Anna Kendrick: Winning at all Costs

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I do not know Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Emily Blunt or John Krasinski at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.

Summary: John’s last act in charge of Anna Kendrick is gifting her to her worst nightmare - her own Uncle Brian

***1) This chapter is the raunchiest yet so be advised. There is a golden shower, watersport, dirty A2M (minor scat play)***

“Heyoo John! I take it you have my last punishment,” Anna spoke into her phone.

“How soon can you make yourself available,” John replied.

“Oh I’m doing fine, John. Thanks for asking!” the pint-sized actress quipped into the phone due to his down-to-business approach.

“Just answer the damn question. Need you for maybe 4 hours,” John retorted.

“Fine. Um...tomorrow I start shooting at sunrise, do an hour then nothing until sunset. Add in hair and make-up...I have a good 6 hours tomorrow afternoon.” Anna explained after consulting her schedule.

“Good. Text me where and when I can meet you,” John explained.

“Yes sir. But just to confirm, this is my third and final request?”

“Yes.” John answered.

“Any other hints? What can I expect?” Anna asked, somehow both excited and nervous.

“Just bring your usual pep,” he replied before hanging up.

*    *    *

Anna had to wake the next morning at an unGodly hour due to the director of her latest project. Luckily, the pint-sized actress had done a lot of her prep for John’s last assignment last night. She was freshly showered, smelling and looking great as a result. And of course she had made sure she was shaved hairless from the neck down. Given her slight frame and pretty pussy, Anna thought she looked best with a bald cunt and many of her partners agreed wholeheartedly with her. She didn’t have to worry about hair and make-up since that would be taken care of on set, so all Anna had to do was pack what she would where to see John. Oh, and go to her massive collection of sex toys, select her favorite butt plug that was both wide and comfortable, and then shoved it up her asshole.

An hour of hair, make up and wardrobe and finally Anna could start her shoot. The director loved using the natural light so these early mornings and late day shoots were the norm. Anna completed her handful of scenes and things moved smoothly. The petite star didn’t flub a single line with the thought of being free of John apparently a powerful motivator. That meant she finished her morning shoot a good 30 minutes early. Walking quickly back to her trailer, she changed out of her simple shirt and jeans she wore for her movie and slipped on the sexy little black dress she brought with her. Stepping into her matching high heels, Ana checked herself out in the mirror, confirming she looked like her amazing self, then picked up her phone to text John she was ready.

“That was fast,” Anna said through the window as John pulled up to the corner of the lot she waited on.

“Down for a good time,” he made the easy prostitute joke.

“Why else would I have skipped the panties,” Anna replied, turning around and quickly flashing the man a brief glimpse of her petite but bubbly ass. 

“Adorable as ever,” John retorted before getting back to business. “Get in.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Anna said, swinging into the car before John shifted in gear and peeled off.

They drove through some streets before John got on the highway heading for downtown. Anna had no idea where they were going, nor was John forthcoming with any details. Looking around, Anna saw some video equipment in his backseat, but that wasn’t a surprise at all. After all, the older man had been recording their two earlier encounters. It was a little nerve-wracking at first when he filmed her in a gloryhole blowbang with a bunch of gross homeless men. These emotions were even more stressed when he acted as cameraman while she was gangbanged by 7 members of her own family including her own brother and father, despite the fact she had a mask on with hair lightened and contact lenses changed her eye color.

“Hey! I know that bakery. Make some decent samosas,” Anna commented as they continued down the road. “Where exactly are we going?”

“You’ll see,” John replied with a smile that could only be described as sinister.

Another 2 minutes and the pair were pulling into the underground parking of an apartment complex Anna had definitely visited before. It had been a long time so the memory was only at the fringes of her mind though. She and her master exited their car and walked towards the central column where they boarded the empty elevator and rode up 10 floors. It wasn’t until they exited the lift and made their way down the hallway did the location of where they were clicked.

“This place. It’s right at the edge of my memory,” Anna said, her feminine face pinched in concentration. “Where are we. Seriously.”

“Come in and see if that helps trigger your memory,” John grinned, pushing up the door.

Anna wished she was the type that wore a fitness tracker solely so she could know how fast her heart was beating because it felt like it was about to thud right out of her chest. A mix of nerves, excitement and fear swelled in her brain as she stepped across the threshold into what could only be described as a messy apartment. To her left was a tiny kitchen complete with a stovetop decorated in stains and a sink full of dirty dishes. To her right was a bathroom with a foul odor coming from it, clearly used recently, and a closed door which could only be the lone bedroom in the place. 

In the small and rather unkempt living room, John was fiddling with the TV before he had a seat. Looking over at the slightly distressed actress, he beckoned her over by patting the empty spot beside him. Anna felt like John was going to ask her to please him in this disgusting room and due to the excitement of being used by her master, she felt her pussy moisten out of reflex. With her gaze solely locked on his crouch and the dick beneath his pants, Anna was preparing to have him in her mouth ASAP, but John had other plans.

“Let’s have a stroll down memory lane, shall we?” John commented, flicking the TV on and hitting play. “Ah! Where it all began. When you cheated to win the little lip sync battle.”

“Not my finest hour,” Anna replied, cheeks flushing. “Had to sleep with three of the production staffers just to pull off the win. And you still found out.”

“Which brought us to the first of your three punishments.” John explained as he hit next and was brought to a much different scene, this taken on the camcorder he brought with him today. “The little blowbang I set up in the downtown sex shop.”

“Oh God. So much drinking of hobo cum,” Anna’s face distorted in a look of disgust, yet between her legs was a dampening pussy.

“What was it? 12 money shots down the gullet?” he asked as the pair watched the gloryhole action from that night a month ago.

“A baker’s dozen actually,” Anna corrected. “And one of those greaseballs pissed on the back of my head. Had the smell of urine in my hair for a week. Hairdresser totally knew I had a golden shower.”

“Then challenge 2. Oh how devious I can be when aggrieved,” John hissed. 

“Making me...fuck members of my own family,” Anna recapped, watching as her on-screen self was getting fucked in the ass by a cousin while she took turns sucking off her dad and brother.

“They never would have done it if they knew it was you,” he commented. “Which was why the mask was key.”

“Even with the mask, hair color change, some freckles and making my eyes look a different color, I was petrified they would find out,” Anna remarked.

“Well you’re performance didn’t reflect that fear. Occupying 7 men and not once being overwhelmed is a true feat.” John complimented. “I mean, look at you getting double fucked on the bed while still smoking another family member’s pole with your mouth and jacking off two more in each hand! Breathtaking.”

“Aww, John! You really know how to make a girl blush,” the petite girl flirted with the married man.

John liked the younger woman’s spirit, but the whole point of this last encounter was to remind Anna of her place. She wasn’t his equal, she wasn’t his mistress even. She was his plaything, his cum rag when he wanted her and nothing more. Anna could sense the storm clouds coming over his mood and got a little frightened. He was never over physically with her. Sure there was ass spanking, hair pulling and some light choking, but he seemed upset now. However, a scene change on the TV made his expression lighten, as it depicted one of the numerous times Anna fucked John for no cost. In this particular time, John was holding the camera while Anna and her bouncing twins rode the tall man for all he was worth.

“Now, going back to your earlier comment, one of your family members did find out,” John commented, his dark eyes turning to gaze at the petite actress.

With those words, pieces were starting to click into place. The bakery on the corner wasn’t from recent memory, but from nearly 25 years ago when she came this way often as a teenager. John continued to talk but Anna wasn’t paying attention as she continued to scan the apartment and make partial connections. A wingback chair sat against the wall she remembered gifting to...someone for Christmas. A familiar smile underneath the room’s bad odor that reminded her of...

“Come on in,” John shouted. It was just loud enough that it broke Anna’s haze though she finally recognized where she was.

“John! No. Please,” Anna practically begged as she sat in room 1026, her least favorite person’s apartment.

“This is your final hurdle, babe. This one last act and then freedom,” John calmed her, stroking her hair as he spoke. 

“God! I'll never get used to how pretty those tits look." Anna’s uncle Brian spoke as he emerged from the bedroom and gazed at the TV before looking over at his niece. “Welcome back, Anna.”

“Meet your third and final act, sweetie. I believe you two know each other,” John grinned wickedly.

“Oh God,” Anna muttered, hating her luck.

"He was very happy to find out who that pretty girl was under the mask and offered to watch over you and all these naughty videos we made.” John continued. “Brian will be making sure you don't cheat poor trusting guys like me again."

“I should have known it was you,” her uncle continued. “How many times have I looked down your top and imagined those tits! And there they were! I had them in my hands, sucking on those little nipples and didn’t realize they were yours!”

“Please John,” Anna whined, reverting back to a child.

“I’m so sorry uncle Brian. I’m just gonna have a private word with Tits McGee here and after that she should be more agreeable.” John apologized. 

John rose from the sofa and clutched Anna’s upper arm before jerking her to her feet. Given the fact she had her by nearly 100 pounds, Anna practically flew to her high heeled feet before John all but dragged her into the disgusting excuse of a kitchen. Leaning down so he could practically hiss into her ear, John lowered his voice to a stern whisper. “Change your attitude right now. I get that this is probably hard for you, but what’s another bout of incest for you? I mean, have you, or have you not fucked your own father?”

“I have,” Anna practically deflated.

“So big deal that this is another family member. Hell, you’ve fucked him already, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” the actress nodded.

“Say it,” John prodded.

“I fucked my uncle,” Anna stated.


“And I fucked my cousins. And my dad. And I’m a brother fucker,” Anna shared, growing louder.

“Better. Now, I want you to summon that decent amount of acting talent, exit the apartment and come back once you are prepared,” John ordered. “And Anna...don’t fuck this up.”

John left the kitchen, leaving the petite woman behind to center herself or whatever bullshit she needed to do to get ready. As he went for his camcorder and turned it on, John couldn’t help but smile about how manipulative he could be. After all, he made this seemingly normal and grounded woman stoop to such depraved levels all in the name of what? Honesty? Her reputation? Pride? The sound of the closing door snapped him out of his thoughts as Anna left the apartment.

“What the fuck, man!” Brian complained having seen his hot niece stride from his home.

“Give it a second,” John calmed him before there was a knock on the door. “See. I think it’s for you.”

With a mighty groan, the man tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds staggered to his feet. Luckily the apartment was rather small or else he’d have been sweating more than he already was by the time he lumbered to the front door. Curious as to what mood would greet him on the other side of the door, Brian turned the knob and pulled it open.

“Hi big boy,” Anna cooed in the most sultry tone Brian had ever heard.

“Anna?!” the rotund man stated, a mix of confusion and arousal.

Standing in his doorway with her arm up on the doorframe so she could lean her petite frame against it was his niece. Except, this version of Anna Kendrick was nothing like the one that was moping and sulking about in his apartment a minute ago. Instead, here was the movie star known for her flirty attitude, flashing her big blue eyes and positioning her body in such a way that her already stunning cleavage was even more eye-catching. 

“Can I come in? I figure what you have in store for little ol me might be a little too risque to perform in a hallway,” Anna purred.

For the first time in his life her uncle Brian couldn’t find the words to speak, his tongue feeling too big for his mouth. Instead, the large man simply stepped out of the way and allowed his niece to saunter her slender yet curvy body inside. She stopped about 6 feet inside where John was waiting with the camera. Starting down at the floor, the handsome man scanned up from her black high heels, up her thin yet long legs given her petite size. Her little black dress started above her mid thigh, in fact from Brian’s position behind her, he could confirm it barely came lower than the curve of her small but bubbly caboose. John continued panning upwards over her flat stomach until reaching her top asset; her large perfect tits. Poems could have been written about their round nature, how they defied physiques with their sagless nature. Hell, even the freckle on the inside of her left breast made them even more memorable in the best way.

“You, um, look great,” Brian commented, Anna turning back to face him instead of the camera.

“And you haven’t even seen me naked,” the petite actress replied to her stunned uncle.

It seemed that the mention of Anna naked was what Brian needed to snap him out of his stupor. Following in his niece’s path, the large man came up from behind her and wrapped an arm around her narrow waist. Anna felt his girthy stomach against her back and did amazing to repress the shudder of disgust she wanted to perform. Instead, she used her dance training to skillfully twist in his grasp so she was facing him. Brain was impressed by the smooth move but wanted to remind his niece where she was and who was in charge. He brought his hand up to Anna’s throat and applied minimal pressure, not enough to threaten cutting off her air but it showed the commanding hand he had on her both literally and figuratively.

“Speaking of naked...” uncle Brian commented.

Brian used the hand that had been choking Anna and trailed it down her cleavage until he scoped out one of her tits from her low cut dress. Giving it a firm squeeze and the nipple a hearty pinch, he held it just long enough to get a yelp from his niece, though she disguised it cleverly with a smile and giggle. Transferring down from large tit to the other, Anna was worried he’d tear her favorite little black dress as he scooped out her other breast and gave to the same firm treatment.

“May I?” Anna asked, her hands down at the hem of her dress.

A grunt was her reply so Anna pulled the dress from the bottom upwards, freeing herself of the only clothing she was wearing, minus her black heels. She felt her uncle’s hand closing around her jaw and face but she controlled the situation by opening her mouth and steering his thumb inside for her to give a mock blowjob to. Swirling her tongue around the thick digit, her cheeks hollowed from the suction before she started bobbing her head. As her lips glided along the skin, Anna made eye contact with the sneering man the whole time.

“Clearly you have an oral fixation. Remind me how good you are,” Brian demanded.

Anna continued bobbing on his thumb another pass or two before using her hands on his thick gut to help lower herself to the ground. Once kneeling, Anna had to shuffle slightly to swipe away whatever garbage she had pressed her knee on top of. With her hands already on his stomach she only had to lower them a little more until she was working his belt, having it undone in mere moments. Clearly her lazy uncle wasn’t going to help her so Anna took care of his pants before using her arms to pull down his pants to his knees. As his cock came into view, her eyes were torn away from it as her uncle used the hand on her head to clutch her hair and pull it back sharply, forcing Anna to look her beautiful big blue eyes up at him, and John’s camera as it hovered over his shoulder.

“You’re gonna suck me off like the perfect little cocksucker you showed you were last month in that hotel room,” uncle Brian told her. “You remember that night, right? You sucked off me, your daddy, your wimpy little brother.”

“I remember,” Anna did her best to nod despite the hand yanking her head back. “And that night I was distracted by having to pleasure 7 other men while I blew you. Not to mention it was my first taste of incest. Imagine how good I’ll be tonight.”

Anna realized that the answer was to her uncle’s satisfaction as the tension on her hair eased and she was allowed to get with the blowjob. Breaking eye contact with him, Anna found his dick was already fully erect and of the same thick slab of meat she remembered from the family gangbang not long ago. Though not terribly long, it was still above average measuring in at 6 inches. However, it was his girth that made it impressive, while the slight upwards hook made it slightly more memorable as well.

Anna wanted to get the encounter, her last of John’s three wishes, off to a stellar start. Though her uncle’s hand was still on the top of her head with his fist balling her hair, he was allowing the kneeling woman control. Anna used that control to open her mouth wide as she moved closer to his lap. She heard a moan from her uncle as she took the first half of his dick into her mouth, her lips closing around his shaft and engulfing him in her moist heat. However, Anna had no intention of stopping, continuing her forward momentum until her lips were wrapped around the very base of his thick cock, her nose pressed in his long, greasy pubic hair and the head of his dick already in her throat.

“Oh fuck Anna,” Brian grunted at the deep throating technique his niece used from the start.

Getting control of things again, Brain used his handhold in her long auburn hair to pull his dick from his niece’s throat. Anna had already showed off her gift of being able to take his whole dick in her mouth so he had no problem with face fucking her. He would have jumped at the chance to do this with anyone, but with this particular redhead made it all the better. With her blue eyes trained up at his, Brian pulled his niece towards him until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

With each successive bob along the entirety of his length, Brian’s grip in her hair lessened until after the 5th face fucking it dropped down altogether. At this point, Anna was well aware of the rapid pace her uncle was looking for in his blowjob and was more than willing to do so. Though her face was delicate and adorable, it flew along his length with little regard for the bash her nose took against his bulbous stomach with every thrust into him. Brain’s hand finally came back into play as he arrested Anna’s bobbing with his entire cock in her mouth and throat, holding her face firmly against his belly and savored the feeling.

“Gwwwkkkk….kkllluukkk,” Anna began to choke, her eyes going slightly red and misty.

Brian of course broke his grip. He didn’t want to strangle his hottest niece with his dick lodged in her throat, only to slow her down. With a talented mouth like Anna’s, her uncle was sure she milked countless men way too fast by doing exactly what she was performing on him currently. Brian was prepared though from the gangbang, so he was aware to slow things down with the beautiful actress, thus holding his dick in her gullet for a 6 count. After that he relented the grip on her head and allowed Anna to take control of her blowjob again, which meant she rocketed her mouth up and down the whole length of his curved dick. Another dozen bobs were performed, each time his cockhead entered Anna’s throat and by the 13th Brian pulled her face towards him and buried himself in her throat for a lengthy spell. After each time this series was performed, a lot of Anna’s saliva was produced, a good deal staying in stringy layers on his manhood but more than a decent amount cascaded down Anna’s chin and onto her perfect tits.

“Here. You must be running low,” Brian called down to his dick-sucking niece.

Anna had a good idea of what her depraved uncle meant by his comment and sure enough the cock hungry girl was proved correct. His hand in her hair tilted the actress’ head backwards until she was staring up at his face which was leaning down over her. Seeing his lips pucker and cheeks hollow, Anna opened her mouth wide and allowed her gross uncle to spit a wad of his tobacco-tinged saliva right onto her tongue. Anna swallowed down his spit before her head was steered back to his dripping wet dick for more of her top notch cock sucking. Of course Anna didn’t hesitate for a second, using her oral skill to bob along his entire length at a pace that could only be described as neck breaking. However, her uncle let her go for more than a dozen bobs, giving Anna the impression she may have worn him down enough for him to cum and end this. This gave her renewed energy and somehow her dick sucking got even faster as she repetitively slammed her face into his got and had his thick cock enter her throat. Alas, he had other plans.

“Balls. Don’t forget about my balls,” he sneered down at his obedient niece.

His hand transferred from resting on Anna’s head to gripping his cock, which was completely covered in her spit. Tilting the slippery shaft upwards, between this and Anna sliding her adorable ass backwards to get lower, it allowed her access to the two nuts below. Initially, Anna gave each of the balls a quick suck and tongue move but she wasn’t done with them by far. This time she latched her lips around the first nut and applied suction as her tongue skillfully glided along the bottom curve to massage it. Of course the strong flavor of sweat, both old and new, flooded her taste buds, but Anna was a professional and blocked that disgust from showing on her face. Instead, she smiled with her eyes as she maintained gazes with the standing man until his passions proved too high and he pulled her mouth from his sack so he could face fuck the 35 year old beauty once more. 

“Glllkkk gllkkkk ggwwwwkkkk,” Anna coughed and sputtered as her uncle held the sides of her head and thrust his dick over and over down her throat.

This time when he pulled her lips from his cock Anna knew where to go and what to do. Lowering herself beneath his cock, she trapped the second of his balls with her mouth and gave it the same treatment she gave the other one moments ago. Once more her taste buds tingled in disgust but the actress blocked that out as she sucked on the round nut for a good half minute before unlatching her lips and finding his dick once again for more skull fucking.

“Oh! We’re going to have such fun,” Brian cooed, pushing her off his cock once again as she built him up towards his climax. 

This time he reached down and massaged her round tits, smearing her spit into the skin to make them slippery and glisten in the light. Anna had used her arms to lean against, planting her palms back behind her from stopping being pushed to the ground completely. Brian used this to his advantage by stepping closer to his niece. At first he held his cock out of the way so he could grind his nut sack on her mouth and face, Anna obliged by extending her tongue and lapping at the sack as it went by. With her lips parted, Brian steered his dick back inside, using her throat for pleasure but this time with her arms out of the way having to support herself. Initially Anna thought he’d go all out with her unable to stop him, but instead her uncle went slow. Being the pro she was, Anna kept her glassy eyes that were leaking a little stuck to his gaze, maintaining eye contact as her lips would glide along his length, her throat holding his meat pole inside for a half-dozen seconds before it was slowly removed. This was followed by 3 hard, fast strokes into Anna’s mouth before he reverted back to the slow, almost romantic deep throating once more.

“Ah fuck it,” Brian rumbled from above after the countless time plunging the depths of her throat. “Need to cum.”

“Mmmm yes,” Anna practically purred her satisfaction.

“You want my cum?”

“I want your cum all over my pretty face,” the Pitch Perfect star demanded, making her point by smearing his spit-covered dick all across her cheeks, nose and forehead before returning to sucking on him.

Brian would have no trouble giving in to that request, especially after her deep throating, face fucking display. Well, it also made his choice easier knowing for a fact that John promised him Anna for as long as he wanted today, which made him thankful for pharmaceutical interventions that would allow him to pump and dump load after load for that period of time. As his famous niece bobbed on his length once more, doing her absolute best to milk him of his cum, he knew he was seconds away from cumming so he stepped back and took control of his own manhood.

“Beg your favorite uncle for his jizz,” slowing down his beating off as she waited with her mouth open and tongue out.

“Please uncle Brian…”

She was cut off as the first cum streak propelled itself from his tip and across Anna’s face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Brian decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of his niece’s head and nestled into her hair. The last remaining squirts didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her adorable face, including a few drops actually in her mouth.

“Well done, big man,” John commented, having caught all the action on his camera before addressing the still kneeling girl. “And you. What a Goddamn masterclass of oral sex.”

“Thanks,” Anna replied before making a move to get up. Obviously her uncle had other thoughts.

“Come,” he interrupted her thoughts. “On your knees.”

The movie star went to stand and follow where he was going, likely his bedroom since it was the only room over to that side of his apartment aside from his bathroom. Obviously he wanted to demonstrate his power over her further so Anna rolled from petite ass and onto her hands and knees. With cum still streaked all across her face and even in her hair, not to mention tainting her mouth, the one-time Oscar nominee crawled on the heels of her despicable uncle who led her by holding her hair as if it was a leash and she was his bitch.

“In here,” uncle Brian steered her towards the right.

Anna was going to question his order as her knees went from treading on the soft albeit dirty carpet and onto harder tile. If she was hoping for a cleaner surface than she was sadly mistaken as the laminate flooring was discolored with what Anna guessed was rust and old piss stains. Steering her and further until she was crawling through the glass shower door and came to rest in the shower, sitting on her bubbly booty with her facing out towards the door where her uncle’s hulking figure stood staring down at her. Though the actress hoped he brought her here for her to shower off the cum plastered on her feminine face, Anna had a feeling her uncle was thinking of a totally different type of shower for her.

“Here. Hold this,” Brian said as he passed Anna an empty glass beer mug. “I assume you can gleam what I want you to do with it.”

Anna’s eyes looked from his flaccid cock before flashing back up to his eyes where she inhaled a quick intake of breath to help steady herself for the task at hand. Feeling calm and centered, she nodded her head. Moments ago the storm in her mind was screaming to fuck this and get the hell out of dodge, but the actress truly was talented. With a smile and what could only be described as pleading portrayed in her eyes, she looked up at her uncle and practically begged him to use her as his personal urinal.

Brian smiled brightly at the sight of the strong willed woman slumping in defeat seated in shower before him. He had to fight his initial urge to get hard once again since he needed to remain flaccid in order for it to work. Feeling the pressure building deep in his bladder, the horrible man found that the tunnel was now unblocked and soon felt the familiar surge of pressure flowing up the hose. Anna had her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, at which point she promptly closed them tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her flat stomach as the stream started to build up the needed pressure. Brian pushed a little harder and soon was able to produce a steady stream of thin urine that splashed onto the Oscar nominee’s fantastic chest, getting both her perky tits wet.

“Keep your mouth open,” this time it was John instructing the petite woman as he noted her reluctance for a split second.

Anna found that she snapped to his order and not only tried parting her lips further, but stuck out her tongue to act as an even bigger landing pad. She didn’t even entertain the idea anymore of fighting this from happening, especially since this wasn’t her first golden shower. Even in the last month, she’d had a man pee on her hair and back, as well as one of her family members during the gangbang pissed in her open mouth when she thought it would be a cumshot. Knowing what to expect, Anna focused only on the good. She found that the warm piss was actually a little sensual as it bathed her skin and the smell wafting up from it wasn't revolting or even that odorous, especially compared to the homeless man who drenched her during the gloryhole.

John holding the camera watched on as the hulking uncle aimed his arching stream higher. Soon the steady current stopped pouring onto Anna’s breasts, continued up her neck before he unloaded onto her face. Most of the flow was restricted to her mouth but after a few seconds he would shoot a little higher and wet the rest of her face and some of her auburn-colored hair with his piss and allow her a moment to breathe. Though there was no chance for her to catch a lot of his piss in her mouth, literally only a mouthful, the majority of the yellow stream poured either off her face or spilled out from between her lips and was collected into the rapidly filling beer mug.

"I'm very turned on right now," John said aloud at the sight of the beautiful actress covered in urine.

“Swallow what you have, sweetie,” her uncle said nicely but with a little steel.

At times Anna wished she didn’t know what pee tasted like but she had drank the yellow stuff too many times for that to be a reality. Though there was no piss that tasted good, surprisingly her uncle’s only tasted bad and not putrid. Sadly, that was a positive, especially considering how raunchy his jizz was. Banishing the flavor from her mind, Anna summoned her bravado even if it was false, and gulped down her mouthful of urine courtesy of her uncle. Is with the dozen other times she drank either her own or her partner’s piss, the warm fluid was a little gross going down, causing Anna to scrunch her adorable face before regaining composure.

“There’s a good piss guzzling whore,” uncle Brian commented, looking down at her.

She looked up at him and found his eyes glancing down to his cock, then to her, then back down. Anna got the hint, realizing the older man wanted him to suck him off after he just ended his stream of piss. Anna opened her mouth and leaned forward, getting the first half of his dick in her wet mouth once more. And that was when her devious uncle pissed directly down her throat, surprising his niece who did nicely not to gag and spit it all up over herself. Instead, Anna showed enough composure to quickly swallow the pee in her mouth before backing away and letting her uncle deliver a golden shower all over her face. The positive to having her uncle pee on her face was that it washed away his briny load of jizz which was shot onto her a few minutes before this humiliation.

“I’m all out now darling,” Brian confessed. “But I know for a fact from all our family reunions and gatherings that you can chug beers. Why don’t you do likewise with my piss in that mug.”

Anna treated the overflowing mug of piss in her hands as warm beer, which was to say it was important to get it down the hatch as fast as possible. A glass this size was too big for one long pull so Anna placed the rim against her lips then tilted it back in a steady tip. Being one of Hollywood’s foremost party girls, Anna knew to open her throat and just pour the beer, or in this case piss, down. Once about 60% of the glass was drained, Anna had to take a swallow, feeling her face scrunch back up as the full force of flavor hit her. However, she was strong willed enough to power through, especially seeing a glass well under half empty. Sucking in a quick intake of air, Anna tipped the mug back for a second and final pull, draining the yellow fluid in a few seconds before slamming the mug back down in victory.

“Jesus,” John breathed out, impressed.

“Have a quick shower. You smell like rotten piss,” her uncle Brian laughed. “Oh. And I left a little gift for you soaking in the sink. Should be ready after its last use. Don’t say I don’t ever get you anything.”

“Oh God. What fresh horror is this?” Anna wondered silently.

*    *    *

“Good shower?” John asked, camera rolling.

“Building is 100 years old with original pipes. You can probably guess,” Anna replied, looking like a goddess still with her skin glistening from the water and hair still slightly wet.

“How’s my gift fit?” Brian cut in.

Anna’s mood seemed to shift on a dime as she was all smiles and perky personality once more. Rolling onto the balls of her feet, the Oscar nominee used her grace from dance training to rotate around. With her small but bubbly ass facing the men, a small purple string could be seen dangling from her crack. Dropping down onto flat feet for stability, the energetic Anna bent over, placed both hands on her booty and proceeded to pull her cheeks apart. Now both her uncle and John with his recording camera could confirm that the purple cord was indeed coming from her asshole.

“They were large,” Anna confirmed. “Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.”

“Just seeing you with those beads in your tiny ass has me rock hard,” her uncle grunted as his hand slowly stroked his manhood.

“,” the adorable actress blushed.

“It’s not gonna fuck itself,” John commented from behind the camera.

Anna shot her master a nasty look before sliding back on her perky mask once more. A flash of her eyes downward revealed that her uncle was indeed sporting a fat erection. He was also still dripping wet in her saliva from her expert blowjob so Anna simply stepped within arms reach of the large man, spun around and bent over. With her knees slightly bent, Anna reached back between her legs. With his cock in her dainty hand, Anna lowered her ass a little further until his cockhead was sliding through her folds before entering her pussy.

“I missed your tight little cunt,” her uncle practically squealed in pleasure.

“Jesus. So full!” Anna cried as she started bobbing her ass up and down.

Though Anna was normally fairly tight down there, well as one could be tight for having had hundreds of partners, thousands of sexual encounters and countless masturbation sessions could be. However, her petite size was real help here. However, the big reason was down to the two massive anal beads currently wedged in her rectum. Between the feeling of fullness from both her holes being stuffed simultaneously and the frictions caused between the beads and dick on her thin member.

Anna wasn’t the only one feeling the beads wedged up her anal cavity. It may have been a muc different experience for dear ol’ uncle Brian, but the beads were well received. Not only did Anna having both holes tighten her pussy up so it was like the tightest hug he could imagine (if said hug was also extremely wet and around one’s cock). Then there was the sensation of the twin spheres rubbing the topside of his dick through her thin membrane separating his pumping cock and the stational anal beads stretching Anna’s colon.

“Jeses Christ this feels great,” the large man cooed from his seated position on his favorite chair.

“Not terrible on my end either,” Anna moaned.

Though she was having to do all the work as she moved her petite butt up and down in his lap, Anna had to admit it truly was feeling good. After what could only be described as a proper skull fucking of a blowjob session when she first got to her’s uncle’s pad, then getting pissed on and pee drinking, getting to fuck was the first thing that felt good. The tiny auburn-haired woman was thus taking advantage. Though his seated position and her having to keep her feet on the ground limited how fast she could ride her fat uncle, Anna made up for that by a combination of a grinding motion as all 6 inches of cock was inside her, combined with the middle finger she almost lazily rummaged through her floods to stimulate her clit.

“Someone’s enjoying herself,” John commented, seeing Anna’s face contorting in pleasure and moans getting louder.

“She likes being used like a 10 dollar whore,” her proud uncle stated, giving her slender ass a hearty spank.

“Just really love cock,” Anna confirmed as her orgasm grew steadily larger.

Whether he did it on purpose to deny her an orgasm, showing off his power over her, or it was just bad luck, but suddenly her uncle Brian pushed her off his lap. Now that her pleasure was halted, Anna could feel the burning sensation in her thighs and the thin sheen of sweat that was building on her body and face, letting her know she had been riding her bubbly ass on her uncle’s cock for a lot longer than she would have thought. As she went to stand straight to her full 5’2 height, Anna’s movement was halted with her uncle clutching her hips.

“I wanna see the beads pulling out of your booty,” her uncle demanded.

“Your wish is my command,” Anna replied, knowing that a protest would fall on deaf ears. Instead, she reached back behind herself to get her hands on her ass cheeks before pulling them apart to make for an easier exit. “Ready when you...ugh! So big!”

To say that the 2 spheres didn’t come out easy was an understatement. However, Brian was both strong and determined. Though initially foiled, with Anna pulling her cheeks apart, Brian pulled on the purple ring that was the only indication she had anything in her booty until he could see her tight sphincter start to expand. Wider and and wider it grew until the faintest hint of a purple ball could be seen inside her. Buoyed by the sight of the largest anal beads the sex store had to offer, Brian continued pulling and watching as his gorgeous niece’s asshole continued to expand and more purple came into view. Of course John was there cancelling all the action as Anna’s asshole stretched to new limits as she helped with the veins in the back of her hand popping but it did the trick. Her sphincter opened to its widest ever opening as a purple sphere with a generous amount of...well, ass juices came popping out from her backdoor.

“Did you use lube,” John asked, noting how discolored the first of two beads looked.

“There wasn’t any. Went in dry. Why?” Anna asked, reaching back behind her and feeling her fingers come away somewhat wet. “Oh.”

“One more,” Brian said, ignoring his niece’s obvious embarrassment.

Anna winced slightly as she asshole started to expand once more as Brain gave the string a steady hard pull. This time the ball came out faster though it was still a struggle. The loosening in the slender woman’s butt obviously helped and with a final heave the second and final ball came free of Anna’s once tight ass. However, Brian wasn’t done with the string of beads. Instead, the disturbed older man spun his niece around and stood up from his chair so he towered over the actress. Holding the string of beads well above her head, Brian clutched a handful of her long auburn hair then pulled it back sharply. With Anna’s head snapped back so her face was pointed up, Brian demanded she open her mouth as he lowered the discolored, clearly soiled beads towards her mouth.

“Please,” Anna all but begged.

“You’re so close to freedom Anna,” John reminded, his camera lens capturing all the action. “What’s one more humiliation to finally be done with all this?”

Apparently Anna saw the sense in his words. With her hair still being pulled back hard, Anna resigned herself to her sad and disgusting fate. With a deep breath through her nose, the Pitch Perfect star parted her lips and opened her lips wide for the humiliating act of sucking the clearly dirty toy that came straight from her asshole. Her uncle Brian obliged, lowering the beads until the first sphere entered Anna’s mouth. How the woman stopped herself from gaging or retching was impressive, though her face screwed up tightly as she was forced to taste the deepest recesses of her butthole. 

Yet Anna persevered. Her uncle let her know it was time for the second bead to get cleaned as he rubbed the dirty sphere on her lips, some wetness even getting onto the tip of her nose. Before her uncle could dirty her face even more in her own filth, Anna opened her mouth once more and somehow squirreled away the last bead into her mouth, a massive ball in each side of her mouth. This time Anna did gag but only her back heaved, managing to keep both now sucked cleaned balls in her mouth without being sick.

“Wow,” was all John could say after Brian pulled the beads from Anna’s mouth and tossed them like trash to the floor.

“Oh God! That,” Anna commented. “I know I've rimmed girls and tasted dicks from my own ass before but that level.”

“You really are a perfect slut,” her uncle cooed. “Now I need to fuck your ass until I cum. Than I’m gonna feed you my load right from your poop chute. So you can be excited for that as I sodomy your tiny ass.”

“Yes uncle Brian,” Anna submitted. “Suppose lube is too much for a girl to ask for.”

“Trust me, baby. With how wide your backdoor is hanging open, you won’t be needing any,” John commented.

As John spoke, Anna climbed on the sofa with her arms and face resting on the backrest, her knees on the edge so her delightful ass at crotch height. Of course her horny uncle was already behind her, his hulking form dwarfing her petite frame forcing John to get a side view of the action. With cock in hand, Brian aimed it at the actress’ behind before burying it in her colon balls deep on the first thrust.

“Oh Sweet Mother!” Anna cooed as her uncle floowled the initial thrust with 2 more hot on its heels.

“No sense delaying,” John quipped while capturing the scene.

The large man was hammering his slender niece as though he had somewhere to be and assfucking the tiny woman was a formality. With the much larger man in full control of her petite body, the horny man kept his meaty hands in vice grips on Anna’s hips so that as he shove his cock forward, he was simultaneously pulling his niece backwards. With the much smaller woman being yanked backwards, it meant that he was impaling the large chested woman with as much force as possible.

“And you know that’s not that I wanted to hear.”

“Ugh. Please uncle Brian, fuck my tiny ass with your big cock,” Anna gave in.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, this time with that slutiness she knew both men wanted. “Ruin my asshole for all others!”

Despite having every reason to be dreading every second of her vicious assfucking, the truth was Anna was finding a way to enjoy it. Sure, it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience, but it was far from torutre. She’d have received so much sodomy that her backdoor instinctively knew to loosen, plus as gross as the anal beads were, they served to prep her asshole excellently. Even now as Anna repeatedly felt his balls thudding against her slit each time he stroked into her booty, the actress felt little twinges of pleasure jolting through her body.

“You like getting your ass fucked this hard?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

Knowing how much she was enjoying herself, despite every reason not to be, uncle Brian continued the punishing, thumping rhythm. Clutching onto her hips tighter, the horny man lengthening his strokes into her butt after having been only using half his shaft as sort of a breather for him. It didn’t take much longer before his stomach tapping against her small but bubbly booty again as his entire pole was sheathed in her tightest of holes.

“Awwhh yes…fuck me,” Anna encouraged in her sultry tone, actually pushing back against him to make him go deeper.

“Fuck…you really are a nasty girl,” her uncle groaned, the thud of his massive stomach against her ass ringing against the walls of the small apartment.

“Who knew fucking your ass was so fun,” John commented. “Well I guess half of Hollywood did.”

With a laugh, Uncle Brian clenched Anna’s hips even tighter, his fingers leaving marks in her soft flesh as he reared back and delivered even harder thrusts. What he lost in speed, the large man more than made up for with sheer power. Despite the anti-skid pads on the bottom of the heavy sofa, his pounding was actually causing the couch to slide forward each time, drawing a grunt from the auburn-haired beauty in the process.

“Ever since the gangbang I dreamed of fucking your ass again,” Brian hissed out, his sweat beading down and landing on his niece’s lower back.

“When I told him it was you, I think he got instantly hard on the spot,” John added as Brian’s stomach made Anna’s booty ripple with each and every thrust.

“And get to...ahhh...cum in me again,” Anna added between moans.

Mentioning an orgasm to a horny man who had been fucking a sexy woman was a little like running a tap around someone who needed to pee. Anna knew that her uncle must have been getting close to cumming given his labored breathing, the puddle of sweat he was leaving on her back and the way his fucking was becoming increasingly erratic. Knowing what would push him over the edge was her reaching her own climax and the ensuing anal ring spasm. Though his thrusts were getting harder, they were not painful to her, especially with her hand rubbing her clit as furiously as she was doing. Mentally willing herself, Anna was on the verge of cumming. 

“Oh my God. Oh shit…so close,” Anna warned before peaking. “Ugghhh, ohhhh. YYEEESSSSSSS!”

Knowing she was on the verge of cumming, Uncle Brian ramped up his speed as he piledrived the Hollywood star while she kneeled on the sofa with her booty in the air. As he heard her launch into her volley of screams in orgasmic pleasure, he was all too aware her asshole was about to spasm tighter than anything he’d ever felt in his life. He was correct of course, as while the gorgeous ginger reached her impossible climax, her sphincter quivered a few times before gripping his dick in a stranglehold. Luckily for the older man, his last few thrusts at unbelievable speeds were enough to reach his own orgasm and it would be seconds until his jizz started flying.

“Oh fuck! OH FUCK,” Brian groaned as he buried himself in her vice-like backdoor. 

“Fill me uncle! Cum all in my slutty asshole,” Anna begged, knowing her freedom from her horrible uncle and John was so close.

“Shit! Fuck! Cumming!” Uncle Brian hissed through clenched teeth.

With one last thunderous impaling of his cock in Anna’s asshole, Brian ceased fucking his attractive niece. The actress could feel his dick pulsing around her anal ring, spewing his warm jizz deep into the furthest recesses of her asshole. After a good minute, making sure that every last drop of his seed was leached from his dick and into his niece’s rectum, he slowly pulled out of Anna.

“Glass?” John offered, having known Brian’s plan.

“Mmm...thanks,” Brian replied.

Anna saw the glass exchange hands between the men before getting passed to her. Knowing what her deranged uncle wanted, Anna tipped onto her side. With one hand pulling back one of her small asscheeks and the other brought the rim of the juice glass to the edge of her well-used asshole. The incestous jizz was shot quite deep in her bowels so Anna had to push hard before feeling the wet slide out of her butthole. 

Anna gave the men what they wanted and within seconds the once pure white load of cum came spewing from the deepest parts of her bowels. Though Anna tried avoiding looking into the glass, as Anna gave a cheers to the camera she noted the visible additions from the depths of her bowels. Regardless of the streaks mixed into the jizz shot, Anna pushed that from her mind as she knew she was so close to the finish line. The cum, though still containing its usual briny flavor also had the taste of her own ass which she was expecting. Less disgusted this time around having been prepped to the overpowering earthy taste of her pooper, Anna swallowed her uncle’s second cumshot of the evening, thus ending her contract with John of being his personal plaything.

“That’s it! I’m free! Fuck you and fuck you,” Anna celebrated, doing a little dance in her uncle’s living room. “All 3 wishes, fulfilled! I’m no longer a sexual genie making your perverted dreams come true.”

“Anna, Anna, Anna,” John tsked. 

“No, no, no, no. You promised,” Anna whined, most of the winds in her sails deflating.

“Our deal is wrapped. But…” John said, tapping the recording camera. “You didn’t think I was recording all this high def action for just my own personal collection.”

“But…” Anna. “Fuck!”

“Butt fucking is right,” her uncle said, pawing her ass and tits simultaneously with each hand. 

“It’s not so bad, Anna. But every Hollywood hotshot needs a slutty sidepiece. Things that can’t do to their wife, sleeping with people to seal deals, or just entertain me by continuing to fuck your horrible uncle whenever I want,” John illuminated Anna of her fate. “But first we need to get you back to set. Brian, we’ll be in contact.”

With those words, Anna’s head dropped between her shoulders and sulked out of the apartment. She was halfway down the hallway when she realized she was still naked. 

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