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Disclaimer: No celebrity presentation is authorized or endorsed. Also, no one expects any compensation for this work. It should also be noted that this is purely fictional fantasy, nonconsensual behavior is neither encouraged nor condoned.

The sound of the audience settled into a thunderous roar as the opening band started in the Little Caesar Arena in Detroit Michigan.  From Taylor Swift’s dressing room, the sound of over 20,000 people was reduced to a humming vibration that she was able to soak in and use to energize herself for her own upcoming performance.  She took one more look in the mirror to check her hair and makeup before sitting back and letting herself begin the meditative journey that would prepare her for her concert.

She was just beginning to hit the right state of self-energization when she was broken out of her moment of tranquility by a brief knock on her door.  Before she could respond, it opened.  Taylor let out an exasperated sigh.  Her people knew better than to interrupt her at this point before a performance.  In the mirror she saw a young male, who she didn’t recognize, enter and close the door behind him.  She put on as pleasant a smile as she was capable of and turned to face him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t usually meet guests until after the performance,” she said as sweetly as she could.  He stood tall, with a confidence that was appealing.  But he certainly wasn’t someone she would distract herself with this close to her show. 

“I know, but… well, I really need to see you before the concert starts,” he said with more assurance than she normally encountered when meeting a new fan.  “You see, I’ve been following you for your entire tour, ever since you started in New York…”

“I appreciate that, I always admire a devoted follower,” she tried to continue her pleasant demeanor, but she was eagerly looking for a way to get rid of this guy.

“And now, there’s something that I have to show you…” he had his phone out and he was looking something up as Taylor gave him a closer examination.  He was young and on the thin side.  He wore a sports jacket with a loose dress shirt that was unbuttoned at the neck.  His dress slacks were nice and his loafers were new.  He wasn’t the kind of man that would inspire a second look, but if you did give him that look, you wouldn’t be disappointed.  That is, if you weren’t a world famous pop star who could have any man she wanted.  He would be perfectly adequate for most women.

After a moment, he held his phone up to her as it began playing a video.  It started by panning across a hotel room.

“That’s your hotel room from your night in Cleveland, isn’t it?” he asked.

“It could be, but I’m sure all of the rooms in that hotel look alike,” Taylor sighed.  Her pleasant attitude began to fade as she grew tired of the games.  He remained quiet as the camera continued to pan to a large mirror.  In the reflection this same man, who was currently standing in front of her, was seen pointing his cell phone at the mirror.  He was standing naked while a nude woman knelt in front of him.  Although it couldn’t be seen beyond the bobbing of her billowing blonde hair, it was obvious that she was servicing him orally.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Taylor Swift exclaimed loudly as she pointed at the door.  “Get out of here!  Now!”

“Just one more minute,” the man continued to point the phone towards her.

“I’m going to call security!” the singer said firmly, however, she couldn’t quite force herself to look away from the video.  She stared as the image slowly swung to the side in order to display a large penis sliding between the woman’s lips and disappearing into her mouth while her manicured hands fondled his swaying testicles.  Suddenly the man’s left hand appeared and brushed back the hair to reveal that the face of the woman was, in fact, Taylor Swift’s own profile.

“What is this?  Some kind of blackmail threat?” the singer’s voice had lost its threatening tone as she stared with shock at the scene.

“Oh no, not at all.  In fact…” the man once again pointed his phone at her so she could see him delete the video file.

“I don’t know what your game is, but obviously that’s not me.  I never did that,” Taylor stated firmly.

“You mean that you don’t remember doing it,” the man stated calmly.

“I’m sorry for you if you think that you’re that forgettable,” Taylor laughed.  “But I promise you that I’m not the kind of person who forgets who I’ve had sex with.”

“I’m sorry to break this to you, but I think that it’s time you knew… Before you left New York, I had the opportunity to hypnotize you.” The man pulled up a chair and sat down casually as if suggesting that this was his dressing room and not hers.  “While you were in your trance, I was able to place several suggestions into your subconscious, including a series of trigger words that I could use to reactivate your full cooperation at any time and also added quite a menu of specific… Activates.  And afterword you would forget the entire episode.  This has already been happening on a regular basis.  As I said, I’ve been following your tour.  You and I have had extremely intimate encounters in every city you’ve stopped in; Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Cleveland…”

“Do you actually expect me to believe that?” she asked with an expression of slack jawed awe.

“You can believe anything you want.  I’m the one who knows your trigger words,” the man leaned back in his chair.

“So… what?  Are you going to snap me into a trance and use me now?” Of course it was hard to believe, but what if it was true?  Was there anything she could do to stop it?

“I don’t think so… not this time.  At least not yet,” he stood up and began circling the room.  “As much as I enjoy turning you into a mindless sex toy, we’ve already done so much together...  I’ve had you in more positions and combinations than I imagined possible.”

Taylor shuddered at the implied imagery.  Parts of her clenched at the thought that they had already been violated without her knowledge.  She silently eyed him as he circled her.  It couldn’t be true… could it?

“It’s made me wonder what it would be like to have you when you’re conscious and aware of what was being done to you.  What if I gave you an experience that I knew you would remember?”

“Well you can keep on wondering, because that’s not going to happen,” Taylor said, but there was a waver in her voice as she realized that she may not have the power to resist.

“You may want to reconsider that answer.  Remember, I know all of your key words and I really want to take this to a next level.  I want this time to be different, I want it to be new and exciting.  Imagine if I was to trigger you and make you walk out on that stage right now and start gang banging the entire arena full of fans.  That could take you months of constant sex, maybe weeks if you double up some penetrations.  But either way you’ll miss your gig in Chicago tomorrow.”

“You’re bluffing…” the singer answered weakly.

“Am I?” the man replied confidently.  They stared each other down for a long moment, his confidence never wavered.

“What do you expect me to do?”  It wasn’t an agreement, she told herself, just an exploration of his demands.

“Nothing that you haven’t already done.  I just want you to do it without being directly controlled this time.  I think it’s sexier when I can see some real expression in your face. “

Taylor examined the man standing above her as she continued to sit in her make-up chair, clutching the armrests.  Her breath was catching as she felt her heart racing.  Between his confidence and his physical presence, she did find him attractive, but was that a real reaction, or was that part of something that had been planted in her subconscious.  How could she know which of her feelings were genuine?

“If I agree to this… will you remove what you’ve put in my head?” she asked as she began to tremble.

“I don’t know, we have a pretty good thing going,” he gave her a glare that made her feel like she was already naked.

“Please, you said you have already done everything with me.  Don’t you want to move on?  Let me have my life back.”

“I’ll tell you what,” he lifted her chin to look into her pleading eyes.  “Let’s see how you are first.  If you’re as cooperative and enthusiastic as you are when you’re in a trance, I promise to release you.”

Taylor nodded nervously.  She wasn’t sure if she could live up to that standard, but it seemed to be the only chance she had to recover a part of her that, until this moment, she hadn’t realized that she had lost.

Without another word, the man grabbed her shoulders, lifted her to her feet, and kissed her deeply.  She hesitated for only a moment before returning the kiss with as much forced warmth and enthusiasm as she could immediately muster.  Their tongues intertwined as they danced between their mouths.

Once their kiss ended, Taylor stepped back and looked up into the man’s eyes.  “I don’t know your name.  What should I call you?”

“Master,” the man said firmly.

Taylor laughed at the absurdity until she realized that the man… the master wasn’t laughing.  She stopped and her expression fell solemn until she responded with a slight nod.

“Say it,” he demanded. 

She lowered her head and mumbled a reply.


“Yes, master,” she snapped, not quite able to completely cover the slight twinge of angry defiance.

For a long moment, his only reaction was to stare at her, causing her to fidget.

“Why aren’t you naked yet?” he finally asked.  Taylor bit her lip and staggered back, as if the crass question had been a blow.  Instinctively her hands came up to cover her clothed body.

“Oh come on,” the Master rolled his eyes.  “It’s nothing that you haven’t shown me several times already.  There’s no point in playing shy with me now.” 

Her master sat down in her own chair and regarded her expectantly.  The singer continued to stand frozen while she frantically tried to consider her options.

“I can always put you into a trance and make you strip.  But if I do that, I’ll make you go out and do it on stage, then have you lick the pussy of the opening singer in front of 20,000 of your fans.  It’s your choice.”

Taylor Swift paled at the suggestion and slowly reached for the zipper of the short, sequined dress she had put on for her performance.

“I’m not too impressed with your enthusiasm, Taylor,” the Master stated.  “In Philadelphia you performed a really nice strip tease for me.  Let’s see if you can match that.”

Of course Taylor Swift had no memory of ever performing a strip tease in her life.  But she obediently started to gently sway as she slid the zipper down her back.  With the garment now loose on her shoulders, she began to sway her hips more while she began sliding the sleeves down her arms.  Once the dress cleared her hands, the neckline dropped just enough to expose the top of her breasts.  With the supportive cups sewn into her dress she wasn’t wearing a bra, so there was nothing else between her master and her tits.  The fabric hung in place by her now erect nipples.  How had that happened?  Was that caused by another subliminal suggestion?  

Over her master’s shoulder, she could see her reflection in her own make-up mirror.  There was something intoxicating about seeing her performance from his point of view.  She was humiliated to find that she was actually becoming aroused by her humiliation, which began a snow ball effect of growing excitement within her.  She had committed to a course of action, and couldn’t stop now.  The music from her opening act, still on stage, provided the rhythm for her dance. 

In order to spread the attention of her audience, she separated her stiletto clad feet and began gyrating her hips.  This caused the hem of her skirt to inch up her smooth thighs.  She had always considered her butt to be somewhat flat, but when she pitched her pelvis and arched her back, it fell into a pretty sensational shape.  The singer slid one hand up her hip, pulling her dress even higher to reveal a dark G-string.

She continued to draw her master’s gaze upwards by letting the top of her dress fall, exposing her breasts.  They weren’t enormous, but they were a solid B cup and her erect nipples suggested how sensitive they were.  Her natural performing skills were coming out and she was finding that she was enjoying it.  She leaned forward and shook her shoulders, letting her breasts sway with the motion.

As her dress bunched up around her hips, she snapped her hips one way, then the other, causing it to slide past and slowly drift down her long legs.  When her outfit hit the floor, she stepped out of it with a couple of high kneed strides, turning in a slow circle until her G-string covered ass pointed towards him.  Once again she leaned forward, then she spanked herself so he could see her flesh jiggle as she swayed before him.

Finally she stood tall, slipped her fingers into the thin strings over her hips and gently peeled her panties down her legs.  She stepped out of them with one foot, but used the other to hook the strap with her toe. 

She looked over her shoulder to check out her audience only to notice that he had his cell phone out and was filming her performance.  Her breath caught for a moment.

“You’re not going to post that video, are you?” she asked.

“I haven’t released any of the other video I took, have I?” he said reassuringly. 

Realizing that she would have heard of any sex tape release, she returned to her professional smile and spun around.  With a flick of her ankle, she sent the scanty panties flying to her master, who caught them with his free hand.  Then she stood before him with spread legs, her hands on her hips, drawing his gaze towards her cleanly trimmed pussy.

He continued to hold his phone up, regarding her with a cool indifference that made her angry.  He should be showing enthusiastic appreciation that a superstar of her caliber was bearing herself to him.  She was completely naked, a sight that only a very rare few had seen before.  But he just sat there calmly. 

Of course, she had to remind herself, while this was a first for her, he had witnessed her nude figure a number of times already.  The body that she had so prudently kept as something precious to reveal, had become a casual occurrence to him.

After a long, awkward moment, the man who had instructed her to call him Master, placed his phone on her make-up table and stood up.  He slipped her panties into his jacket pocket and strolled over to stand in front of her.  The pop star stood ridged, her arms stiff at her side, her hands clutched into fists to keep her hands from shaking.  Standing completely naked in front of this fully clothed man, with the sound of 20,000 strangers just past the thin walls, was making her feel small and vulnerable.  But she couldn’t fight the thrill that the sensation gave her.

The tall man stared down at her and she looked back with wide eyes.  She wanted to tell herself that her face conveyed a look of nervous terror, but deep down she felt that it might more accurately represent pleading anticipation.  Shivers ran down her flesh.

Slowly he raised two fingers of his right hand and gently ran them up the outside of her left arm.  The two of them maintained eye contact as goosebumps raised along the touched skin.  At her shoulder, he continued tracing her outline as he approached her neck.  Another tremor ran down her spine while his fingers stroked the side of her neck and ran once up, then down, the rim of her left ear under her blonde hair.  Her moist lips parted as his fingers dragged down along the line of her jaw until they reached her chin.  He held there for only a moment, making sure that she continued to look up into his face before letting his fingers begin traveling down the front of her neck towards her chest.  Taylor’s breath deepened into hard, short pants.

He began tenderly circling her left breast when suddenly he grabbed it firmly and squeezed hard.  His other hand reached the right tit and also crushed the soft flesh between his clutched fingers.  Taylor gasped and arched her back, lifting her chest to meet the brutal treatment.  He pulled and twisted her breast until she whimpered with fear that he would tear them off.  But her nipples grew rock hard in the middle of his palms.  So he released the mounds and began focusing on pinching and tugging the firm nibs.

Finally he broke eye contact, bent down and used his mouth to provide some gentle oral comfort to the abused glans.  He covered them with kisses and playful flicks of the tongue.  She couldn’t help moaning at the pleasurable sensations erupting after the brief painful assault.

The man took a moment from lightly nibbling her nipple to slide his own fingers into his mouth.  Then he traced them down her stomach, leaving a trail of saliva across her belly button.

Taylor Swift let out a short cry of pleasure as his fingers slipped between her legs and ran along her slit.  They probed and caressed her labia before gently parting the folds to tease her silky entrance.

He stood back up and once again looked down into her eyes as he slipped a finger inside of her and began massaging the inner walls of her canal.

“You’re wet.  Are you enjoying this?” he asked.

“Yes,” her voice was breathy and weak, but it was pointless to deny it.  Her body had to be reacting to some kind of subliminal influence, but it felt so good that there was no point in fighting it.  He added a second finger and began pumping in and out of her, causing her to close her eyes and moan loudly.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh god yes!” she exclaimed loudly before she had even realized that she had answered.

He reached around her with his left hand, grabbed her ass and pulled her naked body tight against his.  Then he leaned over her and kissed her hard, shoving his tongue into her mouth.  Instinctively she threw her arms around him and enthusiastically returned the kiss as his fingers continued to vigorously pump her cunt.  Her hips gyrated back against his thrusting digits. As their tongues intertwined, she could feel an orgasm begin to grow inside of her.  She melted into his embrace.

But suddenly he stopped.  The kiss ended and he ripped his fingers out of her.  She looked up with him with frantic desperation.

“Before I stuff your pussy full of my cock…” he looked down at her sternly, “… are you worth it?”

She wanted to punch him and tell her that she was Taylor Fucking Swift, there were thousands of people right outside that door eagerly awaiting her.  She could have any man she wanted.  But right then, right there, she felt powerless and desperate.  All she could do was plead.

“Yes, Master.  Please…” her voice was soft.

“I have already seen what you do when you’re mindlessly following orders.  But today is about seeing what skills and abilities you bring to pleasuring me,” he caressed the side of her face with his right hand, leaving a smear of her own juices across her cheek.  “Get down on your knees and suck my cock.”

Taylor nodded and, holding his hips for support, obediently knelt at his feet and faced the bulge in his pants.  With shaking hands, she unlatched his belt and pulled it out of the way of the clasp.  With that open, she slid down the zipper, feeling the lump underneath it.

Her trembling fingers pulled the elastic of his underwear over and down the flaccid organ.  She was a bit insulted that it wasn’t already hard after her performance.  But instead of protesting, she took it as an opportunity to prove herself.  She used one hand to cup and fondle his balls, while the other lifted his shaft to her lips so she could start tenderly kissing the head.

She began savoring the taste and the texture as her kisses moved down the length of the shaft.  Her lips extended further and further around the girth as her tongue began flicking along the meaty tube.  Next she started stroking the growing erection with her hand while she wrapped her lips around the thick head, her tongue flicking at the slit.  She had never enjoyed giving head, but at least now she was in control, she knew what she was doing.  That was better than being controlled and used without her knowledge; at least that’s what she silently told herself.

Her head bobbed along the top of his dick as her hand firmly pumped the base.  It felt new and alien to her, but she couldn’t help remembering the video of her sucking this same cock.  She had to remind herself that she was trying to top a performance that she didn’t remember.

“Take it all.  Deep throat me,” her master ordered.  She looked up at him with terror.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that,” she pleaded.  Not only was that something that had never appealed to her, but as a singer her voice was incredibly important to her, that meant it was vitally important that she protect her throat from misuse.

“Oh yes you can.  You’ve done it several times.  If you disappoint me, I’ll just put you under and fuck your face any way I want again.”

With a whimper, she looked at his cock.  It wasn’t the largest that she had ever seen, but it was way bigger than she was comfortable with.  She took the head back into her mouth and began sliding down the length until it hit the back of her throat.  She took a deep breath and relaxed her jaw before trying to push on.  She tried to delicately maneuver the tube of flesh further down her esophagus, careful to do whatever she could to stretch open her neck muscles.

“Come on, do it!” Master ordered.  Then he grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face down against his pelvis, her nose crushed against his stomach and his balls bounced off her chin.  She could feel his cock extend down the inside of her neck.  His hands tightly held her head in place as her mouth and throat gasped and spasm around his dick.  Her fingers clawed desperately at the air on either side of his hips.  With her expanded lung capacity, she was able to hold the position for longer than most people could, but it didn’t take long for her to start fighting for air.  She tried pushing him off, but she didn’t have the leverage. 

Until suddenly he twisted his fingers into her perfectly groomed hair and pulled back.  She quickly sucked in some air before he thrust back into her face three times.  Then he pulled her off his cock just as he blasted a stream of semen across her face and into her gasping mouth.

“You’re not done yet,” her master said as he picked her up, spun her around and threw her over the back of her make-up chair with her butt pointed in the air.  She wanted to protest that she didn’t do anal, but she no longer knew if that was true.  She may have already been doing it with him for weeks.  He may have conditioned her so that she loved it.  She no longer knew what she wanted.  Instead she simply braced herself for whatever his desire demanded of her.

With no warning or delicateness, he plowed his cock into her soaking wet pussy.  Taylor cried out as he penetrated the tight opening with little resistance, instantly filling her up.  He quickly began slamming into her over and over, the sound of their flesh slapping and her moans drowned out the roaring audience outside.  He slapped her upturned ass as he continued to pump into her damp snatch.

Taylor pressed her hands to the seat of her chair and lifted herself to look forwards.  She was staring at herself in her make-up mirror as her master continued to rail into her from behind.  Her hair was disheveled and her make-up was smeared across her cum covered face; but she couldn’t stop her eyes from rolling back while her body respond with pleasure at being used like a toy.  She pushed herself back to meet his motions and enhance the penetrations.

Between thrusts, she noticed his phone sitting on the table, propped on its side, the camera pointed right at her.  Obviously he was still recording this, but she was beyond caring.  He hadn’t released any of the other videos of her, so what did one more matter.  Besides, there was something exhilarating about knowing that her humiliation was being recorded.

The man grabbed her arms and pulled them back wide, like the handles of a motorcycle.  This allowed his dick to drive deeper into her.  Her back arched and thrust her breasts forward while her clit ground into the back edge of the chair with each pounding penetration.  She watched in the mirror as her tits swayed and bounced with each slapping fuck.

“Do you like this?” he asked her, his own voice growing breathy.  “Do you like being used like a whore?”

“Oh god yes!  Use me!  Fuck me!  Fuck me hard!  I’m your slut!” With her submissive words, Taylor Swift could feel the orgasm grow within her.  Her pussy clamped down on her master’s cock.  She could feel it throb and tremble as it approached his own climax.  Knowing that she had given him pleasure sent her over the edge, her legs began to quiver and a moan that started in her ankles rose up, engulfing her body until she screamed with a release like nothing she had ever experienced.  Her vision blurred as her body shook under her master.

At the same time, he was stiffening and letting out his own guttural groan as he unloaded his own throbbing ejaculation deep inside of her.  His hands clawed into her ass, leaving bright red indentations while he held her firmly in place.  They both rode through their extended moment of perfect bliss, shaking and releasing their pent up pleasure.

He remained there, inside of her for a few more moments while they both recovered from their orgasms.  Finally he pulled out of her and wiped his drenched penis on the back of her thighs.  Then he stepped back and pulled up his pants.

With her legs completely weakened, Taylor dropped off the chair and collapsed onto the floor into a sweaty pile.

“Thank you, that was fantastic,” the man said as he retrieved his phone and stuck it in his pocket.  “I’m really going to enjoy the show knowing that your cunt is full of my cum.”

“Wait!” Taylor said weakly from the floor as he headed towards the door.  “You said that you’d dehypnotize me.  That you’d remove the conditioning.  You can’t leave me acting like a desperate, submissive nymphomaniac.”

“Sorry,” the still unnamed man said with a small chuckle.  “I don’t know anything about hypnosis.  I never put you into a trance.  You don’t have any special conditioning.  Those were all your natural reactions.”

“No… that can’t be right…” Taylor whimpered, frantically searching her feelings for any indication that what he said was another lie.  She couldn’t deny that she had truly loved being used and humiliated.  “What about the video?”

“I did that in my computer.  Just those few seconds took months to make it look real.  I can’t believe that you fell for it.”

“But…” she tried to grasp for some other explanation.

“But,” he continued for her as he held up his phone.  “Now I do have some authentic footage that will hold up to analysis.  So… I guess I’ll see you in Chicago.  Be sure to wear something nice.” 

She continued to lay there, confused.  Did that mean that the way she was feeling was the way she felt inside all along?  Had he simply given her the permission she needed to enjoy being used like a sex toy?  Was this who she really was?

He smiled and walked out of the door, leaving her sprawled naked on the floor.  As he walked away, he passed the stage manager as he was running to the dressing room.  At the same time the announcement was heard from the stage, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Taylor Swift!!!”

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