothed dice player she was interviewing earlier who was leering down at his prize.

"Suck it, bitch. Open your sweet little whore mouth or I'll knock your teeth out."

Dejected and resigned to her fate, Scarlett complied. She had scarcely wrapped her lips around the tip before the eager man grabbed her head and shoved his cock straight down her throat. Scarlett wasn't used to such rough treatment from her lovers and gagged immediately and tried to pull her head back but the black man was too strong. He started using head like a fleshlight, which caused Scarlett excruciating pain as he pumped her tonsils again and again.

"Ohhhhh" the rapist groaned as he pushed the starlet up and down his thick shaft. He could hear her gagging and sputtering noises with each thrust and it only turned him on further. "Fuck yeah you Hollywood whore take my big black cock!"

Almost as soon as Scarlett had begun her oral duties she had felt another man positioning his cock behind her and brushing the tip against her pussy. She could barely voice her resistance as the first guy hammered away at her gullet. Without the courtesy of foreplay, the man behind her roughly shoved himself into her pussy.

"Ohhhh this bitch is tight" the gangster groaned as he fit barely half his shaft into Scarlett's pussy. "She wet too from all you boys in the car. Guess she must like being a black cock whore?" To add some oomph to his words he started slapping Scarlett's shapely ass. Relishing the way the heart shaped behind enveloped his cock, the gangster started smacking her ass with each thrust, eliciting new whimpers every time.

The two men at either end started hammering at Scarlett faster and faster, naturally developing a rhythm that shoved her up and down either man's shaft. The only sounds Scarlett could produce now were sobs and whimpers as her new black masters continued their abuse of her. Eager men all around continued to grope whatever piece of her they could get their hands on. She felt cocks being shoved into her hands and started jerking them reflexively.

Scarlett's orifices were so good that neither gangster could last more than few minutes before groaning and shooting their seed into her. Scarlett felt the throat fucker bury himself down her gullet and flood her throat with semen. She coughed and sputtered as some of it made its way down the wrong pipe. Behind her, her backside abuser went at a faster and faster pace until, with final, enormous thrust, he buried himself deep inside Scarlett's pussy and shot what felt like liters of cum straight at her cervix. With one final brutal smack of her behind, he pulled out and stepped away no doubt to be replaced by another man.

Scarlett could not even begin to enjoy her momentary respite before another pair of thick black cocks entered her. The guy at her mouth was less sadistic than the last and let her suck him up and down at more or less her own pace, although he did keep egging her on with a few thrusts when she was slacking. Scarlett's plump ass however proved impossible to go easy on as the guy behind her started thrusting and smacking almost immediately upon entering her. The brutal sounds of her fucking echoed throughout the warehouse and stirred the blood of every man in the room. Some started jerking or even taking their lust out on the various slave girls around the warehouse. Out of the corner of her eye, Scarlett saw the pregnant redhead getting taken from both ends on a mattress and another, big bosomed ebony girl lying on her side as a built guy hammered furiously at her from behind. Tyrone was still being serviced by the asian girl he had chosen, his humongous 12-inch cock barely going a quarter the way into her cute mouth. Rampant abuse was being shouted at the women from all directions, with the majority of it going towards Scarlett. White delight, fucktoy, blacked widow, rich bitch, and all kinds of degrading words were used to describe Scarlett from the excited black men. Fortunately for her however, the nonstop fucking had dulled her senses to the point that Scarlett could no longer tell what anyone was saying.

Near the center of the action, Damian continued to film Scarlett's abuse. Naked now, he stroked himself to full mast as he watched him brothers beating his celeb boss's hot body up. Scarlett's ass started getting redder and redder from all of the abuse and stated resembling a ripened peach which only encouraged the guys to go harder on her. She was so delectable and such was the frenetic pace of the fucking that few of the guys could last more than five minutes at either end. Soon, Scarlett's face, ass, tits, and orifices were dripping with the gang members' semen.

"Flip the bitch over and lets start double decking her" directed Damian as he continued to film the action. Unable to control himself now, he positioned himself at Scarlett's pussy. "Get over here Ty, we're gonna tear this bitch a new one. What you wanna say to all your new fans ScarJo?" teased Damian.

"Fuck... you" was all she could manage, but no longer with the spite and bravado she once had. She felt sore all over and didn't know how much more she could take. She stared with dread at Tyrone and Damian's gigantic cocks.

"No, fuck you!" Damian said as he buried himself within his boss's pussy in a single thrust. Underneath Scarlett felt Tyrone beneath her bury all 12 inches of himself into her ass."OWWWWWWWWWWW!" Scarlett half-screamed and half-sobbed as the monstrous black men entered her from both sides. Although she was well-lubricated at this point from all of the fucking she'd taken, neither hole was ready for the sheer size of gang bosses. She had taken anal once or twice in her life and regretted it. Now, she was taking the biggest cock she had ever seen in her ass and each thrust was excruciatingly painful for her to endure.

She felt Damian's huge hand constricting her throat as he shoved the camera in her pained face. Suddenly, it all came to her--the fucking, the insults, the fact that she might be forced to serve as this gang's sex slave forever, knocked up like the unforunate redhead she saw earlier, Damian's betrayal, the fact that people might be watching her humiliation already on the internet, all of it came to her at once. Unable to process it all, Scarlett started sobbing uncontrollably. The sadistic black men relished her loss of composure and fucked her all the harder for that. Scarlett's tears streamed down as Damian and Tyrone hammered at her holes hard from both ends, high fiving each other over their conquest. It didn't take long for another guy to force himself inside her mouth and facefucking her tearful face. The Hollywood starlet was now fully at capacity. Unfortunately for her, this wasn't the set and there were no breaks here.

"Fuck yeah, you dirty white holly-whore. Get used to your new black masters."

"Once you get used to nigga dick you're not going back to your shriveled dick Avenger friends bitch."

"Wooo, this the finest white bitch we ever had. Look at those cheeks clap."

"Yeahhhhh Ty. Beat this bitch up.

Thrust. Whimper. Smack. Sob. The brutal sounds of Scarlett's destruction sounded throughout the warehouse. Even the women looked her with hatred as they imagined with jealousy the rich life she must have led. It didn't help that Scarlett's gangbang was only egging the men on and they were taking it out on any pussy they could find. Somehow, Damian and Tyrone were even stronger and more brutal than any of the men who had fucked her previously. She felt herself shaking from each thrust and retreating deeper to block out the abuse. Finally, after what must have been half an hour, both gang leaders dove in and emptied themselves in Scarlett's holes.

If Scarlett thought Tyrone and Damian's double dicking was the worst thing she would have to endure that night, she was thoroughly mistaken. After what was probably half an hour of continuous fucking after the gang leaders were finished, Scarlett turned and saw at the biggest, fattest black man she'd ever waddle up naked out of the corner of her eye. He must've been 6'6'' and at least 400 pounds. Disgusting jowls of fat jiggled at every step he took. He was bald and his face seemed to sit directly on his broad shoulders, giving him an unhealthily squashed look. Hanging from his abdomen however was a suitable gigantic cock that, while shorter than Tyrone and Damian's, was disgustingly girthy. Scarlett's brain immediately went into overdrive at the sight of it. Would I have to accomodate THAT? she thought. 

"Wario, Wario, Wario!" The men chanted as the man walked. Scarlett would have laughed at the name had she not been so scared of him. Somehow, he looked even larger up close.

"Gimme that sweet thang baby" Wario boomed in the deepest voice Scarlett had ever heard. "You ain't gonna forget my cock you little white celeb whore."

Wario pushed past a few of the waiting men, who let him through without complaints. Clearly, he was an intimidating fellow. Indeed, the men on top of Scarlett had already scampered away at this point. Scarlett sat back on her haunches, frozen in fear. She had never been more afraid in her life.

Wario put one of his oversized mitts under Scarlett’s head and tilted it towards his cock. She starred at the misshapen, monstrous lump in apprehension. “Suck” he commanded. Immediately, Scarlett complied. Her mouth barely fit over the head of the cock but she tried her best to engulf the tool and pleasure him. Both of her hands gripped and tried to jerk Wario’s cock but he was girthy she couldn’t wrap her whole hand around.

“Oh yeah bitch, keep it going.” Wario sighed. “That’s realllll good.” Wario stared down at Scarlett’s submissive, apprehensive face and breathed a groan of appreciation. For him, the ultimate pleasure was seeing a woman scared into submission.

After a few minutes of sucking, Wario gripped Scarlett’s head with one of his oversized mitts and directed her to turn around. Deathly frightened once again, Scarlett turned and put her plump ass up. Wario whistled in appreciation at Scarlett’s submission. Spitting on two fingers to lubricate them, he slowly inserted them into Scarlett’s perfect asshole and started spreading her cheeks. He had been around the block long enough to know that he would have to warm a girl up before she was ready to accommodate him.

After what felt like an eternity, the fat man withdrew his fingers. While momentarily relieved, Scarlett tensed up again at the coming penetration. Wasting little time, Wario lined up his massive member with Scarlett’s asshole. “You doing good bitch. You do well enough and Wario here will be back for seconds.” He cooned. With that, he slid in and jammed about a third of his cock into Scarlett’s anus, eliciting a fresh scream from her. “AHHHHHHH it hurts! Take it out take it out!”

“Nah bitch, we own you now. You don’t get to say no anymore.” Wario said as he slid in deeper. Past halfway down now. “Out here in the streets you play by our rules bitch.” Out and back in again, Wario slid as he slowly started building a rhythm. To his credit, Wario wasn’t nearly as sadistic as any of the men Scarlett had fucked up to this point. But he was also bigger, and Scarlett could feel the weight of him pressing against her. There was also his smell, which was so revolting she involuntarily recoiled from him every time he thrust in. The combination of factors meant that she kept trying to crawl away from Wario, which only served to annoy him.

“Nah, STAY HERE you little Holly-whore” Wario demanded. With a free hand, he pushed Scarlett deeper into the mattress and positioned her so that she was right under him. Fucking her prone bone now, Wario started going faster and deeper, his body weight grinding Scarlett into the mattress. He was so heavy that Scarlett could barely breathe as she felt him sink into her.

“OWWWWWWW, AHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKK” Scarlett cried with each thrust. She felt Wario go deeper and deeper into her ass with each thrust. One of his hands gripped the back of her head and pushed her face into the mattress, muffling her cries. There were no sound now but grunts, and the occasional chatter of stunned onlookers.

“Take. My. Cock. Bitch.” Wario finally shouted, punctuating each word with a strong thrust until he buried himself fully into her and emptied his ample ballsack into her bowels. He collapsed on top of Scarlett and smothered her after the ejaculation. She couldn’t breathe and thought she would pass out before the fat man finally rolled off of her. Almost immediately he started snoring.

More cocks. Always more cocks. Scarlett lost track of time or count of cocks as more black men continued to engage her in every orifice. She no longer felt her muscles and was just getting ragdolled from black cock to black cock. She was pretty sure at one point that one of the men had injected her with something to keep her consicous. Her eyes had long lost their luster and just stared dead ahead as man after man sated their lust with her delicious body.

It was many hours before every man in the warehouse had finished with their celebrity conquest. Scarlett was so delectable that she caused most of her rapists to get hard again after a few minutes of watching her destruction and help themselves to another serving of her or another whore. Every hole of Scarlett's was stretched and oozing with cum. Her shapely breasts and butt were red the abuse she had taken. All over her perfect body, she was marred with hickeys, bruises, and other marks of her "lovemaking". Some of the men had even written abusive messages all over her body with sharpie. Various scrawls such as "destroy me," "Hollywood whore," "black dick slave," and "blacked widow" were written in titilating locations on her body. "Blacked widow" even came with an accompanying illustration of a fellating white woman. Elsewhere around the warehouse, the other sex slaves were nearly as spent as Scarlett. She had aroused so much action that every woman had been fucked multiple times and were recovering from the abuse. The few men still going were reduced to getting blowjobs from tired whores.

Damian did one last rotation with the camera to film the degrading messages on Scarlett before clicking the off button and sending the flick off for editing. He knew a video like this one would make the gang millions.

"Wooooo man, Dame, y'all sure know how to pick them." Tyrone said, chortling as he witnessed Scarlett sprawled over and defeated. The knowledge that one of the richest and most successful actresses in Hollywood was now laying in a pool of cum from a hundred black cocks was immensely satisfying. So, satisfying in fact he felt himself stiffen just thinking about it.

Walking over, Tyrone lifted Scarlett’s head up to face him. Her face was bruised in a few places but still incredibly beautiful. Behind them though, her eyes were as dead as any of the whores in the warehouse.

“Please… please, I just want some water.” Scarlett managed to gasp out, her voice barely functional after all the cocks she had just taken down her throat. 

“Finish me off and we’ll see” Tyrone commanded, grinning. He lay down in front of Scarlett and pointed to his cock. Slowly, tiredly she crawled over and started to suck it. Her plump, luscious Hollywood lips enveloped Tyrone’s member and started to go up and down his long shaft. Tyrone put one hand on her head and lazily started guiding his celebrity sex slave. This will be the first great night of many from her he thought. He was already thinking about how to ration her out. He’d like her to be his personal sex slave but didn’t think his men would like that. As strong as she was though, she could not survive another brutal night like this one.

“They don’t make them like this in the hood huh, D?” Tyrone said, looking over to Damian, who grinned in response.

"Nah, Ty, we'll get y'all more. It's so fucking easy now. All these white Hollywood women are afraid of being labeled as racist and will pretty much do anything we tell them to. You just tell them there’s a ‘racially-conscious’ film you want to do and that have to promote it in a ‘racially-consicous’ way and they don’t know what to do. Who you want next? I can get 50 to bring them on as a new lead after ScarHo ends up going 'missing.'"

"Yeah lets maybe get her superheroine friends. How about that sexy Scarlet Witch bitch? And that Wonder Woman one? I'd love to brutalize them two."

"Yeah, we'll get a plan going" Damian said, smirking. "But first, we gotta start training this one. Can't have her going around and running her mouth."

"Don't worry my man, she's gonna be buried on a cock 24/7. Ain't gonna be running nowhere."

The two men continued to banter back and forth about their new celebrity sex slave and planning their next conquest.

"Well this right, my nigga. Rich white bitch slave to black cock. That's the real hood dream."

Laughing at Tyrone's wittiness, Damian pulled up his phone and dialed up 50. Time for the next one...








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