Brie's Boss

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Brie Larson was feeling extremely tired from a long day of press and interviews, which was maybe the worst part of her job. Of course this time was even worse, because while thankfully she wasn't in the same interviews as Elizabeth Olsen, they were back in the same orbit, something that Brie couldn't get out of her mind. Especially because she was constantly getting texts from her tormentor, telling her in detail what was going to happen to her at the end of the day, which made Brie's poor butt hole quiver with fear. Which would be bad enough, but her treacherous body was also quivering with anticipation. And her pussy, oh God, her pussy was wet. Wet from the thought of getting ass fucked, again! What the hell was wrong with her?

Part of the problem was she spent the entire day expecting to be pulled into a bathroom, Elizabeth reminding her that with the blackmail material she had on her, she could have her anyway she wanted, whenever she wanted, which to her shame constantly left Brie feeling horny. Then disappointed when it didn't happen. Especially as they had a premier to go to, meaning that Brie would have to sit through a three-hour movie before getting some relief. Oh well, at least this meant that they would be doing it in a hotel room this time, meaning that it would be less likely they were caught. Only, the moment she thought that, she got a text telling her to meet Elizabeth in the bathroom. Oh God, she was so fucked! Literally!

That text came moments before the movie started, Brie just staring at it with disbelief until the lights went down, at which point she turned off the phone and put it away. From where she was, she could just about see Elizabeth, and since she hadn't moved Brie had no reason too. But then she did move, even making sure to give Brie a look as she went, which again made poor Brie quiver, especially her most private hole. She then sat there in the dark for a few long minutes, before taking a deep and calming breath, and making her way to the exit. At which point she very nearly ran out of the building, but she didn't want to find out what the consequences of that would be, so eventually she went into the nearest girl's bathroom.

She found Elizabeth there waiting for her with a wicked grin on her face, the other woman immediately grabbing her, shoving her against the nearest wall, and then shoving her tongue into her mouth. Brie loved kissing beautiful women, but definitely not in a public setting, so initially she tensed up and tried to pushed Lizzie away. Of course Liz was having none of that, and despite herself Brie found herself melting into the kiss for a few long minutes, before she thought she heard something, and broke the kiss. Thankfully she was wrong, or at least the sound came from someone not heading this way. But either way it was a reminder that this was far more risky than the other times they'd had sex, semi-publicly, and that she should at least try to talk her way out of it.

"What?" Elizabeth frowned in confusion, and annoyance.

"I, I thought I heard something." Brie explained.

"Huh." Elizabeth hummed, tilting her head and listening out, before admitting, "I don't hear anything."

"Well, obviously. But it's only a matter of time before I do, and there is something. Or someone." Brie pointed out, "So do you really want to take the risk?"

"Yes." Elizabeth grinned, without hesitation.

"But... but couldn't we just watch the movie?" Brie whimpered.

"We will... next time. I promise." Elizabeth promised, another grin crossing her face, "I'm actually really looking forward to watching this movie in full. But it's a long press tour, and we're going to get a lot of chances to see this thing. Mmmmmmmmmm, and right now, there's something I'd much rather watch. Namely your cute little butt bouncing on my cock."

"And you will." Brie promised, hating that fact, even if her body didn't, "Just not here. Please? Later, in your hotel room?"

Elizabeth looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded her head, "Alright."

"Thank God." Brie breathed a sigh of relief, although it was short-lived.

"All you need to do, is get Scarlett to take your place." Elizabeth explained, trying not to grin wickedly, and probably failing, as she explained, "Yeah, go get Scarlett, bring her down here, and explain you're giving her to me, as a gift. Explains she deserves the best top, and you realized now that it isn't you. That it's me. That a bottom of her high-calibre deserves to be with a real top."

"I'm not saying any of that." Brie protested, both angry and appalled, "Not now, not ever."

"Well, it's either her ass, or yours." Elizabeth explained, before pointing out, "Although you may want to choose hers. It'll be a nice way to ease the transitional period. For both her, and especially you. Or better yet, maybe I'll have you anally ride me in front of her? That should be fun. She's your favourite, right? Mine too, mmmmmmmm, and I can't wait for her to find out you're just like her, a little anal loving bitch!"

"Okay, okay, fine! Let's just please stop talking about this, okay?" Brie blushed, quickly adding, "And for the love of God, can we please do this in a stall?"

"As if we'd do this anywhere else." Elizabeth scoffed, before heading for the nearest stall, "Just give me a sec, okay?"

"Okay." Brie replied definitively, taking a few long seconds to make sure they were alone, and then heading into the stall, at which point she whimpered at what she saw.

Namely Elizabeth pulling a strap-on up her thighs, and then sitting down on the toilet to start stroking lube into it, while grinning at her pray, "Take off your dress and give me that ass! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck yes, give me what I want, nice and fast, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be nice and rim you first."

Elizabeth then chuckled as Brie struggled quickly to get out of her dress, drop it to the ground, and then turn around, so she could push her ass out. Brie would probably argue she just wanted to make this easy on herself, and quicker, but Elizabeth suspected Brie wanted this, at least on some level, because of the pleasure that a butt fucking could give her. And they definitely should make this quick, given this was way too public, but Elizabeth just couldn't resist teasing her bitch in training a little bit, by leaving her hanging for a few long seconds. Plus it gave Brie the humiliation of exposing her ass, for the viewing pleasure of her top no less. Something which made the proud blonde look over her shoulder and glare at the brunette.

Which of course Elizabeth ignored in favour of staring at her prize, and then just jerking her head forward so she could bury her face in between Brie's butt cheeks. The combination of the suddenness of this, and no doubt the pleasure, caused Brie to let out a loud gasp, but thankfully after that she covered her mouth with her hand, and did a much better job of keeping herself quiet. Meanwhile Elizabeth spent a minute or two tonguing that forbidden hole, just like that, which arguably wasn't a very good top thing to do because she was smothering herself in booty, but Elizabeth found it fun, and that was all that really mattered. After that she spread those cheeks with both hands, and pulled back, so she could spit on Brie's butt hole and then rub it in with her tongue.

It was a process she repeated a few times, before swirling her tongue around Brie's back hole, and then eventually trying to invade it. And to Elizabeth's delight she got much further than she did the first time she tried this. Not nearly as far as she did with her other bitches, but it was any matter of time. Besides, Brie wasn't even fully broken yet. Oh yes, once she was broken in and fully trained Elizabeth would be able to shove her tongue deep into this bitch hole. Maybe even as deep as that complete and utter anal whore Scarlett Johansson. Hell, if she could make Brie half as big a slut for anal as Scarlett she could probably get her full length of her tongue up here. For now she would have to be satisfied with about half, which again, was an improvement.

Of course she knew would have better luck with her lube covered finger, so after a half decent rim job Elizabeth reluctantly pulled her tongue from Brie's ass hole and replaced it with a finger. She rubbed that finger around the hole, for a few long seconds, before pushing it aside, both women trying to muffle a moan of pleasure in the process, which put a wicked smile on Elizabeth's face. This continued to be the case as she slowly slid that finger all the way inside Brie's butt, and then started pumping it in and out, and then eventually adding a second finger, getting the other woman's most private orifice ready for her to fuck it. Or more accurately, for Brie to fuck it. Oh yes, she was going to make the proud and arrogant Brie Larson ride her dick like the little bitch she was. Which again, put a wicked smile on Elizabeth's face.

"There you go, mmmmmmmmmm, nice and ready for my big dick." Elizabeth growled, even risking giving Brie's booty a nice hard smack, before ordering, "Now sit on it. Oh yeah, sit on that dick! My dick! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmmmmm, I want the high and mighty Brie Larson riding my big strap-on cock with her slutty little ass hole! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that's it Brie, be a good little anal bitch for me. Oh fuck!"

Brie whimpered pathetically as those words were growled into her ear, and even though they were fairly soft they sounded deafening in the otherwise quiet bathroom. If someone came into the room at that moment they would have definitely heard those words crystal clear, and while Brie would like to think that Elizabeth would be able to stop herself abruptly, she had no guarantees. Which was why she should put a stop to this. Put her dress back on and get back to watching the movie, regardless of what the consequences might be. Or better yet, drag Elizabeth back to her hotel room, and finally turn the tables back to what they should be. Two things that Brie had dreamed of doing since she stepped into this bathroom, and thought repeatedly over the next few minutes, especially when anally violating herself.

Because, no matter how badly she wanted to avoid inflicting this humiliation upon herself, Brie couldn't walk out of here. Not if Elizabeth was going to follow through on her threat of showing her bitches the damning photographs of Brie's gaping butt hole. And she definitely couldn't stand the idea of Scarlett Johansson becoming Elizabeth's exclusive property, instead of hers. So as much as it hurt her physically, and especially mentally, Brie grabbed hold of the strap-on, pressed it against her back door, and then forced herself downwards. Something she probably did more roughly the necessary, or was advisable, but she wanted to punish herself for being so weak. Also, as far as she was concerned, pain was preferable to the pleasure at this point.

She certainly got the pain she wanted that way, the sudden anal penetration far more agonizing than she anticipated, causing Brie to scream way too loudly in the process. To be fair, it was somewhat muffled by her hand, but not nearly enough considering the very public place they were doing this. Which convinced her to go slow for the rest of the butt stuffing, but even then Brie found herself whimpering way too loudly into her hand, because then there was a horrible hint of pleasure from what should have been a purely agonizing act. God, what was allegedly sweet and innocent Elizabeth Olson doing to her? She was supposed to be a dominant butt busting top, not a submissive anal loving bottom.

Something that Brie desperately tried to remind herself over and over throughout this latest round of ass sex, but it became increasingly hard to believe, especially as pain gave way to pure pleasure, and she certainly felt the urge to make herself cum. Which she should probably do quickly, given that again they were in a very public place. However Brie just couldn't live with herself if she came quickly from being fucked up the ass. Especially if she was the one doing the ass fucking. So she was just going to find a balance between the two, somehow. Which unfortunately for her, meant a few long minutes of bouncing her butt up and down that big cock, sodomizing herself for the amusement of another woman.

Elizabeth certainly had a wide grin on her face because of the beautiful sight in front of her. Because while she couldn't get the best look at her cock pumping in and out of Brie's most private hole she still got to enjoy watching the other woman bounce up and down her dick, which was something she lived for. Especially when that woman was a former top, who tried to force this upon her. And it was up her ass. Oh yes, her cock was up Brie Larson's ass right now, creating the most wonderful mental high which Elizabeth couldn't focus upon without all the other distractions. Even if she did miss certain things. But that was okay, because she fully intended to enjoy those next time. Maybe even as early as tonight.

Despite how wonderful the site was before her, Elizabeth couldn't help daydreaming about that future encounter. How she would make the proud Brie Larson anally ride her face to face, so she could watch her perky little titties bouncing in time with her thrusts, and of course the wonderful look in her eyes, and on her face. The embarrassment, the humiliation, and the shame of actually being forced to sodomize herself was absolutely delicious, especially when she saw it on a top's face. Although no matter what it was, apprehension was soon replaced with increasingly overwhelming pleasure, something that someone like Brie wouldn't be able to hide from her for very long.

Sure enough, the proud top Brie Larson began moaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure. More accurately, she had been making those sounds before, but now they became much louder, and without a hint of pain. Honestly, those sounds were too loud considering the environment they were in, but Elizabeth couldn't help but take a few long minutes to enjoy them. Especially given they came quickly after Brie's butt cheeks came to rest against her lap, announcing the full length of her cock was embedded within the other woman's ass. Which made Brie whimper pathetically, but she barely hesitated to continue the bouncing. And admittedly part of this may have been Brie wanting to get this over with, but Elizabeth could tell that wasn't the only reason.

No, Brie was getting closer and closer to cumming like a bitch with a dick in her ass, in record time too. Which made Elizabeth very, very tempted to just let her have it, as it would definitely help push the other woman to breaking completely. And again, given the current moment, that would definitely be the smart thing to do. However, Elizabeth was just having too much fun to allow things to end so quickly. So she cruelly allowed Brie to get so close to her orgasm that she could taste it, only to deny her. Oh yes, she grabbed a firm hold of Brie's body to keep her in place, and then placed a hand over her face, so she couldn't complain. Which she should have done a long time ago, given the noises the other actress was making. Including the loud whimper of disappointment this caused her to let out, which had Elizabeth grinning wickedly.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh, we wouldn't want everyone in the building to know that you're taking it up the ass like a little bitch, would we?" Elizabeth teased by whispering into Brie's ear, "Mmmmmmmmm, stay nice and quiet as you get butt fucked like the little anal bitch you are! Mmmmmmmmm, and especially when you cum for me. But not yet. No, mmmmmmmm, I'm not ready for Brie Larson to cum like a little bitch with a dick in her ass. Not yet. So just keep going, nice and slow, and wait to be rewarded. Oh yes, that's it, mmmmmmmmm, bounce for me. Bounce for me nice and slow. Oh yes, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm, fucking bounce!"

Brie initially tried to disobey that order, not because she finally wanted to defy Elizabeth Olson, or even because she wanted to get out of here, and/or get this over with as soon as possible. No, she just really wanted to cum so badly in that moment, she just couldn't stop herself. But with the addition of the hand over her face, Liz used the other hand to twist one of her nipples. Which was a little counterproductive, considering that it made Brie cry out loudly, but at least it was into Lizzie's hand this time. However, she shouldn't let out too many more of those sounds, and her nipples felt supersensitive in that moment, given how aroused she was, meaning that almost automatically she slowed down again, only for her nipple to be twisted again in a clear sign that was too much.

It took a bit of trial and error, but eventually Brie found a pace that both actresses approved of, given the way that Liz went back to lovingly playing with her tits, and grinning against her ear. Actually she had been grinning the entire time, and whispering encouragement, which sounded deafening and the otherwise silent room, which was a very bad idea under the circumstances. Brie really, really wanted to push that hand away from her face, and tell her tormentor that she should be the one shutting up. But of course, she didn't, as Elizabeth was the one holding all the cards here. All poor Brie could do was take it. Take it up the ass like a little bitch. The little anal bitch Elizabeth Olson had turned her into. Or maybe even the little anal bitch she had always been? Oh God, what a horribly humiliating thought.

Unfortunately for Brie it was a horribly humiliating thought which had been echoing in her mind for quite a while now, but maybe especially through the next few long minutes of anally riding another woman's cock. It was joined by others, like the unavoidable fact that part of her was absolutely loving this. Which was obvious because she wanted to cum so bad it hurt at this point, she actually kind of loved being denied, because it meant she got to spend longer in this unthinkable situation. Or at least it was unthinkable only a few weeks ago. Or maybe even hours ago. Oh yes, even while anticipating some of this, Brie couldn't stop herself loving it so much. Not really. And as a result, part of her wanted this to last forever. Which was ironically when Elizabeth finally showed her some mercy.

"Still wanna cum for?" Elizabeth asked softly, not waiting for a response before taking her hand away and adding, "Then beg for it. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, beg me for the privilege of cumming like the submissive little anal bitch you are with a dick up your ass. Just not too loudly, mmmmmmmmm, or I'll make you ride me slowly for another hour."

Which of course had Brie whimpering pathetically, and then replying as softly as she could, "Please... please make me cum. Ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, make me cum like the bitch. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, make me cum like a submissive little anal bitch I am with a dick up my ass! Ooooooooooh, please, please, please give it to me. Fuck me hard. Pound my ass, mmmmmmmmm, fuck my cunt, I don't care how you do it, just make me cum! Oh my God, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmm, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Rather than verbally giving her permission Elizabeth chose instead just to cover Brie's mouth with her hand again, and wait a few long seconds, giving the impression that Brie had fucked up, and now she would be punished with a few more hours of butt fucking. Which was both something she found horrifying and exciting. But then for better or for worse, Elizabeth's other hand slid down to her pussy, gently rubbing it and bringing her to the edge of orgasm in a matter of seconds. Then two fingers were shoved straight inside of that needy hole, causing Brie to cum hard and fast. Something she found herself doing over and over again, causing her to become blissfully lost in the ecstasy she was feeling.

Elizabeth wished she could give Brie everything she had right now. Thrust up into her tight little butt with every ounce of her strength, and then flip her over onto her stomach to continue when her anal bitch ran out of steam. Oh yes, Elizabeth wanted to bend Brie over the toilet and pound fuck the other actress's little ass hole until all that was left of it was a gaping crater, and all that was left of Brie Larson was a sweaty mess of a woman, broken beyond repair. Hell, she would've loved for the next woman who came in here to find this bitch unconscious, laying across this toilet seat with her ass exposed. Exposing the fact that her most private hole was gaping wide open because somebody had just brutally sodomized her.

Sadly, they couldn't take that kind of a risk, even if it was fun to imagine it. Of course, there was a downside to it, namely that Elizabeth could no longer stop herself from cumming. But then, under the circumstances that was probably a good thing. They had already spent way too much time in this public bathroom, and there was a very good chance that someone would show up while Brie was being her noisiest, especially as they'd had no other visitors so far. So Elizabeth tightened her grip against Brie's mouth, redoubled her efforts to hammer her fingers in and out of that needy little pussy, and then started growling encouragement into her bitch's ear, the combination of which made Brie go off like a rocket.

"Cum for me, you little bitch! Cum for me!" Elizabeth growled into Brie's ear, "Fucking cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass. Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, my big dick. Ooooooooooooooh, fuck yeah, good girl. Cum on my big cock, mmmmmmmmm, and all over my fingers, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, cum like the bitch you are. My bitch! Oh yeah, you're my bitch Brie. My anal loving little lezzie bitch. Oh fuck yeah, you're mine Brie! All mine! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, it's only a matter of time before you get that through your thick head. Then all of The Avengers will be mine. Oh yes, all of you, my anal loving little lezzie bitches! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Which was probably too loud, given their environment, but at that point Elizabeth just couldn't help herself. She was just having too much fun, and she was still 90% sure that there was still no one here. Thankfully it wasn't too long after she started talking that Brie collapsed on top of her, either too exhausted to continue, or wisely trying to save herself some energy for getting up and leaving. Despite the fact that Elizabeth should be worrying about the latter it was really tempting to say 'fuck it', bend Brie over the toilet seat and start hammering her ass. It would be really awkward in this close space just to get in that position, but in that moment she thought it was worth it.

Then just as Elizabeth was about to do something stupid, she heard the sound of someone entering the facilities. Actually quite a few women from the sounds of it, chatting about the movie they had just seen, or about random shit, until their voices all blurred into one. Meanwhile Elizabeth Olson was just left sitting there, with Brie Larson naked from the waist down and sitting on her lap, a strap-on connecting their bodies. If someone looked over the cubicle they wouldn't know Brie had a dick in her ass, but it was obvious they had been doing something. Thankfully they were left alone, without being discovered, something which caused both actresses to sigh at the same time with relief. Elizabeth then chuckled in amusement, which really upset her bitch.

"It's not funny!" Brie hissed.

"It's a little funny." Elizabeth continued to chuckle.

"It's not!" Brie insisted.

"It is." Elizabeth countered, admittedly rather childishly, before pushing things along, "But it won't be if we're caught, so why don't you do us both a favour, and shut up, mmmmmmmm, and show me my handiwork."

During that little exchange Brie had looked over her shoulder and glared at her top, meaning that Elizabeth got to enjoy the cute little blush which crossed her face at that command. Of course, despite obviously being embarrassed by being told to do that, and just the thought of having to obey that command, Brie didn't hesitate to do as she was told, lifting herself off of the dildo and spreading her cheeks to expose her widely gaping ass hole. Was this because she was beginning to understand her place, or she just wanted to get this over so they could get out of here? Again, it was probably a combination of both, but Elizabeth didn't care. Not when she was presented with such a pretty little sight in front of her.

What was a very, very promising sign was that Brie didn't try to leave after a few seconds of showing off that gape. Hell, she didn't even turn around, drop to her knees and try and suck Elizabeth's cock without permission. Given their track record, and Brie's own experience topping, she had to know that Elizabeth wouldn't let her go until she gave her cock a cleaning, so not immediately rushing off made a lot of sense. But while Brie could be trying not to show weakness by being too eager to go ass to mouth, Elizabeth chose to believe it was more than that. That Brie's newly discovered submissive side was getting the better of her, and this was one step closer to her becoming a completely broken in bitch. Which was a thought which was almost as satisfying as seeing her handiwork. Almost.

Something which Elizabeth enjoyed for probably longer than she should, before finally ordering, "Good girl, mmmmmmmmm, now get down on your knees and suck my cock. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, suck my cock! Suck it! Get every drop of your ass cream from it you nasty little bitch! Oh fuck yeah, oh Brie, you make such a great ass to mouth whore! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, take it deep! Deep down your throat, mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, suck it, mmmmmmmmmm, suck it good, oh fuck! That's it, good little bitch."

For a while, Elizabeth continued the running commentary, although honestly, she wasn't really paying much attention to what she was saying, and it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that she was adding to Brie's humiliation, and further solidifying her dominance. Then someone else came into use the bathroom, and while again they didn't get caught because they stayed nice and still, this time with Brie's mouth wrapped around her cock, it was another sign that they really should be going, and they were pushing their luck as it was. So for better or for worse Elizabeth stayed quiet for the rest of the blow job, and enjoyed the soft little moans Brie was making as she enthusiastically cleaned that big strap-on dick.

Even during their first time together Brie had been adorably eager to suck her own ass off of a cock, just like all the other bitches in Elizabeth's collection. But she seemed even more enthusiastic now, which was truly delightful to see. Especially when it came to deep throating. Oh yes, the former top was doing that much easier now, making the real top chuckle wickedly. Which in turn led to Brie glaring up at her, proving there was still some fight left in her. But honestly, Elizabeth like that. Oh yes, it would be no fun if this was easy. And she couldn't wait to see whether this stubborn mule would survive what she had planned for her next, all she would finally admit who the boss was around here.

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