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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Nikki Cross or Sasha Banks or any other former or current WWE diva. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Bayley was on top of the world right now. She was the longest reigning SmackDown women's champion, and more importantly was the SmackDown Alpha female, and against the odds she had just retained her titles in a massive five way Elimination Match at Wrestlemania 36. So surely she deserve time to celebrate, right? And admittedly, to gloat? Apparently not, because no sooner than she hit the ring with her 'best friend' Sasha Banks some annoyingly familiar music hit. The music of someone who had gone out of their way to make her life a misery, back when she was old, loser Bayley. Namely Alexa Bliss, looking as smug as ever, especially with her little sidekick Nikki Cross by her side, both of them holding their newly won women's tag team championships.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" Bayley snapped angrily, not even allowing them to get down the ramp before trying to cut them off.

"What?" Alexa protested with unconvincing innocence, before grinning, "This is a championship celebration, right?"

"And we're the new WWE women's tag team champions." Nikki beamed proudly.

"Yes we are, sweetie." Alexa smiled at her partner affectionately as they reached the ring, "And what can I say, we're here to celebrate."

"Hey, hey, hey... wait just a God damn second." Sasha protested, before warning, "This is our... I mean, Bayley's celebration. You two aren't on the guest list. In fact, this is a exclusive celebration, just for the two of us. So I'd think twice about stepping in between those ropes, sweetheart. Unless you two wanna lose your titles tonight."

"Oh, you mean like this?" Alexa questioned defiantly, as she and Nikki stepped through those ropes without hesitation. Then Alexa got into Sasha's face, and then both metaphorically and literally pushed her, "What are you going to do about it?"

"You two just made a big mistake-" Bayley began.

"Winner takes all?" Alexa whispered too silently for the cameras to pick up, but loud enough for their rivals to hear.

There was a brief pause, then Sasha pushed, "For your titles? Deal."


It wasn't a challenge that Bayley would've taken so lightly, given that she'd had problems beating Alexa in the past. Of course, the chance to become a double champion was just too tempting for her to pass up entirely, but it would have been nice if they had time to prepare, especially for Alexa. But again, Bayley was the SmackDown Alpha female, so this would be no problem for her, right? In fact, as the match went on, and she and Sasha dominated the majority of it, it became clear this was a very good thing. Perfect really. Bayley had solidified herself at Wrestlemania, and she was doing it even further only a few nights afterwards. And think of the bragging rights she'd have after becoming a double champion? They would be huge. And more importantly, no one would be able to bring up what she used to be ever again. Never ever.

Then disaster struck with missed timed interference from Sasha, who ended up slapping Bayley across the face instead of Alexa, who ducked out of the way and then hit Bayley with her lame version of the DDT. Bayley was thankfully able to kick out of that, once again proving how far she had come, but she was too dazed to stop Alexa going up for what was formally known as the 'sparkle splash', Nikki making sure that Sasha couldn't interfere as the allegedly former mean girl hit her finishing maneuver. Which unfortunately knocked the wind out of the former Hugger, and next thing she knew the referee's hand was coming down for three. And while she technically kicked out, it was half a second too late, the ref calling for the bell, which rang even as Alexa's annoying techno music started to play.

Worse, the announcement was then made, "Here are your winners, and still the WWE women's tag team champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross."

Which of course led to Alexa jumping up happily, she and Nikki bouncing around each other, while making sure to shoot wicked smiles down at their defeated opponents, which made Bayley's ass hole quivered with fear. It was a same feeling that haunted her as she and Sasha slowly made their way to the back, and then just waited in the locker rooms for Nikki and Alexa. Because to be clear, they wanted to grab their things and run away as fast as they could, especially Bayley, who had worked so hard to redeem herself after starting out as such a weak butt slut. However, they couldn't run, not if they wanted the chance to get revenge, and in Bayley's case, keep the most important title, that being of Alpha female.

Thankfully they weren't waiting that long before the tag team champions walked into the locker room with smiles on their faces, Alexa chuckling as she approached her pray, "Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm having a serious case of déjà vu. Mmmmmmmmmm, I love it."

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, your fat asses are ours." Nikki cackled gleefully.

"Yes they are honey." Alexa grinned, "Yes they are. And now-"

"First of all, my ass isn't fat." Sasha interrupted, "And second of all, you pinned Bayley, not me."

"Hey!" Bayley whined, not appreciating her girlfriend throwing her under the bus.

"I'm sorry Bayley, I just... I just can't bottom again, okay?" Sasha protested.

"Deal." Alexa said, clearly taking her defeated opponents by surprise, and then quickly adding, "But you have to watch."

"Deal." Sasha agreed without hesitation.

"Sasha." Bayley whined petulantly.

"Oh come on Bayley, don't be like that." Alexa scolded, before grinning wickedly, "You lost fair and square, and you know it. And you know you're going to get your big, fat ass fucked tonight, so why waste everyone's time by moaning and complaining? Doesn't the so-called Alpha female want to get this over with, so she can get revenge?"

"I AM the Alpha female." Bayley snapped angrily.

"Then prove it." Alexa challenged, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, let's see if Bayley the Super Butt Slut can take an ass fucking without breaking. Because I bet you anything, including my ass, that I can break you tonight. Or at least, that me and Nikki can break you. Because trust me honey, I don't need the help. Mmmmmmmmm, but the help will be half the fun."

Which was an offer that Bayley couldn't afford to turn down, but looking around to the other members of the roster, she softly pleaded, "Not here... please?"

"Deal." Nikki beamed.

"Nikki..." Alexa whined with annoyance at her girlfriend for stepping out of line.

"What? You said it yourself, you don't need my help to break this shameless anal whore, so with my help, we can do it anywhere." Nikki pointed out, and then leaned in to whisper, "Besides, we might as well be nice about it. You know I don't like it when you're unnecessarily cruel."

There was a brief pause, then Alexa nodded, "Alright, fine. But there's going to have to be some cruelty, okay?"

"Oh, I am very okay with that." Nikki beamed.

"Good." Alexa smiled back, kissing her girlfriend's forehead and silently thanked her for keeping her grounded, and then turned to her former and soon to be bitch, "Looks like we have ourselves a deal."


Bayley wished she wouldn't have to come to that kind of deal, but it was definitely preferable to being humiliated in front of the women's locker room which she had fought so hard to gain even a ounce of respect. Which shouldn't be difficult to regain, given that she had been both the SmackDown women's champion and Alpha female of that show for basically a year now. But it would be, because years before that she had been getting her fat ass fucked pretty much on a daily basis, and loved every second of it. Again, the memory of which caused her butt hole to quiver with anticipation. Something she hated herself for, as it left her future very much in doubt. But she had to believe that she was going to survive, then take Alexa up on her offer, and finally make her former bully her bitch once and for all.

She tried to stay focused on that throughout the long car ride to the hotel, and the long walk up to the room that Alexa and Nikki shared. Well, it was relatively short in real time, but every minute felt like an hour, especially as Alexa was constantly giving her hungry looks, and sliding a hand or two over her body whenever no one was looking. No non-WWE girl, at least. Which was some small mercy. But it didn't feel like much, especially whenever Alexa smacked or squeezed her ass, giving Bayley a little preview of what was to come. Then once they finally reach their destination, namely safely behind a locked door in a room with a nice big bed, they found they were in for a surprise, one which Sasha clearly didn't appreciate.

"Okay bitches, strip for us." Alexa ordered, licking her lips hungrily as before, making it very clear that she meant, "Both of you."

"Hey, wait a minute, we had a deal. You can't just-" Sasha began protesting.

"Relax. We're not changing the agreement." Nikki reassured.

"We could... but we won't." Alexa teased, "Oh yeah, we promise not to fuck you tonight Sasha. Not unless you beg us too. Mmmmmmmmm, but we do have plans for you..."

Which was something which understandably made Sasha uneasy, but after the first women's tag team champions exchanged a look they did as they were told, as quickly and uneroticly as possible. Something Bayley thought they would be scolded for, but Nikki and especially Alexa just leered at them, which if anything was worse. Once Bayley and Sasha were naked Alexa and Nikki close the distance between them, and started shamelessly sliding their hands over their bodies, mostly focusing on those curves. Showing she was the nice one, Nikki did most of this while kissing Sasha, while Alexa just grinned wickedly directly into Bayley's face. Then the focus turned to The Boss, guiding her over to a chair in the corner and firmly tying her to it, The Blueprint making it very clear she wasn't happy about it.

"Hey! What the... no, please..." Sasha initially whined, and when that proved to be no use she pleaded, "Please don't do this? It's not fair!"

"What? We said we wanted you to watch. We didn't say we would let you fuck yourself while doing it." Alexa pointed out, before adding with another wicked grin, "But since Nikki is the nicest, sweetest person ever, she wants to give you a present, as a compromise. That is, if you ask for it nicely."

"It's a butt-plug." Nikki growled hungrily into Sasha's ear, making The Boss whimper softly, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, we got you a nice, big, vibrating butt-plug, just waiting to be shoved straight up your slutty little arse. And who knows, mmmmmmmmm, maybe we'll even make you cum. Only the biggest anal whores cum from just having a plug up their butts, but I believe in you, Sasha. I know you can do it."

"The question is, do you want to try?" Alexa pushed after a brief pause.

There was another pause, as even though she hated herself for it, Sasha couldn't help consider it, before finally convincing herself to give the response she should have given right away, albeit not that convincingly, "N, n, no."

"Are, are, are you sure?" Alexa mocked.

"Yes." Sasha said firmly this time.

"Shame." Nikki shrugged, she and Alexa pulling away, the Scottish woman retrieving the butt-plug from her bag anyway, and pressing it down on the bedside table, directly in front of Sasha, "If you change your mind, just let us know. Oh yes, I'm sure whatever we're doing to your little girlfriend, we'll be happy to stop to stuff your arse. Either with this plug, or if you really ask nicely, our big dicks."

Meanwhile, Alexa had returned her attention to Bayley, walking right up to her face while licking her lips hungrily, and then almost conversationally asking, "Now, where were we? Oh yeah..."

To Bayley's surprise Alexa then roughly kissed her. Admittedly, it wasn't that surprising, but in the past Alexa hadn't even bothered with such a gesture, treating Bayley like a real whore, who did anything but kissing. Of course it wasn't a sweet and loving lip lock, like the ones that Bayley shared with Sasha, or she'd seen Alexa give Nikki, but there was definitely something to be said for the way that her lips were hungrily devoured by the other girl, and a tongue entered her mouth looking to bully her own into submission. What was a lot less surprising was at the same time the former Alpha kissed the current one Bayley felt Alexa grabbed two big handfuls of her meaty cheeks and squeeze them roughly, again providing a little preview of what was to come.

Alexa honestly meant to keep that kiss brief, but understandably she got a little carried away feeling up those meaty cheeks. And admittedly, Bayley didn't suck at kissing, somewhat making Alexa regret not doing this sooner. Because honestly, she wasn't even sure she'd ever given this slut the privilege of feeling her lips against hers, despite spending years practically living in that big fat booty she was once again gripping to her heart's content. Also, it probably didn't hurt to show her former and future butt slut a bit of compassion. Or at least that's what Nikki like to say. Whatever the case, this made for quite a pleasant detour, but inevitably Alexa guided them over to the bed, broke the kiss, and then patted her knee with a wicked grin on her face.

"Well then, don't just stand there looking stupid..." Alexa said hoarsely, before grinning, "Bend over my knee! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, give me that big fat ass."

For a moment it looked like Bayley was going to waste her breath whining about the accurate description of her gigantic booty, or even complain that she had to do this at all. Then she just hung her head in shame, and the so-called Alpha female bent over Alexa's knee like a good little bitch. Oh yes, Bayley got in the perfect position for Alexa to do as much damage as possible to that fat ass, in one of the most humiliating ways possible. And get the best view possible. Oh God, this was going to be so much fun! Oh yes, Alexa lived for this, and couldn't wait to get started. Albeit, not with a hard butt beating, or indeed any form of spanking. No, she had a better idea, namely what she'd done a few seconds ago, except with a better view.

Namely grabbing hold of that big butt and starting to greedily grope it. Oh yes, she squeezed, fondled and pinched that gigantic booty like the piece of meat it was, humiliating her pray in the process. Something that unfortunately she didn't just know because of the way Bayley was squirming on top of her knee right now, but because of the spankings she had received herself over the years, mostly in NXT from Charlotte and the bitch watching in the corner. Sparing Sasha a glance Alexa gave her a wicked grin, then finally raised her hand high into the air and bought it crashing down in one hard strike. Which both work to tell Sasha she was next, and finally starting to give Bayley the punishment she so richly deserved.

That hard strike was quickly repeated with blow after blow to that big meaty butt, the main difference being that the following strikes were a lot more playful and gentle. Despite that whenever Alexa moved her hand away completely from Bayley's massive derrière those enormous cheeks jiggled like jelly in an earthquake. Oh yes, it didn't matter how hard she hit them, Alexa was rewarded with the same wobbly results. Of course it was only a matter of time before she started giving Bayley everything she had, but she also wanted to drag this out as much as possible. Especially when she was loving every single thing about the reactions she was getting from everyone in this room, but especially the one with the fattest ass.

Bayley was hating every single thing about this humiliating act. Everyone's reactions was definitely part of it, and she couldn't look at the smug faces of Nikki or especially Alexa, and she certainly wouldn't allow herself to see the look which might've been on Sasha's face right now. Oh God, if there was anyone she'd worked hard to impress, it was Sasha Banks, and now Bayley was being completely and utterly humiliated in front of her. And worst of all, were her own reactions. Which was the problem really, as she just couldn't stop herself from crying out loudly from every strike, no matter how hard or soft, and she couldn't stop herself from whimpering pathetically in between them.

She just couldn't help it, and this position and activity was just bringing back so many vivid memories of her submitting. Ironically, mostly to Sasha, who maybe loved watching her cheeks jiggle most of all. Although it was a pretty close call, as she'd gotten her butt beating from everyone from total ass wrecking studs like Asuka and Charlotte, to even total bottoms like Naomi and Mickie James. Fuck, even Liv Morgan had given her a spanking one time. Admittedly, that was just because Charlotte was in a particularly vindictive mood, but still. And just when she thought she left all that behind and regain some actual dignity, Bayley found herself right back where she started from. Which was literally enough to have tears of frustration filling her eyes.

Eventually those turned into tears of pure agony and sorrow, as after what felt like a lifetime of Alexa, either playfully smacking her big booty, or treating it like a butcher with a piece of meat, the blows slowly started getting harder. And then harder, and harder, and harder, until Alexa had to be using every ounce of strength in her tiny frame to deliver those brutal blows to Bayley's backside. Which was bearable as long as there was a long waiting period between strikes, especially if there was groping involved, because at least that massaged some of the pain away, and gave her a chance to recover. However, inevitably those were phased out in favour of Alexa relentlessly assaulting Bayley's booty in a way which would've probably gotten her a 5 count in the ring, but here there was no one to save the poor role model.

Instead Bayley just had to endure one of the most vicious spankings of her life, which eventually had her weeping. She just couldn't help herself, and not just because of the agony she was feeling physically, or the fact that Nikki was cackling with delight, and Alexa had an evil grin glued onto her face. No, what really had her bawling her eyes out was the fact that her pussy was wet. Oh God, her body was betraying her! Again. Just like the old times, all it had taken was a hard spanking to reduce Bayley into a submissive little slut who actually enjoyed this kind of thing. Something that she couldn't deny, at least to herself, in that moment. Not that she could really deny it to Alexa, who had to be feeling this.

Alexa was very aware that Bayley was loving this, or at least her body did, and it brought the goddess a great deal of joy, but it was hardly surprising. Everyone knew that Bayley's year-long run at the top was a total fluke, and it was a travesty that maybe the most natural bottom in WWE's secret history had been able to deny real women her fat ass for so long. Something that Alexa was very much taking out on the meaty cheeks in front of her right now. Oh yes, she used every ounce of frustration she had over the past couple of years, both of Bayley's defiance and her own setbacks, out on those meaty cheeks, and in the process she got something that gave her even more joy, namely Bayley's fat ass getting what it deserved.

If those meaty cheeks had been jiggling like jelly in an earthquake at the beginning of the spanking that probably wasn't a description which could do justice to the way they were bouncing now. She also wasn't sure exactly what to call the colour of Bayley's butt, given that it had pretty much gone straight to red, then a dark angry red, and then God knows what, but it was pretty much guaranteed that this total bottom wouldn't be sitting on her bottom anytime soon. Which was just the way Alexa liked it. Oh yes, Bayley deserved every blow, and Alexa delighted in being the one to give it to her. So much so that she pushed through the pain of overusing her right hand, towards the end using both and playing that big booty like bongo drums, getting a chuckle out of herself, and a big laugh out of her girlfriend, in the process.

Then she abruptly stopped in favour of giving her hands some much-needed time to relax, and more importantly just to admire her handiwork. God, it felt like an eternity, until those cheeks finally stopped wobbling, and they were so battered and bruised Alexa actually felt sorry for her. Enough for her to use her left hand, the one that was less sore, to caress that giant ass. Okay, admittedly, that was just an excuse. Alexa just wanted another few minutes to grope that fat ass, before inevitably she pushed the bitch off of her, the so-called Alpha female crying out loudly as by sheer chance she landed on her backside, rolled over, and glared up at her victorious opponent.

"Hey!" Bayley whined impatiently.

Ignoring her Alexa ordered firmly, "Face down, ass up! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, get into the position you belong in, you stupid ass whore, and maybe I'll give you the privilege of feeling Nikki's incredibly talented little tongue lubing your bitch hole up for me, just before I fucking wreck it."

There was a few seconds pause, far more than Alexa thought it would be, and then Bayley whimpered and did as she was told, prompting Nikki to look at her pleadingly and begin, "Alexa?"

"Alright, fine." Alexa sighed, before smiling fondly at her girlfriend, "But I'm doing this for you, not for her."

"Yay! You're the best." Nikki exclaimed, hugging her girlfriend tightly to her before getting in position and cooing, "Ooooooooooooh, pretty."

What followed was Nikki Cross being way too nice for her own good, but Alexa couldn't be mad about it. She loved Nikki too much for that. Also, she got one hell of a show out of it. One that she didn't take her eyes off of, as she slowly retrieved her favourite harness and some lube. Because she might be mean, but despite what she just said, Alexa wasn't cruel. Despite what some people might say. Oh yes, Alexa was always nice enough to make sure both her cock and her latest fuck hole would be nice and ready for her. She even allowed Bayley to be more prepared than she deserved, or needed, simply because she loved Nikki so much, and enjoyed seeing her happily munching away at that big booty.

Nikki knew it would make Alexa mad, but she just couldn't help herself. Bayley's fat arse looked just so pretty, and Nikki couldn't help kissing it. Literally! She pressed her lips to one cheek, then the other, and then back and forth for several minutes. Which was a total bottom thing to do, and the kind of thing that she should only be doing to Alexa, and making likes of Bayley and Sasha do to her backside. But considering what was about to happen, there could be no doubt exactly who was in control here. Although Bayley was pretty delusional, so maybe. Not that it mattered, because Bliss Cross were going to put this uppity bottom back in her place, and turn the SmackDown champ into their bitch. And maybe, just maybe it was even Nikki who was taking the first step towards that.

Because spankings were a always effective way to set the mood, but no woman in WWE's history had been broken from that alone. No, for that, a bum fucking was required, and not even the meanest tops in the history of WWE had anally violated a defeated opponent, without making sure she was properly prepared first. Admittedly lube, would probably do the trick for a back hole this notoriously slutty, but most tops agreed that for a proper bitch breaking, a nice long rim job was required. Who should do it was up for debate, but Nikki was honoured to do the deed, especially with such a tasty piece of ass. God, Bayley might even be on Alexa's level, when it came to delicious tasting backsides, and Nikki wouldn't have thought that was possible when she first gave up on the ass kissing in favour of burying her face in between those meaty cheeks.

She was however delighted to be proven wrong, Nikki moaning at that yummy taste just from the first few ravenous licks to that forbidden hole. God, she could eat this arse for hours and never get tired, especially if it was just like this, with her face buried in between those meaty cheeks, Nikki very willingly suffocating herself in that big booty. Oh yes, all she could see, smell or taste in that moment was pure Bayley Booty, and Nikki loved every single second of it. Unfortunately she knew that there was a limit to Alexa's patience, even with her, so as much as it pained her, she only spent a few long minutes with her face stuffed in booty. Which to her credit, included the time that she rubbed her face in that giant derrière, as if she was motor-boating a big pair of tits.

Then she grabbed onto both of those enormous cheeks and slowly pull them apart to admire her prize. Something she stared longingly at for a few long seconds, before spitting onto that cute little shit hole and then rubbing that saliva in with her tongue. Which was a process she repeated a few times, before going back to swirling her tongue around Bayley's back hole, this time with all the access she could want. Finally, she tried pushing her tongue into the incredibly slutty arse hole, and despite years of neglect she was able to get plenty of her tongue into it, which really had Bayley crying out in moaning loudly, which in turn made Nikki grin wickedly. Sadly, that was the end of her fun, because Nikki's girlfriend really, really wanted to play.

"Move aside Nikki, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love watching you eat ass, but that's way more than this bitch deserves. Or needs." Alexa announced, "Oh yeah, move aside, and give me that big fat ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, good girl. And speaking of good girls, spread your cheeks Bayley! Do it! Don't make me ask you again."

Alexa totally understood why Bayley would be hesitant to obey, and it had nothing to do with wanting to avoid a butt fucking. From the way that she had been moaning, whimpering and crying out shamelessly throughout the rim job it was clear that Bayley was just waiting for someone to put her in her place, and give her the rectum wrecking she so desperately needed. But to actually spread her cheeks was admitting it, and a sign of submission that would push the so-called Alpha back further into being nothing but a fuck hole for real women. Of course, all it took was a few hard strikes to Bayley's still incredibly bruised booty for the SmackDown women's champion to let out a pathetic cry, and immediately do as she was told. Not slowly like Alexa would want, but it was enough.

For a few long seconds Alexa just stared at her prize, as she continued to rub lubricant into her dick. God, Bayley looked even more delicious than she remembered, and it was very tempting just to bury her face in that thick rump, and do everything Nikki had just done. Which would have probably had Nikki pouting adorably, but she would quickly make it up to her by asking her girl to join her, Bliss Cross spending hours devouring that big booty until Bayley gave up any sense of pride and started begging to be ass fucked. But no, as much as Alexa wanted to eat that ass it didn't quite compare to the so overwhelming it was painful need to shove her cock up that big fat butt.

So she finally did it, lining up her cock with that cute little rosebud and slowly pushing forwards. To her amazement that back door didn't immediately give way at the slightest push, like a butt hole should do when it belonged to an ass like Bayley's. Like it had done the last time she fucked it. Oh wow, this could only mean one thing, the thought so overwhelming it robbed Alexa of the ability to think for a few long seconds. Although that was kind of a good thing, as it meant her only focus was on watching Bayley's back hole slowly stretching wider and wider until it allowed the head of her big dick to slide through it and into that backside. Which amazingly caused Bayley to cry out in pure pain, confirming Alexa's suspicions.

"OH MY GOD! You're tight! How are you this tight? Have you ever been this tight?" Alexa exclaimed, before a smirk crossed her face, "Wow, you really went a whole calendar year without a butt fucking, didn't you?"

"Yes!" Bayley growled through gritted teeth, "I'm not like I used to be. I'm a winner! Oh God, a butt fucker. Not... not a..."

"Butt slut? Ass whore? Anal bitch? Fuck hole for real women, with a back door constantly open for business?" Alexa listed off gleefully, "Because you are, mmmmmmmm, and I'm going to prove it."

"Are not!" Bayley whined childishly.

"Are too." Alexa responded just as childishly, before quickly adding, "Oh yeah, I thought for sure you would have been sneaking off with Sasha, so that she could fuck your needy little ass for you. Mmmmmmmmm, or at least, done it yourself. Got a nice big handheld dildo and rammed it up your big booty. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, or maybe just used your hand? You know, fist your big fat whore ass! But you really did it, the whole year without a butt fucking. God Bayley, I'm so sorry. If I'd known you were neglecting your perfect ass this way, I would have never left you alone. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, but that's okay, because me and Nikki are here to set things right. And from now on, I'm going to make sure you never go a single day without an ass reaming."

Before Bayley could make another attempt to give a childish and/or delusional come back Alexa started slowly pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of her strap-on to slide into her defeated opponent's shit-pipe. Which actually continued to take some effort, further proving this perfect little fuck hole hadn't been touched in a year, just because it's owner diluted herself into thinking she was a top. But that was okay, because after tonight Alexa would be it's owner. Oh yes, she was going to own Bayley's fat ass. Well, she and Nikki, but that was basically the same thing, as Alexa was confident that she could rely on her girlfriend to help her keep Bayley's butt hole nice and loose, and ready for a fucking at all times. Just like it should be.

Nikki definitely agreed with that assessment, especially as she had the best seat in the house to watch that anal violation and bum stuffing. Oh yes, Alexa's view point was good, but hers was even better, as she was able to get her face inches away from where the magic was happening, Nikki practically drooling at the sight. The only way it could have been any better was if she had somehow been the one bumming Bayley at the same time. Of course that was impossible, but that was okay, because she was more than happy with just watching. Especially whenever she tore her gaze away from watching that giant cock slowly sliding into Bayley's tailpipe, and then in and out of it, she got to see an extremely wide and extremely wicked grin on Alexa's beautiful face.

Honestly Nikki would do anything to put that look on her girlfriend's face, including forsaking her turn entirely and just watching Alexa bum fuck Bayley all night long, and if that wasn't true love, she didn't know what was. Of course, she was confident it wouldn't come to that, especially given Alexa's plan for breaking Bayley, but in that moment Nikki truly meant it. She would be happy with just watching. Especially given how beautiful Alexa looked right now, and how pretty Bayley's bum hole looked stretching for that long, thick dick, which slowly disappeared into it, until there was nothing left to give. Until Alexa's thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing that the so-called SmackDown Alpha female's rectum had been skewered with the full length of that big strap-on.

Which was a sight both members of Bliss Cross savoured for a few long seconds, before Alexa started pumping her hips back and forth, causing that big dildo to start slowly sliding in and out of Bayley's bum hole. For Alexa Bliss to officially start bumming Bayley, and putting her in her place, like the true Alpha female she was. Oh yes, Alexa didn't need any sort of title to make that true. She was always a woman taming stud, a butt busting top, and most importantly the Alpha female of the entire WWE. It was inspiring really. Nikki felt so inspired. So in awe of this goddess. And even more than a little jealous of Bayley right now, as her bowels were graced with the dick of the best arse fucker in the history of the WWE.

Just as ironically that submissive thought went through Nikki's mind Alexa suddenly asked for, albeit without looking away from her cock stretching out Bayley's backside, "Nikki honey, you ready for your turn?"

"Ye, yes." Nikki stammered dreamily, still lost in the show in front of her, and the submissive thought echoing in her head.

"I can't hear you?" Alexa teased.

"Yes!" Nikki said, firmly this time.

"Well then..." Alexa grinned, reluctantly pulling out of Bayley's butt, "Do it. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck that fat ass! Make that big booty yours."

Pulling out of that incredibly tight hole, they both took a few long seconds to admire Alexa's handiwork, even as Nikki was practically jumping out of her skin with excitement. As a result she may be anally penetrated Bayley a little harder than she meant too, shoving the first few inches of her cock straight into that only slightly loosened up shit hole, causing the SmackDown women's champion to cry out loudly and with pure agony. But to her credit, Nikki was able to squeeze the same kind of whimpers, cries and moans out of the little anal slut that Alexa did by slowly sliding the rest of her cock into Bayley's booty, and then to bum her just as gently. Okay, so Alexa had done a great job of loosening Bayley up for her but Nikki felt she did well, considering how badly she wanted to deliver a brutal rectum wrecking. Of course, it was only a matter of time.

Bayley was grateful for the initial pain she felt from getting her ass stretched by Alexa, and especially of Nikki's sudden and violent anal penetration. It was certainly preferable to what she felt through the far too slow and gentle butt stuffing, which still gave her pain, but not enough to drown out the pleasure she unfortunately also felt. In fact, that kind of pain only mixed in with the pleasure to make the experience that more intense. Although, in turn, that was preferable to the pure pleasure she felt shortly after the real butt fucking began, Bayley desperately trying and failing to stop herself from moaning, whimpering, and crying out in pure pleasure. Especially as she knew exactly what was about to happen, which truly made it impossible to hide her enjoyment.

Thankfully Alexa was too preoccupied with watching Nikki anally violating her to mock her for the sounds she was making, but inevitably she moved around so that she was kneeling in front of her face, and then ordered with a grin, "Suck it bitch, mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, suck my dick! Suck your nasty little butt off of my dick. Come on, mmmmmmmmm, don't even try and pretend you're not the biggest ATM whore in the company. Oh yeah, Bayley is the biggest ass to mouth whore in the history of the WWE, ooooooooooooh, and maybe the history of wrestling. So come on, wrapped those pretty cock sucking lips around my big dick and, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, that's it bitch, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, suck it!"

There was no use trying to resist, as she would have to do this sooner or later, so she wasn't trying to get out of it. No, Bayley was just trying to psych herself up so that she wouldn't moan loudly as soon as she tasted her own ass. Something she once again fail to do. And not only did she fail, it was a spectacular failure, the sound of her moan echoing throughout the room. It was probably the loudest yet, but thankfully she was so overwhelmed by the heavenly flavour that she mostly missed Alexa laughing at her, and taunting her. And it was the same for the next few minutes as she quickly stuff that butt flavoured strap-on down her throat so she could clean every single drop of her own anal juices. She then became very aware of Alexa's taunting.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, every drop! Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, get every single drop of your own whore butt off of my cock! Oh fuck yeah, suck it Bayley! Suck it!" Alexa gleefully taunted as she got exactly what she wanted, "Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, there's the Bayley I know, and love. Or at least, the Bayley I love to fuck like the anal whore she is. Oh yeah, there's the Bayley who loves taking it in the butt, mmmmmmmmm, and sucking her big fat ass off of a cock, and especially doing both together. Of taking it in both ends, like a common street whore. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you see Bayley? This is what you could have been having all along, mmmmmmmmmmm, if you weren't so delusional."

As much as Bayley wanted to respond to that, what could she possibly say? There was no way she could win a verbal argument when there was a cock in her mouth, and especially not when another was up her ass. Besides, in that moment Alexa was right, Bayley was nothing but a common street whore, her holes no longer her own, simply being used for the pleasure of others. Something which happened repeatedly as Alexa and Nikki switched places over, and over, and over again. Which was both wonderful and humiliating. Wonderful, because she was constantly getting fresh ass cream to clean, while her slutty little butt was being stuffed. But that was also the humiliating part, along with the fact that she was loving it, and totally failing to hide it.

However, there was one saving grace to all of this, that being as amazing as it felt it wasn't enough to break Bayley. It got extremely close, and she was extremely afraid of what would happen when the other women started to really hammer her big booty. But maybe, just maybe she could survive this with a shred of dignity. With her mind intact. With the ability to take sweet revenge on both of these bitches. Oh yes, Bayley could picture it now, mostly because she had done it before. After all, about a year ago Alexa had been her first challenger, with Nikki by her side, and that had ended very well for Bayley. Sure, she hadn't broken them, but she had taken her sweet revenge on her former bully, and this time she would finish the job, and make these bitches her bitches.

Just as Bayley was beginning to regain some confidence Alexa suddenly pulled her dick out of her big booty, smacked those sore cheeks roughly, and ordered, "Ride Nikki! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ride her with your slutty little ass, and then I'll join in for a nice, hard double ass fucking. You know, the kind the old Bayley absolutely adored."

"No, please... I..." Bayley pleaded, desperately.

"Now!" Alexa snapped firmly, delivering another smack for good measure.

Alexa chuckled wickedly as the so-called Alpha female lowered her head, crawled over to where Nikki was now sitting and lined herself up with the Scottish woman's dick. Of course Nikki had a grin on her face to match Alexa's, and those grins only got wider as Bayley lowered herself downwards, violating her own ass hole on Nikki's cock. Something she did slowly, even though it wasn't necessary, as Bayley was such an anal whore, and her fat ass was so stretched out at this point, she probably could've slammed herself down on the full length of that big dildo and still cried out with pleasure. And no doubt she was trying to make it easier for herself, but in the process she was providing Alexa with such an amazing show that she hung back, and allowed her defeated opponent to entertain her for a little bit.

More accurately, she watched Bayley's cock starving booty greedily swallowing every inch of Nikki's dick, and then without needing to be asked, suddenly bouncing herself up and down. Oh yes, that allegedly former, and clearly current, butt slut started bouncing herself up and down that big dick, causing it to slide in and out of her bitch hole, and for Bayley to continue moaning, whimpering and crying out in pleasure. Like this Alexa also got to watch those meaty cheeks jiggle, although for better or for worse that was short-lived, simply because Nikki reached out, grabbed hold of Bayley's enormous ass cheeks, and pull them wide apart. Which meant that Alexa missed out on the jiggling, but there would be plenty more of that, and in the meantime, she was very much enjoying watching the anal violation. Of course, she had a way to make it better, something Alexa did, after a few long minutes of just enjoying the show.

"Mmmmmmmmm yehhhhhhhhhhhh, that's it, good girl. Ride that big dick! Oh yeah!" Alexa softly praised the show in front of her for a while, before moving in for the kill while ordering, "Now stop. Oh yeah Bayley, stop eagerly bouncing your fat ass up and down like the little anal slut you are, so I can get to that back door too. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, it's double anal time, and you know what that means, don't you Bayley? Huh? Yesssssssssssss, that's right, mmmmmmmmmm, it's time for me and Nikki to break you. To put you in your place. Tear your ass apart so wide and deep, that you will never ever forget again the fact that your purpose in life is to be Bayley the Super Butt Slut, with a big fat ass open for business 24/7."

If Bayley tried to offer up another thing other than a pathetic whimper Alexa was probably too lost in her lust to tell. The fact was, Bayley immediately stopped when asked, and even arched her back to try and make it easier for Alexa to get the second cock inside her whore ass. That was all the consent Alexa needed, and she felt justified by the fact that she pressed her cock against that already widely stretched shit hole and pushed forwards, causing it to open even wider to let her in. And Bayley did nothing to stop her. No, she just whimpered in mostly pleasure, as her most private hole stretched, and stretched, and stretched until it allowed the first few inches of that second dildo inside it. Admittedly, that was followed up with a loud cry of agony from Bayley, but then the so-called Alpha female just went back to whimpering pathetically.

That was all Alexa continued to hear as she continued her journey into Bayley's bowels, albeit after a minute or two of pausing to savour the moment of anally violating the SmackDown women's champion with a second cock. Of course, she wasn't taking Bayley's double anal cherry. Hell, this wasn't even the first time she double ass fucked this shameless anal whore. But it was absolutely the first time in over a year that Bayley had got to fulfill her true purpose, and Alexa was only too happy to introduce her to the joys of a double butt fucking. Especially when Nikki continued spreading those meaty cheeks, making sure that Alexa got the best view possible throughout the double butt stuffing, and for the first few minutes of the sodomy, until Alexa finally pushed those hands away, so she could feel those gigantic cheeks which were now resting against her thighs.

Bayley was done, and she knew it. Sure, the pain was truly excruciating, and she felt like she was about to be torn apart at any moment, but she had been through all this before when she actually lost her double anal cherry, and she knew what ecstasy awaited her. The difference was back then it didn't bother her, as she was a happy little bottom, who trusted that her slutty bitch ass would make sure that the pain was worth it. Now she was the Alpha female of SmackDown, and the champion of that show, with a year-long reign under her belt, which was now all for nothing, because the incredible climaxes she would soon receive, would wipe out any shred of dominance that she'd been able to gain, and then once again leaving her a mindless bottom. And for that, she literally wept for the whole time for her destroyed career, and destroyed butt hole.

What was really, truly humiliating was that she didn't even make it to the orgasms. Hell, she barely even survived Alexa's thighs coming to rest against her juicy cheeks, which filled Bayley with an embarrassing sense of pride of being able to take the full length of both cocks inside of a hole which wasn't even supposed to take one. Which was a feeling she had to wallow in for a few long seconds as Alexa savoured the moment, and then painfully slowly the goddess started pulling her cock out of her ass hole, and then pushing it back in, the process repeating over and over again as Bayley officially received her first double butt fucking in what felt like forever. In far, far too long, given the way agony quickly gave way to ecstasy.

Suddenly Bayley was furious at herself for denying her true purpose in life. What explanation could there be for denying herself something that felt this good? Titles? Who the fuck cared about titles? Or winning? Or dignity? None of those things had ever made her feel this good, and it was fucking ridiculous she'd ever convinced herself all those things combined could somehow replace this. She was also overwhelmingly grateful to Nikki Cross, and especially Alexa Bliss, for opening up her eyes, and her ass hole, to what was so obviously the truth. Sadly it was a while before Bayley could find the words to thank them, as she was just so overwhelmed at that moment. Also, at that point, she just so desperately needed to cum, that it became her priority. Oh well, Bayley promised to find some other way to properly thank these goddesses.

"Please, mmmmmmmmm, please make me cum!" Bayley moaned softly, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd, fuck my ass and make me cum! Fuck me hard! Harder! Please, oh my God please, wreck my ass! Destroy my big fat ass! Ruin my butt hole like the back door whore I am! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, fuck me!"

"You gonna give us what we want?" Alexa asked.

"Be Bayley the Super Butt Slut?" Nikki pushed with a wicked grin.

"Give up being Alpha, and become our little up the butt bitch?" Alexa pushed with a wicked grin of her own.

"Be OUR Bayley the Super Butt Slut, mmmmmmmm, who takes it in her big fat ass every single day?" Nikki pushed with the widest grin yet.

"Yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd!" Bayley screamed when it finally felt like she had the chance, "I'll be your bitch! I'll be your anal loving bitch! Your ass whore! Mmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooh shit, I'll be Bayley the Super Butt Slut, who takes it in her big fat ass every single day. I'll be yours, mmmmmmmmm, all yours. And you can be Alpha, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I don't care, just please, make me cum! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Oh fuck yeah, make me cum make me cum MAKE ME CUM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!"



To Bayley's credit she had been able to thank her new Mistresses a little bit during that little exchange, and better yet, she found a way to repay them, and get more of this incredible ecstasy in the process. All she had to do was be their anal bitch and take it up the butt whenever they wanted. The thought of which would've probably sent her over the edge of orgasm on it's own, but when combined with just a slight increase in the pace and Bayley went off like a rocket, violently squirting her cum all over Nikki's stomach, which made the Scottish woman cackle with glee. Nikki continued doing that a lot as the process was repeated, Bayley cumming so hard and frequently she was robbed of the ability to think. And her last coherent thought? The silent promise that she would be the best butt slut possible for her new owners. Once again be Bayley the Super Butt Slut.

Alexa did everything she could to avoid cumming herself. It was a losing fight, but the longer she held back the better. After all, she wanted to make this a truly epic double anal pounding, that no woman in this room would ever forget, especially not Sasha Banks. Bayley too, but Alexa was confident that once again she had taken an overly confident rival and completely broken her. That she had once again taken Bayley, a natural butt slut, and showed her exactly what she could do to that giant booty of hers, to the point that she could never deny her. Admittedly, that was what she had thought before, but that was beside the point. The point was Bayley was now cumming so hard and frequently, surely there was no way back for her after this. Meaning that all that really mattered was telling Sasha she was next.

Something which Alexa wanted to say out loud, but she was a bit busy trying not to cum, even as she was bombarded with sensations. Like the fact that she'd worked herself up to giving a truly vicious rectum wrecking, the type which made Bayley's obscenely big booty jiggle like jelly in an earthquake, like times infinity. Oh God, that meaty flesh was jiggling so much just the sight would make Alexa drool, but she could feel it too. Oh yes, her well toned thighs were crashing against those enormous butt cheeks. And the sound! Oh fuck, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was incredible, as was the deafening squeals of ecstasy that this once again shameless butt slut was making throughout. Then there was the fact that the other end of the dildo was hammering her clit, making it painful not to cum.

Ironically, while the combination of those things bought her to the edge of orgasm, and would've probably sent her over the edge in a few more seconds, that wasn't the final thing which did it. No, that was seeing Nikki go over the edge. Oh yes, Alexa knew that look anywhere, especially on Nikki's face. And at that point, Alexa was still doing all the work, meaning that she was pushing Bayley down on top of her girlfriend, and thus fucking two girls at once. Making two other women cum at the same time. Also effectively double ass fucking, and breaking, Bayley by herself. But Alexa didn't care about that fuck hole. No, she only cared about herself in that moment, and her precious Nikki, and the thought of making her girl cum this way gave her a very satisfying climax.

Of course, unlike the anal whore known as Bayley, Alexa was a true Alpha female, who effortlessly pushed herself through that climax and onto several more, making the other two women cum several more times in the process. Although admittedly Nikki became more active, thrusting upwards into Bayley's big booty, making the Super Butt Slut cum even harder and more frequently, further solidifying her new conquest. And more importantly, maximizing her own pleasure. Just like Alexa taught her. And just like they were both doing now. Oh yes, they relentlessly used the now former Alpha female for their pleasure, using almost every ounce of their strength in the process. Then just in the nick of time Alexa pulled out, Nikki's cock coming with her as they were so tightly packed in there, and moved back to admire their handiwork.

Wonderful girlfriend that she was, Nikki reached back and spread those gigantic ass cheeks, providing the best possible view of that gaping wide open bitch hole, causing Alexa to chuckle wickedly, "Awww Nikki, that's so sweet. Mmmmmmmmm, but unnecessary. Oh yes, we've destroyed this whore's butt so good I can see deep into her fat ass without you having to spread her cheeks. I appreciate it though, mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, so why I don't you get out from under that, and see what we've done to this slut hole? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, come here Nikki. You gotta see this. Oh fuck yeah, ya gotta see this gape."

"Sure thing Alexa." Nikki beamed happily, shoving Bayley off of her, but making sure the super butt slut ended up on her stomach so they could still see their handiwork.

Sasha was saved from having to see it for a few long seconds, but unfortunately after taking turns just spreading those cheeks and giggling like hyenas, Alexa dragged Bayley downwards so that her fat ass ended up hanging over the edge of the bed. Alexa also spread those cheeks nice and wide, and despite her best efforts Sasha just couldn't look away. Oh God, she just couldn't stop herself from looking at her girlfriend's gaping butt hole. Just like she couldn't stop watching Bayley getting her big booty destroyed right in front of her, or the butt-plug that her own ass was practically begging for, Sasha only barely able to stop herself from literally begging for it.

Ever since she came back to SmackDown Sasha thought that she had finally put bottoming in her rearview mirror. Because she was supposed to be way too good for it, and along with Bayley had rejoiced in ruling SmackDown with an iron fist. Admittedly, Bayley had been in control when they had sex, just the two of them, but at least she didn't have to take it up the butt anymore. Well, almost never. Point was, Sasha had thought she was finally back to normal, but watching Bayley be so thoroughly top had made her traitorous body, and unfortunately especially her ass hole, craving the same treatment. Something she found herself aching for even now she was seeing the consequences of it, which made it clear Bayley wouldn't be sitting right for at least a week.

"What do you think of our handiwork, Sasha?" Alexa questioned mockingly, "Mmmmmmmmm, isn't it the prettiest gape you've ever seen?"

Thankfully this snapped Sasha out of her haze somewhat, and she smirked, "Not as pretty as your ass hole after I've fucked it."

"Oooooooooooh, still got a little fight left in you I see, mmmmmmmmmm, I like that." Alexa grinned wickedly, letting go of Bayley's ass cheeks as she added, "What do you think we can do about that Nikki?"

"I've got some ideas." Nikki replied with a wicked grin of her own, as she and Alexa approached The Boss.

"Me too." Alexa smirked, pressing her ass flavoured cock to Sasha's lips, "Starting with this..."

As a proud top, and multiple times women's champion, Sasha would like to claim that she opened her mouth to give some form of further defiance. Ideally after pulling her face back in disgust, proving that she was a true top, who would never consider something so vile as actually going ass to mouth. Unfortunately she had been an ATM whore for many, many women at this point, and more importantly, had tasted Bayley's booty countless times now, so just the two women approaching her made her mouth water, and actually having an ass flavoured cock touching her lips meant it was all over. She truly had no choice at that moment but to wrap her lips around that cock and let out a long, loud, pleasure filled moan.

This process was repeated a few minutes afterwards as Nikki placed her strap-on right next to Alexa's, silently encouraging Sasha to go back and forth between them. They also offer up verbal encouragement, but Sasha was thankfully so lost in tasting Bayley's delicious butt cream that her world became cleaning those cocks. So for a few long minutes she went back and forth in between those big dicks, making sure she gave both of them plenty of attention, while cleaning every drop of ass cream from them. Just as she had been trained to do. Oh yes, in that moment Sasha Banks was a little ass to mouth whore. Something which really pleased the other women, giving her an amazing submissive thrill in the moment, but it didn't take long for her to be ashamed of that fact, and what this could mean for the future.

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