The Display & Tease Show

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Disclaimer: No celebrity presentation is authorized by Taylor Swift, Emma Watson or Scarlett Jones. This is a work of fantasy, non-consensual activity is not condoned. Also, no one involved makes any monetary or physical compensation for this work.

*These stories are designed to be a template for anyone to use.  Please pick up and use these characters, and these situations, on any other celebrity that might peek your interest.  And don’t be afraid to shake things up.  Feel free to try men or couples, I’ve been assuming that both of these antagonists are bi.  So have some fun with it.*

When the video starts, a stylized D&T logo rotates within a three dimensional sphere.  This lasts for a few seconds before the camera suddenly cuts to a young man with dark hair wearing a black turtle neck and dark jeans.  On his face he wears a black domino mask with lenses that obscure his eyes.

“Good evening and welcome to our show.  I’m your host.  I go by the name Display, and assisting me is my lovely sister, Tease,” the camera momentarily spins to show a perky young woman, holding the camera at arm’s length.   She also has dark hair, is wearing a similar sweater and jeans, and the same style domino mask crosses her face. 

“Obviously those aren’t our real names,” she adds before waving to the camera and turning it back towards her brother.

“In upcoming shows Tease may take the lead, allowing her to present some of our male guests, as well as some female celebrities who may be open to experimentation. That’s right, here on the Display and Tease show, we will be bringing you the hottest and most beautiful celebrities available and presenting them to you in a whole new way.  I should clarify, we’re not exactly a talk show, the guests won’t really be talking…  Well, maybe the best thing to do is to just dive in and get started.  As they say, ‘show don’t tell’.  So with no further delay, let me introduce our first guest.”  The camera pulls back and follows Display as he crosses a large empty warehouse.  He steps over several cables and passes a couple of light stands as he heads to his destination.

“She’s a multi award winning singer with a long list of number one hits.  And she’s undeniably one of the sexiest performers alive.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Taylor Swift!” The camera lands on a rack shaped like an inverted “Y” where the famous singer is strapped.  Her high heeled feet have been spread apart at the base of the rack’s extended branches and her stretched thighs force her tiny miniskirt to ride up her hips exposing just a hint of her panties. Her arms are pulled behind the post and tied there, forcing her back to arch and her chest to thrust forward, stretching the buttons of her thin cotton shirt tight across her breasts.  A bit gag has been pressed into her mouth and the strap is tied, not only around her face, but also around the post behind her, pinning her head against it.  Her eyes blaze with anger.

“Now, the way this works, you’ll see below me a tally board,” in the lower right corner of the screen a small display appears that says $0.00.  “This is for your donations.  The more you contribute, the more fun we can have with Ms. Swift.  And best of all, your contributions will help us with future shows since, as you probably already guessed, we’re going to have to be continuously on the move in order to keep bringing you this kind of exclusive entertainment.  In addition, thanks to your contributions, we’ll be able to purchase even better equipment, both video and bondage gear.  But that’s not all, your financial donations will also allow us to invest in more elaborate plans and operations in order to bring you the absolute best future guests possible.  So please be generous.”  Immediately the donations began and the counter started to slowly rise.

“For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, Taylor here is well known for publicly humiliating and disgracing her exes in both her music and her personal statements,” Display touches the bound singer’s shoulder, causing her to flinch, then he runs his fingers along her collar bone and up to the exposed skin of her neck before tracing the line of her jaw.  “I can’t wait to hear the song she writes about this experience.”

On the screen, the tally flickers up to the triple digits, so Display picks up a pair of scissors and plucks her loose blouse away from her skin.

“You guys are doing great, so I think it’s time to get on with the show,” he began undoing the buttons of her shirt, letting it pop open to reveal a lacy, pink bra stretched across her chest.  As he continues to unbutton her shirt to the bottom, her flat stomach highlights a dimpled belly button.  Then he uses the scissors to cut along the sleeves of the blouse in order to completely remove the garment revealing a generous amount of pale skin.  Instantly the raising tally of the donations began to speed up.

“I think you’re getting the idea of how this works,” Display says into the camera as he looks at an off screen display of the incoming donations.  “The more you give, the more you get.”  Display circles behind the rack, allowing the camera to focus on the star’s body as her shoulders and hips wiggle, struggling against her bonds.  When the tally tops the $500 mark, the sound of a zipper is heard, followed by a loud tear and her miniskirt is unwrapped from Taylor Swift’s pelvis, revealing a tiny, baby blue pair of panties that barely cover trimmed, blonde pubic hair that can be seen through the thin material.

Still behind her, Display rests his chin on Taylor’s shoulder and addresses the camera.  “Let’s see if we can get that tally up to $1000 so we can see her tits, huh?  What do you say audience?”  Taylor’s eyes fill with terror and once again the total begins to quickly rise.

From behind the captive, careful not to block the view of the camera, Display reaches around the singer and runs his hands over her body.  His fingers begin tickling the sides of her tummy making her squirm and thrash against the large wooden structure.  Whimpering moans push past the gag in her mouth.

Soon, the tally does slip past the $1000 point and continues to rise.  Display’s hands circled behind her again and climb to reach the clasp of her bra.  Taylor begins to quiver with nervous fear as, with a click, the pink bra falls limp across her chest.  Display then lifts the scissors over her shoulders to snip away the straps that are the only thing holding the bra in place.

The garment falls away and flutters to the floor, exposing the pop star’s breasts.  Display reaches around and gives them both a squeeze and jiggle before the camera zooms in for a close up.  Her pale nipples are already solid nubs that rollout from between his fingers.

“There they are! Aren’t they beautiful?  And you saw them here first!” Display pronounces with enthusiasm.  Meanwhile, the camera pulls back to reveal Taylor’s blushing face.  She tries to turn away, but the gag holds her head firmly in place, not allowing her to hide her reaction.

“And just look at those number rise,” Display says, stepping out from behind the rack.  “We’re already almost to the point where we can remove those panties.  Just think of the fun we can have then.” Taylor’s eyes grow wide with terror as she sees the amount of donations that are flowing in.

As he steps in front of her, Display takes ahold of the hem of her underwear, just below her navel, as he snipped the thin strands that wrapped around her hips.  Then he holds the thin fabric in place while the donations creep towards $2000.  The moment it does, he yanks the panties away exposing the quivering vagina.

“You did it!  You’ve earned a good look at the Grammy award winning pussy!”  Once again the camera zooms in for a close up of the exposed labia, already glistening with moisture.  Display runs his fingers across the lips creating a soft, wet sound.

“I have to tell you, this woman is a born performer.  It’s easy to see that she loves an audience.  Her cunt is already dripping wet,” Display shoves a couple of fingers into her, causing her body to jump.  He pumps in and out of her several times, drawing a moan from her gagged mouth.  Then he pulls out his hand and wipes it across her face, leaving smears of her own moisture in thick tracks across her cheeks, mouth and chin.  “Can you see that?  That’s how wet she is, folks.  I think she’s loving this.  Who wants to see Taylor Swift orgasm?”

Taylor’s eyes grow wide and she tries to shake her head, but it is still held firmly in place.  Once again the donation numbers began to rise.  As they do, Display begins to run his fingers between her legs, gently playing with her labia and spreading it for the camera’s view before carefully pushing against the wet lips until his fingers slide inside of her.

While the fingers of his right hand work within the channel of her slit, Display’s mouth reaches towards her right breast.  The camera swings to the side to reveal his tongue as it reaches out to push the soft flesh back and forth.  He runs circles around the orb, covering it in saliva until he zeroes in on the center areola where his tongue flicks the rock hard nipple.  Taylor’s jaw drops open, leaving the bit to pull back loose between her teeth.  The singer’s strong lungs push a loud moan past the gag.

As the donations grow, Display uses his thumb to press into the hood covering her clitoris and gives the sensitive nib a vigorous rub.  As if tuning a musical instrument, Display works his captive’s body.  And exactly as the tally flicks over $3000, Taylor Swift’s eyes grow wide, her body stiffens and her moans turns into a muffled scream.  Her limbs quiver and shake, sending ripples along her exposed flesh.

While continuing to work her vagina with his right hand, Display uses his left to release his own erection from his pants.  This allowed him to plunge his cock into her spasming pussy while she is still orgasming.

Display grabs Taylor’s ass and squeezes it hard, pulling it away from the rack to allow him to drive deeper into her as she continues to convulse within her bonds.  Her eyes squeeze shut and her teeth bite hard into the bit of her gag.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asks her.  “You like having your cunt filled with cock?  You’re just a horny little slut, aren’t you”  Taylor’s mumbles can’t be heard, but she nods her head, tears rolling down her face with both embarrassment and the intensity of feelings that are running through her.

Finally, with a triumphant roar, Display drives his hips forward, pushing his shaft deep into her before his body tenses in place.  Feeling the dick throb and begin ejaculating inside of her drives the pop star to yet another orgasm.  Their coupling seems to hold motionless for a long moment as they each ride quivering shudders through their release until finally both of their bodies relax.  Display pulls back his dick, leaving a string of cum that finally snaps and oozes down between her thighs.  Taylor’s breath is coming in gasping pants as she fights for oxygen around the gag.  Drool drips down from the corners of her mouth.

“And that will be it for this episode of the Display and Tease show.  Thank you everyone for your generous donations,” Display says as he packs his spent shaft back into his pants.  “Twelve local donors have been emailed this address and, if you arrive before the police, you can also enjoy a little time with our guest Taylor Swift.”

“Unfortunately my sister and I can’t stick around.  But we will be back soon, in another location, with another special guest.  So stay tuned.  But one more time, before we go, let’s hear it for our special guest star, Taylor Swift!”  An applause track is heard as the camera slowly pans up her nude body until it rest on her burning red face, her eyes wide with humiliation and terror.  She shakes within her bonds.  The camera holds there for an uncomfortably long time until the image slowly fades back to the circling D&T logo.

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