Jennie Finch: The Initiation

BY : SkyBubble
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Jennie Finch. No money is being made on any of these stories.

"OK, here we are."

"What?" said Jennie Finch. "Where?"

Her "big sister," Betsy, said, "This is where you get out. But first, you'll have to give me your clothes."

"What?" said Jennie, startled. "Give you my clothes!?"

"Yes, it's part of the initiation. You have to walk back to the house naked. You'll get your clothes back when you get there. We've all had to do it. Didn't anyone tell you?"

Jennie gulped. Quickly she got naked and watched Betsy drive off with her clothes. She began to walk, looking for places she could walk that were somewhat less public. She found a somewhat obscure field and headed that way.

"This will be a little better," Jennie thought to herself. She began to walk through the cool evening. Jennie felt a chill. As much as she enjoyed being naked, this was definitely not the time or place! She was thankful for the dark.

Jennie made her way quickly through the field. She was somewhat disappointed when it opened into a public street. Jennie sighed.

"Oh, well," she said with a shrug, and she continued to walk naked back to the house.

Jennie barely noticed the car that pulled up beside her. The driver rolled down the window.

"What's a girl like you doing walking around like that?" he asked. Jennie blushed.

"I-I have to walk back to the sorority house. It's an initiation."

"Get in," the driver said. "I'll take you. By the way, my name is Jack."

"Jennie," she replied.

"She's hot," Jack thought to himself. "Come on, get in," he said. "I have a jacket in the back you can use."

Jennie smiled. "Thanks." She climbed in. Jack seems nice, she thought; I wonder if he has a girlfriend. She put on his large jacket.

As they drove towards the sorority house, she edged closer to Jack. She was rubbing up against him. A couple of blocks from the house, he turned into a dark parking lot.

Jennie pushed the jacket aside and unzipped Jack's pants. "How can I repay you?" she asked. She kissed him. Now she pulled down Jack's pants. His large cock sprung forth. Jennie began to suck on it vigorously. She licked it and took it into her pretty mouth. Each time it went a little deeper. Jennie smiled and let out a satisfied sigh.

She continued to lick and suck on Jack's love rod until it popped, spewing jizz deep in Jennie's mouth. She took it all in with a smile.

"You're a veteran at that," Jack observed.

"Yeah," Jennie said. "I've done a few." She smiled. "Thanks for the ride."

"Any time," Jack said. Jennie got out of the car and finished the walk to the house. It would be good to get her clothes back, she thought.

She arrived at the house to find several of the other girls there, still naked, and the sisters in nothing but their bra and panties. Mostly, they wore very sheer ones. Jennie looked around until she spotted Betsy.

"Made it," Jennie said.

"One more thing," said Betsy. "Follow me." Her redheaded big sister led Jennie to one of the rooms upstairs.

Betsy embraced Jennie, surprising her with a kiss. Jennie was taken aback. She stepped back.

"This is the last part of the initiation," said Betsy. "We've all had to do it." Again she kissed Jennie hard, on the lips. Jennie took a deep breath and sighed. Now she returned Betsy's kiss, working her tongue in Betsy's mouth. She ran her hands up and down Betsy's hot, shapely body.

Reaching around behind Betsy, Jennie took her bra off. Betsy's tits weren't quite as big as Jennie's but they were more than ample. They would do just fine. Jennie began to suck on them while Betsy played with Jennie's boobs, pinching the nipples. She was beginning to enjoy this. She was surprised by how comfortable it was.

Jennie and Betsy fell on the bed. They kissed again while Jennie slipped Betsy's panties off. She kissed Betsy down her body. Now she began to lick Betsy's pussy. Betsy flopped around and began licking Jennie.

"Oooooohhhh," Jennie moaned. "So gooood!" Betsy smiled.

"You ever been eaten out before?" asked Betsy.

"Not like this!" Jennie said. She smiled. Suddenly, she kissed Betsy again, hard and long and wet. Her tongue was running wild.

Jennie stuck her finger in Betsy's pussy. She found the spot easily, and she began to rub it.

"Oh, yes!" Betsy shrieked. "Oh, yes!"

Jennie kissed her hard and rolled on top of her. She crawled up and planted herself on Betsy's face. Smiling, the eager redhead again began to eat Jennie. Jennie reveled in it, playing with Betsy's boobs. She pinched the nipples.

With another wet kiss, Betsy rolled over on top of Jennie. She licked Jennie's ample breasts, then kissed her way to Jennie's female area. Her tongue was having a carnival inside Jennie.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH," Jennie said. "Soooo goooood! Oh, yessss!"

Now Jennie rolled back on top of Betsy. Their lips locked and their legs intertwined. Jennie began grinding her cunt vigorously against Betsy's. Suddenly, she felt something in her ass.

Betsy smiled. "You don't mind a third, do you, Jennie?"

Jennie was startled and taken aback. "Uh, well, uh, no, I guess not," she said.

"Good," said Betsy. "This is my boyfriend, Jack."

Jennie turned her head slightly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. It was the guy who had given her a ride. "How hot he looks naked," she thought.

She turned and faced Jack. Once again, she took his big cock into her mouth. She licked it eagerly and sucked it hard. She could feel it stiffening. Jack was starting to dribble. Jennie pulled away and let Jack's cum spew all over her pretty face.

Now Betsy appeared again. The little redhead licked the cum off Jennies face and kissed her.

"Take care of Jack," she said. As Jennie began to stroke his dick, Betsy sat and pleasured herself. She fingered herself while Jennie went at it with her boyfriend. Now Jennie took Jack's hard rod into her mouth. She licked him and sucked him vigorously until he shot his cum into her eager throat.

With a smile, Jennie spread her naked body across Betsy's large bed. Now Jack stuck his tongue inside her cunt. She wriggled and trembled, taking in the moment with glee.

Now Betsy began to suck Jennie's tits. She didn't know she could be this stimulated. She stuck two fingers inside Betsy's pussy. Betsy kissed Jennie hard and long. Jennie opened wide, using her tongue in response.

"Oh. My. God." said Jennie.

Betsy rose. She went to her dresser and got something from a drawer. It was a strap-on.

Now she rammed the strap-on into Jennie's hot, shapely ass. In and out it went. Jack grabbed her and jammed his stiff cock into her front hole. She was practically exploding.

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God," Jennie screamed. She was exploding in waves, shivering, practically jumping in her hot pussy.

Now she felt Jack's cum starting to pour into her. It seemed to Jennie that it was an entire river of cum. She could barely contain herself as she continued to orgasm.

Jack withdrew and Jennie lay on her stomach while Betsy continued to pump her. Betsy was feeling the explosive pop also. The two women lay next to each other, their pussies interlocked, rubbing vigorously. Their lips locked around each other. Finally, they simply rested.

"Wow, that was amazing!" said Jennie, still a bit surprised at how comfortable she felt. She had found another side of herself. She was determined to explore it.

"Well, you did it," Betsy said. "You passed initiation with flying colors. Best one I've ever had," she said, "including my own."

With that, the girls fell asleep, their naked bodies against each other.

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