Laura Ingraham: Hot Talk Radio

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Laura Ingraham. There is no profit being made off any of my stories.

It was getting close to the end of the show and Laura Ingraham was just winding it up. She was on a roll, and she can be especially hot when she is on a roll. It's very easy to get caught up in daydreaming.

Even though it was a cold day, Laura was wearing a low-cut blouse and a skirt that fell above her knees. When she sat at a certain angle, you could see her lovely cleavage through the glass in the production booth. Laura didn't seem to mind that today.

Laura closed out the show, the music came up, and she took off her headphones and got up out of her chair.

"Good show," I said. Laura smiled.

"Thanks. We try. I need to see you in the office," she said. She waggled her finger.

I followed Laura down the hall. She was sitting at her desk.

"You know, I'm going on a trip," she said. "I need to get the e-blast out fast. You're going to have to help me with it, though. I have to get ready."

I was always happy to help lovely Laura. And Laura was very nice to those who helped her. You never knew what little gift she might come up with to say thank you.

"Glad to help," I said.

I sat down at the computer. I began to type. "Hey," I called in to her, "do you want this item in the blast?"

"Hold it for me," Laura replied. "I'll be out in a minute."

I continued to type diligently, preparing the material to send out to Laura's many subscribers. The articles paralleled the topics she had been discussing on the show, so it was pretty easy to get the items done. Subsequently, I was cruising the net looking for quotes to fill in the stories. This was a component that Laura usually wanted to include.

I had been typing for several minutes when I heard Laura's voice. "Let me see what we have," she said. I turned around. Laura was standing there wearing only a very sheer bra that didn't quite cover her ample breasts and a pair of quite skimpy panties. I could almost see through them. She was smiling broadly.

"Let me see the blast," she said. Now she came around the desk. Her panties were practically in my face. Suddenly, I was finding it very hard to concentrate on anything but those panties and what was inside them.

Now Laura leaned over so that I could practically touch her breasts. She had her hand on the back of my chair. Although my pants were starting to bulge, I tried not to let on how aroused I was. I was breathing deep breaths looking at her.

Now Laura turned and sat down next to me. "Let's take a closer look," she said. I didn't know how I could get a look that was any closer than the one I had now. I was breathing deep breaths.

"We need to make a small change in that," Laura said, pointing to one item. As she pulled her hand back, she brushed it against my bulging crotch.

"Am I turning you on?" she asked. I nodded. "Good," she said. With that Laura climbed on my lap. She threw her hands around my neck. I reached around and removed her bra, freeing her lovely tits from their captivity.

"Let's get our business done here," Laura said. She undid my pants and whipped them off. While I played with her luscious boobs, she began to bounce up and down. My hands were inside her panties. She quickly unbuttoned my shirt. I could feel her panties getting wetter.

Now Laura stood up. Her panties came right off, revealing her glorious blonde nakedness. I slid my shorts off. My dick rocketed up, straight as it could get.

Laura pushed me back onto the desk. Everything that was on the desk fell to the floor. Now she climbed up on the desk, her legs at the opposite end from mine. As she began to suck my cock, I dined on her fine pussy. Now I began to spew.

Laura pulled her mouth off my hard cock just in time for my cum to hit her face. "Mmmm," she said. "I love the taste of cum." She licked her lips, but she was still dripping with my juices.

Now she turned herself around and kissed me aggressively. Meanwhile, she took my balls in her soft hand and began to play with them. Gently she fondled them until my dick again began to firm up.

"Well, that's what we were looking for," said Laura. Now she began to stroke and pull my stiffening rod. She ran her supple tits over it so my dick was in the space between them.

At Laura's signal, I climbed down from the desk, returning to the chair. Laura sat on my lap. Now my super-hard cock entered her back door. I wrapped my hands around her and fondled her breasts, pulling her naked back to my chest. . Her boobs shook up and down as she rocked on my hard cock. I kissed the back of her neck.

"I love the back way," Laura said. Her breath was getting short. Now she leaned back so that I was sprawled over the chair and she turned herself over, my organ entering her again in the front love hole. It was a very easy entry. She bounced up and down ontop of it until I started to spew jism all over her sweet pussy. Laura threw her head back and began screaming.

"Oh, God! Oh God!" She was jerking around ecstatically.

"Well," she said with a long sigh, "that was a great session." Then she picked up her clothes and began to get dressed.

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