The Tale Of Cinderella

BY : Fall Plum
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He leaned in slowly, and I closed my eyes. His lips met mine softly. I reached up and stroked his cheek a bit, thinking, Screw you, Jack.

He pulled me tightly to him, a little tighter then comfortable, actually. His tongue pressed against my lips trying to enter my mouth. Not that I minded that much, but this was going kinda fast, I mean… I hesitantly opened my mouth, and he thrust in, while he lay down on the couch with me under him.

Okay, this is going way to fast. I pushed against his chest, but he wouldn’t budge. I pulled my mouth away. “Thomas, stop.”

He forced his legs between mine and grabbed at my chest. “Thomas! Let me go!” I tried to punch him but he was to close, so I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. I gave a yell of pain. “You stupid bitch!” His hand came from nowhere and my head jerked to the side, my cheek stinging.

“You’re just like any other bitch, huh? Wanna be controlled, I can give you that –” I managed to over balance him and shoved him off. I tried to get around him and he grabbed my ankle, yanking viciously on it. I cried out and he rolled on top of me. “LET ME GO!” I screamed at him, and he punched my mouth before mashing his lips against mine, his hands trying to rip the front of my dress.

I managed to get a leg between his, and shoved upwards with all my strength. “Ulp.” He went still. Just for good measure, I pulled my knee back and kneed him again. He made a sound, and I rolled him off me, where he lay unconscious.

I held my hand over my mouth, staring at him. Then I ran to the door and ran out. I realized I’d need somewhere to clean up, my hair was a mess, and wanted to get without being conspicuous. I ducked into a room, and what I saw sucked all my breath from my body.

Amanda was lying on the couch passionately kissing someone with long red ringlets, whose hands were in her hair, obviously trying to get her closer, if possible. Amanda had a hand between them, cupping a green silk clad breast.

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