Poisonous Obsession

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK, this is purely a work of fiction. I have received no money for this fic.

There was shouting and fighting from outside the room. All of a sudden the door swung open and Yunho stood there with his gun pointing straight out in front of him. He took a second to look around the room, he saw Junsu’s bloody and beaten face and the he saw the bed where Sasha lay naked, bleeding and unconscious and in between them stood Daniel. Yunho’s gun homed in on that target; the cop’s face looked like pale polished stone, rigid and fragile at the same time. He looked at Daniel, who was smirking and said “Just give me a reason!”

“You must be the one that she kept calling for, Yunho I believe was the name!” he was laughing. “I’ve got her all nice and warmed up for you, so I guess you get to go next!!”

Yunho flew across the room and punched him square in the jaw with everything that he had knocking him to the ground. Micky and Jaejoong came in right behind him; Jaejoong untied Junsu who tried to get to Sasha but fell to his knees at her feet. Jaejoong untied her bloodied hands, her restraints had cut into the soft flesh and then he covered her with a sheet.

Micky ran to Yunho and was having trouble pulling him off of Daniel, “I want him to pay for everything that he’s done to her, I want him to die!!!” Yunho yelled as he continued to throw punches. Then he heard someone call his name, he turned to see that she was trying to sit up, her outstretched hand reaching for him, “Yunho, help me!” she gasped. Her voice pulled him back to reality as he ran to her.

“Sasha…..Sasha……Oh god baby, I’m so sorry…I tried so hard to get to you sooner,” Yunho sobbed. She reached up and laid her bloodied hand on the side of his face.

“You’re here now baby……you didn’t leave me….all that matters is that I love you,” she sobbed and closed her eyes.

Jaejoong and Micky helped Junsu to his feet, as Yunho wrapped her broken body in the sheet and gently lifted her up into his arms holding her close. Her head was on his shoulder and she nuzzled next to his soft neck. She instantly remembered the smell of his cologne and a weak smile found its way onto her lips. As Yunho headed for the door Micky handcuffed Daniel and got in a few punches of his own.

At the top of the stairs Xiao Mei had arrived and when she saw Yunho she said, “What the hell were you thinking Yunho, you could have been killed. Why didn’t you wait for backup?”

“Not now Xiao Mei I have to get Sasha to the ambulance.”

“But Yunho we are partners and……” Yunho cut her off in mid sentence, “I said NOT NOW, OK!!”

The police had arrived and the ambulance, they tried to take Sasha from him but he wouldn’t let them he laid her on the stretcher and kissed her forehead, “I love you,” he whispered.

Junsu crawled up in the ambulance with her, “I’ll stay with her,” he told Yunho. The EMT strapped the both of them in safely telling Yunho that he needed to work on their injuries, they had to go.

“Thank you, we’ll be right behind you,” he said as he stepped back and watched as the EMT closed the doors and signaled to the driver to leave.

Mickey & Jaejoong called Shelley & Sienna to tell them the good news; Junsu & Sasha have been found alive. The sisters were ecstatic, but their happiness was going to be shattered once they found out the rest of the news when they arrived at the hospital.

Just as the sisters came running through the doors of the hospital, Mickey & Jaejoong got up to catch them - but they were too late. They had already caught sight of Sasha being wheeled in on a stretcher; she was still covered in the blood stained sheet from the crime scene. The girls lost it, they began screaming Sasha’s name hysterically and trying to get to her. But Micky and Jaejoong were able to restrain them long enough for Sasha and her doctors to get to a room. Comforting them as best they could Mickey & Jaejoong tried to reassure them that Sasha & Junsu were alive and safe now and were getting the best possible care for their injuries.

“What happened to them?” Sienna asked shaking.

“We don’t have any details yet” Mickey told her. He tried to wipe her tears with a tissue and saw deep anguish in her eyes; he wished that he could take her pain for her as he hated seeing her like this.

“We just have to wait for the doctor to examine her first honey, until then we will just all stay together OK?” He wrapped his wonderful arms around her and she sobbed into his chest until her legs began to crumple. “Come on honey sit down and breathe, we’ll get you something to drink.”

Jaejoong had sat Shelley down and was kneeling beside her holding her hands and just staring at her. She sat stunned and silent just trying to take it all in. “Shelley, are you OK? He asked. She just gave him a small nod. “Can I get you something sweetie?” She shook her head no. He felt useless. As he stood up to walk around the waiting area he felt Shelley grab his hand and he spun his head to look at her, as he did he saw one big tear making its way down her cheek. “Don’t leave me” she pleaded. She looked so sad and scared her expression spoke volumes to Jaejoong.  “I wasn’t going to sweetie! Come here” He pulled her in close to him and hugged her while stroking the back of her head.

Yunho appeared from around the corner, he was running his hands through his hair from front to back like an expectant father on labor day. It was clear that he was still worried and frustrated at having to wait for news. He walked over to the others in the waiting room. “Have you heard anything yet?”

Before they could answer Junsu was being wheeled into the waiting room by a nurse, she was saying to him …….

“I’ll give you 10 minutes with your friends, then I will be back to take you to your room – no arguments. Your doctor will have my hide if he finds out.”

“OK” he said, “thank you”.

“Don’t tire him out please” she said looking at them.

“We won’t.” Mickey said.

“Junsu, I am so glad to see you man, how are you feeling?”

“What happened?” Yunho asked.

This was the part that Junsu was dreading the most, he didn’t want to lie to his friend but he knew that telling him the truth was going to hurt him very badly, not to mention the hatred and rage that he was going to feel towards the perpetrator of the crime.

“Yunho, please sit down my friend, this is not going to be easy to tell or for you to hear.”

“It’s OK Junsu I need to know – everything!”

Junsu can hardly look at any of them without crying.

“Somebody came into the apartment, I’m not sure if it was 2 or 3 people, it all happened so fast. They hit me in the head with something before I could even warn her. When I came to I was tied to a chair and she was tied to the cot,” tears were rolling down his face. “He drugged her. She resisted at first but then they beat me to blackmail her into it. I didn’t know what he had given her at first, but then….” He looked around at all their faces, “He did horrible things to her, I begged him to stop, b....but he just laughed,” Junsu sobbed.”I am so sorry, I tried to stop him, honestly I did, I just couldn’t get loose from that chair. I was unconscious for some of it, I thought he was going to kill her, I offered him my life instead but he refused.”

Jaejoong put his hand on Junsu’s shoulder as he tried to reassure him that he was there for him.

The nurse reappeared and seeing that Junsu was upset she said “Enough for now, I have to get him back to his room, they are keeping him overnight for observation.  You can call later, we have to go.” She turned the wheelchair around and wheeled Junsu off down the hallway just in time.

The doctor came out of the double doors; he looked grim, “Which one of you is her next of kin?”

“I am!” Yunho said jumping up, “Well, we all are, Sienna & Shelley are her sisters.”

“Come with me then, said the Doctor, we should talk in private.”

The 4 stepped aside.

“She was brutally raped and sodomized; I honestly don’t know how she survived. She’s lost some blood from her injuries, but so far not enough that we’ve had to transfuse any. She has a concussion, multiple cuts and abrasions from the restraints. She was obviously drugged; we drew some blood and are waiting on the tox screen results to come back. She is badly dehydrated, we have her on intravenous fluids to flush the remaining drugs out of her system and she’s sedated. There was severe damage to her…insides, it is very doubtful quite honestly that she’ll ever be able to have children, I’m so sorry. Only time will tell. You’ll be able to see her shortly,” he told them.

“Thank you doctor,” Sienna and Shelley said through their tears. Mickey & Jaejoong came to help them to a chair.

Yunho was stunned by the news; he stumbled backwards into a chair; tears rolling down his face.

“She wanted children, she talked about how it would be to be pregnant and be spoiled by her husband,” he sobbed. “I wanted to be that person spoiling her,” He looked at the others. “I love her so much, how are we going to tell her that her dream is gone?”

“We’ll all take care of her, you aren’t the only one who loves her,” Shelley said. The nurse came to let them know that they could see her, she was groggy but awake.

“Only one at a time now” the nurse instructed. Yunho needed to go first. He took a deep breath and slowly opened the door to her room. He just looked at her, her eyes were closed and she was hooked up to a monitor. He thought that she looked like a sleeping angel, she was so beautiful.  He saw through the bandages and machines, she was alive and that’s all that mattered for now. He went over to her and gently picked up her hand and said, “Hey baby,” so softly.

She slowly opened her eyes and smiled, “Hey you, I have been asking for you, I thought that you had left me,” she said.

“No, I’ll never leave you, I love you so much baby.” He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes again.

“Don’t cry baby, don’t let this destroy what we have, we’ve got too much to look forward to,” she said.

“I’m so sorry baby, I let you down, you were right, I couldn’t protect you after all.”

“It’s not your fault Yunho, Daniel is crazy, I knew deep down he would eventually find me. It’s because of you that I survived, you are my only reason for living.”

“This time he will face the Korean court system, he won’t get out –EVER” Yunho said firmly.

“Where are my sisters Yunho? They must be worried about me, can I see them; are they here?”

“Yes, yes baby, I’ll go get them for you OK?”

Yunho left the three sisters alone; Sienna & Shelley were going to tell her what the doctor had told them. He waited outside the door just in case Sasha called for him. He jumped when he heard her sobbing. “NO, NO, that can’t be true, oh God help me!!!” she was hysterical.

The nurse rushed past Yunho to get to Sasha. She gave her something to calm her down and told the sisters that they would have to leave now.  After the girls and the nurse left, Yunho snuck back in to her room, quietly closing the door so he wouldn’t disturb her. She appeared to be staring into space. She didn’t even respond to his voice when he sat next to her and called her name, “Sasha, baby please look at me,” he asked gently. He sat there, still & quiet except for the humming sound of the monitor. After a few minutes Sasha spoke.

“Go away, just forget me, I am no use to you now.” she said in a low, cold, distant voice. He could not believe what he was hearing. He reached to grab her hand but she pulled away. “Daniel did what he set out to do, he’s taken everything away from me, just leave me alone.” She said as she turned her back on him.

He had never heard Sasha speak like that before. He sat there for a moment before he got up left.

When she was sure he was gone, she buried her face in the pillow and sobbed for her losses. She remained in the hospital for a week. The police came; they took her statement and removed all evidence that the hospital had collected. They showed her an arrest photo of Daniel and she confirmed her attacker. Shelley & Sienna came each day to see her, but she hardly had anything to say to them or anyone else. She was slipping into a deep depression, Shelley could sense that and she was very worried about her state of mind. After the Doctor did his final exam on her she was ready to be discharged. He had given her several medications to take and recommended that she take part in a self help group and get some psychiatric help, her body will heal over time but the mind can take years.   

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