Alex Morgan - Women's World Cup

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Alex Morgan. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

The US Women’s National Team were cruising in the World Cup. All their preparations had been ideal, getting them in peak physical and mental shape, which was showing on the field. Thus far, they had dismantled two of the teams in their group before easily dispatching a good Swedish team that at least provided Alex Morgan and co some opposition.

However, chinks were starting to appear in their faultless armor. First, their road to the final was made much harder but the side of the bracket they were placed in. In the round of 16, what should have been an easy victory over an average Spanish team ended up being a hard-fought one-goal win. However, in the knockout stages, sometimes this happened. 

Next was a match with the host French. Despite the Americans being in perfect health and riding high spirits, France gave them everything they could handle. However, the US escaped with the victory, barely holding on in controversial circumstances. But the win came at a cost. Despite having Alex Morgan, widely regarded as the best forward and goal scorer in the world at the moment, her fellow top-rated attacker and creative hub of the team fell injured and would miss the semi-finals against a physically robust England side. Not only would nearly all of the offensive burden be placed squarely onto Alex’s shoulders, the gorgeous Sports Illustrated covergirl hadn’t actually scored in the tournament since the first game, which was over 3 weeks and 5 games ago.

“So no Pinoe for the semis,” Alex commented. 

The leggy forward had been sitting in the weight room alone to this point, stretching and getting her head in order. For a forward of Alex’s skill and reputation to go so long between games without scoring was almost unheard of, and Alex was feeling the mental strain. And now with Megan, who had scored 4 goals in the last 2 games, out of the semi-finals, Alex was feeling the same sense of anxiety that she felt pre-tournament.

“Stressed?” Alex’s best friend and teammate asked.

“How could you ever tell?” Alex joked though she gave a mirthless laugh.

“I think it’s time for you to do your most effective means of anti-anxiety activities,” Abby suggested.

“You mean get fucked senseless? I did. Still feel tense and pent up,” the leggy forward replied. 

“Okay. Not a big deal. Just means that we have to keep pushing your sexual re-awakening,” her best friend commented. “So search the deepest recesses of your perverted mind. Is there anything that you’ve been wanting to try, something that your ex-hubby would never be into?”

Alex was about to blow the suggestion off but suddenly a thought did come to the forefront of her brain. A few months back, Abby had suggested similar in order to help Alex manage the stress pre-World Cup, and it helped immensely. In that time it was about her love of anal sex and yet how her ex never wanted to sodomize her. Since she broke that inner block, Alex had been feeling loose and confident, taking dick or dildo up the ass weekly if not more. With that in mind, she did think about another idea, built out from the anal sex, that Alex was very curious about especially in the last 3 months.

“The gears are grinding away in that pretty little head of yours,” Abby commented from her observations.

“Yeah totally.” Alex replied, her voice still a little distant. “Sorry to bail but I need to make a few calls. You helped so, so much though.”

After the pair hugged, Abby gave Alex a swat on her ridiculously tight backside before adding. “As long as you're ready for the game, that’s all the thanks I need.” 

“As long as I can walk after I think I’ll be mentally prepared,” Alex said with the first smile since hearing Megan was ruled out of the semis.

As Megan walked out of the training room, Abby saw her teammate pull out her cell phone and start dialing a number before the door closed behind her. 

*          *          *

Before Alex Morgan knew it, the time read 7:58pm and her door would be opening any minute now. While the team had a curfew, all that meant was the coaching staff wanted the players in their individual rooms by 8pm, which Alex was being compliant with. They didn’t expect the players to be asleep or even in bed at time, though Alex was going to meet the criteria for one of those actions. 

Since Abby convinced her to expand her sexual horizons after her break-up with her long time husband, Alex had discovered many things about herself. For one, she loved anal sex. Whether it was taboo aspect of it, or the fact that it felt dirty, either way it made the leggy soccer star come like a freight train. Alex also found out that she loved threesomes, having participated in well over a handful of them now since her split. While her husband would never allow her to be shared, Alex found that she enjoyed pleasuring two people at one time, whether it be mixed sexes or two men. However, for tonight she needed two men to fuck her, especially since she had something special planned for herself. 

Better yet, she couldn’t think of 2 better guys to fulfill her needs more than 2 of the guys the team had brought to the World Cup, the nutritionist Greg and physical therapist Nick. While Greg was stocky and middle-aged, Nick was closer to Alex’s own 28 years of age with a tall, lanky ebony frame. However, they were both healthy in the cock department, didn’t mind sharing and enjoyed a woman who knew what she wanted. It also helped that the woman was the gorgeous Alex Morgan who had a new found sexual appetite that seemed to be bottomless.

“Alex? Hello?” Greg called out as he poked his head in Alex’s hotel room, which was propped open. He knew she was home, after all she had instructed him to come up via text.

“Just head into the bedroom and have a drink. I’ll be there in a minute,” her voice replied from what had to be the bathroom, given it was the only other room in the hotel.

Figuring she was just finishing up getting freshened up for the night’s activity, Greg entered the house, his friend of 10 years hot on his heels. Greg had been a regular visitor to Alex’s hotel room on more than two dozen occasions so he had no issue leading the way to the bedroom before finding a bottle of champagne was already chilling on ice with 3 flutes on a nearby table.

The men were only a sip into their drinks when they heard the familiar sound of high heels clacking on tile flooring. Waiting on the bed for their conquest to arrive, Alex stepped into her bedroom looking a true vision. Dressed in patriotic red lingerie consisting of a lace bra and thong, the brunette let her insanely fit body be on display, most notably her mile-long, muscular legs which were thicker and stronger than ever before.

“God damn,” Nick groaned as both men rose from the edge of the bed.

Alex smiled at his compliment before both her guests were in front of her, not letting her have a celebratory drink first. Since the Nick gave the first compliment, Alex faced the taller black man and pressed her lips against his as she turned her back to Greg. The stocky white man didn’t mind as his hands immediately went down to her slim yet ripped waist before gliding over her underrated ass, which she had clearly been working on in the gym as it was considerably bubblier and tighter than ever before.

As Alex passionately made out with the two taller men, she flashed back to her love of threesomes, particular the boy-boy-girl version. She hadn’t known it at the time but it was actually her biggest fantasy and one that she didn’t think she’d ever act on given how jealous her ex-husband was. In fact, he was so reluctant to share the beautiful soccer star that he didn’t even want to have Alex in bed with another woman. After the break-up she had done threesomes both ways, but it had been too long since her last, unable to indulge that fantasy again, until tonight. She loved the feel of 2 men’s strong hands all over her body, 2 men’s cocks both inside her, only one at a time.

“Mmm, yes,” Alex cooed as Greg’s fingers rubbed over her pantie-clad pussy as she turned to face him.

Pushing her lips against his in a heated exchange, Alex’s fingers started undoing the buttons on Greg’s shirt while he prepared her cunt. The beautiful woman went back and forth between kissing the two men, using her hands to undress them until they were both shirtless with their pants and underwear down around their ankles. Since their cocks were already rock hard, Alex reached down and wrapped a light fist around both, pumping them both in a rhythmic fashion.

“I can’t believe I get to live out my favorite fantasy again,” Alex cooed, hands working to stroke off both men. “You guys don’t mind if I suck your cock now?”

Of course both men could find no problem with her suggestion and nodded in consent. Alex leaned in and gave each of her handsome dates a full kiss with lots of tongue before slowly and seductively making her way down to the floor to kneel before them, each healthy-sized dick in her hand.

“Mmhm…awwhh,” they groaned in unison.

Being no stranger to finding herself in front of a pantless men, all that changes this time was the number of guys. The leggy soccer star opened her mouth and mimicked the action of French kissing someone except this time it was with the tip of Nick’s cock. Her lips were just able to completely engulf his dickhead while her tongue went about licking the entire surface of his ebony manhood.

Wanting to get more of his dick wet with her saliva, Alex freed his tip from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it’s moistened surface down one side of his hard member until she reached his base. The long-legged goddess was focusing solely on Nick, though she continued stroking Greg’s swollen tool with her other hand. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, she licked down and took turns open-mouth kissing the more athletic looking man’s nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of his member.

“Oh my God! You’re amazing,” Nick grunted, reaching down to bundle up her silky brunette hair.

Alex gave Nick what was surely the best blowjob of his life, allowing him to hold her hair and somewhat help her along the course of his cock. She and her pouty lips were made for sucking cock, and boy did she put them to good use. However, just because the new man was enjoying himself immensely didn’t mean she would ignore her more common fuck buddy.

“Don’t worry Greg, I didn’t forget about you,” Alex said after pulling her skilled mouth from the first dick.

As the leggy soccer goddess fixed her gaze and attention onto the nutritionist’s cock, she wished she had more time and all of herself to give to pleasuring him. However, tonight was just as much for Nick as it was for Greg so she had to split herself between them. So instead she got to work, sliding her ruby red lips down the handsome man’s smooth member until it poked the back of her mouth then reversed course.

Greg promptly grunted his approval and squeezed harder on the leggy girl’s thick hair he held in his hand. Her lips were made to suck dick as they felt like wet pillows massaging his cock in the effort to milk him completely. And apart from having natural tools, Alex also had a willingness to orally please men given how energetic so she performing her duties, something not all women displayed.

“Jesus Alex, you’re so good,” Greg cooed, lost in the embrace of her warm mouth on his dick.

“Compliments are always appreciated,” the brunette soccer star smile as she switched Greg’s dick for Nick’s.

From there Alex fell into a comfortable rhythm of taking maybe a dozen pulls with her mouth along Greg’s cock, feeling her plump lips gliding along his lengthy shaft then pulled off him and pivoted to her right. Of course it was only a matter of time before she rewarded both men further by showcasing her rare and well-earned skill of deep-throating, at which point she would fit on of their cocks completely down her gullet and hold it there for a handful of seconds before surfacing for air. With spit-strings still attaching her lips to Greg’s cock, Alex would turn and repeat the act for Nick, choking down his thick dick until her eyes went a little misty and the need for oxygen became pressing.

“God damn you’re special,” Nick groaned in appreciation.

For the first time in over 5 minutes, Alex only used her hands to stroke both men while her mouth was free so she could speak to Greg. “I want you to eat me while I suck off your friend.”

Once again the trio of attractive people moved as a well oiled machine as they transitioned from the floor to the bed. Each of the men offered Alex a hand to help her raise from her knees but the brunette didn’t so much as kick off her high heels before kneeling atop the center of her plush mattress with her face in Nick’s lap, who laid at the top of the bed while Greg was behind her.

As she felt Greg’s strong hands pawing her rock hard ass, Alex got her own mitts back on the cock right in front of her face before steering it into her open mouth. The horny brunette star gave her booty a little wiggle to aid as Greg pulled her thong off her hips and down to her knees before feeling his tongue go to work. Her familiar sex partner took some creative licensing with her demand to eat her, using his hands to pull apart her little ass before taking a long swipe with his tongue right over her puckered asshole.

“Yes Greg! Eat my ass,” Alex cooed in between bobbing her head down onto Nick’s girthy member.

Greg was happy that Alex took so well to being rimmed, though hooking up with the leggy soccer star as often as he did meant that he knew she loved her butt being played with. And fucked, but that was putting the horse before the cart. Doubling down with his attention, rather than simply take swipes with his tongue over her backdoor, Greg used the gape that his hands separating her cheeks afforded and crammed his tongue against the center of her asshole. With the spread combined with the force of his tongue poke, Alex’s sphincter parted and allowed the handsome man to get a good half inch deep into her poop chute, licking it clean the whole time.

“Mmmm…mhmmmm,” Alex moaned around the cock in her mouth.

Unfortunately having her attention split between giving and receiving pleasure meant Alex was a little distracted with her blowjob, but it was still ranking amongst the best of Nick’s life. He simply just laid back and rested a hand on Alex Morgan’s head as the brunette soccer player/swimsuit model rhythmically bobbed up and down the first 5 inches of his lengthy pole. She would occasionally break stride so that she could choke down the final 2 inches and bury her nose in his thick patch of pubes, a habit she was in every 30 seconds or less.

Alex let loose another series of muffled moans from around Nick’s cock as the man licking behind her aimed lower and flicked her clit repeatedly. Moving back up a little more, this time Greg parted her pussy lips with his fingers so he could tongue poke as deep into her pussy as he could reach. As expected Alex was gushing wet, her delicious fluid coating Greg’s taste buds as he probed deep before surfacing for air.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me Greg,” Alex cooed.

The leggy girl had become so wrapped up in the sensation of being eaten out at the same time she pleasured another man that she didn’t feel the shifting of the bed around her as Greg straightened up behind her. Hell, she barely felt his tongue leave her snatch or his cock ruffling through her pink folds. She only became aware that Greg was fucking her pussy when he had slide the first half of his length into her wet pinkness.

As if to reward Nick for her pussy getting crammed with cock by another man, Alex opened parted her lips wide and shoved her face downward, deep-throating the horny man. As Nick grunted out in pure delight, Greg gathered up a head of steam, giving Alex full strokes into her pussy with his entire cock. He didn’t open the throttle completely since it would have sent her thin body thrown all about, but still he was fucking the gorgeous pop star at a healthy speed.

“God damn you’re tight,” Greg groaned, finding the leggy soccer star to be the perfect combination of loose enough to fuck hard yet still tight enough to hug his cock comfortably.

“Damn I love that cock,” Alex said after surfacing for air, spit strings still looping from her mouth to Nick’s dick.

Obviously Alex’s cunt had been no stranger to getting stuff, especially since starting to listen to her own needs and wants for the past few months, therefore her hole widened for Greg without problem. After two strokes he was able to go balls deep inside her, no small feat considering he was nearly 7 inches and she was pretty damn tight. Alex was also gushing wet so her own natural lubrication mixed with her spit from her earlier blowjob meant that he had ample lube to be driving into her tasty twat at neck breaking speed.

As the older man settled into a thumping rhythm that caused Alex’s slender yet bubbly ass cheeks to ripple due to the force, the brunette soccer star was still busy on her other end. Alex had her mouth still formed in a perfect O around the ebony cock belonging to the younger Nick as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth since her attention was distracted.

“Glllkkk….kkkhhhhhh…ggllllllll,” Alex hummed with each bob on his tool. Getting face-fucked by Nick was causing the normally classy Alex to choke up even more spit, coating not only his black cock but also smearing her skin around her mouth.

Back behind her, Greg gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides, resulting in two red handprints forming on her sun kissed skin. It wasn’t only Greg and Alex deriving such pleasure for the vigorous fucking as Nick now had the soccer player’s tongue vibrating on the underbelly of his meat pole, which was routinely being thrust in and out of Alex Morgan’s throat. Hearing her moan as he spanked her filled Greg with even more lust, forcing him to grab her curvy hips and spike into her twat with even more urgency.

“Careful old man, at that rate you’ll either be busting before long or your heart will give out,” Nick called out, at which point Alex grinned back at him as she looked over her shoulder.

“Appreciate the concern but I’m good for a while yet, right Alex?” Greg replied coolly, even speeding up his thrusting to show off his supreme endurance.

Greg blocked their words from his mind and continued his relentless hammering into the soccer star’s snug pussy. Alex was tight around his dick but loose enough to still take him at his top speed and for him to go as deep as he wanted, which was as much as possible. He loved the smacking noise of his skin on her ass and the way her booty clapped and bounced from the thudding. However, getting a breath wasn’t the worst idea, plus it was only fair to share their prize.

“How about we change things up a little,” Alex spoke, as if she’d read their minds.

There was only movement for about 10 seconds but a lot of things happened. For one, though Alex stayed in the exact same place by being on all fours in the middle of the bed, she had both pulled her thong down her toned long legs and unclasped her bra. Now rendered completely naked with her shaven smooth pussy and small, perky tits on display, she now had Nick behind her and Greg laying with a leg on either side of her upper body.

“Oh Lord! Your cock feels really good too,” the part-time SI swimsuit model cooed to her dark-skinned lover.

Nick hadn’t wasted any time, either with putting a condom on or slowly working his dick in. Instead, his ebony shaft was buried fully in Alex’s wet snatch with his first entry, figuring correctly that the combined efforts of Greg stretching her out moments before and the amount of Alex’s slobber on his dick being the only thing he needed.

Rather than fucking Alex at neck-breaking speeds like his older friend Greg had done prior, Nick took a different tact and went slow and smooth. He’d only been with Alex once before, unlike Greg who had Alex as a side piece regularly, so the black man wanted to savor the moment of her velvety wet cunt hugging his manhood. It worked out well for the leggy brunette and Greg as they were able to share an intimate kiss full of tongue before Alex settled lower on the bed and took Greg into her mouth.

“Fuck you’re talented,” the older man cooed as Alex slowly swallowed half his length before bobbing to the tip.

“Practice makes perfect,” the brunette replied with a smile.

Meanwhile Nick continued to let every inch of his pole explore Alex’s wet snatch. Much like Greg had praised, the American girl’s pussy was the perfect blend of tight yet still able to fuck as fast or hard as needed. Not only that but the brunette was soaking wet, clearly enjoying having two dicks filling her up at either end.

“Hey Nick, it’d be a shame to let that good rimming Greg did earlier go to waste,” Alex said, looking back over her shoulder at the black man. “I want you to fuck my ass now. Only if you do want to put that big hard cock in my tight little bum.”

“Fuck yes,” Nick all but celebrated before reigning it in and regaining some composure.

“Only fair, I was the one who got first crack at her extra fuck hole last time,” Greg conceded.

Nick didn’t bother with any other words, instead he just got their bodies aligned better while Alex passed him a bottle of lube. The black man stood up before squatting over top of Alex’s slender ass, allowing the soccer star to press her legs and feet together, which were still in her red high heels. With her ass a little higher and looking even bubblier, Nick lowered his now lubed cock until it touched its target.

Greg, who was looking at Alex’s face as she paused from blowing him for the moment, could tell the second Nick had punched past her sphincter and entered her backdoor. Her gorgeous blue eyes shot open, as did her ruby red lips, however she didn’t squirm or groan a curse. Instead, Alex had proved to be a veteran of taking it up the ass and was relaxed enough to let Nick start fucking her almost immediately, albeit very slowly and with less than half his length.

“Awhh Yes! That’s it,” Alex cooed as his cock entered her ass, obviously benefitting from the slowed pace.

“I was hoping I wasn’t being too presumptuous,” Nick smiled back at her, slowly working his cock in and out of her tight butt.

“Never with me and anal sex,” the brunette replied with a grin. “I’ve discovered my personal philosophy is the more the better.”

Though Alex hadn’t regained enough composure to restart sucking Greg’s cock once again, she was stroking it with her hand as she let moan after moan escape her lips. At one time in her life not even that long ago, she’d have found anal sex to be uncomfortable and morally wrong due to influence on her by her then husband, but now it was a fairly common occurrence in her sex life and one that gave her a surprising amount of pleasure. She may not have climaxed every time with taking it in the butt, but she did cum more often than not.

As Greg sat up and began kissing Alex once more, her hand never leaving his cock as they did so, Nick started increasing first his depth then his speed. Now using over half his 8-inch dick, the black man was beginning to fuck the gorgeous soccer star faster as well. He wasn’t setting any speed records due to how physically tight Alex’s asshole was, he was going at a decent rate, all while she moaned into the other man’s mouth.

“Oh yeah! Oh my God,” each of the men took turns saying as they each derived a massive amount of pleasure of each of Alex’s holes.

“Do you like watching your friend fuck me,” Alex asked before her mouth closed around one of Greg’s balls and sucked.

“Very much,” Greg replied before looking at the younger man and nodding at him.

As if they had worked out some sign language beforehand, Nick registered the gesture and adjusted his thrusting. Seeing that she was ready for more based on the fact the American soccer star was back to blowing the other man and talking dirty, Nick pushed forward until he felt his stomach contact Alex’s tight rump. Rearing back all the way so only his head remained inside, Nick plowed back in balls deep but double the speed. The next time he did it with double that speed as well before lingering with his dick buried fully in her ass, soaking in her rectum.

“Holy God! Mother of Mercy!” Alex screamed as she was fucked hard but not rough, firmly but with pleasure.

Alex let loose another 30 seconds of colorful language as Nick continued thumping into her little booty, but she proved able for the task. Once she grew accustomed to the new faster, harder rythym of his anal sex, Alex opened her mouth and literally inhaled Greg’s cock so that she was filled with over 15 inches of cock inside her.

“Fuck baby, you’re something special,” Nick complimented as he watched in amazement as Alex Morgan simultaneously was ruthlessly assfucked and deep-throated. “Now let’s have a look at my handiwork.”

Alex suddenly felt empty and hated it. Where most girls, included her up until a few months ago, would have felt relief with their anal sphincter no longer being used and fucked, Alex now felt sad and lacking pleasure. However, she understood that men were weird and enjoyed looking down at their handiwork of a freshly fucked asshole and admiring the gape they left behind so she helped him by staying relaxed so as he pulled her cheeks apart it allowed him to look deeper into her butthole.

“God damn! Who knew such a skinny girl could open so wide,” Nick commented as a compliment rather than an insult.

“Thanks…I think,” Alex replied with a laugh.

“How about sharing the wealth,” Greg asked though he was already moving.

Once again the two men moved while Alex was pulled along for the ride. At this point the men lust have found keeping her in her high heels to be sexy as they once again stayed on her feet despite Alex being flipped onto her back, having her legs spread wide and yanked to the edge of the bed. Greg now stood on the floor between her insanely long legs while Nick remained on the mattress with her, laying so his lap was next to her face.

“I love having you guys take turns on my ass,” Alex cooed, stroking the ebony cock in front of her.

“And we love being the men getting to tap this ass,” Nick replied before being shocked as Alex opened her mouth and steered his dick into her mouth. After bobbing on it several times, he asked. “How’s that taste, baby?”

“A lot like ass,” the brunette said with a wry smile. “But it’s pretty hot, right?”

“Agreed,” Nick replied before watching as the mega-pop star went back to running her tongue over every inch of his filthy member.

Meanwhile as Alex was using her talented mouth to service Nick’s ebony cock fresh from her own poop chute, Greg had gleefully taken up the vacancy. Though the older man’s cock was a bit wider than his friend’s, Alex’s asshole was loosened up and easily up for the challenge of more girth. With her smooth legs spread wide and high, Greg was building up a steady rhythm of fucking the younger girl’s asshole, her tight sphincter hugging his lubed up dick with each thrust.

“God this ass is special,” Greg groaned as his balls swung forward to top the underside of her ass. “Love ass fucking you.”

“And this ass loves getting fucked by you, stud,” the SI swimsuit model replied with a wink, having to spit out the nut she was sucking on to speak.

Alex was used to multitasking during games, as she commonly had to watch the build-up play, monitor the opposition and tow the offside line. It prepped her well for sex with two other people as she had taken over duties rubbing her own clit, all while showing her dexterity by spreading her legs wide and still giving the younger man an above average blowjob despite the lousy positioning. Meanwhile her regular fuck buddy Greg was using his free hands to clutch onto Alex’s thigh, using that to pull back on as he forced his hips forwards. With his new grip, he was able to completely bury his length pole into the soccer star’s asshole finally.

The threesome continued like this for some time, Alex easily losing track of time due to constantly being on the receiving and giving end of pleasure. The feel of a familiar lover fucking her tightest and most taboo hole was giving the leggy American girl a great deal of satisfaction, as was the simple fact that two men were using her for their enjoyment. She felt confident and powerful knowing that she could handle two men at the same time, giving them pleasure while also being on the verge of cumming herself.

“Holy crap! Yes Greg! Rub my clit,” Alex suddenly screamed.

The brunette soccer star hadn’t noticed she was using both hands to stroke Nick’s cock as her mouth bobbed on his upper half, meaning her pussy was completely vacant. While Greg was continuing to smoothly yet quickly plow her asshole, he reached down to rest his palm on her completely shaven mound before using his thumb to flick her sensitive bean. The suddenness of the action combined with getting it in her surprisingly sensitive asshole meant Alex was hurtled at lightspeed to her orgasm.

“Oh shit bud, I think she’s gonna cum for you,” Nick commented excitedly, about to witness a girl orgasm while being sodomized which was an extremely rare situation.

“Cum for me, superstar,” the team’s nutritionist demanded in a soft tone without ever slowing his assfucking or clit massage.

“Oh! So close,” Alex confirmed, her eyes shut closed. “Just like that. Keep going. Yes! Harder! Yes!”

The two men already knew that Alex Morgan possessed a loud voice as she regularly demanded the ball out on the field. However, hearing the recent swimsuit model orgasm was another matter altogether. As the leggy brunette goddess began to shake and shudder from the ripples of intense bliss ripping down her spine and into every nook and cranny of her lithe body, Alex let loose a scream that let them know that she was cumming like a freight train…with a dick still pumping into her once tight ass.

“Jesus!” Alex cooed before remembering Nick’s cock and giving it a bit of a suck. “You made me cum so good.”

“I aim to please.” Greg replied with a smile, actually thankful she came when she did so that he didn’t come too close to his own sweet release.

“And don’t worry Nick, I’m not done with you,” the brunette soccer star remarked before springing into motion.

Most girls, or men for that matter, were exhausted after an orgasm and more than happy to bask in the glow of climaxing. Not Alex apparently, who having cum only 30 seconds before was a blur of motion now as she pulled herself away from the edge of the bed and was straddling Nick’s waist the next instant. Nick had his hands around her ripped abs as Alex sunk down, guiding his cock into her pussy this time and sitting down fully on him.

“God damn that’s good,” the black man commented as Alex sat on his dick.

Alex knew that she had let her blowing of Nick fall to the wayside the last few minutes as the older man brought her to orgasm so she was intent on making it up to him. Planting her hands on his strong chest, the American sports star began to propel herself up off his lap until only his head remained in her wet confines before rocketing down to his base. Repeating the trick a couple hundred times, Alex was into a flow of riding the black man extremely fast and using every inch of his cock to probe deep into her cunt, to both of their utter satisfaction.

“So hot watching you fuck,” Greg commented to his regular booty call.

Alex heard the comment but she was too distracted initially to reply. Changing gears after a good few minutes of hard riding, at which point her entire body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat that made her skin glisten eroticly, this time when the leggy brunette sank to the bottom of Nick’s dick she stayed there. With all 8 inches buried deep in her womb, Alex began grinding her hips back and forth so that she rubbed her slit against his lap with little to no bouncing. It was a big change of technique but equally as sensual as her up-and-down bouncing and if anything Alex was an expert in this twerking style as she was going faster than before.

“How about you join in instead of just watching, perv,” Alex eventually replied, looking back over her shoulder seductively.

Despite having the thicker cock, Alex preferred Greg to be the one in her ass for the double penetration. She had fucked him many times over the years, a lot in the past several months in fact so she had the extra familiarity with the older man. Even as he settled in behind her, she could still hear his hand working in the extra amounts of lube he applied to his dick so that his passage back into her backdoor would go as smoothly as ever.

Alex felt the mattress dipped back behind her as the older Greg climbed on top, though she didn’t stop her grinding assault on Nick for a moment. That came to a stop when Greg pressed his hand into her back and caused the leggy girl to rest her jiggling tits on the other man’s chest at which point Nick reached around and used his hands on Alex’s little booty to pull her bubbly cheeks apart. With her asshole better revealed and even gaping under the strain, Greg moved closer then pressed his slathered tip against the center until it gave way. Both men slowed after the initial anal penetration, thinking she might need a minute to adapt but Alex immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“Ohhh….mmmm….oohhhhh,” she moaned loudly, the sensation being anything but painful.

“That’s it. I’m gonna go a little deeper this time,” Greg said as he gripped her narrow hips and eased more of himself into her backdoor.

Nick was biting down on his lip and still fucking up into her pussy, albeit with less pace now while Greg was kneeling above Alex, nearing his entire length slowly slamming into her tight ass. The result was Alex Morgan being in pure bliss as she was double penetrated. She felt so unbelievably full on a visceral level that words can't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men, and being able to please them simultaneously, really turned her on. Then there was the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls, which was successfully driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “I love having two cocks inside me. Fuck me at the same time.”

The two friends smiled as they worked in unison. Nick wasn’t able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still managing to push his entire length upwards to be sheathed completely in her wet inferno Alex called her pussy. Greg had picked up on the black man’s rhythm so that every time Nick pulled his lengthy dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.

“Oh shit, Alex…you’re incredible,” Greg the nutritionist grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

“So fucking hot,” Nick groaned as the athletic girl was grinding her pussy deep onto his cock. “Fucking great.”

“Honestly I don’t know why it took me so long to do this,” Alex blurted out sincerely.

Given how thick and filling Greg was inside her ass, he had been going slow while making his headway inside her brown eye. Nick, too, had resisted his urge to ruthlessly fuck up into her snatch, instead slowing his approach as well in order to not overburden the fit girl. However, with each passing minute, Alex was demanding more, first through body language and then with her voice.

“Yes! Please…fuck me. Harder, faster!” Alex encouraged, this time louder, more urgently. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”

“We really found a sex freak,” Nick groaned while wildly thrusting upwards into her pussy. “And I mean that in the best possible way.”

They continued on like this for another 5 minutes but that was when Alex creamed all over Nick’s ebony cock. The gentlemen were more than happy to slow things down and not pump as hard into her slender body as they realized their own orgasms wouldn’t be too far behind. Normally they would have embraced that, but Alex Morgan was all kinds of hot and filthy and they planned on taking advantage for as long as they could.

Alex must have blacked out a bit, for how long she was uncertain but she doubted any more than a couple of minutes. However, several things were different now. For one, her muscles throughout her well toned body felt as if they hadn’t ever known tension from the massive orgasm that washed over her not long ago. Secondly, rather than being face down looking into Nick’s muscular pecs, the leggy brunette was rotated so she was gazing up at the ceiling with the men having flipped her over so Nick was now thrusting up into her once tight ass while the older Greg was plowing her pussy.

“Yes…this feels so good,” Alex groaned as her body was intimately used by the two staff members. She had to give the men credit for fucking her hard but never going rough as they really throttled the line without ever stepping a toe over.

“Oh shit, Alex…you’re incredible,” Nick grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

“Agreed,” Greg groaned as the fit star twerked her pussy deep onto his cock. “Fucking great.”

Alex had found another reserve of energy that was usually reserved for the last several moments of a 90 minute soccer match. Tapping into her athletic training, the fit player was back to helping the men skewer her with their cocks by rocking back against them. Being the meat in their muscular sandwich didn’t allow the soccer star much movement but she refused to be a passive fuck doll. Alex also noted that both of her guests’ voices were much more ragged and exhausted then they had been prior to her gigantic orgasm.

“Harder. Fuck me harder,” Alex encouraged, guessing that the men were close.

The leggy soccer star immediately feel both her guests answer her call. Greg’s hands reached down to grab her narrow waist so that he could pull Alex back with greater force as he spiked his thick cock into her cunt. Meanwhile Nick had a similar thought of dragging her fit body downward to match his upward thrust into her snug ass but only with his hands gripping her perky tits to accomplish that goal.

Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between Alex’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the leggy girl’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past little while as they fucked her at the same time. And now at Alex’s request they had ramped up their thrusting to unsustainable levels, especially after they had been using her for the past 30 or so minutes.

“Fuck me! Need to cum,” Nick bellowed, mere moments away from his climax.

“Cum inside me,” Alex replied with hesitation. “I want to feel you filling up my ass.”

“God damn,” Nick groaned.

With the decision made and the girl begging for his spunk, Nick gave in. With a guttural snarl paired with his hands tightening their grip of her small tits, Nick slammed up into her ass for the last time that day. Pulling on her body down to hold himself deep within, he let loose as a half-dozen shots of thick warm jizz into Alex Morgan’s rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until he was emptied completely, with his friend Greg having slowed so allow Nick the freedom to cum in the star without problems.

As the spent black man relaxed his hand grips on taylor’s tits, leaving red marks on the lovely skin, Greg began fucking Alex hard once more. The second he spiked his cock forward he felt a familiar tingle in his sack and knew his long awaited orgasm was now at hand as well. It was hastened a lot more when Nick slipped out from underneath Alex after his dick deflated and eased out of the brunette’s ass, lowering both Alex and Greg to the mattress and allowing the older man to thrust extra deep into her.

“Cum in me too,” Alex answered his unasked question. “Let me feel your seed in me.”

Much like with the other man, hearing Alex demand his cum inside her broke the last of Greg’s willpower. With a guttural growl the older man speared deep into Alex’s warm cunt and shot blast after blast of his semen deep into her womb. Since he was on the medical staff he knew the American’s star player was on the pill, though at this particular moment he didn’t care either way. After all, he was cumming into Alex fucking Morgan!

Having both men cum inside her within a minute of each other had triggered another orgasm for Alex, albeit not as powerful or loud as her first of the evening but no less satisfying. This time the soccer star didn’t black out so felt as the exhausted older man hung his head against her chest for a few seconds before rolling off her to the side currently not occupied by her other satisfied man.

“So obviously you enjoyed yourself,” Greg commented, referring to Alex’s scream-filled affair and explosive orgasm.

“Oh my God! Definitely. God! The sensations from both my pussy and my ass…wow!” Alex reminisced. “Truthfully it’s going to be really hard going back to only one dick.”

“Well after we freshen up, and maybe grab a sandwich we can go for round 2…if you have it in you,” Nick commented, propping himself up on his elbows.

“I couldn’t possible take anymore, not before the semis in less than a day and a half,” the sweat-coated star replied. “But maybe we see how the rest of the tournament plays out and hopefully we can celebrate winning the World Cup with a real bang...pun intended.” the horny brunette replied with a twinkle of excitement in her eye.

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