Poisonous Obsession

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK, this is purely a work of fiction. I have received no money for this fic.

They continued to see each other over the next few weeks other than when he was at work they were inseparable. It was coming up on their one month official anniversary and he had some very special plans for her.

The men that had been harassing Sasha, while she was working at Junsu’s club, still showed up on occasion to cause trouble and just be assholes. One night Jaejoong and Micky decided to follow them to see where they went.

They followed them to another club, and watched as they approached a well dressed man sitting at a private table. Knowing that they would be recognized they got as close as they could and ordered drinks trying to listen in on the conversation. They were not prepared for what was about to be revealed.

“It’s no use, they watch her like hawks.”Said the first one. “We can’t even get in the fucking door anymore before one of his friends kicks us out!” Another of them was saying.

“I was hoping that our little mind game could continue longer, but I guess now is the time to move on to the next step,” the well dressed man said.

“What exactly is that, Sir?” one of the others asked.

“I want you to bring her to me. I’ve waited long enough, my patience has run out. It’s time I let her know her place and that she still belongs to me,” he said sternly. “I want you to grab her as soon as possible, but remember this she had better not be harmed in any way or you will all pay the price. Don’t even think about double crossing me either, I will take you out myself, got it?”

“Yes Boss,” they seemed to all say at the same time.

The well dressed man picked up his glass, finished his drink and arose from the table. He turned and beckoned to the fourth man, “Bring my car around now.” The man nodded in obedience and left the room. Mr. Well Dressed left the club and his goons followed.

 Micky and Jaejoong looked to each other in sheer disbelief. “Who the fuck was that?” Micky said.

“I don’t know man, but he is obviously fucking with the wrong girl. Yunho will take care of him in a heartbeat if he messes with Sasha.” Jaejoong replied.

“We need to find out now!”  Micky waved the waitress over, “Excuse me miss, could you tell me who that well dressed man is that just left,” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s the club owner his name is Daniel, he never tells anyone his last name though - sorry,” she answered. “Can I get you two gents anything else this evening?”

“No thanks,” Jaejoong said “You’ve been very helpful. Here you go, for your help,” he slipped her a large tip and they left. They headed back to Junsu’s place to tell the others what they had found out.

They all gathered in Junsu’s office, Jaejoong and Micky relayed everything that they had overheard to the others. The decided, for now, not let on to Sasha that anything was wrong. Yunho would personally see to her safety, so she continued to work. Changmin set up his laptop and went about finding out who this mystery man was. He started by looking up business licenses, property transfer notes, he would start there.

“But who the hell is he,” Junsu asked worriedly. “Does anyone know who took over that club?”

“His name is Lee Hyun, he moved with his family to America twenty years ago when he was only seven. Once there the family changed its name, and he became…….Daniel Lee…….then when his parents died in a car crash three years ago, as the oldest son he took over the family fortune. He moved back here six months ago and opened the bar that you saw him at tonight.” Changmin was telling them.

“But what is his connection with Sasha?” Yunho asked worry evident in his voice and expression.

“Well it says here that two years ago he was accused of beating his girlfriend almost to death for which he spent six months in jail.” Changmin was saying, “Here’s a picture, is this the man that you saw?” he asked as he turned the laptop around so that they could see.

They heard a gasp and the sound of breaking glass, when they turned Sasha was standing at the door, the tray that she had used to bring them drinks on the floor at her feet. She was pale as a sheet and visibly shaking, “No, no he’s found me,” she said tears were running down her face.

Yunho rushed to her pulling her close and holding her tight, “Its okay baby, we’re gonna take care of this, you are not alone this time. Do you trust me Sasha?” She was just staring at the floor shaking. “Sasha, baby do you trust me, eh?” she could not answer but nodded her head. Yunho was trying desperately to comfort her. “I’m here to protect you now, all of us, - right guys?!?” he said pointing to the other

“You can’t……protect me……from this kind of evil Yunho.” Daniel always said that he would find me no matter where I went and that he would make me pay for testifying against him, and having him put in jail!” she said. “Oh my God, where are Shelley and Sienna? He’ll go after them too, please don’t let him hurt them,” she was begging him. “I won’t ever be safe until that bastard is dead.”

Micky and Jaejoong left to go to her apartment to get the girls. They would explain to them what had developed. They would have them pack a bag and take them someplace safe.

Yunho and Junsu were going to take Sasha home to gather some of her things and she would stay with Yunho. It was in a good part of town, close to police headquarters and she would be on 24 hour surveillance. Junsu and Sasha went up to the apartment while Yunho was going to stand guard outside the building close to the car ready for a quick getaway.

She was in her room frantically packing her bag when she heard a thud in the other room, “Junsu?” she shouted out, no answer. “Junsu?” she called again. Nothing.  Fuck she thought what the hell was that? Cautiously stepping into the hallway armed with a high heel shoe, she thought, ‘what am I doing – I need something heavier that this shoe’. She could see into the living room now and it seemed that Junsu was motionless on the floor; she just reacted and ran to him. Big Mistake. Before she had even reached him - someone grabbed her from behind and put a rag over her face. She briefly thought that it smelled funny then there was nothing but darkness.

Yunho was getting impatient, it shouldn’t take this long to pack a bag something was wrong. He ran up the steps to the apartment two at a time. Her door was open, “Sasha, Junsu,” he yelled in a frantic tone. A table lamp lay broken on the floor, and a single high heel shoe was sticking half way out from under a crumpled floor rug - these were obvious signs of a struggle. He ran from room to room, banging open every door as he ran, calling her name but to no avail. Back in the living room he realized that Sasha, his lover and Junsu, his best friend, were nowhere to be found. “SASHAAAA!!!” he screamed, as the last ‘a’ in her name trailed off into the darkness of the night. He was afraid to stop calling her name, just in case she could still hear him. He was spinning around, his hands beating on his head, his gun still clutched in his right hand. He was reeling from anger, frustration, and self blame

With his hands still shaking he called the precinct and spoke with his partner, Xiao Mei to report the kidnapping.


Junsu came around, his vision was bleary, he blinked to try and focus on his unfamiliar surroundings. He could not move and his head was pounding. At least he was alive he thought. He found that he was tied to a chair. Looking around the darkened, damp room, he could make out a figure on the far side of the room. As his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he realized that the other figure was Sasha. She was tied to a cot on the other side of the room, “Sasha,” he called quietly, “Sasha!!” He urged.

She slowly opened her eyes trying to look around; she attempted to sit up, fighting against her restraints. Finally she saw Junsu, “Junsu, are you okay? Where the fuck are we? What’s going on?” she asked. Inside she was panicking; her mind was racing, desperate for answers and freedom.  She continued to pull against the restraints on her hands but to no avail.

“Yeah baby, are you?” Junsu replied. He was trying to free himself from his restraints also, pulling and twisting to see if he could get loose.

“I’m so sorry that you got mixed up in this, please forgive me!!” she cried.

“It’s not your fault, Sasha, he’s a sick mother fucker, I’ll do what I can to protect you,” he told her, his own tears spilling over as he fully realized the hopelessness of their situation.

Just then the door swung open, “Hello beautiful, it’s been a long time,” Daniel said as he leaned down to kiss Sasha, she jerked away from him.

“Don’t you dare touch her!!!” Junsu screamed.

“Oh come on now, your days of fucking my girlfriend are over. I’m back now, I love her, and I don’t share my property!” he laughed evilly. He turned to Sasha and said “Yes darling even after you had me put in jail, I still love you and I just wanted to remind you who you belong to!”

He motioned to someone outside the door, a petite woman came in carrying two cups one with water, they couldn’t tell what was in the other. He sat on the side of the cot next to Sasha, “Now I want you to be a good girl and take these pills for me, they will get you into the mood that I want you in,” he was smirking.

“No fucking way Daniel,” she screamed.

“Well I assumed that you would take that attitude, my stupid little bitch, so I am prepared to motivate you.” Once again he motioned to the woman at the door, one of Sasha’s former harassers came in and walked over to Junsu and stopped in front of him. He looked over at Daniel and received the nod. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he told Junsu as he drew back his arm, made a fist and swung; the punch landed right in Junsu’s stomach under his ribs causing him to cough and gag and trying to catch his breath.

 “NOOOO!” she screamed through her tears.

“Don’t…….take……them Sasha,” Junsu coughed out. The man looming over him grabbed his hair, violently pulling his head back and punched him square in the face knocking his chair over in the process.

The man jerked the chair back up on to its legs. Junsu now had a gash over his right eye and the blood was smeared on his temple. His nearly unconscious form rolled back and forth limply. The harasser drew back and punched him again with a squishing thud, this time his huge fist landed right in the middle of Junsu’s perfect nose. Bright red blood started streaming its way down his upper lip and flowed over his chin.

“STOP it you fucking ape!!” she yelled at the harasser. Turning to Daniel, “No more please, I’ll take your damn pills, just please don’t hurt him anymore!” she cried.

“No…..Sasha…..baby please….don’t….do it,” Junsu manage to force the words out weakly.

“Okay then, let’s get on with this, my patience is growing thin with you two.” Daniel held her head up to make her drink enough water to swallow the pills. “I’ll be back in a while, by then you should be willing to do as you are told!” He motioned to the other goon and walked out the door laughing. “After he gets a firsthand look at what she is willing to do for me, you can have him for fun. When I’m done with her, if she doesn’t please me, I’ll pass her on to you as well. Call it your bonus package.” He continued to laugh maniacally.


Yunho was going crazy, Micky, Jaejoong and Changmin had joined him at her apartment. The police had gathered all the evidence that they could.

“Guys you don’t get it do you? I have to find her; he’ll kill her this time for sure! She told me how badly he beat her before, it was her testimony that helped to put that sick fuck in jail, imagine what he will do to her now!” You could hear the fear, anger, and desperation in his quivering voice. He turned and hit the wall with one fist and then the other, over and over, until his hands were bloody and his face distorted from the anger he portrayed on it. Micky and Jaejoong grabbed him in an attempt to stop him before he broke any bones in his hands. A cast would be of no help in Sasha’s rescue. They helped him to the sofa just before his legs gave out from under him, he collapsed in tears.

“We’re gonna find her, I promise.” Micky told his friend, while Jaejoong went off to find some first aid supplies so that he could clean and wrap his frantic friends cut and bloody hands


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