How Easily Cryptozoology Turns Into Cryptosexology

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't know ROSE LESLIE or ZENDAYA. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

Zendaya had everything she ever wanted in the world. She was the one of the main stars of a Marvel franchise and she had her hit HBO series Euphoria, both of which let her buy a sprawling mansion to herself in the hills of Los Angeles. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t film much of anything at all this year, she had millions of dollars to relax on, backing her up during the national shutdown.

Well. She had almost everything.

Zendaya was horribly bored. The whole state has been locked down for months, and there were only so many times you could stream Tiger King, or watch Avatar the Last Airbender on Netflix. She found herself being driven mad, pacing around her estate. She had more room there than most people could imagine, but it still felt like a prison to her, the walls of the gated yard closing in on her. 

So that’s how the young world-famous celebrity found herself jumping into her Tesla, and gunning it for the hills. So what if Griffith Park was closed? She’d park her Tesla out of the way and hoof the rest of it on foot. No one else would be there, not even the rangers. It’d be totally safe for her to get a little exercise in, breathing the fresh air, not being around anyone miles.

That’s how Zendaya ended up having her life changed forever.

She had on her hiking boots, skin-tight black leggings, and a loose heavy metal t-shirt, enjoying the brisk walk down the forest path, when she heard it. It was a grunting, a growling, a snarling. She paused her jog, realizing for the first time exactly how alone she was out here, trespassing in the closed national park. Frozen in place by shock, the black woman’s mouth dropped open and stared in horrific fascination at the hulking figure slumping into view from behind a tree just down the path from her. She looked up. And up, and up again.

The giant ape monster was massive, eight or nine feet tall, even if it was hunched. Messy and dirty reddish-brown roan hair covered the whole muscle-bound body, besides it’s human-like stupid face that was staring directly at Zendaya. It took a lumbering step towards her which broke her out of her initial paralysis “Holy shit, it’s a damn bigfoot!”

She took out her phone reflexively from her pocket. This might have saved her if she used it to dial for help, but she instead focused the rear camera on the sasquatch and started taking pictures of it. The bigfoot sniffed and growled as it advanced, running his beady black eyes up and down her body. He took a final step towards Zendaya, who finally realized how close the beast was to her. She took a step back, but immediately fell onto her firm, tight ass, the phone clattering out of sight off the side of the path.

Zendaya tried to press her hands against the dirt of the path to lift herself, but halfway through she was on her knees and she realized the huge body of the beast was on top of her. It had ambled, as casual as if it was walking down the street, right up to her. The eponymous feet, each nearly twice the size of Zendaya’s boots, were on either side of her prone legs. She lifted her gaze up the sasquatch, but stopped abruptly straight forward. Her hazel eyes widened like saucers and her heart-shaped mouth puckered and gaped in surprise at the largest cock she had ever seen.

It was dark brown, drooping thick and long, nearly a foot in length yet clearly, obviously, flaccid. Zendaya wasn’t moving, was barely breathing, as the giant meat stick came to life, throbbing and twitching. The girl’s own dark skin around her neck flushed red with awkwardness and uncomfortableness as the organ grew to life. 

“Please, what…no…”

Her breath started to come hot and hard, she knew she wasn’t any sort of physical match for the bigfoot. She couldn’t stop him from anything he wanted to do. As these thoughts raced through Zendaya’s pretty head, the giant bigfoot cock had almost reached it’s full length, and there was nothing the world-famous celebrity could do to stop it. It was nearly two feet long, as thick as her own arm, and the enormous shaft was covered in veins. The bulbous head was aimed straight at Zendaya’s shaking mouth, ending just under her angular nose.

She tried to protest and back away, but the bigfoot wrapped one baseball-glove sized hand literally around the back of her head, and she started panicking. 


Ignoring her protests, the bigfoot had pushed his hips forward, the thick head of the beast impaling Zendaya’s plump lips and battering it’s way into her mouth. Her hazel eyes crossed down her nose as she watched inch after inch of the cryptid’s cock sink into her incredibly stretched lips.

I can’t believe I’m being faced-fucked by bigfoot.

Her hands, tiny and pathetic compared to the creature's, pounded and pushed against his fur-covered hips, but he didn’t even notice them. The thing’s cock was inside her mouth, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Almost resignedly, she rested her palms on his thighs, feeling their incredible warmth, before sliding onto the base of the cock. It took both of her dainty hands to wrap around his girth, and still her fingertips only barely touched.

Inevitably, the sasquatch’s head reached her throat and her groans of complaint became gurgling and gagging choking noises. She didn’t think it cared that she couldn’t breath - it was just too damn big to fit down her throat. She could feel it batter against the back of her throat, but she wasn’t made of rubber - there was no way he could get in further. She couldn’t help her eyes roll back as she struggled to breathe, until the sasquatch backed up and she took a gasping breath before gagging again as the beast rammed back back into her mouth.

Zendaya, the internationally famous celebrity, whimpered and moaned in despair. She was starting to realize exactly what sort of face-fucking she was about to get. The bigfoot’s other hand, just as large as the one holding the back of her head, wrapped around her head too. He was able to fit the entirety of her head in his palms, save for the wet and vulnerable mouth he was busy thrusting into. 

How human was this thing, really? 

Zendaya had this thought as she was slobbering and drooling on the massive sasquatch dick in her mouth. Her teary eyes saw how much pleasure filled it’s face, how much it was enjoying every moment of this. He caught her eyes and the sasquatch let out a nearly human chuckle at her predicament, and began to fuck her mouth harder. The drool came more, her breasts wobbling with every thrust into her mouth. Zendaya wasn’t whimpering any longer, she didn’t have the strength for it. The only sounds were slurping, choking, and the throaty growls of the bigfoot fucking her face.

The sasquatch had everything it wanted. It roared again, a numb numbness in Zendaya’s ears. She could feel his hands tighten around her head and in a single thrust, speared as deep as he could within her mouth, battering his head against her throat. It’s human-like head tilted back and screamed its climax at the sky.

Everything bulged, and Zendaya had never felt her mouth be so full. Her eyes were as wide as they could be, and her cheeks were filled with it’s seed. She wasn’t aware of it, but the beast was, that her dainty hands were eagerly milking the cock as it continued to spray more cum into her mouth. Finally she could fit no more in, and thick white cream began bursting from her nose and around the cock in her mouth.

It wasn’t stopping.

The black world-famous celebrity Zendaya quivered on her knees before the sasquatch as she tried to swallow as much as she could, but there was always more. It poured down her lips and chin, ruinously staining her shirt and her leggings. It was everything she could do not to drown, her throat working in time with her hands as the bigfoot forever soiled her with it’s monster animal cum.

It took nearly twenty or thirty seconds for the cum to empty from his giant balls. It was another ten or so until it started to withdraw inch after inch from Zendaya’s plump lips before the massive head bobbed out of her mouth, dribbling spit and cum from her gasping and wrecked mouth. Zendaya was spent, she felt her ass flop against the ground of the hiking path, knowing the beast had won.

She was dirtier, sluttier, than she had ever been in her whole life. From her angular nose to her black leggings, she was caked in in a goopy layer of cum. Her mouth never closed, but hung loosely open, drool and more cum seeping out. She stared upward with a blank expression at the massive cock that had broken her. If there was any thought in her head, it was what would happen next. What her traumatized mind never thought would happen, was exactly what did.

It lost interest in her, having gotten exactly what it wanted. It turned back to the forest and, in a few massive strides, disappeared into the treeline as if it had never been there.

It was a long time before Zendaya gathered herself, and it was nearly dark before she stumbled back to her Tesla in the parking lot. The layers of cum stuck to her dark skin had turned to hardened crust by now, and she was sure the stains would never come out of her shirt. It felt like she had swallowed so much of the cum that it was a heavy weight in her stomach, sloshing and churning with each unsteady step she took back to her car.  

But mostly, she felt numb. How could someone go back to normal after getting face-fucked by a bigfoot? 

Zendaya had no idea, but she knew she would have to find out.

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