Fabulous Bitch

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"Hey Sonya." Carmella greeted casually before practically purring, "Hey Mandy."

Sonya Deville didn't like how Carmella said that, or looked at her girl, but she was used to it, so it didn't bother her that much. Well, it bothered her a little bit, but then she reminded herself she was the only one who got to fuck this goddess of a woman known as Mandy Rose, and that made her feel proud. Of course, this time it was even more annoying, as it was Carmella doing it, who had always been unbearably irritating, but somehow that irritation increased when she got a lucky win over Zelina Vega and had somehow broken her. Everyone knew it was a fluke, just like the previous several times Carmella had successfully beaten both members of Fire and Desire, but now Sonya had the chance to avenge those losses and knock that smug smirk off this bitch's face. But if Carmella wanted to play mind games first, that was fine with her.

So Sonya turned and huffed in annoyance, "What do you want 'Mella'?"

"Another piece of Mandy's fat ass." Carmella answered without hesitation, loving the look which crossed Sonya's face because of it, "Oh yeah, that's right Sonya. I fucked your girl, and I'm going to do it again. And again, and again, and again."

"Bull-shit." Sonya growled, before turning to her girlfriend, "She's lying, right?"

"Sorry baby." Mandy apologized, "I made a bet, and lost. I had to pay up. You know the rules."

"Yeah she does." Carmella grinned.

Ignoring that Sonya questioned broken-heartedly, "How could you do this to me?"

"I know, but..." Mandy hesitated, but she knew what she had to say, "You kind of bought it on yourself. After all, I didn't think you'd lose. Not to fucking Carmella."

"You hear that Sonya? It's your fault that I got to butt fuck your girl." Carmella gloated gleefully, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I pounded that big fat ass of hers all night long. Made those big juicy cheeks jiggle for me as I reamed her little bitch hole, and made it all mine. All just because you couldn't beat me. Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, because you couldn't beat me, I made your girl my bitch. My Fabulous Bitch! Would you like to see? My little bitch Zelina Vega filmed the whole thing on her iPhone and sent it to me. Shall I send it to you? Or maybe just a couple of screenshots? Oooooooooh, fuck yes, because you don't need to see the whole thing, but really, everyone should see just a bit of that, so they know you're a weak Dom who can't keep her sub."

There was a moment of stunned silence, and then Sonya growled, "You bitch! You'll pay for this."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Carmella grinned wickedly, "Luckily for you, our match is up next, giving us the perfect chance to settle this. So what do you say, ass for ass? And by that, I mean yours AND Mandy's ass on the line for a shot at my ass, mmmmmmm, because I plan to make both of you my little anal loving bitches all night long. And my Fabulous Bitches forever."

"You're on." Sonya growled angrily, "And when I'm finish with you, I'm going to tear your ass hole apart, and finish the job that Charlotte and Asuka started."

"As if." Carmella scoffed, "We both know you're nothing but a jobber to the stars. Something I'm about to prove. Again."

"Fuck you." Sonya snapped, to angry to think of a good come back.

"Yeah, that's what I'm going to be doing to you soon enough Sonya. Fucking you." Carmella smirked, before ordering, "Speaking of which... Zelina, go ahead and send Sonya that video of me fucking her girlfriend's big fat ass, better than she ever could. I want her to get a little preview of tonight, so she knows what she, and her little girlfriend, are in for."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Zelina said softly, before doing as she was told with a cheeky little smile to Sonya, enraging the so-called MMA expert even further.


As much as Sonya tried she just couldn't resist watching the video she was sent. Of course she didn't have time to watch it all, but she watched enough that she wished she never had, which was no doubt the intention, meaning that she played into Carmella's hands. Which shouldn't have mattered, as Sonya was by far the better fighter, and she should have simply used her anger to get the victory that much faster. Instead she tried to punish Carmella, making several mistakes along the way, which allowed her opponent to take advantage, and Sonya not only found herself being dominated through most of the match, but for the first time losing a match where her ass was on the line. She even tapped out to fucking Carmella, meaning there was no disputing it, she was screwed.

Something which echoed through her mind as she slowly made her way to the back, Mandy trying to comfort her, "It's okay. Everything is going to be okay."

"It won't." Sonya grumbled, "Nothing will ever be okay, ever again."

"It will." Mandy insisted, "I promise."


The only way that could be true, as far as Sonya was concerned, was if she could get this humiliation over and done with as fast as possible. Which was why she didn't hide in her hotel room, or more likely the gym, like she really wanted too, where she could take out her frustrations out on a punching bag, or better yet Mandy's fat ass. Hopefully she would be able to do that later, but instead she headed straight for Carmella's hotel room 'to pay the piper'. Admittedly, that was one small blessing, as if she had been smarter, Carmella would have humiliated her publicly, making it more likely Sonya would've broken. Although it was a small comfort compared to what she was about to go through, which held her back from knocking on the door when they finally arrived.

After a few seconds, of just standing there Mandy gently pushed, "Sonya?"

"Huh? Oh, right." Sonya blushed, finally pushing herself to knock on the door.

"I think we can just go in." Mandy said shortly after that.

She was quickly proven right as Mandy grab the handle and opened it with ease, which once again proved that Carmella was an amateur. After all, anyone could have tried to come in here, and even if they were expected she shouldn't take the risk. Which was why Sonya made up for it by quickly locking the door behind them, something she was so preoccupied with she almost didn't hear the cries of pleasure coming from the bedroom of this luxurious hotel room suite. Almost. But she did, and she had a good idea of who they were, and why they were making them. And sure enough Sonya was proven right, as she and Mandy walked into the bedroom to find Zelina bouncing her cute little ass up and down a dildo strapped around Carmella's waist.

"Oooooooooh, hi bitches! Just give me one second, and I'll be with you." Carmella greeted excitedly, before turning her attention back to her first ever bitch, "Okay Zelina, you can cum now. Mmmmmmmm, as long as you remember to thank me properly first. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, set a good example for Mandy and Sonya. Oh yeah, that's a good bitch."


Sonya squirmed where she was standing, her poor ass hole quivering with fear when she saw the once proud Zelina Vega absolutely destroying her butt hole on Carmella's big dick. Meanwhile Mandy walked further into the room without hesitation, seemingly to get a better look. Although that was probably because she was jealous it wasn't her slutty ass bouncing up and down a strap-on cock right now. Attached to Sonya of course, although at that moment her anal slut of a girlfriend probably didn't care. She just wanted something in her ass, Sonya in that moment having no idea just how right she was. She did however note that when Mandy's fat ass was fucked next, it wouldn't be her doing it, which made her sad, although in that moment she would do anything to save her own ass.

Because it was bad enough to anally violate herself on anyone's cock, but to have to do it for someone like Carmella was more humiliating than Sonya felt she could stand in that moment. Especially if, like Zelina about a minute after getting permission to cum, she actually came from getting her ass fucked. Although maybe would be worth it, if her cum squirted out of her cunt like that? God, Sonya had seen Mandy do that plenty of times, but she couldn't even imagine cumming that hard. But no, she promised herself she would remain strong, remain a top, and not become weak and pathetic, like poor Zelina, who was suddenly pushed off the cock by Carmella, who then stood up and walked towards the newcomers menacingly.

"On your knees." Carmella ordered firmly, watching smugly as Mandy quickly did as she was told, while Sonya was more hesitant, but did it. Then Carmella added in a disapproving tone, "No, no, no, I want you facing each other. And Mandy, I thought you knew better than that. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I thought that at least you knew to reply with the proper respect."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress, sorry my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy said apologetically, even though she'd been following the script she had been given.

"Mandy?" Sonya frowned, questioning her girlfriend's actions.

"Shut up Sonya!" Carmella snapped, before leaning down next to where Mandy was now kneeling in front of Sonya, chuckling wickedly, and then pushing, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, stay nice and quiet. Your little girlfriend has something to say to you, isn't that right Mandy?"

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy replied quickly, but then needed to take a deep breath as she was hesitant to hurt Sonya like this. However she desperately needed to please her Dom, so eventually she told her girlfriend, somewhat apologetically, "I'm not your bitch anymore. I'm the property of my Fabulous Mistress, Mistress Carmella. She owns my fat ass. It's her personal fuck hole, and you will never have it again unless you fully submit to her. Then we can be her Fabulous Bitches together."

There was a long pause, then Sonya grumbled in disbelief, "You... you can't be serious! This bitch! Really? REALLY!"

"Yes." Mandy confirmed, briefly pausing again before continuing, "Oh God, I'm so sorry Sonya. I love you, I really do, mmmmmmmmm, but no one has ever fucked my ass as good as my Fabulous Mistress. She's amazing. Incredible! Fabulous! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, my Fabulous Mistress more than lives up to her name, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, especially when she's pounding my big fat ass and making me her little Fabulous Bitch. That's what I am now Sonya. That's all I want to be. And this is me, proving it. I have proved it, haven't I, my Fabulous Mistress? Please, I'll tell her whatever you want, just please tell me I've earned the privilege of being your Fabulous Bitch."

"Oh, I'd definitely say you've earned it." Carmella smirked, dangling the collar she had been hiding, "But let's make it official, shall we?"

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy replied quickly, holding her hair out of the way to allow her Dom to wrap the collar around her neck and to tighten it in place, which she did none too gently.

"There, now you really are mine." Carmella grinned, stepping back to admire her handiwork.

"Thank you, my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy grinned happily back.

"Now, that didn't sound like a proper thank you to me." Carmella scolded with a raised eyebrow.

"Sorry my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy apologized, moving down and starting to cover Carmella's feet in kisses, "Thank you thank you thank you!"

Sonya watched all of this with disbelief, and then she finally spoke up, telling Carmella with a glare, "You'll pay for this, bitch."

"Only if you can survive being topped tonight." Carmella reminded Sonya, before ordering her new bitch, "But first, I want to make sure my dick is nice and wet with your girlfriend's saliva. Besides, when I said a proper thank you, I meant a blow job. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, suck my dick Mandy. Clean it of all of Zelina's ass cream. Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, I know how much you like that."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress, sorry my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy said apologetically, lifting her head up and eagerly wrapping her mouth around the head of that big dick.

Unlike some of the other stuff this wasn't that big a deal, as Mandy loved ass to mouth, and Sonya constantly let Mandy taste other girl's asses, including right from another top's strap-on. But when combined with everything else it was just another slap to the face which enraged Sonya. Especially as Carmella insisted on grinning at her with triumph the entire time. God, Sonya wished more than ever before she could knock that stupid smirk off of Carmella's face, but again, she just had to stand there and try and save up this rage for the next time she was in the ring with Carmella, and better yet, after she'd beaten the bitch and thus could truly get her payback.

Admittedly, one of the things she could do was marvel at just how skilful the blow job Mandy was giving was. Her girl was always beautiful, but never more than when she was happy, and few things made Mandy Rose happier than having a ass flavoured cock in her mouth. Something which was very clear from the way Mandy was moaning happily from the very first time she wrapped her mouth around the head of the cock, and then throughout the blow job. Hell, she was even moaning happily as she pushed the dildo into her throat so she could get every drop of butt cream. Which was of course something Sonya had no doubt she'd be experiencing soon, whether she liked it or not.

Mandy hated hurting Sonya like this, but she just couldn't help herself. After the best sex of her life, especially the best anal sex, Mandy physically needed to be Carmella's bitch, and would do anything to make that happen. And even though it had taken a lot, it finally happened. She was officially one of Carmella's Fabulous Bitches, and she was even celebrating with some yummy ass cream. Which again, she was doing in front of Sonya, which wasn't ideal, but there was a very good chance that Sonya would join her in being a Fabulous Bitch, and then this wouldn't be a betrayal, so much as a way to ease Sonya into experiencing some of the ecstasy Mandy had been treated too lately.

Of course, all that was merely echoing in the back of her mind, while Mandy's main focus was on the cock flavoured with yummy ass cream. Especially as it was attached to her new Mistress, Mandy making sure that the first blow job she gave is officially a Fabulous Bitch was long, thorough and passionate. Admittedly, her Fabulous Mistress played a big part in that, as she actually gave her the time to thoroughly cleaned not only first few inches, but the entire length of the big dick. Mandy even got the entire thing down her throat, being that she really did get every drop of butt juice, before inevitably being forced to stop. However even then she was rewarded with something else, which was arguably equally good.

"Mmmmmmm good girl, you did so good. Soooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd at cleaning my cock. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, so good. But now, I want you to kiss my ass!" Carmella ordered with delight, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, kiss my fucking ass right in front of your precious girlfriend. Show her you're now nothing but my ass kissing slut. Yessssssssssss, start out with the cheeks, and then make your way to my butt hole. I want you to worship my Fabulous Booty while Sonya watches. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, solidify your new role in life. Prove you're worthy to be owned. Oh fuck yes, kiss my fucking ass!"

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy quickly replied and obeyed, getting behind her and pulling the harness down and out of the way.

Her words were barely audible as her Fabulous Mistress continued to talk trash to both members of Fire and Desire, as she had throughout the blow job, which of course just added to the experience for Mandy. Although honestly she was a little too preoccupied with obeying her orders to really pay attention to what was being said, as mostly they weren't important, as the message was getting across loud and clear. Mainly that Carmella approved, which was maybe especially true when Mandy started to cover her Fabulous Mistress's bottom with kisses. Oh yes, then the compliments, and insults, really kicked up a notch, causing Mandy to smile happily.

It also made her literally kiss that Fabulous Booty for longer than she would've liked. Because don't get her wrong, there was a certain thrill to literally kissing ass, but it just wasn't the same as giving a rim job. Of course eventually she got her chance, and when she did Mandy took full advantage of it, pressing her face in between those cheeks and not just licking up and down, but swirling her tongue around the most private hole of her Fabulous Mistress. Which naturally got some happy sounds from her owner, which was particularly impressive given what else Mella was receiving at that point from an increasingly more willing Sonya, who was now finally in her element.

"Awww, what's the matter Sonya, jealous?" Carmella teased gleefully, "Mmmmmmmm, I bet you are. Not of me though. Actually, of course you're jealous of me, who wouldn't be, especially when I have such a hottie kissing my ass, mmmmmmmmm, but you're also jealous of Mandy, aren't you? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, you wish you were in your girlfriend's place right now, kissing my ass like a little slut! Oooooooooooooh yeah you do, yeah you do. Well, don't worry, you'll get your chance. Oh yes, I promise you Sonya, you'll have your chance to kiss my ass. But first, I saved you your favourite treat. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, that's right you nasty lesbo, I saved you some pie, so eat up. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, eat my pussy you dyke bitch! Eat it! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!"

"If you insist." Sonya grumbled, getting down onto her knees.

However before Sonya could start Carmella grabbed her head, held it in place, and pushed, "What was that?"

Sonya glared and then replied mockingly, "Yes my Fabulous Mistress."

"I suppose that will do." Carmella finally relented, shoving Sonya's face into her pussy.

Sonya then immediately slid her tongue out over Carmella's pussy lips, starting from the bottom and slowly making her way to the top, then lingering on the other girl's clit. Which was pretty much just an automatic response to finding her face being pushed into any pussy, even if she wasn't normally the one pushing A into B. More often than not it was some other bitch's face into her pussy, which as a top was the norm, but unlike most tops Sonya loved eating pussy, and even prided herself on being good at it. She'd certainly eaten Mandy out countless times, and while nothing could ever compare to her girl, Carmella actually tasted pretty good. And best of all, it actually made her shut off for like the first time tonight.

Instead Carmella found a different way to annoy her, namely whaling at such a high-pitched key Sonya almost covered her ears with her hands it was so bad. Also she dug her fingernails, which were way too long, considering she was a wrestler, into the back of Sonya's head. Which to be fair, was something that Mandy did a lot, but she did it just right, and then it was weirdly loving. This wasn't. No, this was infuriating. Just as the fact that she'd been forced to call this bitch her Mistress, and have her face shoved into a pussy as if she was a bottom. But she wasn't a bottom, and would never be a bottom. No, she was a top. The most overlooked but highly skilled top in the whole company, and Sonya couldn't ever forget that fact, no matter what happened.

Which was kind of difficult when she became lost in the act of eating pussy, as she often did, even when she wasn't going down on her precious Mandy. And to be fair, Carmella's cunt seemed to get tastier with every lick. Perhaps something of an acquired taste, but it definitely didn't suck. No, it really, really didn't. So Sonya was more than happy to gently keep lapping away at that tasty treat for several long minutes, while she was vaguely aware that her girlfriend was kissing the so-called 'Fabulous Booty' of their so-called 'top'. Something Carmella of course had to remind Sonya of as she regained the ability to speak, and immediately used it to her advantage.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, that's so good, sooooooooooooo fucking gooooooooooooddddddddddddd, oh fuck!" Carmella moaned some version of that over and over again when coherent speech slowly returned to her, before ordering, "Ooooooooooooh, more! More, more, more! Give me more. That means you Mandy! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, tongue my fucking shit hole you twisted little bitch! Yessssssssssss, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, eat my ass! Eat my cunt! Oh yeah, eat me you bitches! Make me feel good. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that means you too Sonya. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, make me feel good. Ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, OH FUCK!"

Finally, Sonya thought, an order she actually wanted to obey. Not to make Carmella feel good, of course, but to get this nightmare over with faster. Well, that and to get some girl cum. Because she might not like Carmella, at all, but now she'd really got a taste for it Sonya truly thought she had a tasty little twat, and she was very much looking forward to sampling her girl cum. Not that it could possibly compare to Mandy's cum, but nothing could, and to her shame she found herself listening out for the next inevitable command, meaning she had to listen to a lot of Carmella talking trash. And to her shame, that no longer put her off her actions. In fact, it was exactly the opposite.

Carmella was so lost in that moment, honestly she wasn't really sure what she was saying. It didn't really matter though, as the message was very clear, and her bitches were following it to latter. Honestly, this point it would be even better if they made her cum without permission, or she even came without giving permission to them, ordering them to make her. Either way she could blame it on them, and punish them accordingly. Of course she tried to avoid that, as long as she could hold out the more impressive she would be. Then again, she needed to save enough energy for fucking Sonya's ass, so it was quite the tight-rope she was now walking. Luckily for her, it was one she had walked before.

What really helped in that moment was thinking of her first Fabulous Bitch Zelina. Why? Because she was left out, and Carmella kind of felt bad for that. She could have at least given her the honour of kissing her feet. Or better yet, her butt, now Mandy was busy rimming her out. But no, because she might not know it, but Zelina was performing an important service, namely helping Carmella to resist begging to cum, at least for a little longer. Then when Carmella decided she had held back long enough, all she had to do was focus on the current position of Zelina, namely bent over and spreading her cheeks, exposing just how well her Fabulous Mistress had gaped her butt hole, and it push the top towards cumming. And maybe more importantly in that moment, inspiring her to make her next words an order, instead of begging.

"Make me cum! Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss, make me cum you bitches!" Carmella ordered, desperately trying to prevent her words turning into begging, "Fuck me and make me cum! Yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your little lesbo tongues! Tongue my butt! Tongue my pussy! Just fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it Mandy, shove your tongue up my fucking ass! Mmmmmmmmmm, or at least, as much as you can. Yeah, I'm not the anal whore you are, mmmmmmmmm, and Sonya will be when I'm finish with her. Ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, and speaking of which, get on with it Sonya! You know the rules, oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know you have to do what I say, when I say it, and I say make me cum! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, make me cum all over your bitch face, mmmmmmmm, and in that talented little mouth of yours. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Once again proving she was now a fully broken in bitch Mandy immediately started trying to push her tongue into Carmella's butt, even though as Carmella gleefully pointed out, she didn't get very far. Admittedly, there was part of the former champion which was disappointed by that fact, as truthfully she missed the feeling of being so loose back there a tongue easily slipped into her bottom. However she couldn't go back to bottoming when she had just made some progress on topping, so she would just have to settle for this right now. Which wasn't so bad, as Mandy was still making her feel good, and Carmella quickly forgot about it when Sonya finally gave her what she wanted.

In a quite cute act of defiance Sonya made her wait for it, but that just gave Carmella the chance to taunt her pray some more, before inevitably she got what she wanted. Namely an extremely talented little tongue sliding into her cunt, and then beginning to pump it before she came. Which certainly didn't take too long, but in Carmella's defence there had been a lot of build up to this, even before Sonya arrived. Besides, she made sure to maintain her dominance by grabbing hold of Mandy's head, and then pushing both members of Fire and Desire deep into her fuck holes. Which was the last conscious decision she made for quite a while, as she became truly lost in what her bitches were making her feel.

Sonya wasn't just talking back because she was annoyed at having to make Carmella cum. No, it was strategic, as she knew this way she could make Carmella cum that much harder, and more importantly get some more yummy cum out of her in the process. At least one of those things very much came to pass, and it was probably both, something Sonya felt very proud of. She didn't want to be proud of one of them, but she was. Not that it mattered in that moment, as she was far too preoccupied with pulling her tongue out of Carmella's cunt and wrapping her mouth firmly around that entrance so she could swallow as much of that precious liquid as she could. Because oh God, it was even better than she imagined, and she'd imagined it being, well, fabulous.

Again it wasn't as good as Mandy's, but it was actually closer than Sonya imagined. Maybe even second best. Although that could be because the circumstances were different. No, she couldn't believe that, because that would mean... God, Sonya didn't even want to think about it. Luckily she didn't have too, as her whole world became consumed with first swallowing girl cum, and then getting more of it, both of which were easy for someone of her experience. Oh yes, as soon as there was no more cum to swallow Sonya shoved her tongue back into Carmella's cunt and fucked her with it until there was more tasty liquid to gulped down. Which was a process she repeated over and over again, until she was no longer able too.

The whole time this was happening Carmella had a very strong hold on the back of her head and was pushing her face deep into her pussy, and Sonya could tell that the bitch was doing the same to Mandy, only obviously into her butt. However both members of Fire and Desire were well practiced with this kind of thing, and didn't put them off their game. What did was when Carmella started to grind herself back and forth against them. More accurately that was bad for Sonya, while Mandy had received it several times, normally from Sonya. Although even then it wasn't that bad for Sonya, as all she had to do was keep her mouth open in some of the girl cum was squirted directly into her throat. It was just most of it ended up on her face, which seemed a shame. And insulting, as it was marking her as a pussy pleasing bottom. Carmella's pussy pleasing bottom.

On the bright side it looked like Carmella was getting so carried away that she would actually knock Sonya unconscious. Which would be a bit embarrassing, but Sonya would happily take it if it meant her ass hole was safe. Sadly it wasn't to be, as just as she was feeling really faint she and Mandy were pulled out of Carmella's fuck holes, given a few long seconds to catch their breath, and then Carmella stepped out of the way and push them together. This of course meant their lips came crashing together, and the two girlfriends gleefully embraced and started passionately kissing, as they would never turn down the chance to make out with each other. Even if in this case they were sharing the juices of their 'top', something Mandy no doubt loved, but Sonya didn't, and hopefully she never would.

"Kiss bitches!" Carmella yelled unnecessarily as she pressed the submissive sluts together, and then clapped gleefully as they did as they were told, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fucking kiss! Mmmmmmmm, that's so hot. I love it when submissive little bitches share the taste of my pussy and ass by making out right in front of me. And that's what the two of you are now, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, my submissive little bitches! You hear that Sonya? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm, you're my bitch now. You, and your little girlfriend. You're mine, and I can do whatever the fuck I want to you. Oh yeah, so go ahead and prove it. Oh yeah, kiss for your Fabulous Mistress, my little Fabulous Bitches."

"Dream on bitch." Sonya growled, breaking the kiss with Mandy, and ignoring her girlfriend who began licking her cum off of her face, "Mandy's mine! I don't care how cum drunk she is right now, she'll never be yours, and no matter what happens I will never be anyone's bitch."

"And what's about to happen, Sonya? Huh?" Carmella teased, making her think about it for a few long seconds, before chuckling evilly, "Oh, that's right, I'm about to fuck your ass. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm about to fuck your virgin ass and make it mine. And your ass is virgin, isn't it Sonya? Because I'd hate to be disappointed, I've been looking forward to this all week."

"Oh it's virgin, my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy chimed in helpfully, "Sonya has never been ass fucked. She brags about it all the time. At least when she's out of ear shot of Charlotte and Asuka. So you're about to take something which is considered the Holy Grail around here, fit for only the best of the best. Which you are, my Fabulous Mistress."

"Yeah I am." Carmella said proudly, beaming happily at her broken bitch, "Thanks Mandy. Although I was hoping to hear it from Sonya. So how about this, let's reward you, and punish you, at the same time by putting that mouth of yours to good use, huh? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, bend over Sonya! Bend over and let your girlfriend rim your virgin ass and get it nice and ready for me to fuck."

"Oh, thank you my Fabulous Mistress!" Mandy beamed happily, especially as this definitely seemed more of a reward than a punishment.

"You're welcome." Carmella smiled back, before grabbing Mandy's face and pulling it closer to her, "Kisses."

The kiss was brief, but Mandy still showed her gratitude by again replying, "Thank you my Fabulous Mistress."

Mandy loved it when tops kissed her after she had orally pleasured them, especially in this case when her Fabulous Mistress was tasting not only her own ass, but her own pussy as well thanks to the kiss with Sonya. It was just so perverted, and made Mandy feel like such a slut. Something that she had definitely felt before, did now, and would in a second, as she was basically reduced to tonight's official butt muncher of the evening. And hopefully it wouldn't be the only way she would be tasting ass tonight. Of course she very much focused on the present as her girlfriend bent over in front of her. More accurately, Sonya crawled into the centre of the bed with her booty pointing directly at tonight's official butt muncher, which made Mandy lick her lips in anticipation.

She'd done this plenty of times before, but obviously never to prepare Sonya for a butt fucking, making it a special treat. Although of course, it was kind of a betrayal of Sonya, which Mandy guest was the punishment that her Fabulous Mistress had been talking about. But if everything went according to plan Sonya would thank her for it afterwards, so Mandy barely hesitated to position herself behind her girlfriend, spread her ass cheeks with both hands and then give one long lick to that inviting little butt crack. Which was something of course had Sonya gasping with delight, then whimpering with fear as she knew what that meant. Also, she could probably see behind her, where Mandy assumed their Fabulous Mistress was pulling the harness back up, tightening it around her waist, and then covering it with lube.

Unable to resist Mandy looked over her shoulder and saw her Fabulous Mistress, looking more beautiful than ever while rubbing lube into her reattached cock. The only way it could be better was if that big dick was being prepared for Mandy's greedy little butt hole, although hopefully she would have her turn soon enough. For now Mandy turned her attention back to Sonya's ass, burying her face in between those cheeks and frantically lapping away at it for a few long minutes. Unlike that first lick, which had started just above Sonya's pussy and slowly worked it's way up to the top of her crack, this time she concentrated on the hole, swirling her tongue around it as well as simply up and down. She even tried to push her tongue into that stubborn little back door, and although she didn't get very far hopefully it would be enough to make a difference.

After enjoying the show for quite a while Carmella ordered, "Good girl, mmmmmmmm, now stand aside and spread those cheeks. Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, give me that virgin hole."

"Yes, my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy replied and obeyed.

Admittedly it was somewhat slow and reluctant this time, as Mandy was just having so much fun eating ass, but while she had to obey her Dom she was also worried that Sonya hadn't been prepared enough. Thankfully their Fabulous Mistress graciously pushed a finger into Sonya's virgin butt hole. The expression on the face of Carmella as she did this was priceless, which was understandable, as Mandy could only imagine how tight Sonya's ass felt, which clearly greatly delighted their Fabulous Mistress, which was clear from the way she moaned happily as a finger entered Sonya's virgin ass, then again when she was all the way in. Quickly followed, of course, by taunting.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, so tight, mmmmmmmmm, so tight for me Sonya!" Carmella taunted gleefully, "Wow Sonya, you really are an anal virgin, aren't you?"

"Just get on with it." Sonya whimpered softly, "Please?"

"But why? We're having so much fun!" Carmella asked mockingly as she started pumping that finger in and out, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, we're having soooooooooo much fun stretching your little butt hole. God, I could do this all night. And I will, one way or another, ha ha ha. Mmmmmmmmmm, oh my God, this is fucking heaven!"

There was a few long minutes where Sonya just whimpered and waited for Carmella to get on with it, then realizing what she had to do she practically wept, "Fuck my ass."

"What was that?" Carmella pushed.

"Please Carmella, fuck my ass!" Sonya cried, "Fuck it with your big cock! Give me every inch! Every single inch of that big dick up my gay butt. Please, oh please, fuck me! Fucking sodomize me! Please?"

Carmella pretended to think about it for a few long seconds, pushed another finger slowly into Sonya's butt, and then pushed, "Call me by my proper title, and I will."

"Ah fuck." Sonya cried out, because of both the action and the command, and then after a brief pause whimpered, "Please... my Fabulous Mistress, fuck my virgin ass. Take my anal cherry. Fuck me! Butt fuck me like a slut, ah fuck... fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck you Carmella... AH FUCK ME, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Carmella took a few long seconds to enjoy the things her new bitch was saying, before finally pressing the tip of her cock against Sonya's virgin butt hole and pushing forwards. Which had Sonya crying out softly, and then whimpered pathetically, as that previously never before violated back door started slowly stretching, and stretching, and stretching, until the head of Carmella's strap-on slid through it and into the other girl's virgin ass, meaning that she had done it! She, Carmella, had taken an anal cherry, which was the Holy Grail in the WWE women's division. Oh yes, more than any title, trophy or big PPV win, this was the greatest achievement possible, and was the greatest one of Carmella's life so far. Because sure, she had taken Zelina's anal cherry, but Sonya was a top and a full-time wrestler, so it meant more. So, so much more.

The only way it could have been better was if she was doing this to Charlotte or Asuka. Although admittedly she heard Charlotte took Asuka's anal cherry after taking her winning streak, and Carmella wasn't so sure it was a good idea to mess with Charlotte if even the mighty Asuka couldn't take her down. Besides, Sonya Deville was quite a prize, especially considering it pretty much guaranteed Mandy Rose was now hers. Oh yes, both members of Fire and Desire were hers, a fact which Carmella savoured for a few long seconds, before she taunted her latest prize, and that prize's girlfriend, about her fabulous achievement, chuckling wickedly as she did so.

"POP! There goes your anal cherry Sonya." Carmella gleefully cackled, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, it's mine! Your ass is mine now Sonya, oooooooooooh, and it always will be. And you and your little girlfriend know it. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, you bitches know your asses belong to me. Isn't that right Mandy? Huh?"

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy quickly replied.

"What is?" Carmella pushed.

"Our asses are yours, my Fabulous Mistress. All yours." Mandy replied obediently, desperately trying to think what her Fabulous Mistress wanted to hear, "You own our slutty little asses now. Their yours, use and abuse them however you want. You made me your bitch, and now you're making Sonya your bitch. And you just popped her anal cherry, so it's only a matter of time before she breaks."

"You hear that Sonya? Even your girlfriend knows it's only a matter of time before you're mine." Carmella laughed, "Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, it's only a matter of time before you become one of my broken bitches. Oh yes, take it bitch! Take every fucking inch up your ass and become my bitch forever, mmmmmmmm, just like your little girlfriend."

Unsurprisingly given the circumstances Sonya didn't respond. Not that she was necessarily very talkative normally, but now she was clearly trying not to give Carmella the satisfaction of hearing her cry out and whimper even more like the bitch she now was, at least temporarily. Of course Carmella was determined to make sure it wasn't temporarily, which was why after savouring the moment for a few long seconds of continuous taunting she began pushing forwards. Oh yes, Carmella pushed her dick slowly forwards, causing inch after inch after inch of long thick strap-on cock to slide into Sonya Deville's previously virgin ass hole. Which unsurprisingly, got the same reaction as before out of Sonya, no matter how hard she tried to fight it.

Of course Carmella was carefully listening out in case Sonya did beg for mercy, in which case she would have given it to her, as she had no interest in being a cruel Dom. But unsurprisingly, Sonya's pride kept her quiet. Also hopefully the fact that Carmella went nice and slow. Which admittedly was for her own benefit more than Sonya's, but they both benefited. Especially as it continued throughout the butt stuffing, and after it. Oh yes, once every inch of that big cock was buried deep inside Sonya's ass Carmella established a slow and steady rhythm, making sure the pure top's first butt fucking was nice and slow, to make it easier on them both, and allowing them to savour every wonderful humiliating moment of it.

Zelina was watching this from an awkward angle, her own aching backside quivering with jealousy at seeing what Sonya was now receiving. God, she wished it was her ass getting fucked right now, and very much hope that she would be her Fabulous Mistress's dessert. Or at least one of them. Because let's face it, there was no way that Carmella wasn't fucking Mandy Rose's big fat ass again tonight, this time in front of her girlfriend. Zelina just hope that their Fabulous Mistress would save some energy to make her cum in some way. Hell, she do it herself, but she needed permission for that, and she hated to settle for it when everyone else was getting such treats. Sadly, for now she would have to, although at least she was brought back into the fun shortly after the butt fucking began.

"So, who wants to taste some ass?" Carmella teased.

"I do, I do!" Mandy replied quickly, "Mmmmmmmm, please my Fabulous Mistress, let me taste my girlfriend's ass."

"You already have, remember?" Carmella pointed out with a wicked grin, "Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, you rimmed your girlfriend good for me, made her ass hole nice and wet for me to fuck. So don't you think it's about time someone else got a chance? Yessssssssss, so how about it... Sonya? Fancy tasting your own ass?"

"Fuck you." Sonya moaned.

"That's right, that's exactly what I'm doing to you. Mmmmmmmm, I'm fucking your sweet ass!" Carmella taunted, before adding, "But I do like the fact that you've got some fight left in you. Not for long though. No, mmmmmmmmmm, soon I'll have you fully broken in, and sucking your butt off of my cock. But for now... Zelina, you want to taste some booty?"

"Oh yes!" Zelina quickly replied, before her top changed her mind, "Please my Fabulous Mistress, please let me have the privilege of tasting Sonya's bitch ass!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely, mmmmmmmm, and you've been so good." Carmella grinned wickedly.

"Thank you my Fabulous Mistress, thank you." Zelina eagerly replied and obeyed.

It didn't matter to her one bit that she was just a pawn being used to train both members of Fire and Desire, Zelina just wanted to be involved in the fun again. And she really did want to taste some butt. And most importantly of all, of course, she wanted to please her Fabulous Mistress. Something she clearly did, from the way that her Fabulous Mistress's beautiful grin seemed to get wider the closer she got, and then she even let out a beautiful laugh as Zelina wrapped her lips around the head of the cock. Then the only thing Zelina was really aware of was the joy of tasting some fresh ass, something she savoured for a few long seconds, until she got a little push from her Fabulous Mistress.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it bitch, suck my cock!" Carmella gleefully encouraged, while mostly keeping her focus on Mandy and Sonya, "Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, suck it good. Get all that yummy butt cream off of it like the twisted little ass to mouth whore you are! Yessssssssssss, oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, make your fellow whores jealous. Fuck yeah, make your fellow ATM whores jealous of all of the butt cream you're getting to clean. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, get every drop. Every fucking drop, mmmmmmmmm, fuck Zelina, good girl! Take it! Take it down your whore throat! Oh yes, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, fucking suck it!"

To be fair Zelina would have definitely deep throated without being told, as she had grown addicted to the taste of ass, but orders from her Fabulous Mistress definitely pushed things along faster. Although she tried to strike the right balance between giving her Fabulous Mistress what she was asking for, and putting on a show for her. Also she just savoured the taste of Sonya's ass, because while it wasn't quite as good as her own, or Mandy's butt cream, and especially not their Fabulous Mistress's, it was definitely enjoyable. Something she got to savour for more than she thought she would, as her top gave her plenty of time to clean the dick, and even after that her Fabulous Mistress started going back and forth between Sonya's butt. Of course, it was only a matter of time before it was someone else's turn.

"So, you seriously want to taste your own girlfriend's butt, you nasty slut?" Carmella gleefully taunted her broken bitch.

"God yes!" Mandy pleaded, "Please give it to me my Fabulous Mistress. Give me that butt cream. Please?"

"Come on, you can do better than that." Carmella grinned.

"Please, please, pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee, my Fabulous Mistress, give me my girlfriend's butt cream." Mandy begged shamelessly, desperately trying to think what the other woman wanted to hear, "Please allow me the privilege of sucking it off of your big beautiful cock. The one that has been up my butt, and Zelina's butt, and now my total top of a girlfriend's butt. Oh yes, you fucked all our butts, my Fabulous Mistress, and now I want to taste both of them off of your strap-on. But most of all, my girlfriend. Yesssssssssss, oh please, let me taste my girlfriend Sonya Deville's butt on your big dick. Mmmmmmmm, my mouth is watering just from the thought of it."

"Alright." Carmella said, once again pulling her cock out of Sonya's ass, this time pressing it to Mandy's mouth, "Suck your girlfriend's slutty little ass off of my big dick. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it bitch! Suck it! Suck it good, soooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssss!"

Of course their Fabulous Mistress continued the commentary, although for a while it was clear that even she wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying. Not when the beautiful Mandy Rose was sucking on a cock fresh from her own girlfriend's virgin ass hole, and thus providing even more humiliation for poor Sonya Deville. In that moment Zelina actually kind of felt sorry for Sonya, who had managed to keep her anal cherry, and her dignity, for quite a while before this. Much like Zelina, actually. And like Zelina before her, she was now becoming a notch in the belt of Carmella. The difference being of course, was that Zelina didn't have a girlfriend to make the situation worse. although in that moment she wished she had, as Mandy was clearly loving this latest humiliation.

Mandy did indeed enjoy this latest humiliation. She always loved going ass to mouth, this of course was special as she was tasting the deepest part of Sonya's butt on the strap-on of their Fabulous Mistress. And sure, only moments ago she had been rimming her girlfriend, as she had done several times before this, but it just wasn't the same. Or as perverted, or humiliating. For either of them. Oh yes, the most humiliating thing about this, and the only kind of downer, was that she was further humiliating Sonya in the process. Also denying her the joy of that cock in her ass, something which always drove Mandy crazy, but especially when she was being denied during a butt fucking. Although it was helping Sonya to relax, and would ultimately make the submission easier on her, so Mandy guest it was a good thing overall.

It was certainly a good thing for her, as her Fabulous Mistress started going back and forth between her eager to please mouth, and Sonya's previously virgin ass. Sure, sometimes Zelina got the honour of going ass to mouth, but it was not unusual Mandy would have to share this treat, and sooner or later it would be Sonya getting this privilege. So for now she chose to focus on the good things, that being that more often than not her Fabulous Mistress shoved the butt flavoured dick down her throat, and when that happened she got to give that cock a nice long blow job, allowing her to get every drop of anal juice. And there was even something to be said for just watching Zelina suck some strap-on, or better yet Sonya continuing her first ever ass fucking.

Then all of a sudden Carmella ordered, "Mandy, go get a strap-on and put it on."

"Seriously?" Mandy frowned with confusion.

"Seriously." Carmella confirmed, before adding, "Then I want you to lie down, and then I want your precious girlfriend to get on top of you, so we can DP her."

Her eyes lighting up in realization Mandy replied, "Yes my Fabulous Mistress. Thank you, my Fabulous Mistress."

Again, this was something she'd done with Sonya, just not with this combination, obviously. Which certainly made Sonya nervous, so much so she actually tried to protest, but she only got as far as opening her mouth, and she knew there was nothing she could say to stop it. So she just watched as Mandy did as she was told, retrieving a strap-on from her Fabulous Mistress's bag and putting it on. Although she did briefly suck on it, which was a little rebellious for a total bottom like Mandy, but it was worth it to make sure Sonya took this easy. Then she got into position, and after an obviously fake cough from their Fabulous Mistress her girlfriend crawled on top of her, lined herself up with the dildo and slowly pushed downwards.

The fact that Sonya cried out joyfully wasn't surprising, as all Mandy needed to do was look at her girlfriend's cunt to see it was very wet from all of the fun they had been having. Which was probably really humiliating for Sonya, but at least it made it easier for her to take every inch of that dildo inside herself. Something which Sonya didn't normally do, but it was clear from her reaction that at least her body was loving it. And it was the same thing when their Fabulous Mistress shoved her dick back up Sonya's shit-pipe, meaning that she was officially being DP'ed for the first time in her life. Oh yes, Sonya Deville was having a lot of firsts tonight, and Mandy was very happy to be involved with them.

Sonya had just been getting used to taking it in the ass. It wasn't a sensation she ever wanted to get used too, but she was, at least initially it was a relief as it meant less pain, however unfortunately it also meant she slowly started to feel pleasure, which was her worst nightmare. At least at first whenever she felt that pleasure the dildo was quickly removed from her butt, although more and more the humiliation of having Mandy or even Zelina tasting her backside somehow kept her on her high, instead of putting her off of it. Then came the DP, and suddenly Sonya had to get use to a whole new sensation, although unlike the last one this was pleasurable from the start.

At least she could take comfort in the fact that she wasn't some kind of DP whore, even if it meant that Carmella of all people had done a good job at stretching out her ass to the point where she was feeling pure pleasure, even as her butt was once again penetrated and stuffed. The fact that the part of her body that was meant to be penetrated was being stuffed, as was the fact that she was staring into the eyes of Mandy, which was as humiliating as it was comforting, but somehow every humiliation added to the experience, until Sonya realized it was inevitable she was going to cum. Cum from being double stuffed like a total whore. Like a... a total bottom. Oh God! And she wasn't sure she could take it without breaking.

It would probably help if she didn't have to beg for her latest humiliation, and logically she should be able to wait out the inpatient Carmella. However, not only did the bitch seem to have to somehow found patients, but she was staying eerily silent, either because she was savouring the moment, or she was allowing Sonya to concentrate on the overwhelming pleasure she felt. Maybe both. Either way though, Sonya needed this to end somehow. But she just couldn't take it anymore. The feeling of a big cock up her ass at the same time her cunt was being stuffed, those dildos rubbing against each other through the thin wall of flesh separating them, and the fact that it was Carmella of all people doing this to her. And using her precious Mandy to do it. It was just too much. Too humiliating. Too good.

"Harder! Please... my Fabulous Mistress, fuck me harder!" Sonya desperately whined, trying to think what Carmella would want to hear, "Butt fuck your Fabulous Bitch as hard as you can! Make me your bitch! Your Fabulous Bitch! Oh fuck! Fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me hard! That feels so good, sooooooooooo gooooooooooooddddddddddd, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss, pound me, pound my slutty little ass hole! Turn it into a gaping bitch hole my Fabulous Mistress. Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, a hole for you to use, oh God yes, fuck me, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Mercifully Carmella didn't force Sonya to pledge her undying loyalty to her in exchange for the orgasm she now so desperately needed, but that was probably because it was unnecessary. Because after this experience, there was no way Sonya would ever be the same again, and as the first climax absolutely blew her away she knew that her personality had shattered. Maybe she'd be able to top again, but she'd never actually be a top. Oh yes, all it took was Carmella increasing the pace ever so slightly, and Sonya came so hard she was instantly reduced to a switch at best. And maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so bad being a pure bottom. Which was the last coherent thought she had for a while, before she was truly consumed by the greatest ecstasy she'd ever known.

Carmella had actually planned on making Sonya promised to be her bitch, and taunting her throughout the DP as she had throughout the initial anal sex. However, she had just been so overwhelmed at finally getting to perform this act, without being in the middle of it, and she completely lost it when Sonya begged for more. Oh yes, she just couldn't help herself at that point. She physically needed to devote every ounce of her energy into not just fucking Sonya's ass, but destroying it. Like, she literally wanted to ruin Sonya's rectum to the point that the other woman would have to take a humiliating trip to the doctors, just so she would never forget Carmella was a total top, and Sonya Deville was her bottom.

Perhaps more importantly, both members of Fire and Desire were her bitches. Or at least they were going to be. Oh yes, nothing was more important than that, hence why Carmella desperately tried to hold back her climax while pounding Sonya's booty. Luckily she had plenty of practice at this point, including practicing on Sonya's precious girlfriend Mandy and her big fat ass, the thought making Carmella grinned sadistically wide. It also inspired her to start taunting again, although she resisted the urge for a few more long seconds, as she knew as soon as she did, she wouldn't be able to hold back anymore. But in the end of course, it was totally worth it.


Sure enough Carmella didn't managed to say much before becoming completely incoherent, but it was clear that she made Sonya cum even harder, which was her main goal. And as a bonus, she totally made Mandy cum harder too. Oh yes, both pieces of 'bread' in this 'sandwich' totally got off on the other end of the harness bashing against their clits, and the sheer joy of doing this to Sonya. Of course, it was Carmella who no doubt had the most satisfying orgasm, or more accurately orgasms. Apart from maybe Sonya, of course. But she wasn't ass fucking another woman now, was she? And if anything she was getting a two for one deal, as she was basically fucking Mandy through Sonya, making this even more satisfying.

This whole thing was so satisfying in fact it was really hard not to use every ounce of her energy and then collapsed down onto the exhausted body, or in this case bodies, beneath her. Which had been what she had been doing lately, but this bitch might not be fully broken in, at least not yet, so it would be much better to be cautious. So Carmella found a second wind, slamming Sonya's shit hole with every ounce of strength she had left for a few long minutes, giving all three of them at least one more amazing orgasm. Then she abruptly pulled out, and grinned widely and sadistically as she admired her handiwork. Namely Sonya's now widely gaping back door. Something she admired for a few long minutes, especially as she grabbed her phone and started taking pictures of it.

"Oooooooooooh, such a pretty little gape." Carmella moaned with delight after taking a few photos of that gaping bitch hole which was already perfectly visible, but just for added effect ordered, "Hey Mandy, spread your girlfriend's ass cheeks for me. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I want to get the best look possible of that gaping butt hole for my collection."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Mandy eagerly replied and slowly obeyed.

Sonya whimpered as she felt Mandy doing as she was told, spreading her cheeks wide open and exposing her still dildo stuffed cunt, and more to the point her gaping ass hole. Which was so wide spreading her cheeks wasn't necessary, but it no doubt emphasize the gape, and it was more humiliating for poor Sonya. And yet, Sonya enjoyed it even more. Oh God, she was so ashamed, but the truth was she enjoyed being sexually dominated and humiliated, and this was causing her to experience aftershocks which were almost as powerful as her orgasms. Somehow that was still the case when she realized Carmella was immortalizing this moment, something she only realized when the other woman captured her face on camera.

"Here, I just made your next decision incredibly easy for you." Carmella said, grabbing a dog collar out of her bag and dangled it in front of her new bitch, "I don't care if you're the type of total whore who breaks after just one butt fucking, or if you've got some fight left in you. The point is, no one is taking Mandy Rose's big fat ass away from me. Ever. And no one is going to take me down. So if you want these pictures to remain between us, you got two choices. One, you keep your mouth shut about this, and let me fuck your girl, and you, whenever and however I want... or two, you just accept the inevitable, and let me collar you right now!"

There was a brief pause where clearly Carmella and especially Mandy were expecting Sonya to lash out and get mad, but she couldn't. She just didn't have anything left in the tank, those orgasms destroying whatever physical and mental strength she had left, to the point where the only thing stopping her begging to be collared was her love for Mandy. She didn't want to lose the opportunity to fuck that big fat ass again, or worse, lose her completely, but Carmella was right, she would be just delaying the inevitable. Her... her top was right. Her Mistress. That's what Carmella was now, and Sonya felt ashamed for not showing gratitude for it sooner.

"Please... collar me, my Fabulous Mistress. I want to be yours." Sonya pleaded softly, which really surprised the other women, although Carmella quickly recovered.

"You are mine. And now, you always will be." Carmella said smugly, tightly wrapping the collar around Sonya's neck, and then stepping back to admire her handiwork, take a picture, and of course gloat, "Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you're mine pretty doggy. All mine! God, you look so pretty with your new little accessory. Pose for me doggy. Pose like the broken little bitch you are!"

For a few long seconds Sonya did her best to comply as her new Dom took more pictures, then she softly asked, "Please my Fabulous Mistress, can I clean those cocks? Everyone else got to taste the deepest part of my ass, and I really want to have a turn. Mmmmmmmm, and I wanna taste my cum on my girlfriend's cock. The cum you fucked out of me. Please, let me have it."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Carmella smirked, "Just make sure to put on a good show for the camera, and your Fabulous Mistress."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Sonya replied submissively, before doing as she was told.

Although that meant Sonya actually found it easier moving now than she would've a few moments ago, as she was suddenly filled with adrenaline from that last conversation, and the overwhelming desire to please her Fabulous Mistress. Which was why she went for the cock of her new top first, not hesitating to push the dick which had just pummelled her ass deep into her mouth. It was the kind of humiliating submission she couldn't have imagined doing before, but now she revelled in it. Fuck, she even moaned at the taste, and throughout the long, drawn-out blow job she gave her Fabulous Mistress. Of course that was even more the case when it came to sucking the cum coated cock. The cock that currently belonged to her girlfriend.

Or maybe it was her former girlfriend? It broke Sonya's heart to even think it, but it was hard for her to imagine a total bottom like Mandy Rose loving anyone who wasn't a total butt busting top. Which was why she didn't dare to look up for a few long minutes, but it seemed Mandy sensed this and cupped her face lovingly, pushing her to look up words, where she found love and understanding waiting for her. That took her breath away, and made her suck even more passionately. Then she started going back and forth to compensate, and making sure she got every drop of her pussy and ass cream. Besides, it was the perfect way to celebrate the new roles of Fire and Desire, as Carmella's New Fabulous Bitches.

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