Michelle Malkin: Conference Call

BY : SkyBubble
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Michelle Malkin. There is no profit being made off any of these stories.

I was sitting in the press section of the ballroom. Another speech to cover. This had been the routine all through the conference. One speech after another. I was beginning to get bored with the routine. It would be nice to have something to break up the conference, I thought. I barely noticed that the chair next to me at the table was empty.

A few minutes into the speech, I looked up and saw the famous columnist rushing in the door. She was nicely dressed in an elegant if low-cut sleeveless blouse and a nice skirt that barely reached her knees, and her face was familiar from her appearances on television. I had never met her, but I had seen her on television so often that I felt as if I knew her already.

She headed right for the empty chair next to me. I couldn't help but notice that her short skirt rustled as she walked. As she took the empty chair, she revealed her lovely legs. I was very aroused by the sight. I turned and smiled.

"Hi," I said.

"Hi." Michelle Malkin flashed her famous smile and nodded.

"I'm a reader of your column," I said. "I'm pleased to meet one of my favorite columnists."

"Thank you," she said. Again Michelle nodded and smiled. She had a very captivating smile. I continued to take notes on the speech, but I couldn't resist taking a few glances at Michelle. I kept thinking about that short skirt and her lovely figure. I had to admit, she looked good. I caught myself daydreaming about what it would be like to get inside her. What a yummy treat she would be!

A couple of minutes later, I felt Michelle's leg against mine. Now I felt her hand on my thigh. There was something in her hand. It was a plastic card.

"714," she whispered, and she let go of the card. I smiled as I discreetly put it in my pocket.

Once again Michelle rubbed her thigh against mine. Again she placed her hand on my thigh. I put mine on her leg. She smiled. My hand started to creep inside her skirt.

Shortly, Michelle left the meeting. I tried not to be seen watching her leave.

I waited a few minutes, then excused myself. I wandered towards the elevators, taking a discreet route. Michelle had tried to be discreet; I didn't want to be obvious about what was going on.

The elevator door opened. I got on the elevator and pressed 7. Arriving at the seventh floor, I walked down the hall until I spotted number 714.

I stuck the card in the slot. Hearing the buzz, I slowly opened the door.

"Come on in," Michelle said. "I'm waiting."

As I entered the room, Michelle was stretched out on the big bed, wearing nothing but her sheer bra and very slight panties. And that famous smile again.

"Come here," she said invitingly. I made my way over to the bed.

Michelle immediately noticed how hard I was. "I can see you're ready for action," she said. With that, she gave me a big, wet kiss and unzipped my trousers. My cock shot straight through. I couldn't wait to get it out of its boundaries.

"Hold on," I said. "Let's make this easy." I took off my pants. She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. We kissed.

Again I lay next to Michelle on the bed. Once more our lips met. I slid off her bra, exposing her lovely round tits. I began to play with them. They were firm and round and supple. I began sucking on them. Michelle seemed very turned on by this.

She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, kissing my chest as she went. I put my hand on her panties.

With a single whip of a motion she tore off my shorts. My rod was finally free. It was hard and stiff. Michelle kissed the tip.

"Nice and hard," she said. "The way I like it." I worked my hand inside her panties and I began to finger her. Now Michelle took her panties off.

Now I fingered her. Shortly, Michelle began to breathe very deeply, in very short breaths. She was moaning. She was clearly ready.

Now Michelle climbed on top of me. She sat down so that my cock entered her hole. It was a really smooth entry. As I entered her, I played with her lovely tits, They were so beautifully rounded and responsive. She was practically jumping up and down on top of me.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh," she moaned.

Michelle threw her head back and sighed. Her lovely, long black hair flew wildly all over the place. She leaned forward and gave me a wet kiss.

I grabbed Michelle's shapely hips and rolled over on her. I continued to pump deep inside her. Michelle was screaming. I went in deeper.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Michelle's legs began to shake. In short order, she began to scream with joy. I spewed my juice into her. She shook and shivered with intense pleasure. Now she relaxed, almost limp.

"Thanks," she said. "You staying for the whole conference?"

"I'll be here."

She smiled. "Maybe we can get together again, then. I'm already looking forward to it."

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