How the Worst Day Turned into the Best Day

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Bailee Madison and I do not make money from this writing.

How the Worst Day Turned into the Best Day

Bailee Madison yawned and turned around in her bed. Her eyes opened slightly as she looked at her alarm clock that had yet to ring. The alarm clock was blank. There were no numbers seen. Bailee got wide eyes and quickly sat up in bed.

“Shit, the batteries must have died during the night” she said to herself, her opened the drawer that was on the side of her bed and pulled her phone out of it. Of course, the battery of her phone was dead as well. “This is just not my day”

She walked out of her room and into the kitchen and saw the time on the stove, her eyes went wide, it was 7:55, she had overslept and was now really late for school. Bailee ran back into her room, almost tearing her pajama’s off of her body as if she was dancing on stage in front of horny men. She tossed her clothes on the floor and went through her closet, she took out a pair of jeans as it was a crisp autumn morning and she also took a red shirt. She dressed as quickly as she could.

Thankfully, her father had started the coffee and she filled her reusable cup with it, adding only a little milk inside, then she grabbed an already open bag of gummy bears that she could eat while on her way to her high school. She glanced at the time again, she had taken only five minutes to get ready, a new record for her, since Bailee liked to take her time in the morning. If all went well, she would only be a little late to class and she could live with that.

But of course it wasn’t that simple. There were more problems to be had. Her used car that her father got her when she turned 18 several weeks ago wouldn’t start this morning, she never had a problem with her car until today.

“Son of a bitch” Bailee swore and she never swore. Her father was at the end of the driveway stacking wood by their home and he must have heard her because he walked over.

“Are you having some sort of trouble?” he asked her

“This piece of junk won’t start” she whined “and I’m already super late for school”

“Let me take a quick look at it” he told her, he opened the hood of her car and checked it out fast “I think the battery is dead, but I can’t be sure. All I know, is that you won’t be driving this car anytime soon”

“The battery is dead. That is the story of my life today” said Bailee

“I’ll bring this piece of junk to my friend and he’ll fix it up in a day or two” said her father, the way he said the words “piece of junk” made Bailee feel bad for letting them slip from her mouth. “I can give you a ride to school” her father added

“Thank you so much daddy” said Bailee and she kissed her father on the cheek

“Get in” he told her as they walked towards his ride.

Naturally Bailee’s bad luck didn’t end there. For some reason that she would never understand the streets were filled with cars. There was insane traffic today, usually when she drove to school, she was lucky if she saw five other cars on the road, today there were dozens which made her later and later for her first class with each red light that they got along the way. They got every single red light and sometimes they would have to wait at a light several times. It was the longest ride of her life.

Finally they made it to her school. At this time Bailee was over 40 minutes late, she hopped out of the car and waved good-bye to her father and he drove away. On the long ride over, he had agreed to come and pick her up once classes were over for the day. Bailee went to the front door and entered the school, the moment you walked in you were next to the front office. There was a lady who worked at the front desk, none of the students knew her name and she rarely got out of her chair.

“I finally made it” Bailee said to herself as she entered the school, she walked over to the lady at the front desk. “I’m here to sign in” the lady glared at her “My alarm clock died on me last night and it didn’t ring, so I overslept”

“I see” said the lady, she took a clipboard and pushed it towards Bailee “Sign your name on this paper and then you can go to class”

Finally, she was starting to get some good luck. She took the paper and wrote her name and other information on the paper, then pushed it back to the lady.

“Very good, now all I need to see is your student ID card and you can go to class” said the lady

“Alright” said Bailee, she looked through her purse and couldn’t find her card “You have got to be kidding me!”

“What’s wrong?” the lady snapped her question

“I can’t seem to find my card. I always keep it in my purse” said Bailee

“Well, if you don’t have your ID card, then I cannot allow you to go to class” said the lady “Those are the rules and rules are meant to be followed to the letter” she crossed her arms and looked at Bailee, she was sure she saw a slight smile play on the lady’s lips “It seems you’ll have to miss the entire day”

“I can’t do that. I live for this place” said Bailee, she took her school work very seriously

“I never saw a teenager that is so desperate to go to class” said the lady “There is really nothing that I can do”

“This has been like the worst day of my life” said Bailee, she tipped her reusable glass towards her mouth to have a drink of her coffee, it was the first sip that she took of it as she was way too stressed out in the car to have a drink. However the top of the glass was loose. The cover fell on her face and then to the floor, all the now cold coffee in her glass drenched her face and her shirt/bra. Bailee didn’t even have the strength to yell about her awful day anymore.

“You poor thing” said the lady, it seemed that she actually had a heart behind her cold exterior. She stood and went over to Bailee “Are you alright?”

“At least the coffee wasn’t hot any more” said Bailee

“That’s good, because then you would be wet and have burns” said the lady, but Bailee didn’t find it very funny. “Follow me” she added, so Bailee did.

The lady took Bailee to a door in one of the halls of the school, she took a key and opened it. She and Bailee walked into the room. There were several showers inside. “This is the old teacher shower room” said the lady “It doesn’t get used anymore, but since you are wet and tired, I will allow you to relax and take a shower to clean yourself up. I will go look for a change of clothes in the lost and found for you. It seems your pants are dry, but your shirt is very wet and so is your bra, I think the shirt will be no problem, but we don’t have many bras in the lost and found and even if we did, we won’t have much in your large size”

“Um…thank you” said Bailee

“Don’t mention it” said the lady as she left the room.

Maybe the lady from the front desk wasn’t all that bad, or maybe she just felt very sorry for Bailee. Bailee took off her wet shirt and her bra that was also very wet. She placed both on the random chair that was in the room and then pulled her jeans down followed by her panties, she also put them on the chair but over the back rest, so they won’t get wet from her shirt and bra. Then Bailee stepped into the shower and turned the handle, the water fell on it, it was a little warm and it felt good on her skin especially after the day she had.

“This is nice” she mumbled to herself

Meanwhile it the halls, Jack was slacking off. He had dirty blonde hair and black eyes. He hated school and liked to skip class, usually he didn’t even show up to school, but today he had an English test second period, so he had no choice but to show up. It didn’t mean he had to suffer through math class. His girlfriend Sara always told him that he would regret not going to classes, but he never believed her.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed that the door to the teacher’s shower was slightly ajar, it all his years of coming to this school, he never saw that. Maybe today would be his lucky day, maybe the sec 5 teacher with big knockers was taking a shower and massaging her tits with her soapy hands. Just the thought of her in the nude made him hard, he slipped inside. Once inside he noticed the steam from the warm water was on. He was so excited that his heart was beating so fast, as long as it wasn’t a male teacher taking a shower, that would suck and make him depressed. Then he heard the humming with the voice of an angel. He knew it wasn’t a man anymore for sure, he couldn’t wait to check out this teacher’s hot body.

He pulled down his pants as he got closer to the source of the steam. His dick hanged out and his hand quickly wrapped around it. Jack started to stroke himself while thinking of the teacher with the big knockers in the nude. He really wished that she was the one taking a shower. If it was, this would be the best day of his life, even if he had an English test later in the day.

But when he reached the source of the steam, he saw that it wasn’t the teacher with the big knockers who was taking a shower, in fact it wasn’t a teacher at all. It was a student and he noticed right away that it was Bailee Madison, everyone knew Bailee because she always aced every single test and never missed a single day of school, so Jack found it odd that Bailee would be taking a shower at school…actually that didn’t surprise him too much, Bailee probability lived at school, but it was odd that she was taking a shower during class time.

Jack was just about to leave, Bailee Madison wasn’t really jack-worthy, but then he noticed her firm ass. He was hooked to her nude body, his hand stroked himself harder, the thoughts of the teacher with the big knockers were gone from his mind, replaced with pictures of him groping Bailee, him fucking Bailee and Bailee in a threesome with him and Sara.

He couldn’t get enough of her and he wanted her badly. He finished taking his pants and boxers off and left them on the floor and pulled his shirt off and walked into the shower with Bailee.

“What do we have here?” he said out loud to get her attention

“What?” Bailee turned around quickly at the sound of his voice, she had a hand placed over her vagina and the other hand over her boobs to cover herself from the person who talked. “What are you doing here?” she asked when she saw him “and why are you naked?”

“I always shower here when I skip class” said Jack, he stroked himself again “I never thought I would see you here, but I am glad that I did”

“Can you wait outside until I’m done?” Bailee asked

“No way” he told her and walked closer to her “You don’t have to hide that hot body from me, I saw the entire back view when I walked in and you have a fine body, you shouldn’t hide it from men. They should be allowed to look at it”

“Don’t say that” said Bailee, Jack placed his hand on the arm that was hiding her boobs.

“Don’t be shy” he said to her in a sweet voice. Bailee looked at him, she knew who he was, he was a slacker and she shouldn’t be interested in a boy like him, but she couldn’t help it. He was very attractive and she saw his big dick, the only bad side was that he was dating someone, but it was clear that he was interested in her. He pulled her arm away from her body and Bailee didn’t pull back, she allowed him to move her arm away and look at her tits, she wasn’t embarrassed by his gaze anymore.

“Nice rack” he said

“Thank you” she said, he stroked himself as he watched her “Do you want to see the rest” she said meaning that she was willing to remove the hand that covered her pussy. Jack didn’t answer, but he nodded his head and Bailee moved her hand away. She saw the smile on Jack’s face and that made it worth it, to see him happy.

His hand left his cock as he walked behind her and his hands went for her boobs, Bailee let him touch her, his large hands were over her chest moving her boobs in circles. Bailee felt hot especially with the water falling over her. His fingers took her nipples and pinched them; moans escaped from her mouth. She never felt this way before and never did this with a boy before, especially not at school.

Jack aimed his manhood and slipped it into Bailee’s nice pussy. Bailee moaned as her pussy was filled with this man’s cock, she was a little surprised as he did it without warning.

“What are you doing?” she asked

“It’s okay Bailee…it will feel good” he said

“Alright…I trust you” she said, everything else he did to her today felt good and she needed to feel loved today because her day was shit up until now. Jack started to thrust hard and fast into her. Bailee moaned as his cock went deep into her vagina, Jack was right it did feel good. But did it feel this good with any boy or was it just Jack that was this skilled.

Jack pinned Bailee against the wall of the shower, his hands departed from her tits and moved down her wet skin to her perfect hips and continued to thrust into her tight virgin pussy. He kissed the back of her neck and Bailee moaned as his lips touched her skin and his cock pushed deep into her. Her tits were pushed against the wall of the shower, his thrusting into her moved her slightly against the wall, her nipples rubbed the tile walls. Bailee was so turned on.

“This is so good” said Jack as he did her

“Yes, please continue to fuck me!” shouted Bailee

“I will. I will. Yes!” panted Jack, he now kissed her shoulder, when he pulled his lips away from her skin, he noticed that Bailee had twisted her head and was watching him.

“Please kiss me” she said to him

“Yes, I will” he told her and their lips met, her tongue came out of her mouth and wrapped with his tongue. Jack was lost in the bliss of their saliva filled kiss.

Jack pulled his wet penis out of her; Bailee was a little confused.

“Why did you stop? I don’t want to stop” she said

“I don’t want to stop either” Jack confessed “I want to see your face as we make love and it will be easier for you when we kiss”

“Alright…I trust you” she said

Jack lied down on the floor of the shower, his cock was hard and tall. Bailee was so excited, she might have been a virgin, but she had given that to Jack today and that made her happy, she deserved some happiness in her life today. Maybe all those bad things happened to her today to lead her to this wonderful moment and if that was the case, she would be grateful for them from now on. Bailee got on top of her lover who was dating some other girl in her class, Bailee had nothing against his girlfriend but she was falling for Jack faster and faster with each moment that passed and with each moment that they were naked together, she didn’t mind being the other women in the relationship, it might even be fun to sneak around behind the back of his girlfriend and other people too.

Bailee came down on him and moaned as Jack’s member filled her tight pussy. She started to move her hips and grind against his body. Jack was moaning at her hot movements.

“Damn Bailee how many men have you fucked to be this skilled at sex?” he asked her

“Oh…” Bailee didn’t know what she should tell him. She could tell him the truth that this was her first time, but would that turn Jack off? She could lie and tell him she slept with several other men who thought her how to make love to a real man, but that could turn him off too, to know that he wasn’t the first one in her life. It was a hard choice.

“This is my first time” she finally told him, she wanted to be honest with him. She didn’t want to start this relationship with a lie and she wanted Jack to hear and know forever that she gave him her virginity today in the shower.

“What? Really?” he asked as if he didn’t believe her.

Bailee continued to ride his hard cock and moved her hips along with him. She didn’t say a word and nodded her head.

“I can’t believe that” said Jack “You’re better in bed then my girlfriend and we do it once or twice a week”

“I’m happy to hear that” said Bailee, it would make it easier for her to convince Jack to dump that bitch and date her full time in the future.

Bailee continued her movements as Jack pushed his cock into her, her hips never slowed down. She came down on him, her boobs on his hard chest and her nipples passing over his skin, it made them both hot. She watched his dark eyes and he looked at her. They went forward and shared another tongue filled kissed, their tongues dancing together as they made love.

Bailee lost track of time as they had hot sex in the teacher’s shower. She felt Jack’s hands on her skin and squeezed her hot ass as he fucked her. Their lips rarely left each other’s mouth, they were so into each other. The kisses they shared made them so hot. Jack loved doing her as Bailee was skilled in bed, even if it was her first time and Bailee really got into it, she didn’t want the moment to end, she was addicted to sex with Jack.

“Shit…I’m going to cum soon” said Jack, but he continued to thrust into her

“Yes, cream me” said Bailee her eyes close as Jack held her close to his bod and pumped into her

“I can’t wait” said Jack

Then Bailee remembered something, the sex they were having was great, but it was also unprotected which meant that if Jack came inside of her, she could get pregnant with his child and while she would love to have Jack’s child in the future, she wasn’t interested in being a teen mom in her last year of high school. She pulled away from him and Jack seemed hurt.

“I can’t get pregnant” said Bailee

“That’s alright, I have a plan” said Jack. A few moments later, Bailee was on her knees in the shower with her eyes closed and her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Jack stood in front of her and stroked his large penis.

“Are you going to cum soon and cream my face?” asked Bailee

“I’m close” said Jack, he grunted and reached his peak, strands of cum flew out of his cock and landed on Bailee’s cute face, some of his cum covered her left eye and dripped from the side of her lips. “You look so beautiful”

“Thank you” said Bailee as she licked her lips and swallowed some of Jack’s cum “It’s very good”

“Next time when we have sex, just tell me that you don’t want me to cum inside” said Jack “I’m used of cumming in my partner because Sara is on the pill”

“Okay, I’ll tell you” said Bailee “But I have to finishing washing myself, even more now since you messed my face with your jizz”

“I think you look great” said Jack, he walked out of the shower section and quickly dried himself with a random towel then he started to put his clothes on. Bailee was thankful that the front desk lady never returned with a change of clothes. By this point in time, Bailee was sure her shirt and her bra were dry. Jack was dressed and looked at Bailee one last time and waved at her.

“I’ll come see you at your locker once I’m done” said Bailee “I need to give you my number so we can do this again”

“Yes, I look forward to it” smiled Jack as he left the teachers shower room, he still had a bulge in his pants even after he came on her face.

Bailee sighed in delight “At least something amazing happened today. This was the best day of my life and I fucking love sex”

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