Alex Morgan - Women's World Cup

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Alex Morgan. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

“So…can I ask,” Abby said to her best friend and teammate as they finished up yet another grueling training session. 

“Sure. What’s up buddy?,” Alex Morgan replied.

“How are you dealing with all the pressure before the World Cup? We’re all feeling it but you’re captain, having all eyes on you as we attempt to win our first World Cup on European soil. And with all that going on, your social life being turned upside down with your...break-up? Uncoupling? New-found singleness? Not sure how you prefer that.”

“All words get the point across,” Alex replied, looking down at her recently barren left ring finger. “As for the pressure, I definitely feel it. Whether from certain players, the coaching staff, expectations from sponsors or fans we meet. Yeah, it’s a lot,” Alex confessed.

“Can I offer you some advice,” Alex’s closest friend and confidant suggested. When she was met with a nod from the stunning soccer star, she proceeded. “Fuck the haters, fuck your cheating douche of an ex, and embrace your sexuality.”

“Woah,” Alex said, blinking repeatedly in shock of the intensity of the words. “You’ve been meaning to say that for awhile.”

“Alex, listen. I’m coming at this problem with you as both your best friend and also as your teammate. We need free-flowing, loose Alex. Not stiff-as-a-board, cranky Alex. That Alex isn’t the star forward of the National Team. That Alex won’t lead us to the World Cup,” Abby ranted. “I know that being in the public eye after such a harsh break-up, it being everyone’s business scarred you. Hell, no one blames you. The media totally slut-shamed you. But we need you to say fuck them and embrace your shit. You’re a horny-ass chick who loves dick...and pussy.”

“I so appreciate that,” Alex replied after thinking over the words for a few moments. And I get that you know that I need sex, like all the time, to be at my best but getting back on the horse, or cock in this case, is gonna feel so weird. Ever since my freshmen year in college I’ve been with him.” 

“I was ready for that,” Abby repied, knowing that it was that reason preventing Alex from fucking again. “I’ve been in your exact position. It may have only been a few years of a relationship versus yours which was 8, but the point is the same. You need to do something shocking and daring. Something different than the, sorry to say it but, vanilla sex you and your ex would do.”

“Hm,” the star player pondered. I can see the point your making. So, continue with your master plan to get me fucked.”

“So…we are isolated while on this pre-World Cup training program? Not many guys around, but because you’re vegan, you practically have your own nutritionist.. A guy you like, find hot and who you’ve slept with already. And before you say anything, I know it felt weird at the time but that was because you were hoping he’d replace your husband. This time it would be to use that familiarity to break out of the rut you are in and push your boundaries. It’ll help you grow and I bet it’ll help with your funk.”

“Damn girl, where would I be without you,” Alex replied as she practically jumped on her teammate with a hug, loving the idea with each passing second.

“It’s too scary to contemplate,” Abby joked, causing them both to laugh.

*          *          *

“Hi Greg, any chance you can come up to my room for a little help,” Alex said, calling one of the team’s nutritionists.

“Of course, I’ll be right over.”
True to his word, the tall, muscular man didn’t take long before knocking on the superstar’s door. She instantly called out for him to enter her room, which was when he noticed that the the hotel room door had been propped opened. Upon entering the relatively small room, he noticed Alex was not in the little living room where she expected her to greet him so he figured she must be through the set of linen-covered glass doors leading to the bedroom, but he wouldn’t enter unless she gave permission. 

“What’s up Alex? Finally come to your senses and decide to give up this plant only diet and join the world of protein once more,” Greg asked, knowing Alex was a staunch vegan for the past several years. “Where are you?”

“In here,” Alex called out from her bedroom. “I’ve got 99 problems but protein ain't one,” she jested before adding. “But I was hoping you help me with an actual problem I have.”

Greg inferred correctly that Alex was calling him to join her in her bedroom, which had the door standing wide open. They had hooked up several times over the last few months since her marriage ended but they had always lacked that spark, likely because Alex wasn’t ready or willing to move on just yet. Walking further into the room and passing into the bedroom, Greg was still unprepared and frankly shocked seeing the gorgeous soccer star laying in bed in only a loose-fitting shirt and white thong.

“Wow,” the man commented, instantly feeling his cock stir in his pants.

“I was really hoping,” Alex said, getting off the bed and walking to stand in front of him. “That you could help work out some of the pre-tournament stress for me.”

“Oh, I’m definitely your man,” Greg replied.

The pair had their hands all over each other in the next heartbeat. Greg wrapped both his hands around the back of her neck, cupping her feminine face to tilt her face up to meet his lips. As the pair began to kiss, Alex used her hands to roam his surprisingly muscular body, rubbing his sculpted pecs and rippling abs. Of course, her body was no slouch either, as seen by millions in her 2 appearances in Sports Illustrated but while Greg’s body was bulk, her’s was feminine. Her abdominals were flat, her legs long and muscular while her ass was perfectly sculpted as if by the Gods themselves as it was small but wonderfully thick.

With their lips forming a seal, allowing their tongues to mingle, Greg lowered his hands with one going straight to Alex’s underrated ass. While not huge by today’s standards, the soccer star had worked hard at it with squats in the gym over the past 10 years to give it both exceptional lift and girth. It easily fit into his massive palm, allowing him to give it a hearty squeeze and causing Alex to moan into his mouth in response.

“Get this off,” Alex commented, pulling his plain white tee halfway up his torso before Greg finished it off.

As the leggy brunette crouched slightly so she could lick down his strong chest before closing her lips around his nipple, Greg reached down to the hem of her shirt. Going tit for tat, the nutritionist pulled upward and was helped as Alex straightened up, lifted her arms above her head and allowed Greg to expose her naked tits.

Just like her ass, Alex didn’t have the biggest boobs, but they fit her tall, athletic frame perfectly. In fact, any bigger than the perky B cups she had and it would have looked unnatural. As they were, they fit her like a glove, as did the small pink nipple capping each, making her hotness level exceed expectations.

While Greg threw her shirt aside, he realized that Alex wasn’t messing around tonight, as he felt her hands immediately go to his crotch. Within seconds his pants were undone and the tall soccer star had scooped out his very erect cock and was stroking it with glee. Even as they continued to kiss, Greg could sense the smile that had formed on her face.

“You’re cock is so hard,” Alex Morgan commented as she spat into her hand and used it as lubrication to jerk his dick easier.

Greg had his arms slack to his sides as the girl with a mischievous glint in her eyes stroked him off with a smile on her gorgeous face. She stayed close to him, close enough so her small tits with hard nipples lightly touched his muscular stomach, while the pair occasionally shared a kiss, all while she massaged his 7 inch dick.

As his hands came back up to cradle her face, Alex turned her head to the side while she spoke. “Wanna put your cock in my mouth?” Alex asked while capturing his thumb in her mouth and closing her lips around the digit.

“Fuck yes I do,” the normally reserved man replied.

Not for the last time that night, Greg couldn’t help but contrast how Alex acted tonight versus their previous tepid affairs from only a month ago. Then, Alex was clearly using him as a rebound guy and it felt like she was just subbing him in for the loss of her husband. Which meant Greg would never be able to measure up to her wants and needs in bed since he was being compared to a guy that knew Alex intimately for years. Tonight, though, was a different kettle of fish entirely. Alex seemed more freed and natural, even though it had only been a small sample of their time together.

Alex didn’t leave that suggestion dangling out there for long, as she crawled onto the bed in the next heartbeat. However, after Greg took off his pants and looked back at her, he found the leggy soccer player was laying down on the bed, using her arms to prop her up so her face was at face level with his dick.

Stepping closer, he steered his throbbing meat to the horny brunette, making a perfect bulls-eye and was rewarded with her lips closing with several inches in her mouth. Using only her mouth to give the nutritionist a hands-free blowjob, giving him almost all the power, Alex bobbed her head and effortlessly took over half his length repeatedly with each bob.

“Oh yes,” Greg cooed, leaning back so that he could peer down and watch her work.

The talented cocksucker continued to orally service, but this time shortening her attention to just his sensitive tip for a while to thoroughly tease the man with the healthy sized dick. Though she was used to her husband, well ex-husband’s much thicker cock, Greg’s would more than suit her purposes. 

Finally to his relief, she pushed her lips down his tool and took in more of his flesh into her moist heat. She allowed a little more of his meat inside her this time, over 5 inches now, before pulling back slowly along his length until the only contact her lips had with Greg was on his pee slit. She repeated the action but this time she did it with more speed and continued to do so until she was bobbing at a fast pace.

“Mmmphm…ammmahhm,” were the sounds being emitted by Alex’s mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

To say that Alex was a natural at giving head wouldn’t do it justice. Everything about her blowjob was top notch. She constantly was looking up at him with her big blue eyes, maintaining eye contact as her nose now nestled into the thin patch of pubic hair he had. Now that she was deep-throating his veiny manhood, she made even more erotic, wet noises as his dick was bathed in the moist heat of her mouth.

“Gllkk…kkllllkk…ggllllkkk,” Alex gurgled, just drowning out Greg’s own grunts of pleasure.

“God that’s amazing,” Greg groaned.

“Get down here,” Alex invited, pulling him to join her on the bed.

The lucky man figured it was his turn to go down and munch on her pink pussy now, however as she nestled him with his head in the pillow, she took up her familiar position kneeling between his legs. This time she let his very wet cock rest on his 6-pack abs so that the talented soccer star could use her tongue to lick each of his nutes before capturing first the left one and sucking on it.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned as Alex released the suction and licked up his pole.

“You like that,” she asked with a cocky grin before sucking on the other ball before licking up his dick again.

Alex went back to sucking on his manhood, but this time instead of showing off with her deep-throating ability, she chose speed. Working with her mouth and hand in perfect union, the sexy brunette bobbed her lips halfway down his dick while her fist stroked the remaining portion. The result had the muscular man groaning once again, driving him crazy as she seemed to get faster with each passing moment.

“Tell me what you want,” Alex asked in the bravado that was missing from their previous hook-ups.

“Suck my balls,” he answered without hesitation.

The gorgeous soccer star didn’t miss a beat, using her fist to tilt his dick back so she could capture one ball in her mouth and began sucking erotically. All the while, the blue-eyed brunette locked eyes with her boy toy, staring at him as her cheeks dimpled from the applied suction and her hand lightly stroked his pole.

“Oh yes, that’s good,” Greg cooed, suggesting her to suck his nuts in order to allow him to catch his brief from her intense blowjob.

“Can I ask you to do something that I’ve always wanted to experience more of, but always been too bashful to ask for,” Alex asked, deciding she would fully given in to Abby’s advice since it felt great so far. When Greg nodded, she continued. “Would you eat my ass?”

“Mhmm,” Greg agreed without thought.

Alex smiled up at him then deep-throated him one last time for good measure, feeling his cock slide all the way down her throat before pulling away. As she stood on the bed, Greg stayed in place at her instruction, watching her discard her white thong then face her ass towards him. Straddling his chest with her feet, Alex surprised him yet again by squatting down and resting her adorable bubble butt right onto his face.

“You like me smothering you…ohhh…awwwhhh,” Alex asked before feeling his tongue lick across her rosebud.

Even though he could overpower her at any moment, Greg rested his hands and allowed the talented soccer star to control things for now. It was clear she was working things out so he kept using his tongue to poke and lick her asshole as Alex grinded her hips back and forth, up and down along his face. She was essentially twerking right overtop his face with his tongue repeatedly lashing out to lick her ass, much to both of their satisfaction.

Alex clearly loved being rimmed, and after a few minutes Greg took a more active role in eating out her ass. Using his strong hands to grip her rock hard  booty, he pulled the cheeks apart and used his tongue like a focused tip to pierce into her. He didn’t get very far, less than an inch into her rectum in fact, but the sudden cry from Alex made it clear it was well received.

“Mhmm…yes…awwhhh…eat my ass!” Alex cooed, stroking his manhood to keep him hard.

Alex couldn’t help it anymore and her desire for cock grew too strong. Abandoning her position of squatting on Greg’s face, she adopted a more traditional laying position across Greg’s body so that she could get his dick in her mouth while he could simultaneously eat her out as they 69’ed. He could no longer reach her asshole with his tongue, but the moment he pierced her gushing pussy with the wet muscle, she moaned loudly while his cock was still in her mouth.

“Can’t take it. I need you to fuck me,” Alex stated, bringing a lengthy end to their foreplay.

“Condom in my wallet,” Greg said, sitting up to go for his pants.

“No,” Alex said, placing a hand on his chest and forcing him back down. “I want to feel all of you.”

“No complaints here,” Greg replied eagerly.

As Alex swung one of her impossibly long legs around his waist, Greg used his hands to reach out and take each of her boobs into his hands and knead them with just the right amount of force where she could feel his pressure but not be in any pain. The word that came to Greg’s mind when staring and touching Alex’s chest was suckable, and that’s exactly what he began to do. He raised his head to her chest and took one of her perfectly pink nipples into his mouth and began tracing it out with his tongue.

“Uhhh…mmhmm…yes,” the soccer star moaned.

Alex realized even in the thrall of her passion that she was still hovering over Greg’s cock, not that the boob-obsessed man noticed or cared. Wanting to change that she put her hands on his chiseled chest to balance herself before lowering herself enough so that his tip comfortably slip back into her wetness. She felt the vibration of his grunt of approval on her sensitive nipple then amped it up even more by sinking down fully to take him as deep as she could.

“Ahhh! Yes Alex,” her nutritionist groaned.

Raising herself back up, the soccer star didn’t even leave the crown in her as she pulled a good inch off of his throbbing member altogether. She perched herself above him for just long enough to see the curiosity in Greg’s face before she slammed herself down on his lap, taking his entire cock to the hilt in one shot.

“OHHH YESS,” they both hissed at the same time, both screwing their eyes shut in pure pleasure.

Alex repeated this move a second time, then again and again until she made worked herself into a frenzied pace. Greg was no longer able to stay latched onto her tits with his mouth but it was a concession he was okay with. Laying flat back on the bed, he watched the athletic performer ride his dick like an expert bull rider and simply appreciated the view.

Realizing that he could do more than watch and thrust his hips up to meet her own crashing hips, Greg reached around the athletic girl and placed both of his strong hands on her surprisingly plump butt cheeks. He couldn’t believe how such a slim girl could rock such a bubbly ass, Greg squeezed the cheeks in his hand to fully appreciate them. He went from simply grasping them to rubbing her smooth skin and allowing his palm and fingertips to explore every inch of her incredible bottom.

“You like what you found,” Alex commented with a wink without ever breaking stride.

“Very much so.”

To accentuate his point, the muscular man pulled his right hand off her body then sent it crashing down with a flex of his wrist to smack her creamy white ass with a playful slap. Alex simply smiled widely at his new tactic, which encouraged him to do it again, this time with his other hand. Throwing back her head, Alex took his cock deep into her pussy and sat on it without any other movement. 

“So deep,” Greg said while exploring her ass still.

“God…your dick feels so good filling me out,” Alex moaned, resuming her bucking motion.

Opening his eyes as wide as he could, Greg imprinted that moment into his brain forever. Her naked skin seemed to glow in the scant light that dimly filled the room. Alex’s perky tits were bouncing in front of her with each ride downward, well until his large hands went back and corralled each, filling his palm perfectly. Her long legs were propelling her intense riding, while the view in the mirror behind her afforded Greg the luxury of watching her slender yet bubbly ass clap down onto his lap.

They were both fueled by lust and passion so taking it slow or easy never factored into their tryst. Greg didn’t know why Alex had beckoned him to her room to fuck his brains out after a month, nor did he care that she was using him to broaden her sexual horizons. Over and over Alex used her seemingly endless energy to ride to the top of his pole only to collapse back down as soon as she got there. Greg helped feed more of his dick into her greedy pussy by thrusting up just as she got to the end of his pecker, driving deeper into the horny girl.

“God you feel so good,” Greg groaned while biting his lip.

As Alex continued to ride his full length she ran a hand through her dark silk hair, thanking her lucky stars that she had the endurance from her soccer days. Though they hadn’t hooked up in over a month, the pair had suddenly had great chemistry which allowed the stud to hit all the right spots. It was because of this that she didn’t mind doing all the work, especially since she was being pounded towards her long awaited orgasm.

His large hands felt so good squeezing her small but perky tits, the sole of his hand feeling great as it rubbed her small erect nipples. To help push herself over the edge and cum for him, Alex took one her hands that were being used to help propel herself up and down his rod and moved it between her legs. Her pubic hair was non-existent as she preferred the cleanly shaven look, but it was her clit that she was after. When Alex began rubbing her sensitive nub, her riding slowed from the frenzied pace it once was, but the slower style suited them both. Greg’s dick had more time to properly probe her twat, plus it insured he wouldn’t cum before her.

“Keep fucking my tight pussy with your big cock,” Alex cooed. Greg knew his manhood wasn’t the biggest but the compliment helped spur him on as he bucked his hips wildly into her from beneath in response to her words. “Mmmm…yes…keep giving me that dick!”

With wilder bucking of his hips from the passion of their encounter, Greg drove his meat pole into her tight twat repeatedly. His hands moved from her tits in order to tweak both her nipples, a move that seemed to help some of the other women on the team cream themselves. The maneuver seemed to work for yet another talented soccer star as it drew more moans and screams from the younger girl. Finally after a few more minutes of the intense fucking, Alex earned her just rewards.

“Oh yes…I’m cumming…ughhh…awwhhhh…yes,” Alex screamed at the top of her lungs as she came.

The long-legged brunette sank to the bottom of his cock and stayed there as she rode out the amazing orgasm. Clearly exhausted from the massive energy drain, Alex tipped forward until her perky boobs were pressed against Greg’s naked chest. Her flexibility allowed for her to stay so fully flexed while the man’s cock remained buried in her dripping pussy.

As Alex lay with her tits pressed against his chest and face resting on his as they kissed, she still had the good sense to pivot her hips back and forth, continuing to fuck him, albeit a lot less vigorously. Greg didn’t mind the breather, in fact he was getting awfully close to cumming before Alex went off like a firework.
The nutritionist felt like Alex was building her courage to say something, and boy was he ever correct. “I want to try something I’ve never done before. Maybe I could have you put your cock in my ass.”

“It would be one of my life’s highlights to fuck Alex Morgan in her impeccible ass,” Greg said with all sincerity, bringing a wide smile to the nervous girl’s face.

Clearly prepared to let him sodomize her, Alex reached under her pillow and withdrew a small bottle of lube. Squirting a healthy amount onto her fingers, she reached back behind herself and smeared it all along the entrance to her tightest of holes. While she was no stranger to anal sex, she had only done it a handful of times with her ex-husband. While Alex got a thrill and even came more often than not, it was her ex that would rebuff the offers, saying that she was built for speed and he hated having to take his time and fuck her ass slowly instead of his normal all-out style.

One of the reasons Alex decided on calling Greg after her chat with best friend and teammate Abby was because Greg had shown himself to be both competent and compassionate lover. Alex thus decided that if she was going to attempt a potentially dangerous sex act, it should be with someone she trusted. Plus, Greg was a nice guy with a great reputation amongst a handful of her teammates.

“Just relax,” he told her, withdrawing his cock and having Alex massage lube onto his cock.

Alex suddenly realized that not only was he pushed past her anal sphincter, becoming the first dick since her husband to enter her perfect butt, but there were several inches of meat inside her before he paused. She then felt a sudden spasm of pain, well more discomfort, as she tensed out of reflex, but it went away quickly as Greg stopped pushing inside and used a finger to flick her clit.

“Oh my God! Your cock is inside my ass,” Alex cooed, shocked that it wasn’t painful. After all, it had been years since anything had penetrated her rock hard ass.

Hearing the lack of discomfort in her tone, Greg thought it was time to proceed. Keeping with a slow but steady pace, the burly nutritionist pushed his hips upwards then backed off, using half his cock to fuck the soccer star’s ass and always leaving at least his tip inside to keep it propped open.

It stung slightly still, but with each passing thrust it got better and better until the point it was fine. Greg was still going slow, but Alex appreciated that. Turning her head to the side and opening her eyes, the stunning soccer star looked in the mirror behind her and watched as his wide cock was repeatedly swallowed by her tight little ass.

“God, Alex. So good,” Greg cooed, pulling her cheeks apart to help ease the passage.

“It’s feeling really good in my butt,” Alex Morgan moaned, surprising both her and her man. “And looks so hot.”

Holding her butt cheeks apart eased some of the tension of her insanely tight sphincter on his shaft so Greg decided to test the boundaries. Picking up the pace, the muscular man kept his steady tempo but started to push up with greater speed, and also a little deeper. The result was at first mixed, causing Alex to visibly tense, but that reaction was short lived and soon she was back to cooing and cawing.

And it was at this point that Alex actually used the hands she had planted on either side of Greg’s head to start pushing backwards. Instantly almost his entire 7-inch cock was being engulfed in the American soccer star’s ass, or as much of it that could fit in this limited position. Deciding to help her further, Greg latched his hungry mouth around one of Alex’s dangling tits and began loudly sucking on her nipple, which paid dividends by making the brunette ride him a little harder.

“You like that,” Greg asked in the interlude between sucking on either boob.

“Yeah! Keep stretching my ass,” Alex found herself answering without thought. “ But now I want you to fuck my ass now.”

“With fucking pleasure! Go doggy,” Greg demanded, knowing that many girls preferred that position.

All Alex had to do was shift her weight and lift one leg to allow Greg to scoot out from under her, leaving the soccer star in the same position on her hands and knees. Alex was in for a surprise when instead of a hard cock pressing against her still gaping ass, it was a wet soft tongue. The naughty man was using the gape his dick had left behind in order to lick far deeper in her asshole than when he rimmed her earlier…and Alex loved every moment of it.

“Such a dirty boy,” Alex cooed, snaking an arm back behind her to press his head further against her butt cheeks. 

“God you have such a cute and tasty asshole,” Greg complimented as his tongue went deep into her gaping hole once more while his fingers rubbed at her snatch. “Maybe it's the whole vegan thing.”

Alex felt his tongue and hand leave her before the bed shifted beneath her, telling her he was getting in position. With her hand still behind her, the American soccer star felt for her asshole and poked inside it with her middle finger tentatively, wanting to make sure it stayed loose before he penetrated her again. By the time her finger went all the way to the knuckle and backed it, she felt Greg push it aside so that his dick could replace it, his tip sliding in relatively effortlessly before pausing.

“Oh yes,” Greg grunted. 

This time the experienced man didn’t give Alex as much prep time, though he kept his thrusts slow and smooth. The leggy soccer star had taken a page from his book by using both hands to reach back and pull her cheeks apart, making it easier for his cock to slide inside her extremely tight hole, meaning she had to rest her chest and face on the mattress.

“Oh my God! So much cock in my ass,” Alex cooed, feeling his ball sack now slapping her incredible thighs with each thrust. “Just like that,” Greg encouraged.

As Greg continued to fuck her, now going faster than ever and using every inch, Alex thought back to when he rimmed her gaping hole. It felt so wet and naughty, knowing that he was licking deep into her rectum. She was reminded of that feeling every time he pulled out, which Greg was doing every minute or so, allowing him to look down at her wide open butthole.

“Wait, wait, wait. Hold up a second,” Alex said in a soft voice, not commanding or forceful.

It took Greg a second to hear and process her words and then another moment to stop thrusting and pull completely out of her ass, noting how wide open the hole was left, gaping wide to show a red inner layer before dropping into darkness. “What’s wrong?”

“I figured since you got a good taste of me a couple minutes ago,” Alex commented, turning around to face the kneeling man. “Now it’s my turn.”

With that, Alex opened her mouth wide and without delay swallowed the first several inches of his cock, which was mere seconds removed from being lodged deep in her asshole. Without having whipped it down first, Alex showed no disgust on her face as she bobbed several times, taking her time and gliding her tongue down the underbelly of Greg’s cock so she could get a full taste of her dirty asshole.

“Taste good?” he asked Alex as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, taking a bit more of Greg’s filthy cock into her mouth with each movement.

“Mmhmm,” the gorgeous soccer star responded while her tongue swirled around the cock in her mouth. “My vegan ass is truly delicious.”

This time a moan came from her throat as she continued cleaning up Greg’s with her mouth, clearly getting off with the dirty act. It was so nasty and naughty but that was why she was enjoying so much, contrary to her previous thoughts. It wasn’t until she lost her husband that Alex realized she really got off on being such a depraved little slut, something he never let her express and actually actively repressed. But now she was letting her dirty little mind ran rampant by letting this almost random man fuck her in the ass and then sucking his cock clean.

Seeing the lust and hunger in Alex’s eyes Greg put a hand on the back of her head. Thrusting his hips he started fucking her mouth, pushing in until he felt his cock brush against the back of her mouth before pulling back. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth Greg paused and let Alex suck on the head and swirl her tongue around the crown before pushing back in.

“Still horny?” Greg asked, looking back and seeing Alex still diddling herself.

“How about we get this cock back in my ass,” the sexy soccer star said as she pulled her mouth from my manhood.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Greg replied with a wide grin. 

Deciding to dictate the positioning, Greg reached down and grabbed the leggy soccer star under the back of her knees. Using his arm strength to pull Alex towards him while moving backwards so his feet were on the ground once more, the couple found themselves with the American soccer star laying on her back, knees pressed up by her perky tits and Greg standing in front of her.

It had been a few minutes since his cock was in her ass so the sphincter tightened back up, meaning Greg had to slowly insert himself back inside her. Finally her eyes went wide as saucers as her backdoor opened enough for his cock to slide in just past the crown. Luckily, she calmed herself quickly enough, all while Greg took his time and slowly fucked her.

“Feeling better, or should I take it out?” Greg asked as he finally got the last of his cock into her tight ass.

“Noooo,” Alex grunted, one hand to rub her clit while her free hand going to her chest to pinch a nipple between her fingers. 

“Want me to fuck your ass?” he asked, slowly pulling out.

“Yeah, fuck my ass,” Alex said, clearly starting to enjoy the experience.

Now with her permission, Greg was able to switch his almost agonizingly slow pace that he had started with into something with more purpose. As he slid almost all of his cock out of her before pushing back in, this time Greg went slightly faster. Every couple of thrusts he added a little extra power to his thrusts into her slender but bubbly rear. 

“Harder,” Alex grunted, hooking her perfect legs around his waist and using them to pull Greg into her.

Giving her what she wanted, Greg grabbed her hips and added a little more power to the thrusting. He still wasn’t moving particularly fast inside her ass but it seemed to do the trick, satisfying her for at least the moment as she closed her eyes and moaned. She had also drastically picked up the pace of the rubbing on her clit, making her moan even more.

“You like having your ass fucked, don’t you?” Greg asked through gritted teeth, shortening his strokes and picking up speed. 

“Uhh, yeah,” the sexy soccer star responded, moving her finger from clit to dip into her pussy.

“Put two fingers in your pussy,” he said, wanting to make her cum, a feat that seemed near impossible for a woman possessing such an incredibly tight ass Alex Morgan.

“Ohhh, so tight,” Alex moaned, her eyes going wide as she added a second finger to the one already making wet sounds in her dripping snatch.

Her ass had already been squeezing him delightfully but when she added a second finger into her snatch, the feel of Alex’s sphincter got even tighter. It was so tight that Greg was all too aware that he couldn’t withstand for very long. Of course, the fact that he was watching the normally adorable face belonging to Alex Morgan contort in pleasure from having his cock shoved up her ass didn’t help his staying power either.

“Oh god,” Alex moaned as, the nutritionist’s cock slammed into her backdoor over and over.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Greg asked her as she arched her back.

“Yeahhh,” the gorgeous soccer star half-whined, half-begged, bringing her other hand down to rub her clit while she fucked her pussy with two fingers. “Just like I know you will too.”

“Then cum while being ass fucked,” he demanded. “Feel my cock in your asshole while you’re screaming.” 

“OHHHH,” Alex moaned, closing her eyes and trying to focus on getting just that little bit extra that would push her over the edge.

“I’m almost there, too,” Greg said, hoping she’d get there before he did. 

In the end, they came together, almost as if it was the goal all along. Alex liked it deep and fast, something that surprised both of them but not enough to shock Greg out of his focus. While his strokes stayed true, her fingers worked herself over as well, fucking her own pussy and rubbing her clit until she bellowed out she was cumming.

A split second before Alex’s vice-like asshole clenched down even tighter as she began to orgasm, Greg shot the first wad of jizz into her backdoor, painting her bowels in his seed. It had been several days since Greg had last had sex, so he came hard and plenty, choosing to bury his tool as deep into her asshole as possible before doing so.

“Wow,” Greg groaned, still unbelieving the events that just transpired.

Agreed,” Alex said, resting her head back on the bed. She felt his cock begin to wither after another dozen of seconds, at which point her boy toy withdrew from her well-used asshole. At the same time, the first spurt of cum he shut inside her leaked out, following his cock out of her backdoor to pool on the edge of her mattress. “You came so much baby.”

Greg nodded as he looked down and saw even more of his semen leaking out of her still gaped hole. He became transfixed, staring at the viscous white fluid as it slowly dripped out of her cavernous asshole. Alex was also focused on the anal creampie, using an arm to reach down and actually rub the cum around between her fingertip and rim of her asshole.

“I hate to be one of those guys…”

“You gonna hit it and quit it?” Alex commented with a smile, getting to her feet.

“Haha kind of. All of us trainers and coaches are going to go to dinner but I can totally cancel if…” Greg added context, feeling bad.

“No, no. Not at all. I was totally joking,” Alex added. “Besides, I need to shower. Then I’ll have to call room service to get them to deal with the gallon of semen on my bed sheets.”

As the muscular man gathered up his clothes, Alex went to the bathroom to splash some water on her sweaty face. As the cool water refresher her, she couldn’t believe how good she felt. Sure, Alex could feel the throbbing already starting in her ass, which would likely mean training and even sitting for the next few days would be sore, but she could also feel the big knots from stress in her shoulders already dissolving. She felt for the first time like she didn’t have the hopes of the entire nation on her shoulders, which was the best feeling in the world right now. 

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