Rebecca St. James: The Picnic

BY : SkyBubble
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know this person. No money is being mde from any of these stories.

It was a beautiful summer day. Rebecca St. James was enjoying the time off. She was enjoying the sun and being with her family and her boyfriend. It was nice to be off the tour and just have a picnic, she thought. It was very relaxing. Rebecca ate her fill and was lying in the sun. She smiled at her boyfriend, Jimmy. Now she stood up.

"Jimmy and I are going for a walk," she announced. She took her boyfriend by the hand and they began to walk together. Rebecca had a big smile as they disappeared over the horizon.

"It's so nice that I can finally spend some time with you," Rebecca said. She took Jimmy's hand.

Not far beyond the picnic ground was an old barn. It looked to be abandoned. Rebecca had always been curious about it.

"Let's go in," she said. "I've always wanted to take a look." Jimmy nodded.

"I'm not sure we should, Rebecca," he said.

"Oh, come on, what can it hurt?" She kissed him.

"OK," said Jimmy. They found the door and opened it. Now he led her into the barn.

For a bit they explored, looking at all the old things that were stored in the barn. Now Rebecca moved towards Jimmy. They embraced. She gave him a lover's kiss, working her tongue around his mouth. He put his hand on her rear end and pulled her so close to him that their bodies almost merged through their clothes. He ran his fingers through her hair and slightly pulling as he kissed her neck and ear.

Rebecca broke away from him. With a smile she kicked off her flip-flops. Now she pulled off her shirt.

"Rebecca, what are you doing?" Jimmy asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing, silly?" Rebecca asked as she unzipped her jeans. "I'm giving myself to you." Jimmy smiled. Now Rebecca's jeans fell to the barn floor.

"Come here," Rebecca said. Jimmy moved to her. As they embraced, Rebecca felt the bulge in Jimmy's pants. She unzipped them. Jimmy put his hand inside Rebecca's panties.

Now he unhooked her bra. She took it off. Rebecca wore nothing but a very wet, sheer black thong. Her ample boobs reflected the summer sunlight.

"Are you going to get undressed or do I have to do it for you?" asked Rebecca.

Quickly Jimmy removed his pants and shirt. He threw them on a heap with Rebecca's clothes. Now he moved around in back of Rebecca. He reached around her and fondled her ample boobs. She fingered his crotch. Her hand went inside his shorts. Now she grabbed his shorts and yanked them off.

She turned and faced him, her hands inside her thong. Jimmy slid it off. He backed Rebecca against the barn wall and kissed her hard.

Now Rebecca took him by the hand and led him to a bale of hay that sat in a corner of the barn. She lay on the hay, her legs spread wide apart.

"Come on, Big Boy," Rebecca said seductively. Jimmy's cock stood at a ninety degree angle to his body, parallel to the floor. He climbed up on the hay.

Rebecca grabbed his hard cock and began to rub it. She could feel how hard it was. She started to stroke it as his lips moved down to Rebecca's ample breasts. Jimmy ran his mouth across her nipples, almost touching them, but just letting her feel his breath on them. Now he began to gently lick, suck, and nibble on them. He could feel them getting hard.

Jimmy worked his lips down to Rebecca's inner thighs. She started to tremble. He kissed her thigh, right next to her pussy. She began to stroke him hard. Rebecca could feel Jimmy's warm breath on her wet pussy.

Now his fingers moved her lips, revealing her clit. Gently he began sucking and licking it. Rebecca grabbed his hair and tilted her head back. Jimmy slid his tongue in and out, alternating with sucking her clit. She turned and began to suck on his hard rod as he continued to work on her female area.

Rebecca moaned with pleasure. Jimmy could taste how wet she was. Finally, his cock could take no more. With a kiss he rolled on top of Rebecca. He entered her.

"Oooohhh," she sighed. "I've missed that." Jimmy kissed her. He pumped her hard. She clung tightly to her strong boyfriend. Happily she wriggled underneath him. "God, how I've missed that!"

Jimmy pumped her hard and fast and deep.

"Harder," she cried. "Faster! Deeper!" She clung to Jimmy. Rebecca kissed him hard as she constricted her pussy, tightening up on him. She held him tightly, her arms on his back. Now she felt his jism spewing deep inside her wet pussy. Quickly she began to shiver in ecstasy.

"Ooooh, yeeeessss!" cries Rebecca. "Oooohhh yeeesss! Ah. Aaaahhh!" She collapsed back onto the hay. Jimmy pulled out, his last little bit of jism hitting Rebecca in the face. She licked her lips.

"I'd forgotten how good you are, my love," Jimmy said. Rebecca smiled and kissed him.

"Thank you," she said. "I remembered how great you are. I couldn't wait to enjoy it again. We must do more of this." With that, she rose. "I think it's time to get back to the picnic," she said.

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