How Easily Cryptozoology Turns Into Cryptosexology

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't know ROSE LESLIE or ZENDAYA. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

The following first chapter in this story is a commission from me, the other party involved wishing to remain anonymous.

This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. It was just supposed to be a lark, a funny story to tell their friends. 

Yeah, we went to Loch Ness for our honeymoon. Kit misses the dragons now that Game of Thrones is over so we went hunting for Nessie!

They’d joked about what they’d do if the fabled monster showed up, but when the massive shadow popped out of the water right next to their boat there hadn’t been a single thing Kit could do to protect her. She saw a brief glimpse of his stunned face as the beast dragged her out of the boat with her shirt caught in its mouth, and then she had to close her eyes as she hit the water.

He’d moved through the water at incredible speed, and before Rose knew it he was pulling her onto some tiny stretch of land that looked to be far, far away from any civilization she could see. No one was going to be helping her, not Kit or anyone else.

Rose got only the briefest glimpse of the beast, seeing him only long enough to register that he wasn’t any type of animal she’d ever seen before. Then the Loch Ness Monster flipped her over onto her stomach and removed her sodden clothing with his teeth, shredding it like paper but showing a surprising amount of care not to bite her skin. At first she was afraid he was about to devour her whole, but the bulk shifted over her, something pressed against her pussy and she felt an entirely different sort of fear.
“No!” she gasped. She didn’t know if the monster could understand her, but if he did he didn't care. His massive cock pushed forward, and she let out an anguished scream as it speared her.
Rose was petite for a grown woman, but there wasn’t a human woman in the world who would have felt any more comfort than she did. The Loch Ness Monster’s cock was enormous; far bigger than any human’s. And he wasn’t gentle with it either. He shoved that impossibly long, thick cock back and forth inside of her tight pussy with a speed reminiscent of how he’d moved through the water.
Rose knew she wasn’t going to be tight ever again, not after this. No human cock would be able to enjoy her pussy again. It was being reshaped to accommodate this enormous monster cock. Only the legendary Loch Ness Monster would ever find pleasure with her again. But maybe pleasing Kit wouldn’t be an issue. Who knew if the monster would ever let her go back to her old life? He might just keep her here as his mate for the rest of her days. If he did there would be nothing she could do about it, just like there was nothing she could do about the rough fucking she was taking from this massive cock that bulged in her stomach.
The entire day had been one shock after another, but she was still surprised when she felt her body shudder in orgasm. How could she possibly be feeling any pleasure from this? It made no sense in her brain, but the proof of her body was undeniable. Her skinny body shivered and she moaned helplessly as she came around this inhuman cock. Much as she hated to acknowledge it, it was the most intense climax of her entire life.
The monster wasn’t far behind her. She was still in the throes of her own reluctant pleasure when that massive cock began to shoot off inside of her. Like the rest of him, the amount of cum he produced was unlike anything she’d ever felt or even heard of. It was far too much for her small body to hold, and the majority of it gushed right back out of her as quickly as it had come in. She knew that plenty still remained inside of her little body, but she didn’t know what that meant. Could he actually impregnate her? Was the legendary Loch Ness Monster actually a family that had been reproducing for years, and that she was now going to continue? Or maybe he was fucking her purely for sport and would return her to civilization once he tired of playing with her body. Or, more grimly, maybe she would meet her end out here after all.
There were many unresolved questions running through Rose Leslie’s brain, and as the monster settled down over her, covering her entire body with his mass while resting with its cock still inside of her pussy, she realized that she was going to have plenty of time to figure out the answers to some of those questions The Loch Ness Monster was real, and he’d just snatched her away from her husband and the life she used to know. Whether or not she would be allowed to return to that life remained to be seen, but she’d been forever changed either way.
He wasn’t moving, and the sounds from above gave her the impression that he might be sleeping. He didn’t seem to have any intent of moving any time soon, so she decided she should take this time to rest while she could; rest for whatever the future held. 

Sleep came to Rose quickly when she closed her eyes, but that was to be expected after the life-altering ordeal she’d just gone through. She fell into a sleep that was deep, but not nearly as deep as the cock of the fabled Loch Ness Monster, which remained inside of her throughout the night.

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