Bliss Cross Tops

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Nikki Cross or Sasha Banks or any other former or current WWE diva. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Sasha Banks was so jealous of Bayley right now, and she hated herself for it. Alexa Bliss wasted no time in announcing herself the new Alpha female of SmackDown, and that now Sasha's 'best friend' was nothing but her bitch. Bayley was only too happy to prove this, first by pulling down her pants and spreading her cheeks, by revealing her ass hole being widely stretched by a butt-plug, and then by proudly proclaimed herself to be Alexa's anal loving bitch. Which was more than enough, but Alexa added insult to injury by making the once proud champion kiss her feet, and then anally ride her strap-on dildo in the cowgirl position, so everybody, but especially Sasha, could watch those big meaty cheeks bounce up and down.

Normally, Sasha loved watching a big juicy ass jiggling as some anal slut bounced up and down a strap-on, but not when her girl was giving her slutty little ass hole up to someone else, and especially not when her girlfriend was now some other woman's anal bitch. But that was exactly what was happening, and Sasha was obscenely jealous. And the worst part? She wasn't just jealous of Alexa for stealing Bayley away from her, breaking her, and thus ruining the really good thing they had going. No, she was jealous of Bayley for being able to take that big dick up her fat ass, her now former teammate loving every second of it. Something which made Sasha's body ache for what Bayley now had. It even made her ass hole quiver with jealousy, and worse, anticipation.

She had just about been able to avoid giving into the generous offer of joining her girlfriend in submission to Bliss Cross, but she wasn't out of the woods yet, as the next match would either get her back on track, and at least in some way into avenging the previous devastating loss, or possibly do her in for good. It was only Nikki Cross. Sasha Banks was miles better than Nikki Cross, so this should be a piece of cake, right? But of course, Bliss Cross were cheating, making her all horny going into the match, and thinking about submissive thoughts. Not just with their actions, but with their words, constantly taunting her, especially that bitch Alexa, painting a vivid idea of what would happened to her if she lost tonight.

Which should have ironically motivated her all the more to win, either because it enraged her, or simply because she wanted to avoid Bayley's fate. Either way she should be easily able to imagine that it was her cock Bayley was riding with her fat ass, as they had done that like a thousand times. However, try as she might, Sasha kept imagining it was her bouncing up and down on that dick, so much so that she had the urge to dildo or at least finger her own butt hole. And the only relief she got from that was when Alexa and Bayley left for a title match, but that only lasted a few minutes, Alexa squashing Bayley in seconds to capture the SmackDown women's title, and then they came backstage for more anal fun.

"And your winner, and new SmackDown women's champion, Alexa Bliss!" Alexa announced loudly as she entered the locker room, then condescendingly telling her pray, "You're up next Sasha, good luck out there. Break a leg. Or two."

"Where's the fun in that?" Nikki questioned with a wicked grin of her own, "I want both lakes intact, so we can put her in more positions later."

"Good point Nikki." Alexa purred wickedly, "She looks great on all fours, like the bitch she is."

"And just on her knees, like the bitch she is." Nikki chimed in with a wicked chuckle.

Sasha had been trying to save her breath, but that was the final straw, as she snapped angrily, "I'm going to ruin you! Both of you! Do you know who I am? I'm Sasha Banks, The Boss, The Blueprint, and the greatest women's wrestler of all time! No, I'm just the greatest of all time, regardless of gender. And you? You're nothing Nikki. I'm going to destroy you, and your little girlfriend too."

"You sure about that?" Nikki grinned.

"No doubt." Sasha huffed.

"Then you wouldn't mind if we raised the stakes then, will you?" Alexa questioned.

"So if you lose, you have to bottom for both me, and Alexa." Nikki revealed gleefully.

"Fine, but when I win, you're both mine, and I get Bayley back." Sasha countered, and then quickly added, "And you're not allowed to interfere."

"Deal." Alexa agreed with a wicked grin, "Be seeing you soon."

"Yes, you will." Sasha growled, stomping out of the door and quickly heading towards the ring.


Once they were in the ring Sasha realized she had given Alexa a loophole, simply by specifying the new SmackDown women's champion couldn't interfere herself, but she didn't say anything about her bitches. And now thanks to publicly beating Bayley, Alexa was the Alpha female of SmackDown again, that meant there was a lot of bitches who could interfere on her behalf. Most of them would probably be happy too, as they resented Sasha's greatness, and would probably love to see The Boss taken down. Of course the most effective way to get to her would be to send Bayley out here. God, she wouldn't even have to do anything, just stand there and remind Sasha what she had allowed to happen on her watch, and it would probably be enough distraction to make her lose the match.

Ironically, it was because she was distracted by these thoughts that she ended up losing the match. Which was truly appalling, as while she did okay at first, Nikki got way too much offense in, considering that The Boss was supposed to be wrestling royalty around here. Oh God, it couldn't be more clear that The Boss was distracted as hell, and had a off-night because of it, because Nikki not only dominated most of the match, but won by rolling through the bank statement into a roll up, something which Sasha should have easily countered, but she didn't. She'd done it before plenty of times, but instead she was too dazed and confused too act fast enough, and as a result, her shoulders were pinned down for a three count by Nikki Cross of all people.

For a few long minutes Sasha just sat there in disbelief, and horror on her face, at what she just allowed to happen. Because there was no way she could have lost to Nikki Cross on her own, meaning that she allowed herself to beat herself. She was ready to tell anyone who would listen that, but then she had a horrible thought, namely what if she had lost on purpose, because she wanted to be topped. Because she didn't want to admit it, but there was some truth to that. Oh God, it was so shameful, but ever since watching Bayley getting broken by Bliss Cross Sasha had imagined receiving the same treatment, but never more than when Nikki was touching her, giving her another reason to be distracted. But either way, the result was the same, Sasha hating herself as she slowly made her way to the back.


"Wow, nice work Nikki. That bitch barely lasted five minutes with you." Alexa beamed, hugging her girlfriend tightly pretty much the second she got through the door.

"Thank you so much." Nikki smiled and hummed back, before admitting, "But it was nothing."

"Oh, don't be so modest." Alexa gently scolded, pulling back from the hug and pointing out, "That was Sasha Banks. I hate that bitch, but even I've got to admit she's an amazing wrestler. And oh, you should've seen her in her prime, back in NXT. She really was quite something. Everyone was afraid of her, except maybe Charlotte."

"But now, she's nothing but a has-been anal addict, desperate to get her fix." Nikki countered, "You said it yourself, Sasha used to be something special, but now she is nothing but an anal loving loser, who can't hold onto a championship to save her career. I mean, just look at her performance tonight? Mmmmmmmmm, I swear she lost on purpose, just so she could get the privilege of getting both our cocks up her slutty little ass."

"Oh, I know." Alexa agreed, she and Nikki sharing a laugh at Sasha's expense, "Believe me, I know. Who do you think taught her to love it up the ass so much, huh?"

"Charlotte?" Nikki quipped.

"Well, yeah..." Alexa pouted, before grinning, "But just because that overrated skank took Sasha's anal cherry doesn't mean that she broke her. No, everyone knows Charlotte Flair can't get the job done when it counts, and it's up to The Goddess to succeed where The Queen fails."

"Is that right?"

"Charlotte!" Alexa exclaimed, nervous for a minute before regaining her composure, "I didn't see you there... but I'm glad you are. Oh yeah, me and Nikki broke Bayley, and Sasha is next. Then? Who knows?"

"We'll see." Charlotte said dismissively, before turning towards the door, and smirked, "Sasha, good to see you finally joining us. We were just talking about you."

"I heard." Sasha glared at first Charlotte, then turned her attention to Bliss Cross, "Oh, I heard every word sweetheart, which means you're in big trouble, because not even The Queen could break me, which means you have no chance, and soon I'll have my revenge on you, just like Bayley did last year. Then we'll see who the has-been really is."

"Oh honey, it will still be you. Always you." Alexa replied with mock sympathy, before then telling her pray, "Now be a good girl and give us a show. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, bend over and stick out that cute little ass of yours. Show us what Nikki won for us tonight. And if you do it fast enough, we might just let Bayley prepare you first for us with a nice long rim job."

"Oh yes please, mmmmmmmmm, please Sasha, do as they say, so I can eat your yummy little ass?" Bayley pleaded, hopefully, "Oh God, I love eating ass, you know I do. Especially yours. So please Sasha, be good so I can tongue your ass hole. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's been far too long since I ate that yummy little butt."

"Yeah, and who's fault is that?" Sasha snapped, instantly feeling guilty for it as it made Bayley lower her head glumly.

"Ooooooooooh, trouble in paradise?" Alexa mocked with an evil laugh.

In response, Sasha just glared at her, only to sigh, then do as she was told. It wasn't like she didn't have a point. If Bayley hadn't fucked up and lost, and more importantly been broken, they wouldn't be in this mess. No, things would be like they were before. Although even then, Bayley wasn't giving her butt nearly enough attention. Mostly because Sasha told her she didn't want it, but Bayley should know more than anyone that wasn't entirely true, and honestly, the others were probably right, her own desire for getting her butt fucked had cost Sasha once again. Hopefully it was once again a price she could pay, otherwise she was going to suffer an even greater defeat, a thought which made her whimper as she removed the last of her clothing, and got down on all fours.

"Can I?" Bayley then asked her owners hopefully, "Oh please, please, please, Mistress Alexa, Mistress Nikki, can I have the privilege of eating that ass out for you? Please? I promise to put on a good show for you, mmmmmmmmm, and get Sasha's slutty little bitch hole nice and ready for the two of you to fuck. Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, I'll tongue that yummy little booty hole, mmmmmmm, get it all nice and wet, and ready to fuck. Oh please, oh please, oh please, mmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd, I need to eat Sasha's Banks's yummy little ass. I need it so bad, sooooooooooo bad, ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Nikki grinned wickedly.

"Oh yeah, eat that ass bitch! Eat it good." Alexa purred with a wicked grin of her own.

"Oh thank you Mistress, thank you." Bayley squealed with delight, and dived for her prize.

Bayley new she probably should've spent longer thanking her owners for this privilege, and maybe more importantly letting them speak, but she just let her excitement get the better of her. It had just been so long since she had prepared Sasha's ass for a top, and she missed that particular perversion. Of course, she especially missed rimming her girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend? Honestly it was hard to tell, now that the Role Models were in a weird limbo between delusional bottoms and bottoms, who happily accepted their place. Luckily for them both, Bayley had every confidence that Mistress Alexa and Mistress Nikki would open Sasha's eyes, and her ass hole, to the way things were supposed to be around here.

Naturally Bayley couldn't concentrate on that right now, when she had the all-important job of munching butt. Luckily she was such a well-trained ass muncher, that even while she was daydreaming Bayley was lapping away at Sasha's most private hole, and pushing her face as deep in between those cheeks as it would go. Then she pulled back a little, spread those cheeks with both her hands, and spat onto Sasha's butt hole a couple of times, before rubbing it in with her tongue. She then swirled her tongue around that forbidden hole, and finally tried pushing her tongue inside it, which was all pretty standard stuff when it came to dishing out a thorough rim job like the well-trained anal whore she was.

One thing which was quite telling was that not only did her tongue easily enter Sasha's ass hole, but it pretty much went as deep as it could go, suggesting this hole had recently been abused. The question was, who by? Sasha herself, unable to take thinking about what happened, and dildoing her own butt? Or did she get one of the other tops to do it? Charlotte would probably do it, and keep her mouth shut, but not as a personal favour, but because she liked to know things other people didn't. But given their history, Bayley suspected that Sasha simply did it herself, unable to deal with the shame of actually asking someone to do it. Or maybe her ass had been anticipating this ever since last week, and as a result had just naturally become loose and slutty, ready for the moment it would once again take dick?

Whatever the case, it helped them both out physically, even if it did cause Sasha to whimper pathetically, and Mistress Alexa and Mistress Nikki definitely laughed at her expense, and the chance to dish out more verbal humiliation. Not that Bayley really registered a lot of it as she was too busy slamming her tongue in and out of Sasha's butt hole, and towards the end, even slipping a finger into it. Anything to make it easier on Sasha, and to heighten the twisted feel of pleasure for both of them. Hopefully this would lead to Bayley being punished later, but unsurprisingly for now Bliss Cross were very much focused on The Boss, especially given what they were about to do to her.

"Okay, that's more than enough for a butt slut like Sasha Banks. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, move aside Bayley. Move aside so we can butt fuck your girlfriend like the anal whore she is." Alexa ordered.

"Yes Mistress." Bayley replied and reluctantly obeyed.

"Good bitch." Alexa said dismissively, before turning to her girl, "She's all yours Nikki."

"You sure?" Nikki grinned excitedly.

"Of course." Alexa reassured, "It's only fair after you won us this piece of ass."

"Thanks Alexa, you're the best." Nikki clapped excitedly, before turning her attention to her pray, and smacking that cute little ass, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Mmmmmmmm, show me, and everyone else here, the slutty little bitch hole I'm about to fuck. That we're about to fuck. Oh yes, first me, then Alexa, then both of us, destroying your little ass hole and making you our bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, that's right. Spread those cheeks nice and wide. Oh my God, this is going to be so much fun. Ah yes, mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, oooooooooooooh fuck! Oh yeah, Nikki wants to play. Nikki wants to play with your butt!"

Nikki knew she really should just get on with it now, but she just couldn't help herself from rambling for a little while, when presented with the breath-taking sight of the once mighty Sasha Banks slowly reaching back and exposing her cute little butt hole. Although to her credit, Nikki did slide her cock up and down Sasha's butt crack, teasing her pray physically as well as verbally, just like her amazing girlfriend Alexa had taught her to do. Of course, she was teasing that amazing girlfriend along the way, along with everyone else, including herself, so ultimately Nikki suddenly slammed forwards, shoving the head of her cock inside that cute little ass. She then felt guilty about that, not because of the loud cry Sasha let out, but because she knew Alexa preferred a nice long, slow anal penetration.

Briefly she looked away from the beautiful sight in front of her to give her girl an apologetic look, but unsurprisingly her girl didn't even notice, she was too busy enjoying the sight of Sasha's shit hole being widely stretched. Still, Nikki felt she should make it up to her, so that was exactly what she did, namely by giving Alexa a few long minutes to savour the moment, before slowly pushing forwards so that the woman she loved watched inch after inch of her dick sliding into her rival's rear. And to be fair, as eager as Nikki was to get every inch of her cock up that ass, and give Sasha Banks a proper butt banging, there was something to be said for this long rectum stuffing. Especially as the entire locker room hung on her every movement.

Pretty much everyone in this locker room hated Sasha Banks. They all respected her, but she was a loudmouth bitch, who couldn't really backup the trash talk she was constantly inflicting on everyone around her. Luckily that meant Sasha had been frequently butt fucked, maybe especially in public, something that the women of the WWE never seem to tire of watching. Nikki certainly didn't, although of course this was special. This was her chance to put Sasha in her place, and the more she thought about it, the happier she was that she was taking her time. Especially as she paused every so often to turn her gaze to her audience and enjoy the blissfully happy look on Alexa's beautiful face, pun intended. And she also got to enjoy the looks on the other women's face, most of whom seem jealous of her, but maybe more than one of them were jealous of Sasha, which was an incredible confidence boost, which had Nikki grinning like a mad fool.

It was all so wonderful she kind of hoped that it would never end, and for a few minutes there, it actually seemed like it never would. Oh yes, it felt like she had an endless supply of cock to slid into Sasha's bowels, and eventually it would just start coming out of her mouth as she literally skewered this bitch like a pig. Of course, that didn't happen. No, instead one minute she was stuffing that butt, and the next her thighs came to rest against those ass cheeks, announcing she had done it. Nikki had buried every inch of her big dick up the cute little butt of The Boss, Sasha Banks. Something which Nikki just had to taunt her pray about, after squealing with glee and clapping her hands together excitedly.

"Oh my God, I did it! Every single inch of my big dick up Sasha Banks's butt! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, that's so hot!" Nikki squealed gleefully, "And it slid in so easy too. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssss, my big hard dick just slid so easy into your ass Sasha. Oh fuck, Alexa told me you were a shameless anal whore, and I totally believed her, because clearly your ass was made to be fucked, but... wow, I didn't actually think you would be as big a butt slut as your girlfriend. Ha ha ha ha, but you are, and I love it. Oh yes, I love it, and so do you. Isn't that right, Sasha? Huh? Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, you love being one of the biggest ass sluts on the roster. And don't worry, now you belong to us, me and Alexa will take good care of you."

Alexa join Nikki in her gleeful laughter, except hers was much more wicked, an evil smile crossing her face as Sasha was forced to wallow in humiliation. Although both her laughter and her smile faded away once Nikki grabbed onto Sasha's waist with both hands and slowly started pushing her hips back, and pushing them forwards, causing the big dildo one girl was wearing to slide in and out of the other girl's most private hole. Butt fucking her! Oh God, her girl, Nikki Cross, was officially butt fucking that bitch Sasha Banks, and putting her in her place. God, it was so beautiful, and hot, and Alexa loved it. She really did. But she was also insanely jealous, and kind of wanted to shove Nikki aside so she could do it.

That wasn't fair, of course, because like she said, Nikki had earned this. After all, she had beaten Sasha fair and square, and now The Boss's cute little butt was theirs to fuck. Oh yes, it was only a matter of time before Alexa would get her turn. In fact, it was kind of surprising Nikki hadn't offered her a turn already. Then again, Alexa couldn't blame her, as she knew from experience it was a incredible rush to butt fuck one of the four Horsewomen, especially this obnoxious little bitch. Oh yeah, Alexa Bliss had built a career, at least on the main roster, of making Bayley, Becky Lynch, and maybe especially Sasha Banks bend over like the anal loving bottoms they were, even if they were too stubborn to admit it. So it was only right she took a backseat for once, and just enjoyed watching Nikki sodomizing Sasha.

"Do you want a turn?" Nikki suddenly asked, not even looking away from Sasha's butt hole stretching around her dick in the process.

"God yes." Alexa grinned widely, so glad that she had the best girlfriend ever, who would offer her such a thing so soon.

"What's the magic word?" Nikki sing-songed playfully.

"Please?" Alexa replied without hesitation, rolling her eyes and trying to hide the fact that she was grinning at her girl's playfulness.

Even though Alexa had been determined to let Nikki fuck Sasha's ass to her hearts content, she couldn't just turn down such a generous offer, could she? No, that would be rude. So as soon as Nikki pulled her cock out of Sasha's butt hole Alexa was quick to replace her, and take advantage of all the great work her girlfriend had done stretching out that slutty little fuck hole. Oh yes, Alexa took a page out of Nikki's playbook, and rammed her dick pretty much straight into that already gaping butt hole, forcing the high and mighty Sasha Banks to let out a very satisfying cry. Or at least, it was satisfying for Bliss Cross, who briefly paused to savour that wonderful sound, and the wonderful moment, before The Goddess focused on stuffing The Boss's booty full of strap-on.

Unsurprisingly this caused Sasha to continue to let out wickedly wonderful sounds, mostly cries and whimpers, but there were definitely a few stifled moans from the former Alpha female of NXT, who was trying and failing to hide the fact that she was enjoying this. That Sasha Banks was a twisted little anal whore that she could actually get off on just getting her rectum stretched out and filled with dick. Of course, what she loved even more was getting her slutty little ass fucked, with the full length of the superior woman's strap-on, And that's exactly what Bliss Cross made sure she got, over and over again, along with another treat the kind of perverted sluts like Banks and Bayley couldn't get enough of. Something that Nikki was only too happy to be the first to give the bitch this time around.

"Oh Sasha, dinner time." Nikki mocked, as she came to stand directly in front of her pray and press her ass coated cock to Sasha's lips, "Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, it's your favourite. Well, you proved the other night that your girlfriend's ass is probably your favourite flavour, but Alexa says this is your second favourite. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, go ahead Sasha, prove her right. Prove my wonderful Alexa right by sucking my cock like the greedy little ass to mouth whore you are! Oh yes, receive your first double-team of the night. But not your last, ha ha ha ha! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, that's it bitch, suck it good! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, clean every drop of your butt cream, and enjoy being our spit roast whore!"

Sasha could have done without the commentary, but she was grateful for the excuse to moan. Then again, there was still a girl cock in her ass, and the combination of that and tasting the deepest part of her butt on another girl cock wasn't exactly making her feel better about her current situation, or much of an excuse. But maybe most of all, she was grateful because this distracted her from the taunting. Oh yes, it was embarrassing, but the best thing for her right now was to get lost in sucking her own ass off that cock. Especially as Nikki and Alexa knew this was one of her favourite flavours, second only to Bayley's delicious booty.

Initially she savoured the first few inches of that dick, as it had just pummelled the deepest part of her bowels, but it wasn't long before she was shoving Nikki's strap-on down her throat for a thorough cleaning. Mostly so that she could get every drop of that yummy liquid. Not because she been told too, but just because she liked it. There was another reason, namely to get more. For Bliss Cross to switch positions, and give her a fresh batch of butt cream. Which, again for better or for worse, was exactly what happened, Alexa and Nikki constantly switching places for what felt like a blissful eternity, to her shame Sasha loving every single second of it. Although it was preferable to the true ass wrecking it which would follow.

Getting to that, after what seemed like an eternity of making Sasha go ass to mouth, Alexa pronounced, "Double ass fucking time! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I love making my bitches go ass to mouth, but I think Sasha Banks has more than earned this. Oh yeah, mmmmmmmm, lay down Nikki. Lay down so Sasha can ride you with her slutty little ass hole. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, let Sasha ride your big dick with her slutty little ass hole, and then I'll come join you. Really break this bitch in right. Ooooooooooh, fuck yeah, break her once and for all with a nice hard double ass stuffing. Oh fuck yeah, do it Nikki! Break The Boss and make her The Bitch!"

"Yes Alexa, mmmmmmmmm, gladly." Nikki replied, when she finally got the chance, having already done as she was told.

There was a brief pause, then Sasha began with a whimper, "Please-

"Now!" Alexa cut her off with a warning tone, and glare.

"But I've never done that before." Sasha whined, even though deep down she knew it wouldn't help her.

"Wait, you're a double anal virgin!" Alexa exclaimed with delight, then she took the following silence as confirmation and gleefully added, "Oh my God, this is going to be so sweet. Oh God, I can't believe it, I'm going to take Sasha Banks's double anal virginity! I mean... is, is that okay Nikki? I, I know you won her ass, but please, please, please can I be the one to take her double anal cherry? Please?"

"Of course, Alexa, anything for you." Nikki beamed.

"Thanks Nikki, you really are the best." Alexa beamed happily back, before glaring at Sasha, "Well, get on that dick already bitch. I won't ask nicely again."

Finally accepting her fate Sasha lowered her head, whimpered pathetically, and then climbed into Nikki's lap, desperately trying to avoid looking at the wicked grin on Nikki's face as she lined up her ass hole with the other woman's dick. For better or for worse her back door stayed widely open, meaning that it was easy for Sasha to take that cock inside her ass, first just the head, but then the rest of it followed as she slowly but surely pushed herself downwards. Then of course, came the part where she bounced up and down like the little anal whore she had been turned into in that moment. And maybe even the anal whore she'd always been. Which, especially rung true, considering she spent the entire time moaning loudly in pleasure.

This of course caused Alexa to laugh, and probably mock her some more, but for a few blissful moments, maybe even a few minutes, Sasha didn't hear a thing. No, she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the incredible pleasure which came with sliding her ass hole up and down a nice long, thick girl dick, which was guaranteed to never go soft. Oh God, for better or for worse, the mighty Sasha Banks abandoned any shred of dignity or shame and just maximized her pleasure as much as possible. As a result she got so close to an orgasm, or more likely several of them, that she could taste it, only for Alexa to cruelly deny her, smacking Sasha's ass a few times to make sure that her words would be crystal-clear.

"Stop. Stop!  I said stop you stupid little bitch!" Alexa ordered increasingly loudly, the last being a yell. Then when she got what she wanted Alexa moaned lustfully, "That's right bitch, mmmmmmmm, stop bouncing that whore ass when we tell you too. What, did you really think you were going to get to cum? Huh? No, mmmmmmmm, sluts like you have to earn their orgasms, oooooooooooh, and you don't cum until my dick is in your whore ass! Yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmm, it's time for a double ass stuffing so don't worry Sasha, I'm sure an anal whore like you will cum real soon. Oh yes, oooooooooh good girl, now stay nice and still while I get in that ass. Oh yes Nikki, ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, spread those cheeks just like that. Ah fuck!"

"You're welcome Alexa." Nikki grinned, having already anticipated what her girl would want from her.

Alexa then slowly pushed her dick against that already widely stretched forbidden hole, and began stretching it even wider. That once again had the mighty Sasha Banks crying out and whimpering, but this time it was in pure pain and humiliation, and it was one of the most delicious things that Alexa had ever heard. Just as one of the best thing she ever saw was The Boss's butt hole continuing to stretch wider, and wider, and wider, until the head of her big dick slid inside, alongside Nikki's strap-on, meaning that Alexa Bliss had officially taken Sasha Banks's double anal cherry. And oh God, the hysterical cry that her long-time rival let out was priceless. It literally had the goddess laughing out loud, before she bought more humiliation down on her new bitch's head.

"Pop! And there goes your double anal cherry! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, it's mine now! All mine!" Alexa taunted gleefully, clapping her hands together like her girlfriend, "Oh God Nikki, this is sooooooooo amazing! Like the best present ever! Oh my God, I love it I love it I love it! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, how does it feel Sasha, huh? How does it feel to have your tiny little shit hole stretching for not one, but two big dicks? It fucking hurts, doesn't it? Yeah, I remember. I remember what you did to me. And now? Mmmmmmmm I finally get some payback. but don't worry Sasha, an anal slut like you will be loving it in no time. I know, I know... I did. Mmmmmmmm, but that just proves my point."

Unsurprisingly, Sasha had no witty comeback this time. No, the bitch just whimpered pathetically and lowered her head in shame, she was surrendering herself and becoming nothing but a fuck hole for the pleasure of Bliss Cross. At least in that moment. It was not long ago that Alexa thought she'd broken Sasha for good, only to be proven wrong time and time again. And yet, she'd actually never tried this before, which now seemed absurd. She knew the reason why, namely that she hadn't wanted to share this level of power over someone. Hadn't wanted to share ass. She was afraid it would make her look weak, more importantly, she had just been greedy. Besides, she couldn't have ever imagine doing this with anyone else she was ever allied with, especially not that pathetic bottom Mickie James.

But now she had Nikki, the perfect partner for something like this. Someone who could be dominant when she needed to be, but not too much. Not enough to overshadow Alexa. But more importantly, someone she could truly trust. Someone she loved with all her heart. So much so that she actually pulled her gaze away a few times, from the heavenly sight of Sasha Banks's butt hole being forced to take inch after inch of her big dick, so she could share a grin with her precious Nikki. Who unsurprisingly got to spend the entire time with a wide grin on her face. Although to be fair, Alexa was probably the exact same way. And it wasn't like the so-called Role Models were in a state to mock them for it.

No, Bayley was a completely broken bitch now, and it wouldn't be long before Sasha was the same way. Of course, Sasha was mostly distracted by the huge cock sliding deep into her bowels, to join the other big dick which was already inside her. Something that Alexa knew from experience was particularly difficult at this point, as she suddenly got a flash of being in Sasha's position, when she lost her double anal virginity to this bitch and Charlotte back in NXT. Something that she never thought she would recover from, and from the way that her butt hole quivered it was clear that in a way she never did. But Alexa once again proved herself vastly superior to Bayley and Sasha by refocusing on the task at hand, and pushing the submissive thoughts out of her head completely. More or less.

Sasha was also getting vivid memories of Charlotte, namely when that bitch took her anal cherry. Mostly because just like back then it felt like her poor little ass was literally going to be torn in two, and she would never, ever recover from this. And in the way, she was worried that she actually would, as having her rectum ruined forever seemed vastly superior in that moment, the alternative. Namely, that she became just as big a whore for two cocks up her butt as she was for just one up there. Because she did everything she could to hide it, but she had her moments, like a few seconds ago, when it just became too much, and she became lost in anal pleasure. And the worst part was, even though she was in agony, she also felt pleasure.

It quickly got so much worse when Alexa's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing that she had the entire length of both strap-on cocks buried in her back passage. Something which was of course a relief, but mostly it made Sasha feel weirdly proud of herself, and she hated feeling that way. Which she had to wallow in for a few long seconds, as her two tormentors just stayed perfectly still and savoured the moment for what felt an eternity. Then Alexa started thrusting in and out, effortlessly proving herself one of the greatest butt busters of all time, as she busted Sasha's butt, and slowly stretched it out and causing the pain to fade away. Something which Sasha ironically found herself missing as it was replaced with overwhelming pleasure.

Poor Sasha couldn't even pretend, even for a second, that she wasn't absolutely loving every second of it. No, she just couldn't stop herself from letting out loud cries, gasps and whimpers which made it clear how she felt at all times. Oh God, it was bad enough when she gave them the satisfaction of hearing her cry out of agony, but then they got to hear pleasure being entered into the mix, to the point where it was overwhelming the pain, until all she felt was ecstasy. Well, there was still some pain, but it only added to the pleasure, which became so overwhelming soon she just couldn't resist the urge to beg to cum, humiliating herself more in the process, something she didn't think possible.

"Ma, make me cum! Oh God, please, mmmmmmmmmm, I need to cum!" Sasha cried out pathetically, and becoming more desperate as the minutes ticked by, "I need it! Please, oooooooooooh please make me cum! Make me cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass. Oh God, two! Two dicks! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, make me cum like a little bitch with two big dicks in my slutty little ass. Make me... make me your bitch. Make The Boss, The Bitch! Your Bitch! Oh please, please, pleasssssssseeeeeeee, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddddddd, ah fuck, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

For better or for worse, Sasha wasn't begging long before Nikki of all people took pity on her, thrusting upwards into The Boss's slutty little shit hole, which at that point was all it took to make Sasha experience what was easily one of the hardest climaxes of her life. It was then followed by another, and another, and another, as Bliss Cross worked together to literally destroy her ass, and more importantly her mind. Both of which seemed acceptable sacrifices if it meant more of this ecstasy. In fact, the last coherent thought Sasha had for quite a while, was that she would welcome joining Bailey and being the anal bitch of Bliss Cross, if it meant she could feel this way on a regular basis.

Alexa actually momentarily stopped in her tracks and glared at Nikki as her girlfriend made their new bitch cum. But that only lasted a few seconds, as Alexa quickly realized it was only fair. After all, Nikki was the one who had won them Sasha Banks, and she could have insisted on being the one to take The Boss's double anal virginity. And honestly, Alexa would've let her. Because again, it was only fair. But no, Nikki Cross had once again proven to be the most generous and wonderful girlfriend in the whole wide world, and given her the privilege of taking this all-important cherry from her long-time rival. So it was only fair that Nikki got to be the one to make Sasha cum first in this way. Oh yes, it was only fair, and Alexa really, really loved to see it.

Of course what she love to see even more, was the high and mighty Sasha Banks cumming for her, especially under these circumstances. Better yet, she was cumming for them, The Boss now truly nothing but Bliss Cross's bitch as the little slut violently squirted her cum all over Nikki's stomach and screamed hysterically. And it wasn't just Alexa doing all the work, like it was for the initial double ass fucking. No, now Sasha's whore ass had been thoroughly loosened up, and the anal bitch was probably too busy being overwhelmed by ecstasy to notice a little thing like pain, Nikki started thrusting upwards, just occasionally at first, but it wasn't long before she was brutally pounding that slutty little butt, and making sure that The Boss truly became The Bitch.

Gleefully doing her part to ensure that Alexa gradually worked up to her top speed, or at least as fast as she could go when it was two cocks packed within one hot little girl butt. It was certainly enough to make those cheeks jiggle for her, along with the sound of flesh smacking off flesh to be audible, even with Sasha screaming her head off. Especially when Alexa, being the goddess that she was, timed it perfectly, so she could spank Sasha's cute little booty in between thrusts. She also grabbed a firm hold of the ridiculously collared hair and yanked back on it, while of course dishing out some truly epic verbal humiliation, which probably just made her new bitch cum harder.


Naturally, the combination of those words, combined with the other end of those dildos bashing against their clits and the sheer joy of breaking Sasha Banks once and for all made Bliss Cross cum. They even came together, making this heavenly moment even more special. So much so that Alexa almost couldn't continue. Almost. But of course, she was the greatest Alpha female of them all, and was again making herself proud by pushing herself through climax after climax. Nikki didn't have to do the same thing, could have simply let Alexa work, but she didn't, and Alexa loved her even more for it, as it meant for a while there they truly became like wild animals pounding into a submissive mate. Sadly, their stamina wasn't unlimited, and wanting to maintain her dominance Alexa abruptly pulled out and admired her handiwork.

Helpful as always, Nikki reached back and spread Sasha's ass cheeks, which was so sweet of her, but as Alexa pointed out, "Nikki, you really are the best girlfriend anyone could ask for, but stop that, and come here. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, come here and see what a great job we did at gaping this bitch's bitch hole. Oh God, it's so wide! And deep! Get over here Nikki, mmmmmmmm, you have to see this."

"If you insist." Nikki grinned, rolling Sasha off of her and quickly scurrying over to where Alexa was now standing.

"What are you waiting for bitch? Spread your fucking cheeks!" Alexa barely waited a second before yelling at her new fuck toy, and smacking her ass roughly, "Spread your ass cheeks and show us your bitch hole! We deserve to see the best look possible of your gaping butt hole, that we were nice enough to stretch out and fuck for you. Well, for our pleasure, but you definitely got something out of it, didn't you? Huh?"

"Yes Mistress Bliss, thank you Mistress Bliss." Sasha croaked hoarsely, while struggling to do as she was told.

Bayley was impressed that Sasha was able to move at all after those monster orgasms, and if they had gone longer she probably wouldn't be able too. Honestly Bayley wished that was the case, as that meant it would be up to her to spread those cheeks wide apart, meaning she got the best possible look at that gape. It didn't really matter though, because that gaping crater looked like it could be seen from space, especially given it was on such a little booty. Something which everyone in the locker room gathered around to get a good look at, allowing them to see deep into Sasha's butt, at first in stunned silence, and then they started to laugh at The Bitch's expense, and even complement Bliss Cross on their fine work.

"Wow, look at that gaping shit hole!" Carmella exclaimed with delight.

"Fuck, it's like the Grand Canyon on that little booty." Naomi laughed.

"Not so high and mighty now, is she?" Dana chuckled.

"She never was." Lacey snorted, "She and Bayley were always classless bottoms, good for nothing but being fucked in the ass. Good to see someone finally put them in their place."

"It's about time." Natalya agreed.

"What do you think Charlotte?" Nikki asked hopefully.

"Not bad." Charlotte admitted with a shrug, albeit after a long pause to let all eyes turned to her. Then she quickly pointed out, "Although it's not that impressive, considering it was a double ass fucking. Maybe if you asked me nicely, I'll show you how it's done. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I'll break that ass, and Sasha's mind, and once again leave her nothing but an ass whore."

"Hard pass." Alexa said dryly, before smirking, "Unless you'd like to earn it by giving us each a nice long blow job. You know, clean your fellow horsewoman's ass from these big, horsewomen breaking dicks? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I always wanted a collection of horsewomen, and as you see, I'm half way there already."

There was a brief pause, then Charlotte laughed in Alexa's face, "Oh Alexa, you're so cute. And delusional. It's like you don't remember what happened the last time we fought."

Alexa blushed, and then shot back, "Tough talk, for someone who couldn't put Becky freaking Lynch in her place."

Charlotte glared angrily at the smaller blonde for a few long seconds, proving that Alexa had hit a nerve, before smirking, reaching down to squeeze Alexa's cute little booty, and then leaned in to whisper into her ear, although making sure to be loud enough that everyone heard it, "Oh baby, if you wanted a real woman to shove a cock up your ass that badly, all you needed to do was ask."

"Back off!" Alexa pushed Charlotte away, earning her a few surprise gasps from the audience, before she reminded the big bitch, "I'm the Alpha of this show now, if I wanted, I could make you bend over."

"Not as long as I'm the Alpha female of NXT, you can't." Charlotte reminded her.

"But you're on my show." Alexa frowned.

"You're in my world." Charlotte countered.

"Alexa, let's just drop it, and make Bayley suck our cocks." Nikki suggested, quickly pointing out, "Don't you think it's more appropriate, after what happened last time?"

"You know what, you're right." Alexa nodded, although she didn't take her eyes off of Charlotte, even as she ordered, "Bayley, get to sucking you shameless little ATM whore."

"Yes Mistress Bliss, thank you Mistress Bliss." Bayley eagerly replied and obeyed.

It was the command Bayley had been hoping for, as Mistress Cross was right, it was only fair, considering that Sasha had got to taste her own ass already a lot tonight, and she had been the one to taste Bayley's booty when she had been the one broken in. For a horrible moment she thought she wasn't going to get that, and not because her girlfriend was going to get the privilege, but worse, because a physical fight was going to break out between Mistress Bliss and Mistress Charlotte. That was the last thing Bayley wanted, especially at that moment. Thankfully Mistress Cross had de-escalated the situation, even if the two Alphas continued staring at each other, while one of them received a blow job from one of their ATM loving bitches.

At first Bayley was trying to distract those two blondes from staring at each other by giving the most passionate blow job ever. Well, she lingered on the head for a few long seconds, so she could savour the deepest part of Sasha's bowels, but. Soon after that she was bobbing her head up and down, and slurping on the shaft loudly. But even when she was deep throating the entire length the two blondes didn't take their eyes away from each other. Although admittedly at that point. Bayley was lost in the joy of sucking cock, and getting every last bit of butt cream from it, while hoping that she would be allowed to get more. And she was, sort of.

"Bayley, Sasha, go and clean Nikki's cock." Alexa abruptly ordered, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, my cock is clean enough, but Nikki's big dick has plenty of ass cream for you both. Just remember to share, do a good job, and spread your ass cheeks. Show the Queen and everyone else what they have to look forward too."

"Yes Mistress Bliss, thank you Mistress Bliss." Bayley eagerly replied and obeyed, albeit after removing her mouth from Mistress Bliss's dick.

"Yes Mistress Bliss, thank you Mistress Bliss." Sasha replied and obeyed, about the same time, still recovering from her orgasms, but just as eager to do as she was told.

Because Sasha was closer Bayley unfortunately got there just in time to watch her girlfriend wrap her lips around one of the strap-ons which had just ruined her ass. The once proud Sasha Banks then moaned loudly at the taste, before eagerly sucking it off and starting to bob her head up and down. Which caused Bayley to smile, lean down next to her girl, and start licking the bottom of the shaft. Next time she would definitely fight to suck that cock, but now it seemed only fair that Sasha should take the lead in cleaning that cock, especially as both the Role Models spread their cheeks, eager to prove their submission to their new tops. Both to those tops, and the rest of the locker room.

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