Blackmailing Emma Watson

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It never happened and I do not condone any actions contained here within, nor do I know Emma Watson. I do not in any way profit from this story.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Sean had always liked that line. He found it funny how the first half of it perfectly summed up his feelings on the past few days, while the second half most definitely belonged to Emma. For the briefest of moments, something resembling conscience made him wonder if he had gone too far during their most recent session. But the moment soon passed, as he remembered that ruined orgasm and her smug face looking up at him. No, there was no place for guilt. What he had done was merely payback, not just for Emma's actions, but for a lifetime of getting the short end of every stick and being belittled by the whole world. This was his time, and he was going to make the most of it.

One thing gnawed away at him, though. This entire affair with Emma was so beyond his wildest dreams, so unbelievably spectacular, that there was nothing he could ever do again that could even begin to measure up to it. It was almost certain to remain the highlight of his life, and he had only one day of it left. He did consider prolonging it, but he was smart enough to know that the only thing that kept Emma from having him arrested or worse, was that she knew her nightmare would soon come to an end, and that she could then leave it behind her, bury it, and go back to her old life. If he was to take that away from her, if he made the torture permanent, she would most definitely decide to end it sooner or later.

So he had to settle for what little time he had left with her, knowing that everything else he went on to do later in life would pale in comparison. That was the price.

At that same time in Manhattan, Emma was in the middle of an unpleasant phone call.

“When you said you wanted to help our cause, we took you seriously. Clearly we were wrong,” a HeForShe representative said over the phone.

“I am serious,” Emma responded.

“Is that why you didn't even show up for the dinner last night, the dinner we had already rescheduled once just for you?”

“I'm really, really sorry about that, but I had an emergency,” Emma tried to explain.

“And you couldn't take a minute to let us know with a simple phone call?” Asked the voice on the phone in a not so friendly tone.

She kept explaining herself and apologizing for a few more minutes, but the man didn't seem very interested in apologies. She was confident that, in time, she would be able to restore goodwill, but that didn't make the current situation any less embarrassing.

After the call had ended, she remained quietly sitting on her couch for almost an hour, just staring at a wall. On the coffee table in front of her there were several different types of pill bottles and some kind of a cream - it was all for her aching wrists and the sore throat. The previous evening took a toll on her in more than one way. The first two encounters with Sean were all about sex, but that third one - that one was clearly about humiliating and punishing her. And she had no one to blame for it but herself and her foolish decision to ruin Sean's orgasm. She wasn't sure what she regretted more - that, or giving into his demands in the first place.

She thought about not going to their fourth and final meeting, but she had been through too much already to just give up now. Afraid as she was, she remained hopeful that Sean had satisfied his thirst for revenge, that it would be just about sex again. She couldn't quite believe the fact that didn't sound so bad anymore, not after she had seen how much, much worse it can get.

She couldn't wait for it all to be over, and Sean couldn't wait for their final meeting to begin. The day seemed to go on forever for both of them, though for very different reasons. And Emma was only partially right in concluding that it wasn't just about sex for him anymore. It had actually never been just about that. Not about humiliation either, at least not before the previous evening. No, it was about power, something Sean had never really had before. He had never felt so powerful, so in control, like he did with Emma. But she kept taking it away from him with her defiance, her unyielding spirit. Perhaps that all changed when, in addition to making her his sex slave, he had turned her into his maid. For all he knew, that may had been the final nail in the coffin. But he wasn't quite sure if she would return finally docile and submissive, or if he would have to push even more. He hoped for the latter. The harder she fought, the more triumphant it would be when he finally broke her completely. That was the one thing he was sure of - he was going to put her in her place, no matter what.

It was time. Emma stood in front of the motel for the last time. As she was walking toward the front door, she noticed a group of suspicious-looking men eyeing her up. If this had happened four days earlier, the fact that were looking at her like she was just a sex object would've most likely angered her quite a bit. But after what she had been through with Sean, this didn't bother her in the slightest. After all, a “sex object” would have been an improvement over what she had been turned into.

She entered the motel and knocked on that all-too-familiar door, but there was no response. She knocked again, and after getting no response for the second time, she decided to just open the door and walk in.

Clearly, Sean was waiting for her to do it, probably curious to see if she'd keep waiting outside or maybe even turn around and walk away. But she entered, and found him already nude on the bed, slowly stroking his dick while watching something on his phone.

“What are you waiting for? Come here, lie next to me,” he said and Emma removed her coat, swung it around the back of the chair, then lay down next to Sean as instructed. Sudden feelings of repugnance overwhelmed her when she saw what Sean was watching. It was the video of their previous encounter. She saw herself tied to the bed, with Sean brutally raping her throat, then proceeding to put his balls and his dick in her mouth. It would have been horrifying to see even if it had been somebody else in the video. But watching herself like that...she felt like she was going through it all over again, knowing she might have to relive it for real later that evening. And yet, at the same time, it was almost as if she was indeed watching someone else. The woman she saw in the video wasn't the woman she had been her entire life.

Sean removed his hand from his dick and instead he put Emma's hand on it. Looking away, she started to jerk him off, without even waiting for him to order it.

“Slowly,” Sean said. “We're just warming up. And why the hell are you staring at the wall, don't you want to watch our movie? It's actually your best performance to date” he taunted her.

Ignoring his insults, Emma continued to gently stroke his hard cock, forced to turn her gaze to the horrendous video on the screen while his precum already began to run down her hand. Seeing him cum on her face, seeing herself actually swallow it…it was almost as awful as actually performing those foul acts.

"Kiss me," Sean suddenly said and Emma's heart sank yet again. There was something intimate and romantic about kissing, something that she would forever lose if she did it with this man. He was taking everything from her.

As she began to reluctantly lean toward him, the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was the smirk on Sean's approaching face. She cringed inwardly as their lips met and he unceremoniously pushed his tongue into her mouth. Sean extended his tongue as far as he could, almost wanting to stay in the moment forever, getting lost in Emma's warm mouth as her hand worked his cock.

Emma was forced to alternate between that disgusting exchange of saliva and watching the video until it had finally ended. Then Sean got up from the bed and ordered Emma to do the same. She did, and they were now standing two feet apart.

“On your knees,” he commanded. She knew what that meant.

“Just let me take my clothes off first,” she replied. She knew he'd eventually make her do it anyway, better to do it before it got sullied, she thought.

“Nice of you to offer, but no need. On your knees, now,” Sean said firmly.

“Fine,” she said contemptuously and got to her knees. She expected him to immediately thrust his cock into her mouth again, but to her surprise, he just turned around.

“What are you doing?” She asked, all confused.

“Getting into position. Now eat my ass,” he said and leaned slightly forward, spreading his ass cheeks just enough to make his asshole visible.

Stupefied Emma Watson found herself staring directly at Sean's filthy anus, the mere sight of which made her want to throw up. And, of course, his whole ass was just as hairy as the rest of his disgusting body.

“What are you waiting for?” He asked impatiently.

"I don't think -", Emma began, but whatever she tried to say was swiftly cut off by Sean.

"Stop! Stop right there. Didn't you learn anything in the last three days? When I tell you to do something, you just do it. No ifs or buts, you just. Do it. Now lick my fucking ass!" Sean said angrily, letting Emma know that he had a lot less patience than before.

She could already tell the final meeting was going to be rough, even by his standards. She did not want to test him so she leaned forward, closed her eyes as she stuck out her tongue and gave Sean's asshole a tentative, quick little lick. Immediately she retched as if to vomit and pulled back. She knew that any sort of complaining, begging or delaying would only make matters worse for her. She saw only one thing she could say that wouldn't anger Sean and might actually get her out of the current disgusting task. Difficult and demeaning as it was to utter the following words, Emma knew her pride was long gone but she could at least try to save herself from this new level of physical torment.

"Please, Master, can I suck your cock instead? I want your big cock in my mouth, Master. I need it," she said seductively in her lovely British accent, trying her hardest to sound both sincere and sexy. And she hated herself for it. She had just willingly offered a blowjob to her blackmailer and had even chosen to refer to him as her master, and with that, it was as if she betrayed the last vestiges of her once strongly held values. But she simply couldn't go on with the pointless resistance. She had to give in to this man, one way or another.

And Sean was caught off guard by her words, he couldn't quite believe his ears. He truly did not expect Emma to actually compromise herself like that. A wide smile then formed on his face, but he didn't want Emma to see it, since he wasn't sure how to respond to her admittedly tempting request. On the one hand, if he were to grant her that wish, it might serve as an incentive for further improvisation on her part, which he very much enjoyed. But on the other hand, he didn't want her to think she could manipulate him or control the situation in any way, shape or form.

"Oh Emma, darling. I'd be a fool not to take you up on that offer," Sean finally said as he turned around to face her. Incredibly, he could swear he saw relief on her face. It took him a moment to process that - Emma freaking Watson was relieved that he allowed her to suck his dick. And that wasn't even the best part. The best part was what she said next.

"Thank you, Master," Emma said softly and even smiled playfully, continuing to play the part and thus swallowing yet another bitter pill of humiliation. This time, Sean couldn't hide his smile. But this was a different, a more sinister kind of smile.

"You're welcome, honey," he replied, paused for a few moments, then added: "But the night is young. There's plenty of time for that. Right now I need you to lick my ass like I told you to."


"No, no, no. No buts, remember? Just keep being such a good girl," he said and turned around again. "Spread my ass cheeks and have at it, Miss Watson."

Emma was burning with fury. But this time, she was more mad at herself for being so stupid and actually thinking Sean would have any mercy on her. Now, at long last, she finally realized it. There was nothing she could do or say to soften this suffering. There were no rules in this game that she could follow, because Sean held all the power and wasn't about to forfeit one shred of control. Whatever she did, he would keep finding ways to mess with her and degrade her. He just wanted to see her completely and broken, no matter how he did it. And now that she finally understood this, Emma made a decision.

She was determined to deprive him of that achievement. And she wouldn't, couldn't do that by openly defying him. No, that was a shortcut to even more extreme torment, not a way to win this. He enjoyed her tears and he enjoyed her acting like a cock-hungry slut. Either way, he wins. The only way to deny him that satisfaction was to follow his every command and all the while show him nothing but indifference. No pleasure nor pain. No smiles nor disgust, no autonomous actions at all. Whatever he commanded, she would do, but nothing outside of it. Nothing genuine. To Sean, it would seem as if he had broken her, but not in a way he would truly enjoy. Yes, that was the only kind of victory she could get, the only way to regain even the fraction of that control she was so used to until Sean took it from her. It would not be easy to maintain this emotionless facade, and Emma knew it, but it didn't matter. It was all she had left.

"Here we go," she thought to herself, and just when Sean was about to lose his patience, she put her hands on his ass cheeks, spread them wide, dove forward and finally started licking.

"Holy shit!" Sean exclaimed as Emma began to probe his asshole with her tongue. It took all of her willpower to stop herself from puking or even gagging as she lapped at his anus. She kept running her tongue up and down, through his taint then back up into his asshole.

It was the first time for both of them and Sean enjoyed it way more than he thought he would. He was in absolute ecstasy as Emma's magical tongue kept dancing across his shithole, licking and probing, going deeper and deeper.

"Spit on it," he commanded and spit she did, then continued her oral assault. Suddenly, Sean reached behind his back and pressed Emma's head firmly against his ass. She barely stopped herself from instinctively pulling back. She wouldn't play that game anymore.

"Keep at it! Keep eating my ass, you dirty little slut!" He screamed and Emma's tongue pressed even deeper than before, as deep inside his rectum as it could possibly go. Sean held her head buried between his hairy ass cheeks, revelling in the fact that Emma Watson, known as a strong, classy and proud woman, was energetically eating his disgusting asshole. It was something every other man on the planet could only dream of, and that made Sean even more turned on.

Meanwhile, Emma struggled to breathe with her head forcibly buried in Sean's ass, but she kept on working her tongue and still refused to pull back. She felt dirty, humiliated and was literally running out of oxygen, but still she soldiered on. And just when she thought she couldn't possibly take it any longer, Sean became aware that he might cum too soon if they kept this up, so he released the hold on her head and moved away.

She inhaled deeply, trying to recapture her breath, but not in a way that would show Sean how close she was to fainting.

"Wow, Emma. That was fucking amazing," Sean said, short of breath himself from all the excitement. He looked down at her, expecting her to be all distraught and on the verge of crying, but instead she was just looking into the distance with dead eyes and an expressionless face. It was almost like she wasn't even there.

"Okay," Sean murmured, clearly taken aback by her lack of any sort of reaction.

"Hey. Look at me," he ordered and Emma obeyed. "That was fun, wasn't it? Did you like that?" he said in effort to provoke some sort of reaction from her, but to no avail.

"Of course," she simply replied, in the most mechanical manner possible.

"Good, good," he said, still unsure what to think about Emma's unusual bearing. "But we're just getting started. Get undressed and on that bed."

Of course, Emma immediately complied, took off her clothes and headed toward the bed, moving neither fast nor slow. She sat down, then lay down on her back.

"No, no," Sean corrected her. "I want you on all four."

Emma had done that before, though only once. She considered it a demeaning position, but she had done far worse things with this man. As she flipped to her stomach and got in position, Sean retrieved a long mirror from under the bed. There were several inches between the head of the bed and the wall, and in-between he placed the mirror in a vertical position.

"I want to look at that pretty face as I pound you from behind. And of course, I expect you to look too, at all times," he said, amused. Emma said nothing and did nothing, though she had been sort of looking forward to not having to look at this man, maybe even imagine someone else. But even that hope got squished rather quickly.

She watched her own reflection, on all four, just waiting for this awful man to start fucking her once more. She watched as he got on the bed and positioned himself behind her. He practically drooled, lust written across his whole face and body. Grabbing her juicy ass cheeks, he lowered his head and took a few licks at Emma's pussy, just to get a taste, but he didn't really want to waste time on that. Instead he got back up, took his throbbing dick in his hand and started rubbing it against Emma's sensitive slit for a few moments, then pushed it in. And all the while he kept looking at Emma's face in the mirror, but saw no reaction from her. He did not like that.

Not letting himself be diverted, he rested his hands on Emma's plump ass and started thrusting in and out of her tight cunt with long, slow thrusts. He'd pull his dick nearly all the way out of her and then slowly push it back, almost fully inside. This went on for several minutes, until finally, with one last thrust, he slammed his dick all the way in. He kept it there for a few moments, then once again started sliding in and out of her pussy, this time picking up the pace. He grabbed a handful of her hair, slightly pulling her back as he kept pounding her faster and faster. Still no reaction from Emma.

"Talk to me Emma! You want me to fuck you, don't you? Say it!" He yelled at her and gave her ass a hard smack. Caught by surprise, she couldn't help but let out the slightest gasp as he slapped her.

"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me." She said casually, almost robotically.

"What the fuck is that? Make me believe it!" He shouted again and gave her ass one, two, three more hard slaps, but this time she was ready for it and kept the strong face.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Emma screamed back at him, refusing to improvise any further dirty talk like she knew he wanted.

Sean still wasn't sure what was going on with her but he knew he didn't like it. His dick was now really battering her cunt and with one hand still in her hair and the other on her hip, he roughly yanked her back up against his chest, making her face momentarily contort in this sudden and painful move, but she quickly steeled herself again, even as Sean now panted down her neck and furiously worked himself inside her. It was at that moment that he finally figured out what she was doing. This borderline catatonic state of hers wasn't real. It was merely an act designed to lessen his enjoyment, he concluded. And he wouldn't have it. With a newfound resolve, he started pounding her tight hole harder and faster than ever as sweat now dripped from his entire growingly tired body, using his free hand to fondle and occasionally slap Emma's perky titties. But he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up such vicious pace much longer, so it didn't take too long before he decided to change the tactic.

He slowed down his thrusts and returned to slow, long movements, at the same time releasing her body to let it fall back on the bed. He then licked one of his fingers, lowered his hand, and slowly inserted the now wet finger into Emma's asshole.

Once more caught by surprise, Emma tried her best not to react to the extremely uncomfortable new sensation, but on the inside she was terrified. She had spent enough time with Sean to know where this was going and all she wanted to do was jump off the bed, protest, beg, do whatever she could think of to stop him from doing this. But there was nothing she could do, short of running away and letting Sean post his videos online. She couldn't believe it. Nobody had even been inside her asshole, and by the looks of it, this man would be the first, here and now.

Sean now added a second finger to the effort, probing and pulling on her sphincter to stretch it out and get it ready for his cock which was still sliding in and out of her pussy. A few minutes later, he grabbed his dick, spit on it for extra lubrication, and started pressing and rubbing the head of his cock against the entrance of Emma's tight, virgin asshole. Emma didn't even realize that her whole body went completely rigid in horrifying anticipation, but Sean certainly noticed it.

"I'm about to fuck your ass. Your ass, Emma. Unless you don't want me to. If so, all you have to do is ask nicely," he teased, playing with her head. She wanted so badly to believe him, but she knew she couldn't. He was going to do this no matter what, he just wanted to mess with her. It was psychological warfare and this battle was hers, she decided and remained silent.

"No? Oh so you want me to fuck your ass, is that it?" Sean taunted, still rubbing the tip against her butthole. When his attempt to get a response failed again, he slowly started getting annoyed. But he was about to make himself feel a lot better.

"Very well," he said. His heart was racing, anticipation churning in his gut. The idea of anal sex had never appealed to him that much, but knowing that he would be the first to be in Emma Watson's fantastic ass and that she too would have to live with that for the rest of her life, oh that idea appealed to him very much.

Emma swallowed nervously as the tip of Sean's rock-hard cock prodded the entrance of her virgin asshole. And then it happened. Taking a deep breath and tightening the grip on her ass, Sean slowly pushed forward and Emma clenched her jaw as hard as she could and firmly gripped the sheets in effort to stop herself from screaming as his dick finally breached the tightest of her holes. He was merely an inch inside her and the overwhelming tightness was already enough to almost make him spill his load, but he managed to control himself and continued to slowly, deliberately push just the head of his dick in and out of Emma's shithole.

"Holy shit, Emma. I know this is your first, but you should know it's my first too. Not a lot of women allow guys to fuck their ass," he continued to provoke her, by now knowing that she wouldn't respond. It didn't matter to him at the moment, for he was in heaven. Taking his time, he maintained the slow movement until he felt her ass become slightly more accustomed to his girth, then started pushing just a little faster and deeper. Her anus clenched his shaft like a firm handshake, sending waves of pleasure throughout his whole body. Every time he re-entered her, he was now pushing half of the length in. Then he started yelling orders at her again.

"Beg me to fuck your ass!" He cried.

Emma struggled to utter any words without letting him know how much this was destroying her. "Fuck my ass! Please keep fucking my ass!" She screamed.

"Yes! Tell me spank you!" He persisted.

"Spank me! Slap my ass!" She yelled and Sean instantly obliged her request and gave her tortured ass several hard slaps, sending ripples of pain through her body with each slap. He looked at Emma in the mirror and enjoyed the sight of her tits bouncing on her chest as he kept slamming into her ass harder and harder. But even though she kept her eyes on the mirror as instructed, it was more like she was looking through the mirror, somewhere far away from all of this. And her face somehow still remained unfazed, though inside she was dying, barely refraining herself from screaming her lungs out. Starting to get annoyed by her silent defiance again, Sean pushed her face roughly into the cushion and used his weight to press her whole body down, now fucking her in proper prone bone position.

The whole room echoed with the sound of two sweaty bodies slapping together as Sean kept increasing his pace, working his cock in and out of Emma's unbelievably tight asshole, now getting almost his entire member inside every time he pushed in, but still never quite all of it. It was hell for Emma. The extreme discomfort she had felt while his fingers probed her rectum was nothing compared to the searing pain she was feeling now.

Sean could feel his orgasm approaching, so he started hammering into her as fast as he could. With one final, hard, vicious thrust, his dick was finally balls deep inside Emma's ass and he exploded inside of her like a fire hose. He tilted his head back and moaned in exquisite ecstasy as he felt his balls begin to drain. After the first two shots of cum had shot forth, he took a few more lackluster thrusts and squirted the rest of the jizz directly into Emma Watson's aching rectum.

"Oh my fucking God, that was unbelievable!" He exclaimed as he got off of Emma, trying to catch his breath, covered in sweat, still shaken to his core by the mind-blowing orgasm. He then slowly walked over to the head of the bed, where Emma lay exhausted but still not quite defeated. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he lifted her head of the bed and just shoved his softening dick inside her mouth.

"You know what to do," he simply said and Emma promptly licked the cock clean and forced herself to swallow what little cum remained, all the while showing no emotion whatsoever. Sean knew very well how utterly disgusted and humiliated she must have felt about it, about the whole evening, but you couldn't tell that by looking at her expressionless face. She wanted to cry like never before in her life, but she still refused to give him that satisfaction again.

"Now you had a taste of both our assholes," he mocked her but her persisting indifference killed all the fun for him.

"So are we done?" She asked casually, like she was asking what time it was.

"Yeah. I guess we are," he responded after a few moments, feeling somehow disappointed despite the amazing session they just had.

"Our deal is done. You should take a shower before you leave," he added, actually sounding like he cared. Of course, it was just the realization that his time with Emma was over that made him act in such a way.

"If you say so," Emma said, even though she just wanted to leave the place as soon as possible. But regardless of Sean's deceptively tender tone, she knew his every word was meant as a command. And there was no point in angering him now when she was so close to leaving this nightmare behind her.

So she got off the bed, picked up her clothes and locked herself in the bathroom. Sean just sat on the bed, looking like someone whose house had just burnt down, and not like a man who had just fucked Emma Watson in the ass. Then he started thinking about their previous encounters and suddenly he realized something.

He had had only one all-around satisfying orgasm since this whole thing had started - the second evening when he had finished in her pussy. The first evening she had butchered the experience by biting him, and the first attempt on the third day had been completely ruined. Cumming on her face had felt so incredibly victorious, but had happened shortly after the ruined one, and his cock had still ached, making the sensation nowhere near as fantastic as it should had been. And now it was completely the opposite. His dick felt phenomenal, but Emma's reactions, or lack thereof, robbed him of that feeling of triumph, something he so desperately needed.

And the more he thought about it, the more his melancholy grew into anger. After a lifetime of misery, this was his chance to take control. This was his chance to show both physical and mental domination, to teach this smug actress some humility, to subjugate her to his every whim. To show her that he was better and stronger than her in every way. But the bitch kept fighting and defying him over and over again. And in the end, even after every horrific thing he had done to her, he didn't feel like he had truly broken her. He failed again. And that infuriated him more than anything in his wretched life.

At the same time, Emma was finishing her shower. She dried herself off and put her clothes back on, ready to finally be done with what was by far the worst experience of her life. She looked at herself in the mirror and caught herself doing something she hadn't thought she would be able to do for a long time - she smiled. Just briefly and just a little, but she smiled. It made no sense after everything she had been through and everything she had been forced to do. However, that evil man on the other side of that door gave her his worst in effort to break her, but he could not. He may have taken her body, but he did not break her spirit. He did not leave her a sniveling mess, begging for the last ounce of mercy until the bitter end. No. In the battle of wills, hers prevailed.

And now she was going to walk out through that door and return to her real life, stronger and more determined than ever to continue fighting for women everywhere. With that in mind, she turned around, unlocked the bathroom door, and just as she opened them, Sean violently barged in. The door hit Emma, throwing her against the wall. Caught completely off guard and outside of the mindset she had maintained in the bedroom, she couldn't hide the fear on her face.

Looking furious, Sean gave her a powerful slap across the face, throwing her on the floor. Disoriented from the hit, at first Emma couldn't even register what was happening as Sean lifted the lid of the toilet seat, grabbed Emma by her hair and started violently pulling her toward the toilet seat until she was hanging over it.

"What are doing?! Let me go!" She screamed in panic, completely forgetting her vows of maintaining composure. She was now too busy fearing for her life.

"You thought you could play with me?! You thought you could act the way you acted, you fucking bitch?" He barked at her, then thrust her head into the toilet water. Emma was beyond terrified, struggling to breathe, trying with all her strength to push herself up. Just as she thought she was about to drown, Sean yanked her back up.

"Had enough? Learned your lesson yet?" He yelled, keeping a firm grip on her hair, but Emma couldn't say or do anything except keep gasping for air.

"No? Alright then," Sean said and plunged Emma's head back into the water, holding her there as she flopped and struggled for freedom. Careful not to actually drown her, he pulled her back up just in the nick of time and gave her only a brief moment to breathe before he pushed her down for the third and final time. When he finally released her completely, she collapsed to the floor like a sack of potatoes, coughing violently and desperately gasping for air.

As soon as he released her, Sean ran back into the bedroom and started rummaging through his bag until he finally found what he was looking for. He walked back into the bathroom to find Emma pathetically trying to crawl out.

"Oh you're not going anywhere just yet," he said, never sounding more menacing."I have a couple of presents for you."

With her vision still a little blurry from the lack of oxygen, it took Emma a few moments to make out the objects in Sean's hands. A new flash of fear washed over her when she realized what they were: a ring gag in the left hand, handcuffs in the right. Then, all of a sudden, Sean momentarily dropped the handcuffs and slapped her again, disorienting her even more. He used that moment to force the gag between her lips and cuff her hands behind her back.

"There we go," he said with a satisfied smirk. "I'm going to give you a few minutes to recuperate before we go on. Okay?"

As Emma slowly started getting back to her senses, she grew more and more afraid of what's to come next. "He didn't need the ring gag not the handcuffs before, why would he need them now? What is he going to do?" She thought to herself. Did he want to add another layer of humiliation? To take the last little piece of control from her? Perhaps he simply knew she was now fearful for her life, and he didn't want to risk her biting him out of pure survival instinct. Yes, that had to be it, she concluded.

Sean noticed Emma was now fully aware again. He slowly approached her, savoring the sight of fear in her beautiful brown eyes.

"You will learn your place, Emma. No matter how long it takes," he said viciously, grabbed her hair once again, and slipped his flaccid dick inside the ring gag. Emma expected another violent facefuck, but instead, Sean did the unimaginable and released his bladder. Emma's mind started racing as her eyes widened in absolute horror. She tried to pull away but Sean was too strong for her.

"Nooo! No, please don't. Pleaasee!!!" She screamed desperately, or at least that's what it sounded like to Sean. It was impossible to discern her words with certainty, considering she had a ring gag and a dick urinating straight into her mouth and throat. But the horror on her face was unmistakable.

Emma began to sputter and gag as Sean pressed himself against her face and hot, salty urine continued to burst into her throat. She gurgled and choked as some of the putrid liquid went straight down her gullet, and some of it got squeezed out of her mouth and onto her clothes. She could hear Sean laughing, but she couldn't really see him with her face pressed against his stomach. It was far beyond her worst nightmares. Never in a billion years did she think that something like this could ever happen to her. But there she was, the famous Emma Watson, now being used as a human urinal.

“There! You’re my fucking toilet, Emma! Drink up!” Sean scoffed at her.

He enjoyed the sight before him so much that his cock began to get hard again, so he slowly started thrusting even as the piss continued to flow and Emma continued to choke on it. Soon the waterworks stopped and Sean immediately started roughly throatfucking her with his now fully erect cock. Little drops of piss still trickled down Emma's mouth and neck, even as Sean fucked her throat with wild abandon and his hips battered against her pretty face. Each time he slammed in, he went balls deep, and every time she gagged and kecked on the violent intruder, her eyes watering profusely.

On the verge of blowing his load again, Sean brutally rammed his dick in to the hilt and with an animalistic grunt, he came for the second time that evening, this time deep into Emma's tortured throat. He held her head firmly in place with her nose buried in his thick pubes as she choked and gagged violently on load after load of his stinky cum. Most of it went directly into her stomach, though some of it practically squirted back out under the pressure, out of her mouth and even out of her nose.

“Take it all! Take it down your throat! Choke on my cum, you slut!” He growled at her. It was the ultimate orgasm.

But even after the last drop of jizz was expelled from his cock, Sean still didn't let go of her head. He kept it buried deep inside Emma's throat until she started to turn red, and just as she was on the verge of passing out, he finally pulled himself free and shoved her to the floor. After a few moments, he crouched beside her and removed the ring gag.

"I hope you get it now. And if, by any chance, you happen to think this can't possibly get any worse, think again," Sean started talking, though Emma could barely hear him through her coughs that wouldn't stop for another few minutes. She wanted to puke her guts out, but despite her stomach being full of piss and cum, for some reason she couldn't get any of it out.

"Did you hear what I said, Emma?" Sean continued. "It can always get worse. Push me, and I'll go bring a few stray dogs to fuck you like the bitch you are. Push me again, and I'll think of something even worse. Do you understand?"

"I...I do," Emma managed to mutter out, terrified that Sean might live up to his words. He had certainly proven himself capable of anything.

"Good. Good girl," Sean said in a condescending tone. But just to make sure she learned her lesson, he let her lay there for a few more hours, sobbing, handcuffed and completely destroyed, unrecognizable as Emma Watson. And during all that time, she didn't dare say a word.

Eventually Sean uncuffed her, pulled her off the floor by her arm, undressed her again and showered her himself. Which was sort of redundant, considering her piss covered clothes. But the important part was that she remained as meek as a housebroken dog, only this time it was no act. She was completely and utterly broken.

When she was ready to go and finally on her way out, Sean stopped her one last time.

"Hold on," he simply said, and Emma started to think he would never let her leave.

"One final thing - a question," he said, took a few steps toward her and asked his question: "What are you?"

"A cum dumpster," Emma replied instantly. Quietly but confidently. Why not? It was now completely true and she knew it.

"Excellent," Sean said and smiled widely. There was no doubt about it - Emma Watson had been broken and defeated, barely a shadow of the woman that he had met only a few days earlier.

"You're free to go. Think of me sometimes, will you?" He mocked. Emma just nodded and exited the room, never to return again. She had faith that she would probably get her life back on track eventually. Maybe she would even go on to fight for her beliefs harder than before. But deep inside, she would always know she didn't fight hard enough when it mattered the most. She wasn't as strong and principled as she led the world to believe she was. She was a fake.

Sean's smile stayed on his face for a few more minutes after Emma had left. But soon, the deafening silence of his room reminded him that he too was going back to his old life. And in that life, he was a nobody. Ugly, miserable and completely alone. Forever.




It took me a long time to finally decide to finish the story, mainly due to lack of interest in it. But I really felt like writing these last several days so here it is. I'd still like to do a spin-off series with Sean using his skills to get his way with a lot more celebrities, I already have the whole storyline and a bunch of fun scenes in mind. But writing it all down is a different thing and I don't know that I'll have the time or the will to realize everything I've come up with. However, I might give it a try, if I see there's interest in it.

Either way, thank you for reading!


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