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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, or Liv Morgan. I make no money from this story.

I had never considered myself a lucky guy by a tweet, but somehow, my luck would change for the better!


I was hired to run a Minor League Baseball team’s Twitter account when one Mid-July event would see me tweet, “Come out to the ballpark this weekend for WWE night on Saturday, meet WWE Superstars, then on Sunday, the WWE Superstars play softball for Charity!”. On Friday, I had to get a few suite boxes ready for the weekend’s events while the game was ongoing and discussing which Superstars would be throwing out the first pitch on Saturday with the Fun & Games Department for which ones would be playing certain games when it was agreed that Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross would throw out the first pitch (I would be escorting them down to the field, taking pics for Twitter and making sure everything was going well)


Saturday: the pre-game meeting was the most intense meeting since a lot of Superstars were coming tonight to the Stadium. Everybody from the Fun and Games Department, HR, Ticket Staff, Ushers and Vendors were standing around reading the schedule for the evening and positions! My job was to escort Alexa and Nikki to the field for first pitch, then head to the side where I could get some pics for Twitter, even go into the boxes for the Superstars! Shortly before the gates opened at 6PM, we had a problem, the main MC for the Fun and Games Department had a Family Emergency, which meant that I would have to fill in that role if anything happened! When the gates opened at 6PM, I had to be near Fan Assistance looking over the schedule when I got a call over the radio to come to the Press Box, due to the reason that two WWE Superstars would be throwing out the first pitch scheduled at 6:50PM, I had entered the box when my boss asked me to throw on a Jersey (normally I have a shirt on with Team Staff on it) and asked if I still remember how to dance (since I started in the Fun and Games Department, plus we danced on the dugouts during 7th inning stretch), I replied “your damn right I know how to dance”. Around 6:30PM, Alexa and Nikki came into the Press Box, I was the last one to introduce myself and headed down to the field. As soon as we arrived onto the field, I asked them for a picture for Twitter (took a selfie with both for my own), after the picture, Alexa said, “I need to practice throwing”, I asked a player to throw me his glove so I could practice. After 3 throws, she was warmed up, Nikki threw a few also. I gave the glove back when the PA said, “Ladies & Gentlemen, it is now time for the Ceremonial First Pitch, please welcome WWE superstar: Alexa Bliss!”, brief pause then, “OK Alexa, It’s your pitch”. She went out there and threw a perfect slider, I went between home plate and the mound for pictures. Alexa and I walked towards the first base line when the PA went, “and now ladies and gentlemen, throwing out the Second Ceremonial Pitch, WWE Superstar: Nikki Cross” brief pause as Alexa waited by the 1st Base bag then, “OK Nikki, it’s your pitch” Nikki threw a fastball down the middle! I took the pictures, then escorted them back to the suite boxes. As we were waiting on the elevator heading back up, Nikki whispered to Alexa, “Oh My God, this guy escorting us is attractive”, Alexa replied, “I know”. We got on, I pushed the button up and took the two-minute ride up, as we were heading up, Alexa asked if I was taken, I replied no when Nikki asked, “what are you doing after the game?” I replied, “I have to stay behind and finish up for a half hour then go to a little restaurant nearby that is open all night”, Alexa replied, “you don’t eat here?” I shook my head no and said, “we aren’t allowed to eat during game time, the only thing we can do is drink water and use the restroom” Both of them said they would wait for me. Finally, it was time to play ball! I did my duties filling in for the main MC while posting pics for Twitter and not being distracted. The game ended at 10:05PM with a win for the team! I got to the press box, got changed into my tuxedo t-shirt and jeans and headed out!


I walked towards my car when a limo pulled up with the WWE logo on the side, Alexa and Nikki asked a few friends to join, but most of them went back to the hotel for the night, I hopped in and headed to the restaurant (gave the driver directions), when we arrived, the place was mostly empty because the WWE reserved the whole place! We were escorted to the table; I tucked their chairs in like a gentleman and started with looking at the menu. We placed our order (WWE was picking up the tab) and I started with the small talk. “If you ladies don’t mind me asking, what is the most stressful part of touring?” I could not believe my luck when Alexa said, “it’s kind of lonely on the road, sleeping in hotels without being cuddled up with someone”, “what about you Nikki?” I said, she agreed then said, “especially when I want some sex and the vibrator doesn’t work”. I was in shock until I got up to use the restroom, horny as hell but tried to hide it. I used the restroom and came back to see the food was on its way out. We enjoyed our meals without much talking after that, I asked a server to take our picture before we left, I felt their boobs press against my body as the flash went off. We left, headed back to where I parked my car and got a goodnight hug from both before, I headed home. I stopped off at a photo printing store and printed the pic from the restaurant. After a 15-minute car ride home, I got into my comfy clothes, tweeted the picture from the restaurant and headed for bed.


I got up at 8AM on Sunday morning to see the tweet get a bunch of attention! I spent over a half hour reading and clearing notifications when I got a shower, got dressed and headed to the Stadium for the Superstars Charity Softball game. My role that day was to just oversee the game and present the Superstars with the check for charity! The amount of money raised was rising each second before the total was written in the bottom of the 9th inning. I presented them with a check, pictures were taken, and everyone started to leave when I was stopped by Alexa and Nikki. “Hi Ladies” I said with a smile, “how can I help you?” Alexa stated, “we wanted to thank you for your awesome hospitality while we were here, what are you doing after this?” I said that I was probably going to go home and watch TV when Nikki said, “Alexa and I want you to come to the hotel, we have something for you”. I agreed, got the ok to leave and followed their limo back to the hotel. As soon as I parked, I found and followed them to room 205 where I entered. I sat down on the hotel couch as they went into the bathroom to get ready, “can you lay on the bed” Nikki said to me, I replied, “alrighty”. I laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling when Alexa said, “close your eyes and don’t peak”, I closed my eyes and put my hat over my face to prevent cheating.


“Open your eyes” I heard, I sat up to see Alexa and Nikki butt naked! “Oh my god, you both look wonderful” I said. They climbed on the bed, undressed me, and started sucking on my erection! As they took turns, I rubbed their clits with my thumbs, listening to them moan in pleasure. After 5 minutes of that, Alexa stood up and decided to sit on my face while Nikki got on my cock and started fucking. I felt like I was in a Starburst commercial because both of their pussies were extremely wet and juicy! We enjoyed the wonderful moment for 15 minutes, when they switched positions, as I kept enjoying the moments, I thought to myself, “this is awesome, wonder what’s going to happen next” when out of nowhere, my pecker slid out of Alexa’s juicy pussy and went straight into her tight asshole! Alexa leaned back when Nikki noticed what happened, “how does it feel?”, all Alexa could do was moan out, “feels amazing”. As soon as she said it was amazing, I quickly decided to eat out Nikki’s asshole. It went on for a half hour when Nikki wanted it up the butt also, everyone got up, Nikki went into the doggy position, Alexa stretched out her butt cheeks as I inserted my cock into her asshole, which was also super tight! I continued banging her ass for some time when I was nearing orgasm. “I’m close to cumming” I announced as both got onto their knees, opened their mouths, and stuck out their tongues for my load. I popped off a huge load onto both of their faces and titties!


After close to two hours of having sex, it was all over! We got cleaned up and dressed, they thanked me for the wonderful weekend, “both of you are welcome for the amazing time we had” I said as I was ready to go home! I had remembered the picture from the restaurant, I asked them to sign it, they obliged and wrote personal messages! I did not read them until I got home, I said my goodbyes and got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from both, which I took a selfie of for my own album. I got home 10 minutes later, sat down in my living room, and read the personalized messages, “To the sexiest man, thank you for showing us around and taking my anal virginity, Love, Alexa” then read, “Thank You for knowing how to eat out my holes, I will never forget you, Love, Nikki”.


The End

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