Anna Kendrick: Winning at all Costs

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I do not know Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Emily Blunt or John Krasinski at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.

Title: Winning at all Costs Part 6
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, ATM (Dirty), Bondage, Fist, Oral, Toy
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt nor am I associated with them in any way

Summary: John’s mistress is discovered by his wife...who wants in

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of anal play and ATM. Specifically happens at the end of the chapter. Enjoy

“Hi honey,” John practically purred into his phone after checking the caller display.

“Great to hear your voice, babe,” John’s wife Emily Blunt, replied. 

“So I just got off the plane and am headed to the car to come home,” the movie star stated. “Anything new?”

“New? Well, I suppose discovering your latest whore is somewhat new,” Emily spat into the phone. “Little skinny, don’t you think?”

“But the tits honey,” John countered immediately.

“You do love the tits. Sassy too,” the Brit agreed. “Big eyes, big tits and I can only assume slutty as all hell.”

“Absolutely no limits,” John answered but paused before revealing more about his favorite sub Anna Kendrick. “Wait...I thought you hated talking about who I choose to use and abuse?”

“Well that is normally true...but this dumb one was so fucking clueless that I couldn’t help but learn,” Emily replied. “And if I’m being truthful, the girl is awfully pretty.”


“And fairly helpful around the house,” the Brit continued.

“What do you mean?” John questioned his wife as he stepped into his vehicle.

“You may enjoy her for her pussy, but I’ve tapped into the fact that she's a sub to any strong master. Therefore, for the past day she’s been cleaning every inch of our house,” Emily explained.

“You can’t be serious?” John laughed, shifting into gear and pulling out of the lot.

“Now get home quick so we can enjoy her together, okay love?”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” John exclaimed, peeling off down the street with a raging boner.

*    *    *

A myriad of thoughts went through John’s head as he raced home. Namely, how fucking stupid did Anna have to be! And also, how to properly punish the girl for breaking one of his few golden rules. But whatever he decided was largely contingent on the state of affairs in his household at the moment.

“Come on people! Fucking drive,” John leaned on the horn, wanting to be home ASAP.

John didn’t hate women. In fact, there were a good majority of women that he thought extremely high of. For one, his wife Emily. Though she was portrayed as a sweetheart, the reality was that she was a stone cold killer. John considered her a true equal. Both John and Emily both considered many people beneath them though. For example, Anna Kendrick. And luckily, they both agreed that the only purpose for lowly betas like Anna was for a good fucking. They weren’t marriage material, they were the mistress. Meant to be used, abused and discarded once you were done with them.

Now, John and his wife had a good arrangement worked out. John always came home at the end of the night. He’d be loyal and only, for lack of a better word, behave. They would have sex, lots of sex in fact, but never stray into John’s hardcore side. In return, Emily would willingly turn a blind eye to his mistresses, using them to let out his sexual domination. Anna Kendrick was his favorite mistress for the last several years, grooming and gaslighting the petite star into a perfect sex deviant, happily fucking John, his family and whoever else John wanted.

“Oh God,” John groaned, pulling into his driveway and seeing not only Anna’s car, but Emily’s as well. “What the fuck am I walking into?”

*    *    *

“Dear Lord! These people are fucking animals,” Anna cursed. “Shit everywhere!”

The shit, in this case, didn’t belong to the petite actress. Not that it was much better. Instead, Anna was in the most frequently used bedroom belonging to John and Emily, and she was scrubbing the toilet. Something she never did at her own place, not since, ever. Once she got her own place, Anna had always been successful enough to have a cleaner come due the dirty jobs. But even though Anna was far from the tidiest person, her bathrooms were never, ever this disgusting.

Not only was Anna having to clean bathrooms, but she was having to do so dressed as a complete...well, skank. But this was what Emily demanded, thus Anna was powerless but to follow through. Donning skyhigh white heels, Anna’s slender legs were made to seem even longer by the tiny pair of light blue booty shorts she wore. Calling them shorts was a disservice as they were just big enough to cover half her petite but bubbly ass. Lastly, a pink crop top that did wonders showing off her flat stomach, not to mention was cut low enough to show her mounds of natural cleavage rounded out the outfit.

“Wonder what terror is next,” Anna thought to herself after cleaning the last of the filth from the now pristine bowl.

It was as if Emily knew the moment Anna was done her chore because no soon had the last stain been polish away did the bathroom door explode open. Anna jumped in fright before getting herself calmed down. In stormed the beautiful MILF who looked like she had anger once more fueling her. Not saying a word, Emily marched right up to the Pitch Perfect star, grabbed her by a handful of Anna’s auburn hair and yanked her hard.


Anna’s distressful cry fell on deaf ears with the English MILF not caring that she was in pain. With a firm grip in her shiny hair, Emily marched the slightly younger actress out of the cleaned bathroom, down a lengthy hallway before entering a bedroom. Anna did her best to match the MILF in stride, not only because Emily had her by a good 6 inches in height, but also because Anna was wearing high heels. Once through the door, Emily practically threw Anna by the hair inside, somehow not tearing any hair from the petite girl’s head in the process.

“Jesus that hurt,” Anna cried, rubbing her sore scalp.

“Is that a complaint?” Emily hissed.

“No ma’am,” she instantly cowered.

“Better. Now put that shit in and wait for me on your knees until I return. And you best not leave me waiting,” the English MILF demanded.

“Yes ma’am.” Anna replied before recognizing one of the objects laid out for her. “Umm Em...mistress,” she caught herself before continuing. “I didn’t quite know what to expect today but with the toy you have in mind, can I get an enema from you?”

Anna was expecting several reactions, but when Emily tossed back her dyed blonde head and cackled, it came as a surprise. The Brit laughed for a few seconds before turning her steely gaze back on the petite star.

“Dirty sluts don’t get to clean up,” Emily lectured. “Now I’ll be back in moments. Don’t leave me waiting.”

*    *    *

“Is there a depraved slut in here?” Emily said, entering the room only a minute or two later.

“Yes ma’am,” Anna answered.

Sitting on her knees, Anna Kendrick was quite the sight. Still in the same outfit that she wore during cleaning, there were a few additions though. Her shiny auburn hair was still worn straight down to her mid back, but her pretty blue eyes were now covered by a blindfold. A collar was also worn around her neck, complete with a leash that Emily now held in her hand. Lastly, the other addition to her outfit only became apparent as the MILF started walking Anna out of the room on her hands and knees like a dog. Behind her swayed a long tail, with the anchor being a butt plug almost 3 inches long in Anna’s once tight ass. No stranger to ass play, this was easily the biggest toy the Pitch Perfect actress had ever fit inside her, a fact that made Emily Blunt beam in pride.

“Come on, bitch,” Emily stated.

Anna had to give the other domineering woman props for the double entendre of the bitch comment. A sharp jerk of the collar held tightly around her neck jostled the petite actress forward, making the blindfolded Anna scamper quickly into her crawl. The large-breasted star walked on hands and knees out of the bedroom and down a short hall until she felt the tension around her neck lessen, making Anna stop in her tracks.

“Get that tiny ass up here,” Emily’s normally refined British accent spat at her fellow actress.

Without sight, Anna had to reach out to feel what her mistress meant by that. Feeling a somewhat short but wide leather furniture. Deducing correctly that it was an ottoman, Anna crawled up onto it’s flat surface, at which point a pair of feminine hands grabbed her by Anna’s delicate face. Having a tendril of worry worm its way up her spine, Anna was relieved to only feel Emily’s plump lips press against her own before the Brit’s tongue pushed into Anna’s mouth.

“On your back,” a familiar deep male’s voice boomed behind the petite actress.

Anna knew that voice could only belong to John. Right as the actor was speaking, Anna felt his strong hands on her narrow hips. With a burst of strength, Anna felt herself literally thrown over so she landed flat on her back atop the ottoman. Anna’s mouth only had a moment’s reprieve from Emily’s invading tongue as the Brit once more kissed the slightly younger star deep and rough.

“Strip her honey,” Emily instructed her husband. “Let’s see these tits half this town are obsessed with.”

Anna felt the plunging neckline of her crop top gripped tightly by his strong hands before an explosion of muscle shredded her shirt in half. Anna shrieked in surprise rather than pain, but the moment her shirt was torn apart, Emily was unlatching the clasp on the back of the blindsided woman’s bra. Feeling the underwear of her bra relent, it was the only warning Anna had before she was rendered topless.

“Told you. Only a pathetic sub but by Lord does she have nice tits,” John spoke to his wife.

In truth, Emily Blunt already knew that the slightly younger actress had great tits, especially for her tiny frame. The Brit had attended enough award shows, parties and other functions with Anna Kendrick to know that her boobs were perfect. Hell, even today as the Pitch Perfect star cleaned her house, she had been checking them, gazing down at her pressed-together tits as she bent over, squatted, and lifted. However now Emily was seeing them in their full glory, and she was truly impressed. Perfectly shaped, firm and yet soft at the same time, they stood nice and firm while the 35 year old actress’ nipples were small, bright pink and already erect.

“Well bloody hell, John,” Emily agreed. “Glorious tits.”

Eyes not believing, Emily reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Anna’s generous endowments. Even while pregnant, the Brit wasn’t able to boast about having such a plentiful bust, and yet this twig of girl had them. Hell, the tits were probably a quarter of Anna’s total weight! Not only that, but despite the Pitch Perfect star being 35, the boobs were still firm with only a natural amount of minimal sag, making them bouncy to boot. 

“Awwww,” Anna groaned as Emily’s grip went from kneading to a rough clutch.

While his wife was pawing aggressively at Anna’s perfect tits, John wasn’t simply standing about. Instead, the actor was pulling down the tiny excuse that passed for shorts down Anna’s legs, revealing her familiar bald cunt. Given her tiny frame, Anna’s cunt was small to match, and cute just like herself. 

“Fuck,” Anna swore after John’s wife had reared her arm back and slapped one of her large boobs. “Jesus!” 

John could only laugh at his wife’s rough treatment of his mistress. After all, better Emily take it out on the other woman than himself. And after all, that was only fair. Emily and John had this unspoken arrangement so it was Anna deserving of the punishment. As John stood and began undoing his pants, his wife had decided that it was time for more breasts to join the party.

“You like tits, Anna?” Emily asked in a tone that was none too friendly.

“Um, yes...I’m a boob girl,” the petite movie star admitted.

“Then suck on these.”

John was the first to admit that his wife, though smoking hot with a great body, didn’t have the biggest tits in the world. Sure, they were really good with good size, perfect roundness and firmness, but not bulky. However, they were a nice handful, and as Anna was finding out, they were more than enough to bury a face in. Bunching up her boobs in each hand, the mother to his children planted her mounds right in Anna’s delicate face, burying the younger woman in boobs.

“Yeah? You like being smothered in boob?” Emily sneered down at the skinny woman.

Though Anna did have dreams of being buried in boobs, it never was quite so...forceful. However, the Brit was clearly pissed at her for fucking her husband and was needing to take out the rage on her. Anna did her best to suckle at Emily’s nipples and tits, but it was too much. Emily had originally buried Anna’s face in her tits then pulled back, but after planting her left tit in Anna’s mouth, Emily didn’t pull back. In fact, Anna had to start thrashing about and tapping Emily’s sides, trying to get across to the slightly older woman that she couldn’t breathe.

“Em…” John commented after watching Anna’s legs kick about for another few moments.

“Ugh. Fine,” the refined Brit begrudgingly sighed.

Anna felt relief flood every fiber of her being as the boob that had been suffocating her gave way. The Pitch Perfect star gulped in breath after breath of sweet, sweet air, feeling her face slowly return to her natural skin tone instead of the red shade it had adopted. Meanwhile as the petite woman was sucking in oxygen, Emily was up on her feet and taking off her shorts. She still wore her knee-high leather heeled boots, but that was all. Reaching out to grab Anna’s petite shoulders, Emily forced the girl flat on her back again. Anna expected another mouthful of tit, but instead she was greeted to something wetter...and tastier.

“Eat me, bitch,” Emily demanded. 

With a knee on either side of Anna’s auburn-colored head, Emily knelt lower onto her already wet snatch landed on the girl’s face. The Brit had purposefully missed planting her pussy on Anna’s mouth in order to rub her juices all over the petite girl’s face. Satisfied that she made a mess of her, Emily pivoted her hips in order to draw her mound right over Anna’s supposedly talented mouth.

“Mmmm...that’s it...use your tongue for something other than your endless quips,” Emily hissed, accentuating her comments by tweaking one of the girl’s nipples with some added zeal.

Emily Blunt essentially treated sitting on Anna Kendrick’s face like she was riding a man’s dick. With her arms extending down and holding herself up using Anna’s pillowy tits, the English MILF pivoted her hips back and forth. Luckily Anna was on her same wavelength by extending her tongue and licking along her slit, while her nose was getting in on the action by poking Emily’s backdoor every time she ground her pussy forward. In fact, Emily enjoyed her starfish rubbed so much that she tried her damndest to push on Anna’s nose hard enough for some anal penetration, but all the MILF accomplished was making Anna’s eyes water from the pressure against her delicate nose.

“She can eat a good muff,” Emily complemented with more chagrin than enthusiasm. “At least you picked a mistress who was made for sex. Right Anna?”

Anna tried to answer but that was made impossible since she still had a pussy resting hard against her mouth. Instead, the petite star responded the best and only way she could - she licked deep inside her tormentors snatch. Emily resumed swiveling her hips forwards and backwards, grinding her pink slit into Anna’s face. Not forgetting about Anna’s impressive rack, the Brit gave each large globe a hearty grope before pinching her bright nipples hard, then added a twist and pull. 

“Mmphh…ahhhh,” Anna’s sharp muffled cry escaped from between her thighs.

Anna was rather limited given her positioning so was reduced to allowing the older woman to torment her body and hope it didn’t go too far. Instead, Anna focused on the things she could control, namely stiffening her tongue as strong as possible and using it to rummage through Emily’s slit as she grinded her face. Despite the waves of pleasure crashing through Emily’s brain, she was still cognitive enough to remember the supine girl still needed to breathe. Which then gave the MILF an idea. Just like she had done earlier with her tits, Emily pushed her pussy down hard over Anna’s mouth. Instantly the Pitch Perfect star burrowed her tongue into her wet slit, but this time Emily didn’t move after a few seconds. A good 20 seconds of suffocating Anna went by, once more seeing the skinny girl thrash about in panic before Emily lifted her hips completely off Anna and allowed her to breathe again.

“Fuck me,” Anna sputtered for air. Once she had recovered, she added: “What a way to go at least!”

“You made my husband hard,” Emily commented. “Get down on your knees and fucking do something about it slut!”

Anna thought she was moving in good time, but Emily thought otherwise. Reaching to grab the dangling handle of the leash, the MILF snapped the leash, and by extension the collar attached around Anna’s neck, downward hard. Anna practically flew to the ground, clattering there luckily after only a small drop from the ottoman but with enough force to cause her to groan. Recovering fast, the mistress got to her knees, using her directional sense in order to face the married man while his wife loomed over her.

“Open your slutty mouth,” Emily instructed the blindfolded woman. 

Anna opened her mouth wide and took the first several inches of John’s penis into her moist warmth. She closed her lips and slowly dragged his cock between them, spreading her saliva all over his shaft. When she got to the tip she jetted her tongue out to swipe at John’s pee slit, drawing a grown from the dominating man. She didn’t need her eyes in order to deliver a fucking good blowjob!

“You like that big boy,” Anna asked with a wicked grin. She may be roughed up, but nothing could stop Anna from enjoying sex.

Not bothering to hear his response to her rhetorical question, Anna descended her mouth back on his dick. This time she swallowed most of his cock until it tapped the back of her throat, holding him there for a few seconds to show off her lack of gag reflex. She dragged him through her lips once again, repeating her tongue trick once again at the end. Though sucking off a married man in front of his pissed off wife wasn’t an ideal circumstance, Anna was still gonna be herself and give a great God damn performance. 

“All the way,” John decreed, looking down into the petite girl’s blue eyes.

The pair had known each other well as they were regular fuck buddies for years now, and apparently John wanted to show his wife all of his mistress’ skills. This time she took him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth. This time, rather than withdraw, she relaxed her throat in an action which at one point was second nature to her. It took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was pressed against his full ball sac, her nose was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and his cock was completely contained within her mouth and throat.

“Bloody hell baby…the slut has skills,” Emily spoke to her husband.

“You have no idea,” John replied.

The tall man was about to show what he meant, but a gesture by his wife stopped him. Pulling his tip from her mouth, John watched as his wife bent over the petite kneeling actress and tilted her head back. Anna had no idea what or who was bending her head back, but soundly she felt a glob of spit land smack dab on the middle of her tongue.

“That’s better. Just trying to help,” Emily explained.

The time John put his dick in Anna’s mouth and pushed until his tip poked the back of her mouth, watching her ignore her gag reflex, before Anna’s throat bulged from entering it. Anna went to pull back off him after a few seconds, but found her retreat blocked by an iron strong hand. Rolling with it, Anna held his dick in her mouth for 10 seconds, then 20 second before her eyes started watering. Still her gag reflex didn’t kick in but oxygen deprivation was. She went to push against John’s leg to free herself but already his grip relented, allowing Anna to breathe again.

“AWWWHHHH!” Anna breathed deeply.

“Impressive. Half a minute with a dick in your throat,” Emily summarized.

“,” Anna politely replied.

Anna could feel energized by the praise from the female alpha above her, which made all the physical abuse thus far totally worth it. Feeling the spit-covered dick butt against her lips, Anna opened her mouth and felt his vein member push all the way forward again. John allowed himself to soak within her mouth for a few long moments to savor the feeling of his entire dick inside of her throat. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back down her throat all the way but this time bobbed her head.

“Gwwwkkkk….gwwwkkk,” Anna coughed and spewed as her mouth was plunged deep then let to breathe after only a few seconds.

Anna was used to deep throating dicks, not just by John but by nearly everyone she slept with. This was a rather lengthy list as the 35 year old was very, very sexually active. However, tonight was unique. No, not just because the wife of the man she had been fucking was present and pissed. But because Anna was not used to being roughing off. Sure, some guys or even a handful of women got too excited by her great tits and mauled them a little more than normal, but not nipple twists and pulls for which Emily had been doing. Nor had any woman ridden her face so hard, not to mention the hard hair pulling, whipping her around by her leash or nearly choking her to blacking out with a cock or Emily’s boobs. She figured it was because at only 5’1 and 95 pounds, with small feminine features, everyone viewed her as breakable.

“Faster,” Emily demanded.

Anna didn’t think she was going slow by any stretch, but she listened to the alpha female and bobbed quicker. Each and every time she would begin to gobble John’s cock, his dick would thud the back of her mouth before his massive erection would slam into her throat. Rather than keep her strangling on his manhood like before, John listened to his wife and would rear his hips back the moment all of his length entered Anna’s throat.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Anna muttered and gagged as John repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

The pair had been regular fuck buddies for long enough that they knew each other very well. While Anna was doing the majority of the work, her large tits swaying in front of her every time she threw her lithe body forward. However, John wasn’t simply standing his ground. Instead, he jerked his hips forwards and backwards to accelerate the deep throating. In fact, John would time his thrust forward just right so that as his cockhead was poking the back of her mouth, the place where most girls would retch or have to severely fight that urge, instead he would slam the hips forward to help with the face fucking.

“Now turn it up to 11 on her,” Emily instructed her husband.

John replied initially with a wolfish grin before grabbing Emily by the back of her head and bringing her in for a passionate kiss. The two alphas shared a tongue-filled embrace before they broke it off so that their focus could go back on the kneeling submissive Anna. This time as his dick entered Anna’s mouth, the MILF didn’t even try to get her saliva into her mouth. Instead, Emily just wadded up some spit in her mouth and spat it right onto Anna’s pretty face, taking her mostly on the nose.

“Have something to say?” Emily needled, noting the almost disgusted look on the petite woman’s face.

“Um...thank you for horking a wad of spit on my face,” Anna replied, knowing that defiance was useless. This earned her another large spitball to be collected on her face by Emily, at which point Anna thanked her again. “A pleasure to have you defile me, Master.”

Anna had a good idea what Emily meant when she instructed John; she wanted him to go even harder and faster. Luckily, she was more than able to handle it, especially since they had been building up to it nicely. Rather than fight or brace herself, Anna went as relaxed as possible, namely by opening her mouth wide and relaxing her throat. John did the rest by steering his spit-covered dick between her lips then more or less fucking her face savagely. 

“Glllkkkk….kkaaaakkkkk….kkwwwkkkllllkk,” Anna sputtered as her throat was rapidly filled then evacuated.

With each successive bob along the entirety of his length, John’s grip in her hair lessened until after the 5th face fucking it dropped down altogether. That wasn’t to say he stopped touching her. Instead, the extremely rapid paced blowjob got even faster as his two hands cradled the back of the actress’ head, holding her steady. For Anna’s part, the lovely woman left her mouth wide open, allowing John to savagely pillage her throat. Though her face was delicate and adorable, it flew along his length with little regard for the bash her nose took against his flat stomach with every thrust into him. After what Anna could only guess at 2 dozen thumping thrusts, John arrested Anna’s bobbing with his entire cock in her mouth and throat, holding her face firmly against his belly and savored the feeling.

“Gwwwkkkk….kkllluukkk,” Anna began to choke, her eyes going slightly red and misty.

“Need to fuck my favorite little sex puppet,” John exclaimed, practically throwing Anna off his cock.

“You heard him, Anna,” Emily spat at the mistress before addressing her husband in a much softer tone. “You’ve worked all day, my love. Let the nasty whore pleasure you.”

“I bet that perfect little pussy of yours is so wet for me,” John commented to Anna as he laid down on the spacious ottoman.

“Look at this slut’s cunt shimmering! She’s drenched after you skull fucker,” Emily said, none too nicely in her elegant British accent.

“I am pretty wet,” Anna confirmed.

As Anna was speaking she was moving as well. Emily had yanked off the blindfold at this point so the petite actress was able to saunter over to the laying John, throwing one of her slender legs around his powerful waist. As she started to straddle the larger man, John’s hands clutched her hips tight and pulled her into position. Emily was at his side, hands on his massive cock, steering it into Anna’s waiting cunt. The moment the Office star felt his pecker lined up with Anna’s cunt, he shoved his hips skywards at the same moment he pulled the petite girl’s body downward.

"OHHH YESS," they both hissed at the same time, both screwing their eyes shut in pure pleasure.

Apparently John wanted to really fuck the tiny actress so he slid a little further down the furniture so that his ass was no longer on the ottoman. Both he and Anna had to plant their feet on the ground, but while Anna used hers to only steady herself, John used his fixed position to generate a good deal of power and speed. Up and down he drove his hips, skewering the petite Anna Kendrick fully on his dick each and every time, which was many given his rapid fire approach.

“Oh yeah! Come on! Take it!” Emily practically chanted.

Anna was feeling a wealth of different sensations. From her pussy, it was several. Being stretched by John’s wonderfully thick cock always felt like heaven. And then it was piercing her slick slit seemingly a mile a minute, thumping deep in her womb. More outwardly, Anna was feeling the sting of her petite but bubbly ass taking a pounding by Emily’s hand. Though not overly strong, the Brit could certainly pack a punch, or a spank to the ass in this case. And then there was the feel of John’s hands running up her hips, clutching tightly onto her bouncing large tits for only a moment then coming to rest on her neck. More specifically, around her throat...and getting ever tighter.

Being choked was rare for Anna but nothing new. However, it was the combination of John using both hands to cut off her airway and the manic look in his eyes that had her slightly worried. The Pitch Perfect star tried to play it cool, simply relaxing her body to continue taking his pussy assault and letting him choke her. With each passing second her head got lighter and her eyes had more and more trouble staying open with the idea of just closing them and having a rest sounding more and more like a good idea.

“Awwwhhhh,” Anna gasped as John released her head, allowing her face to cycle back down from blue to red to normal flesh color once more.

"You're such a bad slut. Sleeping with my man to get ahead. That deserves to be punished," Emily hissed, spanking her slender ass once more.

"Yes! Punish me," Anna screamed, giving them verbal approval for more choking in the future.

During his suffocation of the girl 150 pounds lighter than himself, John had slowed his thrusting down, but now he sought to remedy that. The tall man took back control, using his strong arms to help hold her propped up in her squat position so that he could drive his hips up into her. His cock completely left her pussy on the way down only to spread her velvety lips as his rounded head pushed back inside. They both felt his entire dick deep inside Anna’s snatch, the wetness lubricating her tight walls and driving them both mad with hormones.

"Feel that big cock stretching you pussy," John grunted as her snatch glided along his entire length.

"Yes...fill me...stretch me," Anna cooed. "Fuck me hpwever you want. I’m your fuck puppet."

“Gotta love a whore who knows her role,” Emily stated.

"Oh yes! I love that hard fucking dick in my pussy," Anna swore, her dirty mouth on full display.

At this point, Anna felt another hand close around her windpipe, but this one was smaller, less strong and smoother. Apparently Emily was aroused watching her husband choke the mistress and now the Brit wanted a turn. Anna didn’t mind, in fact she was learning to like being suffocated, especially at the same time her pussy was being absolutely wrecked by John’s intense fucking. However, right around the time Anna’s vision was swimming from a lack of oxygen, Emily released her grip on her throat while John pulled his dick completely from the Pitch Perfect star’s cunt as well. 

“Move it, bitch. My turn to fuck my man,” Emily spat at Anna.

The petite star felt a force against her side as Emily literally pushed her out of the way so that she could climb aboard her husband. John was happy for the change in fucking style, not to mention the feel of their cunts. While he had employed a lightning fast assault on Anna’s tight-fitting pussy, Emily was choosing to give her husband a proper ride. With a knee on either side of his lap, Emily Blunt rode him up and down, even swiveling her hips when fully impaled in order to rock back on his dick. While the effects felt amazing, it wasn’t nearly as fast as that which he fucked Anna Kendrick, nor was his wife anywhere as tight. Though Anna had been around the block a couple hundred times, Emily had popped out 2 children. Though her pussy still felt great, it was simply biology that her cunt wasn't nearly as tight as the childless Anna.

“What are you doing just laying about you lazy bitch! Get behind me and lick my asshole,” Emily demanded.

“No rest for the wicked,” Anna thought as she crawled into position behind the fucking couple.

Anna compared learning when to dive in and attack Emily’s asshole with her tongue to knowing when to jump in during a round of double dutch. Go too soon and her head gets pounded by Emily’s surprisingly thick ass. Too early and Anna missed her target. This allowed the skinny girl to simply watch and appreciate an alpha woman like Emily ride a dick. Though Anna had performed this task thousands or tens of thousands of times, seeing the way Emily rode a cock was very different to the way Anna did. For simplicity's sake, Anna felt like Emily rode her man while Anna was basically fucked by them.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Emily constantly moaned throughout her ride.

Raising herself back up, the Brit didn’t even leave the crown in her as she pulled a good inch off of his throbbing member altogether. She perched herself above him for just long enough to see the curiosity in John’s face before she slammed herself down on his lap, taking his entire cock to the hilt in one shot.

“Damn babe! Hell of a fucking ride,” John grunted while matching her downward drops with an upward thrust.

Taylor repeated this move a second time, then again and again until she worked herself into a frenzied pace. John was no longer able to stay latched onto her tits with his mouth but it was a concession he was okay with. Laying flat back on the bed, he watched his beautiful wife ride his dick like an expert bull rider and simply appreciated the view. Meanwhile Anna had her timing down, leaning in and able to use her tongue against the slightly older actress’ butthole. She earned several hard thuds against her beautiful face by Emily’s ass, but such was life as John’s submissive sex slave.

“Shit! Fuck! Bloody hell!” Emily swore, each one louder than the last.

“Cum for me, honey,” John told his wife, somehow snaking an arm between their bodies in order to strum her clit.

“YEESSSSSSS! I’m cumming John!” 

Anna felt a hand belonging to the nearly climaxing woman reach back and pin the skinny girl’s face to her booty. Even though the Brit had been fairly mean and almost cruel to the Pitch Perfect star, there was no way Anna wasn’t going to help deliver an orgasm to a fellow fucker. Therefore as John diddled her clit while Emily grinded up, down and back on his dick, Anna used her skilled tongue to stimulate the MILF’s asshole.

“God I needed that,” Emily cooed after coming down from her orgasm. 

“It had been a week since I was gone,” John reasoned, watching as his wife rose from his lap.

“Okay hubby. I think you’re all warmed up,” Emily said, taking hold of Anna’s leash.

Anna felt the now familiar tug on her neck that told her that her masters wanted her to move somewhere. Following the line of drive of the collar around her neck, Anna crawled up onto the recently vacated ottoman. Emily dropped the leash at this point, leaving the slender actress at a perfect height so that her tiny ass was lined up with her husband’s very hard cock. 

“Care to pull out the plug for me, love?” John asked his wife.

“Would be my pleasure,” the MILF answered.

Anna had assumed that the butt plug wasn’t simply put in place at the beginning of the night just to have occupying her anus as her pussy was fucked. As she felt the base of the toy gripped by the English actress, Anna knew to relax her anal sphincter and allow the absolutely massive toy to have an easier time out of her. Even with as much experience as she had with anal sex, Anna still found herself biting her bottom lip as the plug was a struggle exiting her ass. Finally, after a good half-minute of a battle, the butt plug measuring more than 2 inches thick pulled free of her booty, making Anna wonder if she’d ever tighten back up.

“Look at this slut’s giant gape!” Emily proclaimed. “I bet after you ravage her, I’ll be able to fit my whole fist in her booty!”

“I wouldn’t bet against it, honey,” John said to his wife.

Once Emily was done with staring into the abyss of Anna’s brown eye, she got to her feet and allowed her husband to take up residence behind the mistress. However, she glanced down at her new butt plug and noticed it still had a good deal of flecks of what appeared to be dried shit on it. Well this certainly wouldn't do! Not with a brand new toy, and not when she had such a dedicated cleaner at her disposal.

“Any lube?” Anna asked, feeling John’s dickhead give her wide open asshole a little rim.

“Nope. He’s going dry,” Emily answered pointedly. 

“You heard her,” John agreed before adding. “Now beg for it.”

“Ugh. Please John, fuck my tiny ass with your big cock,” Anna gave in.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, this time with that slutiness he knew. “Get that dick in my asshole!”

With John in full control of her petite body, the passionate man placed his hand on her hip to have one on either side of her body then began to pull the much smaller girl backwards. The Pitch Perfect star closed her eyes, bit her lip in anticipation of slight pain and did her best to relax as her sphincter slowly started to expand until it allowed his thick cock inside her dry rectum.

Anna was no stranger to anal, however after each time she took it anally her butt always sealed up just as tight as when she was an anal virgin. In truth, given the widening the butt plug gave her sphincter after being up her colon for over an hour, it barely had the familiar sting despite the lack of lube. With each thrust she took it in the ass loosened her up, allowing him to go a little faster and deeper. In fact, in only a half dozen strokes, John was easily plundering his entire cock deep into the actress who couldn’t weigh more than 90 pounds.

Not to be forgotten, Emily walked up to the front of the ottoman where Anna’s head was resting down between her arms as Emily’s husband sodomized her. The English MILF stepped close to the skinny actress and grabbed a handful of her auburn hair and pulled it up so she could look in her face and talk to her.

"Slut, do you see what's on my favorite new toy?”

“Shit,” Anna breathed under her breath. Though she meant it as a curse, it also served as the right answer. “That’s why I wanted an enema.”

“I didn’t ask for an excuse,” Emily replied to the anally fucked actress. “I want it cleaned. Now!”

“You don’t mean…” Anna finally retorted, the shock of Emily’s demand making her forget about the 9 inches of thick cock continuing to pillage her asshole. “But it’s clearly...well...dirty.”

“So what? You’re a dirty slut, so why wouldn’t you suck off your dirty juices?” Emily rationalized. “Now, open your mouth.”

Anna didn’t know what she was going to do. While she had taken a dick or toy ass to mouth on many, many occasions, this time it was different. All those hundreds of thousands of times previously where with her ass that was clean. Never before had there been visible...crap. Yet, Emily had revealed herself to be a maniac so what choice did she actually have. With the bulbous toy held in front of her face, a resigned Anna Kendrick held Emily’s wrist steady with one hand, parted her lips, extended her tongue and ran it from the base to the tip of the toy in a long, slow lick.

“Jesus! You’re fucking filthy Anna!” Emily practically cheered, rotating the toy and allowing Anna to lick clean another side of the soiled toy.

“Tell us how your shitty ass tastes,” John this time got in on the jibes, all without slowing his sodomy.

“Kinda gross,” Anna commented as she performed a third click of the dirty toy. “A little salty.” A fourth and fifth lick now had the toy practically cleaned so she opened her mouth wide and placed the entire butt plug in her mouth to suck. “But pretty good.”

“Dear God, John! You certainly found a real sex freak this time,” the MILF told her husband about his mistress.

After putting a good spit polish onto the mammoth butt plug, Anna handed it back to her dominant mistress. This allowed the petite girl to get both arms back under her slender body and brace more appropriately from John’s pounding strokes. The moment his hips slammed against her tiny booty, the much larger man was already reversing course in order to thrust his entire 9 inches into and out of Anna Kendrick’s asshole with each thrust.

“Fuck yes! Give it to me John!” Anna cheered.

After licking the dirty toy clean, a damn seemed to break within the tiny star. Though being roughed up and humiliated like this wasn’t that typical for her, Anna seemed to be fully on board now. Seeing the change in his submissive whore, not to mention the hour long fuck session with both Anna and his wife had John past the point excitement. John needed to cum, and he needed to do it now.

“Cum deep in your slut’s ass,” Emily demanded her husband after reading his thoughts.

“Yes! Cum inside me, John,” Anna practically begged.

“Fuck me!” John howled as he gave in to his orgasm.

Unable to hold out and delay things any further, the actor slammed down one final time into the slender girl before his balls tightened up and pleasure shot through his entire body. Anna immediately felt the cum blast from his tip, painting the inside of her colon with his hot sticky load a good 10 inches deep inside of her. After feeling himself fully drained, the hulking man gave a few last mini thrusts into Anna before pulling out altogether and staggering back a few steps to collapse satisfied into a chair.

“Not so fast,” Emily spoke.

Anna was just starting to get out of the cramped position on the ottoman when one of Emily’s hands arrested her movement. The Brit wasn’t quite done with her husband’s mistress just yet. Kneeling behind Anna, the MILF stuck two fingers deep into Anna’s yawning asshole, obviously fishing for John’s cum. Not able to reach it, she pulled out and added a third, then a fourth digit to Anna’s asshole. Still unable, Emily pressed the tip of her thumb into the pads of her four other fingers then started to press them forward into Anna’s ever expanding asshole.

“Holy fuck! Are you…” John started to ask from the edge of his seat.

“Trying to get her whole God damn fist in my ass?!” Anna finished his sentence. “She certainly is.”

Anna had never been fisted before, but there was always a first time for everything. She was at least familiar with the process so she did her best to relax her body and let herself stretch - hopefully without tearing her anal ring to pieces in the process. It was slow going, especially with the only lube being a bunch of spit that Emily had spat into her brown eye, but where there was a will, there was a way. With a last push, Emily Blunt succeeded in doing something no one else had done previously - fist Anna Kendrick’s asshole!

“What a complete and utter whore,” Emily half gawked, half insulted as she felt Anna’s anal ring squeezing her wrist.

“The best butt slut around,” Anna beamed with pride as another woman’s hand rested completely in her rectum.

“Feed her my cum baby,” John instructed, watching with fascination.

On this point, husband and wife were in sync. Emily didn’t heed his advice right away, as she was simply having too much fun moving her fist in small thrusts into Anna’s ass. Slowing down, the Brit slowly retreated her hand from Anna, with the petite star giving a rather loud shriek of what sounded like pleasure as the hand was removed from her colon. Moving quickly, Emily walked around to the opposite end of the ottoman to the auburn-haired actress’ face. This time around, Anna showed none of the reluctance from earlier as she eagerly steered the fist that had been miles inside her bowels into her mouth. Once more, the striking deep earthy and pungent flavor that could only be her ass juices flooded her tongue, but this time made all the more saltier with John’s cum mixed into the equation.

“Jesus Christ! That was insane,” John commented as Anna continued to lick every inch of Emily’s fingers, hand and wrist even.

“Wow,” Anna said, her energy giving out as she collapsed fully onto the furniture. 

“What the fuck are you doing? Resting in MY house?” Emily barked at the other woman. “You’re done here. You’ve done your chores, been royally fucked and now it’s time to get out. John or myself will call you when we have need for a slut to degrade.”

“You heard the woman,” John added to the mistress.

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