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Alexa Bliss had dreamed of making her Wrestlemania debut, now she was. Sort of. Hopefully one day it would be for real, but considering how long she was and how new to the company it was still an honour to be part of the show at all. Or at least that's how she chose to see it. Then again Alexa had always liked the look on the bright side of life, unlike the two other women also participating in the segment. Truth be told she thought they brought up some very good points, but she wasn't going to admit that where someone might hear her as she didn't want to be seen as ungrateful for what she chose to see as an opportunity, even if it did involve her wearing something skimpy.

"I can't believe this." Charlotte grumbled, "I'm the daughter of a legend, and this is going to be my first appearance? Sex slave number 3?"

"Tell me about it." Sasha agreed, although she kept her grumbling down as she didn't have a well-connected Daddy to bail her out of a jam, "It's ridiculous."

"Come on guys, lighten up." Alexa beamed, "At least it's Wrestlemania. We'll be out there in front of millions of people, get a taste of what it's going to be like when we are the stars of the show. And then in a few years time we'll be able to look back on this and see how far we've come. We just need to keep a positive attitude and smiles on our faces."

Sasha give her a glance, and then scowled. She actually thought Alexa was right, but she was in a bad mood, and Alexa's cheerful attitude was the only excuse she needed to make this night a little fun, "Who asked you, new girl?"

"I-" Alexa began, before being cut off.

"Who the hell are you anyway?" Charlotte interrupted, "Me and Sasha have been owning NXT, proving why we're the stars of tomorrow. You? Ha, you haven't even debuted on OUR show? What makes you think they'll even let your skanky ass on the main roster?"

"I-" Alexa began, before again being cut off.

"Is it because you're pretty, is that it?" Sasha mocked.

"No!" Alexa frowned.

"She is pretty though." Charlotte grinned wickedly, "And you know what happens to pretty little girls around here, right?"

"What?" Alexa asked innocently.

"Awww, she's so innocent." Sasha laughed softly, Charlotte joining her in the laughter as she closed the distance between them, "You see sweetie, around here pretty little girls, just like you, get fucked."

"By other pretty girls." Charlotte added with an evil smile.

It took a few seconds for that to properly register, then Alexa's eyes went wide and she opened her mouth, but it was too late as Sasha almost literally slammed her tongue down the poor unsuspecting girl's throat. Alexa was so shocked that she didn't even try and push Sasha away. She just stood there like an idiot while the other woman had her way with her. Which involved kissing her like she'd never been kissed before. Every boy Alexa had ever allowed to kiss her always treated her with care and respect. But Sasha was attacking her mouth, and it was really thrilling. That and the fact that there was another girl doing this to her had Alexa so overwhelmed that eventually she'd just started kissing back because it just felt so good.

Poor Alexa wasn't given a chance to recover as the second Sasha pulled away Charlotte pulled her into her strong arms and announced, "My turn."

Another really intense kiss followed, the only difference being that Alexa responded right away. She didn't mean too, she really didn't, it was just like her body went into business for itself, much to the clear delight of the other woman. Alexa was vaguely aware of Sasha yelling out some kind of encouragement, but she was barely aware of it, especially because she was focused on Charlotte's delight which came in the form of a smile against her lips. Which felt so good. Or better, at least. And that was followed by Charlotte deploying her hands gently over her body, which might have been a reward because it made the kissing so much better. Which was really an achievement.

It all felt so good Alexa didn't notice Sasha undoing her bra until it was falling off her, at which point she grabbed it, held it to her chest and pulled away from Charlotte with and exclaim, "Hey!"

"Ah, come on honey, it isn't anything we haven't seen before." Sasha grinned, "Don't you want to party with us and find out what it takes to be a top female wrestler in this company?"

"Well, yeah." Alexa said without thinking about it, then quickly adding, "But I'm not gay."

"You don't have to be." Charlotte said softly, cupping Alexa's face, "We just want to have some fun, that's all. No strings. Just fun. I promise."

"Yeah, we might as well get something out of having to play sex slaves." Sasha said dryly, before grinning at her prey, "And hey, you could be our sex slave. Do you like the sound of that?"

There was a long pause and then Alexa admitted with a blush, "Well, I guess I've always been a little curious-"

"That's the spirit." Charlotte beamed, shoving Alexa down to her knees, pushing her own skimpy panties down and then pushing the other blonde's face in between her legs, "Now eat me bitch! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, eat my pussy. Lick me just like that, oooooooooooooooooh fuck yeah! Good girl. Good little dyke whore!"

Alexa opened her mouth to try and protest that if they really were going to do this then shouldn't they start out slow? They were girls after all, and every lesbian fantasy she'd ever had involved long sensual foreplay, which was a nice change of pace from guys who were eager to get to the 'main event' as fast as possible. But then she tasted her first pussy and again it was like her body went into business for itself. Or at least her tongue did, shooting out of her mouth and sliding up and down Charlotte's pussy lips with obscene eagerness. It was actually kind of scary. Mostly though, it was just extremely hot, Alexa even softly moaning into Charlotte's pussy at how thrilling it was, and how good the other girl tasted.

Charlotte chuckled evilly at this response. Well, at first she let out a soft gasp and a long loud moan of pleasure, but the evil chuckle quickly followed, as was always the case when she had another girl licking her pussy for the first time. It was even better if it was the other girl's first time licking pussy, either because she thought she was straight or because she had just been too nervous to indulge in those desires which as far as Charlotte could tell were natural for women. At the very least every woman she had successfully seduced admitted to being curious, and that definitely seen to be the case for Alexa as she eagerly began lapping away at her cunt. Maybe even too eagerly.

"Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I knew you'd be a great little cunt lapper." Charlotte moaned, "Ooooooooooh yeah, but slow down honey. There's no rush. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you're gonna get plenty of chances to eat my cunt, so why rush your first-time doing it? Oh yeah, that's it, slow down, mmmmmmmmm, that's so good. Yeah, don't completely abandon my clit. I love that shit. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, that's good, now a little less. Yes, that's right, good girl. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, we'll make a first-class rug muncher out of you yet Alexa. Yes we will, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, lick me, bitch!"

Much to Charlotte's delight the small blonde seemed only too eager to please once she got going, obeying everyone of the bigger blonde's instructions as she slowly showed her the proper way to eat pussy. Which Charlotte had been intending to do when Alexa debuted in NXT, but since she'd heard that was happening soon she might as well do it now, then when Alexa did officially join her show there would be just another first-class muffed diver around which Charlotte had personally trained to please her pussy. Oh yes, Alexa was born to please her. Please her with her mouth and tongue, just as she would soon learn to please her in other ways.

Honestly Charlotte had been so focused on Alexa for the last few minutes she had completely forgotten Sasha existed, so when she saw something out of the corner of her eye she was actually a little surprise to look up to find her tag team partner standing in front of her. That surprised quickly turned to delight as Sasha removed her own skimpy bra and then slid off the little panties she was wearing to reveal her naked body in all its glory, Charlotte licking her lips as she remembered the many times she and Sasha hadn't bothered to pick up a submissive slut and had instead just went to town on each other, licking and fingering each other's pussies for literally hours.

For a second Charlotte thought Sasha was going to curl up behind her and start massaging her tits and kissing her neck, and was then very disappointed when instead Sasha gave that honour to Alexa. Which Charlotte could have understood if the smaller blonde showed any signs of stopping, but as she didn't, it just seemed like a waste. Well, then she saw Sasha slide a hand down into Alexa's panties, causing the other girl to moan into Charlotte's pussy, and suddenly this action made a lot of sense, and Charlotte was even grateful for it as the vibration of that moan was very, very enjoyable for her. Still, it wasn't long before she removed her own skimpy bra and began playing with her tits lazily as she watched Sasha having fun with their little slut for the evening.

"That's it girl, tongue that twat." Sasha purred into Alexa's ear shortly after she kneeled down behind her, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, bury your face deep into that cunt you little dyke slut! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, eat that fucking fuck hole! Become a pussy addicted gay girl, just like the rest of us in NXT, and the whole WWE!"

Sasha continued offering up that kind of helpful encouragement as Alexa accepted her place, and NXT got a new cunt lapper. Oh yes, this was her place now. Alexa accepted her place as NXT's latest cunt lapping slut, there to please the top women of the promotion like Charlotte and more importantly Sasha Banks. Oh and they were both going to make sure that Alexa had plenty of practice eating their pussies. In fact this pretty little blonde slut was going to practically live in between their legs, so it was only right that the first pussies that Alexa would ever taste belonged to Charlotte and Sasha, as it would help her get used to her new home.

Part of Sasha was envious of Charlotte as being another woman's first was thrilling. She particularly liked the first few nervous licks and then the girl doing what came naturally and beginning to really go to town on her cunt. It certainly didn't take long for Alexa to do that, and while Alexa was still nervous and clumsy she was doing enough to make Charlotte moaned loudly, which definitely made Sasha a little bit jealous. However this just meant that when it was her turn Alexa would have a better idea of what she was doing, Sasha gaining the benefit of the training she and Charlotte were now giving Alexa, who was lapping up every word almost as eagerly as she was lapping Charlotte's twat.

"Yes, that's it, good girl." Sasha grinned wickedly, "Lick that pussy just like that you fucking lesbo! Mmmmmmmmmm, that's so hot. Now suck it! Suck Charlotte's cunt! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wrap those pretty lips around her entrance and suck the juices right out of her. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, do it! Oh yeah, she fucking loves that shit!"

"Yessssssssss, I do, ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk!" Charlotte moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm, harder you little bitch! Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, Goooooooodddddddd Alexa, you're gonna make me cum soon."

Hearing that prompted Sasha to grind her stiff nipples even harder into Alexa's back and her wet pussy even harder into the other girl's butt in order to prepare herself for her turn. She also whispered even more filthy things into Alexa's ear, played more roughly with the blonde's titties, and most importantly pushed a finger into Alexa's cunt. Just before that she also rubbed the lips of her pussy a little harder, but at that point Alexa was already nice and wet, so Sasha knew it would be welcomed, and sure enough Alexa moaned in pure pleasure as she was penetrated. However the finger didn't go in quite as easily as Sasha was expecting, something she rejoiced in pointing out.

"Oooooooooh, you're so tight. Like ridiculously tight for a girl your age. Not virgin tight, but clearly you haven't been getting fucked hard enough. Probably not often enough either." Sasha taunted gleefully, "But don't worry bitch, me and Charlotte are gonna pound you hard and frequently until you're loose and slutty. Mmmmmmmmm, and ready for us to use at a moments notice."

As she revealed that last part Sasha locked eyes with Charlotte and the two NXT superstars shared a wicked grin. Of course what they weren't telling Alexa was that they had very little interest in her cunt, and it was going to be her butt hole they would fuck. Oh yes, they weren't just going to fuck this girl, they were going to humiliate her and make sure she never forgot she was nothing but a little bitch. A bottom that they would both use for their pleasure. Although along the way Alexa would definitely enjoy herself, which was proven given the way that Alexa moaned into Charlotte's cunt as Sasha slipped a second finger inside her and began rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Alexa also humped herself back in time with Sasha's thrusts, the now perhaps formally innocent blonde wondering whether if they all got on the same page that all three of them could cum together. Oh, that sounded like heaven to her. But above all else Alexa wanted to make Charlotte cum, and not just because she was guessing that she had to if she wanted to cum at all. No, Alexa just wanted to make Charlotte cum. Part of that was her giving nature, but mostly because after growing to love the taste of pussy she wanted to know if girl cum tasted as good. Maybe even better? No, surely that wasn't possible. Besides, Alexa just liked pleasing Charlotte, which was why she obeyed each one of her commands, eagerly listening out for permission, and instructions on how, to make the other girl cum.

It seemed to take an eternity, but eventually Charlotte groaned out the following instructions, "Ooooooooooh fuck yes, now concentrate on licking the entrance again. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, just like that. Now fuck me. Shove your tongue inside my cunt and fuck me with it you little bitch! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, make me cum in your mouth, oh yeah, and all over your face, ah shit, officially welcoming you to the roster, mmmmmmmm fuck, and your new life as a pussy slut, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, fuck me you dyke! Fuck me with your tongue just like that, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, Goooooooooddddddddddd yessssssssssssss!"

Feeling extremely eager to please Alexa tried to wait for Charlotte to finish speaking, but she just got impatient. Besides, from the sound of the reaction she got this was exactly what Charlotte wanted, which made Alexa's heart flutter. Which wow, was a sign that the other two girls were probably right, and she was submissive. But it was hard to concentrate on that when she was penetrating another girl with her tongue, Alexa whimpering both from the feeling of wet heat surrounding her tongue and getting even more yummy juices this way. It also made the other blonde completely incoherent, although Sasha seemed more than happy to pick up the slack.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck her you bitch!" Sasha growled in Alexa's ear, "Fuck her with your pretty little tongue and make her squirt! Mmmmmmmm yeah, make my friend cum so hard that she squirts all over your pretty little face you cum hungry slut! Oh fuck yeah, get that face as deep as it can go in Charlotte Flair's cunt! Fuck, that's so hot! Yes, do it, make her squirt her cum into your pretty little mouth you dyke bitch!"

Honestly Alexa thought Sasha was exaggerating, because surely women didn't squirt in real life. That was just a made up story one of her friends told her to embarrass her. But shortly after she pushed her tongue into Charlotte's cunt and started fucking her with it Alexa was hit by a huge gush of liquid which shocked her and almost made her pull back. Well, she tried, but Charlotte was pushing her face as deep into her pussy as it could possibly go, meaning her face got absolutely drenched in girl cum. Inevitably she tasted it, instantly loved it, and began frantically trying to gulp down as much as she could, but there was just so much of it, and then suddenly not enough as Charlotte's orgasm subsided.

Desperate for more Alexa shoved her tongue back inside Charlotte's cunt and frantically fucked the other woman until she came again. This time Alexa certainly didn't try and pull away. No, she opened her mouth wide and welcome Charlotte's cum which pretty much squirted directly down her throat. Unfortunately her lack of experience, and the fact there was just so much liquid, meant a lot of Charlotte's cum escaped Alexa's hungry mouth, but that was okay, because it felt like the more dominant woman was marking her as her bitch, and Alexa found she loved that, further proving that she was the submissive little slut Charlotte and Sasha were accusing her of being.

Charlotte was delighted that Alexa was accepting the fact that she was a rug munching lesbian slut, and more importantly a girl cum loving dyke whore. She knew she was from the moment she laid eyes on her, but the enthusiasm that Alexa was now showing for Charlotte's cum was truly top-notch, and only made Charlotte cum that much harder. And oh, was she cumming. It wasn't quite as good as the orgasms she received from a more experienced cunt lapper like Sasha, but it was still amazing and she never wanted it to stop. And for a few wonderful minutes it didn't feel like it had too, as Charlotte was not only was able to keep Alexa in place, but she didn't have too, and she was tongued fucked to climax after climax until it felt like one continuous orgasm.

However as much as Charlotte savoured those few wonderful minutes, if things continued like this then she wouldn't have the energy to fuck Alexa, and she refused to be seen as weak. More to the point she couldn't afford to be seen as weak in front of Sasha. Besides, there was no way she could miss out on violating Alexa's cute little butt. Also hogging this girl's hot little mouth all to herself would have been just greedy, and she was away better friend than that. So, tightening her grip in Alexa's hair, Charlotte roughly pulled the shorter blonde away from her pussy, took a few brief seconds to catch her breath and offered up her mouth to her teammate.

"Hey Sasha, you want a turn with this slut's mouth?" Charlotte graciously offered.

"Hell yeah!" Sasha exclaimed, not even waiting for Charlotte to let go of Alexa's hair before grabbing it herself, turning the other girl to face her and then shove her pretty face into her cunt before moaning, "Come here bitch! Eat my pussy! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, eat it, eat my fucking cunt! Ooooooooooh fuck yeah you lesbo, lick me! No, not like Charlotte! I don't need warming up. You should know, having grinding my soaking wet cunt against your pretty little ass for what feels like the past hour now, mmmmmmmm, and fingering your little whore hole, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, that's it, enough of the slow shit, eat me! Fucking eat me! Yesssssssssss, that's it girl, lick that clit! Lick my fucking clit just like that, oh fuckkkkkkkk yeah! Lick it! Mmmmmmmm shit!"

For a few seconds Charlotte just watched The Boss in action, impressed by her skills as a top. When she had first arrived in NXT Charlotte was in awe of Sasha, especially as she seemed so different from the nervous girl she watched tapes of when Sasha initially debuted on NXT, Summer Rae telling Charlotte that Sasha had been even more submissive than she seemed, and now her friend had totally transformed herself into a bad ass Dom who didn't take shit from anybody. Not even Summer Rae or Paige. At least anymore. It had definitely inspired Charlotte to be the top she now was, but as her eyes drifted to Alexa's cute little ass wiggling as the smaller blonde went down on her friend Charlotte couldn't help but take advantage of Sasha in her distracted state.

That last thought conjured up some wonderfully wicked thoughts, which sadly Charlotte concluded was better left to another time, because as tempting as it was she wasn't ready to risk losing Sasha as an ally just because she wanted to top her really badly. So instead she concentrated on retrieving a nice, big 10 inch strap-on dildo from her workout bag, before stepping into it, pulling it up her thighs and strapping it firmly around her waist before finally covering the shaft with lubricant. She did this all slowly to try and not get Sasha's attention, but ultimately Charlotte's luck ran out and her friend glanced over at her and glared in annoyance.

"Hey, wait your turn." Sasha scolded.

"Awww, come on Sasha!" Charlotte whined, "There's no reason we can't use her at the same time."

"I can think of at least one." Sasha glared, before an idea came to her head, "But if you really want to join the fun, her pussy is available."

"Please." Charlotte scoffed, "A bitch like this was made to take it up the ass."

"Yeah, but it's my turn to have first crack at an ass." Sasha pointed out, then when she saw the look on Charlotte's face grinned, "What? Did you really think I wouldn't remember? Bitch please! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, you can have her slutty little cunt Charlotte, but the ass is mine."

"Fine!" Charlotte grumbled, grabbing Alexa firmly by the hips and lining up her dildo with the other girl's pussy, "Come here bitch, I'm going to wreck your dirty little cunt!"

Alexa couldn't believe how these women were talking about her like she wasn't even there, just a little fuck toy there to be used for their pleasure. It was horrifying, mostly because it turned Alexa on almost as much as it frightened her. Especially when it came to talking about her ass. Because they couldn't be talking about fucking it, could they? Because that was gross, and disgusting, and something Alexa would never do. And yet she wasn't sure she could deny these women anything, especially not after allowing her the privilege of eating their pussies. And the thought of such a surrender was weirdly appealing, although Alexa wasn't entirely sure why.

Before Alexa really had time to analyse it Charlotte roughly slammed forwards, pushing several inches of dildo into Alexa. Her poor little pussy had never taken anything so big before, but thankfully lubricant on the cock and her own arousal from eating pussy meant that while there was a feeling of uncomfortable stretching it was mostly drowned out by pure pleasure, Alexa squealing gleefully as she was filled with big dick. Then in what felt like no time at all Charlotte's thighs bumped against her butt cheeks, the taller blonde wasting no time in officially beginning to fuck her with that strap-on, causing the initial uncomfortableness to be forgotten as Alexa became increasingly overwhelmed with pleasure.

This caused Alexa to get so distracted that soon there was a violent tugging on her hair and Sasha yelled at her, "Don't forget about me bitch! Mmmmmmmm, make me cum. Make me cum now. Come on you little dyke, fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue. Shove your little dyke tongue inside me and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, ooooooooh Goooooooodddddddd!"

Feeling incredibly guilty for neglecting the yummy treat in front of her face Alexa had immediately gone back to licking Sasha's pussy as soon as she felt that tug on her hair. She then concentrate on Sasha's clit to try and rapidly increase the pleasure the other girl was receiving until Sasha made it clear exactly what she wanted, then Alexa slid her tongue downwards into was against the other girl's entrance, initially intending to let Sasha finish talking before losing patience and just slamming her tongue into her. For a few moments there was no verbal humiliation, and when it did eventually return Sasha's heart just wasn't in it and soon she gave up completely.

Of course Charlotte was quick to pick up from where she left off, "Come on bitch, harder. Make my friend cum. Mmmmmmmmm, there's no cumming for you until you make her cum all over that pretty little face of yours, so I suggest you try a little harder. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, that's it, fuck my friend while I fuck you. Fuck, that's soooooo hot. Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, fucking dyke, take my big girl cock and make my friend cum! Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, good girl! Good cum loving little bitch! Now, here's your reward! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, take it bitch!

Doing as she was told Alexa did her best to ignore the skilful pumping of her pussy, which thankfully for now was nice and slow, and concentrate on making Sasha cum. Luckily Sasha had clearly enjoyed watching her to go to town on Charlotte because Alexa found it was much easier quicker to make Sasha cum. Or maybe she was just getting better at eating pussy already. Or it might have been because shortly after she shoved her tongue inside her Sasha started thrusting her own hips back-and-forth in time with Alexa's thrusts to ensure that the tongue fucking was as deep and hard as possible. Hopefully combination of both, but either way it was not long before Alexa was rewarded with more cum than she could swallow, although she desperately tried because she loved it just as much as Charlotte's cum, if not more.

Sasha loved getting head from a pretty girl, especially ones who new to eating pussy like sweet little Alexa here, so she would like this to last much longer than it did. However, she didn't trust Charlotte that much, and especially not when the ridiculously tall woman was wearing a strap-on dildo which was now more than ready to rob Sasha of the opportunity of taking Alexa's virgin ass hole from her. That hole was hers to take, dammit, and there was no way she was going to let Charlotte take what was rightfully hers. To ensure that she had to hurry up proceedings. Which was probably for the best, because watching Alexa dyke out for Charlotte had made Sasha practically ache for her own release.

When it came it was so powerful Sasha almost lost her footing because it made her knees feel so very weak. Luckily she was The Boss, and therefore she had the willpower to stay on her feet even as her cum violently squirted over Alexa's pretty little face. And in her mouth, the new comer adorably trying to swallow as much as she could, which just made Sasha's climax that much more powerful. It also made Sasha smirk, first at nobody particular, then down at Alexa before finally at Charlotte. Of course Charlotte didn't notice, she was too busy watching her strap-on sliding in and out of Alexa's cunt, and no doubt eyeing the real prize just above it.

This was a warning sign that Sasha needed to pull away immediately from Alexa's soft little mouth, grab a hold of her own strap-on and take the submissive blonde's anal virginity as quickly as possible. However as much as she wanted to do that The Boss just couldn't convince herself to move as her greedy body wanted more orgasms. The problem was ever since she started fucking other women Sasha had become spoiled, always cumming multiple times with each time being so wonderfully powerful, especially when another girl was going down on her. Plus by the time she truly recovered from the first one Sasha was halfway to her second, and Alexa was just having so much enthusiasm, and she convinced herself she was closely halfway already, so Sasha just let Alexa do what it felt like she was born to do.

Fortunately even though Sasha gave Alexa the privilege of making her cum Charlotte was surprisingly good and didn't take advantage of the opportunity and just continued to gently pump the other blonde's pussy while The Boss came over and over again into Alexa's pretty little mouth and cute little face into she just couldn't take it anymore and stumbled backwards, leaning against the wall as she gasped for breath. Even then Charlotte didn't switch holes, instead picking up the pace just enough so that was Alexa who was on the edge of cumming, the sight fulfilling Sasha's strength, especially as she knew Alexa would not be given the privilege of cumming any time soon. But if they weren't careful, that was exactly what would happen, so the brunette needed to acted fast.

 Which Sasha did, namely by grabbing a firm hold of Alexa's pretty blonde hair, yanking it back, and screaming in her face, "Do you wanna cum, bitch?"

"YES! Yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh God yes, oooooooooooh Gosh!" Alexa swore deliriously.

"Well... to bad!"  Charlotte cruelly announced, yanking her cock out of that needy little hole.

"Noooooooooooo!" Alexa literally wept, lowering her head when Sasha let go of her head.

"Yeah, you're not cumming." Sasha revealed with an evil laugh, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you're not cumming... until we get that sweet ass of yours."

There was a brief pause, then Alexa began with another whimper, "Please, I-"

"Finger your butt hole!" Charlotte suddenly snapped, "Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, finger that slutty little back door, and show us just how badly you wanted to be fucked."

Alexa wanted to point out that her ass wasn't slutty. That it couldn't be, given that she was a back door virgin. More importantly, she wanted to stay that way, and she would have never even considered this before now. But... she just needed to cum so bad. And until only a few moments ago, she hadn't seriously considered licking pussy, and now that was like her favourite thing ever. Something she almost certainly wouldn't be allowed to do again, if she denied these women what they so obviously wanted. And sure she could find other women who were just as hot and yummy, but why take the risk? And, she just didn't want too. No, Alexa wanted these women, so for better or for worse, she did as she was told.

Which was super awkward, and almost unbearably embarrassing. Maybe especially because she had to press her face to the cold floor of the women's locker room, reach back and find a very unfamiliar target. Of course, she made sure to suck a few fingers first, something which had the other women chuckling with wicked delight, which in turn made her heart flutter. For better or for worse, she felt the same way as they began giving her encouragement again. Especially when she found her target, and pushed forwards, enough to make that finger slowly enter her most forbidden door. Oh God, the middle finger of her right hand slowly slipped into her butt hole, something which was on perfect display to the other women, thanks to Alexa spreading those cheeks.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, finger that slutty little hole!" Charlotte gleefully encouraged, "Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, show us just what a nasty little butt slut you can be. Mmmmmmmmm fuck yeah, what a nasty little butt slut were going to be for us, and everyone in the WWE. Oh fuck yeah, Alexa Bliss will never be anything but an anal whore!"

After a few long seconds of offering up some encouragement, Sasha lost her patience, "More, more, more, oh what the hell? Mmmmmmmmm, I'll do it myself. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, keep those cheeks spread, Alexa. I'm going in. Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, get ready, little girly girl. Your ass is mine!"

This was a great relief to Alexa, as having someone else taking over this was so incredibly awkward, but at least she wasn't having to do it to herself anymore. Although that seemed like a small comfort, when there was a finger being pushed into her butt hole. Especially that, given the angle, Alexa hadn't exactly got far into her tailpipe. Not like The Boss. No, Sasha was able to get her finger all the way inside Alexa's ass, and then pump it in and out, while continue to shower her with taunting words. For better or for worse, the blonde was unaware of what the brunette, or the other blonde, were saying, as she was just so lost in this humiliation. Which to her shame, it wasn't nearly as unbearable as she thought it would be.

Yes, it couldn't compared to having her pussy fingered, or better yet, the feeling of a dildo deep inside of her was supposed to go. Oh God, why couldn't they just fuck her pussy? She was ready to promise to be their lesbian slut forever, if they would only fuck that hole instead. Especially because the anal fingering actually felt kind of good, making her truly worried what would happen to her when she actually took a cock in there. Hell, at this point, it being unbearably painful might be the best case scenario. Because if she actually became the type of girl who liked it up the butt, Alexa wasn't sure what that would turn her into. But she had an idea, and it was really, really scary.

"There, that should do nicely." Sasha chuckled, predictably pulling her finger out, and sucking it clean, before ordering, "Now, keep those cheeks spread, ho. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that's it. give me and Charlotte the best possible view of me taking... what's your name again? No, wait, I don't care. Because it doesn't matter what your name is, ha ha ha ha! Because from now on, your name is going to be butt slut, ass whore, anal slave. And whatever else we want to call you. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, you, and this perfect little made for fucking bubble butt belongs to Sasha Banks. Oh, and Charlotte Flair, of course. Ha ha ha ha, oh yes, say goodbye to your anal cherry, bitch!"

Sasha giggled with delight at how quickly Alexa spread her cheeks for her, although the giggling quickly ended when she pulled her fingers out of the other girl's ass hole and then pressed her strap-on against it. She then paused to savour the moment. After all, it wasn't everyday she got to pop an anal cherry. Especially another wrestler's anal cherry, which made this so much sweeter. Wanting to get as much enjoyment out of this as possible Sasha pushed forwards as slowly as she could, her eyes lighting up as Alexa's virgin ass hole slowly began stretching for her big dick. She then let out another giggle in delight as that incredibly tight anal ring stretched wide enough to allow her strap-on to slip inside that virgin butt, meaning Sasha had officially taken Alexa's back door cherry.

Receiving her first ever anal penetration caused Alexa to gasp and whimper, but she offered up no real protest. She didn't even take her hands off of her cheeks, which continued to be the case as Sasha slowly began adding inch after inch of dildo into that tight little bottom, which naturally got even more whimpers and gasps out of the other girl. The sounds were mostly of pain and discomfort, but Alexa did a lousy job at hiding the undertone of pleasure, which unfortunately reminded Sasha of losing her own anal virginity to Paige, Sasha's ass hole quivering in both a good way and a bad way as she remembered the most humiliating moment in her life.

Since then she'd been ass fucked more times than she'd cared to admit, but as humiliating and degrading as they were almost nothing made Sasha cum harder. That seemed to be the case for all women wrestlers, allegedly dating back to the days of her idols Trish and Lita, but one of the things that told Sasha she was born to be in the WWE was that while receiving a butt fucking made her cum harder there was absolutely nothing more satisfying than taking another girl's ass, especially if it was virgin. Time would tell which one Alexa preferred, but Sasha was going to do everything in her power to make sure the newcomer was a total bottom, partly to remove a potential threat, but mostly because she definitely wanted more of this hot ass. Besides, she just liked sexually breaking other women.

With that in mind Sasha refocused on burying the rest of her dick inside Alexa's ass. Luckily while she had been daydreaming about the past her body had automatically continued that long slow thrust into Alexa's bowels so she was almost there already. She could have just kept going, but instead Sasha grinned wickedly and gave a hard thrust to bury the rest of the dildo into Alexa's butt, causing the other NXT girl to cry out in pain. She then let her wallow in the humiliation of undeniably losing her anal virginity to The Boss, then Sasha began thrusting her hips back and forth, officially beginning to give Alexa her first-ever butt fucking, her latest conquest continuing to spread her cheeks so Sasha got a perfect view of her cock pumping in and out of Alexa's now formally virgin back hole.

For the next few minutes Sasha was completely lost in that sight, when suddenly a voice awoke her from her tunnel vision, that being Charlotte asking, "How's the ass?"

"Mmmmmm, so sweet." Sasha grinned, "And tight. Ooooooooh yeah Charlotte, this might be the tightest piece of ass I've ever had. You've got to try some of this."

"Gladly." Charlotte grinned, getting closer to where her teammate was fucking Alexa's ass, "Just move aside and let me get some of that ass."

"I didn't mean now." Sasha said dismissively, even having the nerve to wave Charlotte off, "Maybe in a few minutes. The Boss is only just getting started with this sweet little virgin hole."

"Ah, Sasha, don't hog that booty. I want a piece of that bitch meat." Charlotte whined.

"Ugh fine, just give me five more minutes to really stretch this ass." Sasha sighed.

"Okay, but don't stretch it too much." Charlotte pleaded, "I love tight virgin ass."

"Mmmmmm, trust me, that won't be a problem." Sasha grinned wickedly.

Charlotte hoped so. Sasha could get a little carried away with a virgin ass hole if Charlotte didn't prompt her to share, although Sasha was true to her word and let Charlotte get a piece of that ass soon it wouldn't be a problem this time. Not that it wasn't fun pounding a loosened slut hole, like Bayley's butt hole, but a virgin ass hole was like the Holy Grail in the WWE, which was why Charlotte and Sasha often went out on the town hunting for cute little anal virgins they could share. They especially loved picking up an innocent little straight girl like Alexa here so they could introduce her to the joy of eating pussy too, but nothing was better than violating some cute little anal virgin's back hole.

Watching Sasha sodomise a cute little anal virgin was almost just as good, especially when Charlotte knew she was minutes, and maybe even seconds, away from sliding into that tight little hole herself and become only the second person to ever butt fuck this girl. And she definitely wouldn't be the last, given the way that Alexa was moaning just from the beginning of the sodomy, and of course continuing to immediately spread her cheeks to give Sasha and Charlotte the best possible look at her untouched butt hole become a cock taking bitch hole. God, Charlotte would never get tired of that beautiful yet twisted sight, even if it wasn't her dick currently stretching an anal ring. Luckily that was about to change.

After what felt like an eternity Sasha suddenly pulled her cock completely out of Alexa's ass, moved aside and told Charlotte, "Your turn."

"Finally!" Charlotte exclaimed, quickly taking the place that Sasha had just been in, "Now you get to see how a professional does it."

Out of the corner of her eyes she could tell that Sasha was rolling her eyes, and she was pretty sure that her friend said something sassy back, but honestly Charlotte couldn't careless. And she certainly wasn't paying attention. Not when there was a beautiful little butt hole in front of her just waiting to be fucked, Alexa's moments ago virgin hole remaining gaping for a few long seconds before quickly closing back up again. It was almost completely closed when Charlotte was in position, and she let it close all the way before pressing her dildo and ramming it forwards, roughly penetrating Alexa's wonderfully tight ass hole. This understandably caused Alexa to cry out and then whimper, but the weak, pathetic girl didn't offer up any real protest.

She didn't even stop spreading her cheeks, which both disgusted and delighted Charlotte. The Queen couldn't imagine ever being such a disgrace to her gender, but that's why girls like Alexa existed, to be walking fuck holes to superior women like Sasha and Charlotte. Something that the genetically superior Queen quickly proved, as she pushed her big dick all the way up Alexa's ass before beginning to pump in and out of that forbidden hole, and thus officially giving this little bitch her second taste of being butt fucked by a real woman. Which just made the submissive little girl moan and whimper while the dominant women chuckled with wicked delight.

"Yeahhhhh, moan for me you little bitch!" Charlotte chuckled, "Moan for me while I fuck you right in your pretty little ass! Fuck, I knew you would love it up the butt. Ha, what a whore."

"Yeah she is." Sasha agreed, "She's a good for nothing whore. Good for nothing but taking it in her cute little bitch ass. Yeahhhhhhh, this bitch is nothing but an anal whore."

"I don't know about that." Charlotte grinned, quickly clarifying, "She's obviously a born cunt licker, and I think she would make a great ass to mouth slut."

"Fuck yeah she would! She would make a perfect ATM slut! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, just look at that cute little mouth. Those are clearly blow job lips." Sasha exclaimed, knowing this was Charlotte's way of getting longer with Alexa's ass, but not caring. No, she just moved around until she was kneeling in front of Alexa's face, grabbed her by the hair so she forced the blonde to let go of her cheeks and get on all fours, and then pressed the ass cream coated cock against the lips of her latest conquest, "What are you waiting for? Suck it you dumb slut! Don't make me asked twice... I'm warning you, oh yes, mmmmmm, that's so hot. I love watching a bitch like you sucking her own ass off my cock, especially when she's still taking it up the ass. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, you like that, don't you? Yeah, should have known you would be a total ATM slut. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that's a good whore, take those cocks. Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, take our big cocks in your slutty little fuck holes like the spit roast bitch you now are!"

Alexa whimpered in humiliation as that cock which had just been up her butt was pressed to her lips, especially because she knew there was no way she could deny Sasha. Besides, Charlotte gave her butt an extra hard thrust, causing her to jerk forwards and opened her mouth in a long moan. As a result Alexa took the cock into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it before she even realised what was going on. She then scrunched her face up in disgust when she realised what she was doing, only to moan like a slut when the flavour of her own ass hit her taste-buds, causing her to blush again in embarrassment. Which was surprising as Alexa didn't think she could blush any more considering how much she loved being ass fucked.

Never in her wildest dreams could Alexa have imagined she would actually like getting butt fucked, by women, no less, but now she just couldn't get enough. Charlotte and particularly Sasha had just done such a good job of stretching her ass out, and the most humiliating part of all was Alexa actually got off on the pain of losing her anal cherry by having big strap-on dildos shoved as deep as they would go into her butt by two other female wrestlers. Then just when Alexa didn't think it could get any more pleasurable, or humiliating, Sasha shoved her cock into her mouth, giving Alexa another first as she was suddenly taking it in both ends.

Spit roasted! She was being spit roasted like a little piggy, which would have been slutty enough if it was just a guy shoving his cock into her mouth while another fucked her pussy, but this was two women, one fucking her ass and the other feeding her own ass. And she was loving every second of it. God forgive her but Alexa loved it in the ass, and she loved the taste of her own ass. Something which became very clear to Sasha and Charlotte as after just holding Sasha's dildo in her mouth for a a few long seconds Alexa started greedily sucking on it, which caused the BFFs to laugh cruelly and redouble their efforts verbally humiliating poor little Alexa Bliss.

"Oh yeah, look at her go." Sasha laughed, "You were right Charlotte, she makes a great ass to mouth slut."

"No, you were right Sasha. She makes a perfect ass to mouth whore!" Charlotte chuckled in between moans, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, this bitch is such a fucking bottom. Fuck, look at her swallow that cock which has just been deep up her fucking shit pipe. Does she have no shame? Is she loving this cock up her ass so much that she doesn't realise what she's doing? Or is she just a total whore?"

"Please, have you seen the way she sucks that ass flavoured dick?" Sasha pointed out, "She is clearly a total whore."

"Yeah, but really, who cares? Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, let's just enjoy this piece of ass." Charlotte suggested as she once again became lost in watching her cock pumping in and out of Alexa's butt hole, spreading those cheeks herself so she could get the best possible view.

To her shame, the verbal humiliation, and even Charlotte pulling her cheeks apart, only made Alexa love what was happening even more. She just couldn't help it. She loved the way Sasha and Charlotte were treating her like a piece of meat, especially because she realised that was what she had allowed herself to become. Just a piece of ass for these far more dominant women to use for their pleasure, and the more they degraded her the more she loved it, and love them for it. She even desperately wanted to please them, eventually even pushing her ass back against Charlotte's thrusts and forcing almost the entire length of Sasha's strap-on down her throat.

This time Alexa's efforts were not rewarded as Sasha suddenly yanked her cock out of her mouth and yelled at Charlotte, "My turn! I want some more of da ass!"

"Awww come on Sasha, just five more minutes." Charlotte complained.

"No way, it's my turn." Sasha said firmly, further pushing, "You've had that bitch hole long enough. Don't be greedy."

"Fine." Charlotte sighed, yanking her dildo out of Alexa's ass hole and then completely turning to Sasha, "But you better not hog this hole, cause I'm not done wrecking it. Not by a long shot."

"Yeah, yeah, get out of my way, you fucking giant, and give me that ass." Sasha said dismissively as she gently pushed Charlotte out of the way and roughly shoved her cock up Alexa's ass.

Luckily for Alexa her rectum was nice and loose at this point, her well stretched butt hole even remaining gaping wide open like a baby bird begging for it's supper. And it certainly got it in the form of Sasha's big strap-on being rammed down her hole, which should have probably made Alexa cry out in pain and humiliation, and while there was a little bit of that it was clearly drowned out by pleasure. That fact caused Sasha to chuckle, and she might have taunted Alexa again, but Alexa found it hard to concentrate on anything except the dildo being roughly shoved into her ass. The first thrust sent over a third of the strap-on into her butt and the following thrusts were just as hard and resulted in the rest of the cock disappearing into her tailpipe.

Seconds later Charlotte stuffed her strap-on into Alexa's mouth, this time Alexa forced to clean every drop of her own ass juice as Charlotte first stuffed as much as she could down her throat and then forced her to lick the base. Then the two tops swapped positions again and Sasha fucked Alexa's poor mouth with the same roughness that she had been treating her ass hole too, and why shouldn't she? Sasha had made it clear that Alexa was just a fuck hole to her, and as humiliating as it was to even admit it to herself, Alexa loved that. Almost as much as the factors with Sasha brutally fucking her throat the other woman was able to stuff every inch of her strap-on down Alexa's throat, meaning that she got every drop of her own ass cream in the most perverted way possible.

The two tops then swapped over and over again, constantly making sure Alexa was going ass to mouth while getting her butt fucked. It was blissful. At least at first. Unfortunately while Charlotte and particularly Sasha began sodomising Alexa with far more roughness than they initially had it was never quite enough to make her cum. In fact several times Alexa felt herself being sodomised to the edge of orgasm only for one of the other women to cruelly pulled their strap-on dildo from her ass hole just before she could get over that edge and stuffed it into her mouth. Which for a while was still blissful, because it meant Alexa was constantly getting pleasured and wonderfully humiliated, but it was not long before her need to cum became so overwhelming she would do anything, and say anything, just to cum.

So when Charlotte and Sasha next swapped holes Alexa desperately cried out, "Harder! Please fuck me harder! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, fuck me! Please? Fuck me hard, and make me cum! Oh my Gosh, I wanna cum! I wanna cum with a cock up my butt. Ooooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssss, fuck me, Charlotte! Fuck my little ass hole! Oh fuck, it feels so good! Your dick feels so good in my bottom! Sooooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddddddd, ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss, fuck me, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

It felt like no time at all for the older blonde to bury her big cock back inside Alexa's butt and restart the ass fucking. Alexa whimpered pathetically when Charlotte started out slow, but it felt like her rectum was so loose and needy that it was unnecessary, but again it didn't take long for The Queen to pick up the pace until Alexa was right on the edge again. For a moment Alexa thought that the taller blonde was about to pull out again, which would have been beyond cruel, only for Charlotte to then give her the greatest orgasm of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until it all felt like one massive climax which redefined Alexa's understanding of bliss.

Charlotte came too. How could she not? She was showing off her genetical superiority by fucking another woman in the ass. Nothing could ever feel better than this. Especially as this was another female wrestler. Or at least a wannabe. Someone who she knew had the skills to someday be a threat to her, but would now forever be just an anal whore. She would make sure of that. Yes, she was going to butt fuck Alexa Bliss so long and hard that whenever this tiny little girl saw her, or even heard the mention of her name, her poor little ass hole would wince in remembrance of how thoroughly Charlotte, and Sasha, had destroyed it. Which would remind Alexa of how inferior she was, and hopefully make her want to willingly give up her ass. And even if she didn't, this hellacious ass fucking would ensure it be easy for Charlotte to bend this bitch over again.

That and the stimulator bashing against her clit as she bravely hammered Alexa's ass hole made sure that it was inevitable that Charlotte would cum. She held back for as long as she could, but after sharing this bitch's butt hole, and her mouth, with her BFF Sasha Banks for what felt like hours there wasn't much Charlotte could do to stop herself from receiving a climax herself shortly after the truly rough sodomy began. When it started she knew it was the beginning of the end, but Charlotte firmly pushed through her first orgasm to her second, and her third and so on, Charlotte pushing herself forward both so she could get as much enjoyment out of Alexa's butt hole as possible and to prove to herself and the other two women what a butt busting top she truly was.

Honestly she could have pushed herself longer, but Sasha demanded, "MY TURN! GIMMIE THAT ASS!"

For a second the two friends stared at each other, then Charlotte smiled, "Okay."

With that Charlotte again pulled her cock out of Alexa's ass and stood aside so that Sasha could ram her strap-on into that gaping butt and started brutally pounding it. Well, it took a second to get into the groove, because while the BFFs could be sadistic and cruel they didn't want to cripple anyone, and they certainly didn't want to ruin such a great piece of ass. No, they would make sure that cute little fuck hole was available to them for years to come, which Sasha proved as after giving Alexa a tiny break she slowly built up her pace until she was cumming hard and frequently again, Charlotte moving back so she could truly admired the sight of her best friend butt fucking another beautiful woman.

It was a sight Charlotte could never imagine herself getting tired of, and not just because of how beautiful Alexa was as she came wonderfully hard for Sasha. In fact at this point Charlotte was barely aware that Alexa existed, and she was completely focused on her best friend. Or more accurately her best friend's butt, Charlotte standing directly behind The Boss so she could admire her ultimate prize as it bounced up and down in front of her. For now their alliance was mutually beneficial, but ultimately only one of them could be the champion, and Charlotte long for the day that she would no longer need a BFF, just a bitch, Charlotte once again promising herself that from that day forward she would completely break Sasha Banks in turn her into her happy submissive little bitch. Or at least gape Sasha's sexy little ass in every single place they ever visited.

Sasha knew that Charlotte like to stare at her ass when she thought she wasn't watching her, at least out of the corner of her eye, but she was. She saw her stare and knew what she wanted, and that was fine because Charlotte was just wanting what she would never have. Because when their alliance inevitably ended, like they always did in wrestling, it would be The Boss who would come out on top and it would be Charlotte who would be humiliated and broken like poor little Alexa here. But Sasha wasn't about to concentrate on that when she had a piece of ass in front of her, so even though she gave her partner the occasional glance over her shoulder mostly Sasha put all her attention into wrecking Alexa's rectum.

Once she had worked up to it that's exactly what she did, the sound of The Boss's thighs smacking against Alexa's ass cheeks almost as deafening as the orgasmic shrieks of the weak little bitch bent over in front of her and the feeling of those little cheeks jiggling against her pushing Sasha ever closer to climax. That and the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman's wrestler, and possibly removing a potential threat to her, all combined so that it was only a matter of time before she came. Although when she did she was proud of the fact that she had already made Alexa cum like a bitch several times. Maybe even more than Charlotte had.

If she hadn't done that yet Sasha was determined to do it, because she needed to prove that she was top dog in the BFFs. Or more accurately remind Charlotte that was the case. Oh yes, her days of being an anal loving bottom were long gone and now she was a butt busting top, as poor little Alexa was finding out, Sasha now gleefully using the new comer's ass hole to prove a point to her friend, and herself. That meant pushing herself through her own orgasms until it was almost painful. And certainly pushing herself through the increasing aches from her body from the constant hard thrusting, the overwhelming pleasure and dominance making whatever pain and discomfort she was also feeling more than worth it.

As a result Sasha's mind slowly melted and all that was left was a wild animal relentlessly pounding into it's submissive mate. Or more accurately it's fuck hole, because that's all Alexa Bliss was to her right now. A fuck hole. Alexa Bliss's most private hole was Sasha Banks's personal fuck hole, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Not that anyone tried. No, the poor little bitch just screamed in pleasure, and then eventually whimpered pathetically, as her butt hole was completely ruined in the name of Sasha's pleasure, which was something The Boss was only too quick to point out when she was finally forced to stop who knows how many orgasms later.

She didn't want to stop, but any more orgasms and she would faint, and she didn't trust Charlotte not to do something, so Sasha pulled out, admired her handiwork and exclaimed, "Now you see that? That's a gape."

"Not bad..." Charlotte said, somewhat dismissively, before grinning wickedly, "But I think we can do better."

"Yeah, we can." Sasha beamed happily in agreement, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, and we will. After all, mmmmmmmm, we have all night to destroy this whore's ass."

"Well, yes." Charlotte agreed, before again grinning wickedly, "But I meant we could finish off this bitch together. You know, the same way we've been finishing off that whore Bayley?"

"What, you don't mean..." Sasha questioned, after a few long seconds of frowning in confusion. She then finished almost within a hushed whisper, "Double anal?"

"Why not?" Charlotte shrugged, before revealing, "I'm in the mood to truly destroy some ass. Who cares whether she's ready for it or not? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, let's end her career before it gets started, by shoving two cocks up her ass at the same fucking time! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, that will teach management to make me a fucking valet."

There was a brief pause, as this was extreme, even for Sasha, but inevitably she nodded, "Let's do it."

"Great." Charlotte beamed, before ordering, "Now lay down, and let her get on top of you."

"What? No way, you lay down." Sasha pouted.

"You got her anal cherry." Charlotte pointed out, "It's only fair."

"It's not the same." Sasha argued, then after a brief pause, offered, "Together."

That was even more extreme, but it wasn't like it mattered, so Charlotte agreed, "Deal."

Charlotte and Sasha then awkwardly press their cocks to that already gaping back door, and began to push. Annoyingly Alexa didn't spread her cheeks like she should have, but at least she didn't try to stop them. No, the pathetic little Pixie Princess just whimpered pathetically and pressed her face down to the cold floor, leaving that perfect little bubble butt of hers completely vulnerable to this latest attack. Which was more than enough for Charlotte and Sasha, who without another word, each took a cheek in hand, and push it to the side, so that they would get the best possible look at their cock stretching Alexa Bliss's butt hole even wider than before, which was really saying something.

Given it was much easier to go in one after the other. In fact, several times one of those dildos slid in by itself, only to be pulled right back out again, as the two tops were determined to take that double anal cherry. And it was totally worth it, to literally see two cocks sliding into a bitch hole at the exact same time. Oh fuck, this was so hot and nasty, and Charlotte loved every second of it. Obviously Sasha did too. She was always going too, but for a few long seconds, she actually kept her mouth shut, and just joined Charlotte in staring in disbelief at where Alexa Bliss's shit hole remain stretching around their strap-ons. Naturally it couldn't last, but The Queen had to admit, she really enjoyed hearing what The Boss had to say this time around.

"Oh my God! What a fucking slut!" Sasha loudly announced, cackling with laughter as she continued, "Did you see that, Charlotte? Did you? Ah fuck, both our cocks in that shit hole, at the same time. Damn, and I thought Bayley was an ass whore? Well, she is. But God, I don't think even she compares to this level of butt slut. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, this double anal loving bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, and do you hear her complaining? Begging for mercy? Begging for us to take it easy on her itty-bitty butt hole? No, mmmmmmmmm, because she's a nasty little anal slut, who's loving every second of it. Oh yes she is, Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, take it bitch! Take it all up your ass!"

While usually Charlotte like to at least try and get a word in, this time round she was happy to just enjoy the commentary, and savour this twisted moment. But then Sasha started pushing forwards, almost causing her dildo to be pushed out in the process. Which of course, was completely unacceptable. So Charlotte started pushing forwards again, until it at least reach the point where she didn't have to hold the dildo in place anymore. Of course, when she reached that point, she didn't stop. No, at that point, she was determined to get every single inch of her dick inside Alexa's clearly made for fucking ass. Ideally, at the same time as Sasha. Although being first was better than losing.

However, despite what people would think, Charlotte wasn't without mercy. Not enough that she would actually stop Sasha. No, that would be weakness. But she didn't escalate things further, and she felt she deserved credit for that. Maybe a nice fruit basket from Alexa, for not completely destroying her juicy little bubble butt? Then again, Charlotte was beginning to wonder whether anything could actually damage that ass? After all, Alexa was still taking everything she was given like a professional anal whore, who took double butt fuckings every single day. Not a virgin to this, by any means. Which again, proved that she was made for this, and there could be no doubt that Alexa Bliss had a bright future as one of the most popular anal sluts on any roster she was on.

Alexa couldn't believe she was allowing this to happen to her. Hell, she couldn't believe she allowed it to get this far, or for them to do the things they had done before. But at least now she had an excuse, and she was almost grateful for that. Firstly, that she was to emotionally and physically exhausted from the ass fucking to say anything, and then that she was just too overwhelmed by having her butt stretched by two dildos at the same time to say anything. More importantly, the two dicks up her backside brought a welcome return to pain, proving she wasn't the anal slut these women claimed she was. And perhaps proving that she would get out of this with a shred of dignity intact.

She just had to ignore the fact that the twisted part of herself which had enjoyed everything so far was still enjoying it. That Sasha's words were keeping her close to her high, especially when combined with the feeling of being like the biggest slut on the entire planet, for being able to take two cocks inside her at the same time. Especially, in a hole which wasn't designed for one. And worse, take them all the way. Oh God, such a thing shouldn't be possible, but slowly and surely, the thighs of Charlotte and Sasha came closer and closer to Alexa's butt cheeks, until The Queen was forcing The Boss upwards, so they could get the last few inches in. Much to the dismay of Alexa, and the delight of the other women.

"Hey!" Sasha initially cried out as she was pushed, before her eyes went wide with delight when she saw what this resulted in, and then gleefully bragged, ""Oh my God! This bitch just took it all! Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, this shameless little butt slut just took every single inch of these big dicks up her cute little booty! Ah fuck yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmm, she's truly ours now. Our little double anal ho. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Alexa Bliss is nothing but the property of Sasha Banks, and Charlotte flair, who is such a little ass whore, she can take two cocks at a time up her shit-pipe. Just like every other diva in the WWE soon will! Mmmmmmmmmmm fuck yeah, they will all be the double anal bitches of the BFFs, ha ha ha ha!"

Which left poor Alexa crying out, as she finally came. Oh God, it was the most embarrassing and shameful thing in the history of the universe, but Alexa Bliss actually came from having the full length of two big strap-on cocks in her shit-pipe. Especially, as it was easily the hardest orgasm of her life. Which really shouldn't be possible, but somehow that teasing, humiliation and twisted pleasure just caught up with her. Oh God, she would truly never be the same again after this. Never again be able to pretend that she had dignity or self-respect. Hell, in that moment, she wasn't even a woman anymore. Just a disgusting fuck hole, that real women were using for their amusement.

Unfortunately, that thought, the angry abuse that Sasha gave her for cumming without permission, and just the sheer joy of the official start of the double butt fucking had her cumming again. Oh God, two women started thrusting their hips back and forth, causing those dildos to slide in and out of her tailpipe, forcing Alexa to cum again. And then again, and then again, and then again, with the only upside being at least she didn't have to think about it. No, Alexa's poor little mind was just content with everything that was happening to her anymore, and she slipped into unconsciousness, her upper half only staying in the air thanks to Charlotte and Sasha holding her firmly in place, so they could use her for their pleasure.

Charlotte and clearly Sasha were surprised that Alexa had cum so quickly and easily from something so twisted as having her shit hole stretched by two strap-on dildos. And her very first time taking it, too. God, such a thing should be impossible, and not something that Charlotte would believe, if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. Fuck, every so often, a wrestler came along, who seemed destined for greatness. One who seem like she was going to dominate their generation. The Queen was the embodiment of that in the women's division. Oh yes, she was destined to be the Alpha female of the WWE, winning championships and fucking asses everywhere she went. But this girl was the opposite. Someone destined to be the biggest anal whore in the entire company.

Only too happy to solidify that fact, Charlotte and Sasha worked together to make sure that Alexa came so many times she would never be in doubt of what her true place in the world was. Even if she truly needed rectum reconstruction surgery every other month to keep up with the demand for this perfect little ass of hers. And God, it really was perfect. Hell, there were several asses in the WWE which were perfect, but this? This deserved a title of it's own. Oh yes, it just had the perfect amount of jiggle with every thrust, and was just so wonderfully tight around her cock Charlotte might be at least a little bit in love with it. Oh yes, there could be no doubt that Alexa Bliss would be one of her favourite butt sluts. Perhaps even her favourite, even though she was up against stiff competition.

Perhaps even from Sasha Banks. Oh yes, Charlotte had manipulated Sasha into this position countless times, which gave her the perfect excuse to admire The Boss's perfect little bubble butt, which might've been normal on a regular sized woman, but on a tiny frame was massive. And whenever they did this, it jiggled in a way which made it easy for Charlotte to imagine that it was that ass she was fucking. Because sure, Sasha was her ally now, but it was just a matter of time before she would have to put this uppity little bitch in her place. In fact, in that particular moment, she could imagine it so vividly, along with everything else going on right now, that she came too.

It was clear that Sasha came around the same time, which was hardly surprising given that her clit was also being rubbed by the other end of her dildo, and she was also feeling and seeing the jiggling of Alexa's ass cheeks. Perhaps she was even imagining she could top Charlotte, while being overwhelmed by the wonderful heaven that was topping this inferior woman. Oh yes, the two of them were able to reach an orgasm or two, before abruptly pulling out of their fuck hole. Something they had to do sooner than they wanted, given it was clear that the fuck hole had fallen into unconsciousness, and it was unfair to keep going. At least for too long. Although it did provide them with quite the view afterwards.

"Pathetic bitch!" Sasha spat angrily.

"She needs to work on her stamina." Charlotte agreed.

"Not tonight, though." Sasha quickly said dismissively.

"Absolutely not." Charlotte again agreed, before adding confidently, "She'll be back in NXT tomorrow, begging for more cock up her ass. And if she's lucky, we'll give it to her. But right now, there must be some divas around here we can use, just like we used this little ho. Mmmmmmmmm, or at least, get them to clean our cocks."

"Oh, they'll do more than that. Much more." Sasha promised, as she and her partner headed towards the door.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, we're going to make all those bitches our bitches!" Charlotte boasted, before grinning wickedly, "And do you know what that will be?"

"What?" Sasha questioned.

"Blissful!" Charlotte punned, causing both tops to burst out laughing, before going in search of more prey, while leaving poor Alexa Bliss unconscious in the middle of the room, her ass hole gaping wide open.

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