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Disclaimer: I do not know DBSK. This is all work of fiction. I didn't make any money for this story.

Changmin was walking down the road. , when he dropped to his knees. “Damn it… that hurts.” 


“Jaejoong please don’t leave again.” Changmin begs him. 

Jaejoong looks at Changmin. “You have to be kidding me. I’m going to leave. I don’t want to but you’ve hit me for the last time. I do love you Changmin but I can’t live like this.” 

Changmin grabs Jaejoong’s hand. “Honey I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me.” 

Jaejoong pushes Changmin up against the wall. “Shut up you Jerk.” 

-End flashback- 

Changmin stands up looking around him. “I thought Yoochun said I wouldn’t remember.” 

Changmin turns around running back to the house. “YOOCHUN!” 

Yoochun runs over to Changmin. “Changmin are you ok?” 

Changmin sighs. “I remembered something. I remember about Jaejoong.” 

Yoochun looks at him like he lost it. “Are you sure it was Jaejoong?” 

Changmin acknowledged the question. “Yeah it was Jaejoong he pushed me up against the wall and told me to shut up.” 

“Sounds like Jaejoong. To bad he isn’t around.” Yoochun said. “Listen Changmin it’s ok. We are here with you.” 

“But it was like he was right there, with his hands right on my chest.” Changmin says to Yoochun. 

Yoochun exhales loudly. “You two will never be together.” 

Changmin lets out a breathe quitely. “You have to be kidding me.” 

“No I’m not.” Yoochun says to Changmin walking over to him placing his hand on his cheek. “Yunho didn’t hit you to hard did he?” 

Changmin shakes his head. “No I’m fine Yoochun.” 

Yoochun smiles lightly, “Is that all that you can remember?” 

Changmin nods his head at Yoochun, “Yeah that’s all. I thought the doctors told you that I couldn’t remember.” 

“That is what they said.” Yoochun replies lying on the sofa. “You know Changmin. You two were really cutie together. Yunho and Junsu were surprised when you guys said that you were together.” 

Changmin tilts his head to the side. “Why were you guys so surprised?” 

Yoochun breathes out slowly to explain it to Changmin. “It just didn’t seem like Jaejoong really liked you that way that’s all.” 

Changmin falls on his knees again screaming out loud. 


Jaejoong turns to Changmin with his hand over his cheek. “You hit me across my face again. I thought you said that you were getting help?” 

Changmin looks down at his hands.“I’m trying Jaejoong. I’m trying. Don’t you know that? Baby… I miss you I don’t want anything to happen between us.” 

Jaejoong shook his head. “No I wouldn’t take that answer for much longer.” 

“Jaejoong don’t you dare leave me. I don’t want to go on living without you. I just can’t do that. I swear if you leave me I will kill myself.” Changmin says with a serious look on his face. 

“You wouldn’t… Min… I thought you loved me… you would never take your own life.” Jaejoong says. 

-End flashback- 

Changmin looks up looking at Yoochun who was right next to him. Changmin didn’t remember seeing him move. Maybe he moved when the memories hit him. 

“More memories?” Yoochun asked. “I thought you passed out.” 

Changmin gestures a yes as he moves closer to Yoochun. “When they happen it is so painful.” 

Yoochun holds Changmin to him. “If Yunho isn’t here for you, you know that I’m here.” 

“Yoochun thank you. I really loved Jae didn’t I?” 

“Yes you did Changmin. You used to yell at us if anyone else called him Jae. That was your nickname for him and no one else can call him that but you.” 

“Sounds like me. Jae was my life besides this group.” 

Yoochun affirms . “Yeah he was… but once in awhile you lost your temper and you hit him. I think that was part of the reason why Jaejoong left that one day. Have you remembered that yet?” 

“Nope not yet.” Changmin replies to Yoochun. 

Yoochun helps Changmin stand up. “Are you going to be ok?” 

“Yeah I should. I don’t see why I wouldn’t.” Changmin looks at Yoochun. “What are we doing as a group without Jae?” 

“The record label is finding someone to replace him.” Yoochun tells him sitting on the sofa. “I don’t know who they have in mind though.” 

Changmin smiles. “Yeah I wonder.” 

A knock came on the door. Changmin and Yoochun looks at each other before Yoochun goes and gets it. Yoochun looks at the guy up and down their body. He had bleach blonde hair, brown eyes, and a jaw line that looked just like Jaejoong. 

Yoochun steps back away from the door. “Jaejoong… no you can’t be.” 

Guy looks at Yoochun then in at Changmin. “You two must be Yoochun Park and Max Changmin.” 

Changmin bows litely to him. “You look like Jae… who are you?” 

Guy looks at Changmin. “My name is Shin. I was sent over by your record company.” 

Changmin tilts his head towards Shin. “Did they fill you in on what is going on here?” 

Shin analyzes the question before replying with the answer of what the company told him. “Nope not really besides that you have amnesia.” 

Changmin confers what he said glancing at Shin. “You look a lot like Jae. That must be what SM was looking for.” 

Shin shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know. But I look a lot like Jaejoong because he was my brother. I just wanted to meet the person who he loved.” 

Changmin takes a deep breathe. “I’m sorry about Jae. I don’t know that to say to you or your family.” 

Shin walks over to Changmin kneeling down next to him. “It is ok… things happen. Things happen for a reason Changmin.”

Changmin sighs deeply, “I don’t even remember Jae that much. I know I loved him but I don’t know what really happened.” 

Yoochun closes the door. “Umm… Shin… You say that you are Jaejoong’s brother. But he never told us about you.” 

“He didn’t know about me.” Shin said to him. “He didn’t know much about the real family.” 

Both Changmin and Yoochun nod their heads. Changmin tilts his head to the side to figure everything out. Yoochun looks over at Changmin then looks at Shin wondering what they should do. 

“You know Shin, Changmin is just starting to remember what happened between him and Jaejoong.” 

Shin looks at Yoochun. “Oh that is nice I think. I mean I don’t really know what happened. I know that when he was always talking to our sister. But that is about it. He always talked about you Changmin.” 

Changmin looks down at his hands. “Oh I didn’t like this. I did this didn’t I? I’m so sorry that is all I can say to you and you’re family.” 

“You don’t have to say sorry. I don’t think you need to apologize. I don’t think you really meant to do it.” Shin says to him. “You will be fine. You don’t have to remember.” 

“I want to remember. I want to remember my lover. I really want to.” Changmin says. “I don’t want do feel this emptiness. I loved Jaejoong. I really want to.” 

Yunho and Junsu come out of their room, as Changmin and Shin are talking about Jaejoong. “Jaejoong is the topic of everyone’s conversations.” Junsu said to them. “I don’t think that Jaejoong would like that. I mean yeah he would like to be talked about but not on the top of argument.” 

Shin looks at Junsu and Yunho. “Oh the other two, Xiah Junsu and Y-Know Yunho. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Shin.” 

Junsu and Yunho looks at Shin then at each other. “Just Junsu and Yunho is just fine. You don’t have to say our full names.” Yunho says. “I didn’t think the company was going to find someone so fast. So I’m guessing you can sing and dance like Jaejoong.” 

Shin nods his head. “Yeah I can. If that is the way it goes. I mean they did call me up and watched me dance and heard me sing.” 

Changmin looks at the other two guys. “Yunho are you still mad at me?” 

Yunho looks at Changmin. “No not really. Junsu talked to me. I’m fine now.” 

“What did you do?” 

Junsu looks down blushing a deep red. “I made love to him.”

Yoochun smiles and laughs. “That is what I thought. You two are really quite.” 

Changmin looks at them shocked. “You two just had sex?” 

Junsu smiles looking at Changmin. “Yes I love Yunho did you forget that to.” 

Changmin shacks his head. “I guess I did. At least I did for a while.”

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