The Tale Of Cinderella

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One day we were all at the school house. School was out, but it an unspoken tradition throughout generation after generation that kids would hang out there. No teachers, no parents, fully accepted by same. There was no bias, or at least none that wasn’t between grade levels.

The fifth level would be inside the main schoolroom, the best one of course. The third and second levels would find rooms and hang out in them, the first would play outside in the school yard surrounding the schoolhouse, while the fourth stood around the edge of the schoolyard keeping first levels from running off or anyone from getting in to the schoolhouse without us being notified. As you might have realized, fourth was a crappy year. Fifth year would take all the good parts about being oldest, and throw the bad parts like responsibility to the fourth levels. Of course, if the fourth levels failed and something went wrong, then we fifths would be blamed, but the solution was to beat on the fourths; it was our duty to make sure the fourths did what adults thought we were doing properly. If they were good, we’d find pay them back the next year. Of course, since no one looks forward to the fourth level, they couldn’t find ways to dump stuff on the third level.

Amanda, Marianne and I each had one of the big squishy chairs to ourselves. This selection was routine, we were the most popular girls in school. Amanda and I would accept the guys ushering us into thee chairs with the arrogance of queens, while Marianne, lost in some thought in her head, would be towed into one.

Amanda kept up the queen facade with her queenly posture, sitting straight in the chair, her arms perfectly rested on the armrests. I sat more like a consort courtesan, my head rested on one armrest, my feet hanging over the other, since the big armchairs were indeed just small sofas, able to seat about three skinny girls. Some of us had younger siblings, and Marianne would let them pile onto her couch, saving the fourths from watching them.

The rest of the girls would squeeze in to the rest of the chairs while the guys would all sit on the floor.

There is really only one guy worth mentioning. His name was Jack St. Austell, and he was currently 20, and he was betrothed to Portia, and I’ve been sleeping with him since I was fourteen.

You’re wondering how this got left out in my description of Portia? Well, hell, I was just waiting for like the “right moment”. Right, so John blackmailed a St. Austell into the marriage match soon after Portia was born. He was thrilled to be linked to such a high family – they were quite friendly with the king – and probably couldn’t wait ‘til the union was completely sealed and he could get that money (groom’s dowry). Oh poor John, he never had the chance. So sad. Yeah, right.

Thing is, I can’t deny my mother was also pretty happy to join into all that money and power.

When Portia turned thirteen, Mother contacted the St. Austells and they arranged for Jack to come stay with relatives nearby so he and Portia could attend school together, rather than meeting each other at the altar, which was quite an out of date tradition but still applied often enough.

Jack, fifteen at the time, was already a bad, bad boy with a kind streak. Naturally, Portia abhorred his badness and was immediately unthrilled. But she was a good girl, so she didn’t say anything. Jack felt the same, making that the only thing they ever agreed upon. But there’s not much you can do to break a marriage contract, particularly when one of the makers is dead – you’re supposed to respect his memory and all. I don’t think anyone short of the king could ever break a marriage contract. Therein there should have lied hope, since the Austell’s were friends with the King, but actually, it wasn’t the St. Austells who wanted to break the contract, it was Jack. His parent were quite happy with Portia, she was pretty, but didn’t flaunt it, respective, polite, and didn’t have any apparent mental diseases.

Portia probably could have thrown mud at them and gotten out of it, I say, but of course she was way too good to do such an impolite thing. My mother would have, albeit sadly, tried to un-arrange the contract if she knew how Portia felt, but she didn’t. Portia never said anything, and Mother didn’t get people like her enough to be intuitive to her feelings much.

Sometimes I wonder if Portia knows. Maybe her looks have gotten more venomous, instead of just disapproving? I don’t think she would even object to Jack sleeping around, her maids were kinda old school you know. But if she knows she probably just disapproves of me committing the “sinful” act, having so little virtues and all.

*****Back to the schoolroom*****
So we were all sitting there, doing the usual gossip, parent complaining and general chitchat. I was covertly eying Jack, which was fun. He had dirty blonde hair that was just little too long and really silky, and stormy grey eyes that could make me go hot and cold… His face was all high cheek bones, crooked nose and full, wide mouth that was quite… skilled. To me and my deathly pale and burnable skins annoyance, he stayed the same light tan summer and winter. ,He was 6’3, lean and ropey with muscle, and he was simply gorgeous.

Moving up from his chest that I happened to know made a great pillow, I met his eyes. He smiled at me, his lips curving slowly, and I thought I might faint, even after years of that smile. I was startled when we all heard the King’s horn, blown once, meaning his men were here.

Before we could get up or anything, a fourth year came in and hissed excitedly, “The Kings men are here!”

“Oh my god!”
“Do I look okay?”
“What do you think it is”
“Maybe they’re recruiting guards”
“Everybody settle down” Amanda calmly ordered, with a glint in her eye that suggested she wasn’t so calm after all. “What do they want” she asked the fourth.
He returned, “He says it’s ‘meant only for the ears of the level five ladies’” The kings men have been known for their self importance and cryptic answers.

“Well, show him in!”
The fourth squirmed. “Um, the guys – I mean gentlemen…” He said uncomfortably, rightfully so, since the fifth level guys were pretty tall mostly, and many were seeing a girl in the class.
The guys left, with a few grumblings.

A moment later, a tall thin man entered. I recognized him as one of the Kings 16 “Paramount Primaries ” – a title he apparently thought was clever, or something - , known as the 16 Peepees for short. They were truly the Kings Primaries in that they would do anything he said, including ridiculously stupid things. The nickname is rather stupid, but they sure fit it.

He announced in his high, squawky voice, “His royal majesty the King is hosting a ball for his beloved son’s twenty-first birthday. He has generously invited every female in the area from the fifth level and above. The grand ball, front entrance, 8:00, the day before his royal highness’ birthday” And without further ado, he was out the door and away in the carriage. He was barely outside when the room exploded.
“What shall I wear!”
“It’s less than two weeks!!”
“Do you think he’ll pick me?”
“Can you just see me as a princess?! I know I know, I’m perfect”

You see, princes must marry before the age of 24. This ball was a pseudo for a match making ball, as it had been when the King married, and when his father married, and his grandfather… (It was a marriage match ball for the prince, but they invited guys too, which made for good ball. It’s an old tradition, from when Kings and Gods were one and the same, for other couples to try to meet on the same day, for good luck.) Except this one was slightly early. Besides being a prince, this one was a real sweet hunk. He was handsome, with his white blond hair cut in a floppy, boyish style. He had a dark tan from sailing a lot, and it showcased his handsome boyish face well. His eyes, brightly blue completed the effect. He was 5’10, a little stocky, but he went with it by making some major muscle and having extremely wide shoulders. He was a babe. Honestly, if I wasn’t hooked on Jack I’d make a go for him. As I mentioned before, their families are friends, so they kinda know each other. Jack never really talks about him though… We’ve just never run over the subject.

We all went home to spread the news, our excitement brushing us past the guys who were impatient to know what was going on. Jack caught up with me about half way home – Marianne was going to tea. I was taking the shortcut through the woods and it was really quiet and peaceful.

He slung an arm companionably over my shoulder. “You want to let me in on the ladies big secret?”

I turned to him, “Oh, honey, I’m afraid you’re just not lady enough” I smiled and tapped his nose with my finger, turning and flouncing off.
“Lady enough?” He repeated. “Lady at all, is more like it” he mumbled.
I turned around, “Oh no, sweetie, you’re sure pur-rty enough” I grinned and continued walking.

An instant later, “Jack!” I squealed, much to my displeasure. He’d scooped me up in his arms and then effortlessly swung me around to face him as I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist. He hefted me a bit, then leaned against a tree and smiled down at me. I rested my arms on his chest and looked at him under my lashes, which made him laugh.

“You won’t tell me?”
“Maybe it’s a secret. An only girls secret”
He laughed, “I already know you stuff your bra”
“Oh! You bastard!” I punched him while he laughed and gasped and tried to defend himself with no hands.
“For your information, though you would actually already know” I punched him hard “I stopped doing that when I was 15! I finally didn’t need to, which you have enjoyed quite a lot” another punch.

“So what’d the Peepee say?”
I pouted and looked down, fiddling with the medal he wore around his neck. “I think my feelings are hurt. I don’t think I’ll tell you”

He moved his hands more on my butt and squeezed. “Maybe I’ll just have to interrogate the information out of you” He leaned down and started kissing my ear. I shivered. “Now I’m frightened”

“You should be” he murmured before turning around, pressing me into the tree while he kissed and licked my neck, rubbing against me at the same time. I ran my hands down his back, up then into his hair, gasping as he bit me. I tugged on his hair to get him to kiss me, but he just kept on… biting and licking me at my collarbone, he knows that always gets me going. I raked my nails down his back, and he arched against me, making me moan.

He held me to him and walked between trees to a little clearing with a bench. He sat down on it, finally kissing my mouth, pushing his fingers into my hair while he laid me down on the bench and leaned over me. I tried get his shirt off but he evaded my grasp, moving down off the bench and kneeling between my legs. He gave me that look that made go hot and cold, then he started edging my skirts up. He trailed his hand up and down my leg before zeroing in.

I gasped as he ran a finger up between my lips, finally giving my clit a teasing flick. Parting my legs and pushing my dress fully up he reached up and held my hips firmly to keep me from moving, and then darted to take a quick lick. I moaned and arched, he laughed against me.

He stabbed his tongue at my clit twice and then started licking me upwards, again and again, teasingly circling around my clit and the top before tonguing downwards. I squirmed and cried and tried to push towards his mouth but he held me still and continued teasing me mercilessly, until I was gasping, almost there, almost –

“So what’s the secret?” He murmured, his breath hitting me but denying me his lips.
“The secret, remember?”
“Ohh! You bast -” He brushed his lips at my clit, making my yell end in a pitiful whimper of want.
` “Marriage ball’s in two weeks,” - “Oh that” - “now come up here and finish what you started you tease!”
He smiled rakishly. “As my lady commands”
“You bet your a-aaah” My comment ended in a gasp as he slid inside me, stretching me around him. I hooked my legs around his waist and kissed him hard. He set a rhythm of deep thrusts until I was again so close, and then when all I needed was just one more deep thrust he’d go shallow and could weep. Finally I moaned against his mouth, “Please, Jack! Oh my god, please now!” And thank god, he thrust deep and ground his pelvis against my clit, and I was gone. I cried out and buried my face in his shoulder as I shatter in climax. My muscles clenching around him pushed Jack over the edge and he quickly pulled out and lets go, careful not to hit either of us. (Yes, we take precautions, we’re not stupid) I lie limply on the bench as he pulls a towel he keeps in his bag out and cleans up. I grab mine and straighten up as well.

I finally notice the sun is halfway below the mountain. “Shit! I’m going to be late for dinner!”

Jack looks up, “Oh dammit” We run the rest of the way through the woods, where at the end we go different directions. “See you tomorrow, babes,” I give him a peck on the cheek and turn to go. He spins me around and catches my mouth with his, giving me a real kiss that leaves me a little short of breath. “Not unless I see you first!” He grins impishly before gently shoving me towards my house. I push him back, flash a returning grin and take off for dinner like hell’s on my heels, which it will be if I’m late for dinner.

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