Going Black

BY : SandyRavage
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Disclaimer: I don't personally know any of the celebrities posted in this. I make no money off of this and this is completely fictional.

No paparazzi, wine in her body, and a hot tub. Anna Kendrick was having a great night. She leaned back in the tub, staring up at the night sky and breathing in the crisp cool air. It was after 10, and the pool area was supposed to be closed. But she had done something she’d rarely done before; take advantage of her fame. Using her status, she convinced the night clerk to keep the pool open for her.

She was wearing a modest, white bikini. Something she didn’t do unless she knew she had complete privacy, because the paparazzi would love to get photos of her butt and her breasts. Her head leaning against the granite, she was nearly asleep when she heard somebody exclaim “Holy shit, I know you!”

Anna jumped, startled. Standing at the edge of the tub was a tall, shirtless black man. His hair was short, and connected to a beard. He was holding a brown bag. “What the hell?!” Anna yelled.

“You’re...Kristen Stewart? Right?”

Anna blinked at him, confused and irritated and slightly offended. “No, what? I’m Anna Kendrick.”

“Oh, from that 500 Days Of Summer movie, huh?”

Anna shook her head in frustration. “No, whatever. What are you doing here? I reserved this area, it’s locked.”

He smiled, and Anna couldn’t help but notice how nice of a smile it was. And how handsome he was.

“I, uh, sort of hopped the fence. I’ve done it a few times. I live nearby. I’ll hop the fence, swim a little, relax. Have a little bit to drink.” He lifted the bag as he said this. “I’ve never had anyone around before.”

Anna stared at him, still feeling annoyed. “Well...hop it again. You’re not a guest.”

The man raised his eyebrows at her in mock offense. “Oh excuse me! Anna Kendrick doesn’t want to share the hot tub with a black guy. Okay, wow.”

“What?! No! That’s not it!”

The man shook his head. “I get it. Disappointing, but I get it…”

Anna rolled her eyes. “Fine. Get in. Just...be cool, okay?”

The man smiled again, his teeth white. “I’m the very definition of cool. Name’s Lowe.”

He stepped into the hot tub, sitting across from Anna. He stole a glance at her cleavage, her breasts sitting just above the water. She didn’t notice, as she was stealing a glance at his well-toned stomach.

Lowe pulled a bottle of Jack Daniel’s from the bag, and took a drink from it. He offered it to Anna, who declined.

“Too good to drink with a black man?”

“Oh my god.” Anna said, again rolling her eyes at Lowe’s remarks. She grabbed the bottle and took a hearty swig from it. She handed it back, coughing.

They sat that like for a while, and eventually got to talking. He was easy to talk to, funny and charming. She wasn’t paying attention to his drinking habits, though, as he was merely lifting the bottle to his mouth and not swallowing. She was drinking the entire bottle nearly by herself.

A small, familiar heat began to grow in Anna’s stomach. She had a boyfriend, but she hadn’t seen him in 7 months. He lived in Britain, and she was a little touch-starved. With the alcohol flowing in her system, she was having trouble not ogling Lowe’s tight muscles and taut stomach.

“You ever been with a black guy, Anna?” Lowe suddenly asked as Anna took a drink.

She nearly spit it out, her eyes bugging. “Excuse me?!”

“It’s a simple question…”

Anna looked at him, wondering what his angle was. “Uh...no. No I haven’t.”

“Well it’s true what they say.”

Anna continued to look at him, apprehensive of where this was going.

“I’m hung.”

This broke her gaze. “Okay, I’m out of here.” She said, beginning to stand.

Lowe reached out and grabbed her wrist. “Wait, wait! I have a proposition!”

Anna sneered at him. “I bet I can guess what it is.”

“Look, if my dick is bigger than you can imagine, you kiss me. If my dick size is disappointing, you can hit me. As hard as you want.”

Anna knew she should step out of the tub, but his eyes were illuminated by the moon and his hand on her wrist was making her heart thump wildly. Using this hesitation, he slowly began to pull her hand to his waist.

Anna’s heart beat faster as her hand disappeared, with his guidance, into his shorts. She was trying hard to think of her boyfriend but then her fingers found his cock and wrapped themselves around it.

Lowe laughed as her jaw literally dropped. Anna couldn’t believe it. He was hung. It had to have been almost 10 inches. Bigger than anything she’d ever had inside of her.

“We had a deal, miss Anna Kendrick.”

He leaned forward and softly kissed her. At first she didn’t move, but then she kissed him back. She began to lightly stroke him, thoughts of her boyfriend disappearing quickly from her mind.

Lowe broke the kiss and leaned into her ear. “Suck it.”

He sat up on the edge of the tub, pulling his shorts down. His big, black cock sprung out and nearly hit her in her beautiful face. There was an angel on one side of her and a devil on the other. The angel was trying to get her to think of her boyfriend’s face and his kindness. The devil was telling her to open her mouth right now and choke on that cock. Anna couldn’t take her eyes off it, and knew the devil had won.

She turned her big, brown eyes up at Lowe as she leaned forward and licked his balls, dragging her tongue up to the tip of his penis. “Fuck.” Lowe grunted. “I can’t believe the Scarlet Witch is gonna suck my dick.”

Anna paused, still stroking him. “I’m...that’s not...again, I’m Anna Kendrick.”

Lowe grabbed her by the back of her head firmly. “I’m sorry, whatever young adult franchise you’re from, I’m sure it’s fantastic. Right now you need to open that mouth and take this dick.”

She should have been furious with his dismissal of her, but for some reason, she found it turned her on even more. People kissed her ass left and right, flattering her with hyperbole constantly. It felt freeing to have someone so obviously not give a shit who she was.

Anna adjusted, and as she did, she felt the jets of the tub press against her crotch. Moaning softly as the jets vibrated between her legs, she began to suck his black dick. Her tits were pushed together as she took her time swallowing his dick inch by inch, her wet and ample cleavage competing with her cute mouth full of cock and her hazel eyes staring up at him. He couldn’t decide what to keep his gaze on.

Her eyes began to water slightly as his balls finally touched her chin. She tried to pull back, but he held her head in place. “God damn, bitch.” Lowe said, relishing the feel of her stretched out lips and the soft sounds of her gagging. “You were pretty before, but you’re fucking beautiul now.”

Finally he let go, and his long cock slid out of her throat and popped out of her mouth. Her pussy was hot and throbbing, with the sluttiness of this entire thing driving her wild. She was cheating on her boyfriend with a black stranger in a hotel hot tub, and she was being treated like a whore. And she liked it. She planted several kisses on his cock and took it back into her mouth with a small smile.

Lowe grabbed a fistful of her hair and began to work his cock in and out of her throat. She grabbed onto his knees and closed her eyes, trying not to choke. She had never been face fucked before, especially not by something this large. She felt him tightening up as his pace grew more frantic, pounding her mouth with hard thrusts.

Anna suddenly drew back, knocking his hand away. She wrapped her fingers around his dick tightly, cutting off any orgasm that was approaching. Lowe yelled in surprise. Anna looked at him, catching her breath, her breasts rising and falling. “I’m not done yet.”

She stood up and stepped out of the tub. Her bikini bottoms had ridden up her ass, becoming a thong that showed off her pale, bubble butt completely. She walked over to the pool and looked over her shoulder back at him; she put her arms behind her back and undid the knot holding up her bikini top. She winked and let it fall before stepping forward and splashing into the pool.

Lowe stood up and made his way to the pool as Anna emerged from the water. She was laughing, her small but rounded tits just visible under the surface. “Coming in?”

He smirked, and stepped out of his shorts. His cock was still hard, and still commanding Anna’s attention. He jumped into the pool and immediately swam upwards, grabbing the petite actress around her waist and pinning her against the side of the pool. She instinctively wrapped her legs tightly around his body, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss. Her tits pressed against his chest as his cock pushed against her pussy. She grinded against him, their tongues in each other’s mouth, his hands gripping her ass.

Lowe grabbed the last bit of clothing she had on and began to slide them off. Anna wiggled and found herself being turned around. He wrapped one arm around her and placed it on her flat stomach as the other gripped his cock and pressed it against her cunt (which was hairless to his surprise). Anna used a free hand to spread her pussy as he pushed into her. Inch by inch, his big black dick disappeared into her tight hole. Anna’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Lowe kissed her neck, moving his hand from her stomach to her tits, rolling and pinching her nipples.

Finally, his waist was pressed against her ass, his dick completely buried inside of her. Anna orgasmed right there, a high, whiny moan escaping out, her body shaking. “Hold on, baby, we’re just getting started.” Lowe whispered into her ear. He slowly slid out of her until just an inch was left, and then slammed it back into her. Anna cried out and came again, any coherent thoughts being fucked out of her head.

He couldn’t build a fast pace floating in the pool, but he did begin a steady and firm fucking of Anna Kendrick’s pussy. Anna had her eyes closed in pleasure as her head rested against Lowe’s chest, his cock pumping in and out of her, his hands squeezing her tits. She had never been used like this.

Anna came a third time and Lowe took his cock out, giving her a moment to breathe. He looked down at her ass floating right in front of him and a smile began to creep onto his face. He gripped her waist with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other. Anna had her head down on the side of the pool, breathing deeply, when she felt him began to slide his dick into her virgin asshole.

She froze, her body tensing up. She began to stutter, but any words she could have said were erased when his finger found her incredibly sensitive clit and began to rub it. She moaned, aware of the big cock that was being put into her butt. He could only get a little more than half inside of her, but that was enough for him.

Slowly and rhythmically, Lowe began to fuck Anna’s asshole. The combination of the finger on her clit and the massive cock stretching her ass out was unlike anything the gorgeous actress had ever experienced. Somewhere in her mind she wondered if a paparazzo was watching; if they were, they’d have the greatest ever celebrity sex tape. Innocent and cute Anna Kendrick having anal sex with a stranger. She didn’t feel innocent or cute right now, though. She felt like a slut, like a piece of meat, and god help her she liked it. Anna thrust her ass back at Lowe, surrendering to him.

Lowe felt his climax approaching as Anna timed her thrusts with him, allowing for even more of his dick to disappear into her. I can’t believe I’m butt-fucking Juno. He briefly thought to himself. I always thought she was a dyke.

The finger on her clit was moving rapidly, and yet another freight-train orgasm was approaching for her. “Ohfuckohfuckohfuck fuck my ass fuck my ass and cum in me fuckfuckfuckfuck” Anna’s voice was high pitched, her mind lost to the pleasure. Lowe moved back and slammed forward, every inch of his dick thrust up inside of Anna’s ass. She came as he did, his seed filling up her ass

Lowe rested his chin on her shoulder, his breathing ragged. Anna’s body was limp, being held afloat only by his strong arms. Neither of them could think of anything to say. They looked at each other, and after a pause, both laughed.

Several minutes later, Anna stood by the hotel entrance, her bikini back on and a towel wrapped around her waist. Lowe stood next to her, hands in his pockets. “So, uh...I have a skype call with my boyfriend in 10 minutes. I should...go up to the room…” She said, trailing off.

Lowe nodded. “Of course. Of course. I had a very nice time with you, Anna Kendrick.”

Anna raised her eyebrows, thinking of the last hour. “Yeah, that was...something.” Her throat was sore, her pussy was throbbing, and her ass was going to hurt for a week. But she felt fantastic.

Lowe began to walk away as Anna used her keycard to open the door to the hotel. She stopped, and turned back towards Lowe. “Room 2216.”

He paused and turned around to face her. Anna smirked and stepped into the lobby, letting the door close behind her. Lowe laughed, nodding his head.


An hour later, Anna had showered and was nearly asleep. For the first 5 minutes of the skype call, she was worried she was either going to vomit from the guilt or vomit up a confession. But she had kept her cool, and her heart hadn’t exploded despite how fast it was beating. She still felt like a terrible girlfriend, but she’d make up to him next she saw him.

There was a sudden knock on the door, startling her. Wearing only her robe, she approached the door. “Room service.” The voice on the other side of the door was very familiar. “Did somebody order a big, black sausage?” Anna bit her lip, immediately feeling her pussy get wet. She shrugged, and reached for the door handle. After all, she was hungry.

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