Going Up

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Selena Gomez and I do not make money from this writing.

Going Up

Keith didn’t think he would have the chance to see her, the one celebrity that he had a crush on since his high school years. But there she was when he walked into the lobby of the hotel he was staying at for a few days. She stood in front of the elevator, waiting for it to come down. She had a single suitcase by her side with wheels on the bottom and in her hand she held the card that acted as the key to her room.

It was none other than Selena Gomez.

Keith’s heart started to beat so fast and he even started to sweat. He dreamed of the moment that he would meet her since he first saw her on his TV screen, thought about what he would say to her when he finally met her and many times when he masturbated he thought about having sex with her. Now that she was right in front of him, he was at a loss for words. He had zero idea of what he would say to her, if he would say words to her at all.

As luck would have it, he remembered that his room was on the seventh floor and he would therefore have to take the elevator to reach his room. He walked over and stood next to her, his heart was beating so hard he was surprised that Selena didn’t hear it. He was sweating so much just from standing so close to her, he was surprised he didn’t soak her.

Selena looked in his direction. He almost loss it at her beauty. She was even more beautiful in person then she was on the TV screen or in her pictures in those stupid magazines that his mother bought.

“It’s taking long” she said to him.

She was talking to him? Just a regular guy like Keith? He couldn’t believe it. At first he said nothing because he was sure he must have imagined her voice or that she was talking to someone else, anybody but him. But then she looked at him weirdly and spoke again.

“Hey, did you hear me?” she asked him

Keith nodded his head “y…yes, I heard you” he said his voice shaking

“You can relax” said Selena “I don’t bite”

“It’s…it’s just that I’m…a huge fan” said Keith, he was sure his face was covered in sweat droplets. How embarrassing for him.

“Thank you” said Selena “I’ll give you an autograph”

“Really?” said Keith as if he couldn’t believe it.

“Sure, it’s no trouble. Do you know if the elevator is going to take any longer? I feel like I’ve been waiting for it for like five minutes”

“It’s really old” said Keith, he was finally starting to relax around Selena. He wasn’t sure how he was able to be like this around her, but he was glad that he got over being so nervous around her. “I’ve stayed at this place before and the elevator is really slow, if you’re on the second, third or even fourth floor then you’ll be better to take the stairs”

“I’m in the suite at the top floor” said Selena with her arms crossed under her chest. The chest that Keith dreamed about touching and sucking. He had to clear his mind or else he would get an erection and Selena would be grossed out.

“Then you’ll do well to wait. Like me” said Keith, he then quickly added “I’m not on the top floor. Just on the seventh”

While Keith and Selena waited for the elevator they started to talk. It took a while, but finally they heard the sound of the elevator as it finally reached the ground floor. A group of people flooded out of the elevator, they all didn’t even realize that Selena Gomez was standing right in front of them.

Keith allowed Selena to enter before him. She was there before him and even if she wasn’t, she was like a princess to him. He would let her cut him in line even if he was waiting for over ten hours. Selena stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the highest floor. Keith followed her inside. Keith was about to press the button for his floor, when Selena spoke.

“Do you have a pen on you? For your autograph”

Keith checked his pockets, even if he knew he didn’t have a pen. “Nope, I’m sorry”

The elevator door closed and it started to move up, very slowly.

“Gosh” said Selena “You won’t kidding about the speed. Walking up the stairs is a lot faster”

Keith took his hands out of his pockets, he just remembered that he had to press the button for his floor. As his finger went to the button with a 7 on top of it, he heard Selena gasp.

“Wha…” he mumbled and looked in her direction. He saw that she was looking at him and then followed her eyes. He was shocked to see that there was a bulge in his pants. He tried hard not to think of Selena Gomez in the nude, but he failed and while those thoughts were dancing in his head, his cock grew in no time flat. He screwed up his chance with Selena, that was if he even had a chance to start with, which he was sure he didn’t.

“Oh my gosh!” said Selena

“Look, I know…” Keith started

Selena walked closer to Keith, which confused him. Won’t she want to get far away from a sick guy like him. She got so close to him, Selena lowed her hand and placed it over his erection.

Was this for real? Was Selena Gomez touching his hard dick? This must be a dream!

“It’s been a while since I had a large dick” said Selena “I have a thing for dating dudes with tiny cocks, but you…your dick is big. Were you thinking of me naked?” she asked

Keith couldn’t lie to a beauty like her “Guilty”

“I need to have a taste” said Selena, she fell to her knees and pulled his pants down.

“What? Right here in the elevator? Someone can catch us” said Keith, not to mention that his dream was coming true, at least part of it. Selena Gomez wanted to, was going to suck his cock with her mouth! Selena was going to give him a blowjob, how lucky could he get?

“With the speed this thing is going, I think we’ll be fine” she said as she pulled his underwear down to his knees. His large dick sprang free and Selena got hearts in her eyes. She never dated a guy with a dick this size. The only large cocks she fucked were from fans and they were only one-night stands. After the last fan told her he used a condom and she found out the following morning that they in fact had unprotected sex which made her very worried that she might have gotten pregnant (which thankfully didn’t happen) she made a vow to never sleep with a fan again, even if it meant she would never enjoy a huge dick again. However Keith was handsome and he had a huge cock and Selena couldn’t control herself. She needed to at least suck him and if he still has the strength, maybe she would break her vow…just this once.

Selena closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. She took Keith’s cock in her mouth and moved back and forth along his length. Selena moaned in pleasure as her tongue lapped the tip of his cock. Keith moaned as well gripping on the bar behind him for support as he feared his legs would give way while Selena worked her mouth on his manhood. He never received a blowjob before in his life. He would love to tell his friends about the first blowjob, but he knew that no one would ever believe him. If only he could get proof that he and Selena actually met then maybe they would believe him.

As her head moved along him, Selena kept on moaning at his size and how great his cock tasted in her mouth. Of all the cocks she sucked in her life and she did suck off quite a few fans and actors in the business to get where she was now, this dick that Keith had was the best she ever had the chance to taste.

“Fuck, if you keep moaning Selena, I’ll cum” he moaned to let her know. A quick look at the top of the door told Keith they were halfway to their destination. He wished the elevator would move slower, he never wanted this moment to end.

Best cock ever! Selena thought in her head I have to fuck this fan, I need his cock tonight!

Selena took more of the cock in her mouth, her lips reaching the base, she could feel his public hairs touching her pink lips. Selena gagged on his length, pulling away quickly and coughing several times.

“Too big for you Selena?” Keith joked

Selena laughed “I’m clearly not used too your size since I’m so used of sucking two inch dicks in Hollywood” she told him “But I don’t give up easily”

Her mouth opened wide once again, Selena took his dick back in her mouth, going all the way down to the base and gagging once again.

“Fuck, this is amazing” moaned Keith, as Selena’s tongue turned around in circles on his cock that was filling her throat to the limits.

The elevator suddenly made a ding sound and the doors opened, Keith noticed they were not at Selena’s floor and he hadn’t pressed any button while she sucked his member. An old couple were staying at the door waiting, they were about to walk into the elevator when they noticed Keith against the wall with his pants and underwear at his knees while Selena with her eyes shut tight with his cock down her throat.

“Oh my” the old lady said as she took several steps back and covered her eyes

“Lucky little bastard” said the old man as he stayed where he was and looked at Selena suck Keith’s dick until the doors finally closed and the elevator continued on the journey to the highest floor. Keith was bright red when the elevator continued the long journey.

“Well, we got caught” he told her

Selena took the dick out of her mouth, her hand continued to stroke Keith’s dick in order to make sure he didn’t start to shrink. “We did?”

“Old couple, you didn’t hear or see them?” Keith asked

“Well, excuse me for being super into my work” she said “Speaking of work, I have to finish what I started”

His cock was back in her mouth, while one of her free hands worked on his balls. There was only a handful of floors remaining so Selena didn’t have much time left if she wanted to make Keith cum before she reached her room. Taking the entire length in her tight throat as she coated his dick with her sweet saliva, Selena gagged, Keith moaned as he felt his release building to the final act.

“I’m close” he told her

Selena took the dick out of her mouth, she held it in her hand and gave long licks along it from the base to the very top of his cock, her tongue rolled in small circles at the very top of his penis.

“SELENA!” he yelled as Keith had his released and shot his load right on Selena’s face. This would make a great story, if only people would believe him that he came on Selena’s beautiful face.

Selena’s lips were covered in his cum, some dripped from the right side of her nose and a few drops covered her forehead. She looked up at him as Keith took several large breaths. Selena smiled and stood.

“Your fucking amazing” she told him, she wiped her mouth with her left hand and then kissed Keith on his lips. Her leg flew up the moment their lips touched together, Keith got wide eyes as the kiss caught him by surprise, then he closed his eyes and joined her as he kissed her back and opened his mouth, pushing his tongue towards her.

He found her lips with his tongue and was a little confused, Selena pulled away from the hot kiss “Nah, Nah” she told him moving her finger back and forth “I never tongue kiss on the first date or first fuck as the case may be”

“But you suck cock and make love?” Keith asked her

“Of course, because I’m a fucking dirty slut” Selena told him

He was surprised to hear her talk like that, he never saw Selena Gomez to be that kind of girl. He absolutely loved her.

The elevator made another ding sound and the doors opened, however no people stood in the silent halls. It was the top floor of the hotel, Selena took hold of the handle of her bag and showed her random hook-up her room card.

“It looks like this is my stop” she said to him

Keith started to pull up his pants “Thanks for the blowjob Selena”

“What are you doing?” she asked him as she walked off the elevator and motioned her finger to tell him to follow her, which Keith did. The elevator doors closed behind him and started going down to pick up the old couple.

“That’s right” said Keith “You still owe me the autograph”

“Fuck my autograph” said Selena “It’s just a worthless piece of stupid paper”

“You’re right, you sucking my cock was way better” said Keith, he noticed that Selena still had some cum on her face, except for her lips that she cleared.

“You know what is also better?” asked Selena “You come to my room and we finish what we started in the elevator, in other words we have sex and before you ask, yes I have condoms”

First she sucked his cock, now she wanted to have sex with him. Could this day get any better?

“So do we have a deal?” Selena asked him

“Of course we do” said Keith right away, he would never let this golden chance to fuck Selena Gomez slip through his fingers like that.

Selena lead the way to her suite, pulling her suitcase by the wheels while Keith followed her holding his unzipped pants up in case somebody came out of their room. He was surprised that Selena didn’t clean the cum off of her face because if someone did come out of their room, they would know exactly what she and Keith were up too.

They reached her door and Selena used the card key. The light turned green and she opened the door and went inside followed by Keith. She grabbed the “Do not disturb” sign and placed it on the doorknob outside and closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it with the bolt.

With the door closed, Keith dropped his pants and pulled them and his boxers off, tossing them towards the bathroom. Selena also pushed her suitcase and dropped her card key to the floor as she placed her arms around her recent lovers neck and kissed him deeply.

“Take me to my bed and fuck me till I beg you to stop” said Selena

“Follow me” said Keith with a smile

Selena took his hand and Keith lead the way to the king-sized bed that was in her room. He placed Selena in front of the bed and slightly pushed her onto the bed. Keith then pulled his shirt off over his head then he got on the bed. Selena unbutton the button on her tight pants and Keith pulled them off her long and sexy legs. Helping her with her panties afterwards. Keith took his cock in his hands and poked it at her pussy. Selena reached for her pants and pulled out a condom that she kept in there for when she needed it. She tore open the package with her teeth and handed the condom to her one night lover.

“Put this on so we don’t have an accident. I’m too young to be a mother” she said

“No problem” said Keith, even if he would be over the moon to have a baby with Selena Gomez, it won’t change the fact that she would never marry him even if they had a baby together, not to mention she would get custody of the baby and he would never get to see it and he didn’t have the cash to blow on child support payments.

Keith slipped the condom on his hard dick and then pushed his cock into Selena’s pussy.

“YES!” she moaned as he filled her. She had started to crave his dick the moment it was in her mouth.

“Fuck, your so tight” Keith moaned, slowly he started to thrust inside of her hot body holding onto her legs to help him move more swiftly into her. With that large cock going in and pulling nearly out of her pussy, Selena tugged at the hem of her shirt. Her mind was melting with the hot sex she received, Selena placed both her hands on her shirt and pulled in opposites directions tearing the shirt right in the middle.

Keith moved his hands from her sexy legs over to her fine breasts. He started to grope her tits and he couldn’t believe all that was happening in his life. A blowjob from Selena, having sex with her, touching her boobs and kissing her. It was even better then he expected that it would be.

“You can take my bra off” said Selena, she wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin, she wanted him to touch her nipples with his hands.

“Of course my queen” he told her, his hand slipped under her, unhooking the bra at her back. He greedy pulled the bra off her amazing body and tossed it behind him, not caring where it would land in her room. His hands returned to her boobs, this time free from the cups of the bra. Her tits felt so soft on his hands, even a puppy’s fur wasn’t as soft as her wonderful skin.

Keith increased his speed, pushing his dick as far as he could in her body, going into Selena balls deep and pulling out before he pushed right back inside of her. And Selena loved it, it had been way too long since she had sex with a fan with a cock like this. She was glad that she broke her vow, tonight she would make a new vow, to have sex with fans only when she desperately needed it, which would be only once or twice a week. If she could, she would like to turn this one night stand with Keith into something more, since his cock was so big and felt so good as he pushed into her pussy. She won’t want to date him, but maybe they could be sex friends.

Keith moved his head down, moving his hands from her boobs to the sheets that they fucked on. His lips reached her tits and he took one in his mouth, rolling his tongue around her soft and warm nipple. Selena moaned as his wet tongue moved over it and his teeth bit it. She gasped as he moved to her other one and gave it the same treatment.

“Kiss me, I want to taste my boobs” she moaned out

“With pleasure” said Keith, his entire body pinned to hers, he looked into her dark eyes and she looked right back at him with his cum still on her face.

They kissed each other, his lips touched her lips, his tongue going into her mouth and touching her tongue. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed and he moaned back. Not only from the heated kiss that they shared but also from the intense sex that they shared together. What a shame that no one would ever believe his story that he made love with Selena Gomez.

They broke the kiss as Keith increased his speed, knowing very well that his release was coming soon. He wanted to hold it inside, for he knew once he flooded the condom with his cum, it would be over. His wonderful sex session with Selena Gomez would come to a close. He wanted to have sex with her for the rest of his life. He never wanted this moment to end. It was the best night of his life.

“Selena!” he cried out

“Huh?” she moaned her eyes rolling to the back of her head, all she needed now was for him to release that jizz inside of her or on her. She was sort of regretting that she made Keith use a condom, it would be so much better without it.

“I love you Selena” he told her “I’m sorry but I had to tell you, you must get that a lot”

“Actually…I don’t” she said, sure she had sex with a few fans in the past, but they never told her those three words while they neared their climax and that just proved to Selena that Keith was a true fan that cared about her for who she was and not just about her hot body and getting into her pants.

“Well, I’ll tell you that every single day” said Keith

“That would be nice to hear” moaned Selena

“I’m close” he said

“Yes, I want it badly” she moaned

“You’ll get it” he told her, Keith pulled his cock out of her pussy and pulled the condom off his dick, tossing it to the floor. His hand went to his dick and he stroked it like he did in the shower many days and nights before thinking about this very moment. He stroked his cock looking into her dark eyes, thinking about being with her and fucking her again. Knowing that it would never happen, because she was famous and he was just a normal dude.

“Keith…” she said

“Fuck!” he said as he shot his head back and reached his peak. His jizz flew out of his penis and landed on Selena’s belly. She was surprised by how much cum came out of him considering he also came not that long ago in the elevator. There was a small pool of cum on her belly that leaked into her navel.

“That was quite a load” she said as she dipped a finger into her navel and then sucked on it “So tasty”

Keith fell onto the bed next to her, looking at her covering her finger with his cum and bringing it to her lips and drinking it. It was such a beautiful sight.

“I’m glad you like it” he said “you’re so beautiful”

“You’re not bad yourself” said Selena with a smile “and your cum is really yummy, your dick is beautiful and it fits well in my throat”

“I’m happy that I was able to give you a good time” he told her

“I was thinking” said Selena “This was most likely, 100 percent the best sex of my entire life. So I was thinking we could maybe exchange phone numbers and call each other sometimes, send sexy pictures like nudes and if we’re ever in the same town at the same time, you could show up to my room and fuck me the way you did today”

Keith looked at her with his mouth wide open. Selena Gomez wanted to be friends with him, sex friends with him. His dream really was coming true, he would be able to have sex with her again in the future.

“Only if you want to of course. I just thought that since you “Love me” you would be interested in seeing me and fucking me again” she said

“I think you know the answer my love” said Keith with a smile

“I think this is the happiest I have been in a long time” Selena told him, her hand wrapped over his length and slowly she started to stroke him as her lips went over and pressed against his wonderful mouth. “I think I might love you too” she added “I definitely love your cock”

That night Keith didn’t use his hotel room. He stayed the entire night naked in bed with his favorite celebrity. The following morning at exactly 10:59 in the morning Keith checked out of the hotel, but he didn’t return home. Selena invited him to stay in her room with her for the entire week that she was staying here, if they were going to be sex friends or maybe one day more then sex friends, they might as well start right now. Keith couldn’t refuse to stay with her, it was his dream come true.

He also got her autograph, pictures with her and they filmed a sex tape which he promised he would never show to anybody, it was only for his eyes and hers.

Every night when they returned from dinner and took the elevator, the moment the doors closed Selena was on her knees in front of him and his pants were down to his feet as she started to suck him and get him ready for the sex they would have for hours in her room. In her room they fucked, he fucked her ass, licked her vagina and she performed a titty fuck to him which of course was mind blowing.

It was the best vacation he ever had!

And it wasn’t going to end there he knew.

When the wonderful week was over, they had trouble parting ways. Keith and Selena were suppose to be only sex friends, but with all the sex they had and all the time they spent together, the feelings they had quickly turned to something that he always had for her, but something she never thought she would find in a normal man: Love.

As Selena kissed Keith good-bye after there wonderful and sex filled week, her mind was already thinking about their next encounter and how much she and her pussy were going to miss him and his monster dick.

An hour later and Selena was in the bathroom somewhere, two of her fingers in her pussy moaning Keith’s name again and again. She needed him in her life, once she reached her first solo orgasm, she knew what she had to do, if she spent even a single day without Keith then she would be using her fingers or the shower head to meet her sexual needs.

That night when they called each other at eight, Selena had something important to tell him.

“Move in with me” she said

“Selena?...What?” he asked her

“I miss you way too much, I need you in my life Keith. I know at first we were going to be just sex friends, but after all the time we spent together and all the sex we shared together, I have fallen in love with you. I want to be with you all the time, I want to fuck you all the time and I want to call you my husband and have four or seven children with you” she said to him without taking a single breath.

Keith didn’t say a word. He was shocked, Selena wanted to marry him and have children with him. This was his ultimate dream, to be with her forever and wake up next to her in bed (naked of course) ever morning for the rest of his life.

“Unless you don’t want me” she said her tone dropping

“I never said that” he said quickly “I have loved you before you even knew about me. I have loved you for years and being with you, having you as a wife and having children with you was something I thought would only be in my dreams. After I met you and got to know you and of course fuck you, I want those things to be real even more then before my love. I want to be with you forever Selena Gomez”

“I want you forever as well” she said

Two days later, Keith was at her place. He had packed up most of his things and send them through air mail at the cheapest price, the things he really needed, he took with him on the plane to where she lived and everything else, he sold dirt cheap or gave away. Selena was worth it.

The day after he moved in with her, Keith and Selena were married in her backyard with only a few people in attendance like her mother and father. That night they had sex, this time without using condoms, hoping that his sperm would flood her womb and find her egg, making them conceive there first of many children together.

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