Poisonous Obsession

BY : tia_unknowlover
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK, this is purely a work of fiction. I have received no money for this fic.

Junsu realized too late exactly what type of pills Daniel had given Sasha. By now she was writhing on the bed and moaning, “Oh Junsu baby come scratch this itch, help me…fuck me please……make this go away!!” she begged. She was out of her mind, not even being aware of ‘where’ she was or how she got there. Tears of helplessness fell down his swollen, battered face, he knew what was coming next and he was powerless to stop it.

Junsu’s fears were realized all too soon as he heard the heavy metal door swing open and the stench of a Cuban cigar waft in to their cell. “Hello my angel,” Daniel said sarcastically as he entered the room. He was holding something in his hand. Junsu tried to see what it was but by now his eye was purple, like a ripened grape, the swelling lids had become sealed shut by the dried blood from the wound. Daniel approached the bed this time when he bent down to kiss her, she kissed him back, he ran his revengeful hands over her semi naked body. She arched her back to meet his touch moaning. “Junsu, what took you so long baby?” Daniel’s original smirk suddenly changed to an angry glare. He snatched back his hand from her belly in an instant and balled up his fist and swung it at the side of her face. Junsu’s whole, aching body flinched in anticipation of the thud that he was about to hear. But Daniel stopped just short of making contact with her pale face, his fist white and jagged from the tight clench it was making. The sound of her saying Junsu’s name and not his sent him into a spinning, flying rage on the spot. While making an angry growl as he twisted himself away from Sasha he gave Junsu the benefit of his fist instead. The room echoed with a dull cracking noise as Junsu and his unwanted throne fell violently to the uneven, cold floor once more. This time he did not move. Sasha heard gurgling, choking, and coughing coming from below her. It must have jabbed at her inner conscience because she sharply inhaled while making a gasping sound.

“Wwhh...at…is…..going on?” she mumbled.

“Shut the hell up you fucking sleazy cunt.” Daniel recoiled angrily back at her.

With Junsu’s fresh blood on his knuckles, he used both hands and ripped her shirt open sending the buttons flying and bouncing onto the floor. He reached inside his coat to his belt and pulled out a shimmering hunting knife. He cut open her bra then cut off her panties discarding them like a used Kleenex. Then plunging his hand roughly and determinedly between her legs, as though he was grabbing back something that had been taken from him, he proceeded to shove 3 of his dirty, bloody fingers deep inside her. Unaware of who was invading her most sacred inner place she started moaning and thrusting her hips off the bed with each rhythmic intrusion. As she had been lying there on the cot, under the influence of his drugs, her body had gone into sexual overdrive all by itself. Her wet pussy was angrily demanding attention from anything. So Daniels rough touch was easily received and welcomed by the psychotic thing that it had become. Like an itch you can’t scratch. Before long she screamed when her body orgasmed intensely. “I knew you still wanted me. Did you enjoy that finger fucking? He asked. He withdrew his fingers and proceeded to sniff and lick them before making her suck them clean. “Mmmmmmm,” He hummed, “There’s the good girl, MY good girl.”

“No, I need more…again. Again!!” she pleaded at the loss of his brutish hands from her body cavity. He motioned to Mr. Harasser and he handed Daniel a black bag. He produced a large vibrator, he pushed her legs apart and forcefully shoved it up her, she gasped but started to rotate her hips to make it thrust, so he turned it on to highest setting and obliged her begging. She was writhing and tossing around trying to get more sick pleasure from the vibrator. She still didn’t realize what was in her or who was operating the device but she didn’t care, she had to satisfy the raging fire in her clit.

Knowing how much she craved a fix, like a desperate heroin junkie, he pulled the vibrator out. Rolling her over on her side to face him and this time he shoved the vibrator up her ass without any warning. She winced and screamed as this was not like the gentle surprise that Yunho had given her so tenderly just weeks before, this time it was a searing, painful, burning violation. Her body had taken over her heart, soon she was moaning again, “More…..more!” she pleaded.

Standing up to remove his pants, jacket and shirt, Daniel wanted to make sure that Junsu witnessed his next power play.

“Throw some water on him and wake him up,” Daniel ordered.

Mr. Harasser obeyed.

The icy cold water hit Junsu like an avalanche; it was so cold on his open wound that it felt like it was burning his skin, shocking him back to consciousness with a jolt.

Daniel pointed to Mr. Harasser and said, “Leave us!”

“Now I want you to watch, this is how a real man fucks a woman thoroughly,” Daniel had this smug, arrogant look on his face as he laughed at Junsu’s helplessness.

Daniel dropped his underwear; and like a snake – crawled between her legs. He rubbed his semi erect penis all around her wet pussy until it was fully hard and lubricated. Removing the vibrator from her ass, he thrust his erection viciously into her ass, over and over without a second thought to what was happening to her body. He was biting her breasts leaving his teeth marks etched into her pale skin like scars from an animal attack. He ran his hands over her body like he was marking his territory. Unwittingly her body just reacted from the result of the drugs he forced her to take. She would never have succumbed to him any other way. So she arched her back and writhed with each of his powerful thrusts like a puppet on strings.

He grabbed the vibrator and shoved it up her pussy, turned it to its highest setting and pulled it out and slamming it back in matching the rhythms of his thrusts in her ass. She was screaming and moaning as she felt like she was tearing into, but the overwhelming drug induced need for an orgasm kept overpowering the pain. He leaned backwards as he started to convulse from his powerful orgasm, one he had imagined time and time again while masturbating in his cell, and he let out a self-satisfying, “aaaaaaaaaaaggghh,” as he filled her ass with his seed. Just as hers hit, her brain shook free from its chemical chains enough so that she lost consciousness.

Junsu could only watch in horror as this man violated the mind and body of his best friend. At least he would never have her heart and soul – that belonged to Yunho. Junsu’s hot salty tears fell down his bruised, distorted face once more. How can she ever get over this brutality? He thought. This weak, evil, sick man had come back and destroyed a beautiful person. Junsu hoped that she could forgive him for not being able to help her when she needed it the most

“Ah, now that was quite the warm up,” he panted. “I’ll be kind and let her rest a while before round two,” Daniel smirked. “Maybe I won’t give her to my men; she didn’t resist me after all! Shall I let you have one more go with her for old times sake? I’ve lubed her up good for you and that asshole is still nice and tight!” he laughed

“You fucking bastard, you don’t love her, you just want revenge, you’ll pay for this!!” Junsu screamed.

Daniel reached down and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, Junsu saw that there was blood covering it. He turned his head away; he just couldn’t take seeing her like that any longer. Yunho will kill him for this and I will help him!!

Junsu watched as she slept, she was exhausted, he could see the bruises covering her body and the bite marks. She cried in her sleep calling for Yunho, “Help me, it hurts so bad….want to die…please…just let me…” she mumbled. Junsu cried for what had happened to her, knowing that this bastard had even more horrible things in store for her.


Meanwhile, the guys were working on finding the missing pair. It had been sixteen hours and counting. Micky and Jaejoong were going over maps of the city

Changmin came into the room and said “I think I may have found where they could be.”

“Where?” Yunho said as he jumped up from his seat, he was losing his mind.

“He owns an old fish warehouse on the outskirts of town, perfect for keeping someone hidden.” He went on to say, “Especially if you don’t want anyone to hear them scream,” he added before thinking. Micky looked over at Changmin and gave him a glare telling him to shut up.

Jaejoong stood up and went over to Yunho, expecting him to explode. The pain that crossed Yunho’s face was unbearable, “Give me the address,” he said sternly. Yunho snatched the piece of paper from Changmin and headed out the door.

They all ran to catch up with him as he headed downstairs to his car, “It’ll take us thirty minutes to get there, maybe we should call for back up,” Changmin suggested.

“Later, I want to get there first, if I call Xiao Mei now she will try and stop me, the police can have what’s left!!” Yunho told them through clenched teeth. He looked at his friends; “This could get ugly, I can’t ask you to go…” he was telling them.

“You’re not asking us Yunho, we offering right guys?” Micky said looking at Changmin and Jaejoong as they both nodded in agreement, “and we won’t take no for an answer,” Micky said.

“Thanks,” Yunho said as they got in the car and headed towards the warehouse.


Junsu caught a waft of a Cuban cigar in his nostrils; he knew that Daniel had walked back in the room. This time he was dressed in a long, dark red men’s robe. He walked over to Sasha and flipped her over onto her stomach, straddled her legs, reaching under his robe he pulled out a hand gun.

“Fuck me…fuck me hard…..I need it…..” Sasha mumbled.

When Junsu realized what he had in his hand he screamed “Get away from her Daniel you sick fuck, if you want to kill somebody, then it should be me not her!!” Junsu realized that he had never spoken Daniel’s name out loud before, it stuck in his throat like shards of broken glass as he was struggling in his chair, trying to get loose.

“Just what are you going to do about? Eh…nothing! That’s what! Now shut up and watch,” Daniel mocked. He turned his attention back to Sasha.

Again Junsu yelled, “Yunho will kill you for this you mother fucker,” he was desperately trying to distract Daniel from continuing with his personal torture.

“I told you to shut up.” Daniel recoiled. He got up and walked over to Junsu and struck him with the same hand that held the gun. A dull squishy thud echoed briefly followed by the sound of the chair hitting the floor once again. Junsu was now oozing fresh warm blood from a gash over his eyebrow. As the chair fell pulling Junsu with it, the blood ran down his temple and started to pool on the cold hard floor. Junsu’s lifeless body just lay there still attached to his unwanted throne. By now his eye was swollen shut and had turned the color of a ripened black grape. The dried blood from his first beating was still smeared down his nose and chin.

Daniel went back to Sasha, dropped his underwear and repositioned himself on her. He pushed the gun between the lips of her pussy, around her clit, dipped it inside her and worked up to her asshole. There he circled around her anus before shoving it in her ass up to the trigger. His finger was still on the trigger as he twisted it while thrusting it roughly in and out of her asshole. Like a robot she started to moan and writhe around again under the influence of the drugs, unaware of what exactly was fucking her.

“Oh baby, so fucking tight…I guess that you’ve never had it this way until tonight, I’m glad that I was the one to give you your first experience, I hope that you are enjoying this as much as I am!” He continued to thrust the gun in and out, she was moaning and crying at the same time, the drugs were beginning to wear off.

Junsu was again begging, “Stop! You’re killing her, your ripping her apart, just stop it PLEASE!!!!!”

Daniel started lifted her hips and shoved his cock into her pussy roughly thrusting into her keeping the same rhythm of the gun. Before long he leaned back and started to groan he pulled out of her and shot his load of hot slimy cum on to her butt cheeks, he squeezed his cock slowly a couple more times and expelled two more squirts out of the head and he was spent. He pulled the gun out of her ass and smeared it through his cum. Watching as his cum mixed with her blood and dripped down the gun, he flipped her back over and wiped it across her mouth, as an automatic reaction she opened her mouth and licked her lips. “Good girl,” he said wiping more on her lips.

Daniel stood up and pulled on his underwear, he was heading back over to Junsu when something stopped him. 

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