Brie's Boss

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Brie Larson or Elizabeth Olsen or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Brie Larson was currently at a wrap party for Avengers Endgame. Her time on the project hadn't been that long compared to the main cast, but it had still been quite the overwhelming experience considering the amount of people involved, the special-effects, and a particular run in with a particular co-star which she'd rather forget, but she just couldn't. Not when it felt like her ass would never truly recover from it, poor Brie walking funny even weeks after the initial incident, and she was still trying to avoid sitting down whenever possible. Why? Because she had been anally violated by another woman. And it was tiny little Elizabeth Olson at that, who had the audacity to give her knowing smiles throughout the night, and whenever they saw each other after that incident.

Eventually Brie excused herself to the upstairs bathroom, and almost immediately she pulled her pants and panties down so she could get a good look at her ass. She even spread the cheeks, half expecting to see lingering damage, but there was none. Hell, it looked like nothing bad had ever happened to that hole. But it had, and in that position Brie was bombarded with exactly what happened in vivid detail. Which was a horrible position to be discovered in, but that was exactly what happened. Brie had been sure she had locked that door, but apparently not, as it opened wide to reveal the last person she wanted to see right now, namely the person who had taken her back door cherry, that bitch Elizabeth Olson.

"Nice and ready for me, I see?" Elizabeth grinned wickedly, quickly closing and locking the door behind her, "Mmmmmmm, I love it when my bitches go from challenging to complete butt sluts in just one ass fucking. Admittedly, I didn't think you be one of them, but I can definitely roll with that. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, I definitely can, if it means destroying your tight little ass again."

"I'm not..." Brie started out way too loudly, considering all the people that were at this party, so she quickly lowered her voice and insisted, "I'm not a butt slut, and I'm definitely not anyone's bitch."

"But you were, are, and now always will be mine." Elizabeth insisted, closing the distance between them, and then pointing in the mirror, "Just look at yourself? Look! There, doesn't that look good? Isn't that the perfect position for you? Bent over, and just waiting for your top to fuck your slutty little butt, like the bottom you are?"

"I'm... I'm not..." Brie stammered.

"Not what?" Elizabeth pushed, "Not a bottom? Not a butt slut? Not my anal loving bitch?"

"Yes." Brie said softly, although not even she was convinced.

"Then why haven't you moved?" Elizabeth asked softly, with another wicked smile.

It was a very good question, and sadly there was no good answer to it. Or at least, no good answer for Brie. Certainly none that she liked. Just as she couldn't think of a good answer for why she didn't then immediately do what she should've done this second she heard the door open, namely pull up her pants, straighten herself up, and re-establish herself as the top she still identified as being. As the boss. Unfortunately, instead of that, she found herself still frozen to the spot, even as Elizabeth took a menacing looking strap-on dildo out of her hand-bag, attached it around her waist, and then covered it with lube, which was thankfully also in the bag. Oh God, she was actually grateful that the other woman had bought lube? And was now using it on her cock? The one she was going to butt fuck her with? Again! Fuck, what was happening to her?

Unfortunately again there was no good answer to that, but thankfully Elizabeth did at least take some pity on her. It wasn't much, especially considering she spent a lot of time directly behind her, meaning that the strap-on was attached, and lubricated, only inches away from her poor little ass. But it was something. Namely sweet little Elizabeth Olson dropping down to her knees and burying her face into her backside. Which did unfortunately bring back vivid memories of what had happened to her before, but at least it wasn't a giant cock up her butt. And maybe, just maybe, if she closed her eyes she could pretend that wasn't about to happen to her again. That she was going to let it happen. Allow another woman to butt fuck her again. This woman, of all people. Oh God!

Elizabeth was very tempted to try shoving her cock straight up Brie's butt. That would surely really teach her a lesson about exactly who she belonged too, and what her place was. And who had put her in that place. But she didn't like to be unnecessarily cruel to her bitches. Especially when the alternative was so much more pleasurable for both of them. Oh yes, the alternative was giving the other woman a nice, long rim job, which was something Elizabeth always enjoyed, and this time was no exception. Admittedly she couldn't afford to spend as long on it as she would like too, given they were at a party, and unlike last time, some would be more likely to notice them being gone. But she was still sure she could eat that ass for a decent amount of time, and that was exactly what she did.

Making sure to make the most of that time Elizabeth pushed her face between those cheeks and started frantically lapping away at that forbidden hole, making the so-called top moan with pleasure right from the start. Admittedly, that didn't mean much, as Elizabeth also love to have her butt munched by a talented little tongue, especially when it belonged to another woman, eager and willing to prove herself nothing but a fuck toy for a superior woman's pleasure. But it wasn't a sign of those things, as was the fact that she was able to get her tongue inside the incredibly tight hole. Not far, but probably further than last time. Although before that she spent plenty of time licking up and down, and around that back hole, making sure it was wet as possible for the violation to come.

Then she pulled back, spat on that forbidden hole a few times, and pressed a lube covered finger up against that wet rear entrance and pushed firmly forwards, both girls crying out as that finger slipped through Brie's butt hole and into the other actress's backside. Those cries were even mostly of pleasure, something which gave Elizabeth a lot of satisfaction. Another thing which gave her satisfaction was burying her finger up to the knuckle in that tightness, and beginning to slide it in and out, stretching Brie's butt for her cock. Something she did for a few long minutes, eventually adding a second finger, before pulling out entirely and popping them in her mouth, moaning happily at the taste.

Once they were clean Elizabeth took those fingers out of her mouth, slapped Brie's ass roughly, and ordered, "Take over."

"What?" Brie cried out weakly.

"Finger your sexy little butt for me." Elizabeth clarified, even though it didn't feel like she needed too.

"Ewww, no." Brie protested, and then cried out as her backside received another hard slap.

"Do it, or I'll show Scarlett that picture of your freshly gaped ass hole." Elizabeth threatened.

"You wouldn't." Brie said weakly.

"I would." Elizabeth promised.

Which had Brie whimpering pathetically, and then after a brief pause, reluctantly did as she was told, namely by pushing her index finger into her butt. She didn't wet the finger, but maybe she figured there was already enough lube on her back hole. Or maybe she wanted it to hurt a little, as punishment for giving in so easily. Elizabeth would, if the roles were reversed. Whatever the case for the next few minutes Elizabeth got one hell of a show, as Brie was pushed further towards total submission. Although Elizabeth had to admit, she wasn't entirely sure she wanted that, as Brie was adorable just like this, somehow thinking she could still be a top, while fingering her own ass, and getting it nice and ready for another woman to fuck.

No longer able to resist doing just that Elizabeth ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, show me the cute little hole I own."

Brie desperately wanted to argue, if only to point out that the other woman didn't own her butt hole, because she wasn't her bitch. But in that moment she did, and she was. Oh God, in that moment she truly was another woman's bitch. And Elizabeth owned her ass hole. Even if Brie was able to turn the tables back to what they should be, there was no arguing that. So to save herself from losing another argument, she just did it, the proud top reaching back, grabbing a firm hold of her butt cheeks, and spreading them wide apart, offering up her back hole to the woman intent on sodomizing her. Showing Elizabeth the hole she undeniably owned, if only for that moment.

To make matters even worse Elizabeth allowed her to wallow in that humiliation for a few long seconds, as first she just stared at the pretty sight before her, and then before Brie could protest, whipped out her phone and took a picture, giving her yet more blackmail material against her. Only then did she press the tip of her cock against Brie's butt hole, making the poor top whimper pathetically. And then again as Elizabeth kept it there for a few long seconds. Brie almost protested, but it would be ridiculous to complain about her ass not being violated. Especially when she was sure that her anal violation would come eventually. And sure enough that's exactly what happened, Elizabeth pushing hard and fast, literally shoving the first few inches straight up her ass.

"Holy shit!" Brie swore angrily, "What the fuck?"

"Shhhhhhhhh." Elizabeth scolded light-heartedly, "Do you want everyone at this party tonight to know that I'm fucking you in the ass?"

Of course Brie didn't, but it was clear from her tone, and that stupid grin on her face, Elizabeth would very much like that. Brie wasn't about to give her the satisfaction though, so she gritted her teeth and concentrated on remaining silent throughout the rest of the sodomy. Which probably wasn't possible, but she could at least do it throughout the butt stuffing, right? Wrong. She tried, she really did, but Elizabeth almost constantly squeezed sounds out of her, by evilly sliding a few inches in slowly, and then suddenly delivering a hard thrust. A process she repeated over and over again, until her thighs came to rest against the other woman's butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of that big dick was now buried deep within Brie's bowels.

Something Elizabeth clearly savoured for a few long minutes, before beginning to slowly pull her dick out of the other girl's ass hole. That provided a little relief on Brie's over stuffed rectum, but it was short-lived, as ones that dildo was half way out of her Elizabeth was only too happy to shove it straight back in, her thighs once again bumping against Brie's butt, announcing the full length of her cock was encased in the other actress's backside. This process was of course repeated over and over again, Elizabeth Olsen officially starting to give Brie Larson her second ever ass fucking. And she tried to stay silent, she really did, but she couldn't. She just couldn't. God help her, at first she was crying out in pain, and then pleasure. And then just when she didn't think it could get any worse, it did.

Elizabeth definitely preferred a long, slow ass stuffing, but again, they were at a public party, and more likely to be missed. Besides, Brie could do with an attitude adjustment, or at least a warning of what happened when she was argumentative. And she had to admit, there was a certain enjoyment to doing things this way. But mostly, Elizabeth just felt bad about it. And disappointed that she was kind of missing out. So once the rectum stuffing was complete, Elizabeth gave her bitch a few long seconds to adjust to the obscene anal violation, and then sodomized her nice and slowly. Well, she still might have given the occasional hard thrust, but only because she was sure that her new little butt slut could take it.

Initially it was just those hard thrusts which caused Brie to cry out, but she was whimpering pathetically throughout, not that Elizabeth blamed her. The woman played the role of Captain Marvel, who was practically a God, and combine that with her success with other women it wasn't that surprising that she had gained quite the ego, only for someone else to put her in her place. Which was almost enough to make Elizabeth feel sorry for her, if only in that moment, But that thought was fleeting, because Brie was actually getting a taste of her own medicine. Medicine she wouldn't be receiving if she had gone after Elizabeth in the first place. Well, maybe not, but the point was Brie Larson deserved to be punished, and Elizabeth could think of at least one new way to do it.

So she suddenly grabbed the lid of the toilet next to her, placed it down, and then strategically hug Brie tightly to her, while turning them around and to the side so she could sit down on the toilet, before finally ordering, "Ride me! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, ride me you anal whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, anally ride me with your slutty little ass hole. Prove just how much you like it up the butt."

Which unsurprisingly had Brie glaring back at her over her shoulder, with a look which might've been intimidating, if Elizabeth's cock hadn't been deeply embedded within Brie's ass. But it was, so Elizabeth stepped back with amusement, and then after a few long seconds the other woman lowered her head in submission, whimpered and blushed adorably, and then started doing as she was told. Oh yes, Brie Larson started bouncing up and down her big dick, anally riding it with her most private hole, like the little anal whore Elizabeth had turned her into. And not only did she waste no time in establishing a steady rhythm, similar to what the brunette had been giving to her before, but the blonde also increased her pace sooner than expected.

Arguably Elizabeth should discourage this, as Brie hadn't asked permission to do this. More importantly, she shouldn't hesitate to complain, because she would like this to last as long as possible. Well, that was true regardless of the circumstances, but again, given where they were she decided it was best to just let it happen. Besides, it definitely did the main job of further pushing Brie towards total submission, at least enough that any future back talk would be minimal, or non-existent. Also, Elizabeth just couldn't resist those wonderful sounds Brie was making. Oh yes, this once proud top went from occasionally whimpering and crying out pathetically, to constantly letting out those sounds, along with gasps and moans of pure pleasure.

Brie hated herself so much for letting out those sounds, but she just couldn't help it. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't keep them in, because her body betrayed her, just like the first time she suffered this humiliating act. Oh God, her rectum slowly but surely relaxed until the initial pain faded to just discomfort, and then not even that. It... it turned to pleasure! God help her, it felt good to be fucked in the ass. And this time there was the added humiliation of the fact that she was doing it herself. That she was the main reason that her backside was given time to relax, and actually enjoy being violated. So much so that she couldn't avoid letting out sounds of enjoyment.

There was one small advantage to this horrifying position, namely that maybe, just maybe she could make herself cum quickly, and thus bring an end to this indignity. Admittedly it took her a few long seconds to gather the willpower to inflict that upon herself, but actually making herself cum anally would be a whole new level of submission for her. However if the roles were reversed Brie would have stopped Elizabeth, because she was a real top, and she got to decide when her bitches got to cum. So if she could sneak an orgasm, or ideally several, past Elizabeth it would be in some way getting one over on her tormentor. Also, she wouldn't have to suffer the indignity of once again having to beg to cum.

Unfortunately for Brie that was replaced by Elizabeth smacking her ass, and then gleefully encouraging her, "Yesssssssssssss, ride my cock! Ride my big fat cock with your slutty little ass hole Brie! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, you love it, don't ya? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you love it up the butt, mmmmmmmmmm, like a good little bottom. Oh yeah, you're not 'The Boss' around here Brie. I am! Oh yeah, I'm Brie's Boss, mmmmmmmmmm, and she's my little butt bitch. My little ass slut! My anal loving little bottom. oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, you're mine Brie! All mine! Oh fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck OH FUCK! Prove it! Fucking prove your mine by riding my dick with your slutty little butt hole! Oh yeah, ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Those words were too loud for Brie's liking. Of course, she wasn't exactly remaining quiet either, but the volume was far worse right now, as they were under serious risk of someone hearing them, and that was the last thing Brie wanted. Especially if it was one of her bitches. Then she would truly be ruined. Although who knows, maybe she was already? Sure, none of her bitches had confessed that Elizabeth had told them anything, but that didn't mean she hadn't. Hell, if Elizabeth was telling the truth that the women she thought of as her bitches actually belonged to Elizabeth, then they may all just be waiting for the command to help break Brie once and for all. Something she desperately didn't want to believe, but it was hard not to in that moment.

What was even worse was those thoughts, those degrading words, the unwanted physical pleasure she was feeling, and even the humiliation itself, all combined to send her crashing over the edge of the kind of incredible climax she'd only ever received before when getting ass fucked by this other woman. She then came over, and over, and over again, and even though it was from the combination of those things, it felt like just one. Like she was just making herself cum multiple times from being anally violated, which just couldn't be helped, because sweet little Elizabeth Olson had so totally and completely conquered her. And while that should've been off-putting, of course it only just made her cum harder, and more frequently, until she completely lost the ability to think coherently, and truly became a mindless anal whore.

Elizabeth giggled with delight when Brie came for her, once again, but for the first time tonight. Sadly, that was the last time she could truly enjoy the sounds that the, at least for now broken, woman was making, because after that she became just too loud. Arguably Elizabeth was being too loud as well, but she had made sure that a couple of her bitches was standing guard a short distance away, keeping most people away from this bathroom. Whether they recognized that it was Brie who was the one screaming in there, was another matter entirely. Still, even with her bitches standing guard she couldn't afford her friend to be too loud, so sadly she had to cover Brie's mouth with her hand. Admittedly that could only do so much, but it was hopefully enough to make a difference.

Other than that minor distraction Elizabeth was free to very much enjoy the show as poor little Brie hammered her own ass hole on that big dick for a few long minutes, until she inevitably ran out of steam and collapsed down upon her. Which probably should have been the end of it, especially as the combination of the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit combined with the sheer joy of once again sodomizing a beautiful woman, and a wannabe top at that, was more than enough to give Elizabeth a very satisfying orgasm or two. And really, she shouldn't be using all of her energy just to butt fuck this woman. Not when she had people to mingle with. But for better or for worse, Elizabeth just couldn't help herself.

So pretty much the moment Brie collapsed Elizabeth flip their positions, bending the other woman over the toilet without much regard for her head, which got bumped loudly. But that was just another thing which served Brie right for trying to do this to her. Besides it wasn't that hard. Not so hard that the little butt slut didn't cry out into her hand in pure pleasure as the sodomy was restarted, this time with Elizabeth doing all the work. No, Brie kept screaming, crying and moaning joyfully as Elizabeth spend the next few long minutes ensuring they both came as much as possible, and her message about Brie being a butt slut, while Elizabeth was her boss, etc, very clear.

Given that they switched to her favourite position, it was very hard for Elizabeth to convince herself to even eventually stop sodomizing the high and mighty Brie Larson. It was just so much fun to see those toned but well-rounded ass cheeks of hers jiggle with every hard thrust, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room almost as loudly as Brie's screams of pleasure. Oh God, it all just made Elizabeth cum so hard. But the last thing she could risk doing right now was exhausting herself completely, as at best she would embarrass herself in front of her new bitch, and at worse she would give Brie the chance of retaliation. So eventually she came to a complete stop, burying every inch of the dildo deep within Brie's bowels on that last hard thrust.

For a few long minutes the actresses got their breath back, and then Elizabeth smacked Brie's ass roughly and ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, spread 'em nice and wide for me. Oooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss, let's see that pretty little hole stretch. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah!"

Brie whimpered pathetically, then quickly did as she was told, slowly reaching back, grabbing her butt cheeks, and then pulling them wide apart. She then felt Elizabeth slowly pulling her cock out of her ass, which was somehow a relief, painful and disappointing all at the same time. Oh yes, she couldn't believe part of her was disappointed not to have her ass being stretched with a cock anymore. But she did, simply because that big dildo had bought her so much pleasure. Also removing it was like tearing off a Band-Aid, making her realize how much her ass ached from the relentless pounding it had received. But she tried to concentrate on the relief she felt, both because it was over, and her rectum wasn't stretched quite so wide.

However unfortunately for Brie it was left a little stretched, and it felt like a lot when that big dick was finally pulled out of her most private hole with an obscene sound, leaving her back door wide open. This of course, gave Elizabeth a chance to take some more incriminating photos of her, but what did it matter? The damage was already done, and Brie was too emotionally battered to do anything except lie there as her tormentor took shot after shot of her gaping wide opened butt hole. Which was another case of Brie getting a taste of her own medicine. The worst part of it being, that she enjoyed this too. Oh God, what the hell was wrong with her?

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, good girl, show me that pretty little gape!" Elizabeth cooed softly and happily, before ordering firmly, "Now look back at me! Oh yes, that's it, ooooooooooh, good girl. Awww, what's wrong? I thought every actress secretly loved getting their picture taken, no matter what, huh? What's wrong Brie, mmmmmmmmm, I'm just taking a picture of your widely gaping butt hole."

"Yeah, because why wouldn't I love that?" Brie questioned dryly, before grumbling, "You could at least leave my face out of it."

"If you're dumb enough to look, just because someone told you too, that's your problem." Elizabeth said harshly, before pointing out, "Isn't that normally what you tell women?"

There was a brief silence is Brie glared back, before grumbling, "Maybe."

"So why should anyone have any sympathy for you?" Elizabeth answered rhetorically, although she wasn't surprised when Brie answered.

"Because I'm a top!" Brie insisted, "I'm not like those slutty little bottoms who-"

"Cum like crazy whenever they get fucked in the ass? Or look so pretty when their ass hole gapes? Or when they're bent over? Or when they're spreading their cheeks? Mmmmmmmmmm, or beging to cum like a bitch with a dick in their asses? Yeah, I can see why you can't relate." Elizabeth said mockingly, before pushing, "Let me help you with that, by giving you an experience that I know they love so much. Especially Scarlett. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, if there is one thing Scarlett Johansson loves, it's going ass to mouth. Just like you're about to do. Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, suck my dick Brie! Get all of your yummy ass cream off of it."

"But-" Brie tried to protest, only to be cut off.

"Now!" Elizabeth ordered firmly.

Which made Brie hang her head in defeat, and whimper pathetically. There was no use in arguing, Elizabeth had the blackmail material to ruin her if she wanted too, meaning that no matter what Brie had to do it. So there was no use in wasting her breath, or stretching this out any longer than it needed to be. Especially when they had spent way too much time in here already. Although hopefully anyone who guess they were having sex, just assumed she was the one on top, as it should be. That Elizabeth had just taken it up the butt, and now she was the one about to go ass to mouth. Something that Brie tried to focus on as she slowly turned around on her knees, so that she was face to face with the strap-on which had just defiled her poor little ass hole.

She then just kneeled there for a few long seconds, before summoning up the courage to wrap her lips around the head of Elizabeth's dick. Brie then let out a soft moan of pleasure at the taste, and then let out a whimper of humiliation, as this was just one other thing this bitch could use against her. And from the way that she chuckled wickedly, it was clear that Elizabeth fully intended to do that. Although, for better or for worse, Elizabeth just savoured the moment for a few long seconds, especially as Brie began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, trying to get this over with, and trying not to moan anymore in the process. Unfortunately for Brie, she just couldn't seem to stop herself, as she was just enjoying this so much, and to her shame she enjoyed it even more when the other woman started stroking her hair, and offering her verbal encouragement.

"Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, that's it, yes that’s it, Brie, suck my cock! Suck it good, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, good girl." Elizabeth chuckled wickedly, gleefully adding insult to injury, "Oh yeah, you love it, don't you? Huh? You love the taste of your own butt? Oh yeah you do, yeah you do. You're an ass to mouth loving whore, just like all the rest. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, and don't worry, mmmmmmmmmm, I know you have problems admitting that, so I'm going to help you out. Yeah, I'm going to help you out by fucking you in the ass whenever I can, mmmmmmmmmm, and then making sure you taste it afterwards. Oh yeah, I'm going to make sure you get every single drop, every single time. Isn't that nice of me? Aren't I a good friend? Aren't I nice and helpful? Aren't I... a good Mistress? Or should that be, a good Boss?"

In response, all Brie could do was whimper pathetically, and continue sucking that big dick.

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