Alex Morgan - Women's World Cup

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Alex Morgan. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

“Congratulations ladies,” the coach of the US Women’s National Team said, having to shout to be heard over the celebratory noises. “It was a long road full of obstacles, but you overcame and are now the first time in women’s soccer history to win back-to-back World Cups!”

After that comment, another and more rapturous applause went up through the change room. This time the coach understood that there was no getting their attention back, not that she needed nor wanted it. The women had fought for the past month, not to mention had a grueling 4 month training camp in the build-up to the tournament and now was their chance to celebrate. Who was she to be in their way. With that in mind, the coach went to the nearest bottle of champagne and poured herself a glass of bubbly.

*    *    *

“Please tell me you have something planned for tonight,” the gorgeous Alex Morgan asked her teammate.

“Alex, please. You think so little of me?” Megan replied after another mouthful of champagne. “I’ve had the top floor of the Grand Goliath booked since we won the quarterfinals.”

“God, I love you,” Alex replied before wrapping her arms around the other women. 

“Jesus Alex, keep it in your pants,” Megan retorted as she jokingly tried pushing the excited girl away from her. “Or at least until you get alone with someone tonight.”

“Or someones,” Alex screamed in joy, flashing a naughty smile before she resumed her dirty dancing moves all around the dressing room.

“Okay everyone, listen up,” Megan shouted. At the sound of her voice the music began to lower so that it could still be heard in the background only. “Party tonight to celebrate our mother fucking victory! Our space is being prepped now so we have an hour now to celebrate, shower and do a few interviews before we head back to the hotel and party our asses off. 11pm in the upper penthouse.”

*    *    *

The after party was an obvious success on multiple levels. For one, after grueling 4-month training camp followed by an intense tournament that demanded every single one of the squads mental and physical energy, the women needed an outlet. This party was everything the women were hoping it would be. A perfect way to simultaneously blow off the steam of the last 6 months while also celebrating a monumental sporting achievement.

Many of the women on the team were partying hard in the penthouse suite that the soccer team had rented out for the night. The music was loud and getting everyone dancing, both the players and non-players alike. While several members of the team had gone and claimed some of the adjoining rooms to fuck their partners brains out, whther it be male or female, Alex Morgan was still on the dance floor.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous,” Alex screamed to be heard over the music.

While she had danced with over a handful of random men and women throughout the night. However, as the hour neared 2 in the morning, Alex had settled her attention onto an amazing specimen of a man. Swaying her hips to the music, Alex ran her hands over the man’s naked tattooed chest, having already undone all of the buttons of his shirt. Pressing closter to him, able to feel his flaccid cock against her taut stomach, Alex leaned in further so she could lick and kiss his chiseled pecs.

The gorgeous SI swimsuit model turned around to grind her firm ass against the man’s lap and realized that her dirty dancing had produced a scene. In fact, Alex found herself in a semi circle of 4 other men. Rather than being creepily watching as she grinded the man’s dick into oblivion, Alex was pleased to see that the men were some of the others she had danced with earlier in the night. 

“You’re pretty fine as well,” Alex commented to the bald headed man on her immediate left. 

Meanwhile, a shorter man with a neck tattoo had wandered right up in front of her so Alex wrapped her hand around his neck to pull him even tighter. He thought she was coming in for a kiss but instead Alex flipped over and used her amazingly fit ass to rub against his cock while her small but perky tits rubbed up against the tattooed man in now in front of her. Even though they were in the middle of a crowded room, filled with over 50 people, the shorter man roamed his hand up Alex’s arm so that his fingers could hook the hem of her dress and pull it down her arm. 

Watching intently, once the bare-chested man noticed that Alex showed no signs of stopping his friend from partially removing the top half of her dress, Jason did likewise with her other sleeve. Alex couldn’t help but laugh as with a shrug she helped the men pull her dress down to bundle around her hips, exposing her skimpy red bra and washboard-yet-feminine abs. 

“Whoa!” one of her teammates roared their approval at her brazen display. “You hot as hell girl!” Another added. “Go get some!” Yet another weighed in.

As the man named Jason pulled off his open shirt, the bald man was currently keeping Alex’s attention. Running his hands through her silky dark hair, he pulled her head forward until they were pressing their lips together, at which point she crammed her wet tongue into his mouth. The pair made out with tongue spilling out of their mouths more often than not before Alex broke the kiss. Her lips weren’t free for long before she pivoted to her right so that she could kiss the short man with the neck tattoo. Next was the now shirtless man that she spent the most time dancing with before she disengaged and took up some tongue wrestling with two other men.

“Go Alex! Go Alex!” several of the star forward’s teammates took up cheering.

“Whoa!” Alex Morgan replied, screaming her reply to her teammates. 

Meanwhile as the leggy soccer star celebrated her sexual liberation, she continued to feel a total of 10 hands roaming her amazingly fit and sexy body. Neck, breasts, stomach, back and ass were all being rubbed or lightly kneaded, and Alex loved every touch and caress. It was only a matter of moments before she felt the tight fitting dress, which was bunched around her womanly hips, being tugged lower until she stepped out of the pooled garment around her feet, leaving the stunning brunette in only her red bra and black tights. 

“Maybe we should take this to a more private location,” the bare-chested man commented.

“Lead the fucking way,” Alex shouted in replied in order to be heard over the music. 

Rather than take her by the hand and walk her to one of the several empty rooms that were adjoining the massive suite, the bare-chested man bent over at the waist. When he straightened back up, he did so with an extra 130 pounds on his right shoulder as Alex Morgan was hoisted up in the air. This, of course, received another loud cheer from the 50 odd people in the room.

As the man named Jason walked towards one of the hallways containing bedrooms, Alex looked back at the slowly receding room and noticed the other men she had been dancing with. With a pointed finger, the star forward identified the 4 other men who she had spent the most time with before waving them to follow. Like the obedient men that they were, they left the main party room and followed hot on Alex Morgan’s heels.

Though it was only a short walk down the hall to the last door in the block, it felt like it took too long for everyone involved. One man rounded the guy carrying Alex so that he could push open the luckily empty bedroom while the one directly behind her pushed her head gently down to be sure it didn’t get clipped on the door frame on the way through the threshold. 

“Pants off,” Alex demanded as soon as her feet hit the ground. “Now.”

They listened, but at their own paces. While 2 of the men went for their shirts and pants to get naked, the others did partly. Jason was already halfway undressed so he took liberties in kissing the gorgeous soccer star while fondling her small but perky tits. Alex allowed for the small disobedience since she’d need to get naked as well, allowing the muscular man to pull off her bra and leave her topless. 

Two hands belonging to two different men replaced Jason’s hands so that he could work on removing his jeans. They immediately pawed and lightly twisted on her nipples, making each rock hard. Meanwhile another man reached much lower in order to get between the star’s legs, rubbing her snatch overtop both tights and panties. 

“Oh my God! I want you all so badly,” Alex screamed in excitement, her hands shooting between their cocks to stroke their hard, naked flesh poles.

“Such a bad girl,” they told the soon-to-be cocksucker as she stepped out of her tights to render her completely naked, just like the rest of them.

“Drop that unbelievable ass to the ground,” a man with a thick Londener accent demanded as the men formed a semicircle.

Alex laughed before doing exactly that. Not worried about what anyone would think of her for seeing her kneeling in front of a group of 5 naked men, Alex embraced her sexual desires. Noting their cocks, she realized that the smallest of the men was fairly thick 6 inches, with the largest being an incredible 10 inches, nearly a foot in length.

The talented soccer star knew her role in this evening’s events and did as she was suggested, so didn’t keep the excited men waiting for long. The brunette centered herself so that she was head-on with the man in the middle, who happened to be a handsome guy in a top knot with the sides of his head shaved. Not wasting any time, Alex opened her mouth wide, leaned forward and engulfed the tip of his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times, working just about half his good-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether.

“You like that dick,” Top Knot asked with a cock smile.

“Tastes so good,” Alex replied with a wide smile before using only tongue to swirl around the tip of his fat cock.

“Got something for you here,” the man to Alex’s immediate left stated.

“You certainly do,” the horny girl replied as she shifted in his direction.

Alex pivoted slightly so that she was now facing the man who was the longest and leanest of the gang and repeated the same trick on him. After sucking on his lengthy tool for a minute she pulled away from him and turned nearly 180 degrees to face the third member of the standing group. Again she opened her mouth and pushed her lips around his healthy-sized cock, getting half his length wet with her spit.

“You’ve certainly got talent,” the thickest of the men commended.

“Please,” the 28-year old woman said. “You haven’t seen anything yet boys.”

With the men paying attention to her every sexy move, the sexy World Cup winner did a long lick over her thumb and forefinger on each hand. With their cocks now lubricated as well as her hands, Alex gripped the two dicks on the outside and began stroking them at a solid pace. This left her face to focus on the meat right in front of her, belong to the man with his chest fully tattooed, which she gladly gobbled up with her mouth.

Not only were the pack of men surprised by Alex’s amazing competence when it came to pleasing 5 guys, but so too was the soccer star. This was Alex’s first time taking on a pack this size, and not only was she not overawed by having to please 5 throbbing cocks, but she was thriving under the conditions. Every minute or two when the dark-haired woman would pull her plump lips from one dick, she would pivot to her left only to swallow the next one. The men had no problem waiting for their turn to be blown because it gave them time to recover their sexual stamina since her oral skills were amazing. Only a minute or two of Alex’s lips around their dicks were enough to feel a faint tingling in their balls, so they were happy for several minutes to recover with either no attention or a handjob.

“I think it's your time to get some,” one of the men announced.

Alex didn’t so much as reply but rather she got to her feet when she felt one of the men behind her grab her under the arms and apply some upward force. Now that she was back on her feet and completely naked, 10 hands descended to her extremely fit body and pawed whatever flesh they could. Tits, nipples, stomach and especially ass were all groped before someone’s fingers made it between her legs and rubbed through her very wet pussy.

“Oh shit,” Alex Morgan moaned into someone’s mouth as they kissed feverishly.

Noticing the king-sized bed was several yards away, the bald-headed man decided to use his position directly in front of Alex to bend over in order to hoist her up on his shoulder. However, before he could carry the horny girl closer to the bed, Top Knot stepped up right behind Alex and buried his head against her ass cheeks..

“Whoa,” the brunette screamed in excitement as a tongue pierced her folds and started swirling deep in her pussy.

The man with the ponytail took the moan as encouragement, keeping his eye sockets pressed tightly against Alex Morgan’s rock hard ass so his tongue could continuously pierce her snatch. The World Cup winner was already soaping wet in excitement but his mouth eating her out only added to the brunette’s hormones. And though she tasted delicious, Top Knot eventually pulled his lips from her pink slit in order for more of the night's festivities to get underway.

“Don’t mind if I do,” another man said as he stepped in Baldy’s path to the bed after he walked Alex halfway there.

The difference in height between Top Knot, who had been munching Alex’s pussy moments before, and this new man was a good 6 inches, with Beanstalk standing a good 6’3”. Thus, as Alex rested on Baldy’s shoulder she didn’t feel the new man’s tongue go back and probe her pussy, but instead he only reached her backdoor. Beanstalk had no way of knowing if the soccer girl liked having her salad tossed, but after the initial volley of licks against her asshole, her hand reached back to pull her thick cheeks apart and afford him more access to her sensitive butthole.

“Looks like this dark-haired beauty is giving us an all-holes pass for tonight...including that tight little ass,” Neck Tat commented with excitement.

Of course, Beanstalk wasn’t simply satisfied by having a taste of Alex Morgan’s adorable asshole. He was happy that she was clearly going to be into some form of anal play tongiht, how much was still unknown, but he figured that before they took turns hammering away at the fit soccer star, he took it upon himself to make sure she had enjoyment as well.

There, while still using his tongue to make long, slow licks over her backdoor, Beanstalk brought his long fingers up to her slit. After rubbing her peach for a few moments to accumulate the copious amounts of her pussy juice, the gangly man slide first one finger into her snatch, followed soon by a second. All while his tongue continued tossing her salad, the tall man started thrusting his fingers gently into her pussy, stretching her out.

“Fuck that’s really good,” Alex cooed at having both her holes pleasured.

“Just wait.” Beanstalk said with a cocky grin.

The gorgeous soccer star inferred his comment meant that she’d be in for a world of pleasure at some point tonight. What she didn’t realize is that the tallest of her men meant that he was about to make her cum very soon. Not that she minded, it only caught her by surprise. 

Beanstalk’s fingers continued to push in and out of her wet snatch but they soon started to drive deeper and stopped withdrawing as far. While he started to drive his fingers down against her G-spot with growing speed and force, his tongue stopped working against probing into her rectum so that all of his attention was focused on one spot. The result was an orgasm on a scale Alex rarely felt, simply from the unexpected and rapid onset of it.

“Holy Lord!” Alex shrieked before launching into body spasm and incoherent moans as she went through the thralls of passion.

From the suddenness of her climax, Alex reckoned she blacked out. It must have only been for a short time, but long enough for the men to have moved her into a more advantageous position for their purposes. Apparently the bed was too far away as she found that she was on the large sectional sofa in the corner of the room.

The leggy girl took a moment to orientate herself considering she was staring up at the ceiling, the light fixture the tip off of such. Alex realized that her shoulders and back were resting on the plush cushions while her head hung over the edge of the sofa. That wasn’t all as her head was joined by her spread calves and feet hanging over the sofa while her sun kissed thighs were pressed against her perky tits. It also allowed for Alex’s pussy to be presented perfectly to the man she referred to simply as Baldy.

Stepping up, Baldy grabbed his 8-inch member and thick as a wrist to stroke it a few times, still slick in Alex’s spit. Without bothering with a condom, he placed his bulbous tip against the opening to her snatch and pushed forward. Given how wet she was, his dick slid into her until half his shaft was drenched in her juices, a smile spread over his face as he fucked his first swimsuit model, even if she only did that as a side hustle to her soccer career.

“Mhmm…feels so good,” Alex cooed as she was fucked.

“Well isn’t this beauty the complete package,” Neck Tat stated. “Fit as all hell, perfectly sculpted ass and a sex drive revved into high gear.”

To accentuate his point, the heavily tattooed man brought his hand to about shoulder height then let it come whipping down until his hand smacked her large, firm cheek. The slap resonated loudly around the room, even drawing a murmur of surprise from the unexpected girl, whose mouth was currently formed in a perfect O as she moaned.

For the sake of evenness, Neck Tat did the same thing with his left hand to her other cheek, giving her a match set of red handprints on her fantastically plump ass. Satisfied with his handiwork, no pun intended, the attractive man clutched his cock around the base with one hand while his other one gave her thick cheeks a few, less hard slaps while avoiding touching the bald man as he fucked her pussy hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Alex encouraged, her face flushed from her upside down position.

“You heard her, give the woman what she wants,” Top Knot told the bald man.

Baldy gave the horny girl what she wanted and really started to stroke into her tight twat. Even with how wet she was, the thickness of his cock and the tightness of her pussy meant that he was not able to plow into her as fast as he would like, not yet anyway. It did however mean that her velvety walls hugged him so constricting that he didn’t care that he couldn’t pound her to oblivion as it felt better than almost any other woman he’d been with.

“Need a break. Fuck, this babe is fit,” Baldy said, pulling out.

Before another cock could take up her opening, Top Knot proved to be the faster thinker and quickest as he acted first. Rather than using his 10-inch cock, he pushed two fingers tight together and slid them into her cunt. Much slimmer than Baldy’s member, his fingers were able to penetrate deeply and at great speed, but he simply drove them as deep as he could and repeated flexed his fingers curled in her snatch to constantly stimulate her G-spot, in the exact same vain Beanstalk had performed less than 10 minutes ago.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum,” Alex screamed, shocked how quickly a second orgasm was about to come.

It was exactly what Top Knot, the most muscular of her lovers wanted her to do, but he also had a more sinister agenda about himself as well. He of course had no way of knowing, but Top Knot hoped that Alex Morgan was a squirter, even though she didn’t do so when she came earlier. He always got off on seeing a woman do so and he had perfected the technique, which he displayed again. Within minutes of fingering her snatch at outrageous speeds, the gorgeous girl came heard, and much to Top Knot’s delight she did as he wanted.

“Holy shit,” the other three man exclaimed.

The other men watched as Alex pressed her thighs tightly around the hand stimulating her pussy, two fingers drilling her hard. As she came, her pussy erupted as a stream of fluid, a large amount at that, came jetting downward. Given her rolled up position, the sweet, clear fluid poured down directly onto the soccer star’s pretty face and silky dark hair, drenching her in her own juices.

Alex was silent for a moment before finally speaking. “Damn I’m tasty.”

The men laughed and stroked themselves, getting somehow harder watching the girl soak her own face in her squirting. Top Knot was clapped on his back for his good work, at which point he walked towards her face and presented the fingers that did the duty to her. The middle and index digit had been the ones that got her off in the first place so they were drenched in her juices, which Alex gleefully took into her mouth and sucked deeply in order to get all her remaining traces from his skin.

“Like it,” he asked her, watching as she continued sucking him harder then ever before in his life.

“So yummy,” the brunette smiled.

While Alex and Top Knot were busy at her head, Beanstalk acted on her other end. Jumping up onto the sofa, he got directly behind her and squatted deeply so that his cock was low. Clutching her muscular calves, which he found so unbelievably sexy especially with her black heels still on her feet, he pulled her legs from over her body and let them settle around his trim waist.

“You weren’t kidding,” Beanstalk remarked as he sheathed his dick in the horny soccer girl. “So damn tight.”

Beanstalk, the man with the longest of the cocks in the room, acted without delay. He was already settling more onto his knees to allow his lengthy tool to penetrate Alex’s snatch with greater ease and more length being buried in her warmth. He wasn’t the thickest of men, and though she was tight his meat slid into her with a fair amount of ease. After getting halfway inside, the best looking of the men pulled out most of the way then repeated. After a few pumps, his entire 12 inch cock, lengthy just like the rest of him, was gliding in and out of her slick folds.

“Mhmm…yes. Fuck me big boy,” she encouraged.

Of course she wasn’t able to speak for much longer as her mouth was soon put to greater use. Top Knot, fresh from making the pretty girl squirt all over her own face, had stepped up right in front of her with his thick cock dangling right in front of her upturned face. Not needing a personal invitation, Alex smiled up at the man then opened her mouth and inhaled the slab of meat, getting most of it in her gullet in one mouthful.

Beanstalk didn’t need to be told to do exactly that. With his hands clutching tightly onto her womanly hips, the handsome man continuously reared his hips back before shoving them forward. The resultant forced Alex to take the dick in her mouth even deeper inside, the tip smashing against the back of her throat.

With four guys in the room and only one girl, Beanstalk knew that his time in Alex’s snatch would be limited. It only made sense as they all wanted their turn, and though it was easy to focus on the negatives of such an arrangement, there were some positives. Knowing he had to get the most bang for his buck then he’d have a period of rest, Beanstalk held nothing back. Over and over he pumped the slutty girl with his tool, looking down and watching as her thick cheeks quaked under the contact with his pelvis.

Of course, a few minutes after he came to the realization that it was better to go all out when one of his friends asked to switch with him. This time it was with Neck Tat, the muscular man who was the first to dance with the horny girl at the party. The handsome man gave a few last deep thrusts into Alex’s pinkness then pulled his juice-covered cock from her.

Neck Tat had stepped into the space vacated by Top Knot, who pulled out of her mouth at the same time that his Beanstalk had at the other end. Liking how the bald man had fucked her earlier, Neck Tat grabbed her athletic calf muscles and pulled her back over, folding her in half once again, at which point he slammed his spit-covered dick deep into her pussy. The night was still young and yet Alex Morgan had taken all 4 strangers into both her mouth and pussy. 

Alex, whose face was already red from being face-fucked while upside down, was now able to level out her head into the same plane as her body, allowing her skin to return to its natural color. The same could not be said about her ass, as the slap-happy Neck Tat crashed his open palm several more times down onto her thick cheeks, causing them to redden deeply again. Of course the part-time swimsuit model didn’t mind at all, in fact in between moans of pleasure she begged the man ruthlessly plowing her twat to spank her harder.

“You know, one of you is gonna have to be the one to christen my other opening,” Alex told the pack of horny men.”

“Are you telling me that your slim body can take it in the dumper,” Baldy asked in disbelief, looking at the hot brunette in a new light.

“Not only can I take it in the ass, I do get fucked there regular,” Alex replied, all while the 4th man in 20 minutes continued to fuck her snatch. “And it’s on offer for all tonight.”

“Well bloody hell,” Top Knot exclaimed in excitement. “Love me some booty.”

“Especially when the caboose is as nice as yours,” Beanstalk launched his own compliment.

“And how about for the sake of fairness we let this muscular man be the first in my tightest of holes,” Alex suggested. “After all, he was last to fuck my pussy so he should be the first in my bum.”

The men rapidly agreed with the slutty girl’s comments, but Neck Tat was already moving on by removing his cock from deep within her pussy, albeit after giving her another few powerful thrusts. Pulling out, he glanced down at his cock and saw that it was glimmering with juices in the lighting of the hotel room. His thought about using lubrication was answered when Alex had one of the other men go through her purse and threw a travel-sized bottle of lube at the tattooed man.

Neck Tat drizzled a palmful of the liquid onto his cock and smeared it around his lengthy tool and hoped that he was wet enough for the slender yet fit girl. Satisfied, he grabbed Alex’s ass cheeks and pulled her further towards him, making her fold even more. With her booty presented better to him now, he lined his cock up with her asshole and noted how the starfish reflexively spasmed, but only for a moment.

“Beg for it,” one of the men told her.

“Please! Please fuck me in the ass,” Alex Morgan pleaded.

“Yeah buddy,” Baldy cheered seconds before a hand wrapped around his juice-coated tool. “Tear that booty up!”

“Give her what she wants bro,” Beanstalk added as her other hand stroked his member.

With that said, nothing else had to be, so Neck Tat looked down once again to stare at her exquisite bubble butt. He noted that since he had maintained the contact between her asshole and his rounded tip, the leggy girl was starting to relax as the hole didn’t appear as tight as initially. Knowing now was the time to strike, the heavily tattooed man pressed firmer against her backdoor with steady yet gentle pressure until his head popped into the gorgeous woman.

“Ugh,” she groaned, feeling similar to a bee sting. “Give me a minute.”

Neck Tat had a big tool, not the biggest that she’d been with or even the biggest in the room, but it was girthy enough to sting during sodomy. He could sense her pain from the initial penetration, but it was nowhere near as severe as the reaction he got from the last girl that had taken him in her backdoor. 

Alex succeed in relaxing herself then gave the horny man a slight head nod to allow him to continue. Slowly he enveloped another few inches of his manhood into her rectum before stopping and reversing course. Neck Tat was patient and slowly fucked her with his tool in her ass a few times before the horny man took the hint that it was fine for him to start really fucking her.

Neck Tat was lost in the feeling of the tightest hole he’d ever felt rubbing his cock from all sides, but eventually snapped out of it. Realizing that Alex was waiting for him to take control now after only probing her with his spear several times, he took the lead now. Gripping tightly onto her hips, the man who first danced with her in the party slowly moved the length of dick in and out of her asshole, being certain to not be too jerky or stab too wildly down into the World Cup winner.

“You can take the training wheel off now and really fuck me,” Alex told him, her focus still split on each cock in her hand.

The sodomizing man smiled brighter than he think he ever had in his past 38 years. Now as Neck Tat drove his cock forward, he pulled her bubble butt backwards as well, the force causing her to yelp in surprise. Seeing that Alex took the sudden hard thrust in stride, Neck Tat stopped holding anything back. He stroked his tool in and out of her bowels, completely remove himself from her to see the gap in her hole every time before diving back in. He gradually increased his speed until he was really plowing into her ass, making her drop one hand onto her clit and rub furiously.

“Jesus,” Top Knot swore, watching the intense ass fucking. “She can take a hard pounding.”

The thickest of the men, in terms of body size and penis girth spoke the truth. Alex was trying to distract herself by stroking hard on whichever cock was in her free hand. It did some good, but when she started to flick her clit with her fingers it really started to make a bigger difference. Though she was experienced at taking a hard cock up her dirt road, she was never fucked this hard in her past sessions.

“You bet I can,” the soccer star turned swimsuit model bragged.

Neck Tat wished he could have extended these minutes to feel her constricted ring of muscle around his cock forever, but he knew he had a few minutes max left in him before ropes of cum shot from him. Deciding it was better to concede by pulling out and have another go at the beautiful brunette later, he speared down hard into Alex one last time before pulling out completely.

“Hughhh,” the man huffed in exhaustion. “Who’s next?”

“Problem with this position is only one guy can have a go at you,” Top Knot told the ravished girl.

Taking a page out of his friend’s playbook, Top Knot had hopped up onto the couch directly behind the girl who was just sodomized for the first time that night. Anal sex was not something new to the American soccer star, in fact her asshole had been seeing heavy use the last 6 month as she broadened her sexual horizens.

“Then you better fix that,” Alex replied.

With the cock no longer occupying her asshole, Alex’s legs were able to fall back to the sofa behind her, and land on either side of Top Knot’s thick waist. It was the same position one of the other men had fucked the mind controlled slave in earlier, however this time her legs had to wrap around a much broader man.

“I didn’t really have a chance to fuck you earlier, just finger blasted you,” Top Knot said, slipping his cock into her snatch.

“Then make up for lost time,” the brunette replied.

“Let’s check out this multi-tasking business you mentioned,” Neck Tat said.

As Top Knot was working up a good pace while he fucked her snatch for his first time, but with the fourth different cock for her that night, Neck Tat remained standing right in front of her. After he had pulled out, the other men who happened to be Baldy and Beanstalk had stayed on either side of the leggy girl, who was stroking them off in perfect rhythm.

“Is that for me,” Alex asked with excitement, her perky tits heaving with each thrust from the man between her legs.

Neck Tat smiled down at her before nodding his head to answer the pretty athlete. Bending his knees more, Alex opened her mouth wide and allowed his meat pole to fall directly into her before she closed her mouth and wrapped her lips around his organ.

“Shit man, didn’t that just come from her asshole,” Beanstalk observed while continuing to knead her chest from the side.

Alex heard the 4 strangers cheering and making comments about how big of a slut she was, and truthfully they were right. She couldn’t recall ever taking a cock straight from her backdoor into her mouth, but sadly this experience wasn’t going to sour her from doing it in the future. Though her asshole tasted less pleasant than her pussy, she was surprised it still had a nice, albeit more earthy flavor to it.

“That’s right, suck your ass from my cock,” Neck Tat encouraged the World Cup winner.

“Watch out bud, this babe’s going for a ride,” Top Knot warned.

Though this group of men had never fucked a woman in a gangbang before, Neck Tat had a good idea what his stout partner was planning. Reluctantly, he pulled his throbbing cock from the woman who was absolutely devouring his skin flute and stood clear. Before Alex ask what was the plan with her suddenly freed mouth, she was flipped upwards, finding herself now straddling the thickest of the men who was now laying flat on the sofa.

“About time I can do some work,” Alex grinned.

After taking the first moments to get use to her new positioning, Alex glided up his cock as she propped herself up on her knees. With only the tip remaining inside her warm snatch, the leggy girl knocked her own knees out from under her and flew to the bottom of his pole, much to his satisfaction. Being an athlete in one of the most physically demanding sports and being in the best shape of her life, Alex was more than happy to do some of the work for a change tonight.

“Oh fuck that’s better,” Top Knot said, laying back and letting the sexy female do all the work.

Alex was pleased that she was able to let out some of her sexual passion, even if her leg muscles were still feeling the strain from running around for 90 straight minutes less than half a day ago. No longer being the passive sex puppet, the soccer star continued to rise and fall on his thick cock, much to both their pleasures. She loved the feel of his girthy member piercing her tight twat, not to mention his hands on her ass, constantly kneading or lightly slapping her soft flesh.

“Feels so good,” she moaned.

Alex’s moans were now being muffled, as the three on-looking males wanted back in on the action after allowing their friend to have some solo time with the beauty. Baldy had been the first to stand up on her expensive sofa and bring his cock to face height, at which point Alex knew exactly what to do with it.

Opening her mouth wide, the leggy girl swallowed the first half of his cock and continued to bob on his tool, even with her attention split by Neck Tat. The handsome man who had first seduced her out on the dance floor in the first place had jumped up on her other side, so with her lips around Baldy’s hog, she used her left hand to stroke his member.

With her focus on the three men - one in her snatch, one in her hand and the other in her mouth - Alex was still forgetting about one other. Beanstalk, the handsome man with a somewhat slender but ripped physique, hadn’t forgotten about it though, and knew just the way of getting in on the action.

“Feel like sharing bro,” Beanstalk asked, already setting up between her thighs.

Top Knot had just pulled out of Alex’s snatch when the standing man jabbed his tool forward, aiming his pole higher than his friend to make it disappear deep inside her slightly gaping asshole. The brunette soccer star let out a yelp, more out of surprise this time than pain from the sudden intrusion, but was moaning in seconds as he drilled her tight rear.

Alex could note the differences in the two men right away. She could have been blindfolded and could still identify Beanstalk’s savage pummeling into her asshole with a long cock versus Top Knot’s more considerate fucking with his forearm-sized slab of meat. She didn’t prefer either style, though she knew she’d have trouble walking for the next few days due to both of the men, not to mention their counterparts.

Top Knot sat underneath the sexy girl and waited patiently as the beautiful Alex rested on his chest while being ruthlessly boned by the much taller man. After a few minutes of just laying there, the stout man told Beanstalk to take a break and let him back in the warm confines of the American girl. The tall man wasn’t happy but he relented and let his friend take back control of the moaning girl once again.

“My turn again,” Beanstalk suggested after only a few more minutes.

“Dude no fucking chance! I just got her back,” Top Knot argued.

“Boys, boys, don’t fight,” Alex chided them, giving the two men her full attention though a slobbery dick rested a foot away from her lips. “Why don’t we all get along and share the same time.”

“You talking about double penetration,” a shocked Baldy asked from beside the threesome.

“One in the pink and one in the stink?” Neck Tat asked as well, not believing what the slender girl suggested.

“Most definitely,” Alex replied with the wicked grin that was slowly become her trademark.

Alex knew first hand that females who perform a DP can be said to be a highly-evolved slut, aware that she's a sensuous, attractive being who inspires lust and is willing to give herself over over to 2 (or more) men who can use her as a tool for their own sexual gratification, while she opens up all of her body to their desires. All in her quest for a great orgasm. She had always been under the impression that the vast majority of women outside porn don’t want it, however she found that taking two men at the same time was highly erotic and pleasurable.

Neither Top Knot nor Beanstalk, not to mention the two other men, hadn’t done this to a girl in their lifetime, though each had seen it in porn hundreds of times. Though they all wanted to try it one day, none of the four men thought that this wish would come to reality with a woman anywhere near as hot as Alex Morgan. 

Top Knot pushed the sexy woman up his lap until his cock popped free of her asshole then lowered her onto his cock, this time into her soaking wet pussy. With her gaping asshole free of a cock, Beanstalk knew exactly where to stick his foot-long tool. Though his friend had literally just finished occupying the same hole, and that their dicks would be mere inches apart, none of that was going to stop the handsome man from double penetrating the extremely sexy soccer star.

Though she knew it was coming, the move still caught her out by complete surprise. It didn’t matter how much regular anal sex and the odd double penetration she had taken in the last 6 months, having two cocks filling both her holes simultaneously was still something that would take a lot of getting used to. However when Beanstalk gently yet firmly shoved his dick into her waiting backdoor, Alex couldn’t help but feel an initial surge of being overwhelmed. 

“Jesus Christ! Fuck fuck fuck,” Alex exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

Everyone in the party next door must have heard Alex’s scream as she had two dicks inserted into her pussy and asshole simultaneously. Though it felt like it should be overwhelming, and the first few times she had been double penetrated it was, now was different. Now she could feel and appreciate how the man in her pussy only had half his length in her wetness, only soaking his manhood instead of thrusting. This allowed the man she referred to as Beanstalk to take the initiative by doing the pushing. 

Luckily Alex’s asshole had been loosened by multiple men having a go fucking it already tonight so Beanstalk’s lengthy but not overly thick cock had little trouble pushing in. Alex felt as only half his foot of dick stroked into her backdoor, but his smooth plowing allowed for the stout Top Knot to start fucking her as well, which he did by pushing his hips upwards into her pussy. Within a handful of moments the two men had settled into a matched rhythm and all the American soccer star could do was lay back and enjoy their efforts.

Alex did indeed relax and let them pummel her body with their hard tools, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat. After getting use to the nearly two feet of hard cocks inside her, Alex was able to apply some focus to the other men, taking turns sucking them off while the two others were bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

“OH SHIT,” she swore as the most powerful orgasm of the night rocked her fit body.

As Alex came as hard as ever before, Baldy took the chance to use her screams of pleasure to his advantage. With a silent cue he instructed the sodomizing Beanstalk to hold Alex’s arms, which he bundled behind her back and held with ease. Taking her head into his hands, the bald man held her face steady as he rammed his hips forward, only stopping when his bushy pelvis contacted her face.

“Gllkkk,” Alex coughed, interrupting her stream of moans.

“Yes! Take it,” Baldy screamed as Alex now contained three cocks in her holes, all buried balls deep.

With the bald man face-fucking Alex Morgan, the two men who were plowing her had to slow their thrusting down, only using half their length and less then half the speed as before. Of course they weren’t complaining, as they were still going hard and fast enough to be deriving a lot of pleasure from their respective hole they were plowing, while not being at risk of popping their load. 

“Okay let’s switch up,” Baldy ordered as he pulled his saliva-drenched cock from her mouth and stepped off the couch, wanting inside the girl now.

Neither of the two men getting the chance to fuck the gorgeous SI swimsuit model protested. The men shuffled positions, with Beanstalk and Top Knot pulling their cocks from the beautiful woman and the holes being taken up by Baldy and Neck Tat. After the energetic blowjob, Baldy had found himself sitting relaxed on the plush sofa with Alex’s slender yet womanly form on top of him. Her smooth back felt so right on his heaving, sweaty chest as he thrusted upwards into her ass while the muscular man with multiple tattoos pummeled her pussy while standing between her strong thighs.

Though it had been quite some time since they began to fuck her, the men were still going strong despite the sweat covering their bodies and tiredness creeping into their muscles, letting them know they had been giving it to Alex Morgan for awhile. Apparently Alex loved being double stuffed with meat, as Alex continued to cum, orgasming at least twice more as the men stayed somewhat fresh by constantly trading her off. The taking turns was ideal for the men as it kept them starved off of their long overdue orgasms, while it also meant they were fresh and energetic, which kept making Alex cum on their dicks.

“Open wide baby,” Neck Tat told her as he inched his soaking wet cock closer to her mouth.

The brunette bombshell did as she was told and parted her lips. She wasn’t surprised that she felt the pussy juice-covered pole land on her tongue but she was happy it was his member since she loved the taste of her own pink folds, especially after she came. Alex felt the man grabbed both sides of her face and pull her head forward so that his cock was buried in her tight throat and her nose was buried in his thick, greasy pubes.

“Slap my face with that sloppy dick,” Alex demanded, somehow getting even hornier as the night went on.

Alex had no idea where that thought had come from, as never in her 28 years had the idea of being dick slapped ever occurred to her. However, Alex had grown to trust her sexual instincts of late, which meant blurting out any thought that came into her head, even if it seemed rather sexually degrading. 

“Gotta love a girl that can inhale a whole prick,” he gloated to his friends. “She even leaves thick strands of spit on it so that way once I slap her face with my cock, just like this, her pretty face is now a mess.”

“Sexy,” Baldy said as he watched his friend continue to face fuck the surprisingly cooperative girl while she kept being fucked with a cock in both her pussy and ass.

On and on the cycle continued. When it was two cocks in each of her holes, the man on top who was fucking her asshole was the agressor of the two. They would spear down into her backdoor with gusto, going balls deep with each and every thrust. Every time their dick, whether it was 6 inches in length or a full foot, would bottom out in her ass, Alex’s big firm booty would ripple from the blow. It meant the man under Alex would have to keep his pushing up into her cunt at only half his length, but it was still a good ride.

The man on the bottom would make up for the more passive fucking when the men in her ass would swap. They would know that a switch was happening in her backside when the man sodomizing Alex slowed their thrusting and did a final hard thrust with all their weight to drive as deep into her bowels as possible. Alex would follow suit by rearing her head back and hollering in pure pleasure. When the man pulled out of her very loose at this point asshole, the bottom man would fuck Alex for all they were worth. With hands on her shapely hips, they would encourage the soccer star to deeply ride and grind her pussy on their dick while they continued thrusting skyward.

This would last maybe for a good minute before another of the men saddled up behind the glorious booty belonging to Alex Morgan. It required the bottom man to slow once more, at which point two things would happen. With her riding stopped, Alex would have time to open her mouth and inhale a cock, which usually belonged to the man fresh from her asshole not moments before. At the same time, the bottom man would pull apart her butt cheeks and help to better expose her rosebud, which was now gaping as wide open as any orifice any of the men had ever seen. What would once take several thrusts over the course of 30 seconds to loosen up, now Alex Morgan’s asshole could have a dick go balls deep inside her rectum with the first push.

“Mother fucker,” one of the men, maybe Top Knot, groaned out. “Can’t last any longer.”

All good things had to come to an end, and that included the gangbang of the gorgeous Alex Morgan. Though it was her first time taking on a group of men, the leggy soccer star thought she did an amazing job. For one, she wasn’t overawed by the responsibility of having to please 4 cocks at the same time. Secondly, she had cum at least 3 times with a strength that surprised herself, and 2 other smaller but still pleasurable times. And lastly, it now appeared that she was starting to milk the men for their long awaited rewards as well.

Alex was a smart woman, well versed with men so she knew she had to be strategic about where the men came on her. She couldn’t let the first 2 cream inside her holes or else the other men wouldn’t want to go back and fuck the soiled orifice. Likewise with having them cum over her body, as it would put the others off for fear of touching someone else’s baby batter. Men were strange but largely predictable creatures. 

“Cum in my mouth,” Alex demanded.

The men seemed to give the ready to explode Top Knot a wider berth, pulling their own dicks away from the sexually ravaged Alex. It worked better this way as Alex could use her impressive leg strength to drive up and down on his cock hard, being sure to rock backwards as well every time she descended down on his lap. After only another handful of seconds of the intense riding, Top Knot’s face contorted into almost a tortured expression, tipping off Alex he was ready to pop.

“Fucking fuck,” the stout man grunted through gritted teeth.

Alex worried that the timing was off but worry ended up being unfounded. With his hands already resting on her womanly hips, Top Knot used them to roll the leggy athlete from on top of him to on her back atop the sofa. With his feet already planted on the floor, the horny man took 2 strides to end up at her face, his hand pumping on his length which was made to glide all the easier due to her pussy juice coating it. 

“Give me that jizz,” Alex begged, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue invitingly.

Upon hearing the slutty words from the striking brunette, Top Knot took up the invitation and shoved the first several inches into Alex’s mouth. The soccer star barely had time to close her lips around his cock, which tasted of her pussy, and bob more than twice before the first rope of semen splashed onto her tongue. She counted 5 pulses of salty but not unpleasant semen land on her taste buds before the exhausted man pulled out of her mouth, allowing Alex to swallow down her just rewards.

“Whose next?” Alex asked with a mischievous grin.

“Fuck it. I’ve been on the verge for the last 10 minutes,” Beanstalk announced. “Gonna give myself blue balls if I hold off any longer.” 

The athletic male stepped up to the girl who was still laying on her back and didn’t hesitate at all by slamming his entire lengthy cock into Alex’s snatch in one shot. Somehow, despite being relentlessly fucked for nearing on 90 straight minutes by four men, her pussy was still wet and clung to his pole as he pounded into her velvety folds. Finding his rhythm easily, Beanstalk decided he wanted even easier access to her well-used pussy by lifting one of Alex’s toned legs and placing her calf muscle against his shoulder, opening her hips further than before.

“Gonna cum for me,” Alex asked as her body, and especially tits, were rocked up and down.

“So fucking hard,” Beanstalk retorted through gritted teeth.

“Then cum. Cum all over my pretty face.”

“You fucking got it.”

The lanky man, as physically fit and sexually experienced as he was, still needed to cum urgently after pumping her for only a minute. The man she called Beanstalk withdrew from Alex’s wet pussy and got to his feet. Before he started to cum he took aim right where Alex Morgan begged him to cum - her gorgeous face. While most women found the act of a facial to be rather degrading, the theme of tonight was that Alex was not most girls as she had a line much further than others. 

Torrents of cum erupted from his tip, plastering the soccer star’s face in rope after rope in sticky white jizz. The first several jets of his baby batter came out in long streaks, with one extending from right cheek to the bridge of her nose, another from right eyebrow to forehead and a third over her lips to just under her left eye. The last 2 pumps came out in a puddle as the lanky man dribble a thick glob onto her nose, causing it to slide down on either side, and finally onto her bottom lip. Even in her tired state, the brunette beauty swallowed down his offering of salty seed that was within a tongue-length of her mouth, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it.

“Fuck that was amazing,” Beanstalk finally broke the silence.

“Ready for another,” Neck Tat asked, dick in hand and stroking it lightly.

“You seemed fondest of my tight little ass so why don’t you revisit it one last time.” Alex suggested with a wick smile.

“Would love nothing more.”

Just as the taller Beanstalk had been standing between her thighs with one leg up on his shoulder, Neck Tat did likewise. However, the big difference was that Neck Tat followed Alex’s advice and went for her pummeled asshole, which he was surprised to find still tight around his cock. Her had to start slower than he expected but within a dozen pumps with half his length he was able to work up to full speed while another handful of thrusts allowed her backdoor to ease and accept his entire length.

“God! Your dick is huge,” the horny soccer star cooed from her back, cum still plastering her face.

The sound of skin on skin echoed around the massive room. Neck Tat would use his muscular frame to drive down and into the spread eagle athlete, making Alex take his entire 8 inch cock into her asshole with each thrust. Not that the soccer star minded, as her words of encouragement, demanding he fuck her harder helped to motivate him to go deeper and harder. Alex didn’t know how she’d be able to sit on a plane for 8 straight hours after the pounding her butt was taking from 4 hung men, but that was a problem for tomorrow.

“Jesus. Here it comes.” Neck Tat groaned out.

With his time coming to a swift end, the muscular tattooed man slowed his thrusting down and delivered 3 more extremely hard thrusts with each of his 8 inches of cock. Driving as far into her rectum as possible, Neck Tat bounced Alex an inch up the sofa each time until finally he emptied his considerable load of jizz nearly a feet deep into her bowels.

“And then there was one,” Baldy said, cock still erect as he looked down at her naked form.

The one she was referring to was currently the only man still left standing upright; the stout Baldy. However, much like his friends, the bald man wouldn’t last much longer. The night’s long fuck session of pounding each and every one of Alex Morgan’s tight holes had ebbed too greatly at his endurance.

Looking down at the brunette beauty, cum leaking out of her well-used asshole and another 2 loads of jizz glossing her lips and face, Baldy decided on his plan of action. He wouldn’t last long but he wanted to fuck her snatch, mainly due to no other semen having been shot there. Stepping closer to the side lying woman, the bald man kept her toned legs pressed together in order to add a little extra tightness to her severe ravaged snatch. It was a good plan because as he squatted down and thrust forward, her pussy felt much tighter around his manhood. 

“Fuck me big boy,” Alex murmured though clearly exhausted.

Baldy needed no encouragement as he planted his equally thick cock into her well plowed snatch, instantly going balls deep in her pink folds. The soccer star was little more than a fuck doll at this point, completely at the much thicker man’s mercy since her energy levels had been tapped dry. After playing a full length soccer game and now fucking 4 guys to exhaustion, she could do little more than lay on her side and verbally encourage the horny man to cum inside her, while doing her best to rock her ass a little for his benefit. 

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Baldy announced after a few minutes of hard fucking.

“Cum for me baby,” Alex told the last of the men, her fingers reaching down to caress his full balls. “Fill me up.”

Her slut words, not too mention her hand playing with his nuts, still tight pussy and 2 hours of fucking her finally added up. With one last good thrust deep inside Alex, Baldy finally let go and allowed himself to finally cum.

“Ugghhhhhhh,” the bald man grunted as he emptied his load into her hot wet cunt.

The room seemed to go quiet for the first time since they entered. Each and every one of the gangbang participants were rightfully exhausted, Alex Morgan foremost amongst them. However, she was also the most satisfied, both because she had cum an incredible amount of times, but also because she was so proud of herself. 

“Guys, that was amazing. But I think I’m gonna shower and hit the hay...hard.” Alex announced.

*              *              *

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