The Tale Of Cinderella

BY : Fall Plum
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This ones to Moni, no duh, considering she's like the only person enjoying this story.

I must have made a sound, since they burst apart in shock. I stumbled backward, thinking, I’ve had way to much shock tonight, I don’t need this! The world seemed to black out on me, and I felt hands on my arms.

“Eli! What happened to you?!” Marianne’s voice pierced my fog, and I tried to focus on her. They led me over to the couch, pushing me down on it, Marianne eying my face worriedly. I felt tears finally spilling down my face, and I let out a sob. She hugged me to her, stroking my hair. “I – The – He – ” I tried to talk, and Marianne shushed me. “Okay, okay, let’s do something about your face first, you can tell us everyone later”

Amanda appeared with several jars and brush, and stuff. She sat down on the other side of me and turned my face toward her. “What –” I started, and Marianne hugged me back against her, murmuring, “just relax, we’ll talk soon”. I sighed and relaxed muscles I hadn’t realized I’d been holding taut.

Amanda ran a fragrant – not lavender thank god - and damp cloth over my face, cleaning off my running makeup. The smell and feel was relaxing. She gently rubbed stuff from jars onto my cheek and a salve onto my lip, which I could feel swelling. “Okay, that’s all I can do.” She sniffed suddenly. “What’s that smell? Are you wearing lavender?”

“No, the prince –” I broke off and tried not to cry. Her eyes dawned in understanding, and she nodded. “So he pulled that on you, huh?’

“How do you know?”

“How do you think? She pulled my head toward her chest, and I started to pull away, before I smelled lavender, with a faint tinge of alcohol.

“What? What?” Marianne asked, looking between us.

Amanda answered, “He paid a server to spill drinks on his dancing partner. Then he takes them to get cleaned up”

Marianne reached over and cupped Amanda’s cheek, which was a bit uncomfortable with me in between. “Mandy, he did that to you?”

She smiled slightly, “I kneed him in the balls and he ran off.”
“So he’s getting a lot of that tonight, then” I mumbled, and they smiled.

Amanda cocked her head, “I got the feeling he didn’t really want to, though anyway, not much at least.”

“Yeah, he didn’t like you being able to look him in the eye so much”

“Ah,” she nodded. “Pig.”

There was an uncomfortable silence. I fidgeted. “Sooo, this… how long…” I made a pained expression.

Again, they both got soft eyes, and Amanda reached out to stroke Marianne’s cheek, which was still uncomfortable as I was still right there.

“I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you.” Amanda murmured, eyes locked on Marianne’s.

Marianne had reached up to hold Amanda’s hand to her cheek. “Yet you never told me,” her voice was reproachful.

“I was scared… But now you know,” she leaned forward, eyes bright.

“Oh, oh! Okay, this is sort of crowded.” I tried to ease down and off the couch, and they both gave me misty smiles and kept their kiss short.

I was silently hopping from one foot to the other, unsettled at seeing my sister kissing, as I would be seeing my rival kissing, and this was a double effect.

The two pulled apart, clasping hands in a can’t-bare-to-not-have-contact way.

“Okay.” Amanda said briskly, let’s go back in”

“Ex-cuse me?” I asked, incredulous. “I’m not going back! I mean, I’m going back, home!”

Amanda got that expression, the one she got before she did something diplomatic, usually right after I voiced my let’s do that and to hell with rules opinions.

“If we don’t go back, he’ll think we ran away scared.” Seeing an opening in my expression, “he can get away with trying to force us, but his public image will be hell. It’s like the biggest asset of the royal family at date. If we go back, we hold our heads high, dance, enjoy ourselves, and leave with everyone else.”

I was mostly convinced, but I turned to Marianne. She looked pondering.

“What do you think?”

“Well, Amanda is right,” she said in her soft voice, “I just…”

We looked at her quizzically. “I want to punch him” she said with a uncharacteristic look on her face.

Amanda and I looked at each other. Marianne… punching someone? We burst into little giggles, and Marianne’s lips twitched slightly.

“It’s alright sweetie, we had it covered” I assured.

She smiled resignedly. “Well, it’s not to be had, anyway, is it. Let’s go” she said with unusual briskness, hooking arms with both of us and lading the way.

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