Beyonce's Big Black Booty

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Anna Kendrick or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Beyonce was just about back to feeling like her normal self, helped by the fact that she was back in an exclusive party for the rich and famous and surrounded by beautiful white women, many of whom were already her bitches. Although tonight she was in the mood for fresh meat, and was just about to approach a cute little blonde she recognised from the Disney Channel, Dove something, when her phone buzzed with a message. Which wasn't unusual, and she could have left it for later, but then she got another, and another, and another, and another, so out of annoyance she checked her phone, which turned out to be a mistake as they were messages from her Little White Mistress, a.k.a. Anna Kendrick.

Your Little White Mistress:
Howdy Bitch! Been thinking about you, and that big fat ass of yours, all week.

Your Little White Mistress:
How about you?

Your Little White Mistress:
You been thinking about me?

Your Little White Mistress:
What it was like to be topped by a tiny little white girl?

Your Little White Mistress:
Come on, be honest, have you been thinking about how my big dick ruined your big black booty?

The answer to all those questions was yes. How could it be anything else? After all, it had only been a week since little Anna Kendrick had forced that humiliation upon Beyonce by popping her anal cherry. Her entire body, but especially her ass hole, quivered from the incredibly shameful memory. It was something she'd never possibly forget, especially as Anna hadn't been satisfied with one simple butt fucking, and had shown incredibly stamina by pounding Beyonce's fat ass for hours in multiple positions. Hell, it had taken the better part of the day for her ass to stop gaping, and it was only now that Beyonce was able to sit down without any pain. Although she'd never sit down the same way again, because she would forever think of Anna every time she sat down from now on.

Your Little White Mistress:
I thought so. Well get that big sexy ass of yours over to the top floor bathroom so I can make you my anal loving bitch again.

Blushing even more than she was before Beyonce frantically looked round after reading that message, but she could see no sign of Anna anywhere. Did she have hidden cameras somewhere? Someone watching her? Or was she just correctly guessing Beyonce's reaction? Ultimately the answers didn't matter, Beyonce realised. She was already doing as she was told like a completely broken bitch. God, was she this far gone already? It was possible, she knew what being butt fucked did to even the most dominant women she had inflicted it upon. Then again perhaps the reason she was going without even thinking about it was because she automatically wanted to get revenge. Oh how Beyonce wanted to get her revenge.

She had thought about it just as much as she had recalled losing her anal virginity, and Beyonce would love nothing more than to march into that bathroom and ass fuck Anna into submission. There was just one problem, she still hadn't thought of a way to get the blackmail material away from Anna, so just like their first time together Beyonce had no choice but to do whatever Anna wanted. Or at least that's what she told herself as any thoughts of dominance immediately left her the moment she opened the bathroom door to find Anna there waiting for her with a wicked smile on her face. Or maybe it was when Anna roughly kissed her. Either way the end result was the same, she was once again Anna's bitch.

Anna had a few of her own bitches spying on Beyonce sending her pictures, but as she suspected it was an unnecessary step. She had her Chocolate Princess right where she wanted her, and she intended to take full advantage of that. Of course while this would be easier than fucking in a more public bathroom they should make this quick, and if they were going to do that there was only one thing Anna really wanted, Beyonce's big black booty. And she wanted to take it from behind to remind Beyonce she was now her bitch. And so she could feel those giant cheeks jiggling against her thighs. And she wanted to make a statement, so this time she didn't ask.

Okay, Anna couldn't avoid ordering, "Bend over bitch!"

However she was already pushing Beyonce towards the toilet, and with the last syllable Anna kicked the world-famous singer's legs from underneath her so Beyonce landed on her knees in front of the toilet. Beyonce even automatically held out her hands to stop her head from smashing into the porcelain, meaning she was in the exact position that Anna wanted her in. Better yet she didn't protest or try to move, instead just whimpering pathetically and looking behind her at Anna. Not that Anna return the look. No, she was too busy staring at that fat ass she hadn't been able to stop thinking about for the past week. In fact she became so lost in staring at it she almost forgot why she came in here in the first place.

When she remembered, and realised how much time she was wasting, Anna quickly sprung into action, stripping off her pants and panties before retrieving the harness she had one of her bitches hide in here earlier, all while mostly staring at Beyonce's big butt. Then she finally looked Beyonce in the eye and grinned wickedly while stepping into that harness, slowly pulling it up her thighs and then covering it with lube. Then finally Anna got down behind her bitch, and reached out to undo those tightly fitted pants and pull them down. Before that she just couldn't resist sliding her hands over those meaty cheeks and giving them a good squeeze, making the mighty Beyonce whimper pathetically again, which in turn made her grin. But it wasn't that long before she revealed her prize.

She made sure to remove Beyonce's panties in the process which saved a little time, but then Anna ruined it by not only spending about another minute groping her bitch's butt and then spreading those cheeks and revealing, "You know, we probably don't have time for this, but I just can't resist having a little taste."

With that Anna buried her face in between Beyonce's cheeks and started frantically licking her bitch's butt, causing soft moans to come out of herself and the singer. If they were in the safety of a hotel room or something Anna could have spent hours happily eating Beyonce's yummy ass out, but again sadly this had to be a quickie, so after only half a dozen licks she tried to push her tongue into that tight little hole. To her delight she didn't get far, meaning that Beyonce's butt had tightened back-up, which was further proven when she shoved a lube covered finger into it. Okay, it wasn't virgin tight, but it was still enough to make her cry out in delight, while Beyonce cried out with shame as she was anally violated. Which of course just prompted Anna to chuckle wickedly, and add another finger.

"Spread your cheeks." Anna ordered softly after a minute or two of anal fingering, then when Beyonce didn't immediately do as she was told roughly smacked her ass and growled with every strike, "Spread! Your! Cheeks! Bitch!"

Beyonce cried out loudly in pain, and then desperately tried to stifle it. Which was kind of ironic as she had been spanking her bitches on a regular basis for years, so this was just humiliation which was the taste of her own medicine. As it was one she really, really didn't like the taste of Beyonce reached back and pulled her ass cheeks as wide apart as she could without really thinking about it. Then the truth of the matter hit her, and the mighty Beyonce Knowles whimpered again. She was now literally offering up her most private hole to be fucked by this tiny little pipsqueak, a small but important submission which always helped push her bitches further towards being hers completely. And just when she thought it couldn't get worse it did.

"That's it slut, give me your sweet little bitch hole." Anna grinned wickedly, verbalising what this was, "Offer up the most private hole on your body as a sacrifice for my pleasure. Oh Beyonce, your training really is going so well, isn't it? Mmmmm, you will be my fully broken bitch in no time."

Those words made Beyonce blush furiously, and she opened her mouth to protest, but before she could Anna pulled her fingers out of her ass and replace them with something much bigger. And a lot quicker than Beyonce had been expecting. After all during their first time together, in which this tiny little white girl had popped her butt cherry, Beyonce remembered in horror, Anna had spent a long time teasing her before officially robbing her of her anal virginity. Now Anna roughly rammed forwards, maximising Beyonce's pain as she roughly anally penetrated her, causing her to let out the loudest cry of the night so far. She also let go of her cheeks, Anna only too happy to let her know that was a big mistake.

"Keep! Spreading! Your! Cheeks! Bitch!" Anna growled, at first smacking Beyonce's ass with every word, then finally stopped when she added, "I didn't tell you to stop. Mmmmm, that's it, give me your hole! Give me that sexy little butt hole of yours. Oh yeah, let me see what I'm doing. Let me see what I'm doing to your pretty little shit hole. Let me see what I'm doing to that fat black ass with my big white dick."

Just wanting the pain to stop Beyonce quickly did as she was told and then whimpered pathetically as she realised what she had done, and as Anna taunted her. Then she continued spreading her cheeks as Anna very slowly began pushing inch after inch of that big cock deep into her bowels, Beyonce was again having to suffer the humiliation of having her big ass violated wide and deep by a strap-on wielding little white girl. And through it all Beyonce's only real comfort was knowing she had no choice in this. That Anna still had blackmail material on her. And without that, there was no way she'd be bending over and spreading her cheeks for this annoying little pipsqueak.

She desperately tried to tell herself that over and over again, but it was a little hard to believe given that all week long but especially now Beyonce was haunted by the memory of just how amazing being butt fucked had been. How enticing it had been to be the submissive one for once. How hard she had cum with Anna's dick up her ass. Of course those memories just helped her to relax, her rectum becoming looser and more welcoming to the big dildo, so even though it was busy pushing her anal walls apart Beyonce found that to her shame she even found pleasure in being anally stuffed, and it normally took a real shameless ass whore to enjoy something like this.

Anna knew she probably became faster, but she wasn't a cruel top. Or at least there was a limit to her cruelty, and shoving a big strap-on dildo all the way up a practically virgin ass was definitely where she drew the line. Besides, even when she was having a quickie she didn't rush the anal penetration of her conquests, and not just for their benefit. No, Anna couldn't imagine loving anything more than watching as a cock which looked ridiculously big when sticking out from her little body was disappearing into another woman's most private hole. Although this time was extra special, as it was Beyonce's most private hole that she was eagerly violating.

It was almost as special as the first time she had taken this fat ass, and while nothing could possibly could top that anally taking Beyonce for the second time was a close runner-up. Especially as Anna had absolutely no doubt that this would be Beyonce's second time ever taking it up the butt. Oh yes, there was no way this proud butt pounding top would let anyone but her near her ass, especially right after it had taken for the first time. Not even her husband. Yeah, not even Beyonce's hubby had been able to convince her to spread her cheeks, yet here she was doing it for Anna willingly. And it just might be one of the best sights that Anna would ever see in her life.

Another was the moment that her thighs came to rest against those spread cheeks, announcing that for the second time ever Anna had buried every inch of her white dick in Beyonce's big black booty. Anna savoured that moment for a few long seconds, maybe even an entire minute, and then she got to enjoy yet another amazing sight when she began pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning Beyonce's second ever butt fucking. What made this sight perfect was the fact that Beyonce kept spreading her cheeks like a good little bitch, allowing Anna the perfect view of her strap-on sliding in and out of the mighty Beyonce's ass hole.

Becoming completely lost in that perfect sight Anna's body switched to autopilot, allowing her to gently sodomise Beyonce for what felt like hours. It might have even been one, but it just wasn't enough. It would never be enough. No, Anna wanted to fuck this big beautiful ass forever. Literally. God knows Beyonce deserved it. After all the women she had butt fucked while having an obviously made for fucking booty like this, fucked, that was blasphemous in Anna's opinion and Beyonce should make up for it by spending every single day of her life taking it up the ass from truly dominant women like herself. Then again, she wasn't so sure she wanted to share.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, "Hurry up in there!"

"Go away." Anna snapped, before adding more politely, "There are more bathrooms downstairs."

There was a brief pause and then a grumble of, "It's okay, I'll wait."

Anna glared, lean down and whispered in Beyonce's ear, "I think it's one of your bitches. Get rid of her."

Beyonce whimpered and blushed, before calling out as calmly as she could, "Go away."

Quickly the voice on the other side of the door apologised, "Beyonce! I'm, I'm sorry. I didn't realise. I'll, I'll just go."

Beyonce whimpered and blushed again, and she could swear that an actual tier of humiliation and embarrassment slid down her cheek, because seriously, wasn't it bad enough she was getting sodomised in the bathroom in the middle of a party? Now she had to be discovered? By one of her own bitches no less? God, the only way this could be worse was if her bitch realised the roles had been reversed and it was Beyonce getting fucked up the ass by a tiny white girl, and not the other way around. Oh God, was that possible? Probably not initially, her bitch wasn't that smart, and this was after all unthinkable, but if anyone else was around the area and they heard Beyonce squealing like a little bitch the reality would suddenly become a lot more believable.

For that reason Beyonce desperately concentrated on being as quiet as possible, but she just couldn't help it. Anna was doing just such an amazing job of sodomising her, better than even Beyonce remembered, and that was really saying something. As a result every thrust seemed to cause her to moan, groan, gasp, whimper and cry out loudly in pure pleasure, each of those sounds making it seem crystal clear who was the little bitch getting butt fucked in here was. If that wasn't bad enough the urge to cum became quickly overwhelming, the skilful ass fucking and the memory of the ecstasy she would soon receive ensuring that it was only a matter of time before Beyonce began to make her cum.

Beyonce held out for as long as she could, but inevitably she whimpered, "Please, make me cum."

"What was that?" Anna pushed sternly.

"Please, my Little White Mistress, make me cum." Beyonce corrected herself with an even louder whimper.

"Better." Anna huffed, "Now make me believe it."

Taking a calming breath Beyonce began shamelessly begging, "Please, please make me cum my Little White Mistress. I need to cum so bad. Mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum. Oooooooh, fuck my ass! Fuck my big fat ass like the bitch I am! Oh fuck, my Little White Mistress, I've butt fucked so many little white girls just like you, but now it's me getting my big black booty fucked and I love it! I fucking love it! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, please, please, please make your little Chocolate Princess cum for you with a big dick in her ass! Please? Please my Little White Mistress, pound my little bitch hole hard and deep! Make it gape for you Mistress! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, make my fat ass gape! Gape it twice as wide as any bitch I ever gaped! Just destroy my fucking ass hole! Please my Little White Mistress, use it for your pleasure! It's yours, ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, my fat ass is all yours, ah fuck, yesssssss, make me cum make me cum make me cum AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDD OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!"

With that Anna finally began to slowly increase the pace, causing Beyonce to grab onto the bottom of the toilet tightly with one hand while using the other to try and desperately muffle herself. Of course she had been doing that before, and it could only do so much, but she was still desperately trying to hide what was happening in here, which became harder and harder with every increasingly brutal thrust. It was almost comforting that the sound of Anna's little thighs smacking into her big rump was beginning to sound deafening, drowning out most of the sounds she made. Which of course left no doubt what was happening in here, but Beyonce was pretty sure there was no one here at the party who didn't know she loved to butt fuck women at these kind of things. She just hoped they wouldn't realise it was her getting fucked.

Then, after only a few minutes of brutal anal pounding, Beyonce went over the edge of the hardest climax of her life. As she felt the same powerful climax over and over again she realised once again that her memory had failed her. More importantly Beyonce realised that she no longer cared who heard her scream. That if she was lucky people would just assume Anna was eating her out. And even if they did realise what was happening, she just couldn't care any more. The only thing she cared about was getting fucked up the ass hard and deep, and cumming as many times in the process as possible. And Beyonce was now willing to do anything to make that happen, even if it meant giving up her last shred of dignity.

Anna was momentarily taken aback by just how loudly Beyonce began screaming in pleasure, and that she suddenly lifted her whole body upwards. For less than the second she worried that Beyonce might be fighting back, which was a scary thought which made her flinch, and then she just grinned maniacally as Beyonce began hammering her fat ass back against her, making those giant cheeks jiggle even more frantically than they had before. Which was really, really saying something, as even before this Beyonce's ass cheeks had been wobbling like jelly in a hurricane. Now there probably wasn't a word for it, other than fucking hot.

Given this wasn't the first time Beyonce had done this while she was fucking her up the ass Anna really shouldn't have been surprised by this behaviour. After all, with an ass like that it was clear that Beyonce was made to be butt fucked, and even during their first night together it had been easy to flip the tables and turn Beyonce from a strong, confident top to a submissive little anal loving bottom. Which was only natural, as this was exactly where Beyonce belonged, bent over and getting that big beautiful ass of hers relentlessly pounded by a real top, and now finally Anna had worked up the courage to give the mighty Beyonce exactly what she needed they were both so much better for it.

It was something that Anna desperately wanted to shout from the rooftops, and in a way she already was. But she had been to parties where Beyonce had been sodomising one of her sluts in somebody's bathroom, and everyone was too afraid to say anything. Even when it was the only bathroom in the home, which admittedly only happened once, people gave the bathroom a wide berth and pretended it wasn't happening. So there was a chance that people weren't close enough to realise exactly what was happening, and Anna really like the idea that everybody thought she was the one in here getting her ass fucked when really it was the mighty Beyonce on her hands and knees and seamlessly thrusting her big jiggly butt back against Anna.

So even though was really hard Anna kept her mouth shut and just concentrated on not cumming too soon, then just pushing herself through her climaxes as inevitably the stimulator on her clit and fucking Beyonce's big fat black ass so hard that it obscenely jiggled caused her to cum over and over again. It wasn't quite as hard and as frequent as Beyonce came, but it was still amazing. Of course while she had more stamina than most people thought given her size it was far from limitless, and eventually she was forced to stop if she wanted to avoid passing out. When she did she decided to see just how much she could get away with.

"Spread your cheeks! Show me that pretty little gape!" Anna ordered as she pulled her cock out of Beyonce's ass hole, smacking that big butt as roughly as she could at the end to emphasise the command.

There was a brief pause and several pathetic whimpers from the big bad Beyonce, but Anna wasn't worried. There was still a chance that Beyonce might turn the tables on her, but she severely doubted that it would come right after she had completely and utterly owned Beyonce's fat ass, as the taller woman had to be physically and emotionally exhausted from her orgasms and the overwhelming humiliation Anna had just treated her too. Sure enough Beyonce slowly reached back and pulled apart her ass cheeks, emphasising the already obscenely looking gape between them. Anna giggled in delight at this, then spent a few long minutes just staring deep into Beyonce's bowels before giving her another prompt.

"Very nice. Now get over here and clean up your mess. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, come on my Little Chocolate Princess, you know what bitches do after they've been butt fucked." Anna ordered and taunted, and then when there wasn't an immediate reply she scolded her pet, "Hey! What do you say?"

Beyonce, who had just turned around, stared at the small girl in confusion for a few long seconds, then a look of horror crossed her face, followed by annoyance as she replied, "Yes my Little White Mistress."

Pushing her luck Anna slapped Beyonce across the face and growled, "What was that?"

For a moment Beyonce stared angrily up at the other girl, then as if remembering just how widely her ass hole was gaping she simply whimpered, "I, I said yes my Little White Mistress."

"That's what I thought." Anna grinned smugly, "Now stop wasting time and suck my cock! Mmmmmm, that's it, suck it. Take it deep into your mouth and down your throat. Make sure you get every drop of your own ass cream you perverted little ATM bitch. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, that's so hot. Suck it cock sucker! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh Beyonce, you're really beginning to learn your place, aren't you?"

While there had been no response to that remark either that was okay, because it was meant to be rhetorical. Besides, Anna didn't want to interrupt Beyonce while her cock was in her mouth. So she just kept taunting her as Beyonce began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, greedily slurping it like the little ass to mouth slut she had quickly become. Just like all the other women Anna had fucked into submission. Of course this was special, as this just wasn't some random girl she'd picked up in a bar, this was international superstar and infamous top Beyonce, and Anna fully intended to savour every moment of this blow job, just like she had savoured the ass fucking itself.

Over the past week Anna had been frantically fingering herself to the pictures of Beyonce sucking her own ass off of Anna's strap-on, and of course Beyonce's butt hole gaping open for the first time in her life. She even got a few shots of her dick pumping in and out of that cute little bitch hole which she took during the second ass fucking during their first time together. Or was it the third ass fucking of that night? Either way she thoroughly enjoyed looking at these pictures, but pictures couldn't compare to the real thing, and as much as she wanted to take more Anna just couldn't take her eyes off the sight in front of her, especially when Beyonce started pushing the dildo into her throat.

During their first time together Anna had made Beyonce suck her cock a lot, her bitch clearly hadn't been practising like she had told her too. Anna would give her a nice, long spanking for that later, really make those big cheeks jiggle again for her, but they had been in this bathroom long enough and really should leave. Well, definitely not before Beyonce had cleaned every drop of her ass cream, the little ATM whore happily licking the base with just a little prompting so she could get a little bit of that precious liquid. Then Anna decided they were spending another couple of minutes here just so she could pushed things even further and introduce Beyonce to another dose of her own medicine.

"You know what your bitches tell me? After I fuck it out of them?" Anna casually revealed something she knew which would make her new bitch really mad, "They tell me you just love it when they literally kiss your ass. That you shove their faces in between your fat cheeks and smother them with ass. That you make them rim that big fat ass of yours to prove they know their place. I see why that would help break someone. Especially after tasting that fat ass myself. But now you're going to do it for me. Mmmmm yeah, pucker up Beyonce, cause you're going to prove you understand your new place by literally kissing my ass. Come on, you heard me bitch. Kiss my ass. Kiss it! You know you want too."

Beyonce fumed with rage at this girl's insolence. She'd fucked her bitches without her permission! How dare she! Beyonce should kick her ass just for that. But instead she just watched dumbly as Anna pushed her back and away from the dildo, turned around and wiggled her butt directly into her face, all while taunting her. Which should have been her mistake, Beyonce grabbing hold of the strap-on which was now down around Anna's knees and quickly attaching it before shoving it into the inviting target in front of her. But Anna still had that blackmail material on her, and she was feeling so submissive with the taste of her own ass in her mouth and her ass hole still gaping wide open.

So Beyonce found herself leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss against Anna's right ass cheek. She then moved over to the left and back again, repeating the process for several minutes until Anna reached behind her, grabbed the back of her head and shoved Beyonce's face in between her cheeks. Beyonce would have liked to have said she resisted, and she easily could have given Anna's scrawny little arms, but she didn't. Not only did she allow herself to be smothered in between Anna's little cheeks, but she did her best to French kiss the other woman's ass hole, beginning with a peck and working her way up to trying to literally shove her tongue inside it.

Given how frequently she sodomised her bitches Beyonce was used to succeeding. True, there was occasions she got a little carried away while rimming the virgin ass of a fresh conquest right before she added that cherry to her collection, but for the most part she was dealing with loosened ass holes. Especially on the rare occasion she did this after an ass fucking. But now it was her ass hole which was gaped, and Beyonce who found herself frantically lapping the most private hole of someone who had conquered her. And not some big black woman, or a sexy Latina, or anything like that, but a tiny little white girl, and Anna didn't let her forget it.

"Yeahhhhhh, fucking eat my ass you bitch!" Anna moaned while shoving Beyonce's face deeper into her ass crack, "Don't breathe, mmmmm, you don't need to breathe, just eat my fucking ass like the butt munching whore you are now! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, you're my ass kissing bitch now Beyonce! Mmmmm, and you love you some vanilla ice cream, don't you? Huh? Yessssss, get that dark little face of yours deep in between those pale cheeks of mine! Be my vanilla ass loving Chocolate Princess! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, tongue that naughty little hole. Oh yes, prove that you're getting to understand your place by eating my ass like the slutty little bottom you are."

Honestly Beyonce had no idea just how long she stayed there, on her knees, frantically eating Anna's ass. It felt like hours, and when it was finally over she barely registered Anna pushing her away and then leaving, as she remain shell-shocked on her knees for what felt like at least another hour. During that entire time she told herself this would never happen again. That it was just a two-time thing. That she'd find a way to get the blackmail material back, or better yet to get some on Anna so she could turn the tables on her. Or at least call a truce. But then her phone beeped again, her Little White Mistress giving her the address to a hotel room and ordering her to come right away. And well, as had just been proven, Beyonce just couldn't resist her Little White Mistress.

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