Blackmailing Emma Watson

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It never happened and I do not condone any actions contained here within, nor do I know Emma Watson. I do not in any way profit from this story.

Less than a week ago, Emma had sat on the couch in her apartment, feeling prouder than ever. Now she was on that same couch, but pride was nowhere to be found. She had never been more ashamed of herself in her entire life. She had achieved orgasm during sex with her blackmailer. "What does that say about me?" She thought. And as if that wasn't enough, a most terrifying thought started creeping its way into her mind - what if Sean released her video despite their agreement? What if everything she had done in the past two days turned out to be for nothing? All she had was his word, and that didn't mean very much. She wasn't even sure if Sean was his real name. This thought kept her awake just as much as the images that kept popping into her head, the images of that dirty motel room and every disgusting thing she had done in there.

The evening of their third meeting was approaching. She was in her bathroom, putting on the make-up, not believing she was actually dressing up for that man. But she tried to focus on what awaited her after the meeting with him - the only dinner she hadn't been forced to cancel. It was that HeForShe meeting and it had already been rescheduled because of her. She had to make sure to end things with Sean as quickly as she could, so she would have time to go back home, take another shower and change her clothes before the dinner. Maybe then she could actually force herself to put some food in her stomach, something she hadn't been able to do since this whole thing had started.

Later that day, Emma once again found herself in front of that door that would surely haunt her for the rest of her life. She knocked, and Sean promptly opened the door with a warm smile on his face, as if he was welcoming a good friend.

"You're early," he said. "That eager to spend time with me?"

"The sooner we get this over with, the better," she replied coldy. Sean just couldn't get enough of her. He loved and hated her at the same time. He loved her feistiness, the way she smelled, looked, talked and moved. But she had always oozed smugness, a clear feeling of superiority, at least from his perspective. And that he hated with a burning passion.

"Fine by me," Sean said. He took his clothes off in record time, then approached her and started quickly undressing her. He seemed even hornier than he had been the previous two days.

"Slow down," she grumbled, but she was completely nude before she knew it. He immediately started rubbing against her, his member pressing against her abdomen while his hands were groping her ass and his lips kissing her neck. Her ass was just the perfect size, it felt so good in his hands and he couldn't resist spanking it, making Emma gave a little gasp of surprise.

"Just the way Francis did it," he whispered into her ear, but she refused to respond to his provocation.

He kept groping and spanking her for a minute or two, and the last couple of hits actually hurt her a bit. She didn't need to see her butt to know it was completely red. He then grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her down on her knees.

"Hey! Take it easy," she warned him, not liking the way he was manhandling her. But, true to form, Sean didn't pay her complaints much attention. He just grabbed her by her hair with both hands, positioned her head and shoved his dick into her mouth. He gave her only a few moments before he forced his cock half way down her throat and started face fucking her again.

Emma regretted setting that precedent the day before, now it was far too late to refuse it. But he didn't stop there.

"I'm tired of fucking your throat," he said after a few minutes. Emma now had enough experience with this man to know it was only going to get worse.

"Do it yourself," he continued. "Let's see your deepthroating skills."

"I don't have them," she immediately replied.

"Time to learn then," he said and pointed at his throbbing cock. She gave him that hot, angry stare again, took a breath like she was mentally preparing herself, then wrapped her lips around his head and began to work the tip, swirling her tongue around it while slowly taking more and more of it into her mouth.

"Play with the balls," Sean ordered and she did as instructed. She took his hairy balls into her soft hand and started to massage them while her mouth bobbed up and down his cock. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't force herself to take more than half the length. So to make it seem like she was giving it her all, she began to fake gagging noises.

Sean was simultaneously angered and entertained by her transparent act, so he decided to give her a real reason to gag with a swift and violent thrust deep into her throat that caught her off guard. She pulled away and started to cough.

"Don't try to make a fool out of me," he warned her in a menacing tone and slapped his dick against her cheek. Despite the fact he had done much worse things to her, that slap made Emma furious. In some weird way, she could even understand the other things he made her do, but this couldn't possibly have been giving him any physical pleasure - it was purely degrading. And they both knew it.

"Don't do that," she said, clearly upset and angered.

"Okay," he said and actually decided to grant her this one wish. "But then do as you're told and show me a proper deepthroat."

Emma swallowed and braced herself to do the unimaginable, as she would now have to make an effort to do something disgusting and extremely uncomfortable to say the least. She took his cock into her mouth again and began to push it further and further down her throat, coating it in her saliva. She gagged and choked, this time for real, as her soft lips stretched around Sean's dick.

"Deeper," he commanded, and Emma tried her best to force more of it into her throat. After several minutes of this, she finally managed to do it without his intervention - his entire cock was now balls deep in her throat. Seeing her struggle to accommodate the whole length of his member into her mouth while maintaining eye contact was far more satisfying for Sean than having to do it himself.

He was shaking and grunting in pleasure as she continued to take his dick in and out of her throat time and time again, and once every inch of it was inside her throat for the last time, he ordered her to keep it there for as long as she could. Each second seemed like an eternity to Emma as she obeyed and kept her blackmailer's cock deep inside her throat, gagging and coughing on it like a depraved whore, still rubbing his precum-coated balls with her hand. Finally, she couldn't do it anymore and she pulled her mouth away and tried to recapture her breath.

"Not bad," Sean said, genuinely impressed. "Now stroke it."

For a brief moment, Emma was naive enough to think he was rewarding her by letting her rest her mouth, but as his groans got louder, she realized what he was planning - he was about to cum on her face. The mere thought made Emma shudder. She had done things that were far more physically uncomfortable, but the worst part of this whole situation was the mental aspect. And for some unknown reason, she could not think of a sexual act more degrading, more humiliating to a woman than having a man cum on her face. She hated the idea with a burning passion and she decided that she had to draw the line somewhere, otherwise who knew what this sick man would try to do next. She was just about to protest, when he said something that made her shudder yet again.

"Oh Emma, you fucking cum dumpster." To Sean, it was probably just a bit of dirty talk to make the experience even better. But to Emma, it was the verbal equivalent of a facial - the most offensive and derogatory name you could call a woman. It was the final straw. And Sean could see it on her face as soon as he uttered the words, she was boiling with rage. That's why what she did next surprised him.

Not only did she start stroking his dick harder, she did it while giving him the most seductive look he had ever seen in his life. It drove him insane, and he could feel that one of the most powerful orgasms of his life was coming.

"Holy fuck!" He groaned loudly and it was obvious he was about to explode, and just a second before he did, Emma let go of his dick and pulled away.

"No, don't stop!" He screamed desperately and went to grab his throbbing dick himself, trying to save the orgasm. But before his hand could reach his cock, Emma grabbed both of his arms and began to push them away from his cock. It took him only a few seconds to overpower her and throw her to the floor, but by then it was too late. Pathetic, sad little streams of cum dribbled out of his throbbing cock as his promising orgasm had been completely ruined.

She had bitten him two days prior and partly ruined the experience, but that was after he had already managed to cum inside her mouth. This time it was completely and truly ruined, something he had never experienced before. And the feeling was absolutely dreadful.

He was still in shock and pain when he noticed Emma lying on the floor with a smug look on her face.

"You fucking bitch!" He yelled out as anger overflowed him and he raised his hand as if to hit her. Emma closed her eyes and braced herself for the hit, but it never came. After a few moments, she opened her eyes only to see Sean staring at her with a smirk on his face. At that moment, she knew that she had made a mistake.

Sean was now calm, and instead of yelling he simply said: "I guess I can't really blame you for that after everything. But I still plan on cumming properly today, so you're not leaving here until I do." He grabbed his pants and started pulling them on, then continued: "Of course, I can't do it right away, so you just stay right here while I go down to the store. I'll be back in ten minutes, you don't even have to get dressed." He was now fully clothed again and exited the room.

During this whole time, Emma said nothing. Partly because she was paralyzed by fear of Sean's retribution, partly because she simply didn't feel the need to say anything. After Sean left the room, she got up on her feet and walked into the bathroom. She washed her face and her mouth, saw herself in the mirror and....she felt surprisingly satisfied with herself, she felt empowered. Despite everything that bastard had put her through and the inferior position she was in, she found the courage to stand up for herself and even punish him for what he did to her. She felt in control again.

When she realized she was alone in her blackmailer's room, she decided to take the opportunity to try and find out more about him. She noticed a big suitcase sticking from out of the bed, quickly grabbed it and started going through it. It was all just clothes and more clothes, but then - a wallet. She eagerly opened it, but to her disappointment, it was empty. No money, no documents. Nothing in the whole goddamned apartment. It would have seemed that Sean was smarter than he looked.

Ten minutes later, Sean was back in the room. He had a shopping bag with him and he put it under the bed. Emma was still completely nude, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. Sean took his clothes off, put his phone on the bed, walked to the opposite end of the room, looked at Emma and simply said: “Suck.”

Emma rolled her eyes, made one step forward and Sean immediately stopped her.

“No. Crawl.” He said with a straight face.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Crawl to me.”

“What do I look like to you, a dog?!“ Emma snapped. He was still coming up with new ways to offend and enrage her.

“You're my bitch. And now you'll crawl to me like a good bitch.” Sean replied confidently.

“Fuck you!” Emma said angrily and grabbed her pants to put them on. She was still feeling empowered by her last act of defiance and she wasn't about to let him take it away from her again. She knew it was stupid to walk away after everything she had already done, but she didn't care. She had had enough and decided to end it on her own terms. As for the tape, she was suddenly hopeful that she would somehow manage to find a way to live with it and preserve her reputation.

Sean was surprised by her outburst. It was the first time he actually heard her curse, and he could tell it was the final straw for her. But he had an ace up his sleeve. As she pulled her panties up and went to grab her pants, he said: “There's something I didn't tell you, though.”

Emma ignored him, but then he added: “Take a closer look at that lamp over there.”

She didn't like the sound of that at all. She turned around, her pants still in her hands, and looked at the lamp on the nightstand next to the bed. It was white, with black circles all over. One of the circles looked a bit strange. She got a little closer and noticed there was some tiny black metal thingy on it.

“It's amazing how miniature they make cameras these days. I got that one from eBay,”Sean said with a smile, and Emma's heart skipped a beat as she came to realize the implications.

“No…” She muttered quietly. Sean walked to the bed and picked up his phone, pressed something and turned it toward Emma. It was a video of their first meeting, when he came in her mouth.

As soon as she saw it, Emma started to feel sick, her knees buckled and she fell to the floor, too shocked to even cry.

“That's right,” Sean continued. “Every single depraved thing you did in this room was recorded. And this is a lot different than having a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend, isn't? I mean, if people were to see you having such perverted sex with someone like me, in this cheap-ass room…ooh, I can't even begin to imagine the things they say, what they'd think about you.”

Emma couldn't even speak, she was borderline catatonic. She couldn't believe her own stupidity. And if those videos came out, that would really be the end of her. After several minutes of going through the most horrific scenarios in her head, she looked up at Sean with teary eyes. She got up to her feet.

“Turn off that camera and…and I'll do whatever you want,” she said softly.

“That you will. But the camera stays on. Behave, and those videos will be for my personal use only. Do something stupid again, and…well.”

She had to do as told. So she took off her panties again, then got back on her knees. She took a deep breath and slowly started to crawl toward Sean, but he stopped her once again.

“Hey. Eyes on the prize,” he commanded and pointed at his dick with both hands. She turned her embarrassed gaze to his dick and continued on all four. She thought she would die of shame.

Sean just stood and waited, his cock getting harder as he watched Emma Watson crawling like a dog toward his dick with her back so elegantly arched.

“You vile, disgusting man,” she said when she was finally at his feet again.

“You think you're better than me, don't you? Said Sean. “Admit it. You don't think I'm good enough for someone like you.”

“Of course you're not,” she promptly responded.

“If you say so,” Sean said, grabbed her by her head and shoved his dick deep in her mouth. He began to rape her throat even harder than before, and each time he forced his dick in, he held it down for longer, burying her pretty face in his thick pubes. Emma gargled on the violent intruder, trying to breathe through her nose.

“You know, Emma, there are a lot of girls prettier than you out there. I mean, you're pretty, but not as beautiful as some other Hollywood bitches. And still there's no one I'd rather do this to. You know why? Because you're an annoying, stuck up bitch who keeps spewing feminist bullshit,” said Sean mockingly and started slapping his hard cock against Emma's face again. This time he was obviously doing it exactly because he knew how much she hated it.

He put his cock back in her mouth and started pressing it against the inside of her cheek and moving it backwards until it popped out again. He repeated this several times, enjoying that popping sound as he'd pull the dick out.

Now his cock was slapping her face again, Sean insulting her as he did it: “Guess what, my little feminist? We're not equal, not in here.”

Those words were like a punch in the stomach to Emma. Upon hearing them, she instinctively spat in Sean's face. It was like a reflex. He immediately slapped her across the face, this time with his hand, and she fell to the floor. He grabbed her by her hair and she screamed in pain.

“When are you going to learn? You're just a dirty little slut, a cum dumpster. Say it,” Sean ordered.

“Go to hell,” she snapped back at him.

He slapped her again, leaving a red hand-shaped mark on her face. “I think you're forgetting your situation. Trust me, I won't hesitate to release those videos. Now, I want to hear you say it.”

“I'm a dirty little slut,” she reluctantly said in a barely audible voice.

“What else?” Sean persisted.

Emma remained silent for several seconds, her brown eyes glaring daggers at her blackmailer. Finally Sean lost patience and went to grab his phone. She had to say it.

“I'm a cum dumpster,” she whispered through gritted teeth, even more quietly this time.

“What was that? I didn't catch it.” Sean taunted.

“I'm a cum dumpster,” she repeated a little more loudly.

“I can't hear you!” He screamed at her.

“I'M A CUM DUMPSTER!!” She yelled out in anger and frustration, so loudly that the whole room echoed. As soon as the words left her mouth, she hung her head in shame and a single tear of defeat ran down her cheek.

Sean smirked victoriously and grabbed her hair again. “Now eat my balls,” he ordered and Emma leaned forward and slowly started licking his hairy balls.

“I said eat, not lick,” he said, grabbed his balls and shoved them in Emma's mouth. It would have been preferable to having his dick in her mouth if the balls hadn't been so incredibly hairy. As his wrinkled twins filled the inside of Emma's mouth, all the hair on them stuck to the residual precum left from the throat fucking, creating the most disgusting sensation. She suddenly pulled away, quickly jumped to her feet and ran into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. A moment later, Sean could hear puking sounds coming from the other side of the door.

“So that's what it took,” he thought to himself, surprised and impressed that it hadn't happened sooner.

Emma remained in the bathroom several minutes after she had already vomited what little food she had had in her, trying to muster up strength to continue with the torture that awaited her on the other side of the door.

She reached for the knob, took a deep breath and entered the room again. Sean was sitting on the bed with that shopping bag next to him. He tapped softly on the bed, signaling her to sit next to him. She obeyed, and as soon as she sat down, Sean started talking.

“I want to you to know exactly what's going to happen next. I'm going to take the ropes out of this bag and tie your arms and legs to the corners of the bed.” This was already more than enough to make Emma's whole body shudder with horror, but he wasn't done talking yet.

“Then I'm going to fuck your pussy, then your face. And after that, I'm going to cum all over that pretty face of yours. You'll keep your mouth wide open while I do it, and this time you're going to swallow every last drop that gets in there. Do you understand?“

Emma didn't know what to say, but then she thought of something. It would be another moral defeat for her, but it was the only thing she could say that had any chance of changing Sean's mind. She had to swallow whatever pride she had regained earlier.

“I'm sorry for what I did earlier,” she said softly, but her words clearly lacked sincerity.

“No, you're not,” Sean responded. “Not yet. Now let's skip the part where you refuse to comply and I have to remind you what's at stake. Get on your back and spread ‘em, come on.”

There was nothing left to say. Sean expected her to argue and procrastinate despite his warning, but she didn't engage in that pointless exercise this time. Instead she just positioned herself in the center of the bed and Sean immediately pulled her and moved her so that her head hung off the side of the bed. He spread her arms and legs while she quietly cooperated, hoping to get it over with as fast as possible. But when Sean grabbed one of her ankles and started tying a knot around it, her heart started pounding harder and harder. She suddenly realized the position she was putting herself in. He'll be able to do anything now, get as rough as he wants, and there would be nothing she could do about it. There would be no escape, and that made her more afraid than ever.

After all her extremities had been tied to the bed, Sean began to climb on top of her.  Once they were face to face, Sean grinned, gave her face a long, wet lick and took his dick in his hand. He rubbed it against her clit for a few moments, then tenderly inserted just the head into Emma's tight pussy. He put his hands on her arms, just above her tied wrists, then started to gently thrust into her, as if he was making love to a girlfriend. But that didn't last.

He started increasing the pace more and more, until he was pumping into her as hard as he possibly could. The room was alive with the sounds of moans and gasps as Sean kept pounding away with force. And as much as Emma hated to admit it, the day before hadn't been physically pleasant just for Sean. But now he was being so rough that it actually hurt her. It wasn't some excruciating pain, but far from enjoyable nonetheless. She couldn't help but have mixed feelings about that.

Sean was maintaining the vicious pace for a surprising amount of time. He was far from being fit, but his determination to punish Emma kept him going as the sweat from his hairy body kept dripping onto her. Even her neck began to stiffen as she kept her head up, knowing by now that she was expected to maintain eye contact at all times. He continued to slam himself in and out of her tight little hole until, finally, he couldn't do it anymore and he collapsed on Emma with all his weight, breathing heavily and lying on top of her like a dying seal.

A trickle of relief went through Emma when the brutal pounding had at last stopped and she could finally let her head just hang from the bed, but now she struggled to breathe with Sean's whole weight on her, as if the stench of sweat that invaded her nostrils wasn't enough. Just when she thought she couldn't take it anymore, he rolled off of her and got to his feet. He walked toward the side of the bed where Emma's head was and stopped in front of her upended face.

“Open wide,” he commanded.

“You don't have to do this,” she said desperately, terrified of what was about to come.

“I know. But I want to,” he replied with a grin, then shoved his dick in her mouth again. He began to throat fuck the famous actress with deep, vicious thrusts, at the same time grabbing her perfect tits, squeezing them roughly and pinching her sensitive nipples. He kept slamming his hips back and forth, his balls slapping against Emma's face as saliva and precum poured from her mouth. In that position, her throat was more accessible than ever, and Sean was somehow managing to thrust his cock even deeper than before. There was nothing she could do as he used her body like some kind of a fuck toy.

It took a while for the relentless pace to wear Sean down, but then it finally happened. He pulled the dick out of Emma's tortured throat, allowing her a quick respite before he took his cock and the sack in his hand and started forcing all of it together back in her mouth. Her eyes widened in horror and disbelief as she struggled to simultaneously accommodate Sean's hairy balls and his hard peck in her mouth. Despite everything he had already put her through, she hadn't seen something like this coming. She would have most certainly puked, if there had been anything left to vomit.

He pressed himself against her face as hard as he could, until the bell-end of his dick was buried deep, deep in her throat, and Emma's cheeks were puffed up by the shaft and the balls in her mouth. He held her there as she coughed and gagged intensely, her eyes were watering and her face was turning red. A girl who, until just a few days before, had barely ever given a normal blowjob before, was now experiencing something that most hardcore pornstars wouldn't do. After a few moments, she became oxygen deprived, her survival instinct kicked in again, and she began to struggle against her predicament. But this time she did not dare to bite down. Sean still held her firm, and just as she was on the verge of passing out, he pulled away.

She started desperately gasping for air, trying to recapture her breath. She felt dizzy from the lack of oxygen, but it didn't take her long to recover once she noticed Sean stroking his dick in front of her face. She then remembered that the final insult was yet to come.

“No…please…not that. Just not that,” she pleaded quietly.

Sean had heard before that a lot of women would almost rather take it up the ass than have a man cum on their face, since it was apparently an extremely degrading act to them. The logic of it was lost on him, but he knew that a proud feminist like Emma would hate it twice as much. So naturally, he really looked forward to doing it. But he wanted to have some fun first.

“Beg for my cum, slut,” he commanded.

“You son of a bitch,” she said under her breath. But she knew perfectly well that it would be beyond ridiculous to start refusing and angering him at this point, yet she had trouble uttering such foreign words. Finally, with her jaw clenched in anger, she whispered:

“Pl…please, give me your cum.”

“Give me your cum, Master,” he corrected her. Every second of it was more degrading than the last.

“Master?” She thought to herself. It only took her a second to realize that at this moment, it wasn't really far from the truth. He had complete control over her. She was his slave.

“Please, Master, give me your cum,” she muttered, not believing the words that were coming out of her mouth as her rebellious attitude faded even more and new tears pooled in her eyes.

“No, no, say it like you mean it. You're a shitty actress, but that you can do. Come on, make me believe it,” he said gleefully, while still stroking his hard cock. The insults just kept coming

Emma couldn't take it anymore, this had to end. So to make it happen, she composed herself, focused, and in her most seductive voice she said, dying a bit inside as she did it:

“Please give me your cum, Master.” Combined with her incredibly sexy British accent, those were probably the hottest words ever uttered. Sean couldn't hold it any longer.

“Stick out your tongue, whore,” he commanded, and she grudgingly obeyed. The moment she had dreaded was here. 

“Expelliarmus!” Sean yelled out mockingly, grunting and laughing euphorically as he exploded all over the feminist’s face, hitting her forehead, her eye and finally, her gaping mouth. Emma let out a little whimper as the hot sticky fluid hit her face and tongue.

“Swallow it,” he ordered. She closed her eyes in defeat, took a moment to prepare herself, then swallowed her blackmailer’s semen, cringing and gagging as it went through her throat, an action made even more difficult by the position of her body.

Some of the jizz spilled from her mouth before she had the chance to swallow it, and as much as he enjoyed the sight of his cum streaming down her face, Sean scooped it up with his still throbbing cock, along with the rest of the cum on her face and forehead. He picked up almost all of it, then put the dick back in her mouth.

“You better lick it clean,” he said. Using her tongue, she got every last drop from his sticky cock and swallowed it all for the second time in her life.

Sean pulled out again, then looked down at his work with satisfaction. There she was, Emma Watson, still tied to the bed, her head hanging from the side of it, her face a disheveled mess with the mascara destroyed, smeared and running in streaks down her face, along with her own saliva and what little semen she hadn't been forced to swallow. He knelt, leaned into her ear, and whispered: “cum dumpster”. It was then that she realized, a cum dumpster was exactly what she was in that moment.

“Can you untie me now?” She asked in a broken voice, but Sean pretended not to hear her. He picked up his clothes and started dressing.

“Hey! Untie me,” she said again, this time with a little more vigor, but Sean was now already putting on his shoes. He took his jacket and headed for the door.

“No, don't you dare leave me like this,” she yelled after him.

“I wouldn't be so loud if I were you. I mean, you don't want someone barging in here and finding you like that, now do you?” He said, smiled, and exited the room.

"No, no, no…” Emma whispered as she remained alone in the room, tied to the bed and covered in sweat, jizz, ruined mascara, and saliva that all mixed together, creating a most disgusting stench. She lay there for hours - two, three, four, she couldn't tell how many. However, one thing was abundantly clear - there was absolutely no way she'd get to her dinner at all. She sobbed quietly, used, humiliated and defeated, waiting for her blackmailer to return and set her free. But as she lay there alone with her thoughts, she began to wonder if he was ever going to release her.

Several hours later, which seemed like a whole eternity to Emma, Sean finally returned.

“You son of a bitch,” she growled at him as soon as he stepped into the room. He expected to find her all broken and crying, but he was glad to see she still had some fight left in her. It should make the next day more interesting.

“You really are a feisty one” he said. “But unless you want me to go for another looong walk, you'll calm down.”

Emma didn't want to see him make good on that threat, which she knew he would, so she took a deep breath and composed herself.

“Can you just untie me?” She asked as calmly as she could.

“Sure,” Sean replied, but she didn't like the tone with which he said it, like he had another twisted surprise in store. He walked up to the the bed and started untying her, and only then did she realize how sore her wrists and ankles were. Free from her bonds, she sat up on the bed, stretching her neck, her back and wrists, all stiff and hurting.

“Man, you stink and look like shit. You can't go outside like that. Wanna take a shower before you leave?”

“Yes,” she said softly, not even registering the insult. She was too used to it by now. But yes, a nice shower was just what she needed. She couldn't possibly face the outside world in her present condition.

“Well, before you get to clean yourself, you'll have to clean up this mess you made. The whole room could use some polishing, actually. Bathroom, too,” Sean said.

“What?“ she said in a surprised tone, even though she had expected more abuse.

“Having hearing problems again?”

“Surely the hostel has someone who can take care of it,” she argued.

“Have you seen this shithole? Maybe you're not that bright, after all,” he continued to provoke.

“Have you not done enough to me for one day? I just want to go home,” she said despondently, clearly exhausted to say the least.

“Who's stopping you? There's the door,” he said matter-of-factly, yet obviously enjoying himself.

Emma sighed with a look of defeat on her face, then just said: “Fine. Is there a mop or something?”

“You can find some stuff in the bathroom,” he said and threw himself on the bed. He stacked the pillows vertically, took his phone and put on a movie. It was the last Harry Potter film. Emma grabbed the cleaning kit from the bathroom and got to work, mopping, dusting and scrubbing around Sean, listening to her own voice and familiar lines coming from his phone. Every once in a while, he'd throw in a derogatory remark about either her acting or her cleaning technique, taking great pleasure in watching Hermione on the screen as the naked and bedraggled Emma Watson debased herself for his amusement. In reality, all of that was nothing compared to the things she had endured earlier that evening, but it was somehow just as humiliating.

Once everything was cleaned to a tee, she locked herself in the bathroom, took the much-needed shower, got dressed, and finally left the cursed room without a single word. As soon as she got back to her apartment, she lay in her bed and did something that, just one day earlier, she had promised herself she would never do again - she cried herself to sleep. “Just one more night,” she kept telling herself. “One more and it's finally over.”


To be continued...


There's one more chapter coming, it will probably be the shortest and the most brutal one. But if I see that you guys really like this, I might start a whole storyline with Sean using his skills to get his way with various celebs. 


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