Lucky Tweet Series

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, or Liv Morgan. I make no money from this story.

I have never been a wrestling fan, but I knew I had become one when I saw her. Let me explain how this had happened!


Three months before a special gala, my date decided to dump my ass and decided to go to an out-of-town wedding. With a free ticket and my temper really angered, I logged onto twitter and decided to scroll. As I scrolled passed the bullshit, I noticed a picture for a local wrestling match with Bayley as a guest referee for a match a day prior to the gala. So, without a prayer in hell, I tweeted on her page: “Hello Bayley, I decided to tweet to you to see if you wanted to be my guest for a gala for people with special needs. Thank You”. I did not think anything of it.


Two days later: I was just chilling on my couch watching TV when Bayley was a guest when my tweet was featured: the host said: “Changing subjects: I was on your twitter page when I saw some fan asking you to a special needs gala in two months, are you going to accepting this guy, or are you going to forget that loser!”. Before she answered, some person yelled: “don’t do it, he’s a loser” as they showed my picture. My heart damn near sank as she replied: “he’s not a loser, as a matter of fact, I’ll go and I’m buying!” suddenly, the hashtag #bayleygala became popular on twitter. Within two hours of the announcement, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree with congrats, but the biggest shock came when I got a skype call from her! We talked about a half hour on details about the event, plus she wanted to give back to charity.


Between the hours until three days prior to the gala, details were planned! The WWE and the local wrestling planners hooked us up with a bunch of things! I would be fitted for a tuxedo, looking at the limo, flower arrangements and getting the occasional interviews.


Two days prior, As I was being interviewed by a local radio station, she phoned in and everyone was starstruck, even the male personality (all male morning show) who was a huge wrestling fan. He gave me a task of getting her autograph, I chimed in, “let me guess, you’ll probably beat off to it?” to which he replied, “oh hell yes”. We traded a few more jokes, then she chimed in with free tickets for the guy. After the show, he knew I was joking with him!


The day before the gala was her guest referee gig while I watched on in amazement! After the match, I was escorted the backstage area where I met her with some flowers. She was a hugger like her motto was, but I tried to hide my erection, but I knew she felt it and was amazed by it. We talked till 9 when her and I decided to get some dinner before she went back to the hotel room. I was a bit nervous but made it through. We headed back to the hotel, I walked her to the door, gave her a hug and a peck on the hand and said good night.


The day of the gala, I was running some errands when I get a text from Bayley saying the limo driver was picking me up 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. I replied that I will be ready by then. As I was picking up my tuxedo, I saw my friends when one of them asked me for her autograph, he brought up his shirt. I put into a plastic bag I had with me and put in my car, so I would not forget. After that, I went home and got ready for the evening. I was all nicely dressed up, waiting on the limo to pick me up. The limo arrived, I got in and enjoyed the drive over to her motel when #bayleygala started trending again! As the limo pulled up and stopped, I got out, walked to the door, and knocked. Her assistant opened the door, I walked in and her assistant walked out to get dinner. She came out in a robe and my erection was starting to show, I could tell she had something to calm her down as she dropped the robe and said, “like the view?” My head just nodded up and down since my jaw was on the damn floor, she said, “we can have a private tag team match later!” I helped her get dressed, she signed my friend’s shirt, we left out, took selfies and video for social media for most of the night! During the dancing part of the evening, I asked her to slow dance, we slow danced for the song, but I noticed it looked like more than a friend kind of slow dance. We danced until 11pm then headed back to the motel.


As soon as we got back to the motel, we got out of the limo, as we were walking, a mouse jumped out, she jumped up into my arms as she planted a kiss on me! I carried her to the room, opened the door and it started to be romantic.


As soon as the door shut, things got heated! I unzipped her dress as she was removing my jacket and shirt while in a hardcore tongue wrestling match (making out), as we continued, I removed her bra and panties while she removed my pants and underwear. We were completely naked when I picked her up and laid on the bed, I went to kiss her up and down her body and decided to play with her nice tender tits. I licked her nipples while she moaned and grabbed my erection. I laid down on the bed, she got on top of me and wrapped her soft lips around my erect cock as I ate her shaved pussy and fingered her asshole. Ten minutes later, she spun around like going in for a pin as she put a condom on me, and dive bombed her pussy onto my cock! As I watched her tits bounce, she moaned as her tight pussy was wrapping around my cock, then we changed positions to missionary. After 25 minutes of cowgirl and missionary sex, we changed to doggy style, but she had a request: she said, “I want you to hug me, with your cock inside my tight asshole!”, I stuck my cock inside her asshole, and it was tight! Then after 35 minutes, I finally came inside her ass.


After the amazing sex, we showered together, and got dressed when she said that it was time for her to go to her next gig, but she had a wonderful time! I said, “listen, I had a ton of fun tonight, but I feel like saying something odd”, she responded with, “what do you feel like saying”, I replied: “I feel like there is something special between us. Bayley, I love you!” She had a look of surprise and shock as she said: “I………………. I love you too! I finally found my love of my life!”


After a few months of dating, we were engaged on an episode of raw until it was broken up by other wrestlers!


The End

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