Jennie Finch: A Day in the Sun

BY : SkyBubble
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Jennie Finch. No money is being made on any of these stories.

The sun was shining on a bright, warm day. There was a high sky. It was a perfect day to be at the beach, and that's where Jennie Finch was.

Jennie was lying on a large blanket in an obscure corner of the beach, near a tree, on her back in a gold bikini. The top didn't fully hide her large breasts. Jennie liked it that way. The blanket she was stretched out on was large enough for at two, and she was getting a little bit of shade on this warm day.

Jennie was eagerly waiting for her boyfriend Pete to arrive. He had promised to meet her at the beach. Jennie smiled, thinking of her plans for later. She hoped it wouldn't be too long until he arrived.

Jennie had picked this shady corner as the ideal place to carry out her plans without disruption. She just hoped Pete would spot her easily.

"Jennie!" She smiled when she heard the voice of her boyfriend. Pete was standing there in swim trunks and a T-shirt. Jennie smiled broadly, eagerly.

"Hi," Jennie said. She stood up and wrapped her boyfriend in her arms, kissing him passionately. "Glad to see you," she said.

"You been waiting long?" said Pete.


"Sorry. I got backlogged. You know how it goes sometimes." With that, he kissed her. She opened wide and returned his kiss.

"I am so glad to see you," Jennie said. Jennie smiled and gave her boyfriend a hard kiss. She stuck out her tongue, running it around Pete's mouth.

"Gold," Pete chuckled. "It fits you." His hand was on Jennie's butt. "Golden hair, golden personality." Jennie giggled and kissed Pete hard.

Pete kissed Jennie's large boobs. Jennie sighed deeply. She rubbed her body against his. She grabbed his crotch. Pete pulled her to him. Jennie's gold bikini bottom pressed and rubbed against Pete's swim trunks.

"You know how to get me going," Pete said. He was beginning to get hard. The harder he got, the more aroused Jennie was getting. Again she grabbed his crotch.

"I picked us a nice spot, away from the crowd," Jennie said. Pete nodded. Jennie looked around. There was no one nearby. The shade was protecting them. Jennie took off her top. Pete smiled.

Jennie kissed her boyfriend aggressively. Her tongue was in his mouth and she grabbed his crotch. Pete took off his tee shirt. Jennie kissed his muscular chest.

Pete's firm hands caressed Jennie's more than ample bare breasts. He squeezed her nipples.

"Oh, I like that," Jennie said with a smile. Pete's hand moved to Jennie's ass. He pinched her. Again she kissed his hairy chest, up and down. His rod was stiff. Jennie smiled.

"OK," she said. With a wet lover's kiss, she slid Pete's trunks off. She held his hot love rod firmly in her hand. Pete's hands moved up and down Jennie's sides.

Pete backed his hot blonde girlfriend against the tree. He put his hand on her well-rounded ass and slowly pulled down her bikini bottom. Jennie smiled.

"Yes! That's what I want," Jennie said as her bikini bottom fell to the ground, leaving her completely naked.

Jennie fell to her knees. She gently kissed the tip of Pete's cock. Now she began to lick it. It stood straight up. Jennie took it into her mouth. Pete fondled her boobs.

Pete's hard cock pushed deep into Jennie's mouth. Jennie gulped it in eagerly. She continued to suck him hard.

Pete pulled it out and lay on the large blanket. He stuck his fingers in Jennie's wet pussy. Jennie felt his fingers inside her, firmly arousing her.

Smiling, Jennie climbed on top of him, her long legs spread wide. Pete's hard, stiff organ slid into her hot pussy with great ease. Jennie bounced enthusiastically on top of him, her large tits bouncing and her long blonde hair flying. She flung her head back. He played with her boobs while she leaned over and kissed him.

"God, I love this," Jennie said. She felt Pete's hands, still wet from being inside her, fondling her sizable breasts.

All the while, Pete continued to ram Jennie harder. She rode him like a bucking bronco. He continued to poke deeper and deeper into Jennie.

"Oh, yes!" Jennie moaned. "Harder! Deeper!" She smiled at her boyfriend. She was getting a bit short of breath. It was exhilarating.

Jennie continued to bob up and down on Pete's large, stiff organ. He thrust firmly, reaching deeper into Jennie with each thrust. She moaned happily.

Jennie began to shake and shiver. Her legs shook. Her whole body shivered. Again she threw her head back, her blonde hair flying. She was vibrating inside her vagina.

"Oh! Oh! Ooohh!" Jennie was feeling chills all over her naked body.

Now Jennie closed her pussy tightly around Pete's cock. It began to jerk, letting out a stream of Pete's cum. Jennie continued to shake and feel chills.

Pete went limp. After a few seconds, Jennie rolled off him. "You always know how to make me feel good," she said with a kiss. They enjoyed the sun together.

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