Beyonce's Big Black Booty

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Anna Kendrick or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beyonce Knowles or Anna Kendrick or Brittany Snow or Anna Camp or Hailee Steinfeld or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Beyonce was used to walking into a room and the whole place going silent. She used to be secretly quite proud of it, as she had worked hard to get to where she was in a very difficult business, and deserved the respect she got. More importantly she had spent over a decade dominating women, and she loved to enter one filled with women who were either her bitches or at least knew her reputation as a butt busting top. Maybe especially when it was a small group who she was about to fuck. Which was kind of true now, except she wasn't going to dominate these women for the first time. They were going to dominate her! Which had made her so nervous she almost didn't show up, and then almost didn't knock on the door, and now she was standing here she didn't know what to say.

Meanwhile Anna Kendrick was only too happy to speak, "You're late."

Lowering her gaze as a tiny white girl approached her Beyonce mumbled, "Well, you know... bad traffic, and..."

"You're such a liar." Anna laughed, before her voice became very serious, "Apologise!"

This was it. Beyonce's last chance to avoid being humiliated in a room filled with white women, two of which she hadn't deemed worthy to be owned by her, namely Brittany Snow and Anna Camp, and one who she simply hadn't got to yet, namely Hailee Steinfeld. They were the best friends and bitches of her 'Little White Mistress', who she literally just overheard promising not to say anything about what they saw tonight, but even if they kept that promise it was a slippery slope, as it was them today, but who knows who it would be tomorrow. Which should have been more than enough to make Beyonce come to her senses, especially when combined with what happened next, namely a tiny white girl smacking her across the face, the sound echoing throughout the room and prompting a gasp from the other women without the last name Kendrick.

"Well?" Anna pushed after a long seconds pause, then slapping the mighty Beyonce a few more times, as she added, "Answer me! Answer me or I'll bend you over my fucking knee! Do it!"

"Anna-" Brittany began nervously, terrified of what Beyonce was about to do, only to get the shock of her life.

"I'm sorry!" Beyonce finally whimpered, making the room definitely silent again.

Then Anna broke their silence by pushing, "You're sorry, what?"

Again Beyonce whimpered, but was unable to stop herself from replying, "I'm sorry my Little White Mistress."

More deafening silence, and then Anna Camp murmured in disbelief, "No fucking way."

"Yes way." Anna Kendrick grinned, turning back to her friends, "I made Beyonce my bitch."

Yet more silence, and then Anna C pushed, "Prove it."

"With pleasure." Anna K smirked, turning back to her bitch, "Turn around! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, show off that big, fat black ass I love to fuck."

Again Beyonce paused for a few long seconds, which at least showed there was some hesitation, but it was a hollow victory when she ultimately turned around and stuck out her big ass. Especially when it came directly after getting her big booty smacked roughly by a tiny white girl, Anna emphasising her words with that strict, and the confidence smirk that was on her face. Both of which had the unfortunate result of turning Beyonce on. Or at least arousing her submissive side enough for her to do as she was told, Anna taking full advantage of that fact by leaning down to grab hold of her big butt and greedily groped it while her friends were still too stunned to react.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, this is what I'm talking about. Mmmmmm, a nice big chocolate booty that was made to be fucked." Anna K moaned almost silently to herself as she squeezed those cheeks, "Ooooooooh yessssssss, these big fat cheeks look so good jiggling against my thighs when I'm fucking the mighty Beyonce up her big black booty. Or spanking it! Mmmmmm, or just groping it. Don't be shy. Come and have a feel. Oh yes, have a feel of this big fat butt, which is now mine to fuck whenever I want. Come on, she doesn't bite. Not unless you want her too. Mmmmmmm, give it a good squeeze, and I might just let you fuck it too."

Even with that promise in the air the Pitch Perfect cast were reluctant to obey, Brittany simply being the first because she loved and trusted her girlfriend, something she was rewarded for as Beyonce didn't stop her from grabbing a handful of ass, and squeezing, "Wow! That's... wow..."

"I know, right?" Anna K beamed happily.

"Out of my way!" Anna C suddenly demanded, emboldened by watching sweet little Brittney being able to squeeze that fat ass, which felt so wonderful underneath her hand when she squeezed it.

"Glad you could join us, Anna." Anna K mocked.

"Yeah, well..." Anna C started, but she really had no witty response to that, so ultimately she just asked, "You really butt fuck her?"

Which caused Anna K to smirk, and then call out, "Hey Beyonce... did I really butt fuck you?"

"Yes." Beyonce admitted with a whimper.

"Yes what?" Anna K pushed, smacking that ass again.

"Yes, you butt fucked me.... my Little White Mistress!" Beyonce first whimpered, and then quickly added that last part when she realised her mistake.

"Huh..." Anna C hummed thoughtfully, before grinning, "It looks like she could do with some more training."

"That's what you girls are here for." Anna K grinned back.

"I call dibs on going first." Brittany blurted out, and then when the other two turned to her she shrugged, "What? I want to butt fuck her too. And you know you're about to say the same thing."

"That's fair." Anna C shrugged, before grinning, "But you wouldn't want to deprive Hailee from rimming her first, would you?"

"Of course not." Brittany beamed, "Assuming that's what she wants, of course."

"Oh yes please, please let me eat that ass!" Hailee pleaded, "Oh Mistress Kendrick, please let me eat that ass!"

"Really, is that the best you got?" Anna K teased.

Taking the hint Hailee pleaded, "Oh please Mistress Kendrick, may I stick my unworthy white face in that big beautiful black ass and tongue Beyonce's butt hole! Mmmmmmm, I've dreamed about doing that for years, and it would mean so much to me to receive the privilege now, because not only would I be worshipping that perfect ass, but I would be pleasing you too. All of you! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, I lived to please dominant women. Please allow me the privilege of worshipping this former top to please my tops. Please? I wanna eat that ass! Please, mmmmmmm, I promise I'll eat it so good, get it nice and ready for you to fuck."

Briefly Anna K pretended to look thoughtful, before chuckling wickedly, "Of course you can eat that fat ass. Mmmmmmm, if you promised to put on a good show for us."

"I do! I promise." Hailee quickly reassured, "Ooooooooh, I promised to do so good Mistress Kendrick. Thank you for giving me this privilege."

"Good girl." Anna K chuckled, before turning her attention to her black bitch, "And as for you, Queen B, strip for us. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, show us that beautiful curvy body of yours. Especially that fat ass we're all about to ruin."

"Yes my Little White Mistress." Beyonce whimpered.

It was really humiliating for these women to talk about her like she wasn't even there, but Beyonce had no choice but to stand there and take it. Well, that wasn't true, she just couldn't deal with the consequences of not doing what she was told. And to her shame, she didn't want too. Especially considering she knew the pleasure which would soon result in her obeying. So she slowly stripped off her clothes while slowly making her way to the bedroom, and then getting on all fours in the centre of it. The entire time she made sure to stick out her big tits and especially her fat ass, making it clear she was eager for it to be abused. Hell, she even wiggled that fat ass in the end. God, she had become such an anal whore.

Hailee meanwhile was just staring longingly at the former Black Mistress, pretty much literally drooling at the curvaceous body in front of her. Of course, she adored worshipping the slim little bodies of her Mistresses from Pitch Perfect, who often shared her with other members of the cast, such as Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, and especially Elizabeth Banks, but Beyonce was like a literal goddess. Hailee would have been definitely an easy conquest for Queen B only a few months ago, and Hailee found herself disappointed that she didn't enjoy that privilege before receiving this one. Not that she could complain. Sadly she didn't obey her commands that quickly either, as once Beyonce was actually naked and on all fours Hailee just stared lustfully at her for a few long seconds, before being prompted.

"Get a move on slut!" Anna C pushed, "Mmmmmm, you're not the only one eager for a piece of that ass."

"Yes, Mistress Camp, thank you Mistress Kendrick. Thank you all." Hailee blurted out, while eagerly crawling into position.

Actually, she'd barely finished replying before Hailee was shoving her own face as deep as it would go into that big meaty ass. She didn't even lick it at first, instead choosing to literally suffocate herself between those meaty cheeks to the point where all she could smell was that fat butt. It was a smell she savoured for a few long seconds, before pulling her face out, gasping for breath, and then repeating the process a few times before finally covering those meaty cheeks in kisses. Which she could tell her Mistresses didn't approve of, given that Beyonce was no longer a top, but Hailee just couldn't help herself. An ass this big and beautiful deserve to be worshipped, and that's exactly what she did.

Just as she could sense one of her Mistresses, most likely one of the Annas, opening their mouths to scold her Hailee spread those meaty cheeks with both hands and slowly slid her tongue over Beyonce's butt crack. She then repeated that lick a few times, before gradually shortening them until she was just focusing on Beyonce's butt hole. Then to make up for lost time Hailee swirled her tongue around that most private of holes as well as simply sliding her tongue up and down it. As she could sense that even that satisfied her Mistresses Hailee then tried to push her tongue inside that big booty, and to her surprise she was able to slide the full length in fairly easily. God, Mistress Kendrick really had turned the mighty Beyonce into her little anal bitch.

Picturing this intimidating woman spreading her cheeks so that Mistress Kendrick could slam her strap-on in and out of it made Hailee whimper with joy. Or maybe that was tasting Beyonce's big ass, which was even more delicious then Hailee thought it would be. It was probably a combination of both, but either way it pushed Hailee to hammer her tongue in and out of that soon to be violated butt hole. Or more accurately, violated by something much bigger and more destructive than a tongue. Which made Hailee insanely jealous of the butt she gleefully munched for several long minutes, and of course the woman attached to it, even though she was sure her time would come. Maybe even later that night, if she was lucky. Oh yes, hopefully before the end of the night her tight little ass would be taken as Beyonce's big fat ass was about to be.

Anna Kendrick was very jealous of dear sweet Hailee Steinfeld in that moment, because she knew first hand just how tasty that big black booty was. Oh yes, she knew exactly how tasty it was, having eaten it a lot now, and in that moment she really, really wanted to push Hailee out of the way so that she could bury her little face in that fat ass. Especially because she doubted that Hailee was giving that big butt the type of tongue fucking it deserved. But that wouldn't have been a very top thing to do, and besides, there was definitely something to be said for just watching the show. Also, there was something else she wanted to do right now. Namely handouts some strap-ons, and then when she and her friends were fully equipped she lay down in the centre of the bed and gave her next order.

"Beyonce, get over here and plant your little pussy on my dick." Anna K ordered, "Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, ride me so we can triple stuff you. Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, won't that be fun? And what do you say, to your Little White Mistress, for giving you such a reward?"

"Yes my Little White Mistress, thank you my Little White Mistress." Beyonce replied without the whimper.

"Good girl." Anna K grinned, quickly adding, "And don't you dare stop eating that fat ass Hailee. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, you keep eating it good for your Mistresses."

"Yes Mistress." Hailee moaned into Beyonce's big ass.

The fact that Hailee didn't even pull her mouth away from that fat ass to reply caused the rest of the Pitch Perfect girls to giggle wickedly, although that quickly died down as the mighty Beyonce crawled towards Anna Kendrick. Maybe they were afraid that the infamous top was finally about to do something, but Anna K was confident that her bitch wouldn't embarrass her in front of her friends, because she had made it very clear what would be the consequence of that. And thankfully that wasn't an issue, as although she hesitated for a few long seconds Beyonce simply whimpered, and did as she was told. Namely line her entrance up with the dildo and then slowly push herself downwards, impaling her pussy on the strap-on.

Which naturally caused Beyonce to let out a loud cry of pleasure, and then let out similar cries as she slowly pushed herself all the way down the shaft until she was sitting on the lap of her Mistress with every inch of the dildo inside her pussy. Then without needing to be told Beyonce started bouncing her fat ass up and down, causing the strap-on to slide in and out of her cunt, officially starting the fucking. Of course Beyonce had two other holes in desperate need of fucking, and try as she might Hailee's tongue just wasn't going to cut it. Although Anna K did allow Hailee a few extra minutes to enjoy having her face buried in that booty, this time when it was bouncing up and down.

Then Anna K called out, "Okay, that's enough Hailee. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, that ass hole is wet enough to be stretched... and she's my bitch, so I'll start us off."

Obedient bitch that she was Hailee immediately moved away when asked too, even if she did understandably whimper in disappointment. Which allowed Anna to reach behind her prey while talking, grab hold of those meaty cheeks and spread them wide as possible with both her hands so everyone else could get a good look at what she was about to do. Namely slide a couple of fingers against Beyonce's juice leaking pussy, and then up to her bitch's ass hole. As Beyonce had been thoroughly prepared before this, she shoved two fingers straight away into that forbidden hole, and eventually added a third, before finally offering someone else a turn. And there were no prizes for guessing who she would choose.

"That should be more than enough for this ass whore! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, it's time for one of you to really stretch this fat butt out. But who should it be? Oh, decisions, decisions." Anna K pretended to think about it for a few long seconds, before ordering, "Brittany, step up to the plate. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want my girlfriend to fuck my bitch's big black booty."

Brittany's hand was trembling as she used it to press her strap-on against Beyonce's butt hole. Despite everything she had seen leading up to this, she was half expecting Beyonce to single-handedly turn the tables on all of them the second she actually tried to sodomise the infamous super top. Hell, she wouldn't be surprised if it was one of Anna's little jokes. Which she continued thinking for the next few minutes, even as it became increasingly unlikely. After all, she just couldn't believe she was actually watching Beyonce's back door slowly opening for her cock, to the point that the anal ring stretched wide enough for the head of her strap-on to slide through it and into that big black booty.

"Oh God!" Brittany exclaimed, still unable to believe what she was doing, "Oh my fucking God!"

"That's it honey, you're doing great." Anna softly encouraged.

For a few long seconds Brittany stared at the sight in front of her, unable to believe that was really her cock in Beyonce's butt. Then slowly and cautiously she began pushing inch after inch of dick into that big fat ass, Anna continuing to spread those cheeks to give her the best possible view of this obscene violation. And just when Brittany didn't think it could possibly get any more wild she heard a moan in pleasure, and it didn't come from her or her Pitch Perfect cast mates. No, the infamous Beyonce actually moaned in pleasure just from getting her ass violated. Not even Hailee did that, and she was a total anal whore. God, Anna really had broken the mighty Beyonce, hadn't she?

While she'd been kind of sceptical up until now Brittany definitely hoped that would be the case, because Anna was so right about Beyonce having an ass made for fucking, and it would be beyond her wildest dream to have this goddess as a fuck toy. Especially as she hadn't been deemed worthy enough for the mighty Beyonce to go after, and yet now it was the infamous butt buster who was getting her big butt busted. And now Brittany was watching inch after inch of her cock disappearing into that butt buster's butt, until her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dildo had been buried in Beyonce's big black booty. Something Brittany just couldn't help gloat about.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Brittany repeated over and over again throughout the anal penetration, then when it was actually complete she exclaimed, "Every inch! That's every, single inch of my cock up your butt! Mmmmmmm fuck, I can't believe it. You really took the whole thing. Oh my God, ohhhhhhhhh fuck!"

"Yeah baby, you've got every inch now." Anna gleefully encouraged, "Mmmmmmm, you've got every single inch of your dick in Beyonce's big black booty! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, now fuck it! Fuck that big black booty! Fuck it hard and make those big meaty cheeks jiggle. Oooooooooh yessssssss, that's it Brittany, fuck her good."

Not needing much encouragement Brittany slowly pulled her hips back until about half of the strap-on had slid out of Beyonce's back hole, and then she pushed it back in just as slowly. Then of course she repeated the process, beginning to butt fuck the mighty Beyonce slow at a steady pace which had the little anal slut moaning in pure pleasure again, this time very much right from the start. Which already was making those giant cheeks jiggling a bit, which was clearly delighting the two Annas. Even the other one ended up encouraging her, which was good because Brittany was a little worried that she was hogging this ass. Or at the very least, she would be soon.

Anna Camp definitely thought that Brittany was hogging that beautiful booty, but she totally understood, and would be doing the same thing in her position. Which was also why she wasn't really mad at the other Anna. Of course she had another very valid reason not to rush into this, that being she was still kind of terrified of Beyonce, especially considering she had a reputation for turning white tops into bottoms. Now it seemed to be Beyonce who had been the one to be turned, but Anna didn't want to take any chances, so she was happy to hold back and wait to be invited to join the party. Besides, now she was having a lot of fun just watching, as it was truly beautiful, and something she would never, ever thought she would have ever seen.

Unlike the other woman who couldn't change their perspective Anna C slowly walked around so she could get to see the beautiful expression of joy and dominance on Britany's face, and when she dared, looked down to see the humiliation and submission on Beyonce's face. Then of course she could walk back around to see Beyonce's most private hole stretching around a strap-on dildo, which Brittany was gleefully pumping in and out of her, which was on perfect display thanks to the other Anna. Also there was just the joy of seeing the intimidating black woman on her hands and knees, taking it in the ass. Or more accurately, taking it in both her pussy and ass at the same time, Anna barely noticing the other Anna, but she was there, being part of the fun in a way she could enjoy.

Then finally Anna got the chance to enjoy it when the other Anna called out to her, "You want a turn, Camp?"

"Absolutely, Kendrick." Anna answered.

"Baby, give our girl Anna a turn. Please?" Anna then asked her girlfriend.

"Absolutely." Brittany beamed.

Despite agreeing easily Brittany was reluctant to remove her dick from Beyonce's ass, and gave it half a dozen thrusts before doing so. Again Anna didn't blame her, and was almost grateful for the time to prepare, and even then when she finally stepped up to the plate and began pushing her cock into that stretched out back door her hands were trembling. Luckily she still got it done, partly because Brittany had done a wonderful job at stretching that big black booty out, and the next thing Anna knew was that she was pushing inch after inch of cock up the mighty Beyonce's butt. It then only felt like seconds between the anal penetration and the moment her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, and it also felt like an eternity.

For a few long seconds Anna savoured the moment, before she actually began fucking the mighty Beyonce in the ass. That was when she became aware of this little anal whore moaning like she was as shameless as Hailee, something Anna knew for a fact she wasn't given the expression on her face when Brittany had been the one sodomising her. Not that this alleged super top did anything about it, or complained in anyway. No, she just kept moaning in pure pleasure as Anna defiled her forbidden hole, and then eagerly welcomed Brittany's cock into her mouth when it was time for her to experience the joy of being triple stuffed. Which was the only thing which could tear Anna's eyes away from her cock pumping in and out of Beyonce's butt hole.

"Suck it bitch!" Anna K ordered loudly, and then added when she saw that Brittany was still hesitant, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, suck that cock and become triple stuffed. Oh yes, a cock in each one of your fuck holes. That's what you want isn't it, my little Chocolate Princess? Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh it is, oh fuck yeah! Suck it! Suck it just like that, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Get every single drop of your own butt cream you filthy little ass to mouth whore! Faster! Faster you dumb slut! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, you have a lot more anal juice to clean, so be a good girl and hurry up. Oh yes, that's better, ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, get every fucking inch down your bitch throat!"

Beyonce wanted to believe she was hesitant to obey, but the truth was she probably couldn't have stopped herself if she tried, and she had just become addicted to the taste of her own ass. For better or for worse the decision was taken out of her hands as basically one hard thrust from Anna C had her opening her mouth widely as she cried out in pleasure, giving Brittany the perfect chance to push her cock inside it, which she did. God, it wasn't so long ago that no one would dare do such a thing to Beyonce. Not even in their most twisted dreams. And yet, here they all were, and to her shame Beyonce was loving every second of it. Which became infuriatingly clear when she started greedily and loudly sucking that ass flavoured cock clean, much to the delight of her audience.

It took a while for the others to start mocking her, but slowly it became more of a thing as they became bolder. Especially as they started switching places so Brittany and the two Annas all got a turn fucking Beyonce's big fat booty and then feeding the poor singer her own ass cream. They then continued swapping over and over again, driving Beyonce crazy with lust, to the point that she just had no choice but to beg for more. Beyonce resisted that urge for as long as she could though, as it was an additional humiliation she just didn't need, as it was just too much. Hell, there had barely been any pain at the beginning at this point, and what there had been was a distant memory now, nor she felt was pure overwhelming pleasure as she became a three hole whore. But it still wasn't enough. She needed to cum. Oh God, she needed it so bad, and she didn't care what she had to say to get it.

So during the next switch in positions Beyonce cried out as soon as her mouth was free, "Fuck me! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddddd, please fuck me harder my Little White Mistress! Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, I need you and all your little friends to fuck me harder! Fucking wreck my fat ass Mistress Kendrick! Fuck it hard and deep and make it gape for you! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, gape my ass, my Little White Mistresses! Stretch it wide and deep, mmmmmmmmm, and leave it a gaping crater! Oh my God, fucking destroy it! Destroy my big black booty! Oh please, pleassssssseeeeeeee, fuck me hard, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

"Well, what do you think?" Brittany asked, biting her lip as she looked at her girlfriend.

"I suppose." Anna K said after pretending to think about it for a few long moments, "As long as she tells us how grateful she is for receiving such a treat."


To Beyonce's shame she continues hysterically thanking her Little White Mistresses and begging them to ruin her rectum for what felt like an eternity as Mistress Snow slammed her strap-on all the way back inside the singer's shit-pipe in what felt like one hard thrust and then proceeded to dish out one intense butt pounding, which seemed far more skilled and competent than she'd be receiving from that particular woman. Or maybe they were also just lost in that moment Beyonce couldn't tell the difference in the many more, and it wasn't Mistress Snow. Not that it mattered. Honestly, all that mattered to Beyonce was that she was getting exactly what she wanted.

At first she was happy with just the hard ass fucking itself, as this increase in pleasure and humiliating submission was exactly what she craved in that moment. Of course, it promised even more intense feelings to come, and sure enough the increased pace of the anal pounding, and the sheer joy of being anally dominated by a tiny white girl was soon giving her one intense orgasm after another. Soon the poor singer could only scream with incoherent joy as she was anally brutalized by these other women. Only it was even better than that, because there was still a cock in her cunt. And then, another cock was pushed back into her mouth, giving her the most intense climaxes she had ever known. Something she desperately hoped would happen to her again.

Brittany's fear of Beyonce was now more or less completely forgotten as this intimidating woman was able to cum while being butt fucked, and disappeared altogether once she had started using every ounce of her strength to pound that big black booty. Of course it took a while for it for her to built up the speed, and it took a while for her even to start, as she was just lost in listening to the mighty Beyonce beg so shamelessly for such a submissive thing. Maybe ashamed of them, considering everything that had come before, especially the ass to mouth, but she just couldn't help herself. Just as she couldn't resist giving it everything she had once she built up her speed, or resist cumming.

This was far from her first time topping, and normally Brittany was quite good about holding herself back, but this time was just too much for her. Those big juicy cheeks jiggling against her hips with every thrust, the tight hole in between them, making her really work for it, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and most of all, the fact that this was the infamous Beyonce made her cum so freaking hard. Luckily, while her training to resist failed her, her training to continue no matter what didn't, meaning that she was able to push herself through orgasm after orgasm. Meaning that she was able to do her girlfriend proud, and more importantly continuously make the mighty Beyonce cum from fucking her in the ass.

Given that she had like a sixth sense about these things her girlfriend probably knew that she came embarrassingly quickly, and that was probably given away by the fact that she was able to push further. Brittany was eventually able to make her Anna, and perhaps just importantly, both of them, proud by pulling out of Beyonce's butt hole just before she was going to collapse, and instead moved back a little and collapsed when she could get a good view of her friends taking over, something Anna Camp quickly and gleefully did, meaning that it was then the two Annas who were sandwiching the mighty Beyonce between them. God, Brittany always love to watch her friends share, but there was something else which caught her eye, namely Hailee staring at her hopefully, clearly eager for a treat.

It would be probably more of a top move to ignore her, and concentrate on the show their co-stars were giving them, but Brittany prided herself on being kind hearted, and ultimately beckoned Hailee over. Which was all the encouragement Hailee needed to greedily suck on Brittany's dick, moaning almost loudly enough to be heard over the constant squeals Beyonce was letting out now her mouth was free, something which Brittany allowed the pure bottom to enjoy for several long seconds, before giving her an even better treat. One which unsurprisingly caused Hailee to light up brightly and then doing as she was told quickly. Which in turn was kind of pleasurably torturous for Brittany, but it was worth it to make her friend happy.

"Take your butt-plug out and ride me." Brittany told Hailee just loud enough for her friend to hear, "Ride me with your slutty little ass hole and make yourself cum."

"Yes Mistress Snow." Hailee eagerly replied and obeyed.

Anna Kendrick grinned wickedly at her girlfriend's kind heartedness at not only allowing Hailee to taste Beyonce's ass, but allow her to sodomize herself to orgasm. To be fair, it didn't take long, but Hailee really hadn't earned it, and Beyonce should be really the one to clean up the mess. Not that she really had much time to think about it, or even focus on what the other girls were doing, as she was too preoccupied with the other Anna pounding the hell out of that big fat booty. Especially as she was waiting for her turn to show her girls how it was done, something she had been waiting a very long time for now, and knowing which would have to wait longer because Anna C was much more experienced at this kind of thing, and didn't make the same mistakes Brittany did.

No, Anna C made sure to build up her pace slowly, and not give that big black booty everything she had until right at the end, and even then she held back enough to save face, which was incredibly hard under the circumstances. She also made the once mighty Beyonce cum so hard and frequently Anna K really thought she was going to pass out. Thankfully, because of her training, both the one which Anna Kendrick had given her, and the one that she had given herself, Beyonce was able to take everything Anna Camp had to give her, even if it did include several long minutes of hard and deep anal pounding. Then when one Anna finally moved away, the other one quickly slipped out of Beyonce's pussy, got into position and shoved every single inch of her dick up her bitch's ass in one hard thrust.

She then Jack-hammered Beyonce's butt hole in the missionary position for several long minutes, able to enjoy something else in the process which only she had been enjoying throughout the double, triple, and now single penetration, that being, the expression on this once proud top's face. Oh yes, that look was worth it's weight in gold, because it told her she had succeeded in pushing her anal bitch further into submission. That Beyonce was more her anal slut now than ever before, which was proven by the fact that she looked actually kind of grateful to be shared like this. And certainly to cum as much as she had. Something she got to do a lot more of thanks to the really hard ass fucking Anna K was dishing out, and of course the dirty talk she was bombarding her with.


Which of course made Beyonce cum harder and more frequently, but ultimately it also made Anna K cum. She held back for as long as she could, but there was only so much anyone could take. Especially as she was dully aware of Hailee starting to cum, meaning the three of them came together, which was kind of nice. And maybe even the four of them, including Brittany. If that was the case Brittany wasn't cumming as hard as the rest, but Anna K still hoped she was cumming, as she loved it when she and her girlfriend came together in any combination. The idea of it helped Anna K to push herself through a couple of orgasms, while pulling out, with plenty of energy to maintain her dominance, and to enjoy their combined handiwork. Which was definitely worth it, because the once mighty Beyonce's butt hole was gaping wider and deeper than ever before.

Then Anna K spanked that fat ass and ordered, "Spread your cheeks Bitch! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, show us that pretty little gape."

Which caused Beyonce to cry out pathetically, whimper, and eventually reply, "Yes my Little White Mistress."

Anna Kendrick expected nothing less of her bitch, but it was still incredibly hot to see the once mighty Beyonce slowly reaching back, grabbing hold of two handfuls of meaty cheeks, and then spreading them apart as wide as possible, emphasizing her gaping butt hole. Which of course had been totally visible without those cheeks being spread, but it was nice to get the best possible look, especially when it humiliated the once proud top in the process. Something which continued as the stars of Pitch Perfect continued to admire their handiwork, and even take pictures to immortalize the occasion, and Beyonce just let it happen. Then of course, it came time for the final, wonderful humiliation.

"Mmmmmmmm, good girl. Now, suck our cocks, starting with Hailee's." Anna K ordered.

"Yes my Little White Mistress." Beyonce whimpered and did as she was told.

Despite everything they had seen tonight Anna's favourite co-stars gasped with shock and delight as the mighty Beyonce slowly turned around, and then wrapped her lips around Hailee's cock, tasting herself from a purely submissive woman's strap-on. Which Anna kind of found funny, as it was far from the most submissive thing the once dominant woman had done tonight, but then again it was further proof of how low she had sunk. And just how much she seemed to enjoy it. Oh yes, the normally intimidating Beyonce bobbed her head up and down the shaft with truly wonderful enthusiasm. Maybe with more enthusiasm than she'd ever shown before, in fact.

That continued to be the case as Beyonce started going back and forth in all the cocks, lingering particularly long on the strap-on which belong to the woman that had broken her fat ass in. And she wasn't even trying to hide her moans of pleasure from tasting her own big yummy booty. Or pretending she wasn't a happy little bottom. Which made Anna wonder if Beyonce was just caught up in the moment, again, or whether she'd finally done it. Finally broken the mighty Beyonce once and for all. Because she had got close a few times, and there was even a couple of times she thought she had her for sure, only for her pet to come down from her high, and disappoint her. But still, she had to ask.

"What are you?" Anna K suddenly asked softly.

There was a pause as Beyonce looked up and tried to judge whether she was the one being addressed, then she took the cock out of her mouth and answered, "I'm your black bitch, my Little White Mistress. I'm your anal whore, your fat assed ass slut, your big booty bitch. Your Chocolate Princess. I'm anything you want me to be. I'm yours. All yours."

"Prove it." Anna pushed, "Kiss my feet. Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, kiss the feet of your Mistress, you dirty little bitch! Oh fuck yeah!"

"Yes my Little White Mistress." Beyonce obeyed.

While Anna was pretty sure she, and her friends, said more she wasn't really paying attention to that, especially not initially. Later she became aware of her friends taking her photo, at which point she posed triumphantly over what seemed to be her fully broken in bitch. The truth was she was still a little sceptical, but there was no doubt that in this moment Beyonce was 100% hers. Oh yes, the once mighty Beyonce was grovelling at her feet, covering every inch of them in kisses, and looking up at her with pure devotion. Something she would definitely take advantage of through the rest of the night, even as she schemed ways she could test this new found devotion.

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