Brie's Boss

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Brie Larson or Elizabeth Olsen or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Brie Larson was on edge. During the last premiere of Avengers: Endgame, Elizabeth Olsen had ass fucked her in a public bathroom, and they had been dangerously close to getting caught a few times, which made her extremely worried about a repeat performance. It was something she had worried about ever since the last premiere, even typing out a long essay of why they shouldn't do it again only to delete it and rewrite it over and over again, without actually sending anything to her tormentor. Then they actually got through the whole entire premiere without having anything happen. Which should have been a relief, but it only made her more nervous. And yet, she made all the way to her hotel room without incident, which began making her wonder if she was in the clear.

That wouldn't be impossible, would it? No, surely not. It wasn't like Elizabeth fucked her every day or anything. And why would she, when there was an entire cast of hot women to choose from? Which included, BTW, Scarlett Johansson, who may be the sexiest woman alive. Yes, there was a good chance that Elizabeth was fucking that big fat Black Widow butt right now. Or one of the other female 'Avengers'. Which may be meant that Brie could top one of them, and finally get things back on track. The question was, who? Scarlett was the obvious answer, but Brie had to be careful, as if she was wrong, she would end up bottoming again, and she didn't want that, did she?

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Brie froze, terrified to answer it, especially when she heard a familiar voice, "Open this door now. Don't make me ask twice."

With a whimper Brie did as she was told, not wanting to suffer the consequences of disobeying, and softly pleaded, "Elizabeth, please... I..."

"I know, I know... I missed you too." Elizabeth teased as she practically glided into the room with a wicked grin on her face.

Quickly closing the door behind her Brie took a calming breath, and argued, "You can't keep doing this to me, it isn't right."

Elizabeth looked thoughtful for a moment, and then she nodded, "You know what? You're right."

"I am?" Brie frowned sceptically.

"Yes, so how about a bet?" Elizabeth offered with another wicked smirk, "If I can't break you tonight, I promise I'll leave you alone. As long of course, as you can leave me alone."

"Deal." Brie agreed quickly.

"Are you sure?" Elizabeth raised an eyebrow.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Brie questioned.

"Because you're a bottom who loves being topped." Elizabeth pointed out.

"No, I'm not." Brie said automatically, although the words didn't sound very convincing.

"Do you want to try that again, with feeling?" Elizabeth mocked.

"I'm not." Brie said more firmly.

"I'm still not convinced." Elizabeth sing-songed.

"I'm not." Brie snapped impatiently.

There was a brief pause, then Elizabeth quipped, "Huh, and they say you're a good actress?"

"I'm, not, I'm not, I'M NOT!" Brie protested angrily.

"Let's put that to the test, shall we?" Elizabeth offered with another wicked grin, before walking over to the bed, sitting down on the edge of it, and then ordering, "Take off that pretty little dress and bend over my knee. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I think it's high time 'Captain Marvel' got her first spanking. Assuming of course, it is your first spanking."

Adding insult to injury, or at least insult to insult, Elizabeth patted her knee, further enraging Brie. Almost enough to make her lash out, but again she didn't want to deal with the consequences, so was she reluctantly obeyed. Although she did feel like herself there for a minute. But was that what Elizabeth wanted? To make her feel like her old self, just to make her breaking more humiliating? It was hard to tell, and Brie tried not to dwell on it, or the fact that she'd never been spanked before, at least not as an adult, and she was worried about what effect it would have on her. No! She couldn't think like that. It would have no effect on her, because she wasn't a bottom. Something that she told herself over and over again while she took off her clothes and got into position.

She was then left there to dwell on the humiliation for a few long, irritating seconds, Elizabeth seeming content with just admiring her prize, then reaching down to grab hold of that ass, and give it a good squeeze. Then she started gently caressing it, which was annoying, but if the roles were reversed, Brie would probably do the same. After all, it did a good job of building up anticipation, allowing the bottom to wallow in the humiliation of her current position, and worse, what was about to happen to her. Which was something that Brie couldn't have ever imagined happening to her, but it was, and all she could really do now, was keep telling herself that she wasn't a bottom. Even when things became so much worse for her, and her reactions made her even more humiliated.

Elizabeth made sure that first strike came suddenly, and without warning, although the biggest surprise was the fact that she didn't put much strength into it. Which was a technique which had always paid off for her, and this was no exception, the former top crying out loudly from the sudden blow to her butt. She then gave them both a chance to savour that, but especially Brie, as she went back to caressing those well-rounded cheeks, treating it like a butcher would a piece of meat. Oh yes, she squeezed it, pinched it and fondled it a in between each of the blows which followed, while getting the same reaction, namely a soft cry which was more than enough for now.

Honestly Elizabeth was expecting a little less, but clearly Brie's inexperience at receiving a spanking was shining through. She knew for a fact that the Captain Marvel actress had dished out a spanking several times, especially to women with big glorious butts, like Scarlett Johansson. Not that Elizabeth could blame her, especially given she was guilty of doing the same. Especially with Scarlett. And while Brie's booty wasn't quite as big and luscious, it did have a decent amount of jiggle, and it was still incredibly satisfying to be able to bend this iconic female hero over her knee and give her a spanking. God, if only the Marvel fans could see them now, The Scarlett Witch totally dominating Captain Marvel. And in a way, this was only a preview of what was to come.

It was an extremely enjoyable preview, especially as those juicy cheeks gradually turned a different colour under the force of the slow but relentless assault. Namely a bright pink, which was so cute it gave Elizabeth another reason to linger on giving Brie a gentle spanking for a while. Of course, slowly but gradually Elizabeth phased out the gentle caresses in favour of just staring at her handiwork, and enjoying the sound of the alleged top whimpering pathetically. Which only made Brie cry out more loudly during the next hard butt blow. Then she slowly phased out the pauses in between strikes, until Elizabeth was just constantly beating that booty, and making Brie cry out so loudly someone had to have heard them, even through the thick walls of the hotel.

Luckily, this place had a reputation of being discreet, but everyone had their limits, and Elizabeth had to be careful not to be louder than what was tolerated. And to make sure that Brie wasn't. Which was easier said than done, as she was trying her best to break this bitch once and for all tonight, and while this was far from the only trick up her sleeves, it was a significant one. So Elizabeth kept going, maybe longer than was advisable, at least hard enough to make those butt cheeks bright red, and jiggle like jelly in an earthquake. Then she abruptly stopped, and just admired her handiwork. Namely that bright red ass, and more importantly, the weak, pathetic woman it was attached too.

Brie suddenly had a lot more respect for her bitches for being able to take this at all without begging for mercy. God knows she had been extremely close, more than once, and it was very tempting to do that now, as the last thing she needed right now was a butt fucking. In fact, Brie wasn't really up for any kind of shenanigans, and would much rather spend the night with her ass buried in a tub of ice water or something. Also, she just wanted to be alone right now, because she just couldn't seem to stop herself from crying like a pathetic little bitch, and she hated herself for it. She was supposed to be better than this. Like, way better. But she just couldn't stop, not during the hellacious spanking, and not after it ended.

She was then left to wallow like that for a few long seconds, maybe even a full minute, Brie honestly not sure if she had ever felt that way before in her whole entire life. And then she was unceremoniously pushed off of Elizabeth's knee and went crashing down to the floor. To make matters worse she landed on her incredibly sore butt, causing her to cry out loudly again. It also caused her eyes to stretch comically wide, and for her to reach back and start rubbing her sore behind. Which of course made her want to give Elizabeth a piece of her mind, but she was stunned into silence by watching the other woman slowly begin to strip herself naked. God, Elizabeth was so hot, and under other circumstances, this would be very exciting. And in a way, it still was. But Brie knew exactly what was about to happen, and it made her whimper pathetically. Again.

"Bend over." Elizabeth ordered softly, proving Brie right, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, bend over so I can get you nice and ready for a butt fucking. Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, that's it, get in the centre of the bed for me. Just where I want you. Ohhhhhhhhhh, just where I want to butt fuck you. Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, you know your place, don't you Brie? Oh yeah you do, yeah you do, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh!"

As much as Brie really wanted to argue, or at least show even the slightest bit of reluctance, there was no point. She needed to save her energy for what was to come, especially after the ordeal she had just been through. So Brie just crawled onto the bed and got in the perfect position for a butt fucking, while pretty much keeping her eyes glued to Elizabeth, who was giving her one hell of a show. Not just when it came to stripping naked, but retrieving one of the other actress's strap-on dildos and attach it to herself. Something which of course, Elizabeth made sure to do right in front of Brie, as a threat. Which was the same reason for covering that dick in lube in front of her.

"Mmmmmmm fuck, I'm going to enjoy this Brie." Elizabeth chuckled, "And so are you, like always."

It was hard to tell whether continuing not to respond was the right call. Because there was nothing Brie could say at this point, and again to be just wasting energy, but it might be cathartic to actually say something. Anything to make her feel less pathetic. But she didn't want to give Elizabeth even more satisfaction than she already had, the more she was reacting so far, Brie could tell that her silence was bothering her. Unfortunately, it was really hard to keep that up when Brie was once again bombarded by twisted pleasure, which of course included a rim job, Elizabeth moving back around until she was behind her on the bed, and spreading her cheeks, admiring the hole she was about to abuse.

Elizabeth licked her lips at her prize, before spitting on it, and then rubbing in that saliva with her tongue. Which was a process she repeated a few times, minus the licking of her lips, before settling into giving Brie a nice long rim job. Initially this just meant sliding her tongue up and down Brie's butt crack, not even focusing on her most private hole yet. Then she very slowly decreased the amount she was licking, until it was just over Brie's butt hole. Elizabeth was then very content to keep lapping away at that area, teasing the other woman, while probably both of them daydreamed about what was to come. And everything they had already done prior to this.

Then she started swirling her tongue around that cute little bitch hole, and even tried to push her tongue into it. Sometimes she had tried during the first time without much success, but this time she was able to more or less get her full tongue into that well-trained fuck hole. Oh yes, Elizabeth Olsen was able to get her tongue into Brie Larson's ass hole, and tongue fuck her butt. Oh God, this was so twisted. And Elizabeth loved every second of it. And so was Brie, given she was gasping, whimpering, and of course moaning in pure pleasure the entire time she was anally violated in this way. Just as she would when that tongue was replaced with a nice big cock.

Of course, at first it was replaced by a couple of fingers, Elizabeth pushing first one, and then two into Brie's butt hole. After the recent rectum wreckings she had been giving this bitch Elizabeth could probably slammed these fingers up there, and done the same with her strap-on. But of course, there was no reason to be rough with her little slut. No, Lizzie was not a cruel Dom, and would never do that to one of her subs. Besides, half the fun was taking her time to stretch them out. So that's exactly what she did, slowly pushing the first finger into Brie's ass hole and then pumping in and out of that forbidden orifice for a few long minutes, before adding that second finger.

"Turn over." Elizabeth then abruptly ordered, taking her fingers out of the other girl's ass, so she could smack it to emphasize her words, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, turn over onto your back. I want to be able to look at your pretty face, and into your beautiful eyes, as I fuck you in the butt, and remind you of your place."

Which caused Brie to look at her over her shoulder, and blush. For a moment it looked like she was about to argue, before she just lowered her head again with a pathetic whimper, and then did as she was told. Namely slowly dropping down onto her side, and then rolling over onto her back. She even spread her legs wide apart, giving Lizzie room to work. It also allowed Elizabeth a few long seconds to admire her prize, taking her time to suck her fingers clean while she did so, before grabbing those legs and pushing them upwards. Not far enough to be painful, or God forbid block her view of those cute little boobs, but just the perfect amount to give her all the access she needed.

"Hold these for me." Elizabeth ordered firmly, and then grinned wickedly when again Brie did as she was told without much fuss, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, keep those legs spread nice and wide so that I can see what I'm doing. Oh yeah, good girl. Now look at me. No, right here, directly in my eyes. Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, I want to look into your eyes while I penetrate your sweet little ass hole."

Brie whimpered pathetically again at this command, but to her shame once again did as she was told without much fuss. Because really, what was the point? She was going to do it anyway, and she just didn't have it in her to fight it anymore. And not because she was saving her strength to resist breaking completely, but because in that moment she felt completely broken. But there was no fight left in her. Like, at least in that moment, she was truly Elizabeth Olson's anal bitch. Which was a feeling that increased as she got to see the pure glee in Lizzie's eyes as she caused Brie's butt hole to stretch wider, and wider, and wider, until the head of that lubed up strap-on slid through that forbidden hole and into Brie's ass.

Something which of course caused both women to let out a sharp cry, which in Brie's case, was quickly followed by a pathetic whimper. And of course Lizzie's cry was of pure joy, but it was more or less drowned out by Brie's cry of pain and pleasure. Oh God, getting anally penetrated no longer caused her to cry out in pure pain. What the fuck was wrong with her? She hadn't even been butt fucked that frequently, and already her body thought she was nothing but a complete ass whore. Oh fuck, this was so humiliating. Especially as she continued staring into Elizabeth's happy little eyes as she continued stuffing her butt full of her big dick. And she hadn't even been asked. No, Brie was just doing it automatically now. Because she wanted too? Oh God no... but, she couldn't rule it out.

To make matters worse she got lost in Elizabeth's eyes, to the point that it made her forget about what little pain there was, and just spend the next few minutes, whimpering, crying out, and even moaning in pure pleasure as the other woman stuffed her shit hole and shit-pipe full of strap-on. Oh God, this was so obscene. And through it all, Brie was holding herself open, and Lizzie wasn't even looking. Well, eventually she did, maybe wondering just how much dick she had left to stuff into Brie's ass, but whatever the case it gave Brie a weird sense of accomplishment, which she hated. Especially as it was followed up with a similar feeling, right after their lower bodies pressed together, announcing every inch of that big dildo was buried in Brie's butt.

Which of course, was just something Elizabeth had to savour, and in doing so making Brie wallow in the humiliation of being anally skewered again. Although it was debatable whether that was better or worse than what came next, namely Lizzie beginning to thrust her hips back and forth, thus causing the big dick to be pumped in and out of Brie's ass hole, officially starting the sodomy. Oh God, once again Brie Larson was being sodomized by Elizabeth Olson, and there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing except trying and failing to hide how much she was enjoying it, and hating herself for it. Then she got something to do, which somehow made the whole experience even worse.

Elizabeth definitely preferred to take her girls on all fours. It was definitely the perfect way to solidify they were the bitch in this situation. Her bitch. And it was easily the best way to see her cock sliding into those forbidden holes, then pumping in and out of it. And oh, the feeling of those butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs during a deep anal pounding was truly exquisite. But there was definitely something to be said for variety, especially at this stage of breaking someone in. Oh yes, Elizabeth love to take her bitches in every possible way while breaking them in, and it was long overdue to do it to Brie. And so totally worth the wait. Oh yes, this was going to be a lot of fun, maybe especially in this position, when she could look into Brie's pretty eyes and see the submission in them.

Of course, she couldn't resist looking further downwards during the butt stuffing, especially during the ass fucking itself, to savour everything on offer. Maybe especially Brie's butt hole stretching for her big dick. Because really, it would be rude not too, as Brie was holding herself open so nicely. But she also noticed other things, like the other woman's full breasts bouncing up and down in time with the thrusts into her butt, and of course, her wet little pussy. Oh yes, even from the beginning, it was crystal clear that her bitch was absolutely loving this, as her cunt was overflowing. Also, no matter how hard she tried, it was also written all over Brie's beautiful face, and her pretty eyes. And then there was the way that she was moaning the entire time. Oh it was perfect. And yet, there was something else Elizabeth wanted to try.

So without even a tiny bit of warning Elizabeth flip the positions and ordered, "Ride me."

"Wha, what?" Brie stammered, understandably taken aback by the sudden change.

"Ride me." Elizabeth repeated, before pushing, "Mmmmmmm yesssssssssss, bounce up and down on my big dick with your cute little ass hole like the anal whore you are! Come on Brie, don't be shy. You've done it before, remember? More than once. Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, you can't get enough, can you? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you can't get enough of riding my big hard girl cock with your slutty little gay butt. So come on girl, bounce that booty. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, come on, bounce, bounce, bounce. Make me proud. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, make your top proud."

"You're not my..." Brie began, trailing off when she saw the evil smile on Lizzie's face, and simply whimpered instead, "Please don't-"

"Now!" Elizabeth interrupted with a firm tone, and a hard smack to Brie's poor little butt.

Which almost made Elizabeth feel bad, as she knew that Brie's butt had to be still very sore from the earlier spanking. But she wouldn't tolerate bad behaviour, and the gamble paid off, as with another pathetic whimper, the once proud Brie Larson did as she was told. Oh yes, alleged top Brie Larson started bouncing her cute little booty up and down Lizzie's cock, literally, sodomizing herself for the amusement of her top, like the good little bottom she had become. And she kept the pace nice and slow, not speeding up, even towards the end. Honestly, that was probably for her own benefit, but Elizabeth definitely benefit from it. Oh yes, it gave her a chance to savour this wonderful moment, and again savour everything on offer.

Sadly she no longer had a great look at Brie's butt hole stretching for that big dick, but that was more than made up for by the other woman's boobs bouncing even more than before, now directly in front of her face, and more importantly, the fact that this 'top' was sodomizing herself. And Elizabeth got to continue staring into those pretty eyes, and that beautiful face, and see the evidence of Brie's enjoyment that her bitch just couldn't hide from her. Not that she had been doing a good job before that, or any of the previous times they'd had anal sex, but this was good for her, and that for Brie. And maybe best of all, Lizzie was saving up her strength for what came later. Oh yes, this way, when the time came, she was going to have a lot of energy for pounding this hot little piece of ass.

Brie didn't think anything could be more humiliating than bending over and taking it in the ass like a bitch, which was exactly why it was her favourite thing to inflict upon other women. Taking it up the butt in the traditional position had admittedly come close, but somehow this was the worst thing of all. Because it wasn't just that she was sodomizing herself, like she been forced to do before, because at least then she had been staring into the eyes of her tormentor, or seeing the glee on her face as she inflicted this upon her. Which again, for some twisted reason actually made some part of her happy, a feeling she pushed it down and tried to pretend it didn't exist, but that was becoming harder by the second.

One thing which she could really, really couldn't deny any more, was the fact that she had a submissive side. Logically speaking everybody did, which made it possible for her to seduce and dominate so, so many women. Brie just never thought it would happen to her. But then again, she also thought she would never be anally riding another woman. The thought had never crossed her mind, even for a second, and now here she was struggling not to increase her pace, knowing that would only lead to more spanking, which she really couldn't handle right now. But she also couldn't handle any more of this butt sex, without cumming like a bitch with a dick in her ass. She just hoped she could get it without giving away her entire body.

"Please can I cum!" Brie abruptly blurted out, quickly, desperately adding, "I need, oh God, I need it! Please? I need to cum! Lizzie please, oh my God, please-"

"You know what you have to do to cum, don't you?" Elizabeth questioned, grinning wickedly as she added, "Yeah you do, mmmmmmmm, and you know it involves begging convincingly."

That was exactly what Brie was afraid of. Admittedly she had promised herself to Elizabeth before without truly meaning it, but what if she couldn't get away with it this time? Or worse, what if she had meant it last time, and would mean it again? Brie didn't want to think about that, but she couldn't help linger on that horrible thought. Which of course, only pushed her further towards breaking, but the entire time she was just bouncing up and down the big dick. Something she probably realized too late, but whatever the case she took a calming breath, repeatedly told herself that they would only be words for a few long seconds, before desperately trying to tell Elizabeth anything she wanted to hear.

"Make me cum! Oh please, Elizabeth, mmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddd, make me cum!" Brie begged desperately, blathering whatever came to mind that would get her what she wanted, "Make your bitch cum! Yesssssssssssss, make her fucking cum by pounding her slutty little ass! Oh yes, oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, slam fuck her butt, ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck her! Fuck me, fuck me, for the love of God, just fuck me! Butt fuck me, fuck me in the butt, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck my butt, mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, fucking wreck it! Ruin it! Leave it gaping wide open. Ah fuck, I'll do whatever you want, please just make me cum! Make me cum make me cum make me cum AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, MAKE ME FUCKING CUM, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Elizabeth taunted, smacking Brie's ass hard to emphasize her next words, "Then you do it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, bounce bitch! bounce up and down my dick! Oh yes, ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, just like that, just like that, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, cum for me bitch! Fucking cum!"

As soon as she had permission Brie quickly increase the pace to the point where she was truly on the edge of orgasm. That was the point Elizabeth smacked her ass a few times, which in her current state actually pushed Brie over the edge of climax. Which was incredibly humiliating, but in that moment she could care less. Especially as Elizabeth started thrusting upwards into her slutty little butt, effortlessly giving her multiple climaxes. Or more accurately, the two of them work together to make sure both of them came as much as possible, and that Brie's ass hole would be well and truly ruined. Which just like before, mercifully robbed Brie of the ability to speak or think coherently, although the last thing to echo through her mind was the idea that it wouldn't be so bad being Lizzie's bitch, the worst part of that being, it wasn't the first time she thought it.

Elizabeth honestly wasn't sure whether Brie truly meant her words or not, and honestly at that moment, she didn't care. Not because she didn't want those words to be true, but because she was sure that even if Brie had been lying to her, those words would become retroactively true if she could just fuck this slut's ass hard enough, and more importantly, make her cum hard and frequently enough. Which she certainly seemed to be achieving, Elizabeth chuckling wickedly as the once high and mighty Brie Larson violently squirted her girl cum all over her top's stomach like a good little anal loving bottom riding her owner's dick. Something she did over, and over, and over again throughout the next few minutes, or however long it was.

In a way it felt like a blissful eternity, and in other ways it felt like it was not long enough. Whatever the case Brie ran out of steam way too soon for her liking. Or was Brie simply so overwhelmed that particular climax that she paused to savour it for a few long seconds? Either way, Elizabeth took it as her cue to take over, grabbing a firm hold of the other girl's waist and beginning to lift her up and down her dick. Initially she just concentrated on that, and forgot all about thrusting up into that hot little butt hole, but it wasn't long after that she really started the thrusting of her hips, so they were working together with her hands to make the anal pounding as brutally hard as possible.

Sometime after that Elizabeth flipped Brie over onto her back again, this time lifting up the other woman's legs and placing them over her shoulders for another deep butt pounding. God, it was a good thing she saved all that energy, because she would definitely need every drop of it now. Especially when she bent Brie in half by leaning down so that their faces were inches apart again, Brie's legs going with her in a move which should have probably been painful if it wasn't for the other woman's superhero training. Actually, it was still probably painful, but Brie was too busy cumming to care. Also, probably too delirious to even hear what Elizabeth was saying to her, but Lizzie just couldn't help give out some more verbal humiliation.


Of course, even back when Brie first started cumming Elizabeth was quick to join her. She held out for a while, but the combination of the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of doing this to another woman caught up with her. As a result, neither of the last two positions lasted nearly as long as Elizabeth would've liked, but given the circumstances, she felt she did admirably. Besides, Brie was in no condition to complain, which was proven when Elizabeth did finally pull out of that hot little fuck hole, and collapsed down beside the other woman. Oh yes, the once mighty Brie Larson just lay there, whimpering like a bitch, before rolling onto her side to try and take the weight off of her sore butt, already giving her top a great look at her gaping back door.

"Spread your cheeks, mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, show me that gape." Elizabeth moaned dreamily.

Brie whimpered softly, but did as she was told, lifting her ass into the air and then spreading her cheeks, letting Elizabeth get a good look at her gaping butt hole. It took her a few long seconds to find the strength to do this, and it was incredibly embarrassing when she did it, but that didn't stop her. No, she was too emotionally shattered to do anything except exactly what she was told. Besides, she had done this twisted act several times now, so it was no big deal. Or at least that's what she tried to tell herself while exposing her gaping ass hole, and holding that position while Elizabeth took a picture of that gape, and then just enjoyed the view for a few long seconds after that, before the inevitable next step in her humiliation.

"Good girl." Elizabeth chuckled wickedly with a wide smile on her face, "Now clean my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, suck every drop of your butt cream off of it, like the nasty little slut you are! The nasty little ass to mouth slut. Oh yeah, show me who's boss Brie. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, show me I'm Brie's boss by sucking my cock clean of your ass cream. Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, suck it bitch! Suck my fucking girl dick. Oh yeah, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, good girl. That's a very good girl. Good little cock sucker. Oh yes, Brie Larson is my cock sucking whore, who loves ass to mouth! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmmm fuck!"

Naturally Brie got a lot more 'encouragement' than that, but thankfully she was able to ignore the rest as she quickly turned herself around, wrapped her lips around the head of Elizabeth's big dick and became consumed with sucking it. Brie try to tell herself this was only to block out the verbal humiliation, but it was a little hard to buy that when she was moaning loudly and happily, just from the first taste of her own butt. And the fact that she savoured the flavour for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob her head up and down the shaft, just as instructed, sucking enthusiastic and thoroughly along the way, making sure she got every drop of her own anal juices.

That meant deep throating the dildo, which had just violated her most private hole, something she was becoming disturbingly good at, especially when there was such a yummy prize on the line. Admittedly she was still choking and gagging towards the end, but she did it. Every single inch of that strap-on down her throat. Every inch of it clean. And even then she didn't stop, choosing instead to continue bobbing her head up and down, this time on the full length. She even opened her eyes and looked upwards for the first time during the blow job, to find her tormentor grinning down at her, which made Brie feel weirdly proud of herself. Oh God, what the hell was wrong with her?

She desperately tried to scold herself for thinking that, but she did so again, and again, and again through out a night of deep anal pounding, Elizabeth taking her ass in every position possible. Or at least all the well-known ones. And each time Brie came ridiculously hard and frequently, until she passed out from the overwhelming ecstasy she was receiving. Then when she woke up who knows how many hours later Elizabeth was gone, and Brie was actually disappointed by that. Brie then just lay there on her stomach, promising herself she was going to get revenge, even though she knew it was unlikely, and at this point it didn't feel like it would take much more to break her.

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