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Disclaimer: I do not know DBSK. This is all work of fiction. I didn't make any money for this story.


A few months later, Changmin still felt like he couldn’t fully remember Jaejoong. He still felt that warmth that left him a long time ago. At least that is how it felt, though it’s been only a few months.

Practicing their rehearsal for their live tonight, Changmin was watching how Shin moved and mouthed to the lyrics so that he didn’t stress his voice to much. Changmin was thinking of how Jaejoong was at least how he remembered of him. Out of what Changmin could remember Shin at least danced like him but not really sing like him. Changmin listened to their CD’s and nothing came close to how Jaejoong sounded.

Yoochun came over sitting down next to Changmin, “You ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Just wondering how everything was going to pull this off that’s all.” Yoochun exhaled softly.

“I think everything will work out.” Changmin puts his hand to his head biting his lip.




Changmin pushes Jaejoong up against the wall, “You shouldn’t have said that. You couldn’t have gotten us mopped.”

Jaejoong goes to put his hand up against his head but puts his hand back down next to his body. “Changmin I want the world to know. I want the fans to know that we love each other.”

Changmin raised his hand hitting Jaejoong right across the face making Jaejoong fall to the floor. “Don’t! We don’t know how they will react. It will not happen unless I say so.” Jaejoong puts his hand to his face.

“Changmin we will never know until we tell them.”

“They will not know until I say so. Go take a shower you need it.”

Jaejoong sighs deeply. “Yes Changmin.”


-End flashback-


Changmin starts shaking lightly.

“Not one of those memories.”

“Another flashback of you and Jaejoong fighting?” Changmin smiles and nods his head in agreement.

“Yeah…” Junsu walks over and kneels in fount of Changmin.

“Do you remember why you picked fights with Jaejoong, Changmin?” Changmin looks at Junsu.

“Yes I know, but I can’t help it. I really learned my lesson.” Junsu looks down. “I’m sorry I didn’t want you to remember. I was hoping that you wouldn’t remember.” Changmin leans over carefully grabbing Junsu’s chin.

“Junsu it’s ok. You don’t have to feel down for me. It’s ok.” Junsu smiles,

“Ok Changmin I’ll chill.”

“Thank you Junsu. You don’t have to remember my father.” Changmin said noticing for the first time that Yunho and Shin came over to join the conversation.

Shin looks between Junsu and Changmin.

“So what happened to make you hit my brother?” Changmin sighs.

“Do I have to tell? I guess it will get everyone to know me a bit more why not.”


-Flashback what is being told-


Changmin just got home from school he didn’t know if his mom was home but he knew his father was. For Changmin he didn’t want his father home. That meant all day in his room.

Changmin taking off his shoes and coat at the front door. Changmin grabs his book bag starting for his room when he hears his father in his parent’s bedroom. Changmin’s dad opened the door.

“Changmin come here before going up to your room.” Changmin put his book bag down.

“Yes dad.”

Changmin’s dad pulled him into the room.

“How did you do on your math test today?” Changmin shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know though I know I got one wrong at the most. I couldn’t remember.”

Changmin looks down at the floor as his father smacks him up against the head calling him useless. Changmin’s head hits against the door edge hard. Changmin puts his hands behind his head as he listens to his father call him a bunch of different names.

“Dad can I go…” Before he could finish he felt a hand on his face.


-End flashback-


Shin looks at Changmin “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“That was Changmin’s father. Changmin had to live like that; it was all so the reason he never had friends over at his house when he was younger.” Junsu said reaches over hugging Changmin.

“Everything will work out Changmin.” Changmin smiles lightly.

“I don’t want to do that ever again.”

Director yells out.

“Cut Changmin you should be sadder.” Changmin busts out laughing.

“Sorry… I couldn’t help it. My father would never do this.” Jaejoong lays back.

“I hope not. I don’t want you to really beat me love.” Changmin looks over at him. “Honey take off that wig it makes you look weird.”

Jaejoong takes it off throwing it over off the set fixing his hair.

“Better? But remember it’s Shin not Jaejoong.”

Junsu laughs. “Yes Shin.”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “No I like my real name better. Thanks.”

Changmin giggles lightly. “I hope you do.” Changmin walks over helping Jaejoong up taken him into the other room. Jaejoong smiles when he follows Changmin into the other room.

“Do you like that he put you back in the drama honey?” Changmin asked him. Jaejoong smiles.

“Yeah I love being with you.” Changmin looks at Jaejoong closely.

“You know we are going to get a lot of questions about this.” Jaejoong laughs. “Yeah your right.” Changmin looks at Jaejoong and kisses him.

“I love you Jaejoong.” Jaejoong smiles.

“I love you to Changmin.” Changmin smiles.

“Is there anything that we should pull into the show?”

“Umm… maybe more sex. You know I love being inside of you.”

“Yeah I know honey.” Changmin pushes him against the wall. “I think we might be able to.” Jaejoong raises his leg between Changmin’s legs.

“Oh you really want to have fun huh?” Changmin moans out.

“Jaejoong… Oh I really want it. Really, really want it.” Jaejoong smiles.

“Over to the sofa now!” Changmin goes over to the sofa laying down on it.

“Like this love?” Jaejoong nods his head.

“Yeah just like that.” He goes over to the sofa laying over Changmin.

“Oh yeah Changmin I like you like this.” Changmin smiles.

“You want me to put my hands up above my head baby?” Jaejoong grabs Changmin’s hands and put them above his head and grabs his belt putting it around Changmin’s wrist. Jaejoong puts it around the table leg above the sofa. He then grabs Changmin’s belt doing the same to his other hand. Changmin leans up the little bit that he can.

“Jaejoong… I really love you. I really do.” Jaejoong smiles.

“Do you really honey?” Changmin nods his head.

“Yes I do.” Jaejoong takes off Changmin’s pants. “Are you hard honey?”

“Yes.” Changmin smiles big, “I am. Just feel me baby.”

Jaejoong reaches down grabbing Changmin’s hard cock. “Oh yeah you are.”

Changmin moans really loud.

“Oh Jaejoong…”

Jaejoong rubs harder and harder. Changmin moans louder. Jaejoong pulls him all the way out going down sucking on him.

Changmin moans really loudly.

“Oh baby… please don’t tease. Just make love to me.” Jaejoong smiles.

“Oh, no foreplay today honey?” Going up Changmin’s body, he pulling himself out and pushed himself deep inside of Changmin.

Changmin screams out.

“Oh Jae…” Jaejoong smiles moaning.

“Oh Min… I really love you.”

Changmin sighs looking deep into Jaejoong’s eyes.

“Cum in me again, Just like you did earlier.” Jaejoong smiles.

“Of course I will. When I’m ready…”

Jaejoong goes harder and harder as Changmin moans louder and louder.

Changmin moans loudly as Jaejoong moves his hips more. Jaejoong moves in and out of Changmin. Jaejoong sighs loudly.

“I’m going to cum honey… I’m going to cum.”

Changmin smiles moaning.

“I am to. I am to… cum with me honey.”

Changmin moves with him cumming all over his stomach. As Jaejoong cums deep inside him, they both scream loudly. Yoochun knocks on the door.

“Changmin we need you again.” Changmin moans.

“Oh we’ll be out in a minute Yoochun.” Jaejoong smiles.

“Was it good Baby?” Changmin looks at him.

“Oh yeah I loved it.”

“Changmin now… Yoochun said. “We need you out of here now.”

Jaejoong gets off of him undoing the belt.

“You can go now baby.”

Changmin smiles sitting up.

“Yeah… you need to come to.”

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