Fabulous Bitch

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"Damnit!" Carmella swore, the happy expression which had been on her face before quickly disappearing in favour of a pout, and stomp of her foot.

"What is it, my Fabulous Mistress?" Liv questioned.

"I really wanted to get here first." Carmella pouted.

"Oh..." Liv realized what that could mean, "So do you not want to-"

"Of course I want too." Carmella Interrupted, before grinning as she realized something, "Ooooooooooh, Alexa isn't here yet. This could still work. Oh yes, get me a chair bitch. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, get it now, so I can give your fat butt what it deserves."

Liv cried out as her new top emphasized her words by smacking her ass hard, and then she grinned and eagerly replied, "Yes my Fabulous Mistress."

Carmella second guessed this part of the plan as of course her fellow tops eyed Liv and her sweet little ass like the hungry wolves they were. Luckily for Carmella, they seemed intrigued what the little butt slut was doing, as she was clearly walking with a purpose over to the fold-up chairs, grabbing one and taking it into the centre of the room where the Princess of Staten Island was waiting for her. She even unfolded it and placed it down in the centre of the room, allowing Carmella to sit down and then pat her knee. The command was obvious, and Liv was eager to obey it, placing herself down over the knee of her fabulous Mistress, and then waiting for the spanking she so richly deserved. Or more accurately, that fat ass of hers should be required by law to receive.

Which Carmella was only too happy to provide, albeit after a few long minutes of groping Liv Morgan's big fat booty. And of course, she just had to undo Liv's pants and pulled them and her pet's underwear out of the way so that she could start touching bare flesh, and later spanking it. Because it was fun to tease her bitches by beginning a butt beating while they were still wearing pants, but she was trying to send a message to the other women in the locker room, and for that she had to at least get the spanking right. Even if there was a disappointing amount of attention from her audience, especially from Asuka and Charlotte, who she was so hoping to impress. Then again, it wasn't like she had even really started yet, something which eventually Carmella made up for by raising her hand high into the air and bringing it down hard on her target.

She made sure to use every ounce of her strength on that first blow, so that the sound of flesh smacking off flesh would echo throughout the room, along with the cry that Liv inevitably let out. Carmella then looked around and grinned as she saw this thankfully got some attention from the other women. Sadly, not from Asuka or Charlotte, but it was a start. Oh yes, it was definitely something she could build on, and that was exactly what she did by giving the cute little butt blow after blow. Albeit not with the same force that she had used before. Not even close. No, she held back so she could give this slut a nice long, drawn-out spanking, just in case Alexa was really late. Besides, she wanted the self-proclaimed goddess to walk in on her spanking Liv, but it didn't have to be hard.

That was a good thing, because for the next few long minutes it was anything but hard, Carmella keeping the spanking light and playful. Which did unfortunately mean that she lost the attention of some of her audience, and it certainly didn't help her gain the attention of Asuka or Charlotte, but it was a sacrificed worth making. After all, she needed to save her energy for when Alexa arrived. Besides, it meant she got plenty of chances to grope that big booty. Oh yes, she slid her hand all over those meaty cheeks in between each and every blow, in some small way establishing that yes, this was her Fabulous Bitch, and she owned this big fat ass, and could do anything she wanted with it. Including this, which Liv very clearly enjoyed.

Liv was a total pain slut, so of course she loved any form of spanking she could get. Her preference was definitely for a hard, brutal butt beating, however she was confident that her Fabulous Mistress was getting to that. After all, this wasn't the first time she'd been over Mistress Carmella's knee and getting what she so richly deserved. Oh yes, her wonderful Fabulous Mistress spanked her all the time, especially after learning how much her Fabulous Bitch adored it. And the superior woman clearly loved it too, especially as it gave her plenty of time to grope Liv's big fat ass. Well, truth be told that was enjoyable for both of them. Oh yes, Liv loved it when more dominant women treated her like the piece of meat she was.

There was also something to be said for just being bent over the knee of another female wrestler in the middle of the women's locker room. After all, Liv loved to wrestle, and she really wanted to be a champion someday, but that was looking increasingly unlikely given that she just couldn't get enough of this. Of being publicly humiliated in front of all her peers, Liv only too happy to submit in any way to all of them, with this being one of the most degrading. Especially as unlike her favourite, namely being ass fucked, she couldn't have the best orgasms ever from this act. Although unlike others, it was something that could definitely make her cum, given the right circumstances.

So far things looked very promising, as Liv was given a long, drawn-out spanking, giving her plenty of time to wiggle on the knee of her Fabulous Mistress, and more importantly rub her needy little pussy against that knee. And again, this was taking place in the middle of the locker room where everyone could see her, and who knows who could walk in. Better yet, her ass was still sore from the last time her Fabulous Mistress had given her a nice, hard butt fucking, which had only been about an hour ago. Well, Liv had been the one anally riding her top, but in a way, it was even better, because she did this to herself. Oh yes, she was the reason why she was feeling extra pain, even through the early stages of the spanking, and it got even better when business really picked up.

For a moment Liv was worried that it wasn't going to happen. That her Fabulous Mistress would give up waiting, and save her energy for when her target finally arrived. But then Alexa Bliss finally walked through the door and then just stared at them, giving Mistress Carmella the perfect chance to see what she could do. And that was exactly what she did, quickly picking up and the speed and force, abruptly stopping the groping in favour of constant strikes until she had to be using every ounce of her strength. Which of course had Liv squirming with wonderful agony, the little pain slut loving it so much she could feel herself getting closer, and closer, and closer, until she finally came. Not nearly as hard as when she got fucked in the ass, but it was still wonderfully satisfying, given what she was cumming from.

Alexa hated herself for it, but she was transfixed by Liv Morgan's squirming body, as the little slut squealed with joy, and probably even came, from getting her butt literally beat. She was especially transfixed on the way that cute little booty turned a dark and angry red, and the way those big meaty cheeks jiggled like jelly in an earthquake, from the force of the blows. Which to be fair, was perfectly acceptable for any one like her, as long as they were imagining themselves in Carmella's place. But she wasn't. Oh God, she was imagining herself in Liv's place, at least at first, and that was totally unacceptable. Especially as there was a chance that someone might notice her weakness.

Thankfully when she pulled her gaze away from that pretty sight in front of her it looked like all eyes were fixed on the little pain slut receiving the punishment she so richly deserved for being a disgrace to their gender. Except Charlotte, who gave her a wicked smirk, the kind which caused Alexa to blush and become wet. Well, wetter in this case. Then even more infuriatingly she noticed that Carmella was giving her the same look, which just forced her to refocus on the spanking, and this time imagine herself in her proper place. Unfortunately, that was the moment that Carmella chose to abruptly stopped the spanking, in favour of groping that fat ass, while staring straight at the goddess.

"What?" Alexa frowned.

"Nothing." Carmella lied, before grinning, "I was just wondering if you wanted to take Liv's place and get your cute little ass spanked?"

For a moment Alexa almost overreacted, but just in time she caught herself, and instead just grinned, "That's cute. Really. But don't you think you'd be more comfortable over my knee? You know, take your rightful place?"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure this is my rightful place." Carmella insisted, before indicating to Liv, "Just as I'm pretty sure that this is yours. Mmmmmmmmm, in fact, given what's been going on around here lately, I'm very sure this is where you belong. So come on Alexa, mmmmmmmmm, pull down those pants, bend over, and I'll give you the attention you been craving."

Alexa just scoffed, and walked past the uppity bitch, "You're delusional."

"Says the girl claiming to be a top, yet backing down from a fight?" Carmella quipped, stopping Alexa in her tracks and getting the attention of her peers, "What's wrong Alexa? My cock not good enough for you? Oh, I get it... you're holding out for Asuka or Charlotte? Maybe both at the same time? Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I bet that's what your slutty little booty is craving. Two big girl dicks up your cute little bubble butt at the same time, see if you can take it like a real anal slut. Just like Liv here."

That was it! Alexa fumed with rage. She was used to being called all sorts of things, both online and in the locker room, but to be compared to Liv Morgan? That was pretty much the biggest insult she'd ever gotten in her whole life and there was no way she could let that slide. Something that Carmella knew perfectly well, making it crystal clear that she was being challenged. Which should be laughable, considering Carmella had bottomed to just about everyone, or at least everyone who mattered, so this would be a piece of cake, right? It had to be, Alexa told herself, even though it didn't feel like it, considering that before comparing her to Liv, Carmella's words unfortunately had Alexa daydreaming about being double teamed by Asuka and Charlotte, a thought which should be horrifying to her, but it really, really wasn't.

Luckily she was now fuelled with rage, so Alexa threw her bag into the corner, turned around, and stomped back until she was directly in front of the bottom in denial, and spat, "What did you say bitch?"

"I just pointed out the fact that you're a Liv Morgan level bottom who desperately wants her ass stretched as wide and deep as possible." Carmella shot back without an ounce of fear, or respect, for the delusional fuck hole in front of her, "Which is good thing, because, have you seen your butt? Mmmmmmmmm, it's made for fucking. Which is why it's only a matter of time before you get a reminder of that, and I'd like to volunteer. Oh yes, I'd like to volunteer to give your fat ass the fucking it deserves. So what do you say, fuck hole? Do you want to have a match with me? Or do you just want to skip the foreplay, and get in your proper place right now?"

"You wanna get topped that bad, huh?" Alexa scoffed, "Fine, I'll be happy to oblige. Oh yeah, I'll be only to happy too gape your ass hole until it's wider than the Grand Canyon."

"Whatever." Carmella shrugged off Alexa's threats as she pushed Liv off of her, stood up, and then ordered, "Liv, eat my ass! I want Alexa to see what she has to look forward too."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Liv eagerly replied and obeyed.


Unfortunately for Alexa it was an hour before the show, and then almost an hour before she got to go out there and do her thing. That meant she got about two hours of watching Liv Morgan worshiping Carmella's ass, starting with gentle kisses to the cheeks, before moving on to tonguing that forbidden hole. Eventually Liv was suffocating herself in that cute little booty, and as much as Alexa tried to claim that ass was just being prepared for her, she couldn't help but imagine herself in Liv's place the entire time. That, or one of the other things Carmella threatened her with over the next few long hours, and as a result she was ridiculously horny by the time she hit the ring.

Which should have helped her win the match, either because she didn't want to suffer that fate, or because she was so busy concentrating on what she was going to do to Carmella that the match was a breeze. Instead Carmella ended up being in control the entire time, and although Alexa got a few shots in, and even had it won at one point, she got locked in the Code Of Silence, that stupid looking submission Carmella used her legs for. As it turned out it was annoyingly effective, and Alexa struggled not to immediately tap out. But it was no use. She was too far away from the ropes, and it hurt so much. She couldn't tap out, she wouldn't, Alexa desperately tried to tell herself briefly, before her hand came crashing down on the mat three times, signifying her defeat.

As soon as her music hit Carmella graciously let go of the hold and started literally jumping around for joy, before then smiling down eagerly at her defeated opponent, telling her in a voice that only she could hear, "See you soon."

In response Alexa could only whimper pathetically.


Maybe the worst part was it hadn't even been that good a line, and yet it had shaken Alexa to her very core, because she knew what it meant. Not that she needed to be reminded, because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about what the consequences of losing to fucking Carmella would be. And yet, she had done it. Which was definitely the worst part of all this. It would be bad enough if she had lost this type of match to Asuka or Charlotte, but to fucking Carmella! Carmella? Oh God, Alexa didn't know how she was even going to live with herself after this. Which was why she was very, very tempted to make a run for it. But she couldn't do that, not if she wanted her revenge, so she very slowly, and sulkily, made her way back to the women's locker room, were of course her victorious opponent was waiting for her.

"Hey Alexa." Carmella smirked.

"You bitch!" Alexa snapped, stomping into the room.

"I know, I know, it was a fluke. It won't happen again. You're not a bottom. Blah blah blah." Carmella said dismissively, "Why don't you pretend to be half as smart as you think you are, and just bend over my knee right now, huh? Because you're getting topped no matter what, and if you're going to get out of it with a sliver of dignity, you're going to need to save your strength. And who knows, mmmmmmmm, maybe if you're a good girl, I'll take it easy on you. Or go ahead and prove your nothing but a stupid bottom who got lucky a couple of times. See if I care. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, because one way or another, by the end of the night you'll be nothing but my Fabulous Bitch."

"Fuck you bitch!" Alexa snapped without hesitation, "No way am I making this easy on you. You want me to be your bitch? Well, you'll have to break me first. And we both know you don't have what it takes."

"We'll see." Carmella dismissed, before grinning, "As in, right now. I mean, why wait? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've wanted to get my hands on you for like ever, and I don't want to wait anymore. Oh yes, bend over my knee so I can spank that fat ass of yours! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, let's get this started off right, shall we? No, don't take off your cute little outfit. Mmmmmmmm, I want to do that."

"So you can humiliate me even more? Yeah, I don't think so." Alexa said, before quickly pulling her wrestling gear off.

The only advantage to losing to a joke like Carmella was at least the delusional bitch lacked the confidence and experience to insist Alexa put her gear back on, instead just pouting momentarily, before smiling as Alexa got her way. Or maybe that was because of getting to see her boobs? Either way it was infuriating, as Alexa was hoping this would bother the other woman more. Although it was preferable to getting spanked, and worse fucked, while even kind of wearing her wrestling gear. Something she had unfortunately experienced before, and led to her thinking about getting topped while remembering this kind of thing again, at least until she could counter these memories with one's of her topping. Although she would definitely have to do that after this, and preferably soon, because Alexa couldn't think of anything worse than bottoming to fucking Carmella.

It was a thought which was unfortunately reinforced when she found herself bending over in the exact same position Liv Morgan had been in when Alexa first arrived. Oh God, Carmella just had to be sitting in the centre of the women's locker room on a foldout chair where everyone could see this butt beating. Something they were only too happy to watch, a fact Alexa tried to block out by closing her eyes and pretending she was somewhere else, anywhere else. Especially when she felt a hand on her butt, squeezing and pinching her meaty cheeks, because despite her experience Carmella had clearly learned something from all those times it was her ass being beaten, or the times she was watching other total bottoms get what they deserve. Not that Alexa was a bottom, but... oh fuck, this was so humiliating!

Carmella adored the calm before the storm that was the moments before starting a spanking. It really gave her a chance to savour the special treat she was being gifted with, and Alexa Bliss's cute little bubble butt was one hell of a treat. One she allowed herself several long seconds just to stare at when the other woman's ass was placed over her knee, and then several long minutes of simply groping it when she finally bought her hand into the equation. Which she could tell was testing her audience's patients, but she didn't care. Charlotte had done this plenty of times, Asuka too, and she wasn't about to rush her enjoyment for anything. Which was also why she committed to giving Alexa a proper spanking, a.k.a. long and drawn out.

Naturally she started by slowly lifting her hand up into the air and then bringing it down with her full force upon her target. Which in turn actually made Alexa let out a loud cry of pain, which Carmella found incredibly satisfying, especially after receiving similar treatment. For a brief moment she was back over the knee of Charlotte, or Asuka, or even Sasha, squirming with despair as she was fully and completely humiliated, especially because part of her enjoyed it. The same part of her which found that thought arousing, but luckily for her it was easy to banish those thoughts to the back of her mind when she had such an amazing piece of ass literally at her fingertips. In fact, she delivered a few extra hard strikes for good measure, before going right back to the greedy groping.

The following strikes were soft and playful, with plenty of groping in between, Carmella really wanting to stretch out this experience as long as possible. Although she couldn't help breaking from the norm somewhat, as while it was a tradition to go straight to the groping after a strike, as it was easy to simply leave one's hand there, more and more she lifted it away entirely for a few long seconds, because even the slightest blow would make Alexa's big booty jiggle so beautifully for her. Oh God, and it was already turning a beautiful pink. Which pretty much forced her to start giving it several blows one after the other, at first pausing after a couple of them and going back to the groping after a few long seconds of admiring her handiwork, but slowly and surely that pause got shorter and shorter until she was just constantly spanking Alexa's cute little ass.

She also increased the force behind her blows, because of course she did. Carmella just totally lost herself in her desire to brutalize Alexa's big booty, which highlighted her inexperience, but in that moment, she just couldn't care. Not when those big fat ass cheeks were jiggling for her, and turning a dark angry red, under the relentless force of her blows. And she had the former Alpha female and multiple time champion Alexa Bliss screaming pathetically in agony while squirming on her knee. Best of all, she felt wetness against her knee, proving that her soon to be Fabulous Bitch was loving this, at least on some level. Or maybe the best part was in the brief moments she could tear her eyes away from those jiggling and bright red butt cheeks she could see both Asuka and Charlotte watching her put Alexa in her place with undisguised lust, and maybe even approval.

Alexa was extremely horrified by both of those things, and the fact that it wasn't exactly surprising. After all, it had been a while, especially given Rhonda hadn't bothered with it, but she was now filled with a little reminder of how much she had loved this in NXT. How she would squirm with delight, and even beg for more, as the likes of Charlotte and Sasha began playfully smacking her butt, and then crying out with a mixture of pain and pleasure when they got to the brutal butt beating. To her shame that was exactly what was happening now, and it threatened to ruin her comeback before it had even really begun. Especially as she felt the urge to beg for mercy, and she knew exactly what would be demanded of her if she was to do that.

The exact same thing which would no doubt be demanded of her during the inevitable butt fucking she would soon receive, that being total submission in exchange for cumming. Which in that moment, seemed like an embarrassingly easy choice, and that would be truly devastating. Luckily before she could get too lost in daydreaming about that the spanking was abruptly stopped in favour of Carmella, and everybody else, admiring how red and sore Alexa's butt now no doubt was. Well, she definitely felt the soreness, especially when she was unceremoniously pushed off of Carmella's knee, causing her to swear loudly. God, the bitch could have at least taken the time to massaging some of the pain away.

"Hey!" Alexa whined, although any further complaint died on her lips as she saw Carmella yank down the bottom of her wrestling gear, exposing her wet little pussy.

"Shut the fuck up and eat my cunt, you cunt!" Carmella snapped angrily, grabbing the back of Alexa's head and shoving her face first into her twat.

Not something that Alexa could really afford to allow happen to her, but to her shame she was just feeling too overwhelmed to do anything about it. What was even worse of course, was that she immediately started lapping away at the tasty treat in front of her, which most of the women in the room would understand, especially a delusional bottom like Carmella, but not Asuka and especially not Charlotte. Alexa didn't really care what they thought, but their opinions really mattered around here, and this was certainly not the way to convince anyone she was a top. But... it just tasted so good. God, she loved pussy! And Carmella's cunt tasted way better than it had any right too, given what a skanky bitch this was.

It tasted so good that Alexa almost immediately became lost in eating pussy, which was both a blessing and a curse. Obviously it was a curse because again this didn't make her look good, but then again that wasn't really possible right now, at least in terms of seeming dominant. So she might as well concentrate on the positive, right? Right. And there was a lot to like. Particularly how yummy this pussy was, but also the fact that instead of being forced to give this bitch a long, drawn-out muff munching she got nothing but encouragement as she gently lapped away at those pussy lips, hitting Carmella's clit every single time. She then found herself enjoying that encouragement, which came in the form of Carmella stroking the back of her head, and of course verbal encouragement.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, eat me! Mmmmmmmmm fuck, eat my pussy just like that! Just like fucking that! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, ah fuck!" Carmella gleefully encouraged from the start, continuing babbling like that for a while, before focusing up on her words, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, eat that pussy like the little rug muncher you are. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, I always knew you were nothing but a muff diver. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, prove me right. Oh fuck yeah, prove me wonderfully right about you. Alexa. Oh yeah, that Alexa Bliss is nothing but a carpet cleaning little whore! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, nothing but a delusional pussy loving bottom, mmmmmmmmm, and soon to be my Fabulous Bitch."

Liv Morgan was so jealous of that delusional bottom right now. Her butt was probably only half as red right now, as she'd unfortunately had time to recover from her spanking, and more importantly there wasn't a pussy in her face right now. Although hopefully that will change soon, as any moment now the likes of Asuka or even Charlotte could order her to eat their cunts. Hell, she would happily do it for one of the proud bottoms, like Naomi, if asked, even if it would mean she could no longer watch this wonderful show. Although maybe that was another option, as her Fabulous Mistress removed her upper wrestling gear, leaving her completely naked and those mouth-watering tittes exposed. Little did she know she was going to get something much better.

"Liv, mmmmmmmm, as you didn't get the privilege of publicly worshiping my Fabulous body, I'm going to graciously give you that chance now. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I'm going to graciously give it to you, by allowing you the privilege of sticking your tongue up my Fabulous Booty." Carmella gleefully announced, quickly adding, "Yessssssssss, shove your nasty little tongue up my shit hole bitch! Oooooooooooh, but be sure to kiss my ass first. Oh yeah, show everyone here you're my little ass kisser. Mmmmmmmmm, then you can show them you’re my butt muncher! Oh yes, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss, show them all you're my Fabulous Bitch!"

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Liv eagerly replied and obeyed.

Then Liv scramble to kneel down behind her Fabulous Mistress, pucker up, and press a long, lingering kiss to that Fabulous Booty. She then moved over to the other cheek to give another slightly less lingering kiss, before going back and forth between those well-rounded globes, showing her top the proper respect that she so richly deserved. Something that Alexa was learning about right now, but Liv did her best not to think about that, because by far it was Alexa who was getting the better deal. Because don't get her wrong, she could be a happy little ass kisser all day long, especially when she got to the best part, the rim job itself. But it couldn't quite compete with the heaven that was eating pussy. Or swallowing girl cum.

As much as she tried Liv couldn't avoid thinking about that completely, especially not with her Fabulous Mistress's running commentary, but it became easier when she cautiously pulled those cheeks apart and then slid her tongue up that cute little crack. Oh yes, she pressed her tongue right below her Fabulous Mistress's back hole and then slid it all the way to the top of her butt crack, getting an extra loud happy sound out of the superior woman. Which Alexa was partly responsible for, but still, Liv was proud of herself. Especially as she obviously at least contributed to the sounds for the next few minutes as she repeated the process a couple times, before just concentrating on her true target, namely that pretty little ass hole.

Initially she just licked up and down it, but eventually she swirled her tongue around it, and even tried pushing it inside. Liv didn't get that far, especially considering how deep a tongue could go into her slutty little ass, but of course, her Fabulous Mistress was a superior woman, who unlike her didn't bend over for everything that moved inside the women's locker room. Although she got further than she would have with an anal virgin, probably reminding her Fabulous Mistress that she wasn't always a top. Something which one way or another she seemed to enjoy, and that was all that mattered to Liv in that moment. Hell, she even let go of the cheeks so she could bury her face as deep into that cute little booty as it could go, so she could dish out a thorough rim job.

Carmella really appreciated that, and let out an extra loud cry when Liv's tongue went even deeper than before. She should probably scold her, as she hadn't given her permission to do that yet, but it felt so good she couldn't complain. Then again, it felt a little too good. She told herself it was just because Liv was such a natural bottom, with a nice long tongue which was now deep inside her, and she'd had so much practice of course, she'd be ridiculously good at giving rim jobs. Or any part of bottoming. But it was more than that, and deep down Carmella knew it. And more worryingly, she suspected Asuka and especially Charlotte knew it. That feeling something in her ass, even if it was just a tongue, reminded her of her days as a submissive.

Luckily for her, it was kind of impossible to get lost in those thoughts right now, considering she had two hot female wrestlers on their knees and worshiping her front and back holes with their tongues. Sure, one of them was arguably the biggest bottom in the WWE, but the other was a former Alpha, and while Alexa had taken a massive fall from grace, and was falling even more now, it was still an impressive notch on her belt. One that would be even more impressive if she could finish the job the current Alpha female of RAW had started, but couldn't finish. Oh yes, she had Alexa Bliss eating her pussy, and she was doing it ridiculously eagerly. Maybe even a little too eager.

Again Carmella should maybe be telling her to slow down so she could make this last, and really get her message of dominance across, but it just felt so good. Besides, she definitely wanted to save her energy for destroying Alexa's big bubble butt, so things would be considerably better if she came sooner than later. Well, she tried not to cum too soon, as again she was trying to establish herself as a top, and that would be really, really counterproductive. Of course, it would also be counterproductive to cum without ordering her bitches to do it. Or worse, begged for it. So ultimately it became about picking her spot, and luckily for Carmella, her entire job, and her life for that matter, was all about picking the right moment, and she was highly confident she did that.

"Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's it Liv! Eat me good, ooooooooooooh, fucking eat my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, eat my Fabulous Booty! Tongue fuck it you bitch! Ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, ooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Carmella gleefully encouraged, before finally adding, "You too Alexa! Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me! Tongue my pussy, oooooooooooh, while your fellow bottom eats my butt! Yesssssssssssssss, tongue fuck me, front and back! Both my holes, mmmmmmmmm, fuck them, oh my God yes, fuck them like the little bitches you are! Oh yeah! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Unsurprisingly it didn't take long for Alexa to join Liv in shoving her tongue as deep inside Carmella as it could go. The difference was Alexa was pushing her tongue inside her cunt, and then almost immediately pulling out, so she could swallow Carmella's cum. Although to her credit, the Princess of Staten Island was able to hold off initially, just so she could land a few more jabs verbally before she inevitably became completely incoherent. After that, she became lost in the overwhelming pleasure she was receiving, not really caring about anything except those two talented tongues worshiping her holes. Well, that and her audience, who continued giving her their undivided attention.

Alexa couldn't stop thinking about how after all her talk of turning things around she was once again on her knees in the middle of a locker room devouring another woman's pussy. Or at least during the actual pussy licking, which kind of felt like hours and yet only a few minutes at the same time. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle, but all that really mattered was that she spent a long time wallowing in humiliation, as she gave Carmella everything she had without hesitation. Then a liquid hit her taste-buds which was even more yummy than Carmella's regular cunt cream, and thankfully she lost the ability to think, meaning that she could just concentrate on swallowing girl cum, and shamelessly trying to get more of it.

That included pulling out her tongue and sealing her mouth as tightly as possible around Carmella's cunt so she could swallow every drop of that precious liquid, and then when there was nothing left to swallow shove her tongue right back into that fuck hole to get more yummy girl cum. Just like Paige had taught her. Oh yes, Paige, and Sasha, and Charlotte, and everyone else in NXT who had loved cumming in her hot little mouth and all over her pretty little face. Alexa was practically there right now, blissfully happy to worship a superior woman with her mouth and tongue if it meant she got to swallow heavenly liquid like this. And if she was honest with herself, just happy to do it, because it felt so good and right. Like this was where she belonged, on her knees eating pussy.

Out of sheer instinct Alexa tongue fucked the woman standing in front of her to another climax, pulled her tongue out to swallow the amazing liquid, and then repeat the process as many times as she possibly could. She would likely have been there all night, or at least until the other woman passed out, if she hadn't been eventually stopped. Right before that though the hand on her head pushed it deep into the tasty treat in front of her, then that pussy started grinding into her face, the other woman literally fucking her with it. Which meant sadly she couldn't swallow as much girl cum as she would've liked too, but she was being thoroughly drenched with it, marking her as what she truly was, a good little lezzie bottom. It didn't matter that she couldn't breathe properly. No, all that mattered was being a good little lezzie bottom.

In fact Alexa preferred it, as it meant that all she could see, taste and smell was pussy. Like, her whole world was revolving around it, because in that moment it did. Then just as she thought she was going to pass out she was pulled from that tasty treat, given a few long seconds to breathe properly, and then she was pushed roughly forwards again, this time her lips connecting with another pair of lips. The ones which had been munching butt, while she had been eating pussy, Alexa only too happy to returned the kiss and exchange those yummy juices. Exchange Carmella's juices with Liv Morgan! Oh God, Alexa's mind slowly realized what exactly was happening, and exactly what had happened, and although deeply embarrassing, she just couldn't stop it. Because again, it just felt so good.

"Yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, that's it my Fabulous Bitches! Oh yeah, share my juices! Oh yeah, mmmmmmmmm, share the taste of my pussy and ass like the little dyke whores you are! Yeahhhhhhhhh, you love it! Yeah you do, yeah you do, ooooooooooooh, fuck yeah! You love the taste of pussy and ass! You love that shit! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah! Oh my God, you're both such bottoms!" Carmella gleefully encouraged, before without looking away from the kissing, "Zelina, get me a cock. Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah, get me a cock, strap it to me, and suck it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, get it nice and ready for Alexa's slutty little butt."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress." Zelina replied and obeyed.

Zelina wasn't quite as eager to perform this command as much as others she'd had, as she was extremely jealous of Alexa, and wanted to be the one getting her ass fucked. She was also jealous of Liv, who had been getting special treatment, just because she was a new addition. And while neither one of them was the centre of attention right now Liv once again had the better part of the deal. But a chance to serve was a chance to serve, and Zelina didn't hesitate to do as she was told, retrieving a nice big strap-on, and then holding up the straps for her Fabulous Mistress to step into. Then she pulled it up her thighs, fastening it around her waist, before finally taking the dildo into her mouth.

As this might be her only chance to contribute Zelina lingered on the first few inches of the dildo, just bobbing her head up and down on it while loudly sucking on it. Although admittedly it was hard to tell whether her Fabulous Mistress approved of this, or she was just too distracted by Alexa and Liv kissing to actually pay attention. Sadly it was most likely the former, given that her Fabulous Mistress grabbed the back of her head and pushed her downwards. Taking the hint Zelina allowed her head to be pushed all the way down, until the entire length was in her throat and then held it there. Which made her choke and gag, but it was worth it to make it up to her Fabulous Mistress. Which was also why she bobbed her head up and down the full length of the girl cock when the hand holding her in place was taken away.

"Bend over Alexa, mmmmmmmmm, give me that big fat booty of yours!" Carmella suddenly ordered, loving the way that Alexa wordlessly did as she was told, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, gimme that booty! Oooooooooooooh fuck, so pretty. Oh yeah, you've got such a pretty, and fat, booty it's a total mystery how you were able to convince anyone you were a top. And a total travesty."

"Just get on with it." Alexa grumbled softly.

"What's the magic word?" Carmella sing-songed.

There was a brief pause and then in a very soft voice Alexa replied, "Please?"

"Not good enough." Carmella said dismissively, before adding while glancing at Fire and Desire, "Besides, I'm not done proving that I'm a Fabulous Top, mmmmmmmm, with multiple Fabulous Bottoms. Oh yes, Zelina go eat Alexa's ass. Oooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, get it nice and ready for my big dick."

"Yes my Fabulous Mistress, thank you my Fabulous Mistress." Zelina replied and obeyed, much more eagerly than before.

While this wasn't her receiving pleasure directly it was more than she thought she'd get right now, so much more. Oh yes, Zelina had always wanted to fuck Alexa's perfect little bubble butt, and while this wasn't the way she had imagined doing it, it was what she wanted to do most in that moment. Specifically, she wanted to bury her face between those meaty cheeks and frantically lick the most private hole on the amazing little body of Alexa Bliss. The one that her... that their Fabulous Mistress was soon going to be pounding, and maybe making hers. Which meant more competition, but it made her Fabulous Mistress happy, and that was all that mattered. Which was the reason for dishing out a passionate rim job from the start. That, and it caused Alexa to let out a loud cry, which was oh so cute. Followed by a whimper, which was even cuter.

The so-called goddess continued letting out those wonderful sounds as Zelina continued to eat her ass, not just licking up and down, but swirling her tongue around that forbidden hole. She was even able to push the full length inside, and literally tongue fuck Alexa's slutty little butt. God, Alexa was such a little anal whore. Their Fabulous Mistress was going to have so much fun breaking her. And Zelina couldn't wait to see it. Or at least part of her did. The other part wanted to be able to tongue fuck this bitch ass all night long. Which made her regret lingering on the blow job. Because that was fun, but it couldn't compare to this yummy taste, or the twisted thrill of it. Yet when the time came Zelina didn't hesitate to move away, in some small way proving herself a good little Fabulous Bitch once again.

"Okay Zelina, move aside. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that should be more than good enough for this anal whore!" Carmella announced, then before Zelina could reply she smacked Alexa's ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle, and then pushed, "Oh yeah, spread your cheeks Alexa! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, spread your cheeks, and tell me what you want."

Alexa could think of a lot of better replies to that, but fearing more retaliation she simply whimpered, "Get it over with, please."

"Not until you ask properly, and use my proper title." Carmella pushed.

Which had Alexa taking a deep breath, and then in a soft tone meant to sound unenthusiastic, but just sounded unsure replied, "Please my Fabulous Mistress, fuck my ass."

"Oh Alexa, I thought you'd never ask." Carmella laughed mockingly.

Carmella had literally dreamed of hearing those words from Alexa, and maybe the best part was as she said that Alexa finally reached back, grabbed onto her meaty cheeks and spread them wide apart, offering up her cute little ass hole up to the woman who had earned the right to fuck it. Briefly Carmella considered sliding a finger or two in there, stretch Alexa out first, or maybe even bury her face between the juicy cheeks and lick the other girl's butt hole herself. But there would be time enough for that later. Right now Carmella had to prove herself a butt busting top. Besides, from what she had heard Rhonda Rousey had recently been doing a good job of getting this ass ready for her. So after just staring at her prize for a few long seconds the Princess of Staten Island pressed her cock against her target.

She then slowly started pushing forwards, causing the so-called goddess to let out an adorable cry, followed by an equally adorable whimper. Alexa continued to let out those sounds as her most private hole was forced to stretch, and stretch, and stretch, until it was wide enough to allow the head of Carmella's cock to slide through it and into that perfect little bubble butt. Which caused both women to let out a loud cry, and even though Alexa's cry of pain was louder it didn't drown out the joyful cry that Carmella let out. In turn, that was followed by a wicked chuckle from Carmella and a pathetic whimper from Alexa, as for a few long seconds, or maybe even a full minute the Princess of Staten Island savoured this precious moment, and how beautiful that back hole looked stretched around her big dick.

It was a sight which only got better when Carmella started pushing more and more of her cock into that supposedly forbidden hole, especially as Alexa continued to give her the perfect view of it by spreading her meaty cheeks. Oh yes, this former Alpha female was spreading her cheeks so that Carmella, and everyone else in the room, could get the best look possible at her being anally violated. At Carmella conquering her. Turning the so-called goddess into her Fabulous Bitch. Something which echoed in her mind so much that Carmella lost track of how much dick she had left to give, and the next thing she knew her thighs were bumping up against that big booty, announcing every inch of her strap-on was as deep as it could go into Alexa's bubble butt.

While it was a little disappointing she hadn't paid attention for some of the butt stuffing it was impossible for Carmella to be upset given the circumstances, circumstances she gleefully gloated about, "Every inch! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's every single inch up your big fat butt Alexa. Mmmmmmmmmmm, you know what that means, right? You're mine! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, no matter what happens, in this moment you're mine, and soon enough, I'm going to break you completely and turn you into nothing but my Fabulous Bitch! Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I'm going to collar me a goddess! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, I'm going to collar you Alexa! I'm going to own you! And then, I'm going to fuck this perfect little bubble butt every single day."

Unsurprisingly there was no response from Alexa. After all, Carmella, unfortunately, knew from experience it was kind of hard to talk when you had a big dick in your ass, especially when it had only just been buried inside of you. It was also hard to say anything coherent when that big dick first started sliding in and out, which was definitely the case here, the poor little blonde whimpering, gasping and crying out as Carmella officially started butt fucking Alexa Bliss for what she promised herself would be the first of many, many times. Oh yes, this was the beginning of a beautiful Sub/Dom relationship, Carmella thought with a gleeful smile on her face, as she became lost in watching her big cock pumping in and out of Alexa's cute little ass hole.

Charlotte was almost as captivated by that beautiful sight, as she had been from watching that piece of ass getting her ass filled with dick. The big difference was something that Carmella and the other lesser women in the room were too lost in what they were watching that they didn't hear it, but Charlotte did. Oh yes, she heard the sounds of pleasure mixed in with the pain, inevitably ending in a moan of pure pleasure embarrassingly quickly. That's how bad it really was, that Charlotte actually felt sorry for a bottom. Especially one who had diluted herself into thinking she was a top. Of course, the thought was fleeting, as it was inevitable that a natural anal whore like Alexa Bliss would have this kind of reaction. She just didn't think it would be Carmella to squeeze it out of her.

It would likely be the most impressive thing that Carmella would ever do with her life, as although reminding Alexa of her true place should have been easy it had proven embarrassingly difficult to accomplish. Clearly a sign that she was surrounded by nothing but walking fuck holes, design for her pleasure. Including her once precious Becky. No, especially Becky. Carmella too, but she had earned herself a prize for her accomplishment. Which was Charlotte staying out of it at first. Arguably, she should stay out of it completely, but it just had been so long since she had fucked Alexa's perfect little butt, and watching Alexa get anally violated by somebody else made her feel nostalgic.

"My turn?" Charlotte phrased it as a question, but the wicked smile on her face and the way she stroked lube into her recently attached cock made it clear that it was a demand.

Which led to Carmella turning to Charlotte and staring at her for a few long seconds, before shrugging, "Okay."

Charlotte raised an eyebrow, "Just like that?"

"Sure." Carmella said, "As long as you promise we focus on breaking this bitch."

"Of course you need help for that." Charlotte laughed, before clarifying, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, my help."

"No." Carmella shrugged, before grinning, "I just think it might be fun."

"That, ohhhhhhhhhhh, that wasn't the deal." Alexa whimpered.

"Shhhhhhhhh, a real woman is talking." Charlotte asked, before admitting, "I don't know... I like my bitches to have some fight left in them. Some of them, anyway."

"Don't you have your little horsewomen for that?" Carmella quipped, earning her a glare from The Queen.

Something that Alexa inadvertently distracted from by whining, "This isn't fair, mmmmmmmmm, I lost to... to... Carmella, oh God, I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit. But I, ohhhhhhhhhh, I didn't lose to anyone else. No one, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, no one else should fuck me."

"I'm the Alpha, I can do whatever I want." Charlotte reminded the smaller blonde, "And just for that, Asuka can join too. And you better be good from here on out, otherwise I might just decide to break you."

"Yes my Queen, sorry my Queen." Alexa cried out, then again, as Carmella finally pulled her cock out of her ass.

"She's all yours." Carmella beamed.

"She always was." Charlotte said dismissively, replacing Carmella directly behind Alexa, "All of you are."

With that Charlotte slammed her cock into the fuck hole Alexa called her ass hole, burying the first few inches right away inside the stupid hole, who cried out loudly. She was more gentle when it came to pushing more of her big dick into that most private orifice, but even then she gave the occasional short, sharp hard thrust, just to maximize the pain that Alexa was experiencing. Something Charlotte would never do with an inexperienced ass slut, but she was trying to awaken Alexa's inner anal whore. Also, if she was honest with herself, Charlotte was punishing Alexa for losing to fucking Carmella, and thus robbing The Queen of the joy of her having first dibs on her. More importantly, she was mad at her for giving up her ass to that bitch Rhonda.

Of course Charlotte was left chuckling evilly, as no matter how roughly she anally violated Alexa, she let out sounds of pleasure. Admittedly there was more pain, but the pleasure was there, only to be heard by the true butt busters like herself, and... that was it. Oh yes, she was the only true butt buster in the history of the WWE, and she gleefully proved it by skewering Alexa's shit hole on her dick, and then fucking her up the ass. Oh yes, in no time at all, her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, every inch of her dick buried into the bowels of Alexa Bliss. Something she savoured for a few long seconds, before sliding her cock in and out of that shit-pipe, officially starting to sodomize the anal bitch. Which of course made this smaller, weaker blonde whimper, cried out and inevitably moan in pure pleasure.

Zelina, Liv, and the entire locker room were captivated by the show they were getting, even though each and every one of them were jealous of all involved. Mostly Alexa, or at least Zelina certainly was, as the so-called goddess really was getting spoiled tonight. After all, not only was she being ass fucked by a real goddess, now she was going to be passed around like a piece of meat between three women who were pretty much goddesses in this company. Goddesses of wrestling, and of butt fucking. Something Charlotte Flair was effortlessly proving by beginning to sodomize Alexa, just like Mistress Carmella before her. And now it looked like Alexa was about to get it in both ends, cleaning her own anal juices off that big dick in the process. Honestly, some people had all the luck.

However instead Carmella briefly pretended she was going to give it to Alexa, only to turn to her bitches and order, "Zelina, Liv, get over here and clean my cock. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you've both had a treat already tonight, and I can't decide who gets at first, so you'll have to share. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, be good little bitches and share the taste of Alexa's slutty little butt. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, suck it! Get every single drop of that butt cream! Now Liv, don't be greedy. I said share, not mmmmmmmmm, that's better. Yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, be good little bitches and share."

While Zelina was taken off-guard apparently Liv had been expecting it, dashing off the second she had permission, so she would be the first to go down in front of their Fabulous Mistress, selfishly wrap her mouth around the head of the dick and start ravenously sucking it. Of course, that was the part of the strap-on which had pummelled the deepest part of Alexa's bowels, therefore Liv was getting that extra thrill all to herself. Which was more than enough to make Zelina consider punching Liv's lights out. Or at least shoving her aside. Luckily for Liv, their Fabulous Mistress made it very clear they were to share this privilege. Although infuriatingly Liv was still reluctant to pull away, and predictably when Zelina finally stepped up to the plate and started sucking on the head of the cock there was no more ass cream to clean.

At least not on that first part, but luckily for Zelina she wasn't restricted to that part of the dildo. No, she was able to start bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the strap-on, and while Zelina wasn't tasting the deepest part of Alexa's booty it was still pretty close, and more importantly very, very yummy. Something she got lost in savouring for a few long minutes, so much so she didn't even notice that Liv had cheekily started licking the base. Silently they then switched places, but again, it felt like Liv got the better part of the deal. Something that the old Zelina wouldn't have tolerated, and neither would this new one. Oh no, she was going to punish her fellow bottom, something she apparently could do, as their fabulous Mistress had it made clear that anyone could top the ultra bottom Liv Morgan.

Of course, there was pretty much nothing Zelina could do, that she was willing to do, that this twisted bitch wouldn't enjoy. But that was okay, it would simply be satisfying enough to smother the girl with her cunt, or ass, or more likely one then the other. Which she had been allowed to do already by their Fabulous Mistress, the difference was Zelina would have no one to tell her to stop, and therefore would keep going until the super slut passed out underneath her. Then, if Liv was really, really lucky, and Zelina was still feeling even mildly upset with her, she would fist fuck her. Which Liv would adore the most, but Zelina was confident she could enjoy it, just a little bit more. But for now, of course, she concentrated on the blow job, especially as she was hoping to do a good enough job to earn doing this again before the night was through.

Alexa almost literally cried as she was denied the taste of her own butt cream, and then she literally cried as she realized she was genuinely disappointed by that fact. She shouldn't be feeling this way, should be a lot stronger, truly prove herself as a top, but she couldn't help it. Thanks to her time in NXT she was addicted to the taste of girl butt, especially her own, and would often ass fuck girls into unconsciousness just so she could clean her own strap-on guilt free. Or at least mostly guilt free. Of course, she had being reminded of how much she loved the taste of ass when she been forced to suck Liv's anal cream Asuka's cock. But of course, by then the damage had been done, given that Mistress Rhonda had made her taste her own ass again.

Poor little Alexa even found herself hoping that Charlotte and Asuka would just swap places already, so she could get more of that yummy butt juice. And maybe more importantly, her cries, whimpers and moans of pure pleasure would be muffled. But most important of all, it would mean Charlotte wouldn't be fucking her ass anymore. Admittedly Asuka was almost just as good, but Charlotte truly did put all other butt fuckers to shame. Maybe it came from the confidence of never being butt fucked herself, maybe it was natural talent, or maybe it was just because she was the biggest and strongest, but Charlotte was ridiculously good at this. So much so that Alexa found herself already not only wanting to desperately beg The Queen to make her cum, but to be her bitch forever.

Unfortunately for Alexa, or maybe fortunately considering how good it felt, Charlotte was a total butt hog. Oh yes, the legendary selfish Charlotte hogged Alexa's butt all to herself for what felt like an eternity, everyone helpless to do anything but just watch as Alexa was pushed closer and closer to be broken by just one woman. To be fair, Carmella had laid the groundwork, loosening Alexa's bowels to the point that she only felt pleasure from being sodomized, and then handing it over to Charlotte, who made things so, so much worse. Making sure that even if the goddess's body hadn't betrayed her, she would probably be in the same spot right now. But her body had betrayed her, putting Alexa on the edge of begging for more, or even breaking, in record time. Then somehow things got even worse.

"Stop hogging that butt. You know it is my turn." Asuka finally growled.

There was a brief pause, then Charlotte sing-songed, "What's the magic word?"

Asuka glared, but eventually grumbled, "Please."

"Huh." Charlotte hummed thoughtfully, then pushed, "What was that?"

Another brief pause and then Asuka reluctantly replied, "Please my Queen, can I have a turn with that bitch ass?"

Charlotte chuckled, and then pulled out, "There, was that so hard?"

Asuka huffed, and then ordered, "Carmella, lay down on your back. Alexa, get on top of her."

Charlotte frowned, "Hey, wait a minute-"

"You did this before." Asuka took the risk of interrupting The Queen, pausing for a second to enjoy the fact everyone was now watching her with baited breath, before clarifying, "In NXT. Do you deny it? Double ass fucking this little slut with your precious horsewomen? And yet, she somehow turned around and used each and every one of your favourite bitches, like they were hers. Surely she can recover again? And if not, who cares? Carmella was right, you have your horsewomen to give you back-talk. And don't you want to punish Alexa for getting ideas above her station? Mmmmmmmmm, because I know I do. And there's no better way than a double ass wrecking to really ruin that hole."

"Oh I agree, and she is not the only back-talking bitch with ideas above her station that I plan to double ass fuck." Charlotte growled, getting in Asuka's face threateningly while doing so, before pulling back and laughing, "Mmmmmmmm, but go ahead. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, break that bitch. If you can."

"Succeed where you failed? Gladly." Asuka quipped, earning her another angry glare from The Queen, which she ignored in favour of slapping Alexa's ass and ordering, "Move bitch! You have your orders."

Which had Alexa breaking down in hysterical tears as she did as she was told. She knew there was no point in arguing or fighting, she was done. Her time as a top was over, her comeback dead in it's tracks before it even began. No one had ever survived a double ass fucking with their mind intact, at least not in the history of the WWE, and she only managed to recover from it after months of neglect and being separated from the true butt busters of this division, which allowed her to turn her frustration at not being sodomized into becoming a rectum wrecking top. It wasn't likely lightning would strike twice, something she'd already accepted, and it became crystal clear, as she positioned herself over Carmella's cock and pushed herself downwards, crying out in pure pleasure as that big dick slid into her back hole and then back passage like a hot knife through butter.

Asuka chuckled wickedly at the beautiful sight, and wonderful sounds, before her. Which she enjoyed so much she was only too happy to just continue to watch the action, whereas before she had been beyond tired of it. Naturally, the difference was before it had once again been Charlotte throwing her weight around, and hogging a hot piece of ass all to herself when they were supposed to be sharing, but this was so much better. This was a wannabe top, and somehow former Alpha, slowly skewering her fat booty on a strap-on. Admittedly it would be better if it had been hers, but that just meant Asuka was about to get something even better. Although there was definitely something to be said for watching Alexa's cock starved ass hole greedily gobble up that cock, and then start bouncing up and down it.

While she kind of lost the metaphor there it was hard to really care given that the trash talking pipsqueak known as Alexa Bliss was completely humiliating herself, and loving every second of it. Oh yes, she whimpered, cried out and even moaned in pure pleasure just from anally penetrating herself, and then she had the same reaction when she stuffed her butt full of cock and then sodomized herself on it. Something which could have easily got Asuka off just watching, maybe even without the addition of any fingering. Of course, she wasn't about to settle for that. That would've been terrible for her image. No, instead Asuka gave everyone, but mostly herself, time to enjoy the show, and for Alexa to relax and get used to the idea of what was about to happen to her, before she finally gave the order everyone was waiting for.

"Alexa, mmmmmmm, stop bouncing that slutty little booty, so I can shove a second cock inside it." Asuka ordered, barely pausing before adding, "And Carmella, mmmmmmmm, spread those cheeks. Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, spread them nice and wide so I can see what I'm doing. So I can see my big cock going into that ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, good girls. Good little butt sluts. Oh fuck!"

Unsurprisingly there was no real response from Alexa, who was practically broken already, given that she obeyed without hesitation, even if she did whimper and cry about it. What was a little surprising was that Carmella didn't respond either. Oh well, if 'Mella' needed a lesson in manners, and where she stood in the pecking order, Asuka would be only too happy to give it to her. Although it was hard to be mad considering she was being obeyed without hesitation, pulling those cheeks wide apart and exposing the already cock stuffed hole. Which was another sight that Asuka savoured for a few long seconds, before getting behind her prey and pressing her cock against that obscenely stretched butt hole, and then beginning to stretch it even wider.

The only way this could have been better was if Alexa was a double anal virgin, and while sadly she wasn't it had clearly been many years since she was treated to this particular extreme, and it was kind of hard to tell the difference. Oh yes, Asuka really had to work to make that forbidden hole open wide enough to fit a second cock, and when she did Alexa let out a satisfying cry of agony. Although even then there was an undertone of pleasure, showing exactly what kind of anal whore she was dealing with. Which had Asuka grinning widely and wickedly, and savouring the moment. Which also was a small mercy for her soon to be anal bitch. Then she started slowly pushing forwards, Asuka perhaps literally drooling as she watched inch after inch of that big dick disappearing into Alexa's tailpipe, alongside the first.

Alexa wasn't sure how she'd ever taken something like this before and survived without a incredibly embarrassing trip to the doctors. It truly felt like her back door, and then her back passage, were literally being torn apart, and would never be the same again. How could they? That orifice wasn't even designed for one cock, let alone two. And to make matters worse, as was traditional in the WWE, those strap-on dildos were almost comically big, more than capable of ruining a rectum just by themselves, but when they were teamed up, they were truly devastating. And yet somehow, someway, after what felt like an eternity Asuka's thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks, officially announcing there were two big dicks up her butt for the first time in years.

Something which of course Asuka just had to gloat about, "Two! Yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, two big dicks, all the way up your slutty little butt. And you loved it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes, I can tell. We all can. Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, Alexa Bliss loves it in the butt! Loves two big cocks deep inside her big bubble butt! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, what a whore! What an anal whore! My anal whore, oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, and Charlotte's and... Carmella's! Carmella? Really? Ha ha ha ha, and you actually thought you were a top? You, a top? Ha ha ha ha, what a fucking joke! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Poor Alexa couldn't really respond, as she was still adjusting to the massive anal invasion. And of course, even if she could, what could she possibly say? Pretty much nothing, and even if she had the best comeback ever it would've been lost in the loud whimpers, cries, and even moans which she couldn't stop herself from letting out as Asuka began pumping her strap-on back and forth, officially giving Alexa her first double ass fucking in years. The worst part, and later the best part, was those dildos were so tightly packed in together just the movement of Asuka's hips caused both cocks to slide in and out of her shit-pipe, causing the most intense feelings of pleasure and pain Alexa had ever known. Which to her shame, she adored right from the start.

Even though it hurt like hell, she even enjoyed the initial double anal penetration, and butt stuffing to a certain extent. She wasn't sure how her tiny little body could take it, except for someone so small she had a noticeably big booty, which apparently was made to take more than one cock. Those twisted feelings were overwhelming enough, but then once again Asuka effortlessly proved herself to be one of the best butt fuckers in the entire world, quickly loosening Alexa's bowels so that all she felt was pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure, which became pure ecstasy, even before the hard rectum wrecking, making Alexa's prediction 100% true, because there was no way she could possibly top anyone knowing this was the ecstasy she could receive as a bottom.

Suddenly desperate to prove she knew her place, and to cum, Alexa started hysterically begging, "Harder! Fuck me harder, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, make me cum! Make me fucking cum! Make me, make me cum like a bottom! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, make me cum like the bottom I am! Oh my God, mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ah fuck, please... Mistress Asuka, make me your bottom. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, make me an anal loving bottom for you and Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Carmella! Make me your fucking property! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, make me your bitch! Your little butt bitch! Your ass whore, your anal slave, anything you fucking want, just make me cum! Please Mistress Asuka, I... I... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME, AH SHIT!"

It took a lot longer than Alexa would've liked, but finally Asuka started increasing the pace, perhaps far more than she should have, given the circumstances. But Alexa didn't care, because pretty much right from the second that the pace was increased, and that she had permission to cum, she started orgasming harder than maybe ever before. There was no way she could ever top anyone if she knew she could receive this kind of ecstasy. Then again, maybe she just wasn't remembering it right. Or it was more intense than ever, given that instead of just being a mindless bottom she was a former top, and Alpha, being broken once and for all? It was impossible to tell at that moment, as the intense climaxes quickly robbed her of the ability to think, but it was truly hard for Alexa to imagine herself topping anyone ever again.

Carmella laughed loudly with delight as Alexa Bliss, trash talking top and former Alpha female of both RAW and SmackDown, violently squirted all over her stomach. She also screamed hysterically, and thrashed around, as she was well and truly broken beyond repair. Oh yes, after this it was impossible to think of anyone taking Alexa seriously as a top. Although it was kind of surprising she'd been able to convince anyone she was anything but an anal loving bottom, given that she clearly had a big bubble butt made for fucking. Which made it kind of inspirational, actually. In the WWE, truly anyone could be a top. But it was also terrifying, as clearly anyone could be broken. Terrifying, but again, also inspirational.

After all, Carmella knew that the likes of Asuka and especially Charlotte could probably break her given half the chance, but this also proved she just might have a fighting chance against them, even though that seemed impossible in this moment. Asuka certainly seemed unbeatable as she somehow reached her top speed, surely literally ruining poor little Alexa's rectum with her brutal thrusts, the sound of her thighs smacking against those now very much jiggling cheeks audible, even through the screams of ecstasy Alexa was letting out, every thrust making Carmella's ass hole quiver with fear, and unfortunately with lust. Especially as she knew first-hand what that felt like. Well, not the double anal, but certainly those devastating bowel destroying thrusts from one of the greatest butt busters in WWE history.

Speaking, or in this case thinking, of all time great butt fuckers the second Asuka abruptly pulled out of that thoroughly wrecked hole she was replaced by another, and maybe the greatest ass taming stud of all time. Something Charlotte effortlessly proved by grabbing hold of Alexa's waist and shoving her back down on Carmella's cock, before inserting her own. Oh yes, they had been so tightly packed in there, they both had popped out when Asuka was finished, but it only felt like seconds before Charlotte was sliding every inch of her rectum wrecker into Alexa's poor little ass. And only a few seconds after that she had started brutally butt fucking her. And Alexa loved it. Everybody did. Oh yes, Charlotte quickly got them back on track, squeezing countless orgasm after orgasm out of that by now surely completely broken bottom. And she meant that in more ways than one.

Of course, Alexa wasn't the only one cumming, as the other end of the dildos bashing against their clits and the sheer joy of perhaps truly wrecking another female wrestler's ass easily had Carmella receiving some of the most satisfying climaxes ever. She could tell Asuka, and then later Charlotte did the same, but as they were butt pounding veterans at this point they were easily able to push through it and onto several more. And to her credit Carmella did the same. Admittedly, she didn't keep up the constant brutal actions the other two did, but like when they had done this with Liv, she first picked her spot, and then delivered a series of hard thrusts at the end. Or at least as much as she could in that position. Something she thought she once again got away with. Unfortunately she was wrong.

Charlotte used every ounce of her strength, and almost every ounce of her energy, to completely destroy that pretty little fuck hole and then abruptly pulled out of it, causing a wonderfully obscene sound, and beautiful gape, and then she ordered, "Carmella, spread those cheeks for us. Mmmmmmmm, let's see that pretty little gape."

Alexa's poor little body was still trembling from the force of her orgasms, and she was thoroughly exhausted, but even she could feel how widely stretched she was back there. Wide enough that spreading her cheeks actually didn't make much difference, something that part of her wanted to sarcastically quip. But a much bigger part of her wanted to be the one showing off her gape. To please Mistress Charlotte, and the others. To be the good little bottom she'd once been. Because those incredible climaxes she'd just had totally had Alexa re-evaluating her life goals. After all, why would she ever want to be a top, if she could feel ecstasy like that? Which made her feel grateful to the real women who had just destroyed her ass, and taught her a lesson she somehow forgot. Luckily after a few long minutes of Mistress Carmella emphasizing Alexa's gaping butt hole, and the other Mistresses took pictures of it, the former Alpha was given a chance to prove herself.

Closing the distance between them as silently as she could so this next part could be a surprise Charlotte grabbed hold of Alexa's hair, roughly yanked it back, and yelled, "What are you, bitch?"

"Ah fuck! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch I'm your bitch I am so your bitch!" Alexa cried out without hesitation, then whimpered, "I'm the bitch of Mistress Charlotte, Mistress Asuka, Mistress Carmella and anyone who wants a piece of my whore ass! I'm... I'm a bottom! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, I'm nothing but an anal loving bottom! Thank you! Oh God, thank you all for putting me in my place."

"Prove it." Charlotte ordered, letting go of the other blonde's hair, "Suck Carmella's dick clean."

"Yes my Queen, thank you my Queen." Alexa said, quickly scurrying down Mistress Carmella's body and wrapping her mouth around the cock which had spent the most time deep in her bowels.

Which of course made Alexa moan loudly, her eyelids fluttering and what just might be her favourite taste in the world. Well this, and girl cum, both of which she had sampled tonight thanks to this wonderful woman. Thanks to Mistress Carmella. She wouldn't have thought she would ever be this grateful to her, or to refer to her as Mistress Carmella, but Alexa promised herself she would find some way to thank her. Oh, maybe she could be her Fabulous Bitch? Wear one of those little collars that Liv and Zelina wore? Do anything she said? Oh yes, that sounded good, but right now she needed to concentrate on sucking cock, and that's exactly what she did.

After savouring the flavour of the deepest part of her ass, and daydreaming about thanking Mistress Carmella, Alexa started rapidly bobbing her head up and down the dick, eventually taking the entire length down her throat with well practiced tease. Because again, even as a top, this was something she couldn't help indulge in. It was so much better now she was a bottom again. Especially as there were two more yummy cocks to clean, which was why she was hurrying this particular BJ. Besides, she had to save something for the Alpha, right? Right. Although weirdly Mistress Charlotte stayed silent, and the rest of the locker room following suit, meaning that the only sounds for a few long minutes was Alexa gleefully sucking on Mistress Carmella's cock.

"I think it's safe to say we have another broken bottom on our hands." Charlotte smirked wickedly, before turning to Asuka, "But of course, if you ever need my help putting her back in her place if she steps out of line again, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be happy to do it. Probably. For a price."

"I'll bear that in mind." Asuka said dryly, the way that Charlotte was looking at her and licking her lips making it obvious exactly what that price would be. Something Asuka then distracted from by adding, "Speaking of stepping out of line, I think Carmella is getting a bit too big for her britches, don't you?"

"I hadn't noticed." Charlotte said dismissively, "Why, what did you have in mind?"

"Leave it to me." Asuka reassured, before turning her attention to the uppity bottom in question and ordering, "Carmella, get over here and clean our cocks."

Not liking where this conversation was going Carmella hesitated for a few long seconds, and then cautiously questioned, "Don't, don't you think that's something Alexa should be doing?"

Charlotte glared, "You were given an order. I suggest you obey it."

"Relax, my Queen." Asuka reassured, before turning to her new target, "Do as I say, Mella, and you'll get to join myself and Charlotte as we take Alexa back to my hotel suite-"

"My hotel suite." Charlotte corrected, but impressed that Asuka had essentially invited herself to join having more fun with Alexa, instead of leaving it to The Queen.

"Charlotte's hotel room." Asuka agreed, allowing her annoyance to shine through, before continuing, "But only if you're quick about it, and show us the proper respect."

"And give us both nice, long drawn-out blow jobs." Charlotte added with a wicked grin.

Which was an easy decision for Carmella to make, quickly forcing herself to swallow her pride and reply, "Yes my Queen, thank you my Queen. Yes my Empress, thank you my Empress."

"Good girl." Asuka replied condescendingly, her mind already thinking of ways she could further put this bitch in her place.

Poor little Alexa was left feeling left out, and crushingly disappointed at this news. She tried to look on the bright side, namely it had been decided by the superior women that the fun for her was not over, and that she would probably spend hours satisfying every little desire the dominant women had. Which was likely meant that she was going to get her ass fucked a lot tonight, most likely two at a time, giving her plenty more chances to suck cock. Which she also got to do throughout that conversation. But then she was pushed aside, and she had to watch as Mistress Carmella got the privilege of sucking those cocks clean. And she wasn't even enthusiastic about it.

Carmella deeply resented being knocked back down after doing so much good work to build herself up. However, it could be a lot worse if she tried to argue, so it was an easy decision to make. Especially as maybe, just maybe she could get out of this with her dignity. After all, everyone here had to bow down to The Queen and The Empress. And everyone loved the taste of ass, so it shouldn't be a big deal. And it was a risk, but she was able to slowly make her way over to Charlotte and Asuka without being scolded for it. In fact the Alpha and the former Alpha seemed very much amused by Carmella slowly moving over to them, and the fact that she did it on her feet, another risk, before dropping down onto her knees before them. Hell, Carmella was even allowed to hesitate briefly to compose herself, before wrapping her mouth around one of those cocks.

Again, the decision was easy, she went for Charlotte's dick first. Any other choice would have been a big mistake, as there was no way the bratty Alpha who always got her way would accept anything else. Although it was very annoying to hear the way The Queen chuckled in triumph as Carmella started sucking her cock. Unsurprisingly Asuka did the exact same thing when it was her turn, except she may have laughed even louder, which was even more infuriating. This continued to be the response Carmella got for the next few minutes, and surprisingly The Queen and The Empress stayed eerily silent. Which was actually worse than verbal encouragement, because it made the sound of the blow job echo throughout the room, especially Carmella's reaction to it.

She tried to stop herself, but she couldn't. She just couldn't. Carmella loved the taste of ass so fucking much that she just couldn't stop herself from moaning loudly the entire time, but especially when she wrapped her lips around each of those cocks for the first time and tasted the deepest part of Alexa's ass. There was one saving grace in all this, namely that while Carmella completely humiliated herself as she became lost in the blow job her hand started wondering up the thighs of the Doms, and eventually round to squeeze those meaty asses. She was truly shocked that Asuka and especially Charlotte would allow her to do that, but oh, it was heaven. Oh yes, even as she had first one, and then the other big dildo down her throat the Princess of Staten Island was imagining those juicy globes jiggling against her thighs.

"And.... I guess that's enough." Charlotte spoke up, "Mmmmmmm yessssssssssss, good girl, Carmella. You cleaned our cocks real good. Like an obedient little bottom. Now, shall we get going? I reckon if we leave now we can have at least a few more hours of absolutely destroying Alexa's shit hole, until she's lucky if she can never sit down again."

"What a fabulous idea, my Queen." Carmella responded as soon as the cock was out of her mouth, "Let's go."

Of course Alexa gave an even more enthusiastic response, but no one was really listening. No, they were far too occupied with packing away the toys, and getting ready to go. Which included Carmella having the privilege of sharing a shower with Asuka and Charlotte, while having their anal loving bottoms rub soap into their bodies. She then of course followed them out of the arena, walking behind them with Alexa. However, while Alexa had her eyes downcast Carmella kept her eyes on the prize, namely those big beautiful butts, which were supposedly out of reach for anyone, but she promised herself in those moments, and through the rest of the night, those fat asses would be hers, and the women attached to them would be her Fabulous Bitches.

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