Going Black

BY : SandyRavage
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Disclaimer: I don't personally know any of the celebrities posted in this. I make no money off of this and this is completely fictional.

Ruby Rose blew a cloud of weed smoke into the air and sank into the couch, her mind and body buzzing pleasantly. She was currently staying in a New York penthouse for a press tour and had needed desperately to unwind after a nearly nonstop past 48 hours. She’d called an old friend she knew who grew strong, high-quality strains, and it had been exactly what she’d needed.

Her old friend, Michael, sat in the corner rolling another joint. Ruby’s eyes casually looked over his body. His smooth dark skin. His tight, muscular arms. His playful smile and bright eyes. If she wasn’t a complete dyke, she could almost see herself being into him. She ruffled a hand through her short, dark hair and took another strong hit. Ruby closed her eyes and stretched her legs out.

Michael looked over at her, and then looked her up and down. He supposed she felt comfortable with him. After all, she wasn’t wearing much. Shorts and a tank-top. Her legs were long and smooth, and surprisingly un-inked. Her arms and back were heavily tattooed. He could also see the outlines of her nipples through her shirt.

“Are you looking at my tits, dude?” Ruby said suddenly, laughing incredulously. 

Michael smiled and looked away, feeling much like the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. “My bad...you just look banging.”

Ruby rolled her eyes and sat up. “Well, thanks I guess.”

He finished rolling his weed and lit it. “You really ain’t ever been with a man? Like at all?”

“No, I really haven’t. Which you know, Michael…” Ruby said, taking another long hit.

Michael was silent, trying not to think of any hidden tattoo’s Ruby had. This strain they were smoking was starting to really loosen him up. He wondered if it was doing the same to her. He didn’t say anything, but he’d certainly noticed how often she was checking out his arms and body.

“Is it true what they say about black guys?” Ruby said unexpectedly, causing Michael to choke as he inhaled.

“You really asking that?”

“Well if you can ask me a stereotypical question for lesbians, I can ask you a stereotypical question for black men.”

Michael considered this for a second and nodded. “You right.” 

He stood up and undid his belt. “Whoa whoa whoa!” Ruby yelled out.

Michael looked at with his eyebrows raised. “Yes?”

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

“Showing you. I can tell you whatever, but I can only prove it by showing you. Unless you’re scared my big black dick is gonna turn you straight.”

Ruby scoffed, trying to hide any excitement she might actually be feeling. The weed in her system had started a small fire deep inside of her. “Fine. Show me, you weirdo.”

Michael smiled and undid his pants. They made eye contact as his hands hovered over his crotch. Finally, he freed his dick. Ruby’s face slowly lost whatever expression it had been holding. The dick hanging a few feet in front of her was huge. It had to be over 7 inches. And she hadn’t even known a penis could be as thick as this one.

“Well, does that answer your question?” He asked her.

“Uh. Uh, I mean... Ye-yeah. That’s certainly...not small…” Ruby said, still staring at it.

“It can get bigger…”

Ruby finally broke eye contact with his member and looked up at him. “Bullshit!”

“I’m serious. Take your shirt off.”

Ruby laughed, her eyes wide. “Excuse me?!”

“It’ll help. I just wanna show you how big this thing gets. And besides, I showed you mine...”

She couldn’t believe his arrogance. She also couldn’t believe how turned on she was. She was wet.

Ruby stared at him, and thought to herself, ‘fuck it’. She gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and off.

Michael looked at her amazing, nude upper-half and couldn’t believe his luck. Her stomach was flat and tight, adorned with several tattoos he hadn’t personally seen before. Her tits were round and buoyant, her nipples a dark pink.

And his promise came true. He grew more erect, his dick now pushing at least 9 inches. Ruby couldn’t believe it. Nor could she believe the situation she was in. Nearly naked in front of a huge cock pointing right at her.

“Do you...wanna touch it?” Michael asked against his better judgment.

“Fuck off.” Ruby said. But her tone didn’t match the words. She sounded like she was challenging him.

“Let’s make a deal. You touch it, for one second. If you immediately let go, I’ll put it away and concede. But I think you’re gonna touch it, and you’re not gonna wanna let go…”

Ruby bit her lip, her eyebrow raised. “I’m gonna touch you and you’re gonna immediately cum. That’s what’s gonna happen.”

“Try me, then.”

Shutting off the voice inside her that was telling her this was a bad idea, Ruby strutted towards Michael with a faux-confidence. They were right in front of each other, both with poker-faces.

Ruby reached out and grabbed his cock.

She told herself to let go...but found she couldn’t.

It was so thick in her hand. So warm. She could feel it throbbing. The weight of it in her palm.

Not only couldn’t she let go, but she realized she was rubbing it up and down. Michael’s eyes shined with ego. “Why don’t you get on your knees, miss Ruby Rose?”

And she was suddenly aware of how bad she did want to taste him. She broke eye contact and slowly knelt before him. She was about to give her first blowjob in almost 20 years.

Ruby continued to rub his cock, trying to think of a strategy for the large piece of meat staring her in the face. Michael’s hand found the back of her head and gripped her hair. She looked up at him with her bright, piercing eyes and opened her mouth. He barely got half of it in before she started to cough and gag.

She pulled her head back and continued to cough. “Is that it, Ruby? Best you can do?” Michael asked, still holding a fistful of her hair.

Ruby glared at him and didn’t waste any time in taking his dick back into her mouth. She worked her tongue up and down his veiny shaft, his dick haltingly disappearing down her throat. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as his lesbian friend gagged and drooled and choked on his fat cock.

All cohesive thoughts were gradually disappearing from Ruby’s head. The only thing she could focus on was Michael’s dick. She sucked noisily, hungrily. Her eyes were watery and she was drooling, but she didn’t care. One hand was on his balls, the other had nestled itself down in her shorts and between her legs. Ruby stroked her pussy as she worked her mouth up and down Michael’s cock.

Her fingers worked themselves in and out of her, correlating with the pace of her blowjob. She was practically fucking her own mouth on his dick, eager to take more and more of it in. She began to rub her clit, and that sent her over the edge.

Ruby took the dick out of her mouth and came noisily. Michael grinned as he looked down at her shaking, sweaty body. Ruby took several deep breaths and collected herself. She looked up at him, panting.

Suddenly she stood up, pushing her shorts down and kicking them off as she got to her feet. She then grabbed Michael’s shirt and assisted him in getting rid of it. She pushed him backwards several times until he fell on the bed. He could see how wet her bald pussy was.

She grabbed his pants and his underwear, pulling them off of him. Ruby climbed on top of him and then sank her pussy down deliberately. The tip of his penis pressed against her slit. They groaned in unison as he began to penetrate her. Inch by inch she continued to sit, until finally she sat on him flush, his full 9 inches inside of her.

Ruby felt so full of cock that she immediately came again. Michael’s large hands grabbed her ass, helping Ruby begin a rhythm. She rode his cock hard, her hands gripping her tits and pinching her nipples. She couldn’t believe how deep inside of her he was. Michael slapped her ass, the sound echoing across the room. The soft moans she was releasing were driving him wild.

She began to bounce on him harder, driving the entirety of his dick up inside of her. Michael gripped her waist, nearly hypnotized by her tits bouncing with her. “Oh fuck, Michael!” Ruby whined, cumming again. She bent forward, working her ass up and down as he fucked her like she’d never been fucked. 

Knowing he was close, Michael had one more fantasy he wanted to try out. He abruptly flipped her over onto her stomach. Ruby knew what was coming and obediently raised her ass for him.

“You want this, Ruby?”

“Yeah, I really do.” She nearly whined.

“Ask for it.”

“Michael, you son of a bitch, just fuck me!”

That was all he needed to hear. Michael aimed his cock and pushed his way into her cunt again. With every inch, her moans got louder. At last, he had buried himself all the way inside of her. He took a moment to truly appreciate how incredibly tight, how warm, her pussy was. This was the first real penis that had ever been inside of her, and Ruby loved how it felt.

He slowly withdrew almost all of it before he thrust back into her. Ruby cried out, eyes closed. She gripped the sheets, her body shaking. Michael did it again. And again. His thrusting grew quicker, fucking Ruby deep and hard. Her body jolted forward each time, her ass jiggling.

Michael turned his head and saw their reflection in the window. He took in the image he saw. Ruby Rose was getting fucked from behind like a slut. She was taking her first cock and loving it. If anyone in an adjacent building had binoculars they were getting a show; a gay actress being treated like a pornstar by a black cock.

As he found himself nearing his climax, he substituted rhythm for power. He leaned forward and grabbed her hair, pushing her head all the way down and lifting her ass even further. He drove himself all the into her with powerful shots, turning the lesbian into a piece of fuck-meat. Ruby didn’t have any thoughts in her head. She was lost in the pleasure of being used, of being fucked harder and deeper than she had ever been fucked.

He pulled out and flipped Ruby over one more time. Before she realized what was happening, his cum shot out and landed right on her mouth. Several more cumshots landed on her tits, her stomach. She was practically covered in his cum, dripping off her body and her face.

Michael collapsed next to her, the only sound in the room being their heavy breathing. “So, did I cure you?” Michael asked. Ruby laughed and punched him in the arm. “Get me a towel, asshole.”

A half-hour later, Michael had left. Ruby stepped out of the shower and walked to the window. She looked out over the city and smiled. Her body was sore in all the best ways. She still knew she was a lesbian, and she still had a taste for pussy. But she also found herself excited at the idea of a round 2 with Michael. She softly rubbed her breast and thought about it more. But next time, he’d put his mouth to work.

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