Blackmailing Emma Watson

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It never happened and I do not condone any actions contained here within, nor do I know Emma Watson. I do not in any way profit from this story.

Emma Watson was filled with immense pride as she was sitting on the couch in her expensive Manhattan apartment. She had just returned from the UN headquarters where she had given, in her opinion, an important and intelligent speech about gender inequality. She had been a known feminist, an outspoken women's rights advocate for years, and now she felt she was finally starting to make a difference. She sat there complacently, thinking about her achievement, when she heard a sound of an incoming e-mail on her laptop. She took it in her lap and opened the message. The sender was unkown, which was extremely strange, considering this account was for personal use only, shared only with her family and friends.

The message had no title nor text, just an attachment and a smiley face. She curiously opened the attachment and the very next moment she let out a small, involuntary gasp, her face turned pale, eyes filled with dread. It was a video of Emma and her ex-boyfriend Francis Boulle engaging in sexual activities. She could not believe what she was seeing. Francis had broken up with her 6 years ago, back when she was a completely different person. Younger, more open to new experiences, and significantly less uptight. And now she was looking at this video she never even knew existed, a video of one of the worst nights in her life.

She had always been somewhat inhibited in the bedroom, and while she was certainly attracted to men, there had always been a part of her that harbored a bit of hatred towards the opposite sex, whether she admitted it or not. There was always some kind of power play involved with her, and she never ever allowed herself to be in anything even remotely resembling a submissive position. In fact, she agreed to giving fellatio only two times in her entire life - the first time she had sex and that night which was now displayed on her laptop screen. Although that aversion to blowjobs wasn't really about power - after all, she could easily maintain control in that position. No, she simply hated the sensation and the taste of precum. She would probably hate the taste of semen even more, if she ever allowed anyone to go there.

But the fact that was one of two times she performed this act wasn't the only reason she had less than fond memories of the night. It was also the only time she allowed anyone to doggystyle her, and while some women may enjoy that, to her it was the most degrading moment of her life. Yet she went along with it, she even allowed him to spank her a couple of times. Francis simply seemed to have some kind of magical hold on her, unlike any other lover. For these reasons, seeing that video was literally her worst nightmare come to life. She walked back and forth in her apartment for almost half an hour, when she finally decided to give Francis a call and ask him just what the hell was happening.

But as soon as she touched the phone, it started ringing. Hidden number. She stood motionless for several seconds, then swallowed, moved her trembling hand to her ear, and answered the call.

"Hello?" She uttered nervously.

"Miss Watson," a deep, manly voice on the phone said calmly. "Did you happen to watch the video I sent you?"

"Yes...Yes, I did," she said, stuttering slightly as she did. But very soon her initial shock and fear turned into anger, and in a commanding, enraged tone she asked: "Who is this? I demand you tell me at once."

"You demand," the man repeated and let out a small, subtle laugh. "Oh, Miss Watson. Who am I? I am someone who's very, very good at his job. And let me give you a little hint, it involves computers. And your ex-boyfriend's computer...well, let's just say it could use a better protection."

Emma shuddered in horror when she realized what had transpired. Someone had hacked Francis' computer, found the sex tape her asshole ex-boyfriend had secretly filmed, and was now about to use it to blackmail her. Knowing what was coming, Emma said as coldy as she could: "How much do you want?"

"One million. In cash," the man said.

Emma took a moment to calm down and consider. I wasn't a small amount by any means, but she felt like it was worth it. Losing some money was nothing compared to what would happen if the video got out. Her career probably wouldn't suffer, hell, it might even help it. But the image she had been building, the image of a strong, intelligent, pristine woman - that would be forever ruined. Everyone who had considered her a role model would see her as a hypocrite. Or maybe not. Maybe they'd understand. But she couldn't take that risk.

"Fine," she finally agreed. "Give me the address and I'll have someone bring you the money."

"And risk you sending a cop? No, thank you. You'll bring the money personally," he said firmly.

"That's not going to happen," Emma replied fiercly.

"Yeah, it will. You come here, give me the money, I delete all copies of the video and we can both put this behind us. No police, no tricks. Or you can refuse, and the whole world will see you in your most private moments. Your call."

Emma didn't know what to do. Meeting him in person could be incredibly dangerous, there was no telling what a man like that might do. But she had to resolve this as soon as possible. "I'll make you a counter-offer," she said. "How about one of my employees brings you 1,5 millions?"

"I'm not looking to bargain," the man replied without even considering the offer. He then gave her the time and location, and hung up. Emma was shivering, and continued to do so even one hour after the call had ended. Finally, she took a deep breath, stood up from the couch, and with a newfound resolve she headed to the bank, determined to make the problem disappear.


The meeting was set to happen three days after the conversation, giving Emma enough time to procure the money. She was now at the address, in front of some cheap motel in Brooklyn. She wore a coat, big sunglasses and a beret to conceal as much of her face as possible. The neighbourhood seemed a little sketchy, and the fact that she brought a pepper spray with her didn't help put her mind at ease. Still, there was one good thing about this whole thing, she thought. While the situation in which she found herself was certainly embarrassing, she did reckon that the way she was handling it on her own was a great testament to her strength.

"Let's do this," she said to herself, took a moment to compose herself, then entered the motel. It was dirty and stinky, and so dark that she had to take her sunglass off in order to see normally. She knocked on the door of the designated room. Her heart was beating harder than ever, her hand ready to pull out the pepper spray if need be.

"Come on in," said the familiar voice from the other side of the door. Emma opened the door and entered a small, dirty-looking room. There was a bed, a small nightstand with a laptop on it, a door to the bathroom, a chair in the corner, and a man next to it. He was in his early forties, balding, hairy, not really fat but certainly above average weight. Definitely not what you'd call an attractive man. Emma almost puked in her own mouth when she remembered that this foul man had seen her naked in those degrading positions.

"Miss Watson," he said. "Make yourself at home."

Emma threw the suitcase she was carrying at his feet. "There's your money," she said, trying to look confident. But her body language betrayed her - she was obviously scared to death. She made a small pause, then added: "You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Relax, Emma," the man said in a reassurring manner. "Can I call you Emma?"

"No," she said coldly. The man just smirked, he loved her attitude. He loved everything about her, always had. Until recently, he had never thought he'd ever get a chance to actually see her in person, yet there she was, standing in his motel room, looking gorgeous even though the white coat hid her perfect slender body. He had never seen such a beautiful woman in person before.

"Well, you can call me Sean," he said gently. Sean was smitten by her mere presence. He had never had luck with women. In high school he was that nerdy guy that always got bullied by the popular kids, girls wouldn't even look at him. Later on, he landed a good job as a programmer, but still no luck in the relationship department. He was unnattractive, without charisma and he never did learn how to talk to women. In fact, he was in his forties and he had never had sex that he hadn't paid for. And while his job paid well, it didn't pay so well that he could ever be able to afford anyone nearly as hot as Emma Watson.

"You got your money. I want to see you delete those videos. And your word that there aren't other copies," Emma said as confidently as she could.

"You know, I've always liked Harry Potter movies", Sean said, as if he hadn't heard her words at all.

"Good for you," she replied snappily.

"I don't watch them for the plot, though," he said with a creepy smile.

Emma's body gave a quick little shiver of disgust at his dirty innuendo, but she didn't say anything. There was a moment of silence, then Sean made a step in Emma's direction. She immediately took a step back.

"Don't come any closer," she warned him. He looked at her for a few seconds, then said: "I changed my mind. I don't want your money."

"Excuse me?" Emma asked in surprise. She had a really bad feeling.

"Well, I'd be lying if said I didn't have a lot of fun with that video of yours," Sean said with lust in his eyes.

"That's it!" Emma said loudly with a mix of horror and anger. "I'm leaving."

"Suit yourself," he said and pushed the suitcase toward Emma. She picked it up and quickly turned to leave, but as her hand touched the door knob, she noticed that Sean was picking up the laptop.

"What are you doing?" She asked nervously.

"What do you think? I'm getting your name on the headlines. Man, I can already see it: "A former child star's private video leaked just a few days after her speech in the UN."

Emma turned pale again. "Please don't," she pleaded softly.

Once again Sean ignored her. "Come to think about it, it would actually be selfish of me to keep the video to myself. I mean, that thing would make a lot of guys out there real' happy," he said almost as if he really meant it.

"Fine!" Emma cried out. "Fine. What exactly do you want?"

"I want you to do to me everything you did on that video," he replied, and this time it wasn't just Emma who was nervous. His plan was actually coming together, but there was still time for her to storm out and just call the police. A lot was on the line here for both of them.

Emma was trembling even harder than before, she looked like she just got out of a freezing water or something. She was looking pensively at the floor, tears streaming down her face. She was clearly trying her hardest not to burst out crying. To Sean's surprise, she slowly started moving toward him, still looking at the floor. She was now three feet from him and she finally looked up. Sean promptly noticed a certain look in her eyes, and it wasn't a look of a woman who had just given up. Suddenly she pulled the pepper spray out of her purse, but Sean caught her arm with his right hand and stopped her before she could use it. He grabbed the spray with his other hand and threw it on the ground. But she was still putting up a fight like a true Gryffindor girl and kicked Sean right in the crotch. He moaned in pain and let go of her.

"Fuck!" He yelled out, holding his aching groin. He turned to her and saw her holding his laptop in her hands. "You should've just taken the money," she said and hurled the laptop at the wall. It fell on the floor, now in two pieces. Sean simply started laughing.

"Firstly, you'll pay for that. Secondly, you don't think I can recover the video from that? Even if I couldn't, you don't think I uploaded it somewhere safe just in case? Or that I have a phone? Shit, even if I were to drop dead right now, it wouldn't save you. The video is set to go public pretty damn soon, and that's exactly what will happen if I don't stop it. In other words, you're fucked," he said gleefully.

Emma was out of breath from the struggle and pure adrenaline, contemplating her next movie. Now she was desperate, looking at the door every two seconds, then back at Sean. She finally accepted that this wasn't going to end well for her, one way or another. Sean saw she was still struggling to decide what to do, and so was he. Should he give her another day to consider his proposal? Or should he demand that she made her decision right then and there?

After almost half a minute of just sizing each other up, Sean finally broke the silence. He decided to be a bit more tactical this time. "You put a up a good fight. And that's admirable, it really is. Hell, I don't even care that you kicked me. But you know what else is admirable? Being smart enough to know when to fold 'em. You just gotta accept the reality of your situation and make a decision."

Emma's head was suddenly filled with images of horribly embarassing headlines and articles, images of her friends', fans' and family's disappointing faces staring at her. She thought of the thousands and maybe millions of men that would touch themselves looking at her video, objectifying her through it for years to come. And worst of all, she could see all the internet comments attacking everything she had ever said about being a feminist, all she stood for going down the drain. She burst into tears once more. After a couple of seconds, she nodded her head affirmatively and wispered: "Okay."

A big, wide smile immediately appeared on Sean's face, he couldn't help it. He slowly approached her and took her by the hand. "Get on your knees," he said softly. Emma didn't move.

"Emma? No point in dragging this out. Get on your knees," he repeated, this time more firmly. Emma took off her coat and her beret, laid them down on the floor and fell to her knees, still sobbing uncontrollably. This was a major turn off for Sean.

"Stop crying," he ordered. "It's unattractive." She felt so humiliated already and his words only made it worse, but she tried her best to compose herself, just to get it over with. She was still sobbing slighty, when he grabbed her right hand and put it on his groin. "Unzip my pants."

She undid his belt and pulled the zipper down. His pants fell to the floor and Emma Watson found herself looking at the ugly man's boxers. "Pull 'em down," he ordered. She did as instructed and her face was now just several inches from his flaccid dick. It was rather small, which was an unexpected relief for Emma. Mentally, it didn't make any difference whatsoever. But at least it'd be easier physically, and she welcomed every little silver lining she could get.

The sight of Emma Watson kneeling at his feet was already hot as hell, so Sean struggled to remain flaccid as long as possible. The longer it all lasted, the better. "Suck it," he demanded lustfully. Her reveled in the sight of repulsion in her beautiful brown eyes as she took the dick in her hand and slowly started stroking it up and down. The sobbing returned and Sean's dick quickly grew to full erection in her hand. Suddenly, it was huge. Well, certainly bigger than she was used to. And at that moment, even her hopes of this being physically easy were crushed.

"I'm a grower, not a shower," he said with a strange sense of pride. "Now,  what did we say about crying? And I said suck, not stroke." Emma swallowed, moved her head closer to his dick and reluctantly gave it a quick, half-assed lick before she sprang to feet again.

"I can't! I can't do this, I just can't," she repeated again and again as she walked back and forth across the room.

"For fuck's sake!" Sean yelled out, now aggravated.

"This is so bloody humiliating," she protested.

"If I had a choice between being humiliated in private and being humiliated in front of the whole world...well, it's a no-brainer, isn't it?" He said in a mildly mocking manner.

"I hate having that thing in my mouth! For God's sake, I only did it twice in my entire life," she cried in desperation.

"Well, you know what they say? Third one's a charm. Come on, we both know you're doing this now."

She looked at him with piercing hatred in her eyes. Sean walked up to her and she slowly got to her knees once again.

"Now, where were we?" He said with a smug look on his face and positioned his dick right in front of her mouth. To his surprise and delight, Emma wasn't crying this time. This time, she just looked pissed off. That hatred for men that was lurking inside of her resurfaced and fueled her anger so much that there was no room for tears.

She sighed, then reluctantly wrapped her soft lips around the head of Sean's throbbing dick. It was finally happening! Emma Watson, the girl who played Hermione, the girl about whom he had wet dreams for years, was now sucking his cock in a cheap motel room. She was sucking on the head, sliding her lips back and forth the shaft, and rolling her tongue along the underside. Yet it was underwhelming.

"I feel like you're not trying very hard," he said while looking down at her. "All that does is make this last longer, you know that? I mean, fine with me."

Emma scowled at his comment at first, but she soon realized that he was actually right, so she stepped her game up. She started swirling her tongue around the tip, bobbing her mouth up and down more and more energetically. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this, it seemed like a bad dream. She hated the sensation more than ever and cringed at the taste of his precum in her mouth. As he began to moan louder and louder, a horrifying thought struck her - "Where does he think he'll cum?" He almost certainly wanted to do it in her mouth, but she wasn't about to let it happen. She didn't even let Francis do it, she most definitely wouldn't let this monster. "It's okay, I'll just pull away when I feel him getting closer," she thought to herself.

"Holy shit," Sean groaned in ecstasy. "Look at me," he ordered. She looked up at him, anger and pure hatred still in those brown eyes. The eye contact made it so much better, so much more personal.

"Only twice, you say? I would never have guessed," he gloated, only adding to her humiliation. The combination of his dick in Emma's mouth, her disgusted face and her pretty eyes glaring up at him was too much. Sean felt he was about to cum, so he grabbed Emma by her head and her eyes widened, she tried to pull away but he was too strong for her. Suddenly he emptied his huge load, years of pent up sexual frustration, right into Emma Watson's mouth. She began to cough and gag as load after load of his hot jizz filled the inside of her mouth. Some of the cum spilled from the sides of her mouth, but he still didn't let go of her head.

"Swallow what's left in there! Swallow!" He yelled, and she kept moaning and shaking her head in protest. She couldn't even breathe anymore, then her rage got the better of her and she bit down on the cum stained dick in her mouth. Sean quickly pulled out in pain and pushed her on the floor. She immediately spat the rest of the jizz in her mouth on the floor, caughing and almost puking from that horrible taste of cum she had now tasted for the first time ever.

"You bastard!" She cried out in anger, then began to weep again. She didn't think anything could be as degrading as this. Sean wasn't paying any attention to her at the moment, he was busy checking his cock for any damage. Fortunately, there was no blood, just the pain.

"Thank God," he muttered in relief, then he looked down on Emma. "You fucking bitch," he said menancingly. "Lucky for you, it just hurts as hell. But you still practically ruined my orgasm."

"You came in my mouth, you bastard!" She yelled.

"Yeah, I did. The first man to ever cum in Emma Watson's pretty little mouth, I bet. You didn't really think you'd make me cum in a fucking cup, like you did to that poor son of a bitch, did you? No wonder he broke up with you," Sean said with contempt.

Emma tried to block him out. "At least it's over now," she kept telling to herself. It could've been worse, it could've gone farther than a blowjob. Always that silver lining. After a few moments, she managed to calm down and got up. Her shirt was covered in cum, but at least she had a coat to cover herself with.

Sean pulled his pants up again and threw himself on the bed. "You can go now, we're done for today," he said with a sigh.

"Excuse me?" She said in shock and confusion.

"Well, you're going back to London in four days, right?

"How do you know-"

"Doesn't matter how I know. What matters is that we have three evenings left ahead of us," he said calmly.

Emma was in furious disbelief. "How dare you? You can't possibly expect-"

Sean interrupted her for the second time. "What? Did you actually think one blowjob was going to cut it? Not to mention that I didn't even get to finish properly."

"Oh I think you finished more than properly!" She said fiercely.

"Look, let's face it. After what you did here today, you're not about to let it be for nothing," he said with a look of satisfaction.

"But I have dinners planned. Dinners with important people. I..."

"Cancel them. I think that if this video goes out, you won't be having those dinners anyway. So there."

Emma couldn't believe it. After all the humiliation she went through, he wanted more. For a moment she considered pleading again, but it was obvious from the look on his face that he'd only enjoy that. She wasn't about to give him that satisfaction. "Someday you'll pay for this," she said.

"Maybe I will. But for now, I'm enjoying the shit of this arrangement. Don't forget to close the door behind you," he said dismissively.

Emma gave him another furious look, picked up her belongings and stormed out of the room.

"See you tomorrow," he yelled after her. He remained lying in the bed with a satisfied grin on his face. "And this was just a warm-up", he thought to himself. He had other plans for Miss Emma Watson and he was really looking forward to carrying them out.


To be continued...

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