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Disclaimer: I do not know Dong Bang Shin Ki, and I make no money from this. It is fiction meant to entertain only.

Note: The best fics I’ve ever written~ be it fan fiction or not ~ were from dreams. I keep a journal for my dreams. I don’t write ALL of them in it, but I write those that really stand out. Usually they invoke very strong emotions in me that I can’t shake all day. You know, the ones where you swear you can still feel his lips touching yours when you wake up suddenly cuz your lips still tingle, or the ones that make you cry in your sleep and you’re still crying when you wake up. I don’t have these dreams all the time. I’ve seen a year between some of them in the dates in the journal. Sometimes I’ll have several in a row, and then nothing for months or a year. But it’s how all my best writings get inspired. With that said, this was also a dream. I hope you enjoy it the way I enjoyed the dream. Comments are always love!!
Note #2: If any of you read my Coming Home fic you realize my writing style is… different. Please accept that. I hate conformity and I write to please myself first. I know it’s not… professional, but who cares. Just enjoy it. Thanks.

I had believed that the big city would give me everything I wanted and needed compared to the little town I’d lived more than half my life in. It gave me a job and material things, but it had not given me warmth or that sense of closeness that you get in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I also didn’t feel as safe. Most people preferred to turn a blind eye to those around them, not wanting to get involved. That left one feeling alone when surrounded by thousands, and gave free reign to many people to do as they pleased.

I was soaking in a bath, trying to relax after a long day at work, but not able to do so as I heard shouting outside, loud noises, and then sirens. Seemed there were sirens almost nightly. I should just try to find a new place to live, but rent was outrageous and unless I wanted to incur disgustingly high travel expenses I had to live near work. Not like I was working some high paying job. I took what I could, did a few classes at night, and got a slightly better job. Got paid just a little over minimum wage, but it paid rent and bills. It’s what you get when you can’t wait to get out of the country to the big city right out of high school without thinking about what you’re going to do or where to go exactly.

Fresh out of the bath I headed for tiny kitchen to pop a ‘healthy’ weight watching frozen dinner in the small microwave. I told myself I did what I could to watch my health with eating right, and then blew it all to hell by reaching in the fridge for a soda. Non-diet, full of sugar and calories and all that nasty stuff that I loved so much. Hey, everyone needs to have a vice. Soda was mine.

The phone rang, and I sighed smiled when I saw it was my mother. “Hi, mom!”

“Is your sister there with you?”

The sound of held back panic in her voice made me stiffen up. What the hell? Of course my sister wasn’t here with me. Why would she travel so far without letting me know so I could go pick her up or something? “Umm, no, she’s not. Why?”

“We haven’t seen her since yesterday, and we haven’t heard from her either.”

My sister is 21, I’m 24. So they wouldn’t think anything at first unless she’d gone without contacting them for a while. After all, when you’re 21 you can do what you want, go where you want… But I had a bad feeling. It sat in my belly like a lead ball, heavy and uncomfortable. “Okay, I’m coming out. I’ll help look for her.”

“I’m sure she’s fine, she’s probably just…”

“Mom, I’ll leave after I pack some stuff, okay?” She wasn’t sounding as brave and unconcerned as she was trying to. She wouldn’t have called here if she wasn’t worried. And now I was worried.

I called work, and told them that my sister was missing and I was heading home to help search for her. They said they could give me three days. Three Days. So as far as my employer was concerned my immediate family was not important. She could show up after a drinking binge where she screwed a bunch of guys at some party. So I lost my temper. I have a long fuse unless you say or do something to my family or friends. Then my fuse is pretty short.

By the time I was driving down the highway towards home I was unemployed. The bastard had pissed me off, and I’d quit. Thankfully I had some savings just for such an emergency. Well, not just such, but in case something happened and I lost my job. I was good to have rent paid for about three months, and get some food. Bills would be tough, but I’d manage. Somehow.

To offset tiredness I put music on while I drove. I had a nice mix of Kpop and Jpop that had me singing and bopping, but I was still happy when I hit the town limits. It took a little over two hours to drive home and it was now nearly midnight. After a long day at work that started at 6am, I was pretty much dead on my feet. I grabbed my overnight bag for now. The rest I’d take in tomorrow after I got some sleep. I had the bag on the passenger seat, and I climbed out of the car with bag in hand.

There was one light on that I could see. My parents were probably in bed, but knowing I’d been coming home they’d left a light on for me. It was mid-autumn, and the night air had a crisp, clean scent to it that had a hint of oncoming winter and wood smoke from fireplaces to it. It was my favourite time of the year. October always had that rawness to it, that earthiness that felt so empowering.

Taking a moment I shut my eyes and inhaled deeply, smiling. This was something else that was lacking in the city. My sense of coming home and security were suddenly shattered by a very strong sense of someone being right behind me. I twirled with a loud gasp, my eyes flying open and my hands lifting in automatic defence. There was no one there. My eyes searched out the shadowy areas, but I saw no one. There was nothing unusual. My heart was pounding furiously against my ribcage, my breathing ragged, and I reached behind me to open the door, keeping my gaze on the darkness around me. Even the streetlight partially down the block didn’t make me feel any safer. If anything, it was one of those that flickered and turned off to save energy until someone neared it and it would light up once more. It went out, and I hurried inside, shutting the door quickly and locking it.

“Soo Yon?” my mother called out softly from the kitchen.

I took a second to answer, trying to calm myself down a little. “It’s me!” My knees were weak and my legs trembled. What the hell had that been about? I’d never before felt something like that. Not here. Sure, in the city I didn’t dawdle in the hallway when I got home in the evening because you never knew who was around, but I’d never felt so… threatened before here in my hometown. Pushing from the door I headed towards the kitchen. “Dad in bed?”

“He’s out driving around looking for your sister,” she told me, and poured me a cup of tea. “It’s cold out, have some hot tea.”

I was grateful for the chance to sit, my legs still shaky from that weird moment outside. “Mom, tell me about when she left here yesterday. Maybe I can think of something you haven’t.”

My mother nodded, and sat. Her hands wrapped themselves around her cup of tea. She hadn’t drunk any of it. I suspected she held it so she’d have something to do, and to warm her cold hands. “Everything was like always. She got up in the morning, had some breakfast, got ready for work, but she never came home after work.”

“Anyone from work see her?” I asked.

“They called here for her when she didn’t show up today, and your dad went to talk to them. They saw her leave like usual, but something happened between the store and here.” Her lips were compressing tightly. I knew she was trying not to cry. “We tried her cell dozens of times, but the service keeps answering right away.”

My sister worked at the little grocery store just four blocks down the street. It wasn’t like she worked late hours, though it did get dark earlier since it was now fall. “Okay, tomorrow I’ll start making phone calls to her friends.” I reached out and touched her hand, finding it icy with her fear and worry. “It’ll be okay, mom.”
“Go to bed,” she told me. “You look exhausted. You could have waited until tomorrow to come out.”

“I would never have been able to sleep,” I admitted. “I’ll go to bed. If there’s any news or anything wake me. And mom, try to get some rest. You won’t do her any good if you make yourself sick.” I kissed the top of her head and made my way to my old room. It hadn’t changed, really, even had some of the old posters of singers and actors I’d lusted for still on the wall. It made me feel guilty thinking I hadn’t really made an effort to come back until a tragedy hit. No, I wouldn’t think of it as a tragedy. My sister was somewhere safe, she just hadn’t been able to contact us yet, but she was fine. She had to be.

For the past hour he’d been growing more and more restless. He couldn’t even explain why he was feeling that way when he’d been fine all day. But it was increasing to the point that he was distracted, and couldn’t concentrate on his work. Frustrated, he gave into the urge he had to get out and move. He had no idea where he was heading, he just wanted to go.

“Where are you going?”

Barely pausing he shrugged. “I don’t know. I just need the hell out of here for a while.” The cool autumn air whispered over his face and through his short hair as he gave way to the urge to move and melted into the shadows. No one saw him. No one heard him. He was shadow, moving quickly and fluidly through the dark. He came to a stop beneath a tall oak, unsure why he’d stopped here. He should run some more, get rid of more of this damn restless energy!

A small car turned onto the street. He shifted back into deeper shadows, ready to run at a moment’s notice if the headlights came too close. He couldn’t be seen out here. None of them could. Not like this. But the headlights turned, and the car pulled into the driveway two houses down. His restlessness peaked, and he growled low, wishing he could just shout and run to expel it. It was like every cell in his body was over-sensitized and over-energized.

She stepped out of the vehicle, and his gaze was drawn to her. The blood rushed through his veins, the sound a roar in his own ears. Before he knew it he was moving forward, heading straight for her and it was with deeply ingrained survival instinct that he made himself swerve from her and take refuge in the deepest shadows where the street lights were off and bushes gave cover. She spun, gasping out loud, and he could see her trembling. The sound of her heart pounding and her breath racing wrapped around him and whispered for him to go to her. The scent of her fear wafted to him on the cool night breeze, but it was laced with something potent, something that made him inhale deeply several times. It was her scent. Womanly and alluring. No heavy perfumes to detract from it. Just woman. It made his skin tingle, his body harden, and his canines lengthen and sharpen.

The door shutting partially broke the spell. He ran a hand through his short golden brown hair and cursed softly. What the hell was going on here? No one had ever affected him like that before! He should get back and… And what? Ask the others if they’d ever experienced anything like this? Look in the old books to see if he could find answers? For all he knew it was nothing. It was an attraction. That was all. Okay, he’d never felt one that strongly before, but so what? Maybe he’d find some way to meet her, seduce her, and then get over this. Yeah, that sounded good.

Turning to leave, he instead found himself moving around the house and to a window. He stayed just out of the spill of light he watched her begin to undress. Her skin was like peaches and cream, her limbs long and shapely. She wore lacy pale turquoise panties and bra. His gaze stroked over the roundness of her ass cheeks in the lace of her underwear and up her back. He hissed softly as she deftly undid the bra and tossed it on a nearby chair. Her nipples were pink, slightly puckered in the coolness of the room, and her breasts were lovely swells that would overflow his hands. The shape of her collar-bone drew his eyes, and he visually caressed it until he reached her shoulder and followed the contour of it to her throat.

The blood rushing through his veins was now deafening. But was it the sound of his blood he heard, or hers? She froze, reaching for a robe, and holding it before her to hide her nakedness. Her head turned, and he moved to the side before she could see him. He felt her nearing, and had to fight the urge to show himself and entice her to let him in. Then he heard the snap of the curtains shutting as she shut out the night, and him.

Eyes falling shut he trembled, his hands fisted and every muscle in his body tensed to near snapping. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. This wasn’t normal. Not that normal was very synonymous with vampires, but this was… so… frightening! Pushing from the house he thought only of making his way back. He had to find out what was wrong. One of the others would know. The further he got the more he trembled and panted. All he wanted was to go back. The need to do so was so strong it was a physical ache that intensified the further he got from her.

He stumbled into the building and down the hallways to his rooms, falling on his bed and panting out loud. Wait! Somehow this was familiar. He’d heard of this somewhere. But where? What was it?

The door opened. “Jaejoong, did you finish the… What the hell is wrong with you?”

Jaejoong pushed to a sitting position, gritting his teeth against the pain. “Nothing. You wanted something?”

Junsu paused, carefully eyeing his friend. “You don’t look so good. You’re pale and sweating. Are you sure you’re okay?” As he asked, he walked forward to feel the other male’s forehead, hissing as he stepped back. “You’re burning up!”


“You have fangs!” Junsu cried, eyes wide. “You know what that means, right?” At the other male’s blank, pain-riddled stare he sighed impatiently. “You only get the fangs and start the change when you’re about to mate!”

Jaejoong totally forgot about the pain. He leapt up, but stumbled and fell back onto the bed. “What? No! You’re wrong!” No way in hell was he about to bind himself to a mate! “I caught some… disease or something, but I’m not being bound!”

“You can’t fight it,” Junsu excitedly recited.

Jaejoong would be the first of them to be bound. Vampires did not ‘turn’ into vampires until they’d come across their life-mate. In preparation for the binding their canines turned to fangs for the drinking of the blood that would forever bind them to their mate. Afterwards they would only drink from said mate. It was also the only way they could pro-create. Oh, they could have sex, but they couldn’t have offspring without their life-mate.

Jaejoong glared at his friend. “I don’t want a damn mate! I like being single and free. There’s no way I’m getting bound. You’re wrong.”

“You can’t deny it,” Junsu said more calmly, understanding his friend’s fears. “It’s a natural course of life for vampires. Besides, we need to start mating. Something out there is killing vampires.”

“I know that,” Jaejoong ground out between clenched teeth, his voice thick with ever-growing pain. “We have dozens of orphans we’re protecting.” He shook his head. “You’ll see, tomorrow I’ll feel better. It’ll be gone.”

Junsu didn’t believe it, but he nodded. “Okay. I’ll try to finish the list of supplies myself. You get some rest.” He left the room.

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