Rebecca St. James: The Christmas Gift

BY : SkyBubble
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Rebecca St. James. No money is being made off any of these stories.

Christmastime was always busy for Rebecca St. James, with all the family parties, shopping, and other things. And with a few siblings to buy for, it was always that much more complicated. Rebecca looked forward to a relaxing time.

There was a family party scheduled this evening, but Rebecca begged off, saying she didn't feel well. Actually, she had her own plans.

Once she was alone, Rebecca called her boyfriend Jimmy.

"Hey, stud," she said through the phone line. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you, Rebecca," he said. "When are we getting together?"

"How about now?", she replied. "Can you come on over? There's no one here and I'm lonely."

"I'm on my way," said Jimmy.

Rebecca smiled. "See you soon, then," she cooed. She hung up.

Now Rebecca was ready to carry out her plan. She went upstairs and found some gift wrapping ribbon. She got the Santa suit she had rented and began to strip. After she got completely naked, Rebecca picked up the Santa suit. She put on the big Santa hat. It almost completely covered her hair. She slipped on some fur-trimmed red boots and bright red panties.

Now Rebecca picked up the ribbon and went downstairs. She got the scissors, cut off a large string of ribbon, and wrapped herself in green ribbon. Now she turned on the Christmas tree. She stretched out under it and waited.

Shortly there was a knock on the door.

"Who's there?" Rebecca said seductively.

"It's me, Jimmy," replied her boyfriend.

"The door's open. Come on in."

Jimmy opened the door and entered. He spotted Rebecca lying under the tree.

"Merry Christmas," said Rebecca. "Like what's under the tree for you?"

"Like it?", Jimmy said eagerly. "I can't wait to open it!" His organ was bulging so much he could barely keep his pants on.

"Well, then, come over here and open up your gift," said Rebecca. Jimmy walked over to where she was stretched out. He kneeled and he untied the green ribbon. Now Rebecca wrapped her arms around him. She pulled him to her and kissed him hard, running her tongue around his mouth. She felt his hands on her boobs. Now she unzipped Jimmy's pants.

Rebecca began to unbutton Jimmy's shirt. Off it came. She whipped off the boots and the Santa hat.

Jimmy slipped his pants off. He felt her hand on his crotch. He began to kiss her passionately, moving slowly down her supple body. Jimmy slid Rebecca's panties off. He fingered her. Quickly he found the "nose" of her clitoris. This brought Rebecca fits of extreme pleasure.

Again Jimmy inserted his tongue into her. Rebecca shivered with pleasure. She pulled off his shorts and began to stroke his hard rod.

"You're so hard," Rebecca said. With that, she stuffed his hard cock in her mouth. She took it in as far as it would go. She licked it and sucked it at the same time. Rebecca ran her tongue all over Jimmy's cock, top and bottom, end to end. He began to dribble and Rebecca happily drank every drop. Now he came all over her mouth. Rebecca swallowed it all.

"Mmmmm," she said.

Again Rebecca took Jimmy's now-limp organ in her hand. Now she began to stroke him vigorously. It began to harden up again. He kissed her heaving breasts. He sucked her nipples.

"That's what I'm looking for," said Rebecca with a smile. She placed her hand softly under his balls, gently rolling them around. Jimmy was stiffening up quickly.

Jimmy put his hand on Rebecca's bare butt and pulled her down to the floor. She was on top of him, still caressing his hard love rod. He feigned at entry, rubbing his hard rod against the outside of her female area. Now they rolled over. He pushed his rod hard inside her.

"Merry Christmas, Jimmy," said Rebecca as he entered her.

"Merry Christmas, Rebecca," he replied. He pumped her aggressively. Wrapping her arms tightly around him, she pulled him deeper into her. Jimmy quickened the pace. He rammed hard into her. She began to scratch his back. Gleefully she wriggled under him. She kissed him.

"Harder," Rebecca cried breathlessly. "Deeper!" She grabbed Jimmy's butt and pressed him to her. He was sliding in and out, hard and fast. They were both out of breath.

"You're a dynamo, Rebbi," Jimmy said breathlessly.

Rebecca began moaning loudly. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, aaaahhhh!" Rebecca sighed. She exploded with pleasure, multiple orgasms sending shivers all over her body.

Just as Rebecca came, she felt Jimmy coming too. She kissed him.

"Wow," she said breathlessly. "You were great as usual!"

"You too," Jimmy said. "You are one hot mama!" They kissed again.

They lay together for a while, then Rebecca rose. "The party should be over soon," she said. "Maybe you ought to head home." Jimmy got dressed and left. It had been a memorable Christmas celebration and he had gotten the best gift he could ask for.

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